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Seducing The Principal

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Returning to school after summer vacation is always a tremendous bummer. As Britney Wilcox pressed the small red button on her car key, she sighed with a slight hint of despair as her 2009 Corvette convertible’s anti-theft system armed. Though this was the first day of her final year of high school, the eighteen year old would much rather be elsewhere;

back on Long Island would certainly be nice. Standing a solid 5’9″ on a pair of long, immaculately shaped, dark tan legs with exquisite feminine muscle definition that were wrapped up today in skin tight designer jeans, Britney strode sexily like a runway model everywhere she went. Snapping a piece of bubble gum between her pristine, sparkling white teeth, Britney dug into her purse and pulled out her lip gloss. Raising her Prada sunglasses into her hair line, Britney quickly examined her stunning face in the dark tinted windows of her corvette.

Applying another thin layer of cherry flavored gloss to her full and succulent lips, Britney ran her tender sexy hands through her gorgeously full and flowing blonde hair that draped down to her shoulder blades. Quickly glancing over her freshly manicured and polished fingernails, Britney also admired the still glowing summer tan on her sleek and toned arms. With a sly and seductive grin, Britney slipped her sunglasses back over her deep and captivating blue eyes as she took a moment to again admire the brand new beautiful 36 D-cup breasts that were straining with all their might to break out from underneath the soft fabric of her Bebe T-shirt. Having been an eighteenth birthday present from her father and stepmother this past summer, the “girls” were now beautifully accentuated by the skin tight shirt that clung as snuggly to Britney’s lean and slender torso as her jeans did to her immaculately curved and firm hips, thighs and scrumptious bottom.

Hearing familiar voices coming up behind her, Britney turned to find that she was being surrounded by a small group of her close friends and fellow cheerleaders. Being the head cheerleader on the varsity squad at Scottsdale High, as well as the daughter of a former Miss Arizona and Miss America, Britney Wilcox was the female equivalent of a man’s man; a ladies lady if there is such a thing. She was the girl that all the other girls wanted to be like; the one they looked up to and desperately sought the acceptance and approval of. Britney had a virtually insatiable appetite for sex and was well known to be very active and adventurous in her sexual escapades and conquests. Having been trained and mentored by her mother; the Jedi Master of seduction and the ultimate vixen and femme fatale, Britney had been on the prowl from an early age. While many referred to her as a slut and nappy whore, Britney was in fact extremely particular in her sexual pursuits and like any agile hunter of any game, enjoyed the hunt far more than the actual capture and conquer. Using her sinfully sexy body as bait, her seductive feminine woes as the trap and her devious vixen mind as her weapon, Britney had virtually cornered the market on seduction and by the end of her junior year, was actually becoming board with it. It had become far too easy.

But over this past summer, Britney Wilcox had an awakening; a sexual awakening of unprecedented proportions. She had been thrust into an entirely new dimension of sexual experience and fulfillment. While visiting her father in the Hampton’s of Long Island, Britney was decisively beaten at her own game. Not even realizing it until after the fact, Britney had all of her training and tactics used against her and the result was the ushering in of a new epoch in the annals of her very sexual existence. Britney went from being the cunning hunter to the unsuspecting hunted. She had been naively trapped by the seductive woes of her hunter and ultimately captured and conquered by an equally devious vixen mind. Yes, Britney Wilcox had been seduced by another woman; her thirty-eight year old stepmother Cynthia; and the result was a torrid and lustful affair that existed in secret for the remainder of the summer.

Britney’s parents, Jack and Elaine Wilcox, had divorced when Britney was just seven years old and Jack moved back to Long Island while Britney and Elaine remained in their hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona. The following year, when Britney was eight, Jack remarried to a woman who was ten years his junior; twenty-eight year old Cynthia Ross. Britney was a flower girl at the wedding. Britney never liked Cynthia and the two of them were never remotely close or even friendly for the first nine and a half years of the marriage. Living so far apart, it was very easy to avoid each other; Jack usually came to Scottsdale to visit Britney on weekends during the school year, and during the summer visits Britney would take to Long Island, the two of them would usually travel while Cynthia remained behind and worked. But it had been five years since Britney had last spent a summer with her father prior to this one, so she hadn’t seen Cynthia since her thirteenth birthday. Needless to say, Britney had changed considerably and Cynthia, being a cunning seductress and sexual hunter in her own right, just couldn’t resist the temptation to seduce the sexy young vixen.

After their initial encounter in the swimming pool, Britney was at a loss for words. The waves of lust and desire that overtook her as she and her stepmother sexually ravaged each other over and over were indescribable. It wasn’t until the following morning that it really sunk in what had happened. Being somewhat frightened at first at how primal and out of control she had become, Britney’s fear quickly turned to anger when the realization came that her stepmother had not only cheated on her father, but did it with his own daughter. But the more Britney replayed the encounter, the deeper her lust and passion went. There was something so unbelievably arousing about not only having been seduced by another woman, but by her stepmother! For reasons she couldn’t comprehend, the idea of it made Britney incredibly hot and soaked her loins in a flood of aroused, lustful wetness for many days after. The fact that Cynthia was old enough to be her mother was intensely erotic and exciting to Britney. Contemplating it further, Britney soon realized that having sex with her stepmother, while not technically an incestuous affair was most definitely a forbidden one. From that moment, Britney knew that she must have her stepmother again and despite the fact that she loved her father, Britney had too much of her vain and self-absorbed mother in her to really look much beyond who she saw in the mirror. Though they had been close when Britney was young, they were by no means “Pops” and “Kitten”. They had drifted further and further apart as Britney grew up and by the time she was sweet sixteen, her father was almost a complete stranger, who was now confirmed to be once again having countless adulterous affairs. He wasn’t even present at her eighteenth birthday party due to one.

Her affair with Cynthia hadn’t been Britney’s first time to have sex with someone old enough to be a parent; in fact, Britney had spent a wild and vengeful weekend of hot sex in Las Vegas with her mother’s boyfriend just to get even with her mother for having had sex with her homecoming date. On the night of the homecoming dance nonetheless! Britney was still in the shower when her mother popped her head in the bathroom to tell her that her date had just arrived to pick her up. By the time she came into the kitchen after hurriedly putting on her make-up and dress, Britney found her mother’s sweat drenched naked body bent over the kitchen table as her homecoming date was fucking her in the ass. Then after three months of not speaking to one and other, Britney’s mother walked into her and her boyfriend’s suite at the MGM Grand Hotel late one night to find her baby girl riding her boyfriend like a raging bull. All’s fair in lust and war! And infidelity! But Cynthia had been Britney’s first time to experience lesbian lust and the fact that she had been seduced by her stepmother set the young vixen ablaze with an unbridled passion and lust she’d never known before.

Conceding due credit to how cunning, conniving and subtly seductive Cynthia had been in baiting, trapping and capturing her stepdaughter was more than a little difficult for Britney to do. As an accomplished sexual hunter herself, Britney had used all of those tactics at one time or another in her own conquests and had a perfect kill rate. But she had never once used them against another woman. There was almost a feeling of betrayal in it. How can you use your best weapons against your own kind? Of course, Britney had never wanted or even considered using them against another woman for the simple fact that she was a woman. Having sex with another woman was never something that entered Britney’s mind; but as the summer progressed and her lustful affair with her stepmother continued, it was all Britney Wilcox wanted. Not that she was abandoning men, but there was just something so wild and exciting about unbridled sexual frenzy between two cunning vixens that it completely captured Britney.

