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The Doc Pops My Cherry

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You guys know when you go for your annual physical and the last thing the doc does is bend you over the exam table and run his finger up your ass to check your prostate? It’s the kind of thing that keeps a lot of guys from getting a physical, right? Well, it can also be the kind of thing that changes everything.

Before I get too far into this, let me tell you a little about myself. I’m your typical aging boomer…Forty-five years old, married, well educated and already semi-retired. Fortunately for me, I’ve done strength and aerobic training for years, so I’m in good shape…Six feet tall, slim, fairly muscular, great cardiovascular system, have all my hair and my dick still gets hard as stone on a moment’s notice.

I’ve got a wife that’s forty-three and turns heads everywhere she goes. She has the finest pussy I’ve ever been in and takes pleasure in giving head any time I want it.

To ensure that I stay “in shape” for her, I jerk off once a day whether we fuck or not. Everything I’ve read indicates that it keeps the “pipes” cleaned out and the more you cum, the less your chances of prostate problems…Hell, who cares whether it’s scientifically sound or not? I’ll take cumming over not cumming any time!

Now, just because I have a hot wife doesn’t mean I’m not interested in “extracurricular” activities…The Internet opened a whole new world of horny ladies out there and I’ve been fortunate to know several of them. But what it also opened to my eyes was a whole new world of bisexuality.

Without going into a lot of detail, about five years ago, I noticed that when I watched porn, I was paying as much, or more, attention to the cock and balls as I was the pussy. Like a lot of guys who would never admit it, I wondered what it was like to suck a guy, but I was REALLY interested in what it would feel like to have my ass augured by a nice hard cock.

At first this puzzled me…Kinda freaked me out…But then I began to experiment with a few toys. Tried a small dildo but it’s kind of difficult to reach “back there” and almost impossible to fuck yourself.

Then I got a life-sized soft dildo so I could c-clamp it to the bathroom counter and back onto it. That was a lot better but I had to do all the work and I really wanted to feel a guy thrusting into me.

So, not being one to sit on my hands, I soon had an ad on the internet as an inexperienced “bicurious” (Whatever the hell that means) guy seeking a male partner.

It was more difficult that I thought.

You know how on those “hook-up” sites there seem to be so many hot women who turn out to be teases? Well, it’s the same way with guys….A lot of teasing and not much sucking or fucking at all. There must be a lot of guys out there reading those profiles and wanking off at the idea of male-to-male sex.

Finally, I was able to hook up with a gay friend that I have known for years. Yeah, I just took the bull by the nuts and asked him one day if he would guide me a little and he said, “Yes.”

Thing is, he has the tiniest little dick I’ve ever seen. I mean…I’m average…Seven inches and kind of thick and veined with a nice head. This guy is more like a Magic Marker with a slight swelling on the end…Maybe four inches long and three quarters of inch in diameter…Anyway, we took turns giving each other blowjobs and I enjoyed it both ways…But I couldn’t get past that tiny dick.

Oh, and he didn’t do anal at all…And I was really interested in anal. Ya’ see, my wife has this thing she does where when she sucks my cock, sometimes she runs her middle finger up my ass and massages my prostate until I cum….Talk about blowin’ your balls out the end of your dick! Wow!

So I’m thinkin’ that a nice sized dick would really feel good nudging my prostate….But thinkin’ about it and doin’ it are two entirely separate things. I met another guy online and it turned out that he was a pure bottom…Wanted his ass fucked, but wasn’t interested in doin’ mine.

Then I met another guy who was only into oral, but that was okay because he had a dick the size of an ear of corn…No way THAT was goin’ into my tight little asshole! So, I kind of gave up and although I didn’t forget about it, I just decided that it was one of those things that wasn’t going to happen. Until about a week ago…

Ya see, I had my annual physical scheduled on my birthday week…That way I never forget it. So I show up at the 4:00PM appointment time and as usual, it’s almost 5:00 before the nurse calls my name.

She takes me in and tells me to take everything off and put on the little gown that barely covers your ass. I do that and sit on the exam table waiting for the doc….My ass crinkling that tissue paper on the exam table every time I move around.

