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The Case for Doing Debbie

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The tedium finally broke at a quarter to seven, late that Friday night. We had been on the contract for almost two months, making sure that the details were all ironed out and then ironed out again once the two parties took turns changing their minds again and again. I should have been happy about the billable hours, and the generous amount of money those hours constituted, but these are the proceeds that contract lawyers commonly refer to as blood money.

Not that the money is bad, far from it – In a short ten years since leaving law school I’ve managed to do better than I could have imagined. A few grueling years at a New York law firm had allowed me to get out from under the burden of the many thousands of dollars in loans that I had accrued. Then came the offer from a prestigious firm close to my hometown, complete with a car and ridiculous salary. To top it off, since I had come back I had run into my old high school object of desire, bedded her, moved her into my house then proceeded to bang her sister – both with my girlfriend participating and without.

I was on a pretty good run; I suppose investing some hard work and long hours with a pain in the ass client was a small price to pay.

Don and Seth, two junior associates I had dragged in to be my henchmen on the deal had both proved to be a pleasant surprise and despite having very little experience with contracts they turned out to be a valuable resource. The least I could do was buy them a beer or two and treat them to a decent meal.

We met at the Jackson Street Grille, a trendy little place in the heart of what passed for the town’s entertainment district (once you’ve spent time in New York City, every thing else pales in comparisons). The place was packed and we bellied up to the bar to grab some drinks and wait for a table to come available.

I ordered the good stuff, Scotch and Drambuie’s all around and toasted their efforts.

During the course of our work I had come to enjoy the company of these two young lawyers. Both possessed a great work ethic and were destined for great futures. They had informed me that their work at our firm was just the stepping stone and both planned on moving on to corporate law, Don had his sights set on Los Angeles and Seth New York. I promised both I would use my contact in New York to get them some interviews when they were ready and both were grateful. In lawyering, like nothing else, it’s not what you know but who you know that lands you the prestigious positions.

The conversation quickly turned from business to sports and Don started telling us stories about his college career as a football player. He had walked on at South Carolina and spent four years as the long snapper and back up tackling dummy. This had lead Seth and I to give him the nick name Rudy, one that stuck with him around the firm.

We were having a raucous good time and were attracting the attention of some fine young ladies also hanging around the bar. Our group of three suddenly multiplied into a group of around a dozen or so and the booze really started flowing.

In no time, both Seth and Don had identified a couple of objects of desire and began working their lawyer game on two very cute young ladies (we used to joke in law school that we weren’t really in it for the money, but what the money could get us… namely large amounts of pussy).

Since I was a bit out of the game thanks to LeAnne, I started looking around the crowded restaurant for any familiar faces. My gaze settled on a nearby table and I excused myself from the group. I weaved my way through the growing throng and over to where a party of two men and three ladies sat.

One of the ladies had her back to me as I approached and I tapped her on the shoulder. She moved her drink from her mouth as she turned.

“Michael!” she exclaimed, sliding off the stood and throwing her arms wide to embrace me.

“Hey Debbie, how you doing?” I asked as I embraced LeAnne’s mother warmly. She broke the hug and introduced me to her friends.

“What are you doing here?” she asked after introductions were made.

I explained that we had finished a contract and that I was treating a couple of my flunkies to a well earned evening out, motioning with my hand toward the bar. Seth and Don were both doing well for themselves. Don had his arm draped around a curvy blonde and Seth was getting acquainted with a leggy brunette in a short blue denim skirt.

“Looks like everyone has a date but you and me,” Debbie said, “why don’t you pull up a stool and keep a girl company?”

No one at the table seemed to object and when I made eye contact with Seth, he nodded and I accepted the invitation.

Once settled I asked Debbie if she had heard from the girls.

“Not yet, their plane isn’t due in for another hour or so. I don’t think either of them are too excited about their dad remarrying but it was good of them to go. Don’t you think?’

“Yeah, but the house will be lonely for the next week,” I said. “Just me and the cat, and he doesn’t cook worth a shit.”

Debbie laughed a little too hard and I suspected that the drink she was emptying wasn’t her first of the evening.

“Neither does my daughter,” she said laughing even harder at her own joke and I smiled in agreement.

I tipped back my glass and emptied it, caught the waiters’ eye and nodded at Debbie’s and my glass indicating it was time for a refill. The young man hustled off.

“Well,” I said leaning in close to Debbie ear so he friends wouldn’t overhear, “I didn’t exactly move her in because of her culinary skills, if you know what I mean.”

Debbie, without looking at me, said out of the side of her mouth “And just why do you think she agreed to move in?” Her hand, unbeknownst to me and found its way to my lap and when she finished her question she gave me a soft squeeze in a most intimate place. My surprise must have shown because she turned and flashed me a big, sly grin.

The waiter returned with our drinks and we ordered some dinner. Debbie’s friends were just as fun as she was and the laughs flowed easily. Once out plates were cleared we ordered another round and I started working on a good buzz.

The after work crowd was starting to thin out at the restaurant and the younger crowd was starting to fill the place up. Several tables were moved out towards the edges of the room to make a dance floor and the musical selection changed from string renditions of Sinatra tunes to something you could dance to.

Several people were on the floor gyrating to a song with more bass than a major college marching band when Debbie jumped up from the table and grabbed my hand. “Dance with me,” she said and before I could protest she had me up and out of my chair and headed for the dance floor.

We weaved through the tables to the dance floor and I spotted Seth seated with the girl he had picked up at the bar. He tipped his glass to me as I passed and I gave him my most conspiratorial grin.

Out on the floor Debbie moved her body in perfect rhythm to the music, seemingly loosing herself in the flow of the exaggerated techno beats. For my part, I simply tried to not look like a fool; I said that you could dance to the music, I didn’t say that I could.