As Britney walked among her friends toward their first period class, she found herself looking at each of them in an entirely different light; one that was now flooding her body with a stifling wave of lustful heat and saturating her dental floss thong with her dripping arousal. Inconspicuously gawking at the rock hard, sexy bodies of her closest friends, Britney was soon fantasizing about seducing and sexually ravaging each and every one of them. Britney’s boredom was now long gone! She had decided on the flight home from New York that she would renew her hunting license and set out on an entirely different game trail. Having given it a very limited trial run on the flight home, Britney soon found herself in the Boeing 757’s first class lavatory masturbating over an attractive flight attendant she’d been toying with. The woman was a very likable candidate; easily in her late thirties to possibly forty, very sensual, voluptuous curves, solid C-cups and to top it all off, married with two kids! With nearly five and a half hours of flight time to play with, Britney enjoyed herself immensely as she used her body language and some devious mental plots to intrigue the woman and invite her compassion and sympathy. Then turning on the obviously altered feminine woes just a tad, it ultimately had the flight attendant in a very warm and sensual embrace just a half hour before landing. Britney firmly believed that if the flight had been going to Hawaii, she could have easily had the flight attendant pleasuring her in the lavatory instead of just herself. Nevertheless, Britney got off the plane at Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix with the woman’s phone number in hand and another sensual embrace goodbye. Too bad the woman was based out of New York.

“But this can’t be it.” Britney thought to herself as she stared at the firm and sumptuous ass of her cheerleading squad lieutenant, wrapped in a tight denim mini skirt.

No, these were her friends and hence, they would not be fair game. Also, it would more than likely destroy their friendships and ruin her reputation if it became public that Britney Wilcox was bi-sexual or even further, gone lesbo. Britney loved being the leader of the pack and never wanted to lose that stature. She thrived off the attention, admiration and affection it afforded her among the girls. Not that it would necessarily harm her standing among men on the other hand, for Britney understood that most men had an insatiable hunger and an obsessive fetish about two sexy women together in the throes of heated sexual passion. It really turned them on. Also, with the exception of possibly losing her cherished social stature, there would be no hint of danger and hence, no taste of the forbidden fruit at all if she pursued her friends or peers. Britney, despite the nasty rumors that she would fuck anything with a hard-on and a heartbeat, was actually very meticulous and deliberate in selecting her quarry, and this would be no different. Britney knew full well that the reason her torrid affair with her stepmother and her near sexual encounter with the flight attendant had been so incredibly stimulating and hot were because both women, for all intents and purposes, are unattainable; morally, legally and sexually. The laws of man and nature forbid anything beyond platonic relations. Both women were old enough to be Britney’s mother, both were in positions of supervising authority over her, both were married; one to Britney’s own father, and the other was on the clock at work under the watchful eye of the FAA. Yet despite all this, the wall of the forbidden was breached as one woman was attained and the other easily could have been. That’s what is going to make this hunt so thrilling, and what will make the catching and conquering so incredibly hot and passionate: It cannot happen! Yet it does! And the most important rule of all in this game: there is no emotional attachment; they are just hot pieces of delicious, sexy meat.

Despite being vain, shallow and self-centered, Britney did love her friends. She loved them more than she loved her own family; some she even loved more than herself. And in all honesty, Britney could easily have anyone of the beautiful young bodies now surrounding her if she really wanted them. But Britney Wilcox is an avid hunter; and like any other big game seeker on the trail, the triumph of the kill was senseless and unfulfilling without first the thrill and challenge of the hunt and trap. So, armed once again with her sinfully beautiful body, her seductive feminine woes and her devious vixen mind, Britney Wilcox is back on the game trail; only this time, she’s hunting for one of her own. But this would be not just anyone of her own – it must be a forbidden woman.

Allowing the first week to reorient back into a daily school routine, Britney walked into her first period English class on the following Thursday morning and took her seat in her favorite spot in any classroom: right in front. Though she paid very little attention to what was being taught, Britney loved being in the position where all eyes could fall upon her whenever she might choose to have them do so. Toward the end of the period, the cigarette ravaged voice of Vice-Principal Ron Andrews came over the public address system. He made the announcement that there would be a full student assembly at 1:00pm that afternoon. After class, Britney caught up with a group of her friends and there was a considerable amount of speculation as to what this assembly was going to be about. One of the girls spoke up and reminded everyone that Scottsdale’s principal, Mr. Lane; a tenured educator of nearly forty-seven years had retired at the close of the last school year. It was possible that the assembly would be for the purpose of introducing the student body to his successor.

At about a quarter to one, the entire student body was filing into the massive auditorium and taking their seats. Britney and her cheerleading squad were privileged to be seated in the very front row, directly in front of the podium on the stage. At 1:00pm on the dot, Vice-Principal Walter Fleming and Vice Principal Ron Andrews came out on the stage, followed by a tall and slender woman walking almost reservedly behind them. As Andrews stepped up to the podium and addressed the student body, the mysterious woman stood humbly beside Fleming and Britney’s eyes were instantly lassoed by her stunning hour glass figure. She had wonderfully round hips, a flat and firm stomach, trim and narrow waist, and an impressive bust of no less than solid 34 D-cups by Britney’s estimate; all of which was greatly accentuated by a one piece, long sleeve charcoal gray dress that clung tightly to her body. With the fashionable look of a formal body suit, there was a large black belt wrapped around her tight waist line and shiny black buttons up the front of the dress. The lower half was a looser fitting skirt design, but it still fit snuggly enough to flatter her lovely hips and sexy long legs; draping down to mid calf level, there was a sexy line cut up the right hem, revealing her high heeled boots and dark panty hose.

Her face was narrow with high cheeks and a pristine nose that held a large pair of black-rimmed glasses in place over a pair of what appeared to be brown eyes. With just the faintest brushing of lipstick and an even fainter hint of eye shadow and mascara, the woman’s face was otherwise very plain and conservative; not exactly stunningly beautiful, but definitely striking and pretty in its own right. The woman’s skin was a light shade of almond, paling in comparison to her dark brown hair that was pulled tightly back on top of her head and rolled up snuggly in a large bun resting behind her neck. Andrews concluded his brief remarks and then introduced the mysterious woman to be the new principal of Scottsdale High School: Doctor Selena Alvarez. The auditorium erupted in gracious applause.

As Selena turned and walked up to the podium, Britney caught sight of the hair bun and estimated that if let out, her hair would fall to below her shoulder blades. But at the moment, Britney was far more impressed with her very sexy side view overall; perfectly cut and defined chin dropping down to a sexy, sleek neck, lean and slender body, long legs, willowy arms, sensual hands and big, beautiful breasts.

“Good afternoon and thank you very much.” Selena spoke in a throaty but very sensual voice.

An overwhelming rush of erotic tingling tore through every cell in Britney’s young body as Principal Alvarez spoke for the first time. Adjusting herself in her seat, Britney slowly and sexily crossed her legs. With another wave of lustful heat beginning to flood her sexually charged body, the young seductress sat completely captivated by this salient Latin educator. With a delicate hint of her native Latin-American accent, Selena Alvarez went on to give the standard “I’m honored to be here” speech which included a brief personal bio.

