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Lust Like a Pirate

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I got to my desk to find a bright orange donut and a small gourd on my desk. Next to it was a note. I opened it.

“Halloween Masquerade Ball” and the date on the weekend. I pushed it aside. I hadn’t had a date in months and wasn’t planning on going alone. I’d stay home and on the real Halloween, hand out cavity causing candy to the urchins on the street. Later in the day Noah from accounting walked by my desk. Then he walked back the other direction.

A few minutes later back and forth again. I’m in marketing, the accounting people are never in our space. I stopped him on the fifth trip.

“Hey, Noah. Lose your way back to your cubicle?”

“Um, no, I was just, well, I …”

I’ve known Noah since he joined the company. He’s sweet, in a nerdy kind of way. He spends way too much time by himself and playing video games. When he has to talk to someone, especially women, it is a painful experience for everyone.

“Did you get the donut?” He gestured towards the not found in nature orange donut.

I nodded yes. Then he did it.

“You want to go to the Halloween Party in two weeks?”

I have a weakness for strong, confident men, men that are bad for me, and men with blue eyes. Noah did not fit any of those categories.

I also have a weakness for sad faces, and geeks. Not really a weakness, but I have a real hard time saying no. Noah fits in both categories.

“It’ll be really fun. The couple throwing the party is a lot of fun. It’ll be fun to get dressed up.”

The key theme of the party was clearly going to be fun. He looked pitiful, I did try to say no three different times and three different ways and still got nowhere with him. When I agreed, he gave out a happy yelp and I swear he skipped back to his cubicle.

That night I got online and started looking at costumes for the party. It is both easy and hard to come up with a costume when the theme is “fun”. I saw the usual ones of devils and Playboy bunnies. Then I looked at adult costume sites. They tended to be sexy nurses and school girls and pirates. Somehow I clicked on a site and it took me to a porn site and the sexy pirate was being fucked by a well hug guy wearing no costume. Somehow, I’ve gotten to where I am in life without ever seeing a porn video, but I sat glued to the screen watching the same clip over and over of the couple fucking. I clicked on anther link and then another, each showing me clips of other couples, not necessarily in costumes, but all having sex in a variety of places and poses. One particular blond was riding a tattooed guy and just having a grand time. Tell me that I have lived a sheltered life, I have, because I had never seen other people fucking. I always had thought of sex as a participating sport, not an observational one. But watching the videos was really getting me horny. I closed my eyes and slid my hand in my panties and touched my clit. Watching the videos had made it very sensitive, the feeling was wonderful, my pussy felt like it was on fire, and after a short time a moan rose in my throat and as I watched the clip again a rush of warmth gushed from my pussy and into my legs.

I decided that I was going to be a pirate.

That weekend, I had to do yard work around my house. Fall came early, the leaves were down, and my yard was covered by them. I was dressed in jeans and a sweatshirt and working on filling the bags. I was carrying some to the street.

“Hey Sunshine, let me give you a hand.” It was Paul, my new neighbor. He had moved into the neighborhood about six months earlier after his wife died. He had said that the old house, old neighborhood had too many memories and needed to start over. I’m not sure when he started calling me Sunshine, it started as a joke, but he kept with it.

Paul picked up two bags in each hand and took them to the curb and had another load before I got to the curb once. Tall, thin, muscular he really looks younger than 50 and he is nearly twenty years older than me. I stared at him as he walked by me. I thought about Noah, then Paul.

“Give me those bags,” Paul said, his laugh lines crinkled around his dark blue eyes. “Let me finish this, the beers are on you.” He started work on the yard before I had time to answer him.

I had the beers out and ready to pour when he got into the house. I had pulled together some items from my nearly bare refrigerator and threw together a spinach dip and had toasted garlic bread to eat with it. Paul sat down and an hour later we were laughing and working on the second six pack. He told me about his wife, who had died nearly two years earlier, and his kids who lived out of state. He showed me pictures of his grandchildren.

“No way are they your grand kids.”

“Flattery will get you everywhere,” he said as he put away the pictures.

“You’re too young for grandkids!”

He had gotten married at 18 and his son was born 2 years later.

“And why are you hanging out with some old guy instead of hanging with a guy your age?”

If I had known the answer, I wouldn’t be there in a pair of ratty sweats, drinking beer, with my AARP card carrying neighbor.

I told him about Noah and the party the next weekend.

“Sounds,” he paused for a moment, trying to choose the right word. “Hopeful.” He laughed. I swatted his arm as I went to get another beer.

“Tell you what. It’s late, I’m hungry, I’m a lousy cook, so let’s go out to eat. My treat,” he said.

“You did the yard, I should be buying.”

