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Young Nephew Ch. 04

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Please read Stories 1-3.

Please comment on the story not the grammar I am telling my story for fun not an English exam.

This is what actually happened those years ago. I like to start my stories with a brief recount of my previous stories.


I found myself attracted to my then eighteen years old nephew. I choose to move slow with my desires and to teach and lure Ben into becoming a confident man that will tell me how he wants to fuck me.

Just to entice and recap what is in my first three stories. I was a younger single woman. I’m a hot MILF now with a husband and kids.

My first encounters with Ben involved seeing his erect penis and experiencing him having a wet dream on my back. Later on another occasion I was able to direct his sleeping wet dream and penis to throb and cum on my pussy lips and last time while I was blind folded for his modesty I convinced him to cum in my mouth.

This was my most intimate experience so far with Ben awake. I wanted to tell about me then and now. I look a lot like Jennifer Gray, who played Baby in Dirty Dancing. My name is Julie I am thin you could say petite and athletic about 105 lbs. 5’5 with brown hair. I keep my pussy shaved. I have a butterfly tattoo on my pubic area, though I did not have the tattoo at the time of my adventures with Ben. If you’re clever, you can find a picture of my pussy and my tattoo online.

I had not seen Ben for a few weeks. I was not and had not met anyone new to date. I have not been Fucked by a dick in over a year. My thoughts when I rub my pussy have been about Ben. I decided to dress sexily and go over to see Ben at my brothers house.

I found a pair of tight jean shorts and went “commando.” I don’t have big breast I’m a B cup I put on a halter top and sandals and went on over to his house.

My step sister Freda answered the door. My big older brother was not home. I and Freda had a good friendly relationship. She noticed my outfit right way and teased me that I was dressed like a Hoe in heat looking for a stiff dick, she got that right. I teased her back, I said to Freda “You jealous Bitch” I bet you don’t dress like this for your husband.

We chatted a while she confided in me her concern that Ben had not had a girl friend. I told her not to worry I shared with Freda my observation o f Ben at the Mall with his buddies checking out the other girls. I reminded her that he was just shy around girls’ maybe? He is just waiting for the right person. I also reminded her about her husband. I said to Freda I don’t know if Jean, (my Brother) ever confided in you about his past and I can’t be sure but I think you were only his second woman to be intimate with? Yeah your brother was quite shy when we first started going together.

Ben came home at this point. It looked as if he had been out running. He was in a tank top and running shorts and shoes and he was sweating and soaking his shirt. His shorts were tight enough to notice his man package. I jumped up so he could see my outfit and I gave him a hug I held him close for just a second and could feel his package against my thigh and feel his sweat and smell his musk. I could tell that he was trying not to ogle me with his mom standing there. Ben said hey mom and hey Julie, we chatted for a second, I asked what are out jogging for he said he just wanted to start working out a little. Ben excused himself to go shower, I told him and his mom to give me a call if Ben wants to stay at my place next time his parents go out of town. Mom and Dad are out traveling for the next week or so. Freda said that actually Jean may know tonight if you have to go out of town. I left to do some shopping.

I was driving and started thinking about Ben at home now in the shower after his run, I could imagine him in the shower jacking off his dick. Hoping he was thinking about me and what I was wearing and remembering how my lips caressed the tip of his dick the last time he shot his load in my mouth while I was blindfolded. I became so dam Horney I needed to get myself fucked but I wanted to wait for it to be Ben someday soon and I did not want the complication of picking of a guy.

I pulled into a shopping plaza and went to a novelty store I have always been curious about they had smoking stuff and crystals and Rock Band T-shirts and adult toys. The woman at the counter was cute and young she noticed me looking at the adult toys and started up a conversation.

The clerk in the novelty store wanted to put me at ease. We were alone in the store she made a point of telling me she had tried some of the adult toys and she had a good time. I reminded myself how Horney I was and picked out what I thought I would need to satisfy me until I could have the real thing. I decided on a doll type toy.

It was like a man torso with a chest and head and no arms and a partial thigh and a big 8 inch cock and a sack of balls. It was very flesh like the chest and pubic area were smooth the clerk that sold it suggested I wrap it in an electric blanket to warm it up and to use a warming lube on the penis.

I applied the lube and started by laying on the doll with the dick pushing against my pussy I started moving and sliding my body up and down grinding into the dick letting it slide from the clit to my pussy lips. I started to get more aroused and added more warming lube to the dick and was ready to let it enter me. I lowered my self onto the dick slowly all the way I need to see how much I could take into me. I had felt a dick that deep into me in a long time, I raised up and went down slow again it felt good but it was not a real man, it was not Ben’s dick pushing into me. I closed my eyes and picked up my speed riding the doll using my imagination that it was Ben getting ready to fill my pussy with his cum.

I felt my self nearing my orgasm I rocked and road the doll like some mad woman needing and getting my satisfaction. This was fun and exciting trying something new and sexual felt good.