Doctor Selena Alvarez was 47 years old; two years older than Britney’s mother. Being originally from Brazil, her family had immigrated to Santa Fe, New Mexico when she was eleven years old, at which time, she did not speak English. She graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, following with a Master’s and ultimately a doctorate in Adolescent Psychology from the University of Southern California. Though Britney had already noticed the rock on her left ring finger, Selena went on to inform the students of her husband of nearly twenty-five years and her three children; the youngest being only a year younger than Britney.

By the time the captivating Latin educator concluded her introductory remarks, Britney’s mouth was watering and she felt her pussy spasm with anticipation. The lustful heat and passion building up inside Britney was more intense than that of a pressure cooker. This woman was perfect prey in every respect. She’s a brilliant scholar and a doctor; of Adolescent Psychology no less; delicious! She was older than Britney’s mother, she was married with three children, she’s obviously incredibly sexy and trying to hide it makes her that much more so. And as if all this weren’t enough, she’s the new principal of the high school and best of all, she’s Latin! Britney recalled that her most memorable, heated and passionate escapades had been with men of Hispanic or other Latin heritage. They were incredible lovers! And as hot as they were, the only thing hotter was how they compared Britney to having the sexual drive and the intense illicit passion of a Latin woman. They had said that there were no greater sexual beings on Earth than Latin women; at least not until they met Britney Wilcox.

Having realized from the moment she had returned to school the previous Monday that she was already on perfect hunting ground; completely surrounded by literally dozens of forbidden affairs, Britney had remained vigilant and even somewhat apprehensive. Being very familiar with the recent rash of teacher-student affairs all over the country, Britney had of course found the concept very stimulating, but had never really given it serious thought other than passing fantasies. Naturally, her fantasies had always been about seducing male teachers and she honestly had to question her own abilities and weigh the consequences. But with her eyes now cautiously caressing every inch of the new principal’s conservative face and shrouded body, it became clear:

“Yes I can, and that is her!”

Though she was completely unaware of it, Doctor Selena Alvarez had just been sighted and tagged as quarry by the most ardent hunter at Scottsdale High School.

Britney Wilcox kept her legs tightly crossed and remained completely captivated for the remainder of the day. Doctor Selena Alvarez stirred something in her that not even the heated affair with her vixen stepmother had touched. For the next several days, Britney carefully plotted out scenario after scenario for seducing this stunning Latin woman. Being very new to this particular game trail, Britney naturally assumed that it would be difficult, but she didn’t anticipate being so incredibly aroused by her selected quarry. Still having not even spoken to her directly, Britney went out of her way to observe Principal Alvarez’s daily movements, activities and duties; even went so far as to follow her home at a distance. Britney got so completely lost in her lustful thoughts and fantasies as she watched the sexy Latin educator orient herself around the campus and even more so deep in Britney’s mind and fantasies. Britney found herself taking very long and hot showers, both morning and night, with Doctor Selena Alvarez all over her mind and hence, all over her beautiful young body and pussy through Britney’s own hand and imagination. Britney realized that she must get control of herself in order to logically plot her specific strategy and be optimally effective in capturing and conquering her desperately hungered for prey.

It had now been nearly three weeks since Britney first laid eyes on her quarry and it had taken her almost every day of it to get back to thinking objectively. Walking into her first period English class on Friday morning donning her purple, white and gold cheerleader uniform, Britney was glowing. After her morning masturbation in the shower, her mind was clear and her body was relaxed. The varsity football game against arch rival Chandler High was this evening and since the cheerleaders wore their uniforms to school in preparation for the afternoon pep rally, Britney considered her cheerleader outfit to be one of her most affective pieces of hunting attire.

Halfway through the period, the classroom door opened and Principal Alvarez entered the room. Instantly, Britney was riveted, her heart sped up tenfold and her stomach swirled with butterflies as her eyes locked on the slender and sexy figure of the older Latin woman. As Selena strolled gracefully over to the teacher’s desk, Britney’s gaze was glued to her sexily swaying hips. The English teacher called the class’s attention to the front and Principal Alvarez began to speak; offering a more up close and personal introduction to the individual students and allowed for any questions they might have. As another student offered up a rather long and ridiculously obsolete query, Britney felt Principal Alvarez’s eyes fall directly upon her; and like a finely tuned instrument, Britney slowly shifted her body in her seat and sexily crossed her legs as she leaned forward, placing her elbows on the desktop and resting her chin on her folded hands. Britney caught Selena’s eyes seemingly locked on her beautiful young legs, perhaps only for a second longer than they should have been, but still there nonetheless. Selena lifted her eyes quickly and they met Britney’s with a deep captivity in them. Giving the elder Latin lady a sly smile, Britney batted her eyes and leaned forward in her seat and Selena turned her head sharply toward the student speaking as the bell ending the period sounded. Though she couldn’t be certain, Britney was convinced that Selena appeared to be blushing.

As the classroom broke out in a flurry of movement and chatter as the thirty or so odd students gathered up their belongings and departed, Selena stood to one side of the door like the crew of a commercial flight, smiling and nodding to the students as they departed. Britney took her time gathering up her few belongings, allowing her fellow students to depart before her. Based on Selena’s reaction to Britney’s movement of her sexy legs, it was obvious that her prey was susceptible to her hunter’s bait; now it was time for an attempt at first physical contact. Rising slowly, Britney cradled her English book and folder lightly under her arm and gracefully slid her purse over her shoulder. Aligning her path directly toward the older woman, Britney approached slowly and waited for Selena, who at the moment had two other students passing by, to face her.

When the students passed, Britney smiled warmly as the Latin woman turned her head toward the beautiful young vixen that was now hunting her. Then as if fate seemed to stamp its approval on Britney’s conquest, the teacher stepped out the door into the hallway, leaving the hunter and the hunted alone in the classroom. Less than two steps away from her unsuspecting seductee, Britney opened her smiling lips as if to speak when she suddenly tripped over her feet. With the honed skill of an Academy Award winning actress, Britney let her books slip out of her hand and let out a frightened gasp as she tumbled forward. Selena’s eyes bulged as they filled with surprise and she reflexively reached out her arms to catch the fake falling teen. Britney’s body collided with and mashed into the older woman and her arms went around her as Selena stabilized the teenager by placing her hands on her lean and tone torso.

As the two women came together, Britney inhaled deeply the scent of the elder Latin educator and she smelled divine. Getting stabilized against Selena’s body, Britney allowed her hands to slowly slide around and off the incredibly firm and slender body of the principal, reveling every second in the delightful feminine softness the woman possessed. Selena was a good two inches taller than Britney; but taking into account that she was again wearing high-heeled boots, Britney estimated that when she finally had this stunning woman in the throes of heated and naked passion, they would be almost the same height. Finally standing up straight and faking complete embarrassment, Britney noted that Selena almost appeared to be taking her own sweet time in removing her hands from her young body.

“Are you all right, Miss?” Selena asked.

Britney heard “mistress” in her own mind initially and immediately felt her pussy go from lukewarm and moist to sizzling hot and soaked. As her hormones were surging, Britney had to quickly gather her thoughts before she responded. The pheromonal scent of this woman was exceedingly powerful; almost intoxicating, and it was one that could set even the most seasoned of sexual hunters like Britney Wilcox ablaze.

