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The Chance Cafe

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What a neat idea, Ted thought. He’d been down Lexington a couple of times a week all semester from his room to his classes at the university and he hadn’t even noticed the Chance Café, down on the lower level under a hippy New Age gear store.

A cyber café, he quickly figured out from a scan of the membership agreement, where you could hook up with other guys in cyber space in comfort. It was sort of a closed men’s club—a dating service, where you checked in at the membership desk—really a private little room—the first time, and someone actually took the measurements himself and filled in the vital information on your club Web site profile and took your picture for posting. Then one could be quite sure who they were talking to and what they looked like and how they measured up. It wasn’t subject to personal exaggeration.

It was a closed site only accessible from the other Chance Cafés, wherever they were, and when you wanted to browse the members’ pages of those currently on line and chat with them one-on-one, they had cubicles where you could do that—very privately, other than the open door from the corridor. So, if the conversation got hot, you could comfortably get hot too.

The whole issue of false advertising had been what had turned Ted off about any of these Internet dating services, and he certainly didn’t think he had anything to be ashamed of in his own vital statistics, so there was nothing that bothered him about either having a hunky guy gather his statistics—which had led to a proposition that Ted had politely fended off—or having these statistics placed on a profile with his picture—as long as it was a very, very private club and he’d be talking with some guy safely off in Cleveland somewhere.

Ted had fucked with guys before—well, a couple of times. But he’d always found the fantasy of cyber chat and of dirty talk with a guy in cyber space as so much more arousing than the actual fuck, and a good background for masturbating. Plus, he had this imaginary picture of the guy who would be fucking him—a muscle-bound hunk who would overpower him and sink an extra-long dick in him—and none of Ted’s actual coupling partners had lived up to that in any way. He was going to a somewhat geeky school. Very good academically, but most of the men students were the indoor, quiet type who felt well fucked only by a complicated computer program.

But Ted had to laugh at that thought as he stood in the little room off the reception area of the Chance Café and had his dick measured. Here he was not very far from choosing to be fucked by a computer rather than a real man himself.

Ted had been sorely tempted to take the guy checking his stats up on his proposition. He was a nicely bulked-up Scandinavian type with a broad smile and a very nice thick cock of his own, which he had been quite proud to show Ted for comparison purposes while he was measuring and propositioning him.

“I’ve got my own nice little private cubicle right back here,” the attendant had said. “I can hook into a live sex session on my computer, and you can watch it while I bend you over and fuck you deep. How about it?”

Ted had looked at what the guy was packing and was intrigued by the thick gold ball he had pierced to the underside of the cock right under the rim of his bulb. That alone sent little chills up Ted’s spine. Nothing like the fucking he’d done in small study apartments with the other computer geeks. He wondered how that gold ball would feel running up and down his inner channel. But Ted was just too shy to more than fantasize about how that might feel.

Alone in the booth and with his still-to-be-completed profile backlit on the screen before him, Ted couldn’t get the image of the attendant’s gold ball-enhanced cock out of his mind. Why did he shrink from being cocked with something as exotic as that? He knew he wanted more than he’d been getting. That was why he’d checked out this cyber café and continued with the membership procedure after he heard what it was all about. He could find stuff to wank to in the privacy of his own room.

He was here because he wanted to kick it up a level—wanted to masturbate in a more public venue—and to something that stepped it all up a notch—to the fucking words of someone in another Chance Café somewhere, sitting, as he was, in a semiprivate booth in front of a computer with a Web cam. Actually being able to see each other, each other forming the words, as they sat there and masturbated themselves to the fucking words of the other guy in some distant club.

What the hell, Ted, thought, and he threw all caution to the wind. He registered under the name of teddybear4u and tapped in likes and dislikes that described a submissive for muscle hunks. In truth that was his fantasy, so why should he hold back? It was all fantasy anyway. No pretty boys for him. He wanted to see a thug on the screen. And cock? The bigger the better. And, still thinking of that gold bar on the underside of the attendant’s cock, he specified that he liked thick cock rings and toys. And forceful. Yes, forceful—don’t take no for an answer.

Ted pushed the submit button and laid back in the chair, eyes closed. Waiting to see what, if anything came up in a match. He heard the ding in less than a five-minute wait, but he had no idea what it was.

“Scoot your chair back and take your shirt off.”

