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The Beach Hut

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“The ocean is so beautiful. I wish I could stay out here all night.” Cadence said, snuggling closer to her man. She sat and watched as the beautiful sunset was slowly dipping below the horizon. To her right the lifeguard was closing shop in his hut, leaving them alone on the beach. Most of the other people had already left; on occasion a couple would walk by, completely absorbed in each other.

“Think you could possibly extend your vacation for another week? It seems like you just got here. And who knows when we might get to see each other again….we barely see each other as it is.” Tyler looked at her, astounded that they had been able to make this relationship work long distance. Every time she left it was harder and harder.

“I can’t, I have to get back. You know I’d stay longer if I could.” Shivering, she ran her arms over the long grey sweatshirt that covered her swim suit. The day was warm, but the waves rolled in cooler weather. “At least we don’t take our time together for granted.” Leaning over, she gently kissed him on the neck and waited for him to respond.

Tyler looked away from her and didn’t respond.

“Don’t be mad, we knew it had to be this way when we got involved. Eventually we won’t live so far apart.” Cadence reached her hand over to touch his face and force him to look at her. She closed the gap between them as she moved in for a kiss. Teasing his bottom lip with teeth she kissed him solidly on the lips. Cadence looked at him as the ocean blew wisps of hair in her face. Brushing them back, she kissed him again and explored his mouth with her tongue. His lips tasted of coconut and salt, so soft and sweet.

She could feel his body react to her touch. Tyler pulled her in closer, picking her up and dropping him in between his legs. Wrapping his arms around her she nuzzled his neck and kissed his ear.

“There is something about you that just turns me on.” She said, finding the bottom of his shirt and running her hands under it. She played with the waistband of his swim trunks, pulling at them and indicating she wished they were off.

Tyler ran his hand up her leg and found the edge of her swim suit. He toyed with it, knowing that in an instant he could pull the crotch of the suit to one side….

Cadence kissed him again, feeling the heat flood to her face. She wanted him so bad that she just wanted to beg him to touch her. Running her fingers north on him, she found a nipple and ran her palm over it. It hardened to her touch, and taking turns she fingered the other one, squeezing it a bit. It wasn’t enough for her…. Cadence pulled his shirt over the top of his head. She would warm him up.

Looking around, no one was in the area. She bent her head and took the nipple in her mouth. Flicking it with her tongue she kissed her way up his chest to his shoulder. She ran her fingers lightly down his chest, dying to throw herself into him.

Tyler ran his hands up her back, lifting up her sweatshirt. She assisted in ripping it off, only being warmed by his skin. Turning her body into his she pushed him back into the sand, giggling. Lying side by side, they kissed and listened to the crashing surf. The passion was mounting and Cadence slipped her hand down Tyler’s pants. Grasping his cock, she ran her hands up and down feeling it stiffen in her hands. Slow yet firm she continued to run her hands up and down; an occasional caress over the tip.

Tyler noticed they were blanketed in the darkness. He slid his hands up and down her hips, slowly making his way to her mound. He ran his hands on the outside of her suit, feeling the wetness of her. She was ready for him and they were just getting started. His finger pushed away her suit and made room to wiggle in. Finding her pussy he slowly slid in a finger and watched as her eyes closed. He took turns fingering her then running his finger up and down the slit, rubbing her clit. He was so gentle but Tyler could tell he was driving her crazy. He could hear her breathing quicken with every stroke. With his other hand, he pulled at her bathing suit to allow both breasts to tumble out. Tyler bent to take a nipple in his mouth and sucked.

A moan escaped Cadence’s lips. She bent her hips up to meet his caress. She would have gladly fucked his fingers, but she wanted his throbbing dick inside her.

“Hold still,” he said, “someone is walking past. I don’t think they can see us, but you never know.”

They froze as the couple walked by.

“I have an idea. Follow me.” Tyler helped her to her feet and walked her about a hundred feet to the empty lifeguard shack. “This should work.”

They walked up the ramp. As soon as they were inside, Cadence threw her body against his. She ran her fingers up and down his chest….scratching his back. She pulled her breasts out for him, begging him to touch them as she again grabbed his cock. He pushed her against the wall of the shack, pushing himself against her as she grinded into him.

“I just want you to fuck me. I don’t want to wait, and I don’t want you to be gentle.” Cadence let out a moan as Tyler grabbed the back of her hair and exposed her neck, kissing her and nibbling her ear lobe.

“Oh, God.” She moaned.

Within a split second Tyler backed away from her and without a word took down his pants and grabbed her by the wrist. He sat down on a chair he saw in the corner of the hut, his cock standing at attention. Cadence understood as she jerked off her suit and walked over to him.