I hear him coming down the hall and his nurse says, “This is your last patient…A physical.”

“Male or female?” he questions.

“Mr. Johnson,” she replies. “He’s ready and the file is on the door.”

“Okay,” he says. “I won’t be needing anyone for this. Just close up and go home.”

“Thanks!” she says cheerily. “I’ll see you tomorrow!’

“G’night,” he replies.

Dr. Owings is a little younger than I am. Actually, he’s only been my doc for about five years. He has been my wife’s doc for a while and his partner was my doc until he retired, then I switched to Dr. Owings. He’s about six foot three inches, nice build and a pretty face.

You know what I mean by pretty? Not handsome, just pretty. In fact, I saw him in a restaurant with his daughter once and she is gorgeous…And has the same features that he does. Give him a wig and they could be twins. But he’s not feminine acting…Just pretty.

Anyway, Dr. Owings is a really friendly guy…Talks a lot…Remembers your hobbies…Stuff like that. We get along well and he always seems upbeat.

Well, he comes in and starts with the physical and pretty soon he has the gown off my shoulders and is listening to my chest…You know, the usual stuff.

But this time he squeezes my bicep and says, “Well, looks like you’re still with the weights.”

I just nod and say, “Yeah, got to keep it up.”

“Well,” he responded, “You look good.”

Not the usual chatter I’m used to…

So he has me lay back on the table and he palpitates my abdomen and then lightly tracing his fingers across my lower abs he says, “Damn, you’re abs are nice and tight!”


Well, I’m thinkin’ this isn’t a regular bedside chat and my dick starts takin’ notice of the same thing and pretty soon it’s kind of fillin’ out and shiftin’ around under that little gown piled up at my pubic area.

Then doc kind of shakes his head as if to clear his mind and says, “Jump down and let me check you for hernia.”

Uh oh…

So, I stand up and start to put the gown back on and doc just casually says, “Oh, just take that off and lay it on the table.”

I kind of hesitate and then figure “What tha’ hell?” and when I turn around to face him, he’s sittin’ on this little stool and is lookin’ right at my pudgy and quickly hardening pecker.

He clears his throat and does a quick hernia check, but guess what? He’s forgotten his gloves…And damn are his hands nice and warm!

Again, he hesitates and then he takes my balls in his hands and rolls them around…

“No lumps,” he says, “They’re a nice size and shape.”

“Thanks,” I croak as my dick rises to its full erect state.

“Well, let’s check your prostate,” he says as he stands up. Then he gently grasps my cock (Now I KNOW that’s not normal examination procedure!) and leads me across the exam room where he motions for me to bend over and rest my chest on table.

He lets my cock go and I hear him pick up the tube of K-Y. I turn to look and notice that he has a pretty good sized glob of jelly on his still bare finger. He turns and grins and that’s when I know for sure that this isn’t going to be your average prostate exam.

So, like any cooperative patient, I straighten my legs and kind of cock my hips so I’m presenting my ass to him.

“That’s a good boy!” he whispers as he strokes the cheeks of my ass with his left hand…Then he takes his thumb and forefinger and spreads my cheeks.

I groan quietly as I feel the cool air in the room caress my anus and I cock my hips even more as if seeking his finger.

“Okay,” he whispers, “Here we go…”

And with that his finger circles my butthole and then firmly and quickly slides into my bowel until his knuckle is wedged between my cheeks, tight against my anus.

“Oh god!” I groan as I rise up on my tiptoes…Years of practice have enabled him to find my prostate right off and he is really exploring the territory back there.

“Everything back here is fine,” he states almost casually, “Your gland is a little enlarged, but not bad for your age.”

Just as quickly, his finger is sliding out of my ass and I groan in disappointment as it slurps from between my asscheeks.

“Stay right there,” he says firmly.

H-m-m-m-m-m-m…This isn’t the usual procedure…Normally, by now he’s given me a tissue and I’m wiping the K-Y away.

