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Stranger in the Night

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I have fallen asleep in my bed, waiting for you to come over and play. Suddenly, a noise wakes me, and I realize that the light I left on in the bedroom is now out. My eyes can’t make anything out in the gloom, when suddenly a shape moves toward the bed. I call your name, but there’s no answer. Frightened now, I fumble for the bedside lamp, but I suddenly find a wrist manacle strapped to it, while I am pressed back onto the bed by the weight of the mysterious stranger.

I know it’s you, but in the back of my mind is a little voice whispering that it could be someone else … someone who found me asleep, and saw the toys that I had laid out for us to play with, someone who just might not be playing!

….Before you realize it, your wrist is bound with a silken cord near the lamp. Powerless to move, partially from the weight….partially from the surprise of it……you realize that your other wrist is being firmly stretched out toward the bedpost opposite the lamp……..the same kind of silken cord now fastens that wrist as well! Just as your eyes start to adjust to the darkness, hands lift the back of your head and a “sleeping mask” is put over your eyes…with a strap going around your head. You notice the telltale scent of Polo….but you’re still not sure. “Is it you?”, you cry out? A response comes back….”shhhhhhhhh”!!! The intruder straddles your chest….facing your head. You can tell that he is naked from the feeling of flesh-on-flesh. You can still breathe, but the weight is definitely confining. You feel the hairiness and hardness of the undersides of his legs and ass as he straddles your chest. His balls feel hot and heavy against your bare skin. Deftly, he unhooks the front-clasp of your bra…….all 4 hooks…….by… Your breasts feel a combination of relief (and cool air) as the evening air washes over your exposed chest. Now the hands leave you, but the weight and warmth remains

-The silence is almost unbearable……the intruder still does not utter a word. Slowly, but most noticeably, you feel his cock enlarging…..and growing……as it lays on your chest between your breast. Slowly, as it enlarges, it lengthens and slowly starts penetrating into your ample cleavage. The intruder emits an audible “M-m-m-m-m-m!!” You squirm and struggle slightly against your constraints, but to no avail. Your legs are still free and you squirm them as much as the heavy weight permits. The lengthening, hardening cock is creeping, ever slowly, and upwards. It touches your throat…and it grows more…..!!!!!!!

I call out again, seeking reassurance, feeling vulnerable yet excited. A gloved hand covers my mouth, moving my head from side to side. The smell of leather increases my arousal, and I realize that when I kick my legs against the weight pressing down on me, it sends a thrill throughout my body. I can feel myself becoming slick, and the quickness of it is almost painful. Now, the glove is gone again. I feel a finger begin tracing the outline of my lips, and I shiver. I feel my skin pebble, and my nipples contract and get harder. Suddenly, the weight shifts down my legs, and I can no longer move as much. I feel small warm puffs of air against my nipples, which almost causes me to giggle involuntarily. I hold it in, and follow the path of the warm air against my skin with ever more acute senses. Now that is gone as well. I wonder where the next contact will come. . . as I both dread and eagerly await it.

A mouth on my nipple! Suddenly, it is pulled upward, HARD!!! I open my mouth to say so, when again, the gloved hand against my mouth . . . but this time a quick pinch of the nostrils with it. I realize now that I am not to say ANYTHING, and infractions cause more severe consequences. This realization causes me to shiver again, and I feel the gloved hand caress my face for a moment. And then it is gone

And so I wait. My skin is alive with sense receptors I never knew I had, each of them waiting, needing that touch, that contact. A cold line slides between my breasts and I realize that it is a chain, and my breathing becomes a bit more rapid as I understand what it is and where it is going. The chain begins to warm against my skin, and I can almost not feel its presence when something cold touches my abused nipple. (what is that … ice??) The cold causes my nipple to become even more erect . . . almost painful now. As the nipple clamp is attached, I have only the sensation of pressure, and even that I am not sure of . . . until the warmth begins to spread outwards. I am just beginning to float in that warmth when the other side is attached. This being the first contact it has had since it was opened to the cool air, there is no warmth there, only PAIN. My first instinct is to take a deep breath to yell, but I remember,

::I have to be quiet::

The voice is back again, whispering in my head, reminding me that others wear “Polo” besides you. I simply blow the air out again. I am rewarded with another caress, and I turn my face into it, welcoming it.