“Yeah. Yeah, I’m okay, Mrs. Alvarez. God, I am so sorry. Are you okay?” Britney said.

Selena slid her hands back from around Britney’s torso and the bare skin of her palms grazed down the skin of Britney’s bare arms and away. Britney felt a shockwave of immense erotic power rip through her young body as their skin came together; it made her heart race and her breath get short and labored. The simple touch of Principal Alvarez’s hands to the skin of her arms was more erotic to Britney than her stepmother’s seething naked body rubbing firmly against hers in the intense heat of passion. Britney could clearly sense that below the extremely plain and conservative surface of this salient Latin woman was a wild sexual tigress just aching to be released.

“I’m fine.” Selena replied softly.

With their eyes locked together, Britney suddenly felt her face flushing.

“Say, you’re Britney Wilcox, aren’t you?” Selena continued.

Britney’s heart skipped a beat at hearing her name escape from Selena’s full and succulent lips. How did she know? Britney then felt her legs faltering and turning to Jell-O. She was losing control of the situation and the thrill of the hunt was quickly evaporating. It was something in the woman’s touch. In an instant, Britney wanted this woman more than she’d ever wanted anyone in her life, and she wanted her right now.

“Yeah.” Britney managed to stammer. “Yeah, how did you know?”

“I saw the varsity cheerleading squad photo from last year in the front office. You all were the state champion squad.” Selena replied. “And you are exceptionally hard to miss, my dear. You’re quite lovely.”

Britney was completely captivated by the soft, sensual voice of the Latin woman and every fiber of her being shouted for her to flee. She was entirely outmatched! She wasn’t ready or even worthy to claim such a prize as this woman.

“Thank you.” Britney replied almost innocently.

“Very nice to meet you, Britney; and please feel free to come by my office anytime if you should ever need anything; it’s always an open door to my students.” Selena said as she smiled.

Britney smiled as best she could and with all the dignity she could muster, gathered up her books and exited calmly out of the classroom.

Less than two minutes later, Britney locked the door of one of the bathroom stalls and sat down on the commode to collect her thoughts and pull herself together. This must be what a hunter feels like when he’s stripped of his rifle and pinned to the ground by his intended prey. He has become the prey himself, or herself; but at the last moment, the beast departs, leaving the hunter unharmed and in emotional shambles. Taking several deep breaths, Britney conceded that this woman was going to be an extreme challenge, but now, she was more determined than ever to have her; and as quickly as possible! The intense heat and passion that the Latin woman had stirred deep within the cunning young vixen was almost overwhelming and it was obvious that the sensual and illicit passion in Principal Alvarez though not acknowledged or even understood by the woman herself, must run very deep. There was no way that Britney was producing this much unbridled passion all of her own. No, Selena Alvarez was indeed a dormant sexual tigress just waiting to be awakened. Britney realized now that the usual want for and thrill of the hunt was fading rapidly; caressing and fondling herself sensually there in the stall, Britney closed her eyes and reminisced on how badly she had wanted to take Principal Alvarez right there on the teacher’s desk. Britney saw herself ripping Selena’s clothes wildly from her body and delving deeply into the Latin woman’s sexual core.

Britney reached for her I-phone and searched the web for the number of the nearest florist. Regaining her composure now, the cunning seductress knew what had to be done next. The touch barrier had been distinctively broken; Britney knew beyond any doubt that her prey was vibrant and would respond to proper stimulation. Britney placed an order for an arrangement of flowers and balloons to be delivered to Principal Selena Alvarez at Scottsdale High School before the end of the school day and she instructed the card to read:

“Welcome to Scottsdale High, Principal Alvarez;”

And to be signed – Love, Britney Wilcox and the varsity cheerleading squad.

Britney paid with her Debit Card and concluded the call. Immediately Britney proceeded to text message all the members of the cheerleading squad to inform them on what she had done and concluded simply:

“No fucking questions asked.”

Britney then clicked off her phone, exited the stall and headed for her second period Pre-Calculus class. As the bell rang ending her third period Economics class a couple of hours later, Britney checked her I-phone again and found an email delivery confirmation of her floral order. Her heart fluttered and she anticipated a response during her next class. However, none came.

Britney met a group of her friends for lunch in the middle of fourth period and thought perhaps Principal Alvarez might make an appearance then; but again, nothing. After lunch, Britney returned for the second half of her fourth period World History class and then proceeded to her fifth period Government class. It was nearing the end of her sixth and final period of the day, Chemistry, when the lab door opened. Britney lifted her head from her equations and saw a student office aide enter the room, carrying an office request slip. Handing it to the professor, the aide departed as the professor quickly studied the slip and then turned to the class.

“Miss Wilcox. Principal Alvarez would like to see you in her office.” The chemistry professor announced.

Britney’s heart again skipped a beat and her body experienced another flash of lustful heat. Having to pause momentarily to give the appearance of indifference, Britney casually rose from her lab station, took the slip from the professor and left the room. Britney strolled in her usual confident and sexy manner through the halls and arrived at the front office to find Principal Alvarez looking over the shoulder of her secretary seated at her desk, studying the flat screen computer monitor. The two women looked up at the sound of the office door opening and saw Britney enter.

“Hello, Britney.” Selena said and smiled.

“You wanted to see me, Mrs. Alvarez?” Britney asked, faking naivety.

“Indeed I do. Come in, won’t you?” Selena said as she directed Britney toward her private office.

Britney stepped into Selena’s office and found the beautiful assortment of flowers and balloons sitting on the desk. She couldn’t help but grin for she knew what was coming. Selena closed the door behind them.

“Would you care to explain that, young lady?” Selena asked in a surprisingly harsh tone.

Okay, so maybe she didn’t know what was coming. This was definitely not what she was anticipating. Britney’s grin evaporated almost instantly as her eyes darted to the side to find Principal Alvarez passing by her and going around to the back of her desk with a very stern scowl on her face.

“It’s a welcome gift.” Britney answered.

“It’s also very inappropriate.” Selena growled.

“Inappropriate?” Britney asked, completely baffled. “Why?”

“Sit down, young lady!” Selena commanded.

Britney sat slowly and then proceeded to endure a harsh reprimand loaded with principalities and ethics concerning such a gift from a student to an administrator. Britney sat solemnly with her head pointed at the floor, just to give the appearance of normalcy of a student in trouble, but she couldn’t figure out where this outlandish reaction of such an innocent gesture of friendship and welcoming was coming from. The rant went on for nearly ten minutes and by the time Selena had finished, Britney found herself on the verge of detention and/or suspension. The bell ending the sixth and final period of the day rang and Selena dismissed Britney with a harsh wave off.

“I’m sorry, Mrs. Alvarez.” Britney whispered.

“Doctor Alvarez, please!” Selena barked harshly.

Britney left the office and as the door closed behind her, a devious grin appeared on her face. Though the response had not been the one she was anticipating, there was a tremendous emotional reaction nonetheless. Any fears or concerns the young vixen may have had about not being worthy to hunt and claim such a game prize vanished instantly and Britney was hotter, wetter and more inspired than ever. Doctor Selena Alvarez was going to be this young sexual huntress’s greatest catch. The Latin woman was ripe, and based upon her heated reaction to the gesture, was on fire with unrecognized unbridled passion; but evidently wanted to play rough and hard to get.

