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Untamed Family Ch. 02

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I recommend that you read chapter 1 before delving into chapter 2, but here is a quick recap reminder of what happened. Eighteen year old Kevin Lansing came home to find his older sister Hannah licking his twin sister Kristen’s hot pussy. He quickly stripped down and joined in on the filthy fun, where plenty of licking, sucking, tonguing and fucking took place. In this chapter, we get to meet the parents, and see what they think of this arrangement.

Chapter 2 Meet the parents

Twenty minutes later…

The side door leading to the garage swung open and in walked Krystal Lansing holding a leash and leading her husband David who came crawling in on his hands and knees. Krystal was a well built woman of forty years old, wearing a black shiny rubber corset, thigh high shiny rubber stockings, and long shiny black gloves that went up past her elbows. On her feet she wore six inch stiletto platform shoes, and her long brunette hair was pulled back in a tight ponytail. She was tall without the shoes, with them she towered well over six feet.

Krystal operated a fetish web site and production company, filming various fetish themed videos with her husband and a small crew of actors. One of their most popular videos was female domination, where Krystal would become Mistress Krystal, and David was her slave. Oftentimes when they filmed those videos, they would bring their work home and continue the role play.

David was nearly unrecognizable. He was wearing a black, full face rubber mask in the shape of a dogs face. The only holes on the mask was two breathing holes, one for each nostril. This left him completely blind and unable to speak. Around his neck was a thick black collar, which the heavy duty leash was attached. On each hand he wore gloves in the shape of dog paws, rendering his hands nearly useless, and he wore some special knee pads that locked his legs into a bent position so he was unable to stand up straight. The final piece was a black tail butt plug.

Hannah, who had been sitting in the leather recliner waiting, immediately got out of the chair and kneeled on the floor, putting her face all the way down until her nose touched the linoleum.

“Hannah, is that you?” Krystal asked, seeing her daughter on the floor.

“Yes Mistress,” she replied, feeling a bit nervous, as she always did when her mom was in Mistress mode.

“Well stand up here girl, let me get a good look at you. I haven’t seen you in over a month.”

Hannah quickly stood up, but never looked her mother in the eyes. It wasn’t always like this, only when Krystal was dressed in her fetish clothing did she expect everyone in the household to treat her as Mistress Krystal. Some days she would put regular clothes on and let David dress in regular clothes also. On those days, they were just like any other normal family…well almost.

“My my, look how beautiful you are,” Krystal said. She gave the leash a tug, causing David the dog to crawl forward again, so she could walk up to her daughter. “How come you decided to come home this weekend?” she asked as she reached up with one gloved hand and tucked a stray strand of hair behind Hannah’s ear.

“Well ma’am, my human sexuality class was canceled today, I guess the professor was feeling under the weather or something. My roommates were both leaving for different reasons, so I just thought I would surprise you Mistress. I hope you don’t mind if I stay for the weekend.”

“Of course I don’t mind Hannah. As long as you don’t mind taking those clothes off.”

Hannah shivered and nodded, “Yes ma’am,” then began to disrobe. She was glad that Kevin hadn’t cum inside her pussy, otherwise it may still be dripping out.

“So Hannah, where are Kevin and Kristen? They should both be home,” Krystal asked, “Why are they not down here to greet me?”

Thinking quickly, Hannah said, “Well, I think that Kevin is doing homework and Kristen is showering, but it may be the other way around, I’m not sure ma’am. Would you like me to go upstairs and have them come down to greet you Mistress?” she was naked now and holding her clothes in her arms.

“Yes dear, why don’t you go ahead and do that, while I sit down. My feet are simply killing me.”

“Yes Mistress,” Hannah turned and bounded up the stairs, her breasts jiggling as she jogged up. She hoped that they had cleaned the entire mess up, including themselves. She found Kevin in the bathroom having just stepped out of the shower, his glistening body dripping water as he wiped his face with a bath towel. His eyes looked surprised at her nakedness.

Not wanting her voice to carry downstairs, Hannah rushed over to him and quietly said, “Mistress Krystal is home and she wants you and Kristen to come greet her.”

“Shit!” Kevin grumbled under his breath. “How is her mood?” he asked, knowing what she could be like when she was in a bad mood.

“Seems fine so far, but I haven’t spoken with her too much,” Hannah said. “Just hurry up. I’ve got to go find Kristen.” She turned and headed back out and down the hallway to her sister’s bedroom.