Then, when I have almost begun to not feel the pain in the nipple, the chain is picked up, causing my already sensitive nerves to scream. But again, I only blow out the air that is suddenly in my lungs. My body begins a motion that I am almost not aware of, and I shiver again

–You feel the large presence above you leaning forward…..again, the warm stream of breath……this time on your neck. You welcome it! The breath “path” continues through your substantial cleavage….and pauses. Again, the breath continues on your nipples……one…..then the other. The combination of cool chain & clamps with warm breath is unique to your senses. While this continues…..the gloved hand (obviously reaching behind the seated stranger) suddenly touches your belly……and starts tracing a line……….s-l-o-w-l-y to the hem of your panties. Your legs are squirming; you yearn to cry out, but you dare not!

-The weight above you suddenly lifts……seconds pass……there’s a rustling sound on/near the dresser…..then the heavy presence returns….this time, near the foot of your bed. Strong hands gently, but persistently spread your squirming legs apart……the stranger settles in below and between your out-stretched legs. (“Is he kneeling?”, you think to yourself). You feel extremely vulnerable, yet excited at the same time. Suddenly, you hear the sound of a striking match……, even beneath your blindfold, you see a small but perceptible flash of light…….and you smell the telltale scent of a match lighting a scented-candle. The gloved hand gently caresses the area just beneath your breasts….and gradually continues down toward your navel. It is somehow reassuring.

-Suddenly!!!!!!! You feel a small, wet, but distinctively HOT sensation on your stomach! Its extremely intense, but then almost as quickly, it disappears. A few seconds pass….ANOTHER HOT, WET SPOT!!! Then coolness. The gloved hand caresses your thigh. Another HOT , WET SPOT near your breasts! The stranger is spilling hot droplets of melted wax onto your skin!!! Each drop is painful, but is quickly gone, only to be replaced in a few seconds by another drop in a new location. The drops s-l-o-w-l-y continue. Once you start to cry out, but with catlike quickness, the stranger’s face is over your own, and the hand once again clamps your nostrils. You relax……and slowly nod. You feel lips gently press against yours…..a warm tongue gently outlines your upper….then lower lip….his mouth gently sucks in your upper lip….then the lower one. Almost as quickly…….you feel the large presence return to the strategic area between your legs.

By this time, I can barely contain myself… I begin to buck my hips, slowly, spreading my legs even further … inviting you, teasing you, like I am being teased. Thinking is gone now, replaced by animal needs.

Thumbs under the band of my panties, sliding them down. I lift my hips to help. After they are gone, I feel your eyes, looking at me. Again, I spread my legs, inviting you, needing you to touch me. I await your touch eagerly, but instead, I feel the hot wax begin to drip again … this time in a line from my belly down … slowly. I flinch at each, moving my body, trying to get away, but unable to go far. I finally manage to roll onto my side, at which point a get a healthy smack on my ass. I quickly lay flat again. More wax … and I manage to roll to the other side now. Another smack. This continues until I cannot move, my muscles tired, my breathing ragged.

I hear movement again, and feel the cord on my wrist restraint loosen, and retied above my head, with some slack so I can move a bit. Now the other side is loosened and retied above me as well. I feel hands on my sides, pulling me closer to the edge of the bed. Then, suddenly, I am flipped over onto my stomach. My pussy contacts the bed, and I begin a slow grind into it. I know you are watching me, which only adds to my need.

Suddenly, I feel a hand on my ass … flesh on flesh, and I realize that you have taken off your gloves. At first, all I feel are fingertips, running up and down the crack of my ass. I raise my hips again, hoping that you will go down further. Now, the fingers trace the valley, playing with the hair. I am nearly frantic now, moving against your fingers, pushing backwards, anything I can do to get you close to my clit. I struggle to my knees, head down, legs spread … offering myself to you.

I feel something cold running down the crack of my ass, and the smell of mint in the air. A finger runs through the wet, and swirls it around my asshole, little flicks into it, and then back up again. Just the feeling of being touched is almost enough to make me cum right there. Now, I feel a hardness press up against me, the smell of mint stronger now. I realize it is the Pleasure Balm that I purchased earlier that I was going to surprise you with. But this hard object I don’t recognize. Too hard to be you … not pliable or warm. You begin to slowly work it into my ass, and it gets bigger the further in it goes. I realize it’s a butt plug!!!

“Please…” I gasp … to be rewarded/punished by a firm pressure pushing it all the way in at once!!! I can’t help myself… I moan out loud. I hear a low chuckle as I try to scoot away, get away from the burning pain of being stretched and filled like that. I curl up in the corner of my bed. I feel you crawl over the bed, to me. Your hands wrap in my hair, and my head is held firmly. A quick tug of my hair causes me to gasp, and as I do that, I feel you slide your cock into my mouth.