What? Ted heard the voice, but he had no idea where it was coming from. It seemed to be coming from the computer. He opened his eyes and then he opened them very wide indeed. His profile was no longer what was appearing on the screen. What he saw was a biker type all leathered out and sitting in a chair away from the video cam wherever he was recording from. It was a cubicle much like the one Ted was in.

That was fast, Ted thought. It was intriguing what the system matched him up with in such a short time. And it was a bit surprising how his profile requests had been interpreted. But from the way his cock was hardening, the match up must have been done well.

Bulky, hard pecs, bulging biceps. Not fat, but a good hard belly that had seen its share of beer. Dark. The overall visage of darkness and danger. Black curly hair, covering pecs and moving down the sternum and belly into a pubic bush from which protruded a thick cock hung down between spread thighs at the front of the desk chair. A thick silver cock ring—just as Ted had ordered. The guy was wearing a black leather hat, a black leather vest that didn’t close across his chest, and black shiny boots that reached up almost to his knees. Nothing else, except an insistent, mocking stare.

As Ted watched, the guy leaned forward toward the screen and took his cock in a beefy hand and repeated in a gruff, commanding voice, “Scoot back in the chair and take off your shirt. Now!”

Meekly, a chill of thrill going down his spine, Ted pushed his chair back and lifted his T-shirt over his head.

“Aw, nice little chicken,” the computer screen muttered. “Straighten up and lean back in the chair. Now run your hands up your chest. Yes, like that. Finger your nipples. Make them puff out for me. Now!”

Another ding from the computer and it went to split screen. Another hulky hunk. More a bodybuilder this time. Red hair, freckles, lightly tanned hairless flesh where the first guy was dark and hairy. A perfectly sculpted body. Squared-jawed chiseled features on a thick neck. Completely naked and sitting away from the video cam as the first guy was—both guys with computer mouses in their hands on long cords. Heavy-muscled spread thighs, big balls resting on the vinyl of the desk chair seat, stubby little cock in repose, but thick, and crowned with a big gold stud with a ruby-colored gem in the center. This one had already started. He had his hips rolled up and his hand was slowly working a long purple dildo into his hole.

Ted was reacting to the first guy. The second guy just sat there and smiled and worked at himself. Ted was on screens to two other booths somewhere. He was momentarily stunned not only that he had so quickly attracted this attention but that the technology existed to link this way in the first place. This could be a triangulated encounter across the American continent.

“I said Now!” the first voice commanded. Ted started playing with his tits, as commanded. He found it arousing—and more arousing because he was being ordered to do it by a bruising hulk—and not the least so because another guy was watching him do it. Not reality, but close enough to make his cock hard.

“Strip off those pants.” The commanding voice again. “Now!”

Ted rushed to comply. It was getting pretty tight in there anyway. He flipped his loafers off with toe on heel and then stood and stripped down his jeans and briefs.

“No, don’t sit yet. Turn around.”

Ted did so, slowly.

“Now bend down and spread those cheeks.”

“What?” Ted asked, shocked at how quickly this was going.

“You heard him. Bend and spread those cheeks.” This was the first utterance from the redhead. Higher register voice, but no less commanding, dominating.

Ted turned and bent over and spread his butt cheeks apart.

“Very nice butt and puckered hole,” the first guy said. “Been fucked before? Are you a virgin? The hole doesn’t looked like it’s been used.”

“No, not really,” Ted answered in a choked voice. “I’ve done it. But not often, no.”

“Nice. It’ll be a close fit. Run your finger across the hole,” the other guy commanded. “Yes, like that. Nice pucker.” Ted could hear heavy breathing. It was coming from that second screen.

“Pretty tight. Ever been doubled?” The first voice chimed in.

“Doubled,” Ted asked, confused.

“Two dicks working you at the same time.”

“Oh. No.” Answered with hesitation.

“Nice. As good as virgin.” The second voice commenting.

“OK, turn around and sit down again. Now!” The leather guy commanding. “OK. Here’s how this is going to go down. Me and Red here are goin’ come in there and give you a fuckin’. Got that?”

A pause and then Ted squeaked out a “Yes.” This was so realistic. These guys were going to do him well with just their words. And calling the other guy Red. It was just like they knew each other.

“Yes, what, pretty boy? Yes, sir, don’t cha mean?”

“Yes . . . yes, sir,” Ted responded in a breathy little voice.

“See this?” the leather guy was saying. He was waving his cock at Ted. It had gotten really big and the cock ring was wobbling back and forth. “You’re gonna suck this while Red here is porkin’ you and then I’m gonna attach a nice toy to this here ring and give you the thrill of your life. You like toys, don’t cha? Your profile says you do.”

