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The Cameraman Ch. 02

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“What’s this?” I say pulling my long silky black hair up and in a loose bun.

“I hope you like shrimp scampi, Ms. Lily,” Josh offers. He turns from the stove wearing only an apron and drops to his knees and crawls behind me. It’s six-thirty p.m. and my houseslut pushes his tongue the length of the crack of my perfectly-tight bottom all the way to small of my back.

“Don’t leave your spittle all over these jeans,” a gentle reprimand before I turn to him and let him leave small kisses on my mound. Just two inches of jeans holds my little boy-slut worshipping my flat belly and the wisp of my groomed chamber. Like a good puppy, he waits for approval. “I have to say, on a scale of one to ten: this greeting gets a five,” I add while eyeing the stove, “Hopefully, dinner will be more satisfying.”

It has been three weeks since my young man, Josh, moved in; but it had been just under two weeks since I pulled on my strap-on and made him my sex slave. Since that first illicit night we have come to an understanding.

Although I have never had a live-in servant before, I understand that it is important not to get emotionally close, but yet to keep him hard and hungry. This set up a conundrum for me. As much I love my dirty slut licking me every morning till night, I still needed some cock now more than ever. I have this open relationship with Michael, but our once every few months was turning into once every few days. Although, of course, my little houseslut couldn’t have a problem with me fucking Michael, I was more than sure Michael’s wife, Jen, would mind tremendously if she ever found out.

The day after my Josh rode my strap-on, my slut and I muddled through the next few days coming to terms the Dom/slave relationship. I was excited to come home from work and unwind with a glass of wine on the couch while Josh would entertain me on the floor with a little baby oil laying a large towel. My own little stripper gyrating and pleasuring himself while I would tease and encourage, “Mmm… that’s it. Rub that oil deep in your cock. Faster, now slower. Squeeze your cock harder for me, baby. Mmm, that’s MY slut, showing off his big swollen cock.” His newly shaved crotch straining into the ether, dying to be touched by me made my heart race.

He makes the cutest facial and body expressions as he tries to hang on. Many men might shy away from this demand, but my little slut is eager to please and show off all the things his young hard body is capable of. The third night I let him cum, the other nights I did not.

With my hand in my panties, my pussy drips down my ass from watching the fine exhibition, I pull my panties to one side and motion for him to come up and suck my pussy lips and clit deep into his mouth. In my excited state it doesn’t take long to be grinding against his face in pleasure. I need only a minute to recover before I have him devour me again. Then I am off to bed, locking the door behind me.

One night, after cumming three times, I was so fucking hot I had to go off and find Michael’s magnificent cock. First, of course, I tied my little slut’s hands behind his back and set him on his knees right by the front door, so he could count the minutes while I was gone. With just my leather boots on, I threw on a long sweater that barely covered my pussy. With doleful eyes, unable to touch his straining erection, he looked up at me. Elated, I bent down and kissed his cheek, “Is there anything I can pick up for you while I’m out — besides Michael’s seed in my pussy?”

By Thursday night I devised a new plan to torment my young stud’s cock. He didn’t perform for me that night. Instead, after dinner I leaned him over the couch and reddened his ass with my long bamboo cane. Tears of joy weld in his eyes as he thanked me again and again. “You’re taking my love so well, baby,” I tease while keeping up a constant barrage.

Next, I lay Josh across my lap on the couch, massaging the deep welts on his ass with one hand while I pull on his cock and balls with the other. He squirmed deliciously, reliving the pain while experiencing the pleasure. Then I remembered how weeks ago Josh had invited his buddies over to watch a sex tape of mine, “I think your buddies would be jealous of how you tamed your 32 year-old landlady’s pussy, don’t you?” I then made him an offer he couldn’t refuse.

Josh, my little slut, would now sleep in my bedroom. He could pull his mattress onto the floor by my big brass comfy bed. Every morning he is my alarm clock. Waking up first, Josh leans in from next to my bed and starts kissing my legs. He can lean on the bed but never climb in; one foot needs to remain on the floor. I lift my legs open and he slowly and gently licks my pussy.