-As I yank on your hair, you involuntarily open your mouth to gasp. I seize the opportunity and, assisted by one of my hands, I push the head of my cock into your mouth. You have obviously forgotten how large I am, because you consciously have to open your mouth further to accommodate just the head and a few inches of the shaft! You attempt to reach out with your hands to grab onto my cock, but the wrist-restraints put the object of your desire JUST out of reach! I chuckle softly . . . and deeply . . . at your predicament…..and your frustration…..but reward you by sliding a few more inches of cockmeat into your eager mouth. (Unbeknownst to you, my head jerks back, eyes closed, in sheer unabashed pleasure at the liquid pressure of your wet & warm mouth. God, but you feel good!) I use both hands to gently reach behind your head and remove the blindfold (sleeping-mask). You blink and squint your eyes…..trying rapidly to get used to the light. But my hips…..and your luscious mouth do not miss a beat! Your eyes gradually widen………and you look up at me…..all the while moving your head& mouth in perfect time with my hip thrusts. While keeping eye-contact, I reach over and release your right wrist……which immediately homes in on the undevoured portion of my cock-shaft. Then I release the left wrist. It quickly joins its partner on my meat. With one hand around the base of my cock (almost)! the other hand just above it, and the head in your mouth, you have ALMOST enveloped my entire cock with your hands & mouth! I still say nothing, but I am definitely in heaven!!

-While maintaining eye-contact, I slowly bring my face towards yours………closer. For the first time, I slightly open my mouth and let my tongue protrude an inch or so. Your eyes gape widely when you see a new addition to my “body art.” I have recently had 2 tongue piercings!!!!! They are 2 small posts . . . side by side…each with a small ball on the top and bottom (i.e., both above and below my tongue). I wag my tongue side to side…..then in and out (like Gene Simmons of KISS!!). You are almost mesmerized (shock, maybe??!!) by my tongue and its new adornments.

-I’m still on my knees, kneeling, and you’re sitting . . . facing me. Giving you no time to react, I quickly disengage (reluctantly)! my cock from your mouth. I back up a bit, reach out and grab one of your ankles in each of my hands. Before you know it, I have pulled you down onto your back, your legs spread widely outside of my kneeling knees. I back up a bit further, lay down on my chest…….my face inches from your writhing pussy!!!! I put a hand under each of your ass-cheeks, kneading your flexing cheeks just like warm dough! I gently bite the upper insides of your thighs…..barely touching your pubic hair with the edges of my beard. Finally, neither of us able to stand it any longer……I extend my tongue rigidly and, in a lower-to-upper movement, run my tongue from just above the butt-plug…..all the way up your pussy and into your hair! You throw your head back, eyes clenched shut in ecstasy!!!!!! “Oh God, yes!!!”, you cry out. “Don’t stop!! Don’t ever stop!!!” I am more than happy to oblige… fact (in the immortal words of the Rolling Stones) “wild horses couldn’t tear me away”! Relentlessly, I continue the tongue-lashing on your pussy…..the newly acquired “piercings” definitely having their desired effect on your pussy and clit!! I alternate up-down-left-to-right…..over and over and over! Your hips buck and thrust in unison to those of my lips and tongue.

-At last, I raise back up on my knees, looking down at you . . . and you up at me. Again, I take one of your ankles in each of my hands. This time, I lift your legs as I lean forward, placing each of your feet alongside my neck, just over my shoulders. I’m supporting my body weight with my arms. You can feel the huge head of my eager cock nuzzling at “heaven’s door”! Nodding your head rapidly, you chant…..”uh huh”!! “uh huh!””. I ever so s-l-o-w-l-y push forwards against your exquisite pussy lips…….they part…..God, you’re so wet!!!!…..and the head and 3-4 inches of my cock slowly penetrate your wetness. Beyond any semblance of self-control now……I lock my eyes onto yours…..and again…..inch….by agonizing inch……I eventually bury myself….up to my balls……in the liquidy sheath of your pussy! I softly say….”Ah, you beautiful Bitch! You feel wonderful”! You respond with a “God, just fuck me!!!!! PLease, pound your cock into me!!

-Much to your amazement…….just when you thought I was going to give you a savage screwing…….I withdraw…..lean back onto my knees…..and then flip you….firmly, over onto your stomach. I command you to get to your knees…..the classic doggie-position. You are almost whimpering…….and looking forlornly over your shoulder at me. I reach out and grab the butt-plug……rotate it softly….clockwise….perhaps 4 or 5 complete revolutions. You start moaning again! Then, I slowly….agonizingly slowly…..remove the butt-plug.