I still wanted the real thing, I want Ben inside me and I have to make it happen! I called up Ben on the phone I asked if he will stay with me when his parents go out of town. I said we never got to talk about the last time he stayed and I let him shoot his load in my mouth. I asked him if he liked what happen and did he want to learn more from me about the things I can teach him as part of him becoming a man. He said he would be over the next day.

Ben was dropped off the next day after late in the afternoon I was wearing some daisy dukes with a thong under and a sleeveless pullover shirt. Ben had on a T-shirt and jean shots that showed off his package nicely. There was a lot of sexual tension immediately, I could see he was checking me out he had the hungry look in his eyes. I knew this was going to be the night. I looked into his eyes trying to project my needs, I told him I really am pleased in the trust he has shown I told him it made me feel good teaching him to kiss and teaching him about the things a man should know.

I asked him are you ready to let me taste you cum again. It was good, and a woman will like your stuff for sure. He was acting shy about it and that was a turn off but he said that he would like to do that again. He asked if I would be wearing the same nighty I had on that night. I asked him would he like me to put it on. He nodded his head yes. If you still want privacy while you pump it how about I just close my eyes instead of a blind fold and we can keep the lights low. I changed into my skin tone nighty and lay on the bed like before he sat on the bed next to my head I made up my mind I am going to give him a surprise.

I closed my eyes and he pulled down his shorts and got his dick out. He was already hard and started to pump on it. I said to Ben I have an idea lay yourself down, he continued to pump I made my move and turned over and grabbed his huge cock in one hand and his soft balls in my other hand and started to suck his dick. I only got to suck it for a few seconds Ben yelled “Oh my god” and started to shoot his cum in large loads I could feel each contraction as it squirted in my mouth there was so much it was mixing with my spit and running out of my mouth and down his shaft and over my hand. I continued to suck it and lick his delicious juice until his dick started to relax, up to that point Ben had not said a word. I said “surprise!” I know that was quick but I hope you’re ready to try some more with me. He laid three content with me holding his balls snuggling together.

We laid together for a few minuets I did not want to gross him out kissing him so soon after sucking off his cum so I told him to wait here on the bed I went to quickly brush my teeth. I laid back down with him I helped him take off his other close and I also got naked. I guided his hands over my body showing him how I like my breast touched I showed him how to touch and rub my pussy. I turned around on my side in the 69 position and told him to look at and touch my pussy I was also learning the touch of his body gently stroking his dick and caressing his balls and moving my fingers through his pubic hair.

I asked him if he would like to learn to use his mouth on my pussy, just start by kissing it, kiss it all over if you like it? try using your tongue in little licks along my slit. I worked his dick slowly gentle sucking and kissing his balls and licking his sensitive dick head, Ben responded both in hardness and excitement probing my pussy more with his whole mouth giving gently sucks to my clit area Ben did not shy away when my pussy juice started to flow.

It was time to take his virginity. I asked him are you ready to become a man? He moved kneeling between my legs and his face was a combination of joy and seriousness. Ben grabbed his dick and slid it up and down my slit getting it wet with my juice he paused at my pussy lips then pushed into me. I was so excited to finally feel Ben inside me he went into me all the way and stopped, when I felt his dick slide against my G spot my whole pussy and body was racked with waves of orgasm. Ben stayed deep in me and watched my pleasure his arms were on each side of me like he was pushing himself up from a pushup I watched his face as he concentrated like he was memorizing how his dick feels in a pussy finally knowing that big mystery that all Horney young boys dream and fantasize about.

Ben started to fuck my pussy slowly, his dick slipped out a couple of times until he learned how far he could pull out and thrust back into me he lowered himself to my mouth and we kissed I placed my hands on his chest when he pushed himself back up to continue his fucking. I could feel his balls slap against my ass, it had only been several seconds maybe a minuet since he started to fuck me with an in and out rhythm his excitement was quick and to be expected, but what he said next gave me an unexpected excitement, he announced “Aunt Julie I’m going to cum” being called aunt was it for me again my clit started to tingle and throb and spread that wonderful feeling around my pussy at the same time Ben thrust harder and shot his load of cum deep into me and just as it should be both together in rapture of pleasure.

Ben collapsed staying inside me both of us now laying on our sides facing each breathing heavy and kissing each other I could feel his dick twitching inside me for several minuets until it went limp and slipped out followed by his cum, we laid holding each other resting. As you may imagine, we fucked several more times that night and the next several weeks. If one of us was home alone, the other would stop by and we would fuck. When Ben started community college in the fall he would sometimes even stop by on the way to for a quick blow job and I was happy to give him what he needed and he gave me what I needed. I’m love fucking Ben but I am not going to go on about each fuck.

However something totally unexpected happened to me and Ben that I never saw coming. I never even considered this but I’m glad I can share it and I will in my next writings. Please send me your comments. I would love to hear if I gave anyone a thrill.

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