My little slut really puts his heart and soul into taking care of every nook and cranny of my morning flavor before he moves on to slurp my clit in earnest. As soon as my middle shudders with pleasure, I begin my day. My houseslut makes my bed and then breakfast. While I sit at the breakfast table drinking my coffee and reading my paper, I like to put my feet up on Josh’s naked ass. By the time I get to the opinion page I have my foot pushing, wedging in against his perineum. It’s fun to see him try and maintain his balance while his cock grows in desperation.

From there his day is his own. He can go to school and work on his studies. I have come to love living so close to campus. My only stipulation is that he needs to leave in the morning when I do. I don’t want him hanging around the house being tempted to masturbate. So I’ve taken back my key but also his rent payment. I make it clear that he is now not only my slut but also my employee.

One morning I slipped a note into his book-bag along with a pair of my panties and the stainless emerald butt-plug, “Dear Lily’s Little Anal Whore, Wear both of these into your first class. Text me an hour into class and tell me how sexy you feel.” Right on time I received a text at ten-thirty from Josh, ‘Thank you Ms. Lily, My man-pussy is squirming all over the steel spike being pushed by the hard chair.’ I was already on my way to his campus when I texted him back, ‘You have ten minutes to make it to visitor parking, plug out, your pussy open, lubed, and clean.’

My pussy feels so fucking hot as I pull into the far end of the parking lot my Josh nervously bent into position holding onto parking sign. I didn’t say anything at first as I got out of the car wearing my sexy strap-on underneath my loosest pair of jeans. I came up behind him, taking off his coat, and reaching around roughly pulling open his khakis while ignoring his bulge in the lavender panties, “Josh, is your hole hot for me, begging for my cock, like it was that first night?” I take the back of the panties in my hand and tear them in half. Pulling my red upturned dildo out of my fly, I’m shoving into the entrance to his passage. His untouched cock pulses as he begs for my forgiveness. I laugh, “Cumming already? You know that just doubled how long and hard we need to ride your ass.”

On the car ride back to work my pants are open I’m stroking my clit beneath my leather harness. I look over into the passenger seat at the dirty dildo, reflect, and smile on how much of it my anal whore was able to take under those conditions. Stopped at a red light I close my eyes, seeing the field hockey players running by at the top of the parking lot as I pull back on my boy’s shoulders and pound his quivering body from behind. The light turns green, I step on the gas and taste my fingers, imagining Josh walking gingerly back to class still feeling my searing cock — torn, gooey panties dangling between his legs.

We usually arrive back to the house together around six. I relax while he puts on only an apron and makes dinner. After we eat together (so far he is an excellent cook) if I’m not going out, I meet him in the living room. For an hour or two I read or watch TV. I like stories where the Femme Fatale gets exactly what she deserves. My little whore has no hard duties during this time except to remain my little eye-candy, bare-ass on the floor. The only requirement is that he grips an anal plug, small, medium, large, or XL if I’m feeling particularly generous. So far, Josh usually ends up lying on his side curled around my feet.

Before bed I have him draw a bath, it helps me to sleep. From outside the tub Josh is allowed to stroke his cock without result as he gives me a sponge bath. After he towels me off, I lean over the side of my bed and from his knees my whore goes to work. With his tongue he makes the sweetest love to my asshole. Licking me long, circling my anal ring and then pushing his soft thick tongue oh so deep until I can’t help but reach down and stroke my clit. Climaxing with a slave’s soft intruding tongue up my tiny aperture is a pleasure, I’m certain, of which I will never tire.

As a bonus, that first night with both my hands I spread my ass for him and let him quickly jerk off, first. His pent up boy juice hit the crack of my ass like a cannon. It took him all of about 15 seconds. As if licking an ice cream cone in July, I reveled at how carefully my Josh licked up his runny cream.

That’s it. All he has to do cook and clean and constantly serve me orally, sexually, unquestionably, and he can live at the foot of my bed. So far, I’ve let him cum twice the first week and once the second week. By the Saturday of the second week I was ready to push his limits.

