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The Burlesque Dancer

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It was Valentines Day and my husband, James, had told me to arrange a babysitter for the evening as he had booked ticket to a show as a surprise. I was very excited at the thought of a romantic night out, just the two of us. We didn’t get to spend as much time alone as we would both like as he worked long hours and I stayed at home to care for our three young children, so I decided I was going to make an extra special effort this evening.

James was going to pick me up at seven, so I dropped the children off early to the grandparents and took my time getting ready. I was feeling turned on at the thought of the sex that I was sure would come later on that evening and anticipating everything we were going to do. I put on my silk hold up stockings and lace underwear that never fail to get him excited and put on a tight fitting little black dress. I took extra time with my hair and make up and felt pleased with what I saw in the mirror – a young woman, long blonde wavy hair with an hourglass shape.

I heard James’s key in the front door and went down to meet him. He gave me a big smile when he saw how good I looked, and I felt pleased that after several years of marriage we could still ignite that feeling in one another.

He opened the door to the car for me and we drove for sometime to a quite part of a small town and parked outside a small and very old looking theatre. Above the door was a sign surrounded by tiny lights saying “Burlesque Dance Show”. I was shocked for a moment as it was not what I had been expecting, but quickly began to think what turn on it would be to watch beautiful women in stunning lingerie take their clothes off in front of my husband and I. I lent over and kissed him and said “thank you darling, what an original idea!”. We went in and he handed over the tickets he had pre-bought and an elderly man led us to a little table right next to the stage. The theatre was beautiful inside. Although a little run down, it still had all of its original beauty. The gilt paint may have been cracked in places, but it only added to the atmosphere of the place. There were only thirty or so other tables in the place, all of which were already filled with men, and a few other couples like ourselves seeking a bit of excitement. A young man came round selling programmes and James bought us one. It was only a small printed book, with each of the dancer’s names and pictures and a short paragraph about them. I had a quick look through, but then suddenly the lights dimmed and a spotlight came on stage the Compare came out. He was a man in his late sixties, dressed in full tails and looked like he was made for this job. He announced the first dancer, Thai Orchid, and immediately she came on stage as the music started. She was a tiny oriental looking girl with a short twenties style bob. She was not a traditional beauty, but she was very graceful and petite, and I was loving watching her prance around the stage, slowly undressing, until she was entirely naked. I glanced at James and watched him enthralled in the show, and then noticed that he had an erection that was bulging in his trousers. I was so turned on at the thought that we were both getting excited watching these women teasing us.

As the Compare came back on stage, and called the next girl out, I slipped my hand under the table and began rubbing his thick cock through his trousers. He looked at me surprised, but then adjusted he suit jacket so it slightly shielded others from seeing.

After several girls had danced for us, the Compare came back on stage. “Gentlemen, and Ladies of course, it is now time for our final act and our most treasured gem here at the theatre, Velveteen Rose. She is known by all burlesque connoisseurs as the best in the business, and no one ever leaves her show disappointed. So please, put your hands together for, Velveteen Rose”. There was a loud round of applause, and several of the men stood as the band struck up a beautiful jazzy song. She slowly came out on to stage and I gasped at how attractive I found her. She had long dark curly hair, large full round breasts and lovely wide hips – the perfect female shape. She was dressed in a red lace basque, red silk French knickers and red fishnet hold ups. She sat down on a chaise lounge that was in the middle of the stage and lay back, slowly slipping off each stocking and then began to walk closer to the front of the stage, directly in front of James and I and began pulling at the ribbons of her corset. Suddenly, she made eye contact with me and we held each other’s gaze for a second too long. I broke the stare first and looked down blushing at the intimacy of the moment.