As I previously stated, Debbie is my girlfriends mother, situated somewhere in her early forties, but could pass for their older sister. She has the tight, trim body that woman half her age spend ages in the gym, or fortunes at the plastic surgeons trying to acquire.

Tall, I’m guessing around 5’10, her limbs are long and lean and seem to have been sculpted by a master’s hands rather than born of flesh and blood. Her long blond hair flows in soft natural curls down over her shoulders stopping near the middle of her back. Her face is one of the most beautiful faces in the history of mankind highlighted by blue eyes so deep in color they are almost better described as violet.

Tonight she was showing off her assets with a low scooped blouse that started out modest enough but at a strategic point heads south in a very quick way leaving more than ample cleavage expose. Her breasts, while not huge, aren’t small either and are as perky as the ones either of her daughter’s sport.

Her legs were displayed under a flowing skirt of a shift blue turquoise material. It started at her knees but each time she moved her body the material was sent flying revealing most of her trim thighs to all who were paying attention. And trust me, many people were. I took a chance and let my hands do a little exploring of her body as she danced around me.

After two or three songs, I can never tell when one of those techno songs ends and another begins, Debbie grabbed my hand and led me away from the dance floor as fast as she had brought me to it.

Back at the table her friends complimented her on her dancing ability and me for managing to not fall on my ass. Debbie drank deep from her glass draining the last of the tan liquid.

“C’mon lets go” she said reaching for my hand again.

I rolled my eyes. “We just came off the dance floor, I don’t want to go back,” I protested.

“Not to the dance floor, silly. Time for you to take me home.” I looked at my watch and shrugged. It wasn’t really that late but whatever.

Debbie and I said our goodbyes to her friends and headed out into the cool night air. The day had been unseasonably warm and neither of us had a jacket so we huddled together for warmth as we walked through the foggy parking lot to my Mercedes.

As we got to my car I walked around to open the door for Debbie and she playfully pinched my butt. “Hey,” I exclaimed and she giggled, bounding around me and into the car. As she settled into the seat she spread her legs causing the sheer material of her skirt to ride up high, exposing to me everything her dress had been designed to hide. She gave me a wicked little grin and pulled the door out of my hand and closed before I could regain my senses.

We roared out of the parking lot and I sped down the mostly deserted streets to Debbie’s delight. She turned on the radio, found a station playing some modern rock and cranked the volume. Despite the cold air she rolled down her window and let the wind whip her blond locks.

As I made a final turn onto her road her hand found my leg and started slowly working its way up my inner thigh. I glanced at her from the corner of my eye and found that she wasn’t looking at me, but rather at my crotch.

“So Mike,” she said licking her lips, “you gonna come in for a night cap?” A lump started to form in my throat and I didn’t know what to say. It was clear Debbie was coming onto me and if I pressed the issue I was sure the evening would end up horizontal. But this was my girlfriend’s mother, her very hot mother.

My brain struggled for the right answer – what was the right thing. LeAnne knew I had fucked her sister, had participated in all but the first time it had happened, but how would she feel if she found out I fucked her mom as well.

Luckily for me, not only was there a lump growing in my throat but also in my pants and the less discerning of my heads made the choice. “Sure,” I finally managed to croak out as I pulled into her long drive.

I parked the Benz and followed Debbie up the front steps, my eyes glued to her ass as it swayed seductively behind the thin veil of blue fabric. Her legs were simply amazing, bronze from the sun and shaped as if sculpted by a master. Long and muscular, they were extraordinarily long, tapering to thin ankles and petite, dare I say pretty, feet.

Debbie unlocked the door and led me into the kitchen where she immediately retrieved some ice cubes and a bottle of vodka from the freezer. She dumped a handful of ice into a glass, took a long swig straight from the bottle, then filled the glass halfway. She pushed it towards me and reached for a pair of shot glasses. Filling both she offered one to me and took one herself.

She held it a loft in salutation. “A toast,” she said.

“What should we drink to?”

Debbie thought for a long moment, then her devilish grin returned to her face. “To forbidden fruit,” she said and emptied the shot glass. I did the same, feeling the vodka warm me all the way down.

I set the glass down on the counter and Debbie filled both again. We both drained the clear liquid and again she refilled them. When I refused mine, she simply did both shots herself and smiled with satisfaction.

“Grab your drink Mike, I want to show you something.” I did as ordered and followed her up the steps and into the master suite. I had only been in this room once, on a quick tour my first time in the place and had been impressed.

The cathedral ceiling peaked high above the center of the room and each angled side held four huge skylights. Soft lighting well placed around the room gave it a golden glow and good jazz, maybe Coltrane, fluttered softly from unseen speakers.

A king sized four poster bed sat against the far wall but somehow seemed small in the cavernous room. A large leather couch sat against the near wall and angled to face it was a soft looking leather chair. In the middle of the small sitting area was a short table which was beautifully carved and seemed far more like artwork than furniture.

“Have a seat,” Deb said waving her hand toward the chair. The chair was every bit as soft as it appeared and I sank deep within its cushion when I sat. Debbie walked over to a closet door well disguised in the wall and unbuckled her sleek shoes. She slid them off and tossed them into the closet, grabbed a small remote control from her nightstand and moved to the couch.

“You like jazz, Mike?”

I nodded. “Yeah, but I don’t know too much about it.” The music became gradually louder. “Is this John Coltrane?”

Debbie shook her head. “Dave Brubeck.”

“Never heard of him.”

“Most people not into jazz haven’t and it’s easy to mistake him for Coltrane. The easiest way to tell them apart is that Coltrane was basically all sax with a band simply to keep rhythm for him while Brubeck got his band much more involved.”