“I carried six bags of leaves. You bought beer. I’ll get dinner.”

I hadn’t had that much fun at dinner in a long time. We drank beer, ate tacos, had chips and fresh guacamole, and drank more beer. Fortunately, we were only a couple of blocks from our houses and we walked home at nearly midnight. Paul walked me to the door.

“I had a great time, Jen. Thanks.” He reached out and gave me a hug. I held him close, savoring the closeness. He turned and walked off the porch and back to his house.

And I was furious.

An hour later I was still awake and restless, turning from side to side in my bed. No matter what I did, all I could feel was Paul’s’ arms around me. I brushed my hand across my clit and got a shock through my pussy. I reached down and put my fingers on my clit and started to slowly rub small circles around my clit, gently grazing it at times, trying to slowing increase the pressure on it. I reached up and slipped my hand under my sleep shirt and rolled my nipple between my fingers. I slipped my finger into my pussy, and smeared my juices across my clit, my fingers slipped across my clit faster and faster, I slipped two fingers into my pussy, bringing out my wetness and smeared it across my clit. I started to move my hand across my clit, faster and harder, and I pinched my nipple hard.

It started deep in my pussy, a soft ache that rapidly filled my cunt with warmth, and then it spread across my belly and my chest and up to my face. I fell into the mattress and instantly fell asleep.

It seemed like every day Noah walked by my desk. He stopped walking by, and started trying to talk to me. It was hard at first, but eventually I got a rhythm going and I usually led the conversation. We talked about weather and football. We eventually got to making plans for the party and started trying to come up with costumes. He wanted to be something from one of the comic book movies, Captain America, or Iron Man but I eventually sold him on pirates.

It took me a week of going online, hitting the thrift shops, and honestly, nearly pulling out my hair before I had a costume. I finished it an hour before it was time to leave for the party. I was walking to my car when Paul pulled up in the drive.

“Whoa, look at you,” Paul said as he strolled across the yard. He had a big smile on his face. “You are one sexy wench.”

I blushed.

‘That Noah is one lucky guy.”

I asked him if he wanted to take me to the party. It was his turn to blush.

‘I’m not walking into a party with a smokin’ hot pirate and everyone asks why she’s with her father.”

“Every woman there would jump you so quick it would make your head spin.”

I walked up to him and grabbed him on the arms and leaned forward and pecked him on the lips. I turned and walked away to my car wondering what I had just done.

The poorly advised kiss on the lips was the highlight of the evening. I got to the party and eventually hooked up with Noah. I quickly realized that all of the talking we had done at my desk during the past two weeks had depleted the list of topics for the night. There were some people from the office at the party, but there were mostly a lot of people I did not know. There was a lot of liquor and some ill advised dancing. I am not a good dancer and Noah was worse. There’s something wrong with rhythmically challenged drunk people getting out on a dance floor. Someone slipped a slow song into the mix and before I knew it Noah had his arms draped around me as he hugged me close and we moved around in a tight circle. The song ended just as Noah was sliding his hands down to my ass.

“Would you like to come over to my place, I live right around the corner,” Noah said. I looked at him. He is neither strong nor confident. He does not have blue eyes. He does have a sad face and is a geek. I remained strong. I leaned forward; I kissed him on the cheek, and went home. Alone.

When I got back home, Paul’s light was still on. Common sense told me to turn and go home, something else walked me up the stairs and I knocked on the door. Paul pushed the curtain to one side and peered out, an initial frown turned to a smile.

“It’s a little early for trick or treating, even if you are the sexiest pirate on the street.”

I entered the house and we went to the den. I had never been in his house. It was spare and neat and nicely decorated. He had the television on and was watching a college football game being broadcast from the west coast. He offered me a drink, but I had had enough at the party to last me a long time. We sat opposite each other, and Paul went and got a beer for himself, and then sat next to me on the sofa. It wasn’t sexual, just two friends sitting around talking, but feeling him next to me was getting to me. I could feel his body heat, I could smell him, and occasionally his arm would brush against my arm. I was the model of restraint. And it nearly killed me.

I got home, still a little drunk and took a shower to wash away the remainder of the party. The hot water splashed on my body as I washed my hair and body. I thought about Paul sitting next to me o the couch. My hand rubbed over my breast, my nipples were very sensitive to touch as the slippery sensation of my hands rubbed them. I slipped my hand to my pussy and rubbed my fingers against my clit. The beer, and water, and the thought of Paul quickly hardened my clit and soon I was stroking it hard. I leaned back against the tile wall, my back pushed against the cool tile, the warm water spraying against me, and me frigging my clit as fast and hard as possible. I shut my eyes, saw Paul’s blue eyes and softly lined face. It started differently this time. It started as an exquisite ache deep in my pussy and then shot like sparks down my legs as I came quickly and hard. I took a deep breath and rested against the wall as the wave of warmth and pleasure left me.