After morning service and breakfast I took him shopping. The first place we go to is the piercing parlor. I could tell that he was deeply panicked and embarrassed as I told the clerk that my “sex slave” wanted to get both his nipples pierced. I turned to Josh and cupped his cheek, “As you know, I was thinking of getting my nipples pierced, but this is much better. You take this painful part for me and then we can both enjoy them.” I squeezed his hand tight during the procedure. He thanked me for going through it with him. Then it is on to Victoria Secret before home.

“My nipples hurt beyond belief, Ms. Lily,” my Josh whines in the car ride home while holding his shirt from his skin.

“Josh, you’re sounding rather ungrateful! Is that really something a good slave would say?” I reprimand, frustrated.

“Thank you, Ms. Lily. You’re right. The more sensitive my nipples, my body, the more sensitive I am to you needs,” Josh says palming his own breast as if to get use to the pain. Just watching him is making me wet.

When we get home I take him straight into the living room. I decide that I had stared at his thick hairless cock long enough. I know I have all night if necessary and I am going to take my time. This would be the first time Josh’s cock will enter my pussy so I want to be sure of a couple of things. First, that he would have to endure. For my slut, there would be equal portions of pleasure and pain. And second, that it would be the fuck of his life. After this, he would never have the strength of will to leave me — even if I decide to never give him my pussy again.

From my living room, on either side of my sliding glass doors, I have a two big cast iron hooks from which two large plants hang. This day, however, my Josh will be hanging in between. First, I have him bend over and spread his hairless ass for me. I grease up my six inch utility vibrator. Josh takes the vibrator like a pro. “Thank you, Ms. Lily,” repeats my anal slut as I twist it in. Picking out a cute pair of lacy red panties I had bought for him, I pull them up over his bottom and his growing cock.

I’m taking care to tie each wrist high with a long silk scarf to the top of each iron arm. My pussy is so excited as I tighten the bonds and make my boy slut more and more helpless. I put on his neck the thick leather collar, a ball-gag, and a dark blindfold over his eyes. Then I pull open the long drapes to the condo courtyard. With the late afternoon sun hitting my terrace, I’m chuckling at my Josh’s predicament, on display, his ass in the frilly French-cut panties to anyone and everyone whom might happen by. Between his painfully sensitive nipples and his stuffed, vibrating ass, my slut’s vital swollen cock is standing straight out, pushing out the front of his panties.

I am so fucking hot and bothered I decide to go to the bedroom and lay down for a little bit. When I am sufficiently calm I make a couple of necessary phone calls. Then I pick up a non-sexual magazine, Garden and Guns, and try to calm myself, before getting back into it.

Twenty minutes and two magazines later, I’m just starting to formulate how to use my whore for my optimal value. I’m picking out the perfect black nylons with pretty darker lace that hold them up to top of my thighs. Picking out my favorite pair of black, dressy, strappy heels and fuck! The doorbell rings! With nothing else on I throw on a white dress shirt of my houseslut’s and head for the door. When I open it there is Michael and his wife, Jen!

Although at five foot-two, Jen is much shorter than either Michael or myself, at the moment every inch of her seems powerful. Michael has his head down in fear and shame.

“Hey Jen, hey Michael, this is a pleasant surprise. I haven’t seen you two since the Thompsons New Year’s Eve Party.” I stammer wondering what the hell this is all about. Suddenly, I’m feeling wonderfully slutty as I realize the shirt tails do not really cover the tops of my sexy nylons.

“Really, Lily? Is that so? Because Michael says, the reason I’m here is, Michael says he was over here a couple of weeks ago, filming you having sex with some young man you are seeing?” Jen accuses.

“Ummm. Is that what he said?” I answer, trying to play it smart while kinky thoughts race through my head. Such as, the numerous times Michael has told me the drawbacks of sex with Jen. For one, her inability to take his whole prodigious cock in her pussy, and forget anal.

Michael chimes in trying to cover, “Yeah. Jen thinks we’re having an affair. So I told her about you and your boyfriend, and the thing you asked me to do for you.”

Obviously, Michael wants me to cover his ass and keep the truth from coming out. That it was, in fact, he and I having sex while Josh was the one holding the camera. I decide to fight back with a little quasi truth of my own and knock them both off balance.

