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Let It Go, Scottie

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Mildred and Cole Hewitt were prepared to do everything to ensure the happiness of their newly born son, Scott. Following a long and heated argument over the pros and cons of their decision, Cole won, and Scott’s penis was saved from unnecessary mutilation. It marked the first step in his desire to ensure his son’s happiness. And many years would pass before Scott would realize how indebted he was to his father. 

Cole, a typical jock, was the Director of Athletics at the prestigious Battersby High School that Scott would eventually attend.

It was on Scott’s third birthday that his father took him to the school’s gym. He enjoyed his gym play so much that 

Cole took him to work almost every day. It seemed no time at all before Scott was regularly using all the gymnasium equipment.

Students, between classes, would regularly congregate in the gym to watch the child phenomenon that, at the age of five, was excelling in almost all disciplines. He was like a miniature superman by the time he was enrolled in kindergarten.

In junior high school Scott won awards in every discipline, receiving rewards from his parents in the form of extravagant gifts. His large bedroom was packed with high-end electronic equipment and his cel calls from girls were endless. 

His sixteenth birthday was marked by an SUV in the driveway, courtesy of mom and dad. They had vowed when Scott was born that they would guarantee his happiness; and they were surely doing that.

He was in his eighteenth year and attending Battersby High where his dad, despite Scott’s incredible washboard abdomen and muscular arms and legs, continued pushing him to a higher level.

A carbon copy of his six-foot tall, handsome dad, he had light brown, medium length, wavy hair and sparkling blue eyes. His many years of Orthodontist visits and embarrassing braces rewarded him with perfect teeth and a great smile.

Girls chased him relentlessly. Rarely, was he alone in his latest model SUV. He did nothing more for them, other than to graciously allow them to blow him. Some of the girls were talking and comparing notes on dates they’d had with him. “He told me he didn’t see oral sex as being in the same category as sexual intercourse,” Maureen Madely said, her confusion clearly showing.”

“Yeah, he told me that, too,” Beatrice Lindsay, added, “he said he can’t take a chance on catching something…and besides, he says he wants to wait till he’s married before screwing,” she said, laughing, hilariously. Peggy Martin joined the conclave to add her Scott Hewitt epic. 

“It was my third time dating him and I always gave him head, but he’d never do anything for me. So, this time, I decided it would have to be different, or he’d have to jerk himself off. We parked at the lake and before he’d even shut off the motor he had his dick out. 

I put my arms around him to kiss him an’ he grabs my wrist and pulls my hand to his floppy dick, thinkin’ I’m gonna fluff it up for ‘im. Anyway, he gets it hard by himself and puts his hand on the back of my head to force me down on it. ‘Scott,’ I told him, in no uncertain terms, ‘I’m not gonna blow ya any more if ya don’t wanna do anything to get me off, too,’ I told him…and ya’ll never believe what he did.”

“What, Peg?” They asked in unison, hoping they’d learn of a dramatic change in Scott’s attitude.

“Ya know, that guy’s got rubber bones. He bends down and puts his cock right in his own mouth.” Peg waited for the ooohs and ahhhs to subside before continuing. “I had an awful urge to push him down on it till he turned blue.”

“Ohh, why didn’t ya?” Maureen asked, disgustedly, “The pig deserved to be choked.” She added.

“I couldn’t. I got so freakin’ hot from watching that big cock fucking his gorgeous baby-face that my cunt was leakin’. I ended up fingerin’ myself.”

“I still think ya shoulda choked him.” Maureen repeated, disappointedly.

“Maybe,” Peg said, “but hearing him grunting and watching his head bobbing up and down, I imagined him getting a big load in his mouth…Ohh, It was so freakin’ sexy I had an orgasm that soaked the seat. It was absolutely divine.”

“Oh, wow, Peg…did he swallow the cum?” The group waited with baited breath for her answer.

“I was sure he did,” she said, trying not to laugh, “…Until he spit in my face,” she told her wide-eyed audience.

“Oh my god, no! That freakin’ asshole,” Maureen said, disgustedly; and her opinion was shared by the others.