Kristen was just hanging up her cell phone when Hannah came around the corner. Seeing her naked sister, she asked, “What’s going on?”

“You need to come down stairs and greet Mistress Krystal right now.”

“Oh great,” Kristen grumbled, “I wish she wouldn’t bring her work home so much.”

“You know you love it sis,” Hannah giggled, “you’re just worried that she’s gonna find out what we’ve been doing without her.”

“I tried to clean my pussy of Kevin’s cum, but she always seems to catch on somehow.”

“I know, it’s like she’s psychic or something.”

“We’ll all get punished if she finds out, so let’s hope she doesn’t.”

They walked back into the hallway and met Kevin coming out of the bathroom with the towel still wrapped around his waist. Together, they all three walked downstairs and into the living room.

Krystal was sitting on the comfy leather recliner with her feet up while David was kneeling at her feet. His mask was off and he was licking the bottoms of her feet, starting at the heel and running his tongue all the way up to her toes.

“That’s a good puppy. Lick mommy’s feet all clean boy and you’ll get a treat,” she was telling him as the kids entered the room. She looked up at them and said, “There you are.”

All three kids got down on their knees and bowed their heads all the way to the floor. “Look at that, such well trained children,” Krystal admired, before adding “you may all stand.”

The three of them all stood up, their heads remained bowed, their eyes cast down at the floor.

“Kevin dear, drop that dreadful towel so I can see your magnificent cock.”

“Yes ma’am,” Kevin said and dropped the towel on the floor. His mother’s sexy outfit had put a charge in him causing his cock to remain at half mast.

“Mm, would you look at that wonderful piece of meat,” Krystal said with a hungry grin. “Now dear, bring that lovely cock over here.”

Kevin walked over to the side of the recliner. His mother reached her hand over and cupped his balls, fondling them and causing his penis to swell rapidly to its fullest. When it was fully erect, she gripped his balls in her hand and began to rub them gently. “So tell me Kevin, did you fuck your sisters after school today?”

Feeling a cold sweat break out on his body, Kevin shot a quick glance toward Hannah, who looked as surprised about the question as he felt. Knowing that lying would bring a much worse punishment, Kevin nodded and said, “Yes ma’am”. The hand gripping his balls suddenly stopped the gentle rubbing and started to squeeze. It soon became painful and a whine escaped his throat.

“I see. So who initiated the sex Kevin?”

Feeling an ache in his lower belly now, Kevin grunted and stuttered his next answer. “Ahh, um, I…I don’t know…I…oww…they had started already!!” he yelled, nearly bent over now as the grip of her hand grew, making him feel almost nauseous.

Finally Hannah said, “It was me ma’am. I was the one who started it.”

Smiling an almost evil grin, Krystal loosened up on her son’s testicles, and instead took his penis in her hand. Remarkably, it was still erect, and she gave it a few loving strokes, before saying “Poor baby. Mommy will kiss your boo boo honey,” as she leaned over and began kissing his penis. After kissing up one side and down the other, she pushed him back, then said “Dog, enough,” to which David stopped sucking her toes and sat on his haunches.

Looking over at Hannah who was still standing at attention, Krystal said, “I’m disappointed in you Hannah. Don’t you know me well enough by now to know that I know everything that goes on in this house at all times? You should know that you can’t sneak anything by me in this house. What do you have to say for yourself girl?”

“I’m sorry Mistress, I was just glad to see Kristen and…” she trailed off, knowing that she was going to get punishment.

“And you were horny, and you couldn’t wait until I got home, so you fucked your sister and brother,” Krystal was quiet as she sat thinking, then she said, “Alright girl, get over here and assume the position. You know what you need to do.”

“Yes ma’am,” Hannah said, her pussy suddenly starting to moisten even as she shook with fear over what she knew was coming. The position she had to assume was laying across the arms of the chair face down with her ass available.

“Count the swats Hannah, and be polite about it,” Krystal said. She put her hand gently on the soft curve of her daughters ass, caressing it, until she quickly raised it up and brought it down with a resounding *crack*.

“Ungh One, thank you mistress,” Hannah grunted, and so began a series of stinging slaps, each one brought a loud grunt from Hannah, followed by her counting and saying ‘thank you mistress’.