“Actually, Jen, I really wouldn’t say I’m seeing a young man. I would say, I’ve taken on a live-in employee or sex slave, and yes, Michael did film us having sex [lie], but the young man wasn’t fucking me, I was fucking him with my strap-on.” I answer her trying to sound earnest, as I feel a breeze come through the front door and tighten my nipples beneath the white shirt.

“So you asked my husband to film you fucking some guy in the ass?” Jen asks confused, turning to Michael, “And you did this?”

“Yeah. Ummm. I didn’t want to tell you about all of it. And, but, if Lily wants to tell you about it that’s up to her.” Michael lying through his teeth now, as only a man can.

At first, Jen stands silent contemplating her options, “Well, this is all a little strange, the whole thing. But, Lily do you think I could come in verify that he made this video?” With still a lilt in her voice that she knows her husband is still lying about something.

“You want to come in and watch my sex tape? Watch me, dressed in leather, sodomize some college boy? Can you handle that?”

“You don’t think I’ve ever seen a dildo before? Or your naked backside, Lily? You’ve been sure to flaunt that little butt of yours at every neighborhood pool party since you moved here.” Jen answers indignantly.

“Well Jen, this is my Saturday. And you may have noticed, all I plan to have on is my heels and my ‘fuck-me’ nylons. And I should caution you, my housemate, my college boy, is in the living room, waiting obediently to please that little butt of mine and my fake cock.” I reply as I play with the hem of the shirt exposing a little of my cunt.

“After you,” Jen.

With my guests following, I drop the shirt behind my high heels. I’m walking down the hall as if on a tight-rope to use my ass to full affect. The day’s sun sits low in the open space behind my building as we enter the spectacle that is my living room. My v-shaped stud, his lats and abs hold his ribs, hangs in the space of the natural light, casting a pall upon the room and the married couple.

I’m saying nothing at first, but walking over to the mantle above the fire place and lighting two candles, at one end a blue vase, the other end a red vase that sends a pink glow on my nipples. The silence is only broken by the muffled humming noise coming from my whore’s ass.

“I would like to accommodate you now, Jen. But I’m afraid if I don’t let my employee down soon he may sue me for unfair working conditions.” I say with my back turned to the couple as I’m going over to my creation. I notice his drool down the ball gag and on his chin. The first thing I reach is his cock and I’m squeezing it very very hard through the panties. I’m running my hands up his torso, and holding up his exhausted arms for him. My good little slut, still blindfolded, is lifting his head curious and embarrassed, no doubt, at the sound of others in the room.

Through the panties a wet stripe runs, following the length of his thick leaking cock. “My beautiful cock, an hour later, still pointing 70 degrees,” I say. In reaction to my hand the shiny head jerks over the waist band. I’m smiling at the nervous couple. “Can Michael’s cock still do that?”

“It works o.k., Lily, although I have a hunch you already know,” Jen answers softer than before. With the blue glow behind her long blond curls and round face, perfectly matching her full breasts and soft curves, it is all I can do by not crossing the floor and putting her over my knee. Instead, I slide my hand into the back my boy’s lacy panties and try to work the vibrator loose. Like a tack or a nail, it doesn’t want to come, and I must work it side to side first and then give it a long slow pull.

“My dirty little whore doesn’t want to give the vibrator up from his greedy pussy. Fuck, do I need a pliers, or, the cane?” I tell my boy-slut as he panics and tries to arch his back to accommodate me. With most of it out I turn the vibrator off, and then push it back in until he can grip it again. The panties have slid off his cock entirely now and just wraps his balls and cup his ass. His ass looks so delicious. The welts from the week before are almost completely gone. I can’t help but strike his ass with my open hand. His arms twist in his bonds while he tries to be a worthy and sticking his ass out for me.

Slap seven, then eight, I’m forgetting about everything else, then Jen interrupts, “Can we see the video, now?” She moves over to the TV console and eyes my recording equipment.