I clearly looked lost. But the jazz was good, the vodka cold and the company divine. From my angle on the couch I had a great view of Debbie’s body which was stretched out catlike on the couch. Her skirt was hiked high, revealing to me just the briefest hint of red satin panties. I sipped my drink and tried to concentrate on the music rather than her exquisite parts but it was of little use.

My eyes continually glided up her body, starting at those slim ankles and sliding up to take in her legs. Her short shirt was also pushed up showing me her tight, flat stomach and narrow hips. Her ample bust strained against her shirt so profusely that I could make out the outline of her nipples. Her face was the face of an angel, appearing not to have succumbed to even one year of her age. Her eyes were closed, which I was thankful for since I was so blatantly out and out ogling her.

Debbie bobbed her head slowly to the music as what was apparently Dave Brubeck and his band moved through a sweet melody. My eyes moved over her again but this time when I got to her face, her deep blue eyes were open and looking at me.

“Enjoying yourself?” she asked and I felt my face turn red. “Don’t be ashamed, tonight is a night for enjoying beautiful things.” As she said this Debbie spread her long legs, placing one on the back of the couch and the other on the floor. No longer was I just getting a hint of what lay beneath her skirt.

Debbie placed her hand on the inside of her thigh and slowly stroked the smooth skin up and down, stopping just short of her panties each time. Then she moved her hand to her other thigh and continued in the same fashion. Each time her hand approached her panties I could see her body shiver slightly with anticipation.

Abruptly Debbie closed her legs and sat up, leaning forward using her arms to push her breasts together and give me a great view of her tanned flesh. “I need a shower,” she announced as she stood up from the couch. “You sit there, finish your drink and enjoy the music. I’ll be out in a few minutes.” By the time I overcame my shock she had disappeared through a door into the adjacent bathroom. Moments later I heard the water running and I decided to sit back in the chair and just wait to see what was going to happen next.

I heard the change in the music before I realized the water had stopped. Suddenly the lights dimmed to near darkness, then brightened again with a distinct red glow. Debbie slid from the bathroom and was lost in the shadows then silently she appeared at the foot of the bed, close enough for me to reach out and touch.

Debbie was now dressed (if you can call it that) in a silk and sheer lace outfit (I later learned the name for such a piece is a ‘babydoll’) the same color as the panties she had been wearing before her shower. I can definitely say before because she was clearly no longer wearing any panties what so ever.

The music that was now playing over the speakers was the kind that you would expect to find accompanying girls who were earning their living one dollar at a time and it apparently similarly moved Debbie.

Using one of the posts of her bed as a substitute for the brass pole, she moved and gyrated with the music. Her hips swayed and the material of her outfit swished side to side, giving me an undulating view of her bare, tight ass. She bent low, her back toward me, providing what would have been a view of her sex if not for the low light. Instead all I got was the barest hint of soft folds of skin covered in nothing more than shadows.

Turning Debbie bent low and showed me the tops of her tits again, which seemed silly to me at that point since I could clearly see her small nipples through the sheer material. Reaching above her for the makeshift pole, Debbie grasped it with both hands. Again and again she ungulated her slim body in a provocative slither, highlighting a different part of her nearly flawless hour glass figure with each movement.

Releasing the bedpost Debbie moved to where I sat transfixed in the soft leather chair. She leaned in close and kissed me softly on the lips and ran her fingers though my hair. Pulling my head in close she moved her body up until my face was between her breasts where upon she pulled me the rest of the way in smothering me with the soft flesh of her exquisite tits.

I moved my head from side to side, kissing the soft skin of her cleavage while I moved my hands to her silky smooth legs. They were as perfect to the touch as they were to the eyes and I took care to feel every inch of her trying to commit their muscular shape to memory through nothing more than the touch of my hands.

Debbie moved and brought one of her breasts to my mouth. Thought the thin material I put her nipple into my mouth and sucked on it roughly. This elicited a soft cry of pleasure from her and when I repeated the action, a little more roughly this time her cry was even sharper.

I alternated from breast to breast, sucking and biting each of her nipples in turn. Debbie’s chest wasn’t overly big but it was the perfect size for her petite frame. Each breast was perfectly round and firm to the touch, as if they belonged to a girl half her age. If I hadn’t had them in my face I would have wondered whether they were real or not.

As my mouth worked on her breasts my hands continued their exploration below her waist. After spending long minutes running my hands over every inch of her legs I spent some time cupping her taunt ass in my hands. Though it was very small, narrow in width, it was very defined and jutted out from her body in sharp angle from her legs.

Having my hands on her ass led me to start to explore deeper. As I grasp each cheek in turn, I would let me hand slide a little deeper until I felt the warmth radiated from her pussy. Then I would deftly run my finger down her wet slit, just inside the boundaries of her lips and back out again, never entering her wetness fully.

After only a few teasing movements with my hands Debbie pushed me away from her chest and back against the chair. Standing up fully, she placed on leg on the arm of the chair and leaned into me placing her pussy directly in my face.

Her vagina was totally shaved with not a single hair to be found (not that I was exactly looking) and smelled faintly of soap and perfume. I found that she was totally soaking wet, that her entire area was coated in a slimy film of juice and I flicked my tongue over her protruding lips to taste her.

Ice cream, filet mignon, French Champaign… I have tasted the best of all these and not one of them compared to the intoxicating taste of this woman who stood before me, hands in my hair, pulling me deeper into her sex.

I traced the entrance to her depths with my tongue savoring the taste of her, feeling the velvet of her skin run over my tongue with each lick. My hands moved back to her round ass and I pulled her hips forward opening more of her to my probing.

Swirling my tongue in the soft folds of her pussy lips I was able to lick deeper and deeper into her chasm. I located her clit with my tongue, felt its rubbery hardness, pressed my tongue against it firmly and felt her knees buckle. My tongue flicked across it, then back again eliciting soft moans from Debbie with each pass.