At ten, she thought the beating would stop, but it kept going. She hoped it would stop at fifteen, then twenty, then twenty five, but the slaps kept raining down. Hannah was crying and squirming and having a hard time calling out each number.

It was quite a sight for Kevin. His hot older sister, naked and laying across his sexy mother, crying and squirming, her ass a cherry red color. Kevin’s cock was rock hard, and he wished he could stick it in something. He glanced over at his twin, who also seemed to be enjoying the show. As much as Hannah acted like she hated getting spanked, the truth was that she often talked about how it made her extremely horny.

*SLAP* “OWW!! Forty four , th…thank you ma’am” *SLAP* “UNNH For…forty f…five. Thank you ma’am” *SLAP* “MMM Forty sssiiixxx. Please ma’am, please stop.”

“Just four more honey, then I’ll stop. You don’t have to count these last four honey. Just relax, you’re almost done,” Krystal rubbed her hand over her daughter’s bright red ass cheeks, feeling the girl’s hitching sobs slow as she gently massaged the tender spheres. Then, after several seconds of soothing, tender rubbing, she quickly fired off four of the most vicious slaps yet.

Hannah screamed as the last four stinging slaps rained down upon her already burning ass. It truly felt as if she had sat on hot coals and burned her entire ass. Tears, snot and drool dripped from her face and onto the floor below her, as once more her mother began to caress her sore bottom. This time though, Krystal slid one finger down around the crack of Hannah’s ass and finally into her soaking wet pussy.

“It’s amazing that after that beating, your pussy is dripping wet. How long have you enjoyed getting spanked Hannah?”

“I…I don’t…I’m not…” Hannah didn’t’ know how to answer the question because she never told her mother that she was turned on by being spanked. She didn’t want her mother to know that she secretly enjoyed it, because she was worried that she would not get spanked anymore for punishment.

“Well dear, your hot, wet pussy doesn’t lie. You are positively soaked. Maybe I’m going to have to think up another punishment for you from now on. No more spanking if you are going to get off on it,” she laughed.

“Y- Yes ma’am,” Hannah sobbed and hitched as her mothers fingers curled around and rubbed her g-spot.

“We’ve been toying with the idea of doing a tickle torture video, but haven’t been able to find anyone willing to be tied and tickled. Maybe I’ll make that be your punishment Hannah. You could be our newest star. How would you like that dear?”

“MMmmm,” Hannah whined as her mother’s expert fingers quickly brought her to the edge of orgasm. “N-no ma’am, I-I unhh, I wouldn’t like that hmmmm.”

“Do you want to cum Hannah?”

“Yessss m-ma’am.”

“Not yet dear. Don’t you cum until I say you can. Do you understand me?”

“Mmmhmm yesss!”

“I’ve been wanting to put you in our movies for a long time, but you’ve resisted me. I think it’s time. You’re old enough. You’re sexy enough. You’re horny enough. Promise me that you’ll star in our next movie, and I’ll let you cum.”

Hannah was struggling mightily, and it was evident by the strain on her face. It wasn’t just that she wanted to cum, it was that she wasn’t going to be able to hold off much longer, and if her mother pushed her over the edge before she had permission, she would be punished with more spanking. As much as it turned her on to be spanked, she didn’t think she could handle anymore today, her ass was too sore. At the same time, she wasn’t about to give in so easily to her mother. She knew very well how the game worked, and although resistance was futile, she knew better then to give in so easily.

“Come on Hannah, I know that you want to cum. I can feel your muscles tensing. Agree to star in a movie and I’ll guarantee that there won’t be any tickling involved.”

“Don’t make me do that Mistress, please!” she whined.

Krystal slid her free hand down to Hannah’s ass crack and wedged her finger between the cheeks to play with her asshole. “I know you want to cum sweetie, and you can’t get permission until you agree.” She pushed her finger inside gently and smiled when her daughter moaned.

Her orgasm fast approaching and with no way to slow it down, Hannah quickly agreed to her mother’s terms, then shouted, “Please Mistress Krystal, may I cum?” She felt her pussy contract once, then twice, and she clamped down in a last ditch effort to stop the inevitable. “PLEASE!” she begged.

Krystal sighed loudly and waited another agonizing two or three seconds while her fingers worked their magic. Then she finally nodded and said, “You may cum.”

