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The First Christmas

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“Are you almost finished down there? The top half still needs your attention.” He slapped the crop across her bare ass at medium strength, a simple emphasis to finish her task and move on to the next. She hung the last ornament on the lower half of the tree, crawling around on her hands and knees, naked save for her purple 5” heels, matching purple thigh highs and string bikini.

“Master, yes Master. Master, sorry Master.” She knew he was only enjoying Himself and the show she was putting on while her sister was cooking in the kitchen humming to herself, and it pleased her that she could amuse him.

“Master, may I stand and finish hanging the ornaments Master?” she asked Him, her eyes never lifting above his belt.

“Yes pet, you may stand and finish the tree.” He answered. This was a new tradition they had started this year when His pet and lil_one had expressed their desire to make the house more festive for the holidays. He knew she had wanted a tree with lights and ornaments and stockings, the traditional layout, and He knew what joy it would bring to her to allow her this request. He denied her, often and with pleasure, but this was something different to her, something sentimental from her upbringing, and it was a part of her that He enjoyed nurturing.

Her heels were a tremendous help in reaching the upper branches of the 7′ tree, but the top limbs still required her to reach out to the limits of her grasp. He sat on the couch next to the tree, leather crop in the crook of His arm, watching her ass move as she stretched and put each ornament in place on the tree. She was making very good progress actually. But He had planned on making tonight much more amusing for Himself, and now seemed like a fair time to begin. He waited until she had only half of the top part left to complete when he snapped his fingers once loudly and pointed to the space in front of his feet. Without hesitation she put down the ornament and quickly moved to the spot he had gestured at, dropping to her knees, hands in her lap, head bowed, eyes on his feet.

“Master.” she spoke clearly. He had trained her never to whisper when called nor be timid in her response. Her one word was her acknowledging that she was ready for her orders and listening. It wasn’t something He did all the time or in public often, but on occasion He had snapped for her someplace public, and her training had prevailed, much to His pleasure and her relief. The return home from the bookstore coffee shop in the mall had resulted in a night of multiple orgasms and verbal praise from Him for a job well done, never hesitating to drop to her knees even with the young barista watching with rapt interest at her behavior.

“Go into your toy box and bring back the purple C vibrator.” he told her, watching her face.

“Master, yes Master,” she stood quickly and hurried to retrieve the toy as Master turned and smiled to His little one in the kitchen as she was now dancing a bit and humming oblivious to His quick glance then looks back to see pet return to His feet. Once she had returned and once again on her knees, the toy in front of her, He directed her again.

“You know what to do with that. Turn it on full, put it on, and go back to what you were doing.” Little one hears Master and glances to her sister biting her lip softly watching her play with the toy and enjoying seeing the look in Masters eyes of how pleased He is.

“Master, yes Master,” she replied. He smiled inwardly, watching for a reaction on her face as it registered what He had in mind. To her credit only a slight smile crept up in the corner of her mouth as she turned on the toy and put in on under her string bikini. She then went back to work decorating the tree.

The toy He had made her wear was a C shaped vibrator designed to stimulate both her clit and her g-spot internally, causing her to build to orgasm quickly and keep her there. Most of the toys He owned and used on her were for devious designs, this one being no exception. She was well acquainted with it and in truth it was one of her favorites that He liked to use on her. It always led to an exciting buildup of a long tease that ended in the kind of satisfaction that only being completely owned and used well by Him could give her. All these thoughts went through her mind as she went to find the toy for Him. Combined with the time she had already spent this evening preparing the tree under his close attention, dressed sexily the way He wanted her, His eyes moving over her body, with the occasional swat from the crop on her bare skin, had excited her to the point where she was more than wet enough to slip the toy inside herself with ease before going back to work on the tree.

He smiled at her back as she nearly finished hanging the rest of the tree decorations, her actions much slower and deliberate now, and He knew why. The C vibe always got her so worked up she could cum with just a word, one command from Him. She was very good that way, never allowing herself satisfaction without permission. A feat that never failed to impress and please Him about her, she was working near the top of the tree now, nearly finished, when he noticed she stopped mid-stretch, pausing a moment, breathing with focus before hanging the ornament. He could see her face was flushed now, her nipples hard and pointing skyward. She was fighting the urge to cum without His permission. This was a lot of fun.