Following my tongue to her spot, I moved my mouth in and took her clit between my lips. I sucked on it roughly, pulling it into my mouth, holding it there, and releasing it before repeating the action. Debbie’s hand pulled at me, bracing my face against her pubic bone, encouraging me to continue eating her.

I pulled her clit into my mouth again and held it with my teeth. With it extended I used my tongue to tease the tip and Debbie lost it. Her butt pushed against my hands and her hips bucked and my mouth was suddenly flooded with her sweet liquid. I flicked my tongue over her and felt her shudder again, so I repeated the act until I felt her body relax. Not until then did I release her from my teeth.

Debbie pushed my head away from her and leaned down to kiss me, a deep passionate kiss. She was running her tongue back and forth over mine, pushing hers deep into my mouth before withdrawing it, then moving her lips down my chin to suck the remains of her juices from my face.

I wanted to fuck her hot little pussy now, or at least get my cock into her wet mouth, but Debbie had other ideas. Going over to her dresser, she opened a drawer and returned to her bed with a leather bag. She reached inside the bag and withdrew first a vibrator, smooth and roughly six inches long. Then she came out with a larger toy, this one a penis shaped dildo complete with veins. It looked large, maybe twelve inches and thick as a beer bottle.

A large bottle of lube came next then she produced something that I had only ever read about and seen in pictures. The string was long, maybe a foot and a half, and had at regular intervals round black balls about a half inch in diameter. Tied to one end of the string was a circular ring used for pulling the string of balls from the anus.

“Anal beads?”

Debbie said nothing just smiled that wicked smile. The bag empty she tossed it on the floor and crawled onto the bed.

“You want some company up there?” I asked hopefully.

She shook her head. “No, you sit there and enjoy the show. I’ll let you know what I want you to do. Don’t do anything but watch unless I tell you, understood?”

I figured what the fuck. “Sure,” I said agreeing to her condition.

“Good. Now take off your shirt, just your shirt.” I complied and lay back against the chair, the leather shockingly cold on my bare skin.

Debbie moved and positioned herself near the edge of the bed, legs spread and feet flat on the mattress giving me the perfect view of her pussy even in the low light. Just as she had done before when perched on the couch, Debbie moved her hands up and down the inside of her thighs only this time she didn’t stop before getting to her pussy. Instead she ran her hands across it as she continued down the opposite leg.

I sat, mesmerized by the pure beauty of this woman before me. She was in her forties and still had one of the most amazing bodies I had ever seen. But even better was her experience; Debbie had been around enough to know exactly what she wanted and how to get it. She seemed to have no inhibitions at all and apparently delighted in displaying this openly.

After running her hands across her pussy and down her legs a few more times, she stopped her hand between her legs and slowly rubbed her clit in lazy circles.

“Do you want to see me finger myself, Mike?” she asked, her voice husky with lust. What the hell did she think I was going to say, ‘no?’ and so I nodded. “Good, because I really want to finger myself. Tell me how to do it Mike, tell me what you want to see.”

“Um…” I stammered, “do whatever you want. I’m here to enjoy the show.”

“No Mike, I’m here to pleasure you and I want to finger myself for you. Tell me how you want me to do it.”

“But…I don’t know what to do.”

Debbie smiled at me from between her legs. “You ever have phone sex?” “Sure, but…”

“Then think of it as phone sex without the phone.”

I pondered this for a second. How many times had I been on the other end of the phone with a girl I had convinced to touch herself while I directed her actions, dying to be in the same room with her so I could pleasure her rather than having her pleasure herself. But, at the same time, this could be fun.

“Put a finger inside you and then pull it right back out.”

Debbie did as I requested, plunging her middle finger deep into her crease and then pulling it back out again. Her finger glistened in the light.

“How wet are you?” I asked.

“So wet, Mike. So wet for you. What do you want me to do now?”

“Same thing again, and keep doing it until I tell you to stop. Put your finger all the way inside and pull it out again, then do it again.”

She did as I directed, again and again plunging her finger deep and again withdrawing. Each time she entered herself she let out a soft groan of pleasure and I could see her finger becoming increasingly coated with her delicious juice.

“Stop,” I ordered after she had repeated the action a dozen or so times and she complied. “When I tell you, put that finger back inside yourself and move it around, push it deep and work on yourself until I tell you to stop again.”

Eagerly she did as commanded, returning the digit to her wetness and fingering herself at a slow pace. As I watched, I could feel the strain in my pants growing and pushing against my pants.

“Faster,” I said and again she complied, working herself with increased fervor. She was gasping audibly and continually now with each deep push crescendoing her moans. I had the idea that if she kept that up she was going to cum soon and if I wasn’t being pleasured, then she wasn’t going to get to cum just yet.

After watching for a few moments more I ordered her to stop. “Put your finger in your mouth and tell me how you taste.”

Debbie did as instructed. “Mmm, so good,” she said, licking her finger totally clean.

“Ok, now I want you to put your hand between your legs and rub yourself softly.” She complied and I said, “Now when I tell you, take two fingers and push them deep inside yourself and hold them there. Go.” Two of her fingers disappeared from sight, pushed deep inside her pussy.

“Now pull them completely out, then put them back into your pussy.” Debbie did I ordered, pulling her fingers out and clear of her wetness before plunging them back inside.

“Do you like that, baby?” I asked, rubbing my engorged member though the material of my pants. Her response was a loud ‘coo’ of pleasure. “How many fingers to you like to use when you are alone?”

“Three,” she said breathlessly, never stopping the repeated plunging of her fingers into her pussy.

“Do you go fast or slow?”