When I managed to look up again she was still looking at me as she began opening her corset to reveal her cream skinned full breasts. She gave me a half smile and I couldn’t help but return the smile. This time I didn’t break I eye contact. I couldn’t have taken my eyes off her if I wanted too. I suddenly felt my husband’s hand slipping up my dress to the sensitive skin at the top of my stockings. I gasped as I felt his fingers slipping between the fabric of my underwear and working their way toward the already went mound beneath. From the angle we were sat, the only person in the room who could see his hand between my legs was “Velveteen Rose” on stage. She was now standing in just her beautiful red silk French knickers and slowly dancing while making eyes at both myself and James. I felt so close to the edge, watching this goddess on stage while my husband gently rubbed my clitoris. I watched as she turned her back to us while bending down slowing and removing her knickers. I could just see the slightest glimpse of her perfectly hair free pussy from between her legs, it was only for a second, but it was enough to send me in to orgasm at the touch of my husbands fingers now working themselves between my lips and into my pussy. She looked as us and smiled, then bowed and left the stage.

Everyone stood in applause, and my husband removed his fingers from between my legs and joined them. I was too shaken to stand, but I thought I had enjoyed her performance more than anyone else at the show. The Compare came back on stage and said that if anyone wanted to meet the girls backstage and get their programmes signed, they could do so if they wished. I looked at James and he said “There is only one of those girls I would really like to meet, and I can guess it is the same one as you would like to meet too. Did you see the way she was looking at us? God, that was such a turn on!”. We got up from our table and joined the small queue of men that were waiting at the back door to the stage. We were last in the queue, but after a short wait, it was finally our turn. I felt a little apprehensive at the thought of meeting this woman. What would I say, especially as she had seen what my husband had been doing to me while I watched her undress! This could be a little awkward I thought.

The compare emerged from Velveteen’s dressing room and then led us in. “It’s alright Edward, you can leave them here. I’m just going to sign their programme and then I’ll be right out”, Velveteen said. Edward, the Compare, nodded and said, “Of course, Sweetheart, I’ll just be out front tidying up. Give me a call if you need anything”. He then left the small dressing room and shut the door. There was a moment of awkwardness, before she broke the silence. “I don’t know who put on a better show, you or me!”. I smiled and said, “I think we found your show quite, erm, inspiring!”.

She had on a black silk night gown, but I could see that underneath she had put on the red underwear and stockings from earlier. She came over to me and held my chin up to the light and looked at me, “You are a very lucky man. Your wife, I take it she is your wife, is very attractive. But then again, you too are a very handsome man. I think you make a lovely couple”. “Thank you”, we both said in unison.

She began running her hand up and down my arm, causing goose pimples, before casually taking my hand in hers. “Would you like me to teach you to dance for and please your husband the way I just have? You are a very sexy woman and I think you would be a pleasure to teach. What do you both say?”.

She gently pushed James down on an antique chair in the corner, and led me by the hand to a French styled room screen that was about five foot tall, so that once we were behind it, he could only see our heads. She began slipping the dress off my shoulders, looking deep in to my eyes the whole time, until I stood in front of her with just my underwear and stockings. Then she walked around to the back of me and began to unfasten my bra, while doing so began to kiss the back of my neck.

I looked at James to gauge his thoughts and he was smiling at us both and rubbing his hard cock through his trousers. I gathered from that, that he was as much up for this little adventure as I was. She pulled off the bra and slid her hands down my slender waist to the tops of my knickers and began to bend down as she pulled them down, kissing down my back to the bare full cheeks of my bum. She then began to dress me in an emerald green basque, matching knickers and stockings. I felt limp in her hands, immersed in the feeling of her hands as the brushed my skin as she dressed and caressed me.

Finally, once she was happy with the costume, she took me by the hand and led me back out to James, who looked like he was ready to cum there and then. He looked adoringly at the both of us, both dressed in authentic burlesque dress, and both so obviously turned on by one another. She took James’s hand slid it down her body teasingly and I watched, wanting to be the one touching her. She then pulled me over and guided my husband’s hands over my body, while she kissed my neck and began pulling at the top of the basque so it released my heaving breasts. She smiled at James and said “Enjoy our little show my dear, but be careful not to cum. I have plans for you”. She pulled me in to her and kissed me full on the lips, and for the first time I let my hands begin to explore her heavenly body. She took me to the chaise that she had used on stage, and was now in her dressing room and laid me back. I felt her pull my silk knickers down and I felt so exposed as she pulled my legs apart and began to kiss her way up my thigh to the exposed flesh at the top of the stockings and ran her fingers up and down the lips of my pussy, while kissing the thin line of hair at the top, working her way down slowly to the glistening lips. I involuntarily pushed my hips up to meet her mouth and tongue, but she pushed me back down, opened me up and licked in one sweep from bottom to top, before hungrily opening me further and sucking and licking me to ecstasy.