“Pet, come here for a moment,” He motioned for her to come to Him. From the tone of His voice and His gesture she could tell He did not mean for her to come with the immediate urgency as when He snapped His fingers for her. This time He was more casual. He was still not to be ignored or slow in obeying however. She walked over to Him and stood in front of Him, ready for her directions.

“Master.” was all she said.

“Put this on. I want to complete the look this evening.” He handed her a red Santa cap which she put on her head, her hair showing under the hat in a very cute way. She smiled at Him with her best smile, happy to obey Him, on the edge of orgasm thanks to His toy vibrating in her depths. His grinned back at her, pleased with her look. She looked very sexy and He WANTED her in the most carnal of ways tonight. But first things first He reminded himself.

“All that’s left is the star on top. Here,” He handed the star to her. “Make it look good.” He picked up His camera from the coffee table and made it obvious that this was a moment that He would capture in film for all time. With a wink and a sexy smile she picked up the last ornament and walked up beside the tree. On tip toes she stretched up, one leg bent behind her, arm reaching just enough to position the star in its place atop the beautiful tree.

“Hold it,” He said, framing the shot in the lens. *CLICK* His camera purred.

“Very good. One more shot. Look at me.” She looked at the camera, smiling, holding her pose like a pro.

“Oh, and pet?” He said to her. “Cum for me.” Her eyes went wide just as the camera clicked for a second time, perfectly capturing the look of surprise and release as His command sent her over the edge into oblivion as she felt the tremors that had been building and waiting deep inside her spring free and crash over her body. With His permission she dropped her arms and legs down and let her orgasm wash over her, the toy having done its job of keeping her on the very edge of cumming, as it was supposed to.

He smiled with a mischievous look of accomplishment, as He reviewed the picture He had taken of her. The expression on her face was priceless and He knew he would be framing this picture for the mantle as well as for the Christmas cards they would be sending out this year to their special friends. Happy Holidays indeed, He chuckled to himself.

“The tree looks beautiful pet. You’ve outdone yourself. Merry Christmas.” He told her as she recovered from her moment of bliss.

“Master, thank you Master, for letting me cum,” she replied to him, as was customary.

“You’re welcome. Now, before you meet me in bed, remove those panties and hang them on the tree as an ornament for this year. But keep the hat, thigh highs and heels on,” He said with a smile as He looked toward the kitchen and His little one. “Little one come with us now, I want both of my girls in my bed.” She smiled hearing His words having just taken some cookies out of the oven and setting them aside to let them cool. “Yes my Master” She hurried over to Master and her sister pinching her sisters ass lightly as she steps up next to them following into the bedroom.

Entering the bedroom we pause for a moment adjusting to the dim lighting as Master sits on the bed looking His girls over and stopping on His little one … “My little one…strip now”. A seductive smile creeps over her lips, “mmm yes my Master” as her fingers dance over her clothing slowly lifting her shirt off over her head exposing her pale breasts to His eyes then fingertips trace down to her jeans unbuttoning them and sliding them down over her hips revealing she’s wearing no panties under them. She stands straight after removing the clothes and clasps her hands behind her back and waiting for the next order.

He sits back on His bed eyeing His two girls, wild thoughts filling His mind as to what He wants to do first. “Girls on the bed next to me”. Both girls smile and say a “yes my Master” in unison before climbing onto the bed with Master in the middle.

“I love you my girls” He says feeling the warmth of their bodies around Him. “We love you too our Master” His pet says smiling.

Both girls lean in to kiss His cheek then hearing Master growl both girls look at Him with puzzled looks. “Is that a proper kiss my girls?” Master says. Both girls smile then one at a time lean in to kiss His lips firmly and passionately lingering with a slight moan against the kiss. He smiles “good girls” as the girls notice the hardening cock between them.

His hands brush up their thighs slowly as both girls gasp a little breathing heavier at His touch. Warm hands trace over their stomach to their nipples pinching firmly causing both girls to moan loudly. An evil sadistic smile creeps over Masters lips hearing the noise escape them. “Pet lay on your back on the pillows with your legs spread,” He orders in a firm tone. “Yes my Master,” she says while moving wondering what He has planned for the evening.

