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World of Adultery,Incest,Thrill

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This is a long story depicting how a man who had deep routed morals entered into the World of Incest, how he became a Casanova and how he entered into espionage.

As the story has parts of Incest – so those who don’t like Incest should not read this. Incest does not happen in a jiffy so it will feature at a later stage in the story not right from the beginning.

I had written this story first in Hindi on a different platform and after getting good response now decided that should transform it into English too so that the readership profile could be expanded.

Some Characters of The Story:

Indu – Doctor – Unmarried – 28 yrs only sister of Rajesh

Neha- younger sister of Rajeev- cute n naughty – studying MBBS

Kath – cute – hot – 24 yrs German Doctor Girl – starts fancying about Rajesh – which you will read in story

Meenakshi – Single – unmarried – runs a small travel agency in Chennai

Salwa – 28 yrs – hot – Egyptian Muslim Women married to friend of Rajesh

Payal – Hot 30 yr old Indian Housewife transformed into OO7 Lady Killer for destroying Rajesh

Sofiya 28 yrs – Aunt of Rajesh

Kamya – mother of Rajeev 45 yrs looks 32

Kanta – 45 yrs – looks 30 – mother of Rajesh

Rajesh – 24 yrs – runs own travel agency

Other characters that would feature in would be introduced as they come in.

This is a work of pure Fiction and has no relation with any person dead or alive.

So let’s start the story now –

Note : The more Comments I receive be it positive or negative – would get more impetus to write faster.


Strolling through the desert of Wadi Rum, Rajesh was mesmerized by the frequent change in the color of sand as the sun proceeded to set. He was part of a group of 10 Travel Agents who were selected by the Jordan Tourism Board from different parts of India to make them familiarize with what Jordan has to offer as a tourism product. The group comprised of 5 males and 5 females.

Everyone was deeply engrossed in this natural wonder , sand changing its color every minute as the Sun starts receding into its galore.

When the sunset was complete the group was taken into a tented arena, which had a lavish Bar, Buffet system and Rooms made of tent , the whole complex , was beautiful one and no wonder lot of hard work and planning had gone into erecting this tented hotel like facility amid the desert. A number of such tented camps are spread across the desert and are categorized by virtue of the facilities they offer to the tourists. The center of the camp served as the lobby, the dinning and entertainment area. The group was made to sit and was offered the welcome drink. On one side was a dais for dancing and in the center was the fire arena where a Lamb was being roasted to be served during dinner.

The group had reached bit late as Belley Dancing was already in progress and the other tourists who were staying at this camp were watching the same with keen interest.

The gyration of the belley of the dancer was keeping every one mesmerized and there was pindrop silence. She kept on dancing non stop for two hours on various tunes that the band was playing upon.

The combination of her elegance and beauty was acting like a cocktail on every one. When the program was over everyone was still glaring at her feet as if they would start swinging in any moment.

Marhawa! Marhawa! uttered Rajesh imprompto and a thunderous applause followed by all.

Once More! Once More! shouted every one. The organizer of this group assured that a special performance would be done again after the Dinner. They wanted to impress all the agents.

Rajeev was also part of this group, who was childhood friend of Rajesh. Though the group members queued for the Buffet, Rajeev brought a Screw Driver for Rajesh from the Bar. Both started enjoying their drink, they were not in a hurry for Dinner as they were used to have late dinners and their body time was still Indian . And it was too early for them to have Dinner now.

The whole group was seating nearby and cracking jokes with each other . Of the 5 females two were married and all of them were enjoying either Gin or Martini – the typical ladies drink. Glass were being refilled time and again and the entire group started feeling the effect of liquor. Rajesh drank too much and Rajeev always used to call him tanker. There is a reason on his becoming tanker which you would know eventually later. Even after drinking almost a bottle , there was no sign of any effect on him.

The Dinner for this group was specially prepared after all they were guests of Govt. Everyone ate the delicious varieties offered to one’s heart content . Rajesh kept on drinking along with Dinner. Rajeev tried a number of time to stop him, but he would not budge at all.

Rajeev : Come on man, we have females in our group , what they will think of you. You already had too much stop it now.

Rajesh : Fuck them, see that girl.

Rajesh points towards a European Girl sitting with her family just opposite them but a bit far. Her beauty was enhanced by the Moon rays falling on her. She looked like a virgin flower and had great attractive appeal. The moment Rajeev saw her, he was literally frozen like a statue, kept on staring at her having a Dinner plate in one hand and a peg in other.

Rajesh on seeing his condition started laughing and went to grab one more drink from the bar while detouring his way to move closer to that family on passing by. Incidently that family was German and Rajesh knew German language very well.

To continue

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