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The Colonel’s Widow

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Carol, my best friend and lover, was lying naked next to me with her head on my chest. I was stroking her face when she looked up at me and nuzzled her chin into my grey beard. She said ” I liked that game we played this morning. When you let me mark the places on my body with honey that I wanted you to lick, that was very kind and thoughtful. Where did you learn to do that?”

I looked into her blue eyes, and then paused for a moment as thoughts of my youth came flooding back into my mind. Finally, I whispered ” let me tell you a story about the Colonel’s Widow.

The Sun was still high in the sky on this particular July Afternoon in 1962. There was a slight breeze that cooled the skin just enough to make 80 degrees seem comfortable. I was walking across a freshly manicured lawn towards a 6-foot high fence draped with bright green ivy. It would have been a perfect Friday afternoon except that I had missed one item on my checklist and now I had to make an extra stop on my way home from work. I eased the gate open and peered into the backyard of a home that was one of only four on the entire block of this exclusive neighborhood in Kenilworth, a wealthy suburb north of Chicago, Illinois.

There were small flashes of sunlight that danced on the surface of a pond that filled about a quarter of the yard. The pond was located in the corner and was dominated by a tall fountain that poured a stream of water from the mouth of a Stone Lion. My first thought was that this pond was certainly going to pass my inspection based solely on the presence of moving water, but as long as I was there, I better take a closer look. As I walked along the fence I saw out the corner of my eye, a woman lying on a lounge chair atop a raised deck attached to the two-story house. If I had thought that she had seen me, I would have introduced myself, but she appeared to be asleep. So, I decided to take a peek at the pond and quietly leave without disturbing her. Soon I was on my knees with my nose only a couple inches from the surface of the pond. My first awareness of her presence was the smell of baby lotion. Then I heard her whisper ” what are you looking for?”

Without breaking my concentration, I whispered back ” Fish.”

A soft feminine voice replied ” and if there are no fish?”

I turned my head and my nose nearly collided with the face of a woman who appeared to be in her mid thirties, nearly twice my age of 19. Her dark brown eyes were highlighted by deeply tanned skin stretched gently over high cheekbones on a beautifully sculptured face. More than once during my summer job, I have unintentionally violated the privacy of a nude sun bather, and although surely she would have put something on before confronting me, I decide to maintain close eye contact. I introduced myself and told her that I worked for the Cook County Mosquito Abatement Bureau. My task was to inspect all the known fishponds in the area and determine if they were potential breeding grounds for Mosquito Larva. The presence of fish or flowing water would keep the little pests away, otherwise we would have to put a chemical in the water to kill the larva, but that would also harm the fish. We always gave the homeowner a week to decide if they want to add fish, or let us add poison.

It has been over 40 years since that conversation took place, so I can not be sure if I really did feel a slight pressure on my back, but I do know that suddenly my body was falling forward into the cool water of the pond.

What I do remember very clearly, was the sound of laughter as I went headfirst into the water. I quickly decided that two people could play that game, so just before my face went under the water, I took a deep breath. Then I laid very quietly, face down as my body started to float in about 4 feet of water. First I heard a scream, then the splashing of water, and finally I saw a pair of feet appear on the bottom, just below my face. She could not see me exhale as she pulled my head up, and I was very limp when I was dragged out of the water. The woman rolled me over and pried my mouth open. She squeezed my nose and put her open mouth over mine. Just as she started to blow into my mouth, I opened my eyes and stuck my tongue into her sweet tasting cavity. We both froze for a moment and then, her attempt at mouth to mouth resuscitation turned into an embrace and a warm kiss. I wrapped my arm around her back, and pulled her breasts into my wet chest. My other hand, guided by instinct, slipped down her back and I cupped one cheek of her firm butt.

When she broke free, I could see that the light fabric covering had done nothing to restrain the outline of her erect nipples. She looked at me with fire in her eyes and yelled ” I ought to call the police right now, and have you arrested for assault.”

I smiled back and said ” fine, but please also call the Sheriff. Interfering with the duties of a County Employee falls under their jurisdiction.”

We both started to laugh, and she invited me inside to take a shower. I followed her across the lawn and through the patio doors, into an all season porch and finally into a large kitchen. I tried to stay focused on her light brown hair tied in a ponytail, but my eyes wandering down her long neck to her slim back and on to her swaying butt that was clad in a nearly translucent white bikini bottom. She pointed towards a door, and in a tone of voice that was more like a command than an offer, she told me to leave my clothes on the floor and she would put them in the dryer. A few moments after I had closed the shower door, I saw her fuzzy outline, now muted by a bathrobe scoop up my wet clothes and leave. She had left behind another bathrobe on the vanity. The hot water felt good on my body that had spent an entire day walking through backyards, city parks and a few swamps. I dried off with big fluffy towel and then tried to decide what to do about my erect penis that was still responding to visions of our embrace by the fishpond. That problem very quickly resolved itself when I picked up the blue robe and saw the Marine Corps insignia embroidered on the pocket.