But I keep my head on my arms and looking down see my rigid cock with a nice drool of precum dripping off the head….Like I say, he hit the spot right off the bat.

Again I hear him pick up the K-Y and before I know it he’s standing behind me.

“Okay,” he whispers, “Present it to me.”

And I know immediately what he wants and I know that he’s in command. So, once again I cock my ass up and feel his finger slide in….But this time I also feel his other hand, well greased with K-Y, slide around my rigid cock and begin to stroke me.

“Ah! Jeez!” I gasped as the sensations began to rocket through my body…And soon I was bucking and thrusting in time with his finger as it penetrated my anus over and over,

About the time I became accustomed to one finger in my ass, he popped a second in with the first and I had to bite my arm to keep from squealing…Let me tell you it was intense!

In no time I was covered with sweat and groaning almost continuously. His constant stroking of my prostate had precum running out of my cockhead in a constant drool.

But an orgasm wasn’t on the menu at that moment. Just when I thought he was going to let me cum, he let go of my cock and removed his fingers from my anus.

“Oh, no!” I whispered, “Please let me!”

“Just relax,” he says as he turns and clicks the door lock into the “Locked” position.

I wait impatiently, kind of bucking my ass as if seeking something to go in it. Then I hear the doc step out of his shoes and lower the zip on his pants.

As I heard the rustle of his trousers dropping, I turned my head and took a peek. He was lowering his boxers and man what a sight!

His cock was fully erect and about eight inches long, a little slimmer than mine but with a nice purple head that shined like a freshly peeled onion. As impressive as his cock was his low-hanging ball sac, which looked like it held two medium sized plums.

He quickly stripped off his jacket and shirt and stood as naked as I was.

“Wanna suck?” he questioned.

“Oh yeah!” I hissed as I stood and turned.

He motioned to the stool he had been sitting on earlier.

“Take a seat over there.”

I walked across the small room with my dick bouncing and my mind racing…This was fucking incredible!

I sat down on the hard seat of the stool and he walked over to stand in front of me.

“Go ahead,” he nodded.

Without further ado, I reached up, grabbed his asscheeks, pulled him forward and Hoovered his cockhead into my mouth.

It was his turn to groan as I greedily sucked the entire length of his cock into my throat. My gay friend had taught me well and in no time I had the doc bucking his hips and gasping for air.

When I felt his cockhead swell and spurt a rope of precum into my throat I thought he was going to cum in my mouth and I must admit feeling a twinge of relief…Truth is, my need to have a cock in my ass wasn’t nearly as acute when I was faced with actually doing it.

Just then he stopped thrusting into my mouth, pulled his dick out and said, “Oh, no you don’t! I’m going to fuck that ass whether you like it or not.”

He motioned to the exam table and said, “Assume the position!”

I stood up and as I walked over to the exam table, I noticed that my cock was no longer standing proud…In fact, it was now drooping significantly, an obvious sign that my fantasy of being fucked was being overtaken by the reality of having an eight inch piece of meat rammed into my ass.

Taking a deep breath, I bent over, laid my chest on the table, spread my legs and cocked my ass up in an unmistakable invitation.

Grinning, he walked across the room, a thin string of precum dripping off the end of his saliva-covered cock as it bobbed with each step. He picked up the tube of K-Y and squeezed a liberal amount into his palm, then stroked his cock until it was slimy with lubricant.

“Okay, Jack” he grunted as he stepped in behind my upturned hips, “Grab onto something because I’m about to fuck you silly.”

The doubt I had begun to experience bloomed into full-blown fear as an intense pressure filled my backside when he began to push his cockhead into my anus. Let me tell you, having a big headed cock pushed up you ass is a whole lot different than backing onto a rubber dildo!

I don’t remember exactly what I said, but I went up on my toes and was babbling and squealing in pain as that big head pushed into my virgin hole. It was NOT the most fun I had ever had!

“Hang with me pussy boy!” the doc growled as he held my hips still and pressed forward into my ass.

Suddenly, there was a “Pop!” and the head of his cock slid past my sphincter. I squalled and ripped the paper on the table as my hands scrabbled to grip anything in reaction to the sensation of his cock continuing to fill my rectum.