The next morning I cleaned the house, scrubbed the kitchen floor, washed all my clothes, vacuumed the car, and cleaned my closet. When I’m frustrated, I clean. The evening with Noah was a bust and a waste. The evening with Paul was frustrating. In the late afternoon Paul called. He had just gotten two tickets for a basketball game. I was in.

The game was fun; I yelled and screamed, went with the chants for more defense and was a real homer for the local team. They lost, but the game was still fun. We made our way through the crowds, heading for the exit. It got real congested and I slipped my hand into Paul’s as we weaved between the masses. We held hands longer than we needed. In the car, I tried to answer a question.

“Was this a date?”

Paul laughed, and I suddenly felt silly. Silly because maybe this was just some fantasy crush on an uninterested guy.

It was just two friends hanging out.

“We’re friends?” He looked at me. “Dumb question.”

‘Jen, you’re a young woman, there are throngs of guys out there wanting to meet you. You don’t need to date some fossil. You can do better. Lots better.”

Two nights later, I looked out of the door and saw what would be the last of the trick or treaters walking away from the house. A few jack o lanterns till lit the night, but most porch lights were out. The Halloween evening was coming to an end.

I went to my bedroom and got out the pirate girl costume again. This time I put on my black Victoria’s Secret bra because it gives my boobs some cleavage. I debated wearing a thong, and decided a real wench wouldn’t wear anything. I put on the pirate girl costume and added some makeup: bright red lipstick, easy eye liner and mascara, some blush. I grabbed the plastic knife and the sack and headed out the door.

A moment before Paul looked through the door and flashed the light, I almost ran home. I thought I was being foolish, but then the door opened. “Trick or Treat, Matey. And I want both!”

I’m still not sure what came over me. I pushed through the door and grabbed Paul by the hand and lead him to his den. I stood in front of him, his eyes roamed up and down on my body. A smile came to his lips.

“You are one very sexy wench. But I gave all of my treats away.”

“Oh, you still have a treat that I want!”

I pushed him back onto the sofa and straddled him, the skirt riding up and my bare pussy rubbed against him. I leaned forward and kissed him hard, no pretense of subtlelty, and I slipped my tongue between his lips. He was hesitant for a moment or two, and then kissed me back, our tongues exploring each other. I held his face in my hands and kissed him, savoring the sweet taste of his lips, his smell, and the roughness of his late day beard.

I slid off him and knelt before him. I loosened the sweat pants and slid them down. I tugged on his boxers, freeing his cock. It was hard and pointing up.

“Yarrrrg, just the treat I wanted,” I said, trying to suppress a giggle.

I took his cock in my hand and licked the head, savoring the soft hardness against my tongue. I took all of him in my mouth and started to suck him, sliding his hard thick cock in and out of my mouth. He started to moan and I looked at his face, his eyes were shut tight and he turned his head from side to side. His hands grabbed my head and guided me up and down on his cock, adjusting my tempo. I slid my tongue around his cock as my head went up and down, savoring every stroke.

I could feel his cock start to swell, and he was trying to move my head away from it, but I kept sucking him. I spit on my hand and started to stroke that hard cock, my tongue lapping at the head. He gave a large groan and grunt and sent a large splash of hot cum into my mouth, covering my tongue and lips, I kept stroking him, sending spurt after spurt into my mouth. I held it in my mouth, swallowing a bit and slid up his body. I kissed him again, and he slipped his tongue into my mouth and lapped some cum back. We both swallowed and kissed again.

“Baby, that was just incredible,” he said.

“Take me to the bedroom. Now,” I hissed.

He lifted me in his arms and cradle carried me to the bedroom where he gently laid me on the bed. I started to unbutton my top, but he put his hand on mine and stopped me.

“I’ll get my own treasure,” he said, a grin appearing on his face. He took off his shirt and kicked off the pants and stood before me naked. His cock was now soft, but his body was grand, firm and muscled. My mouth was wet.

Paul sat me on the edge of the bed and knelt in front of me. He slowly unbuttoned my top, his blue eyes locked on mine. My skin puckered as he slid the top of my shoulders and I sat in front of him in the bra and skirt. He unhooked my bra, freeing my boobs, and he grabbed my nipples between his fingers as he leaned forward and kissed me.