She was standing in the hallway when I slowly opened the door. Just for a moment, there was a gap in her robe and I saw just enough un-tanned skin to think that she had taken off her bikini. I must have looked very much like a nervous little kid as I asked her if my clothes were dry yet. She smiled at me and said ” what’s the big hurry, have you got a hot date.”

I shook my head no and explained that I didn’t want to intrude if her husband was coming home soon. There was a strange look on her face, and then when she saw the pocket of the robe she shook her head, and said ” don’t worry, he won’t be back again.” Without any emotion in her voice, she added ” Colonel Roger Keller was murdered in a hotel room in Saigon two months ago.”

I started to express my condolences, and when I looked around and saw no evidence of children, I added that she must be very lonely in the house by herself. She gently put her hand on my shoulder and said ” yes, at first I missed him very much, until I learned who killed him. The Corps tried to make it look like the Viet Cong had done it, but an old friend of mine told me the truth. A South Vietnamese Army Officer shot Roger in the head while he was lying on top of the man’s naked wife.” She bit her lip, and looked around, and said ” I think I need a drink, would you please stay with me for a little while.”

After a couple cold beers, we decided to make dinner. My parents were out of town for the weekend, and Sandy, my steady girl friend, was working as a counselor at a Girl Scout Camp, and would not be back for another two weeks. When I called my host Mrs. Keller, she corrected me and said that two adults (I liked being called that) who spend in afternoon together wearing nothing but bathrobes should be able to be a little less formal. I guess I was right about her taking off her bikini.

Her name was Jane. While I made a light summer salad, she cut up some white fish, and started a mixture of butter and fresh lemon juice in a fondue dish. I cut up a variety of fresh vegetables that Jane lightly blanched, and while I was hulling fresh strawberries, she stated some chocolate and a little butter in a smaller fondue dish, for later. She opened a bottle of white wine, and we talked as we cooked our fish and vegetables, attached to long bamboo sticks, in the hot butter.

We talked about my job, and my desire to become a lawyer. Jane wanted to know if I had a girl friend. After a little more wine, I even told her about my first time, when Sandy and I played a very adult game of Doctor on the kitchen table. She talked about her life as a wife of a career military officer. Roger was an only child, and he had inherited the house and a small fortune from his father, who had made a lot of money in government construction projects after the end of the Korean War. She said that retiring as a Major General, opened up a lot of doors, but also made it very difficult for a son to do better. Jane did not think children should have to live that way, so she had gotten her tubes tied when it was obvious that her husband was never going to retire.

The sun was starting to set, and when Jane suggested that we open a second bottle of wine, I began to think that it was time to leave. I looked around and said ” I wonder if my clothes are dry yet.”

She looked into my eyes and replied ” I think they are still in the wash machine.” She explained that they looked awfully cruddy from the pond water, so she decided to wash them along with her bikini. Jane pointed to doorway off the kitchen and suggested that I put everything into the dryer while she prepared dessert.

When I returned to the kitchen, she was gone. I called out to her, and she answered ” I am in here on the porch.” I entered the room, and just stood still with my mouth open. Jane was naked. She was lying face down on the couch and the robe was on the floor. My eyes looked first at her tanned back and then my gaze traveled down her long spine to her flared hips. The skin on her butt was a creamy white and flawless except for a mole on her right cheek. Her left leg was extended and her toes were only a few feet from my erect penis that was sticking out through the opening in my robe. Her right leg was bent at the knee. Jane was in the classic Sim’s Position that patients assume when they are about to be given an enema. The position forced the cheeks of her small rounded butt to part and I was given a view of her brown eye, and below that the delicate outline of her shaved vaginal lips.

Jane looked back over her shoulder at me, and with a smile on her lips, but with a commanding tone in her voice, she asked ” well, are you going to just stand there, or take off your robe and get busy.”

Still in shock, from being so close to a naked adult woman, I shed my robe and sat next to her on the bed. Tentatively, I reached down and slid my hand down her back and I let it rest on her butt. Jane’s expression softened and she rolled over onto her back, revealing smallish but very taut breasts. She looked into my eyes and in a gentle whisper said ” you have done this before, right?”

Yes, I did have sex with Sandy while she was bent over the kitchen table but I also admitted that the next time we tried to it, she could not relax enough to let me in, and after doing nothing more than heavy petting we gave up. Jane smiled again and said ” as long as we have gotten this far, let me teach you a thing or two about foreplay.”

She sent me back into the kitchen to get the pot of warmed chocolate and the fruit plate. By the time I was back, Jane had propped herself up on a couple pillows and was sitting on the bed with her feet hanging over the edge. She patted the cushion next to her and I sat down. Although her vaginal lips were shaved, there was a small patch of neatly trimmed hair just about the hood. I reached out to touch the hair, and she playfully slapped at my hand, and told me that we were not ready for that yet.