“And he goaded me by waving his big, spit-slobbered knob. I was gonna slap his grinning face-“

“Well, l certainly hope you did, Peg,” Beatrice Lindsay interrupted to say.

“No, his cum an’ saliva were running down to my mouth, so I had to lick up what I could and I wiped the rest with my hand; I licked it from my hand, too,” she said, grinning, sheepishly.

“Yikes,” remarked Maureen, “It’s small wonder he’s such a spoiled brat…it’s our fault as much as anybody’s,” she said, angrily; and the chorus of voices agreed again.

“Uh, oh, now I’m not sure I should tell you guys the rest.” Peg said, doubtfully. 

“Don’t you dare leave out even one word,” Maureen demanded

“Okay. I know it was really dumb of me, after all that, but I wanted to suck his cock, anyway…gawd, I think it was the most exciting sex I ever had,” she said, her eyes shut in ecstasy.

Peggy’s graphic description of her fantastic experience convinced them of the futility of boycotting Scott. They knew, very well, that he could get all the head he wanted from any girl he wanted, as well as from himself, so they’d only be depriving themselves. Undoubtedly, the grapevine would soon be blazing with the news that Scott Hewitt could fuck his own face.

“Scottie should be doing more with his free time than to be running around with girls, Cole. He should be learning to handle responsibility.” Scott’s mother said. It hadn’t been the first time she’d spoken to Cole on this matter.

“Okay, okay,” he said, defeated as usual. “I’ll see what I can find for him at the school.” He reluctantly promised. Before the week was out, Scott had a job working at the gymnasium for a couple of hours, three evenings a week. 

His duties were so trivial that he didn’t need to be told whose idea it had been. Even if he’d been totally against it, he wouldn’t have dared to defy his mother. In any case, the building being closed when he’d be working, he’d have a great opportunity to improve his already sculpted body. And, maybe he could occasionally get one of his female admirers to drop by.

Howie Rawlins, a classmate, on hearing that Scott was working at the gymnasium, asked if he could come by to get some workout advice. Scott was delighted and told Howie to let him know when he could conveniently come to the gym. That way Scott would know if he should answer the bell, saving himself a long walk to the end of a corridor where he could look from the window. 

It was his fourth night on the job when the doorbell sounded. He hadn’t heard from Howie but he was curious to know who it was. Only minutes later, sitting up on the parallel bars with his legs widely spread, Maureen Madely was sucking his balls. 

“Scotty,” she whispered, staring imploringly into his eyes.

“What?” He asked, impatient at the interruption.

“Get off the bars, Scott, there’s somethin’ I wanna ask you.” Scott jumped from the bars and was led to the weightlifting bench where she got him to sit. “Would you do for me what you did for Peggy?”

“What’re you talking about?” He asked, confused. 

“She told me about how you did yourself that night, like, and it got her so hot she had an orgasm,” she said, shyly.

“This is freakin’ crazy, girl, you want me to blow myself so you can get off?” He asked, incredulously.

“Yes, Scotty, couldn’t you do it for me, please, so I could get off, huh?” She asked, adding mournfully, “I haven’t had an orgasm for a long time, Scotty.” 

“I must be a real loonie,” he said, as he lowered his mouth over his erection. Maureen, bare-assed now, had her fingers pushed into her snatch up to the elbow.

“Oh, Scotty, ohh, I’m cumin’…can you get off with me?”

“Yeah,” he said, breathlessly, quickly dropping his mouth back onto his knob. His head bobbed a few more times till he groaned loudly and swallowed his load. As soon as he released his cock, she pounced on it to suck wildly, while fingering herself to a second, earth-shaking orgasm. 

Oh, Scott, you’re a darling, that was unbelievable,” she said, breathlessly, “but I wish you would’ve let me have your cum,” she said. 

“I just felt like keeping it,” he snapped, “and you’d better not blab this all over the school,” he said grimly.

“I don’t think there’s a girl in the school that doesn’t know already.” She said, pleased that her fraternity sisters were getting back at the arrogant bastard. 

Scott was ecstatic at being paid for doing his workouts; he did nothing else at work. He was disturbed, though, by how often the doorbell was ringing.