Britney returned to her chemistry class to retrieve her belongings and then went to the boy’s gymnasium for the after school pep rally. Filled to capacity with students and faculty, Britney led the state championship cheerleading squad in a series of their best routines and soon realized that she was being intensely watched by Principal Alvarez. Britney put forth her best effort to display her remarkable flexibility and amazing contortion for her avid fan, standing rigidly in the far corner. Britney didn’t honestly know what kind of nerve she had struck within Selena, but the important thing was that the young vixen had successfully gotten under the older woman’s skin, and that was a step closer to actually getting all over her skin between the sheets.

Britney and her squad cheered Scottsdale’s varsity football team to a decisive victory over their arch rival Chandler that evening and again, Britney felt the stern eyes of Doctor Selena Alvarez on her the whole evening. The evening was quite warm and Britney’s sweaty legs and arms were glistening under the lights of the high school stadium. Again, Britney put her best effort forward to strut her agility for her devoted fan and as the third quarter came to a close, took a quick breather as the teams on the field switched sides. It was then that Britney noticed her dear mother Elaine in the stands and to her utter shock, saw her mother hugging and conversing excitedly with Principal Alvarez. They looked like a pair of sisters who hadn’t seen each other in years. As the fourth quarter began, Britney found herself struggling to concentrate on completing the scheduled set of routines for the game. Elaine and Selena seemed totally oblivious now to the game as they continued to enthusiastically converse.

After the game, Britney scanned the stands frantically for any sign of her mother or Selena, but could find no trace of them. Returning to the girl’s gymnasium locker room, Britney showered and changed as quickly as she could. Without so much as a goodbye to her fellows, Britney was soon racing through the night toward home at over 100mph in her Corvette. When she arrived home, she found her mother’s car in the driveway. Bursting through the back door, Britney found her mother sitting calmly at the kitchen table, sipping a glass of wine.

“I had a feeling you’d be home pretty quick.” Elaine said coldly.

“What are you talking about?” Britney bluffed.

“You saw me chatting with Selena Alvarez at the game, didn’t you?” Elaine said.

“Who?” Britney asked.

“If it makes you feel any better, you’re on the right track.” Elaine offered.

“What?” Britney replied.

“Britney, you are definitely your mothers’ daughter. I know you as well as I know myself. After all, I trained you to be exactly what you are; an accomplished seductress, a cunning vixen and a vengeful femme fatale.” Elaine expounded.

“Like mother, like daughter.” Britney smiled.

“You’ve reached a point where seduction has lost its flare and excitement for you. It’s become far too easy to accomplish and hence, you’re bored. So now you are expanding your horizons in order to challenge yourself. You’re trying to seduce Selena Alvarez, aren’t you?” Elaine said.

“She knows?” Britney asked, feeling her heart pound.

“No. She mentioned that you had sent her some flowers as a welcoming gift. But I know my apprentice far better than that.” Elaine continued. “So, as I said in the beginning, you’re on the right track.”

“How do you know her?” Britney asked coldly.

Elaine went on to explain that when she was a 17 year old Miss Arizona, 19 year old Selena Alvarez; or rather, Selena Viso at that time, was Miss New Mexico and the two were roommates during the week leading up to the Miss America pageant. The more Elaine recalled her long ago relationship with the Latin beauty queen, the hotter Britney got, for her suspicions about Principal Alvarez were all proving to be correct. The woman was indeed a caged sexual lioness that had been living dormant for nearly thirty years. Elaine went on to confess that Selena and herself had spent one night in the throes of sexual passion together and that Selena was everything Britney was hoping she would be; and more! In fact, now that Selena had lied dormant for so long, Elaine suspected that Britney would more than likely be sexually torn to ribbons if she could in fact conquer and unleash the sexual beast being held prisoner deep inside this now prim and proper educator. After nearly thirty years of inactivity, the repressed sexual energy built up in the woman must be immense.

Despite the animosity between Britney and Elaine over their past sexual escapades with the other’s mate, the two still had mutual respect for each other. The news now of Elaine already having had the pleasure of capturing and conquering Selena did not set well with Britney, but Elaine stated that this long ago encounter, much like the homecoming and Vegas encounters of late, were all for the purposes of training her young apprentice. Though it had all but destroyed any true bonds of mother/daughter affection between them, Britney still respected Elaine as a mentor and the fact that Britney far exceeded her expectations in responding to Elaine’s sexual indiscretion with her homecoming date by fucking her then boyfriend, Elaine mutually respected Britney as a worthy apprentice. A sick and distorted relationship to say the least, but for this cunning pair of horny jades, it works.

“I can give you what you need to make the kill.” Elaine stated.

“You don’t think I can do it on my own?” Britney asked.

“Not if you still wanna be young enough to enjoy it.” Elaine replied. “And trust me you don’t wanna wait that long for this Latin goddess of lust.”

“The thrill of the hunt is what makes the kill that much more rewarding, right?” Britney questioned.

“Sweetie, this particular prize is already fraught with enough thrills without the chase or hunt. My God, the woman is the principal of your school, married with kids, a doctor of adolescent psychology and old enough to have given birth to you. How much more thrillingly dangerous can this be? ” Elaine lectured. “Besides, if you could have seen the burning fire of passion in your eyes when you came through the door just now – I’d say the hunt has already lasted far too long. You want this woman and you want her now!”

Britney had to concede that her mother was right and what was worse could read her like a book. Though she couldn’t explain it, Britney was burning hotter than she’d ever been for anyone in her young life. Selena Alvarez drove her unexplainably wild with illicit desire.

“So what about her husband?” Britney asked.

“Her husband? Tell me, why do you think she reacted the way she did today?” Elaine asked.

“Because she loves him?” Britney sputtered.

Elaine couldn’t help but scoff.

“Her husband is not an issue. If anything, he’s working in your corner, my darling.” Elaine explained. “No, she reacted the way she did primarily because of this.”

Elaine produced the card that was sent along with the floral and balloon arrangement out of her pocket and handed it to Britney, who quickly perused it. Suddenly, Britney’s eyes bulged.

“You struck the perfect nerve with that. I don’t know how and I don’t know why, but you did!” Elaine stated.

“This says: All My Love, Britney Wilcox! I told them to sign it Love, Britney Wilcox and the girls.” Britney protested.

“If it had been signed the way you instructed, it wouldn’t have produced the effect that it has; hence you’d be much further away from capture and conquer.” Elaine said.

“So I am close.” Britney said.

“Let’s just say that you will definitely want to blow the guy at the florist shop who fucked up the card.” Elaine replied.

“So if I’m on the right track, why do you still think I can’t do this on my own?” Britney asked.

“You will do it on your own, Britney. I’m just going to give you the proper bait to put on the trap.” Elaine said. “Without it, you might be on social security before you actually get Selena into bed.”

“How long will it take to catch her?” Britney sneered.

“If you bait the trap by Monday afternoon, then I can almost guarantee that you will be waking up in a cum soaked, sweat drenched bed with her on Tuesday morning.” Elaine hissed.

“Then by all means: bait me, Master Yoda.” Britney grinned.