The words had barely slid past her thick, red painted lips when Hannah’s pussy clamped down tightly on her mothers fingers, and she howled as an intense orgasm rocketed through her body. Her eyes rolled up in her head and her toes curled, her hands rolled into fists and a dollop of drool dripped from her open mouth onto the floor. “Unnnnnnnhhhhhhh ooohhhhh uh uh uh uh huh oh ffffuuuccckkk!” she bellowed, her sore ass cheeks forgotten as her pussy gushed, soaking her mother’s hand and lap.

The whole time that Krystal was finger fucking her oldest daughters pussy to an earth shattering orgasm, Kevin and Kristen were watching from across the room. Both stood stock straight with their hands laced behind their backs and their chests puffed out. Kristen’s lovely ripe breasts sported rock hard nipples that pointed like laser beams, while Kevin’s swollen member stuck out at a ninety degree angle from his body.

Meanwhile, David, still on all fours, was sniffing around Hannah’s ass, just like a dog would do. His own swollen cock was dripping precum, and he was whining as a frustrated mutt might.

“There you go sweetie,” Krystal cooed as she pulled her soaked fingers from her daughters clenching pussy, “Did you enjoy yourself?”

Still trembling from her powerful climax, Hannah nodded, a drop of sweat rolling down the side of her face. She attempted to stand, but found herself on all fours as her thighs were shaking too much.

“Good, tomorrow morning you will be showered and ready to film your debut porn with us. Failure will result in severe punishment.”


“Yes dear, we can’t wait til Monday, you’ll be back in school.”

“Y-Yes ma’am,” Hannah whimpered in resignation.

“Children, your big sister needs help to stand. Lend her a hand will you,” Krystal said while she held her hand out to her husband. He sniffed it, then began enthusiastically lapping away at his own daughters love juices, while Kevin and Kristen rushed over and assisted Hannah in standing. They helped her over to a chair, and lowered her down.

“Good doggy,” Krystal said as she eyed her pet cleaning every part of her hand and fingers with his tongue. “Does doggy want a treat now?”

David grunted and continued happily licking until Krystal finally pulled her hand away. He made a move toward her crotch, leaning his face in and sniffing in the direction of her fragrant pussy, but she pushed his head back and snapped her fingers. At the sound of her snap, he dropped to the floor and hung his head, whining like a puppy.

“Kristen, come over here,” Krystal ordered, and David’s head popped up in excitement.

“Yes mistress,” Kristen mumbled, bowing her head as she approached. When she reached the side of her mother’s chair, her father turned on all fours until her was behind her, then he stuck his nose against her ass crack and sniffed.

“Bend down here baby, and give your mommy a kiss,” Krystal said, a sly look on her face.

Without hesitation, a very naked Kristen bent forward at the waist, cocked her head to the side, and pressed her lips gently against the lips of her mother. The kiss began tenderly, but soon became heated, as mouths were opened and tongues became involved. Meanwhile, David stopped sniffing his daughters ass, and started to lick instead.

The kiss lasted a few minutes, and by the time Krystal pushed her daughter away, Kristen was gasping and moaning. Eyeing her husband, Krystal placed her foot on his shoulder, and pushed him back away from their daughter’s ass. Finally, he pulled back and panted, his tongue lolling out the side of his mouth. When David got into character, he took it all the way, much to the delight of his wife.

“I had a wonderful idea today to stage a blowjob contest between the girls. The winner gets to spend the night with me, and the loser has to sleep in the doghouse.”

Everybody knew what it meant to “sleep in the doghouse”, and no one wanted to do that, since there wasn’t a whole lot of sleep to be had there. They also knew what spending the night with their mother meant; little to no sleep, and plenty of orgasms.

“We’re going to have an orgasm control contest. Kristen, you work your father over, and Hannah will do Kevin. Whoever forces an orgasm first is the winner. We’ll also put a little wager on the side to make it more interesting. Whoever cums first, Kevin or dog, has to stay in the doghouse with the loser. Whoever holds out the longest, gets to join me and the winner. So either way, I’ll enjoy one cock and one pussy tonight.”

Thank you for reading chapter 2

Chapter 3- The Blowjob Contest- coming soon.

There are two more chapters already written. I will post them as I finish editing. If there is enough interest, I may be convinced to tell further tales of this family as I have ideas for an Untamed Family Vacation, Untamed Family Reunion, and possibly a spin off with Hannah in college.

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