Scott was swinging on the rings when one of his classmates, Denton Miller, started a conversation with him. Scott was surprised, as he and Denton didn’t know one another and had rarely spoken.

“There’s a story going around the school that concerns you, Scott, I was wondering if you knew about it.”

“I don’t know. What’s it about?” Scott asked, curiously.

“Well,” he said, hesitantly, everybody’s talking about you blowing yourself. I thought you might like to know about it,” Denton said, shyly.

“What do you mean by everybody?” Scott asked, deeply concerned.

“Like, everybody in the class, anyway,” replied Denton, touching his crotch to supposedly straighten the goods in his basket. Scott ignored the blatant invitation. 

“I wonder why something like that would be worth talking about. Even if it’s true, it’s not an uncommon thing…every guy I know has attempted it. I’d be willing to bet you’ve tried it, too, Denton.

“I think maybe it’s because you’re such a high-profile guy around here…anyway, I hope you’re not pissed because I mentioned it.” 

‘Those bitches’, Scott said under his breath, ‘now even the gays are checking me out’.

Denton invented things to do in the gymnasium that would allow him to hang out. Teasing Denton, Scott swung one-handed while pretending he was adjusting his own basket. When Denton left, Scott couldn’t help smiling at the erection clearly visible in his suitor’s jeans. 

He found himself thinking about Howie. He was strikingly attractive with medium length, light-brown hair and a great smile. He was very like able, Scott thought. He was about six feet tall and, strangely enough, seemed to fill his t-shirt with a very well developed upper body, and that was causing Scott to wonder; he didn’t look like a guy in need of workout help. Could it be, he wondered, that Howie had heard the chatting and assumed he was gay. But, no, he calculated, Howie had asked for advice before Scott had, stupidly, accommodated Maureen Madely; he felt better about Howie now.

The repair shop was in an area unfamiliar to Scott. The technician, after opening it up, advised him the repair would take approximately two hours. Scott said he’d come back, the guy having told him he’d start working on it immediately. “Is there a theatre that’s not too far?” Scott asked.

“Yeah, turn left on the street after the Quality Super Market, it’s about a half block.”

It looked like a weird theatre; there was nothing outside to tell what film was playing. The transition from brilliant sunlight to the dark interior caused Scott to sit on someone else on two occasions. His vision finally adjusting, he found a seat. He thought it strange that a theatre would be so crowded in the middle of the day. He thought it strange also, that on looking around, it was crowded with men.

It was only when he saw the naked boys on the screen that he realized it was a gay movie house. He should’ve left right away and he knew it, but he found it interesting enough to watch for a short time. He wondered how much the actors were paid; there weren’t any guys on the screen with a cock nearly as large as his. 

He curiously shifted his eyes to see what the boy next to him was doing. He was surprised but not shocked that the boy staring intently at the screen was jerking himself. The guy was cute, Scott thought; his eyes were riveted on the boy’s spit-slicked hand sliding over his large knob.

Rapidly, Scott’s eyes shifted back and forth, from the porn actor whose head was bobbing on a cute, young guy’s cock, to the jerking boy in the next seat. Scott’s own cock now rock-solid, he opened his jeans, lowered his underwear and allowed his eight-and-a-half inches to spring free.

Accustomed as he was to a hot mouth, his hand wasn’t cutting it. He glanced around the theatre and was surprised at how much brighter it was now, than when he’d entered and blindly found his seat; guys all around him, oblivious to everything, were engrossed in sexual activities. Since he’d already thrown caution to the wind and abandoned his pride, he anxiously dropped his mouth onto his knob.

Scott was on heaven’s doorstep with his knob being massaged expertly in his throat when he felt a gentle tap on his shoulder. The boy next to him, now rubbing Scott’s back, indicated his willingness to allow Scott to share his erection. Scott wanted to know what it would be like to suck a cock but he’d never had that opportunity. Here, he thought, where no one knew him, would be an excellent place to try it. Moving out of his seat, he knelt on the floor between the boy’s legs and took his cock directly into his throat. The boy’s gasp of pleasure encouraged Scott. He located the boy’s hole and slipped his finger in. Another excited intake of breath was heard from the boy just a moment before Scott felt cum in his mouth; he shocked himself by gratefully swallowing it.