“Come with me, my young Pada-Wan. And grab yourself a pad and pencil; for you are about to be trained as a Jedi Master.” Elaine replied.

Britney arrived at school just before 7:30am on Monday morning dressed to kill, in a low cut, white silk, cross front top and an ultra short, skin tight denim skirt with a push-up bra to accentuate her already stunning cleavage. Having spent most of the weekend in preparation, which included an afternoon at the health and beauty spa, Britney’s long and sexy legs were on full display, newly waxed and glowing tan, with a pair of crystal clear stilettos on her feet. Coated from head to toe in a new body lotion, a delicious fragrance of sweet almond emanated from Britney’s body like an intoxicating nerve agent. With both her fingernails and toenails freshly manicured and polished masterfully in a fiery shade of sexy red nail polish, the prowling young vixen strolled sexily through the main hall of Scottsdale High School toward the front office with a sealed 8½ by 11 envelope held tightly in her sensual hand.

Feeling almost every male, and even some female eyes pawing ravenously at her skimpy clothing and feasting on the fantasy of her gorgeous naked body, the cunning young huntress arrived at the office of her intended prey and passed through the door. As she expected, the first period student office aide was already behind the main counter, sucking on his snot and cleaning his glasses with a wad of tissue. The young man was a zit faced, grease-parted hair, pocket-protector poster child for high school nerds everywhere; he could have easily starred in and won the Academy Award in the “Revenge of the Nerds” films. Britney strode seductively up to the counter and could sense the young man’s tremendous tension as she approached him.

“Principal Alvarez here yet?” Britney asked.

The nervous young man was barely able to shake his head as Britney smacked the sealed envelope down on the counter top.

“Would you be a dear and put that in her faculty mailbox for me?” Britney subtly commanded.

“I don’t think I can do that.” The young man stammered.

“Why not?” Britney asked as she lifted her Prada sunglasses and burned her eyes deep into his soul.

“Because it’s for faculty business and communication only, and you’re not a member of the faculty.” The young man bumbled nervously.

“Do you know who I am?” Britney asked softly.

“Yes. You’re Britney Wilcox. Everybody knows you.” The young man said.

“And how would you like to know me better?” Britney asked seductively as she leaned slowly forward over the counter top, practically rubbing her cleavage in his face.

“What do you mean?” The young man asked.

“How would you like to tell all your friends in the Chess Club that you got your dick sucked by Britney Wilcox?” Britney asked as she teasingly pushed her tongue up against the inside of her cheek.

“Actually, I’m in the Chemistry Club.” The young man was practically panting and reached for his inhaler.

“Even better! You see there’s nothing I’m more into than chemistry; especially body chemistry.” Britney hissed like a deadly snake at an innocent mouse.

The young man’s eyes bulged as he dropped his inhaler on the counter; sweat was racing down his face.

“Tell you what; since I’m feeling very generous today – if you put that in Principal Alvarez’s box and make sure that she gets it before the end of first period, I’ll take you into that bathroom and fuck your brains out.” Britney purred.

The young man practically collapsed off his stool as he snapped up the envelope, spun around and slipped it into the faculty mailbox marked “Doctor Alvarez.” Turning back around again, he saw Britney pushing open the office door to leave.

“Hey!” He shouted. “Where are you going?”

“Thank you so much for your help. Oh, and if I were you: I wouldn’t even think of removing it from her box. This office is monitored by surveillance cameras. If you’re seen removing a piece of mail from a teacher’s mailbox, you are automatically expelled and can have federal charges of mail theft brought against you. Bye, sweetie.” Britney giggled as she left.

Entering the flow of human traffic maneuvering through the hallway, Britney soon spotted Principal Selena Alvarez approaching her with her briefcase slung over her shoulder while holding a newspaper in one hand and a cup of Starbucks in the other. With her hair and face done up as before and her big glasses magnifying her deep brown eyes, Selena wore a surprisingly sexy pair of dark gray Italian trousers that beautifully flattered her long legs and divinely accentuated her perfectly round and firm ass. She also wore a tightly fitted saddle stitched black blazer and a white Lilly Pulitzer-Bess Top turtleneck underneath it.

Britney strolled sexily in her path and Selena looked up as she caught the overwhelming aroma of Britney’s body lotion.

“Good morning, Principal Alvarez. I mean, Doctor Alvarez.” Britney purred.

“Good morning, Ms. Wilcox.” Selena replied, almost breathless.

“See you soon.” Britney strode sexily passed.

“Have a good day.” Selena replied in the passing.

Britney waited a few seconds before she glanced carefully back over her shoulder to take in the back view of this imprisoned Latin sex goddess. Running her eyes quickly up and down the stunning femininity of Selena’s backside, Britney was instantly drawn to Selena’s immaculate ass, wrapped beautifully in those tight and sexy Italian pants. Britney couldn’t wait to eat it. Letting her eyes rise up the near perfect line of Selena’s sexy back, Britney saw that the Latin woman’s head was turning over her shoulder and attempting to steal a glance at the young vixen. Britney snapped her head back forward immediately and continued her best runway model strut, all the while feeling the hungry eyes of the Latin administrator ravenously gobbling her up from head to sexy toe.

With the bait set, Britney walked back to her car and drove home to wait for her prey to come to her. Upon arrival, Britney took off her stilettos, removed her push-up bra and slipped off her red lace thong from under her skirt. Double checking the specific locations of all the essential hardware of her now baited and set trap, Britney nestled into the deep leather sofa of the living room, flipped on the 54’flat screen HDTV and sipped a glass of red wine. Britney heard the instructions of her Jedi Master over the weekend filtering through her mind:

“All you have to do is get her here. Once you do, she is yours. She may fight you at first, but your vibrant heat and passion will soon overpower her and her divine sexuality will then explode all over you. She will be unlike any lover you’ve ever had.”

Britney was already beginning to get incredibly wet and had to fight with every ounce of strength and will she possessed to keep her hands off herself.

With the sound of the doorbell nearly two hours later, Britney’s heart leapt and her stomach somersaulted. Rising up off the sexy leather of the sofa, Britney strode confidently toward the front door. As she entered the front foyer, Britney double-checked herself in the full length mirror on the wall as the doorbell rang a second time and was followed by hard pounding. Britney unlocked the deadbolt, opened the door and felt a tremendous flash of lustful heat literally ravage her body. Principal Selena Alvarez was standing sternly and cross-armed on the doorstep in the blistering Arizona sunshine, holding the now opened 8½ X 11 envelope in her hand and to Britney’s surprise, was wearing a rather sexy pair of sunglasses.

“Why Principal Alvarez, what brings you out on a school day? Don’t tell me that you’re filling in for the truant officer.” Britney said coolly.

Selena removed her sunglasses and Britney saw the older woman’s eyes filled with raging anger; there were also tiny hints of overwhelming fear and sadness apparent in them as well. Her eyes were on fire and they were burrowing deep into the young vixen’s rapidly heating body.

“Won’t you come in?” Britney grinned.