I give my boyslut three more and then stop. “I’ll tell you what, Jen,” with my best Cheshire cat grin while I run my hands over my Josh and tug on his sensitive nipples by the rings, “We can put the video on, but I need Michael to capture the cinematic moment over here before I let this tired young man down. Nobody quite holds a camera like Michael.”

Jen, is obviously conflicted, and doesn’t say a word as she holds the video for a few seconds and then puts it in the player. Michael hesitates, then takes the camera and moves closer. Michael, I can tell is already storing an erection through his pants and needs no further encouragement. He starts filming me while Jen sits down on an ottoman close to the TV and begins to watch.

I slowly straighten my nylons giving the cameraman the view of my long, lean legs and pussy. A pleasure he’s had many times in his past four years of infidelity. With Jen’s back turned, I tease Michael sliding my index finger into my pussy and then bring it up to his lips. He looks quickly to see if Jen is watching and then licks it clean.

I’m so pleased I have both my men together within spitting distance. My Josh is groaning as I slowly fuck him with the vibrator and play with his nipples. I whisper in my Josh’s ear , “You know what’s here?” pushing the vibrator deep, “Michael’s big cock.” Michael is taking his job serious, filming me giving my Josh the thrill of the unknown. As he films he seems oblivious to the fact that, of course, Jen is watching a bogus tape and thus, it might be trouble for his marriage. In the video, I’m moving into position behind Josh. Jen is watching intently, only stealing glances in our direction. It may not take her too much longer to figure out that the angle of the camera is not changing and Michael is not working the film.

All I want right now is to use my whore to seduce Michael to drive a wedge between him and Goldeelocks. Or, drive a different wedge into all three of them before the night is over. I stand in front of my slave and run the crack of my ass up and down his anxious, rock-hard cock. Michael, only a few feet away, has his hand is in pants stroking his long erection. For Michael, I’m putting my hands on my knees and arching my back, teasing now the head of Josh’s cock with my pussy lips.

I twist around and look at Jen. With one hand pinching her nipples and the other gently rubbing her cunt through her jeans, she is mesmerized by what she sees on the screen. In the scene, my Josh is on his knees moving his ass all around on my strap-on as if he truly believes he has a pussy.

Michael is over me, filming Josh’s cock unsuccessfully fuck my pussy. I move further away and tease my hanging toy further still, “Fuck my pussy, Josh. Isn’t your cock long enough?” Josh, spread-eagle, dildo buried, his cock pointing the way, is arching towards my backside as much as humanly possible. I look at Michael and wonder if I would have the willpower to tease his magnificent cock this way.

I tease, “Michael, can you help my slave reach my pussy?” Surprisingly, he grabs Josh by the balls and pulls him towards me until Josh’s cock touches my cunt. My toy is whimpering. I’m so fucking hot, I want to push back on my whore’s erection and reach over and pull Michael’s cock into my mouth. Michael looks at the back of his wife and lets go of Josh’s balls. Josh falls back off his feet and hangs trying to catch his breath through the ball-gag.

Mildly pissed off, I can see I’m not going to get Michael’s cock by the direct approach. I stand up and head towards Jen. Michael follows me with the camera. When I turn to her, she has both hands down the front of open jeans. I’m standing above her, my mound inches from her face. I have no idea whether Jen has ever been with a woman before, but I’m gratified that my video is having an effect on her. With my middle finger I stroke both sides of my clit, turning her attention from the two-dimensional to the surreal. I lift her to her feet.

We’re kissing long and deep, with my heels I’m a whole head taller, as I lean my slender naked frame into hers and hold on. She milks my tongue with her mouth as I caress the side of her pretty face. Michael is about four feet away filming his wife and his mistress make out. As I dip one finger into her slick, very tight cunt, she grabs my wrist and tries to keep me out. But I’m giving her more of my tongue and stroking her g-spot. She’s getting weak in the knees and I bring my hands up to her neck to support her.

I take her by the hand and bring over to where Josh and his tired, confused body still hang. The only light is from the TV and candles now, but as she moves into the darkness she can she more clearly. I’m pushing Jen to her knees, right in front of my Josh’s straining erection. Gripping it by the base, I hold the red swollen flesh to her face, “Jen, you know you made your decision as soon as you came through the front door. Now you just need to figure out how much of this you’re going to take for me.”