“That was the most fantastic blow job I ever had,” the boy said smiling broadly, “will it be okay if I suck you?” He asked. Sincere desire showed in his enquiring eyes. Scott got back into his seat, leaned back and welcomed the cute, young blonde’s mouth. The boy performed much better than had any of Scott’s female admirers. The boy wrote his name and number on a piece of paper and gave to Scott; though Scott had no intention of ever calling the kid, he stuffed the paper into his pocket. “What’s your name?” The boy asked.

“Scott. It was great, pal, see you, huh?”

“You’re cute, ya know…I hope ya’ll want to call me.” 

Scott retrieved his computer and was driving home when he began feeling remorseful. ‘What in hell have I done?’ he asked himself angrily. He had opened a door that had been deeply embedded in his subconscious, and released a devil he hadn’t really known. The principal reason for his girls’ need to blow him had suddenly become clear. Regardless of how often they did it, there remained the compulsion to do it again as soon as possible; Scott already craved another boy.

Lying on his bed he tried to think of boys that might be approachable. Denton Miller appeared on Scott’s mental, image viewer. The erection Scott had seen in his jeans seemed acceptably large. He was tall with a slim acceptably developed body, Scott thought. Quite good-looking, Denton’s dark, wavy hair, parted in the centre, gave him the appearance of a much younger boy. Yes, Denton would be in the running, he decided.

Howie Rawlins was the next to appear. Howie was as good-looking as Denton Miler, but Howie had a more muscled chest; and, therefore had the edge on Denton. There were many more images viewed, but none showed the same promise as Denton and Howie. A plan of some sort would be needed soon if Howie called.

Scott found himself hungrily eyeing the basket of all of the boys in his classroom. He was unable to concentrate on anything other than filling his mouth with cock. He had climbed into his truck, and was fastening the seat belt to go back to the porn theatre when his cel sounded. Saved by the bell, he thought, as he spoke with Howie. “Sure, I’ll be at work at eight this evening,” he said, smiling broadly, “See ya, then, Howie.” He sighed, his relief and wiped nervous perspiration from his forehead. He hadn’t devised an attack plan yet but his dick tingled anyway. 

Two young, horny boys, hoping for a night of hot sex, scoured their body simultaneously in their respective showers.

Scott felt certain enough of getting Howie’s cooperation that he occupied himself by setting the rings at a height of six feet in anticipation of a sex position he wanted to try with Him. Then he sat stock-still in the gymnasium anxiously waiting for the bell to ring in. He dared not do anything more that might cause him to perspire. He was extremely nervous wondering about the consequences if he’d misunderstood Howie’s sign language; the grapevine would then be buzz big time. He was so deeply engrossed in his thoughts of the possible, total devastation of his life that he almost hit the ceiling when the bell finally sounded.

Howie, smiling broadly, wore a tight, white t-shirt and white shorts. The outline of his cock, indicating that he wasn’t wearing underwear brought perspiration to Scott’s forehead.

“You mind getting out of your t-shirt, Howie, so I can see what we have to work with?”

As Scott was visually examining him he asked, “Should I take anything else off?” He wore nothing else but his shorts and shoes.

“Yeah, Howie,’ Scott said, shaking excitedly, you might as well remove your shorts so I can check out your thighs and buttocks.”

“I didn’t wear my underwear, is that okay?”

“Sure, it’s fine with me,” Scott managed to tell him without collapsing.

Howie possessed a magnificent washboard chest and certainly had no need of help from Scott. His hard, uncut cock rose as quickly as his shorts had dropped to the floor. Scott was amazed that Howie gave no indication that he felt at all embarrassed by his situation. Scott’s mouth watered as he stared transfixed at Howie’s jewels.

Stalling for time and hoping his own erection would subside, he asked Howie to turn around, supposedly to check out his buttocks. He breathed deeply several times in an effort to cool himself down; however, studying his butt made his problem decidedly worse. Scott’s knew his cock was never going to go down if he didn’t stop visualizing the scene with the other boy in the porn theatre. He moved closer to Howie’s naked body to kiss him on the back of his neck while reaching around him to grasp the solid cock. His cock was now pressed hard against Howie’s butt. Scott breathed a sigh of great relief when Howie reached back to handle his erection, satisfying him that all was kool with Howie.