Selena spoke not a word as she passed by Britney and entered the house. Britney closed and locked the front door. As she turned, Selena emptied the contents of the envelope onto the marble floor of the foyer. There were numerous sexually explicit photographs of a young Selena Alvarez engaged in a variety of wild and almost animalistic sexual acts with both men and women. Selena retained a piece of paper in her hand and read:

“Doctor Alvarez: If you never want the contents contained in this envelope to find their way into the hands of your colleagues, superiors, students, family, friends or community at large, then you will come to my home immediately upon receipt of them. You will come alone! You will make no attempt to contact the authorities and you will excuse yourself simply as making an errand of personal business. If you deviate from the afore mentioned instructions, rest assured that all of the above listed will receive copies of the materials before school dismisses today. All my love, Britney Wilcox!”

“Would you like a glass of wine?” Britney asked.

“What do you want?” Selena growled.

“A glass of wine to start.” Britney answered. “Won’t you come in?”

Britney grinned deviously as she passed Selena and strutted out of the foyer, through the dining room and into the kitchen. Selena followed almost menacingly behind her.

Britney took another elegant, long stemmed, crystal wine glass down from the wooden glass rack hanging over the kitchen island. Uncorking the bottle of cabernet sauvignon sitting on the island, Britney poured herself another glass.

“You sure you won’t join me?” Britney asked almost mockingly.

Selena roughly grabbed Britney by the arm and jerked her around, practically slamming her up against the island. By now Britney was so physically stimulated that the mere touch of the older woman’s hand sent powerful electrical shocks coursing through her heated body. Britney gasped with near orgasmic delight as Selena gripped her arm.

“Don’t play games with me, you little bitch!” Selena snarled. “Tell me what you want!”

Britney again grinned deviously and glanced over at the fine finished cedar kitchen table and the laptop computer sitting on top of it.

“See for yourself. Just touch any key.” Britney whispered.

Selena released her powerful and very stimulating grip on Britney’s arm and marched over to the kitchen table; tapping the space key on the laptop keyboard, the screensaver vanished slowly and Selena produced and put on her glasses just in time to behold another very sexually explicit picture of her much younger self appearing on the monitor. Selena’s body was quivering with fury as she placed her hands on her waist and fumed silently as she stared at the long ago photo.

“I’m not sure I understand what this means, Britney. In fact, the only thing I do understand is that you are a very twisted young woman. Now, I’m going to ask you one more time before I call the police: What do you want?” Selena raged.

“Well, since you asked…” Britney began.

Suddenly, Selena felt solid and cold steel wrapping and locking itself around the bare skin of her right wrist.

“What the hell…??” Selena said in shock.

Britney had snuck up quietly behind Selena and using her skilled training and considerable vigor, quickly and roughly handcuffed Selena’s wrists behind her back with a pair of standard, police-issue handcuffs. Once the Latin woman’s hands were securely bound behind her back, Britney slapped her left hand over the loudly protesting mouth of the Latin educator and used her powerful young body and arms to hold the desperately struggling woman in place.

“Shhhhhh.” Britney hissed. “Now, isn’t it obvious? I want you! I want you more than anyone I’ve ever known.”

With her left hand still tightly over Selena’s mouth, Britney ran her right hand down the front of Selena’s struggling body and unbuttoned her blazer, then ran her hand up the soft fabric of her blouse and firmly squeezed Selena’s right breast. Breathing deeply and slowly, Britney reveled in sheer ecstasy as she massaged the Latin woman’s incredibly firm and round tit through the soft fabric of her top.

“Oh God. God, you’re so hot!” Britney purred seductively.

Selena was still struggling with everything she had to resist this overpowering and incredibly aggressive young seductress. The feel of Selena’s wonderfully supple breast in her hand overwhelmed Britney and she released Selena’s mouth as she ran her left hand down the front of her body and took hold of Selena’s other breast.

“Britney, stop! Stop! You can’t do this! I mean it, stop!” Selena demanded in a very shaky voice.

“Stop?” Britney asked.

Britney released one of Selena’s breasts from her grip, quickly undid the button and zipper on her denim and let it drop down around her legs and onto the floor.

“Open your hand!” Britney ordered.

When Selena didn’t comply, Britney roughly jerked on the bun of Selena’s hair. The bun more or less fell apart and large portions of Selena’s long and beautiful flowing brown hair draped freely down her back and shoulders.

“Open your hand, Doctor Alvarez!” Britney roared.

Standing completely naked from the waist down, Britney firmly pressed the front of her body up against Selena’s back, angling herself just right for the palm of Selena’s hand to be pinned between her own back and Britney’s completely shaven mound; Britney moaned tenderly as the Latin woman’s hand pressed against her sex.

“You like that, don’t you?” Britney cooed.

Selena’s struggling was easing and her head began swaying gently back and forth.

“No. No.” Selena mumbled.

Britney pressed herself harder against Selena as she massaged her breasts and sucked on her ear.

“No!” Selena practically pleaded. “Please, don’t.”

“God, you’re so hot!” Britney hissed as she grinded her body against Selena.

“No. You’re a student. I’m a teacher. I’m a principal. No.” Selena moaned.

The mention of their roles pushed Britney’s seething passion over the top and she suddenly spun Selena around to face her.

“Yes, you’re right.” Britney purred. “But I know you want me. I know you do.”

“No.” Selena whispered, almost incoherent as the passion was overtaking her.

“No?” Britney asked, playing innocent. The powerful young huntress nearly ripped opened the front of her now capture prey’s trousers and slid her hand down inside them. As her hand passed the moist fabric of the cotton panties, Britney moaned sensually. Instantly, Selena’s body jerked and she gasped deeply as Britney’s tender hand pressed against her mound, teasing her soaking wet folds and her pulsing slit with her long, sexy fingers.

“Then why are you so wet?” Britney asked seductively.

“No.” Selena moaned.

Britney snatched the older woman’s jaw in her powerful hand.

“Yes!” Britney hissed and proceeded to voraciously devour Selena’s mouth.

With her willpower and physical strength failing, Selena struggled against Britney’s ravenous assault on her mouth, trying to keep her lips tightly sealed. But Britney’s tongue was relentless and soon overpowered the Latin woman’s faltering lips, surging deeply into her delectably warm and sweet mouth. Now completely consumed by her unyielding passion, Britney literally threw the slender body of her principal up onto the kitchen table. Violently shoving two of the six chairs aside, Britney then feverishly shoved all remaining articles off the table top, including the laptop computer; she then yanked off her low cut, silk top and bore her completely naked, gorgeous young body before the eyes of the Latin educator.

Britney crawled seductively up on the table and allowed her beautiful breasts to graze slowly up the front of Selena’s still clothed and squirming body. Coming face to face, Britney’s eyes bulged and the fire of passion burning deep within them poured into the soft eyes of the imprisoned sexual tigress trapped in the body of the school administrator pinned and handcuffed underneath her.

“I’m gonna fuck you like you’ve never been fucked before!” Britney hissed.

Britney pulled off Selena’s glasses and threw them on the floor as she simultaneously grabbed Selena’s jaw again and plunged her tongue deep into her mouth; hungrily exploring its deepest recesses. Coming up for air, Britney slid down Selena’s body and roughly ripped open her blazer, yanked her blouse up to her neck and seized the soft cotton cups of Selena’s D-cup bra. Britney sucked, licked and ravenously bit every inch of Selena’s flat and firm stomach, reveling in the luscious flavor of the older woman’s almond colored skin, as well as her increasingly passionate and tender moaning. Yanking on the white cotton of Selena’s bra, the front hook gave way to the young vixen’s persistent tugs and Selena’s beautiful breasts soon sprung free; her half-dollar size, dark brown nipples were rock hard, protruding out like fresh pencil erasers and much to Britney’s surprise, were pierced and had golden rings dangling from them. Britney’s luscious lips snapped instantly around Selena’s left nipple and her tongue battered both the flesh and the ring around wildly deep inside her mouth.