James now had his cock out of his trousers and was sitting in just his shirt, opening rubbing his large cock, while watching his wife’s pussy being eaten. Velveteen then lifted her head and kissed me full on the mouth. The taste of her lips and my pussy together was intoxicating. She stood and pulled of her own knickers to reveal the perfectly hair free pussy that I had glimpsed earlier. I pulled her hips towards me and let her sit on my face. I couldn’t wait to taste her beautiful pink folds. I pulled her down and let her grind down on my tongue while I lapped at the honey that was flooding out of her. I slid one finger in her pussy and with the other hand I began to finger myself. I couldn’t get enough of her, my tongue couldn’t get deep enough in her pussy and I couldn’t get enough of her juice on my tongue. I wanted to be covered in the taste of her.

She was watching James while she rode my face and was turned on by being watched. She asked him “why don’t you come and lick your wife’s exquisite pussy. I’ve just tasted it and its divine?”. She then switched to face the other way, so she could watch which he knelt in front of the chaise and began lapping at my lips. I felt him gently sucking at my clit while he worked one, and then two of his fingers in and out of my pussy, before offering them to Velveteen to suck clean. She was grounding down hard now, and rocking back and forward, her rhythm building and then she began shaking as her sweet creamy juice filled my mouth and my finger felt her clamp down. She got of my face and kissed me again.

She said “Why don’t we get your husband nice and hard ready for the fuck of his life?” and with that he sat on the chaise and we both knelt at his feet and took it in turns to suck on his throbbing red head. I was proud that it was so big, one of us could suck the head and the other was licking his length and balls. His pre cum seeping out, before being licked off by us both. She then said “I think your husband may like to taste my pussy? What do you think?.” I agreed that would definitely be a good idea, and I watched her straddle his face while I sucked his cock and watched his hands deftly open her pussy and eat every inch of her delectable snatch. He had two fingers forcing their way in her hole and his tongue was circling her clitoris. I loved watching him lick so wantonly at her and I couldn’t wait to watch his cock in that beautiful pussy.

Eventually she said, “As I’m sure you can taste, I’m very wet. I think its time to ride that lovely big cock of yours”, and with that she sat on his lap with her back towards him, so her legs were open and I could see every inch of that beautiful pussy. I lifted James’ hard cock towards her pussy and rubbed the head up and down the wet pink slit while I sucked on her clitoris. Once I knew they were on the edge, I guided his huge head between her sweet pink lips and she eased herself down slowly, taking him in inch by inch until she was totally impaled on his huge stiff cock. It was the most incredible thing to watch his cock pull out, covered in slick wetness, before he forced in back in her tight lip. She was moaning and he pumped in back and forth and I licked both his cock and pussy at the same time. It wasn’t long before I could tell she was having another orgasm, and I watched closely as this sent James over the edge and he roughly began to fuck her pussy as hard as he could before his balls stiffened and he pumped her pussy full of creamy thick cum. His cock slipped out of her and as it did his cum dripped out. I couldn’t control my urge. I pushed a finger in my soaking pussy and finger fucked myself as I lent forward and began lapping at the creamy cum and juice that covered her lips. Her pussy was so sensitive from the pounding it had just taken, so I licked her gently at first before I slipped a finger back in to her now stretched and juicy hole and brought her back off in my mouth while licking and cleaning her pussy up. I gave myself orgasm after orgasm whilst licking her. My whole hand was drenched with wetness.

We all recovered and stood up. She kissed us goodbye and said “I thoroughly enjoyed you both and I hope you feel the same. You are a lovely couple and I sincerely hope you’ll come to another of my shows”. She then wrapped her dressing gown back round her and left the room.

I was so shaken by the whole evening that I found it hard to dress again. James helped me put my clothes back on before kissing me and thanking me for allowing such an amazing experience. We loved each other more than ever, and sharing another woman for the evening, just proved how much we were in tune with each other sexually, even after so many years.

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