Feeling the butt plug turn makes me cum, right then. You grab my hair and yank it back toward you, wrapping it tight in your fist. Leaning over me, pulling my head back towards you, nibbling the back of my neck to start . . . small bites right at the hairline, while you hold my head immobile. Slowly, the butt plug begins to work it’s way out, and the bites become harder the more I’m stretched. The sensation is unlike any other. Pain/pleasure/orgasm. . . it just goes on and on. I hear sounds I don’t recognize, and realize its me. . almost a keening sound now. The plug is out now leaving me feeling empty. “Please” is the only word I can make, the only one I know. “please, please, please” ::my heart racing, feeling light headed::, “please”

Then, in one long, powerful stroke, you are in me. I am driven to my elbows with the force. Your hand on my hip is all that keeps me on my knees.

“”AAAAAAaaaaugh YES!”” I scream

Letting go of my hair, your hand grabs my other hip, pulling me back toward you. You hold perfectly still, buried in me … feeling your cock being squeezed, milked by my ongoing orgasm. Liquid waves pass over it, feeling almost like a gloved hand squeezing, caressing, going from tip to balls … the slightest movement causing it to ripple faster, until you can stand it no more.

–Still not moving (not able to move)! I hold onto your hips with both hands, my cock buried to the hilt in the exquisite grip of your ass muscles! The most sensitive part of my being is totally enclosed……..engulfed………sheathed……. in the warm, liquidy, velvet vise of your delicious ass! Although you cannot see my face, I am grimacing in pure lust and ecstasy! While, at the same time, I am concentrating with every ounce of discipline I have for CONTROL! And I sense that I’m losing! Can’t let you see this effort, this excruciating torture for sexual supremacy! Over and over again, your body is somehow gripping and undulating along the length of my massive cock! You’re milking me! How can you be doing this??!! We’re not even moving! You are moaning now….almost incoherently……..and begging me to start humping you! I want to, more than anything (!!!) but I’m afraid of losing control! I am the Master!! Can’t let you control ME!!

-With almost inhuman concentration, I try to think of other things (baseball! Theory of Relativity! Microeconomics! 🙂 ………while at the same time, I slowly move my hips backward, withdrawing my cock all the way to the head. Then, just as slowly but deliberately, I push back into you…..inch….by agonizing…..inch! My eyes are shut! My mouth and teeth locked in a grimace! Fighting for control! “uh-huh! uh-huh”!! you start to chant. “That’s it! Give it to me now”! My breathing is labored…….I’m subconsciously starting to moan with exertion. You start babbling at me again (which you know I love!): “Yes! That’s it! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Aaaaaagggghhhh! Oh my God, you horse-cocked mother-fucker! Fuck me! That’s it! Fuck me! Fill my ass with your cum! Give it to me n-o-o-o-wwww!!! Aaaaaagh!!!

-I am no longer coherent or rational. I feel my impending climax….starting slowly in the base of my spine and in my balls. I know it won’t be possible for me to delay things now. Totally involuntarily, the words start spewing out of me…..”Agggh! Agggh! Milk my cock you beautiful Bitch! That’s it! Arrrrgh! Fuck me my beauty! That’s it! That’s it! Gonna come now, Honey! Aaaagh! Aaaagh! Here it is!!! Shooting in you! Shooting! Coming! Aaaaaaaaggggh!!” I feel spasm after delicious spasm exploding in my cock as jet after jet of my love-juice is pumped deep into your body! God, its delicious!!

-You join in………” Give it to me now, you big-dicked fucker!!! Don’t let up! Kill me with it! Aaaaaagh! Give me your come, baby! I want it NOW! Every fucking drop! That’s it! God, you’re swelling even bigger!! Jesus! Fuck me! Agggh! Aaaaagh! That’s it! Almost there! Uh-huh! Uh-huh! Aaaaaagh! Oh God, I feel you shooting in me! That’s it!! Give it to me! Come with me! Aaaaaaarrrrghhhhh!!”

-My cock still buried and pumping inside you, I release your hips, reach under you and fill my hands with your gorgeous breasts as we both collapse foreward onto the mattress. As I lick your earlobe, I whisper….”Thanks, Sweetie……’re the best!

I had realized who you were, and yet, I let you go on. What had possesed me to do such a thing? Yes, sure, you had flirted with me, and I had done nothing to stop it. I even enjoyed it. And yes, sometimes I had thought about what it would be like, for you and I to be together. But I knew it would never happen.

“You are one hot piece, you know that? My brother is one lucky man.”

Oh God. What if he finds out? He’d never understand.

A sudden movement in the corner draws my eye, and I realize we aren’t alone.

“I know I am! Just look what I have in her. And you, bro… I never realized that you were almost as good as I am in the sack!

“Now that we’ve fufilled one of your fantasies my darling, come over here… I have a cock that belongs in your mouth.” I realize that as good as this evening has been, it’s about to become even better.


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