The sensation at my nipples was exquisite as he gently pinched them as he kissed me. Our lips and mouths and tongues explored each other all the while he gently pinched and twisted my nipples between his fingers. The ache was incredible, and he broke our kiss. I frowned for a second and then he put my right nipple in his mouth and lashed his tongue across it. A jolt shot seemingly from my pussy to nipple and I arched my back, trying to get more pleasure from his tongue. Paul put his hand on my chest and pushed me back on the bed and kissed down my belly. He undid the snap of the skirt, pushed it aside, spread my legs, and exposed my naked pussy for the first time.

“Ahoy, mates, the real treasure,” he said in a pirate voice that made me laugh.

H lowered his mouth to my pussy and slid his tongue into me, the mere movement that sent a shiver up my spine. He probed between my lips with his tongue, teasing between the folds until the tip rested on my clit. He started to rub my clit with his tongue, up and down, slowly at first, and then faster and harder, starting with a great rhythm and increasing the tempo every few seconds. The pleasure was incredible, and a quick orgasm washed over me, sending sparks down my legs, and I barely had time to enjoy the true beauty of it before renewed his efforts by sliding one then two fingers into my pussy. He finger fucked me while licking my clit. The sensations were indescribable, and another orgasm started deep inside me. I grabbed his head, pulling his face hard against me, his tongue lapped at my clit and a moan started deep in my throat. My pussy felt warm then hot and a wave of heat spread across my belly, over my breasts and into my neck as my orgasms washed over me. I screamed out, much louder than I ever have, and the glorious sensation flooded me. I collapsed into the bed, breathing hard, my heart racing, and every ounce of energy drained through my pussy.

Paul climbed up on the bed and lay next to me. He leaned over and kissed me, and I tasted myself on his lips. He slipped his tongue into my mouth and I sucked it, and licked my slick fluids from his face.

“Wow,” I said.

“I don’t know if that’s a pirate word.”

We both laughed. He eyes gradually focused on him. My clit was still buzzed and my pussy tingled.

“That was a lot of fun.”

“Glad you enjoyed it,” he said.

I reached over and grabbed his cock. It was still soft, and I slowly started to stroke it.

“Sorry, Jen. Told you I was an old guy. It takes us a lot longer to go again.”

“Yeah, we’ll see about that. You want to see what a wench can do when she wants to be fucked hard by a beautiful cock?”

I kissed him chastely on the lips and slid my head to his cock. I put him in my mouth and slid him in and out while I stoked him. I love to suck cock, and have been told I’m good at it. I was not to be denied. My hand slid down and I slid my fingers across his balls, stimulating his cock and balls at the same time. His cock gave a little surge, but not enough.

“I’m really sorry, babe, but this is biology. It takes a while to recharge.”

I lifted his leg and turned it outward. I slipped my index finger into me and got it wet. And I inched it into his ass.

“Oh, oh my, oh babe, that’s good, oh my …”

I smiled as I heard him and then I took him in my mouth again. I slid my finger further into his ass, pushing against his prostate gland. When I did, his head surged and his cock filled my mouth. I grabbed him with the other hand and stroked him, and in a minute or so, his cock was hard.

I held onto him and crawled up the bed and I stared into his eyes.

“I want that cock in my cunt now. And I want you to fuck the shit out of me. Got it?”

Paul flipped me over and crawled on top of me. He reached down and put the head of his cock at my opening. He nudged the head in, and started to slide into me.

“Whoa, you’re big, take it slowly.”

“No, you wench, you wanted this cock. You made it that big,” he teased me. He slid in further in. “That’s what you wanted, wasn’t it. That cock in that tight cunt. Isn’t that what you said?” He slid further in. “My cock, your cunt, together, that’s what the wench wanted tonight, right.” He felt grand filling me up.

Paul leaned up and slid out slightly and then back into me. Each time sliding out a little further and then back into me. The feeling was great. And he slid in and out of my pussy. He suddenly pulled out and leaned over and kissed me. My pussy ached to be filled again, and he flashed a smile. He flipped me over and then pulled on my hips so I was on hands and knees. I smiled to myself as he stood behind me and slipped his cock into me again and started fucking me from behind. He held my hips and slid his thick cock in and out of me. He bore down, and hit me at some interesting angle, because he was rubbing against my clit. I closed my eyes and concentrated on the feeling of his cock in and out of my pussy, rubbing against my clit, and I pushed back against him, savoring the sensation. He grabbed my hips and increased the speed, I was almost there, almost ready to cum again when he pulled out of me and flipped my over and jerked his hot cum all over my belly.

He fell onto me, his cum a messy glue between the two of us. He kissed me and I stroked his face.

“Well, shiver me timbers, you’re a great fuck,” he said.

“Yarrrrg,” I said and laughed out loud and we lay in the bed until falling asleep.

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