Howie turned to press his open mouth against Scott’s to excitedly accept Scott’s tongue. Meanwhile, he had slipped Scott’s shorts and underwear to his ankles. They separated to remove Scott’s t-shirt before resuming their passionate mouth play. The pair of washboard abs pressing together, Howie softly said, “I was scared to call ya, Scott.”


“Well, I thought that as long as I didn’t call you there was hope, but if I had called and found that you didn’t want me, like this, I would’ve been shattered.” 

“Believe me, Howie, I know exactly what ya mean.”

Howie dropped to his knees and swallowed Scott’s long, hard cock. “That feels so good, Howie,” Scott said, rocking slowly. Howie moaned happily as his mouth moved up and down the long pole. Scott thought Howie sucked him much better than he’d ever been able to do for himself and much better than had any of the girls. 

“I don’t wanna cum yet, let me suck you for a while,” he said, stepping out of his clothes and leading Howie by the hand to the weightlifting bench. “Why don’t ya lie down?” Scott straddled the bench between Howie’s legs to alternately caress his balls with his mouth before licking the pre cum from the bulbous knob. Howie began squirming when Scott took the full length and used his educated throat muscle to make love to His sensitive dick head. Meanwhile, Scott was becoming addicted to Howie’s sweet, genital fragrance.

“You’re a master with your hot mouth, Scott, but ya better stop, I don’t wanna cum too soon, either…let me do you again.”

“Would ya like to try something different, Howie?” Scott asked, moving to the rings. Howie followed obligingly. Scott expertly grabbed the rings to throw his legs straight up and over his head. He then slipped his arms into the rings to his armpits, enabling him to drop his legs behind him to get himself into a ball. He was now in a perfect position for Howie to stand and perform miracles on his balls as well as on his cock.

“Wow, Howie said as he put his hands on Scottie’s hips to take his cock into his mouth and slowly swing him back and forth. His mouth was being fucked effortlessly. 

Scott dropped from the rings and said, “That’s a difficult manoeuvre that I can’t do for very long, do ya wanna try it?”

“No,” Howie laughed, “It a little too advanced for me.

“Let’s go back to the bench,” Scott said, jokingly taking him in his arms to carry him like a baby. 

“You freaking show-off,” said Howie, laughing loudly. When Scott threatened to drop him, Howie opened his mouth to feign protest, but Scott’s tongue darted in to silence him. “You make me feel so good, Scott, that If I could be sure I wouldn’t embarrass you I’d tell you I love you,” Howie said with sincerity, his tongue, this time, darting into Scott’s mouth.

Scott gently laid him on the bench to lick him everywhere on his face before turning to mount him in the sixty-nine position. Howie hungrily licked them before alternately sucking Scott’s large balls into his mouth. Scott, his elbows under Howie’s upper legs raised his butt from the bench to lick deep in his pleasure valley. The saliva-lubed tongue, floating teasingly over Howie’s anal opening triggered his quakes and moans of ecstasy. “Ahhh, Scott, that’s so freaking good…Push your tongue into my asshole. Ah, yes, yes, baby, that’s right out of this world.” Howie’s excited reaction pleased Scott immeasurably; especially considering that not only was this the first time Scott had done such a thing, he hadn’t even heard of ass licking before. “Sit on my face, Scott,” Howie said, anxious to once again gain quick and easy access to the treasures in Scott’s most private and pleasurable, erotic region.

Scott’s large, muscled thighs hugged Howie’s face as he carefully lowered himself until Howie’s lips kissed his balls. Meanwhile, he reached behind himself to massage Howie’s steel-like cock, trying to imagine how it would feel in his craving butt. Could he possibly derive more pleasure from that, than from what he was experiencing with Howie’s hot tongue pressing into his button, he wondered.

Scott felt the shock from the powerful lightning bolt shoot through his body when Howie unexpectedly inserted a finger in his ass. That incredibly exciting feeling deep inside of him convinced him of his absolute need to feel Howie’s large cock, in place of his finger, in his yearning hole.