“Look at Red now, pretty boy. See what he’s growin’ for you.”

Ted’s eyes went over to the other side of the screen and got real big. Red’s cock was no longer stubby. It had lengthened out alarmingly. And Red had that purple dildo real far up his ass too. Ted couldn’t help but gasp with his eyes bugged out. Red looked real pleased with himself.

“Jerk your meat slowly while we talk to you here, boy,” the leather man commanded. And Ted took up his cock in his hand and started to pull on it slowly. He was trembling all over. God, this was a great fantasy.

“Red, tell him what you’re going to do with that cock.”

“Lean over and open the drawer of the desk under the computer,” Red commanded. “You should find a couple of nice things there.”

Ted did so and found another purple dildo, just like the one Red was using and a bottle of lube and a stack of condoms. Wow, these clubs are organized, he thought. They are all fully stocked—and the users know that they are.

“Lube up the old purple pleasurer,” Red continued. “Do it to your satisfaction. It’s going to be in your ass.”

Ted covered it real well with the lube.

“Now your hole. And put your legs out wide and role your bum up. I wanna watch this.”

Ted did as instructed, and he got a little thrill at the sound of the heavy breathing in stereo from the split computer screen. He was lost in this new experience. It was helping him lose some shyness about opening up. He thought he might get a little more adventuresome in who he responded to on campus now.

“Now put the tip of that purple guy at your entrance and move it around, working it in just enough that your channel gets a taste of it. Lay back and close your eyes. Think of it as my cock. My cock with this here ruby eye in it about to give you a fuck you’ll never forget.”

Ted widened his stance and propped the heels of his socked feet up on the edge of the computer desk and laid back in the chair, the back of which had give in it, and closed his eyes. He was holding the dildo to his hole and moving it around in a little circular motion, letting it sink in a bit farther with every couple of rotations. He was sighing and moaning now. He’d never done this. He’d have to buy himself one of these. The dildo wasn’t all that thick. It felt sort of like Stewart when he was fucking him. Ted knew he could handle this.

“Now, think of me between your legs, right where you are. I’ve got my cock at your hole just like that. Can you feel the ruby?”

“No.” Ted was being truthful. And his voice had a tinge of regret to it; he wanted to feel the ruby.

“Well, you will. Imagine it for now, though. It’s slowly working its way in until your muscle grabs it and pulls it in nicely. Happening?”

“Yessss,” Ted moaned. His sphincter had caught the bulb of the dildo and drawn it in. He could feel a straight shot up his chute. His walls were actually rippling in anticipation of the journey.

“I’m gonna fuck your mouth while Red’s fucking your tail.” A gruff, lower-toned voice. The leather guy now. “Keep your hand on the dildo, but put the thumb of your other hand in your mouth and suck it. That’s my cock, getting ready for when Red’s finished with your hole.”

Ted felt his body going into the rhythm of an undulating motion, going with the fuck. He had managed this a couple of times with Stewart. And striving for this feel was the only reason he kept going back to Stewart. And these two were fucking him just as well with only words across cyber space. He was making slurping sounds with the sucking of the thumb. He’d never sucked a man before. He wondered now what that felt like and decided he’d try it sometime for real.

“Now slowly sink the purple guy all the way in,” Red was saying. “That’s what I do. I let my partner feel all of me at first. Do it. Now!”

Ted slowly pushed the dildo deep inside him. He was breathing raggedly and shuddering at the exertion. More than once he stopped, and Red commanded him to continue.

When he had bottomed. “All the way out and all the way back in now. Feel me. Open your eyes and see me in the screen.”

Ted did so and moaned. Red had lengthened out to at least the size of the dildo, but thicker.

“Now close your eyes and pull it out again—but not all the way. Rest the tip on your prostate. You can find that, can’t you? Now slowly rub across it—and think of that ruby eye making love to your spot. Yes. I like the way you move against it. Don’t let up. I don’t want you to stop until you’ve creamed yourself.”

Ted’s other hand had moved to his cock and he was stroking himself.

“Did I tell you you could take that thumb out of your mouth?” The leather guy. Booming voice, cutting across Ted’s heightening arousal.

“No, sir,” Ted squeaked.

“Three fingers now. Three fingers in your mouth,” the leather guy commanded. “Open your eyes and look at me.”

When Ted did so, he saw that the leather guy’s heavy cock was at full staff now.