“Show me. Show me how you get off when you’re alone. I want to watch you cum.”

Debbie pulled her two fingers from her pussy again and when they went back in they were accompanied by a third finger. I watched transfixed as she began to finger herself with exaggerated movements, alternately pushing so deep inside and making circles around the borders of her hole.

She worked on herself feverously with ever increasing urgency until she tossed her head back, arched her body off the bed and came with a roar. Her legs bucked and shook and her hand quivered inside her wetness. Several waves of serious pleasure racked her body and with each she pushed her fingers to the bottom of her depths.

Debbie finally stopped cuming and leaned toward me, fingers still lodged inside herself. “How hard are you Mike?”

Rather than respond verbally, I stood and showed her that if I had been a boy scout I would certainly qualify for my tent pitching badge. “Come here,” she said and I complied.

She pulled her fingers out of her pussy and sat up, offering her hand to me as I approached. I took her dainty fingers into my mouth and just as she had done I licked her clean. As I licked her, she reached her other hand out and stroked me through my pants.

When I had her fingers clean, she took her hand from my mouth and reached beside her on the bed grabbing the large dildo. “I want you to fuck me with this,” she said handing me the toy.

This was something new. In all my sexual exploits I had never had a woman ask me to do this for her, but I wasn’t about to object. Debbie tossed a pillow from the bed onto the floor for me to kneel on and retrieved the bottle of lubricant.

I positioned myself on the pillow and Debbie spread a handful of the gel over the toy, leaned back on the bed and applied another coat of the liquid to her pussy. I looked at the dildo and then at where she wanted me to put it and questioned whether it was going to fit.

She seemed to read my mind. “Don’t worry about hurting me, just work it in slowly.”

With her legs spread wide I positioned the diamond shaped head of the toy at her entrance and pushed. At first nothing happened, it wouldn’t penetrate her, but after a few moments it started to slowly slide in.

Debbie inhaled sharply as the object stretched her to her limits. Gently I continued to push it deeper and deeper inside her until I hit bottom. This incredibly sexy, sophisticated woman was now totally stuffed with a sex toy of mammoth proportions.

She groaned the groan of a woman totally filled and lifted her head to smile at me. “Fuck me however you want, but I love it deep and hard,” she said and settled her head back on the bed. Her slender hands moved to her breasts and cupped the soft flesh, fingers pinching, twisting and pulling her nipples roughly.

At first my efforts were slow and clumsy as I gauged just how deep I could push and put my fear of hurting her to rest. A few minutes of working the false penis into her slowly gave way to increased speed as I ran the toy into the slippery depths of her pussy.

I started to work the dildo in and out of her in a strong rhythm, my efforts punctuated with her moans. Debbie released one of her tits and grabbed the vibrator, turned it on and placed it against her clit; As I continued to ram her hole with the large toy she stimulated her ‘little man in the boat.’

This new toy buzzed and jumped in her hand and she quickly found the pace that I was using and emulated it, brining herself to almost immediate orgasm. The muscles of her pussy clenched with her climax, as evident by new resistance to my pushes. Debbie bucked and thrashed, shivered and shook as her orgasm turned into a string of orgasms one piling on top of the other until her body went limp and I withdrew the object from inside her.

She turned off the vibrator and lay sprawled on the bed, panting in an effort to regain her breath. “That was very nice Mike,” she said once she had recovered a bit, “now it’s time I return the favor.”

Debbie unbuttoned my pants and pushed them to the floor along with my underwear, careful to work around my engorged prick. When I was naked before her she took me into her hand and felt me appreciatively.

“That’s a nice size cock you have, lets hope you know how to use it,” she said as she opened her lips, painted a bright ruby red, and took me into her mouth. I watched as my cock disappeared and kept disappearing and kept disappearing until almost all of it was gone. Effortlessly Debbie had deep throated almost the entirety of my nine inch dick.

I stood there amazed as she withdrew it from her mouth. “You like?” she asked, almost purring the question. All I could do was stare at her wide eyed and she ordered me onto the bed.

I hopped onto the soft mattress and positioned myself in the middle of the large bed. Debbie moved between my legs, placing herself on her knees just above my straining cock. I took a moment to examine her and was again amazed by her body.

Her tits, full and round. Her hips, slender and shapely. Her stomach, tight and defined despite having birthed two children. Her golden hair hung down in ringlets of soft curls, accenting the face that could have easily appeared on magazine covers, and her deep blue eyes that appeared black in the near darkness.

She looked at me and smiled her brilliant smile and turned her head to the side almost shyly. “You are an amazingly beautiful woman, Debbie.” I said. Her eyes flicked back to mine and she smiled again.

“Thank you, I’m glad you find me attractive. Sometimes I wonder if men tell me that just to get me into bed.”

“Attractive?” I said incredulously. “Attractive? Shit, you are a freaking knockout. Any man would be lucky to take you to bed, and since I already have you in bed you can be sure I’m not lying to you.”

She paused and seemed to consider the logic of this. That brilliant smile flashed on her face again. “Then this must be your lucky night,” she said and before I could so much as blink again my cock was down her throat.

Debbie was an expert cock sucker. There is really no other way to say it and any description of the acrobatics she preformed on my prick aren’t going to come close to painting an accurate picture of just how good she was, but I’ll try. Just for you.

Her tongue was soft and strong and she used it purposefully, applying thick gobs of saliva to my cock with long licks. Once fully coated she placed her hand at the base of my cock, pointed it straight up and fit every inch of me between her luscious lips.

Again and again she drove my cock deep into her throat, then ran her mouth back up the shaft until just the tip remained between her lips. After running the sensitive underside of my cock across her tongue, she would again dive down my cock.