Desiring another feeding of Howie’s butt, Scott pushed Howie’s knees to his shoulders to dig as deeply as he was able into the warm, slippery orifice, while at the same time gently squeezing his balls. Howie’s cock would never be any harder, Scott thought, so he decided he wanted to be fucked right away. He shivered excitedly thinking about the ecstasy he’ll feel when Howie’s knob breaks through to take his anal virginity; and he was glad his butt’s welcomed visitor would be Howie.

“Howie, would you like to be the first to fuck me?” He asked, hopefully. Howie was overjoyed; fucking Scott had been uppermost in his mind for weeks. 

“Wow, what an honor,” Howie said, excitedly. Scott adjusted the heavily padded, vault table to the optimum position for Howie’s height, and bent over it.

“Sorry, Howie, we have to make another adjustment. I’ll have to lie on my back,” Scott explained, my cock is so hard I can’t lie on it,” he said, turning to lie on the table again. “Is it still okay for you?” This being a momentous occasion, Scott wanted to be sure everything would be perfect.

“Yes, it’s the same either way,” he said, lifting Scott’s legs and pushing them back for Scott to hold them in place. He bent and began to lick Scott’s crack for lubrication. Scott, now soaked with nervous perspiration, waited. He tried but couldn’t stop shaking. His sphincter muscle twitched continuously as Howie licked him and poked his tongue into the hole. “Are you ready, Scott?” he asked, still dribbling saliva into Scott’s but crack.

“As ready as I’ll ever be,” he said, as he felt Howie’s knob pressing ever and ever harder against him. “Oww, can you wet your cock a little more?” Howie wet his fingers and inserted them one after the other into the hole. “That’s better, Howie, I think you’ve stretched it a bit.” Howie licked him once more, then placed his knob against the lubricated opening to Press with all the power he could muster until, despite Scott’s pleading, the knob stretched the hole and Howie forced it in. With Scott sobbing in pain, he mercilessly slammed his cock into him until he was noisily slapping against Scott’s ass. “Oh, my god, Howie, I must be alive, I still feel the pain of your sadistic entry, but don’t stop, I want to feel your balls banging against me forever.”

Howie was now fucking him much faster. The slapping sounds were becoming louder and more frequently. “Ahh, Scott, Oh, yes, yes, yes, I’m gonna cum, Scott.” Howie shouts were echoing off the gymnasium walls.

“Howie, please, can you shoot your cum into my mouth?” Scott pleaded. Howie pulled his knob from Scott and lifting him to a sitting position, fired most of his thick cum into his waiting mouth. He licked Scott’s face of the remains and ate it himself. “Suck me, Howie,” Scott said, breathlessly as he jerked his cock, “I’m going to cum, Howie, Oh, lord, I’m going to have the orgasm of my lifetime,” he said, as his legs stiffened and his toes curled. “Ohh, Howie,” he shouted as his knob pulsed once more before blasting into Howie’s welcoming mouth. “Was it all good for you, Howie?” Scott asked, nervously.

“Probably the best sex ever, how about you. Scott?”

“Does that mean you’d like to do it with me another time?” Scott asked, anxiously

“On a moment’s notice,” Howie said, smiling from ear to ear, “In fact, I was going to tell you, you owe me an ass fuck,” he replied, laughing.

“Don’t worry I always pay my debts…Seriously, though, Howie, I’ll never forget tonight. It was so fantastic,” Scott said, adding, “I asked if it was good for you because it was only my second time. My first time was with a boy in a porn theatre a couple of days ago. And I only sucked his cock; we didn’t even kiss.”

“Did he blow you?” Howie asked.

“Yes, but not as well as you,” Scott told him, graciously. He embraced Howie tightly and inserted his tongue in his mouth. Howie felt for Scott’s cock and was surprised to discover it had made a miraculous recovery. “I think it’s looking for a hot, humid place to hide in, Scott told him, smiling lewdly.

“Really?” Howie said, wide-eyed. Then, smiling broadly, he climbed onto the vaulting table.

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