“Now My little one…” He says letting it draw out making the girls even more curious. “Between your sisters legs now and rub My property slowly so I may watch a bit”. She moans getting more excited and hurrying to obey, rubbing slowly feeling how wet her sister already is.

Master steps out of view for a moment and comes back with a crop in His hand watching the girls seeing their skin flush as they grow more turned on. He walks up behind His little one and grabs her hair yanking it back, “Do you enjoy touching my property lil one?” She moans as he pulls and looks up to Him, “mmm yes my Master i do.” He releases her hair suddenly watching her head drop back down as He looks to His pet and grabs her nipple piercings tugging them until she is gasping then He takes the crop and smacks it down lightly on her other nipple watching her squirm a bit as He smacks again once more but harder, her skin flushing lightly where the crop hit.

He takes a few steps to the side watching lil one “My little one…” He says in a firm tone as He lands the crop across her ass swiftly causing her back to arch a bit. He smiles and smacks her ass again harder hearing her moan and gasp. She looks over to her Master seeing how hard is cock is now and moans again needing Him.

Master slowly strips His clothes away exposing His body as both girls look Him over feeling the wetness between their legs increase. He starts stroking Himself in front of them and tells them to stop playing and suck His cock. Both girls crawl off the bed and onto their knees before Him and immediately start licking at His hard length moaning at His taste. His pet sucks His full length into her mouth her tongue licking every inch as His little one runs her nails over His skin lightly kissing over His stomach and chest slowly. He grabs both girls by the hair “enough for both of you” pulling them up to their feet and pushing them onto His bed.

He lays on His back on the bed pulling His pet straddling Him and grabs her hair pulling her head close whispering “How badly do you want My cock little cunt” She moans and wriggles her hips a bit “very badly my Master..please” He grabs her hips and pulls her down onto His cock roughly impaling her as she gasps in pleasure. He moans His pleasure feeling her warm pussy fitting around His cock tightly. His little one watches closely moaning then feels His hand wrap around her wrist pulling her closer and tilting His head to lick her wetness slowly causing her legs to go weak beneath her.

He looks into her hazel eyes with a smoky seductive look in His eyes..”want to feel My tongue more My little one?” She moans begging “mmm yes my Master please please” He smiles to Himself enjoying the wanton actions of His girl.

He pulls her on top of Him holding her by her hips delving His tongue over her swollen clit causing her to gasp out in pleasure and buck her hips in automatic reflex. His tongue twists and licks deeply over her tasting the sweetness of her need and pleasure.

His pet starts riding His cock a bit faster wanting to feel His cum deep inside her moaning at the thought of it. She watches her Master licking her sister and feels her face flush enjoying the sight and sounds. She feels His cock start throbbing as His pleasure rises.

He reaches up and grabs His little ones nipples pinching them hard making her moan out and reach the edge begging Him to let her cum. He stops licking and looks up to her, “not yet.” She whimpers a bit “yes my Master” gasping at the end feeling Masters tongue on her again. Pet writhing on Masters cock running her nails lightly over His stomach causing Him to moan Himself.

Pet moans feeling Master buck His hips pressing His cock deeply into her over and over again filling her completely. Both girls gasping and moaning craving release so badly.

Finally He growls and tells His girls to cum NOW. They both moan so relieved He ordered them to cum. His little one leans forward a bit grasping the blanket beneath them moaning loudly cumming hard whole body shaking. Masters pet moans cumming feeling Masters cock and her pussy gripping it with the spasms of her orgasm. Both girls cumming sends Him over the edge and their Master cums hard

feeling His pet’s pussy with His thick cum that she has been so craving.

The three of them panting and regaining their breath collapse on the bed together both girls wrapped in their Masters arms. Eyes fluttering open and shut feeling in heaven, their world feeling complete. “I love you my girls,” He says between deep breaths.

“We love you our Master,” His girls reply. Knowing they are His forever. Body, mind, and soul. They have surrendered and couldn’t be happier.

They glance out the window seeing snowflakes start to fall as the nuzzle closer against their Masters body holding Him tightly.

He smiles and kisses their foreheads “Merry Christmas My girls” holding them close as they fall asleep after the perfect evening.

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