I leaned my head back into the pillows on the bed, closing my eyes so I could concentrate on the feeling of pleasure she was eliciting out of my cock. Suddenly, as I was focusing all my efforts on not blowing my load at any moment she pulled her mouth off my shaft and kissed her way down to my balls.

Gently she put each into her mouth in turn, sucking on them with learned skill. Very rarely had I ever found this activity erotic but this time I did and big time. When she released my balls from her mouth after giving each her attention she did not return her mouth to my cock but instead moved her mouth even lower.

This was new, the feeling of warm wetness on my anus as she tongued my ass hole but so far nothing she had done had disappointed so I just went along for the ride.

Debbie licked at my ass for a few minutes, pushing her tongue against my hole and stroking it gently. The feeling was interesting and I found that it was highly erotic to look down and see a beautiful woman tonguing my ass. She wasn’t at it long and before I knew it she was back working on my prick.

She pushed me totally into her mouth a few more times and then pulled her lips off me. Without a word she swiveled her body and placed a knee on either side of my head, putting her pussy directly in my face and still providing her mouth access to my cock.
I pulled a pillow under my neck to brace my head and dove into her pussy. I shoved my tongue as deep inside her slit as was possible while at the same time she again lodge my cock in her throat. My hands gripped her tight ass, pulling her towards my waiting mouth, letting me slide my tongue deeper between her glorious folds.

Debbie was deep throating my cock, putting almost the entire length into her mouth before I could feel the muscles in her throat reject the intrusion. She held me there, deep inside her mouth, as she gagged around my cock straining to keep from brining up her dinner while simultaneously trying to force the rest of my shaft between her lips.

My tongue slid from her pussy and traveled the short distance to the bud of her asshole. It puckered at my touch and I began to lick at it with slow, concentric circles. I gathered some saliva in my mouth and deposited it on her spot then moved one of my fingers down and began to massage her widening anus gently.

Once I had enough spit on my finger to act as lube, I pushed the digit into her. My finger fit easily in her ass and so I immediately added another which seemed to tighten things up and get her attention. Debbie was no longer sucking on my shaft but was stroking it lazily as she concentrated on the attention her behind was receiving.

After a few minutes concentrating on her anus I again began to tongue her pussy. It was even wetter than when I had left it just a few minutes ago and when I penetrated her her juices ran from within her, down over my tongue and out over my chin and cheeks.

I reached with my hand and found the large dildo and replaced my tongue with the fake penis. It slid inside her with amazing ease given the amount of wetness that was now seeping out of her like spring water seeps from the ground.

Debbie moaned loudly when I pushed the toy deep inside her, pushing it as deeply inside her as I was able until it collided with her deepest depths. “Oh God,” she said, “Do it hard. Fuck my pussy hard.”

With those words she jammed my cock back into her throat with enough enthusiasm to cause it to slide all the way down her throat and I simultaneously began to work both my hands in unison; shoving two fingers of my one hand knuckle deep in her asshole while my other hand pistoned the dildo against the back wall of her fuck hole.

Debbie began again to moan, her noises muffled by my shaft lodged deep in her throat until she removed it and her moans turned to wails of ecstasy. She was pushing against my actions, ramming her ass and pussy against the instruments of pleasure occupying each hole. She came and came and came until finally her body could take no more and she pulled away from my hands causing both my fingers and the dildo to slip from inside her.

“Wow, you came really hard,” I said.

Debbie was breathing hard. Between gasps she managed to get out “Yeah” and little else. While she lay on me recovering I slapped her ass with the thick dildo and rubbed it in the crack of her perfect ass. Randomly as I ran the thing over her backside I would place the large head against her asshole causing it to reflexively squeeze tight and making Debbie squirm away a little.

“You want to see me put something in my ass?” she asked, her breathing now returning to normal. She reached for the lube and the applied a generous amount to her hole, pushing her finger deep inside herself ensuring she was lubed as far as was possible. Debbie then produced the long string of beads and placed the first one at the entrance to her ass.

With one well manicured finger she applied pressure to the bead until her tight hole relented it slipped inside. Her finger followed the bead until the next one was poised at her opening and she then repeated the process.

Three more beads presented themselves and three more times she pushed them into her asshole until scarcely an inch of string and the small plastic ring were left exposed. She then massaged the area around her anus with a practiced motion that caused it to clinch tight around the string; if I hadn’t just seen, and if the string wasn’t protruding from her backside, no one could have guessed that five large objects were currently getting well acquainted with her colon.

“Holy shit,” I said once she was done depositing the beads in her ass, not really believing what I had just seen.

Debbie issued a wicked little laugh and moved her hips back against my face, clearing expressing her desire to have her pussy licked again. As I succumbed to her wishes, she began to work on my cock again, starting by letting a large dollop of saliva drip from her lips onto my shaft which she then used her soft hand to spread up and down my entire length.

She mainly stroked me with her hand and would intermittently put me inside her mouth, but the trips between her lips were one way tickets to the back of her throat. Each time she gagged, spit, chocked and generally preformed miracles on my dick.

During these moments I found it impossible to concentrate on the dish in front of me, but when she came up for air I would virtually attack her pussy with my mouth.

I shoved my tongue inside her, licked the depths of her crease, sucked on her swollen pussy lips and nipped at her engorged clit with tender little bites. Debbie’s pussy smelled like pussy should smell, with that faint musty smell of a woman who makes it a point to take care of herself and tasted even better. Some men don’t enjoy the taste of pussy but I do, and I drank her down in large gulps swallowing every once of liquid I could entice from her.

The small plastic ring from the anal beads imbedded inside her was resting on my nose when I felt her again coating my cock with some sort of liquid, not saliva this time. She ran her hand up my shaft a few times, making sure I was completely coated with what turned out to be another amount of lubricant and then she slid her lithe body down my torso, repositioned her hips, arched her back and sat down on my rigid nine inches.