Michael is overwhelmed, filming his wife sucking a hard cock in her mouth other than his. I flick my Josh’s nipples with my fingers causing him pain on my end. I lick his ear and whisper sweet nothings, “Tell me you love me. And you know your vulnerable body is just an extension of my will.”

“I love you Ms. Lily. Anything. I would, my body would do anything for you,” Josh twists in his bonds, “Can I cum for you Ms. Lily?”

Despite not being able to deep throat it, Jen is sucking furiously, giving my Josh’s cock the most attention it’s received in weeks. I can’t help but chuckle and snap a metal ring around his cock and balls, “No.” My poor little Josh breathing turns quick and shallow. Jen leans in and is all business slurping away. Apparently, she thinks she is a better cock sucker than I am at training young men to obey me.

She is beautiful though, burying her forehead in my Josh’s abs, her jeans and panties are off her hips exposing her round ass and pink pussy from behind. Michael’s pants are also on his thighs as he’s filming his lovely wife from only inches away. I almost wouldn’t mind if Josh blows his load.

I continue my special brand of cock torture and whisper in his ear, “Does her mouth feel good, baby? You better be choking back your cum back, or else.” I pull back on his collar and scratch my fingernails down his back. I reach down and slide my hand around his throbbing cock and then push Jen back on her heels. I’m feeling like a magician or a puppet-master, showing Josh off for the couple. What can I have him do next?

“I’m sorry, Ms. Lily,” Josh whimpers, “I almost couldn’t stop.”

Overwrought and weeping, my Josh has a hard time calming down as I remove the blindfold and the ball-gag. Michael is untying his arms and helping me lower him to his knees next to Jen. She holds my boytoy in her arms trying to comfort and console him.

Michael and I tower above them both. I feel extra eyes on us all coming from the patio and I can’t help but hold Michael’s cock in Josh’s face. Adding insult to injury, “Come on. Don’t fucking hesitate and pretend you’re not ready this cock.” Josh obediently takes a real thing, Michael’s thing, in his mouth for the first time. The sheer size of it makes his efforts awkward at first, but soon my little whore is sucking hard on the bottom side of the shaft, giving Michael as much pleasure as possible.

Feeling bruised, below us, Jen’s mouth drops open. She came here tonight pissed at the prospect of me and Michael having an affair. Now, while Josh lather’s her husband’s shaft, I pull Michael’s mouth to mine and kiss him deeply. Her options are dwindling fast as I grip Josh by the hair and guide his mouth over the huge head of Michael’s cock. She starts kissing my Josh’s shoulder and collared neck. If she thinks she can take something from me she is mistaken. I pop My cock from Josh’s mouth and claiming everything, jump up, and wrap legs around Michael’s waist. I kiss Michael deeper, more passionately. Michael’s big hands support my ass as his cock rides my crack.

Without me even asking my whore knows what to do. He’s tonguing the length of Michael’s magnificent cock, from its balls to its head. Michael is overcome with desire and thrusts his cock into my pussy. I’m wanting to reach underneath us and make sure my Josh is properly sucking his balls, but I need to hang on to Michael’s shoulders. I’m in love with this position as I have both my boys exactly where I’ve dreamed.

When I finally get my bearings, I look around for the cuckold wife. Jen has her head into the couch seat cushions, crying. A part of me wants to make her feel better, but not the part that is wrapped around her husband’s long hard cock. He’s amazing! Standing, fucking me. Slamming me down on his wood. I feel my whore’s tongue in my asshole and I’m clenching and cumming, clenching and cumming. I dig my fingernails into Michael’s broad shoulders as I look over at Jen and feel his cock pulse inside me.