Jane picked up a strawberry and dipped it into the warm chocolate. She nodded that I should do the same. Then she pressed the berry to my lips and I followed her lead and held my berry up to hers. We sucked the dripping morsels into our mouths and slowly chewed. Jane leaned forward and kissed me and I could taste the chocolate on her lips. We fed each other a couple more berries, but she pulled the fourth one back just at the last moment. Instead of offering it to me, she used it to paint a chocolate circle along the outer edge of the brown areolas on her right breast. She looked deeply into eyes, and said ” Bob, wherever I put the chocolate, you must clean it off.”

I gently lapped the sweet chocolate off her breast, and my tongue felt the contrast between the slightly bumpy surface of the discolored patch and surrounding smooth creamy skin. The chocolate trail moved from the areolas up to the nipple. I sucked the erect nub into my mouth. Jane stiffened a little and then put her hand behind my head and pushed my face into her chest. She dipped the berry back into the chocolate and we repeated the paint and lick game on the other breast. She made a trail of chocolate that led me drip by drip down to her navel. By now Jane had pushed aside the pillows and was lying flat on her back, and I was kneeling on a cushion with my chest between her thighs. She reached down and pushed the strawberry into my mouth and reached over to the chocolate pot. Her finger, dripping with chocolate filled the little dimple. Her flat stomach was heaving up and down as I sucked her navel clean. There was still a slight smell of baby oil, but now I was also aware of the slightly fishy odor that my Sister had told me was a woman’s arousal.

Finally, Jane reached down and painted the left side of her vaginal lips, and after I cleaned it with my tongue, the right side was prepared for me. I could see that the lips were starting to swell, and a slightly milky go was starting to ooze from the opening. I just sat back on my heels and watched as Jane pushed a small strawberry slick with chocolate into her vagina. She raised her head a bit, and whispered ” go for it.” I put my mouth over the opening and sucked and she moaned when the berry popped back into my mouth. Her breathing was starting to come in short breaths and her hand was less steady when she slopped a big gob of chocolate on her clitoris. Jane grabbed two of my fingers and shoved them back into the cavity that had just expelled the berry. Between labored breaths she instructed me to keep pumping my fingers in and out of her while licking her clean, and to hang on until it was over.

Her feet started stamping on the floor, her body started to convulse and finally I heard a deep cry come from her mouth. I could feel her body pulsating on my fingers for a few moments, and then she was still. I knew that now it was my turn, and I stood up and leaned forward over her body. I braced myself with my feet on the floor and my hands on each side of her head. I was ready to penetrate her when she pushed me back and said ” no, not that way, I need to feel your weight.”

Jane scooted up onto the bed and planted her feet on the bed with her knees up. I climbed on top of her and as she guided my naked penis to her lips, I slowly lowered myself down. She reached up and pulled me to her and then whispered ” how does it feel to do it bareback.”

It was a feeling that I still cannot adequately describe, but one that I would have to remember for several years until Sandy was able to get a prescription for the new birth control pill. Jane and I started slowly but we soon found our rhythm of thrust and counter thrust. Deep within my groin, I felt that familiar ache that I produced many times with my hand, but which seemed so different now that my whole body was pressed against another. I felt a sudden ache of sadness when I finally filled Jane’s body with my fluid, because I just knew that I would never have that chance again.

I was able to stay hard just long enough for her to climax again. She hugged me and then whispered ” thank you, and I am sorry about the dunking.” I rolled off of her warm body and we lay spoon fashion listening to the night sounds. Soon she was asleep, and when I heard her start to snore, I got up and quietly walked to the laundry room.

After I found my clothes and dressed, I stood for a moment at the patio door. It is a very quiet Friday Night. The still air was about 70 degrees, the sky was clear and the light of the full moon has turned the back yard into a blue black landscape of shapes and shadows. No traffic outside and the only sounds from inside were those of Jane’s soft breathing and outside the soft splashing of water from the fountain in the fishpond. I turned off the car radio and drove in silence, not wanting the night to end, but knowing that it was over.

Carol, asked me ” did you ever see her again?”

” No,” I said. ” The next day I drove by her house, and for the first time, I saw the SOLD Sign on the front lawn. There was a moving van in the driveway, and when I asked the driver where she was, he told me that she had left early that morning.

He asked if I was Bob, and then handed me an envelope. Inside was recipe card and written across the front was a note that read Bob, you were a wonderful student. Keep doing your homework, and you will make some lucky woman very happy. Love, Jane.” The Colonel’s Widow was gone and had become another memory.

Carol looked at me, and wiped a small tear from my cheek. She climbed out of bed, and with a smile she said ” Let’s see if we can find some chocolate.”

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