He didn’t stop until he was in me to the root and his pubes were pressing against my anus. I was covered with sweat and my knees were shaking.

“Please!” I begged, “Just give me a minute!”

“Just relax a little,” he replied. “Here, let me help you.”

And with that he reached around with his still slick hand, grasped my now soft penis and began to lightly stroke it. I was surprised to find that, in spite of feeling like I had a telephone pole rammed up my ass, his hand felt quite good as he worked it up over my once again hardening cock. Pretty soon I was groaning as my dick responded to his stroking and became fully erect.

It was at that point, in reaction to his attention to my penis, that I began to clench my asshole around his cock and the pain began to subside…In its place came this incredible feeling of fullness and the awareness that his cockhead was resting right on my prostate.

“Better?” he questioned as he relaxed his grip on my penis.

“Y-yeah,” I whispered, “Just go slow.”

“Okay,” he grunted as he gripped my hips and slowly began to pull out.

Out an inch, and back in. Out two inches and back in. Out halfway and back in. Out until only the head was inside the ring of my anus and back in to the root.

By that time I was thrusting back on him and clenching my anus around his cock for the full length of each stroke. At the bottom of each stroke his cockhead would pummel my prostate and I would squeal like a little girl as I spurted precum with each thrust of his penis.

Before long he was really pounding into my ass and at the end of each thrust his swinging balls bumped against mine, providing a sensation I had never felt before.

Although the room was filled with the slap of sweaty flesh, there was almost no conversation, just the occasional gasp, grunt or exclamation as one or the other of us made a slightly different move.

Then I felt his cockhead began to swell and I knew he was close to cumming. I also noticed that my prostate had become quite sensitive from the pounding it was taking and I too was on the edge of squirting my load.

“You ready?” he gasped as he felt my asshole clinch tighter around the stem of his cock.

“Oh yeah!” I grunted in reply as he bottomed out on my prostate one more time.

“Okay,” he gasped as he pumped furiously into my ass until he began to cum. He held me tight against his cock, the root distending my anus as his dick pulsed and unloaded rope after rope of cum into my bowel.

The pressure on his cockhead on my prostate was more than I could bear and I began to grunt and groan as my orgasm shot through my body.

Cum jumped out the end of my cock, coated the exam table and finally drooled down my cock…The first time I had ever cum without something rubbing my cock. My anus grabbed his cock and squeezed it until there was nothing left for him to dump in my hole.

We both shuddered one final spasm and I collapsed onto the table, rubbing my chest in the cum accumulated there, while he held my tight against his now softening cock.

I groaned as it withdrew from my rectum with a soft slurpy “plop.”

When I stood and turned he was rubbing an antiseptic towel over his privates. He grinned at my cum covered chest and said, “Come on. You need a shower.”

He opened the door and I followed him down the hall to a room with a shower. (Man that was beyond strange, walking down the hall of my doc’s office both of us nekkid as jaybirds.)

“Come back to the room when You’re cleaned up,” he said as he handed me a towel and slapped my ass.

I cleaned up and returned to the exam room to find him fully dressed.

“Bend over the table,” he said.

“Huh?” I questioned, knowing I couldn’t take another fucking right then.

“I just want to check and make sure I didn’t do any damage,” he chuckled

A minute later I was pulling on my clothes.

“Was that your first cock?” he asked.

“Yeah, ” I nodded.

“How was it?”


“Honestly” he replied.

“Well, I’m just sorry I haven’t done it sooner,” I said with a grin.

He grinned back and said, “Good.”

As we walked toward the front of the office, he handed me an appointment card that indicated a 4:30 appointment one week later. I read it, then looked up.

“You’ll be sore for a couple of days. Just use something like Preparation-H to soothe it. Don’t be messing with it otherwise and I’ll see you back here in a week and we’ll exercize it again, okay?”

I nodded as a grin spread across my face, “Sure Doc. I’ll see you in a week.”

First time I ever looked forward to a doctor’s appointment!

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