Michael puts me back on my feet and Josh is eager to lick my pussy clean. Michael wants to go to Jen but I hold his cock until my whore has had a chance to clean him as well. My eager employee is milking the reminents from Michael’s spent cock while I whisper in his ear to trust me and that I have a plan. I lay Josh down on his back, turn on the slick vibrator still lodged in his ass. I then have Michael lay down on his back. I pull Josh’s thighs over Michael’s. Michael, apprehensive at first, lifts his balls while Josh moves closer until the free end of the humming vibrator finds Michael’s asshole. With the scarves that tied up Josh, I now tie their wrists together. Michael’s right wrist to Josh’s left wrist and Josh’s right wrist to Michael’s left wrist. It is perfect. They are balls to balls, vibrating anus to vibrating anus, cock to delicious cock, just waiting for my next direction.

I squeeze the two veiny columns together and stroke up and down, “Jen, come here, baby.” I smile over at the diminutive tight cunt. She can’t stay mad, wipes her tears, and slowly crawls over. Lube is everywhere. Rubbing balls together as they compete to impale each other. Jen and I use our four hands, stroking their cocks together. We lean together and I kiss her full lips over the beautiful site. I have her straddle Josh’s chest as I mount Michael’s.

With the men bound together and Jen and I on top, my pussy couldn’t be any hotter. I throw my legs over Jen’s. My long athletic legs, encased in black nylon, seem twice the length of hers. How sexy and in-charge I must look to anyone watching? Jen’s pussy and mine meet in the middle. Our cunts, our lips, our clits, rubbing up and down, and pushing together the two swollen greasy cocks. I’m pulling her forehead to mine and looking her in the eyes as I squeeze Michael’s cock between us, “You may think it belongs to you, but this cock will never get enough of my pussy.” I’m feeding it into my cunt, swallowing it almost whole despite the squeeze to prove my point.

Jen’s angry jealous side appears as I bang my cunt down, again and again — a pleasure she only understands the half of. Then I push down on Josh’s cock between us and press it against her asshole.

With apprehension she confesses, “I’m not very good at anal. It’s always hurt.”

I look in her eyes and say, “Then it is a good thing I’m here to teach you how to take it.” I pull my soft feline closer and kiss her deeply as she feels my slave’s cockhead pop into her ass. She hugs me back. I’m spreading her ass with my hands and Josh’s thick, swollen cock is burrowing deeper.

“It’s too much,” Jen.

“It’s all in now, baby.” I lie as I tickle her clit and push her deeper on Josh’s, My cock.

With Michael’s cock banging it my pussy, I grind my mound against Jen’s. The men are still pushing against the toy and us. With my hands I push Jen’s stiff nipples together and pull them both in my mouth. She throws her head back. The four of us connected, finding a rhythm, I pull Jen tighter to me and look out the sliding doors.

“Woo! Yeah! That’s it!” Voices from the patio rise, “Fuck that cock!”

At the beginning of the night, after I had tied my houseslut up, I had placed a call to Josh’s fraternity. I made them aware that I would be making Josh my bitch all night and said they could watch the show from my patio. Of course, I had no idea at the time that it would be a foursome.

Jen looks over at the half-dozen or so figures in the shadows and panics and squirms. I also feel my men slowly struggle below me. This is not over yet, and I wrap my legs around Jen’s torso and slap my slave’s chest with my feet, “Fuck her ass, my dirty whore. This is what you’re here for.” Josh quickly understands the pain I’m bringing to his nipples and returns to humping the vibrator.

I look at Jen deeply and kiss her sweet as I can. A look of total pleasure and submission comes over her soft face. She seems to understand for the first time how crazy and exciting this is. I slide off Michael’s cock and offer it to her pussy. With anxious eyes she agrees to try and take both cocks in her small frame for her fans, for Michael, but mostly for me. Jen’s rocking against me as the cocks are trying to find the room inside her. I wrap my hands around her throat, pulling her down, and bite her chin, making her submission more real as she squirms. I can’t help but wonder if what she really wants is my strap-on.

She’s breathing heavy now and grinding down for her own pleasure. I bite her bottom lip and smile. Holding my cunt, I stand up and admire my masterpiece. I stand next to my slave’s head so he can show his respect and kiss my heel. Then it’s on to the kitchen and where I grab a six pack for my audience and head for the sliding glass doors. Jen is working her ass up and down, too involved in her first Dp to care what I am doing.