“Three fingers aren’t enough to be me, but they’ll have to do now,” the leather guy declared. “No, shut your eyes and don’t open them again until you’ve shot off. I want to hear heavy breathing, moaning, and groaning.”

Ted didn’t have to be instructed to do this. God what a great masturbation session. This club was great!

Soon, silence reigned with only the sounds of moans and sighs from inside Ted’s cubicle backdropped by heavy breathing that sounded so real that it sounded like it was in the room with Ted rather than over the computer. Ted was working the head of the dildo on his prostate and sucking on three fingers and moving his body in the universal rhythm of the full-body fuck.

As Ted ejaculated, though, there suddenly was a flurry of activity in his cubicle. His heels were being swept off the edge of the computer desk, the chair he was sitting in was being leaned back on its back two legs, and his body was being thrown back.

Ted’s eyes popped open and he only had time to see a flash of bulging muscle on smooth, freckled skin thrust itself between his legs, when his head was forced back and he had a swarthy-skinned cock with a big silver cock ring being forced between his lips.

Leather guy and Red. Both right here in the room with him; not a cyber space away in some sister club to the Chance Café.

Red pulled the dildo out of Ted’s ass with a slurp and replaced it with his own cock, which started its long journey up Ted’s channel. The dildo hadn’t been anything like this, really. This was thicker and that ruby eye was gliding along Ted’s wall, sending ripples of pleasure all around his pelvis.

But Ted didn’t have a great deal of time to think about what Red’s sheathed cock was doing to his channel. Ted’s mouth was busy trying to take in the leather guy’s cock. This was something Ted hadn’t done before, and the leather guy wasn’t giving him much time or space to figure out what was expected of him.

For the next fifteen minutes, while Ted was tilted back on the desk chair in his cubicle and worked up a second helping of cum, Red’s ruby eye was rubbing across his prostrate, demanding more cum, and the leather guy’s cock was exploring every inch of Ted’s inner cheek walls and upper throat, silver ring occasionally clicking on teeth.

Then, when Ted and Red had come almost simultaneously, Red dove his cock to the bottom again and held, while Ted, in fascination, watched the leather guy roll on a condom with a little special on the end. It had a clip that latched onto the leather guy’s silver cock ring through the head of the condom. and running off this clip were five thin ribbon streamers, about a foot in length and all a different color.

Red picked Ted up from the chair and lapped him in a half-standing, half-crouched position, while the leather guy moved around behind Ted, crouched down, and began working his cock in alongside Red’s in Ted’s hole. Ted panted and groaned at the stretching of his hole and the feel of two men inside him. This didn’t last long—just long enough for Red and the leather guy to show that it could be done.

And then Red had withdrawn from Ted’s channel, Ted was lowered back into the chair, the Red came around to hold his shoulders down, while the leather guy replaced him and started fucking Ted deep, swirling those streamers around on his inner channel walls and rubbing that thick cock ring up and down deep inside Ted.

Ted had no trouble coming for a third time.

Later when Ted was alone in his cubicle and contemplating getting up from the floor where he had fallen after being released from his third ejaculation, his mind slipped back into gear and he began to wonder how he had slipped over from self-administered fantasy to full threesome fuck.

The attendant was standing at the door, looking at Ted with some concern.

“What? How? But it was all supposed to be on computer,” Ted muttered.

“On the computer only?” The attendant asked. And then he laughed. “You mean you thought . . .? You didn’t read all of the provisions in the membership contract, did you? You thought you were just connected to some sort of cyber space file. That’s not the way this works, fella. When you log on here, you’re connected to other guys right here in the club.”

Ted looked at him thunderstruck. He’d been had. Or had he? Didn’t he really want to go other this threshold. Didn’t he really want the reality? And wasn’t the reality so much more than the fantasy ever had been? He couldn’t backslide now. He needed to forge ahead. He had gotten entirely too much pleasure out of this to backtrack now. And, hadn’t the attendant, a luscious Scandinavian hunk with a juicy cock, propositioned him earlier? What would be a better way of forging ahead?

The Scandinavian fucked Ted up against the wall, crouched down, with Ted, belly against the wall, almost sitting on his cock and being thrust up the wall by the strength of the fucking while the Scandinavian reached around and stroked Ted’s cock. They finished with Ted bent over the back of the desk chair and the Scandinavian fucking him from behind while they both watched the replay of Ted’s session with the leather man and Red as taken shortly before on the Web cam.

And, to be sure, Ted did not tear up his membership card to the Chance Café.

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