I watched as the folds of her pussy that were clearly visible dangling between her legs spread as the mushroom top of my cock parted her and then disappeared entirely inside her. I’m not sure what I found more amazing; the fact that she had deep throated my entire prick of that she slammed the whole thing inside her in one motion.

Debbie’s slender hips crashed down against my hips and every single inch that I had been blessed with was impaled deep within her. She let out the most delicious moan of pleasure and her body shook with orgasm.

Her long blonde hair fell down over her shoulders and she turned her head to look at me. “I’ve never felt so full, your cock is the perfect size Mike. I’m going to enjoy this almost as much as you are.”

Another wicked smile passed across her ruby red lips and she again turned her attention to the act at hand. She leaned her body forward, straining my cock against the back of her opening, and placed her hands on my shins. Moving little more than her hips she began to run her pussy lips up and down the entire length of my shaft, slamming it deep inside her with each down-stroke, then holding it for a moment being completely filled before sliding back up my cock and repeating the process.

All I could do was lye there and enjoy the moment, enjoy the feeling, enjoy the show. Debbie picked up the pace, her perfect ass a blur of movement as she again and again deposited herself deep on my cock. She moaned continuously, and every few minutes her moans would become screams as she orgasmed again and again.

She came one last time and then abruptly stood up causing my cock to fall against my stomach with an audible ‘slap.’ Debbie carefully stepped over me until I was looking up directly between her legs at her pussy, ass and the string hanging from her.

She crouched down placing her pussy on my mouth and moved her hips rubbing her wet cunt all over my lips and tongue, coating my face in her sticky juices. Then she again slid down my torso until my cock was again pressed against the entrance to her.

This time she didn’t immediately take me into her, rather she teased me by rubbing her pussy lips over my shaft and head. Her face was against mine and we kissed, deep and passionate and she sucked my tongue into her mouth. Debbie broke our kiss and she used her tongue to lick my face clean of the liquid she had just deposited there.

Satisfied that I was both sufficiently clean and sufficiently aroused, she rolled back onto her haunches and again pushed me inside her. Her movements, in stark contrast to her earlier efforts, were slow and controlled.

Debbie moved up and down me, enjoying every feeling of having me inside her. She would pause with just the head of my cock still inside her before descending down over my shaft until it nothing was left outside of her where she would pause again. Her delicate hands were cupping her soft breasts, pinching her nipples hard, pulling them away from her chest roughly.

I held onto her hips, pulling her down on me as she came and then let them slide to her smooth thighs as she ascended. As much as I was enjoying having this amazingly beautiful woman ride me, I wanted to get the roles reversed and start promoting my own agenda, in a manner of speaking.

The next time Debbie descended on my cock I sat up and took her into my arms then in one motion I rolled over placing her on her back with me on top of her, positioned nicely between her legs. The move hadn’t even caused my cock to slip from inside her.

With her now in the position I had been dying to get her in, I grabbed her thin ankles and put them on my shoulders. I slowly fucked her, the movement as almost an afterthought as I concentrated on enjoying her muscular dancer’s legs.

My hands moved over them, feeling her toned thighs then up to her sinewy calves. With my mouth I kissed her petite ankles and her perfectly formed feet. They were soft, perfectly manicured and her little toenails were painted the same bright red as her lips. I was savoring her body, worshiping at the altar of her exquisite physique.

From down below, my cock got my attention and again began asserting its will. I grabbed her ankles and spread her legs wide, exposing her pussy to me completely. Slowly at first and then with increased urgency I pushed into her. As my motions became more and more ferocious I could feel the head of my cock slamming into the deepest depths of her, could see as well as feel her body tense with each collision.

Debbie’s breasts swayed as breasts will when the body is in motion, particularly this motion, and I could see the muscles of her taunt stomach flexed tightly as I brought her to the brink of orgasm, crashed into her a few more times and pushed her over the edge.

Sharp finger nails dug into my triceps as her body shook with orgasm. Her bright blue eyes which had been locked on mine, closed and her head tilted back as she screamed like a banshee in an old ghost story.

I kept on fucking her, pistoning in and out of her even as one orgasm ended and the next began, never breaking my rhythm for an instant. Debbie’s head shook from side to side and I could feel her pussy growing slicker and slicker as her juices built inside her. I pushed myself deep inside her again and this time held myself there, pressed tightly against the very depths of her as she rode the waves of one last orgasm.

Debbie withdrew her nails from my arm and I dislodged myself from her pussy. Her body was like a rag doll from all the orgasms she had been having and so she offered very little assistance as I rolled her over on her stomach and got her on her knees. Her perfect ass was pointed high in the air, the angle intensified since her chest lay flat on the bed.

I aimed and entered, finding it just as easy to enter her from behind as it had been while on top of her. My hands gripped her hips and pulled her to me, my eyes glued on her ass and the string that still protruded from it.

Once I got into a groove with my thrusts, I complimented the motion by pulling her to me, our bodies meeting with a loud slap every time I drove into her. I hoped that she didn’t have any plans to dance the next day because it became my mission to (figuratively) destroy her tight little snatch.

It didn’t take long before Debbie’s moans once again to swell into screams of passion and I fucked her with the same terrifying force until my own orgasm was imminent.

I stopped and slid my cock from the depths in the nick of time. The air in the room, while comfortable, was significantly cooler than the temperature inside Debbie and the change in temperature helped to stem my lust.

Debbie’s blonde hair was a mess when she looked back at me. “I may have spoken too soon when I said that I would enjoy this almost as much as you, that cock is amazing, but I still have one last trick up my, shall we say sleeve?”