Stepping onto the patio in just my nylons and heels, I’m confronted with five college boys hanging out on my lawn furniture. I smile, “I thought some of you might be getting thirsty about now.” I hand the six-pack over, although their already drinking. Looking back to my living room, they have a perfect view of the threesome. The room backlit, two men, cock to cock with a beautiful blond bombshell, bouncing on top like a woman possessed.

Jen is looking in our direction. She’s looking at me and cupping her own breasts for affect. A young man who’s holding a camera makes a pass at me, “It seems in there that the blond is having all the fun.”

Handsome and self-assured, he’s sitting and I move closer to dare him with my glistening mound. “Blonds may take more cock, but in my house raven hair Dommes give it.” I say while fingering pussy.

“I’d like to give you my cock,” the cocky jock replies.

“I’m sure you would,” I step closer to him and put one heel on the seat of a chair, exposing my pussy. He readily moves to the edge of the chair. I put my hands on my hips as he leans in tongues my pussy lips and finds my clit. The others are blown away as attention has shifted from my living room to me. He puts his hands on my ass for leverage but I lift them off. He’s sucking and sucking like a good little slut, but I slowly pull away while taking his camera with me, “I’ll let you know if I need an opening.”

As I go back inside, I lock the glass doors and turn on the porch lights. Jen, Michael, and my slut all quickly notice the audience more clearly. The men lift their tied hands onto Jen, thinking of moving her off. I’m in total fucking heat, I step to Jen with my cunt in her face and cup the back of her head.

“I’ve never licked a woman before,” she looks up at me, concerned most with her own mounting orgasm.

We’re past small talk as I drive her mouth into my crotch. Jen’s tongue goes to the roof of my channel and quickly finds my clit. I’m on top of this beautiful pyramid that is sure to crumble beneath me at any moment. With her nose buried in pubs, my blond honey-pot surrenders to me with her eyes. Both men are grabbing her body frantically, undoubtedly about to shoot their loads inside her. She still is only taking about half of each cock inside her, but it is sexy as hell.

I turn around, arch my back, and pull her face to my asshole as the men outside tap the glass and cackle with approval. Her head struggles between my ass at first, but then I feel her licking my asshole. I look over and some of the boy’s hard-ons are out of their pants, desperately stroking. With a hand behind me holding Jen’s head to my ass, I lower myself, my unfinished pussy, over her Michael’s mouth. “Now my fucking slut!” I groan out loud, “Cum deep in her ass!”

All three of them are cumming, pulling tighter and tighter together, shaking with delight, as the two tongues inside me trigger my own glorious climax. My eyes are closed and I’m savoring the couple still sloppily sharing all that is between my legs. A minute later my poor houseslut still can’t stop convulsing his spent dick.

As I take out the vibrator, I motion for Josh to fetch my cock. My slave returns on his knees with my strap-on in his teeth and humiliation down his spine. I walk over to the sliding doors and wag my ass at the boys on the other side of the glass thinking of the possibilities.

I take the strap-on from my poor slave’s mouth and slowly slide it into place. I’m tightening it up as I call to my new blond little slut, “Crawl over here, by these college boys. You owe it your fans to show them your stretched pussy and asshole.” She doesn’t hesitate but moves across the floor like a sore animal.

Her head is down and her ass and pussy are up. It is my move, again. I’m leaning over and running my hand over her soft smooth ass, finding my spot. Whack! Hitting her ass with my open hand. She arches for me and I hit her again, harder. Yes, her holes open for me and begin to leak. I dip one heel of my stiletto into her asshole and capture some cum. I then mount my foot on top. Josh has his head down, not wanting to look his friends in the eye. I snap my fingers and he crawls over and trembling licks my heel where it is embedded into her soft tush. I look to the glass and can’t help but smile at the boy whose camera I took. He’s fixated, stiff cock, pants and boxers at his knees, with both his hands spread on the glass as if positioning for me.

I grease up the end of the dildo for my new slut’s ass, determined to go deeper. Josh and Michael instinctively know there place. Josh moves the side of his face to the small of Jen’s back, while Michael grabs the camera. Before getting on my knees behind his wife, I lovingly kiss Michael, “Close the curtains. This is for us.”

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