She straddled him, standing above him ready to sit on his cock. Cadence reached down to her pussy and rubbed, running her hand up and down. With a wet hand, she grabbed his cock and stroked. Her hand ran up and down, as his mouth found her nipples and sucked on them. Tyler’s breathing was becoming heavier now; he reached up and grabbed two handfuls of breasts, massaging them. Just when he thought she’d never fuck him, she let the tip of his cock enter her as she very slowly pushed him into her. She took all of him in and slowly began rocking her hips back and forth. She pushed his face in between her breasts as she stood and let his dick slip out of her, before sitting hard and shoving him into her again. Picking up a rhythm she found a pace and bounced on his lap, riding his cock hard and fast.

Suddenly she stopped and quickly turned in his lap. Her back facing him, she again hopped aboard, riding him hard and pulling his hands around to cup her breasts. Cadence reached with a hand and fondled her clit and she rode him hard. The thought of her playing with herself only turned him on more as he groped her tits. She fucked him hard, wanting him to come so that she could follow. He was so sexy; she was having such a hard time waiting.

Cadence was grinding her hips into his so hard she could feel the orgasm almost there. It was like she was in slow motion. As much as she didn’t want to cum yet, she couldn’t wait. She began moaning loud, calling his name….groaning as she threw her head back and sped up as she rode him. She wanted all of him.

Tyler heard her moaning and calling his name which brought him to climax with her. His hot cum shot up inside her as he grabbed at her breasts tightly, his hips lifting off the chair to meet hers. Cadence continued to move her hips and let him slide in and out of her until they were both spent.

Cadence stood and let his cock slide out of her. Cum drizzled down her leg and she quickly gathered it on her finger tips. She looked at her man and slid two fingers in her mouth. Within seconds she was on her knees in front of him, licking him clean. As she removed her mouth, a string of cum ran from his dick to her mouth.

Tyler groaned in pleasure, surprised that his cock was already getting hard. Cadence noticed this as well and quickly moved her mouth to his balls. Taking one in her mouth she gently sucked and rolled it around on her tongue while sliding her hands up and down his shaft. Tyler slid lower on his chair so that he was barely still on it, and spread his legs wide so she could have better access.

Cadence let his balls slip out of her mouth and replaced them with her finger, getting it nice and wet. She smiled at him and slowly ran her finger along the crack of his ass, toying with him. She hadn’t tried this with him before; worried that he might be offended for her trying. She looked into his eyes, searching for discontent. Finding none, she gently spread his ass. Before she touched him there, she opened her mouth wide and fit it over his cock. She wanted him relaxed so that he would have a good experience…and she knew that he loved when she sucked his cock.

Tyler moaned in ecstasy as he felt her mouth tighten like a vacuum around his throbbing dick. The way she was going to town he thought she would just suck the cum right out of him. Lost in pleasure he felt a wet finger run over his asshole. At first his eyes popped open, but he relaxed instantly as he realized that it only heightened his pleasure. He enjoyed every pass and every tease; it all felt so good he wasn’t sure where to direct his attention to. Tyler’s breath caught in his throat as he felt Cadence push gently into him. Oh my God, the pleasure!

Cadence continued to massage him with her mouth, fingering his ass gently….at times pushing it in farther and farther.

Tyler knew that if she did it one more time he would blow a wad down her throat. He turned on more than he had ever been. He pushed Cadence off of him rather roughly to avoid an orgasm. He had an animalistic need to fuck her, and he didn’t know if he could be gentle.

Pulling her up by her arm, he pulled her close and kissed her deeply. Cadence forced her tongue roughly into his mouth, moaning as he slid his hand down and pet her pussy. Tyler dove two fingers into her wet snatch and pushed up as far as he could. In and out he finger fucked her, loving the feel of her juices getting all over his hand.

“How do you like that, baby? Do you like it when it’s rough?” He gritted his teeth as a growl escaped from her lips. “Do you like it when I stick my fingers up in you and fuck you with them?”

Cadence’s mouth flew open and her head tilted back. She could barely whisper, “Yes, baby…yes!”

Tyler lowered his mouth to her breast and grabbed a hard nipple between his teeth.

“Oh. Fuck Tyler! You’ve got to fuck me; I want to feel you cum in my ass!”

Tyler removed his fingers and quickly spun her around and bent her over, allowing her to help balance herself on the seat of the chair. He spread her ass cheeks and wiped her wetness all over his cock. He slowly pushed himself in the first time, not wanting to rip her to shreds….giving her ass time to expand and allow him full access.

Cadence inhaled deeply, pain turning quickly into pleasure. “Fuck me, Tyler….fuck me in the ass. It feels so good….”

The words echoed in his ears and he knew he wouldn’t last much longer. Tyler grabbed her hips and began pounding into her, his cock now sliding in and out with ease. He watched as his girlfriend frantically rubbed circles on her clit. Her moaning was hitting an all-time high and he was sure that they were going to get busted. The thought of getting caught…Cadence playing with herself and moaning in pleasure….

Tyler gave one final thrust and felt his cock unload into her as he slowly continued to slide in and out of her ass. Once Cadence felt the hot warmth shoot into her she followed suit and came fast and hard. They both panted, unable to speak for a moment. At last, Tyler broke the silence as he scooped Cadence in his arms.

“Ahhhh,” he said, “I love San Diego.”

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