She lifted her torso off the bed and got on all fours, steadied herself and then reached her hand around to her ass where the small plastic ring hung at the end of the string of beads buried in her ass. Sliding one finger inside the ring she began to pull.

Nothing happened at first, her anus held tight to the treasures it beheld, but then as her muscles relaxed the first bead started to emerge. It worked its way out slowly at first but once it cleared the grasp of her asshole it popped out quickly. She tugged some more and the second bead emerged as the first had done. Each time her bottom released another bead I could see her quiver slightly with pleasure and in no time the entire string had emerged from her.

Debbie pulled a tissue from a box on her nightstand and wrapped the beads in it before dropping them onto the floor beside the bed. She again grabbed the lube and seductively began to coat her ass with the slick gel. She coated first the outside of her hole and then one by one stuck her fingers inside herself, then finished by coating the middle two fingers on her hand with a generous amount of lubricant and pushing them inside her asshole.

She squeezed one more handful out of the tube and tossed it back onto the bed, reached for my cock and greased me up in preparation for the journey ahead. When I was coated to her satisfaction she grasped hold of my shaft firmly and pulled me toward her waiting ass.

Debbie lined me up with where she wanted me to go next and all I had to do was push. Despite all the lube and the beads that had occupied her backside recently, getting inside her wasn’t as easy as I would have thought. But with a little persistent effort my cock started to slide inside her back door.

I felt the muscles of her anus relax and then her hole gave way to my advances; slowly I began to push past her resistance and into the very depths of her.

My efforts started slowly while I let Debbie get used to having her ass stretched by my cock while at the same time working my way deeper and deeper inside of her. I looked on in amazement as her asshole stretched and stretched allowing more and more of my shaft to disappear.

Debbie apparently really enjoyed having my cock in her ass because as soon as I was able to penetrate her completely she began to push back against my thrusts establishing a rhythm not much less urgent than the one with which I had fucked her pussy with.

As I fucked Debbie’s ass I felt something brush against my balls and saw that she had moved her hand between her legs and was finger fucking herself in concordance with the thrust I was using on her ass.

I leaned my body forward as I continued to plow Debbie’s ass and reached my hands around to grasp her delicious breasts. Her nipples were rock hard and sensitive to the touch; I tugged and pinched them almost violently eliciting screeches from Debbie as I did.

I stopped playing with Debbie’s tits and leaned back in order to take her hips in my hands. She looked back at me and we locked eyes as I continued to fuck her ass with deep powerful strokes. As she looked at me, I could see that her deep blue eyes were starting to get a far away look in them.

“Are you going to cum for me?” I asked. Debbie’s only response was to begin moaning deep throaty sounds.

She closed her eyes and issued one final grunt and then fell momentarily silent. She stopped pushing back against me and her body went rigid. Then her orgasm hit and she came with a ferocity that I had never witnessed before.

Debbie blurted out “Holy shit, holy shit, holy shit” as she began to shake uncontrollably, her legs collapsing and her body held in place only by my hands on her hips. Her back arched as only a dancers could and her toes curled as her orgasm tore through her body with unbridled intensity.

Carefully I slid my cock from her and let her fall on the bed where she collapsed in a heap beneath me. Finally she opened her eyes and looked up at me. “Now that was intense.”

“It looked like it. My turn now?” I asked, aware that my resolve wasn’t going to sustain much more.

“Sure, do anything that you want to me. But please cum inside me, there is no feeling as nice.”

I moved her onto her back and again spread her legs wide as I had before when I was inside her pussy, but this time I was headed for her asshole and she knew it. As I pushed her legs back to expose her stretched anus Debbie reached down and pulled at her cheeks, opening herself even wider for me.

This time my cock slide inside her easily and moments after getting her on her back I was buried balls deep inside Debbie’s ass. I wanted to take my time and try and be a bit gentle but my urgency took over and after a few initial controlled pushes I began to fuck her wildly.

As I fucked her ass Debbie again grabbed her thick dildo and all but shoved it inside herself. She was fucking her pussy with her toy almost as hard as I was ramming my cock into her ass.

I looked down at this beautiful woman who lay before me. The sight of this petite blonde, mother of two (both amazing sexual creatures in their own right) shoving a thick black dildo inside her pussy while I rammed my entire cock up her ass with every bit of intensity I could produce was just too much.

My cock exploded and I thought my testicles themselves were going to be part of the load I shot deep within her so powerful was my orgasm. Again and again my muscles clenched and my cock twitched until every single once of sperm that my body was able to muster had been deposited in the far reaches of her ass.

Debbie pulled her toy from her pussy having orgasmed one last time herself and I collapsed on top of her, utterly spent and totally exhausted. We lay there, totally unable to speak, as we both huffed and puffed until we eventually caught our breath.

Debbie rolled over and kissed me, “After that, I need another shower. C’mon.” She managed to coax me into the shower were we both enjoyed washing each others ‘intimate parts.’

After a long time under the hot spray we got out and toweled off. Debbie lead me back to the bed where we slid between the silky sheets. We contorted our bodies until I was again nestled between her legs, my cock rigid and ready for action again.

This time I entered here with no urgency and took my time, fucking slowly with deep strokes. I alternated kissing her softly and playing with her nipples while my hands were under her behind, pulling her to me with each deliberate stroke.

When at last she came, I came with her. Having now deposited a load in each of her holes I slid off of her and took her slight body into my arms, buried my face in her silky hair and inhaled her sweet scent.

“Thanks for keeping me company tonight,” Debbie said sweetly. “That was really amazing, you were really amazing.”

I smiled. “That was totally amazing, but I have a feeling that family gatherings around here aren’t going to the be the same after tonight.”

Debbie laughed, turned and kissed me one last time that night. “I think you’re right,” she said. “I think you’re right.”

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