Selena’s struggles for freedom were quickly turning now to twitches of illicit physical pleasure as her young teenage lover sucked, nipped and teased the tender flesh of her areolas with her mouth and fingers. With her head rolling gently on the table top, Selena suddenly felt the wondrous pleasure cease. Raising her head, she saw the flushing red naked body of the powerful young vixen sliding off the table. But before she could even speak, Selena felt her shoes being taken off her feet and then her lower body jerking as she felt the soft fabric of her trousers sliding quickly down her legs and off her feet.

With only a thin layer of soaking wet, soft white fabric standing between her and her pulsating prize, the stalwart young femme fatale pinned the immaculately beautiful bare legs of her elder captive down as she slowly ran her hot tongue up the delectably sweet and succulent flesh. Britney sank her teeth into the saturated fabric of Selena’s panties and tugged on them like a wild animal ripping flesh from its prey in its jaws; slipping her fingers beneath the delicate waistline of the treasured undergarment, Selena gently arched her back upward, allowing the hungry sexual predator to remove them quickly. When the lusty Latin sex goddess was completely naked from the waist down, Britney indulged deeply in the intoxicating flavor of the woman’s beautiful sex on her drenched underwear. Unable to wait any longer, Britney spit Selena’s delicious panties out of her mouth, pulled the woman’s sexually seething body right to the edge of the table and stared deeply at her soaking wet and swollen folds that were surrounded by a sizable patch of dark brown pubic hair.

Gently caressing the glistening wet, ultra-sensitive sacred flesh of her Latin lover’s labia with the tips of her fingers, Britney watched as Selena’s eyes rolled back in her head and her body twitched ever so slightly at her slightest touch. Slowly lowering her face to within centimeters of Selena’s pulsing slit, Britney inhaled deeply the intoxicating sexual aroma of her now intensely aroused high school principal. Teasing the twitching hood of Selena’s clit with the tip of her fire red fingernail, Britney could contain herself no longer and savagely devoured the older woman’s sinfully beautiful pussy. The gasps and moans that escaped Selena’s mouth, coupled with her intense convulsion only fueled Britney’s assault. Like a famished lion in the midst of the dry season, Britney rapaciously ate the forbidden and succulent flesh of her principal as she slurped and sucked all her luscious sexual juices that were flowing continuously from her spasming pussy. The merciless battering of the young vixen’s tongue on the elder educators gorging clit sent moans of unbridled ecstasy bouncing off the walls and ceiling of the spacious kitchen. With her hands still handcuffed underneath her, Selena’s body writhed and seized uncontrollably as Britney’s mouth and tongue frenzied wildly deep inside her. The tangy and salty sweet flavor of the Latin woman’s sex far exceeded anything Britney was anticipating; she tasted nothing like her sweet stepmother; she tasted far better.

With her fingernails digging deep into the flesh of Selena’s abdomen, Britney held the writhing Latin woman’s body as tightly against her face as she could. Finally, a bloodcurdling scream of epic and unprecedented volume and pitch pierced the air and Britney felt her principal’s body on the verge of explosion as it seized incredibly tight in her grip. Releasing Selena’s overwhelmed sexual center from her carnivorous mouth, Britney inserted her middle finger deep into the spasming pussy of her Latin lover as she listened to her pant and moan in exhausted pleasure and relief as the intense orgasm passed through her body. When Selena’s panting and moaning finally relaxed, Britney stood up straight and swung Selena’s sweaty body on the table top like the spinner of a twister game as she sucked the pussy juices off her finger. Selena’s body spun almost 180 degrees and she was soon looking straight up into the burning eyes of her beautiful captor, whose body was flushed pink with unbridled passion for her. Selena could also see the glistening wetness of her own cum and pussy juices all over Britney’s chin and lips.

Britney slowly bent over and the two women were mouth to mouth.

“You wanna taste yourself, Doctor Alvarez?” Britney purred.

By now, Selena was on fire with passion for this cunning young seductress and she gluttonously seized Britney’s mouth and chin in her own like a wild beast; reveling at the invigorating flavors of her own sex mixed with the sweetness of Britney’s skin and mouth. Britney cupped Selena’s head in her hands and equally reveled in the older woman’s intensely passionate kiss. Finally coming up for air, an intense stare of unequalled desire passed between the women.

“Take my cuffs off!” Selena hissed. “I wanna touch you.”

“Why Principal Alvarez, this is highly unethical and unprincipled!” Britney teased.

“And let’s go to your bedroom.” Selena demanded.

“Hey, whatever you say. After all, you’re the Principal. I’m just a student.” Britney said.

“Yeah! A very naughty student!” Selena hissed again.

Britney pulled Selena off the table and set her on to her bare feet on the floor. Kissing deep and roughly again, Britney grabbed another handful of Selena’s dangling hair, jerked her around and marched her forward, still in handcuffs and her blazer, blouse and bra hanging open. Britney jammed her free hand between Selena’s tight ass cheeks and teased her asshole as they marched toward Britney’s bedroom.

Pushing her handcuffed quarry in to her bedroom, Britney’s nostrils filled with the strong and enticing aroma of burning incense she had lit earlier. The blinds and curtains in the room were drawn and the room was illuminated with soft candlelight. Kicking the door shut, Britney held the keys for the handcuffs between her teeth and she quickly unbound her prey. Once her wrists were free, Selena spun around and faced her captor with a deep and passionate stare. In a flurry of quick movement, Selena tore the remaining items of clothing off her hot and sweaty body as well as undid the remainder of her hair bun, erotically shaking out her long and flowing brown hair. Britney was captivated as a wildly animalistic presence now engulfed Selena Alvarez; the repressed sexual tigress had been released from its long captivity and now, young Britney Wilcox was about to be torn apart in the throes of raw sexual frenzy by an unleashed Latin-American sex demon. Now as completely naked as her captor, Selena seized Britney’s face and plunged her tongue deep into the teenagers’ sultry mouth.

Selena roughly seized a handful of Britney’s blonde hair, jerked her forward and shoved her violently on to the bed. Britney’s body tingled with invigorating anticipation and heat as Selena displayed her sexual dominance and power.

“Get on the bed, you naughty little girl!” Selena ordered. “On your hands and knees!”

Britney gladly obeyed the now dominating older woman and rolled up and over onto all fours on the mattress. Britney’s bed sat almost waist high and Selena practically had to climb up on to it. Coming up behind Britney’s flushed and glistening body, Selena spanked her hard on her incredibly firm and perfectly curved ass.

“Bad girl!” Selena barked. “Bad girl!”

Britney chirped with utter ecstasy on every spank of Selena’s hand. Selena then forcefully flipped Britney on to her back, spread her legs wide and raised one up, bending it at the knee and pushing it down on to Britney’s chest as she gazed at Britney’s beautiful pussy.

“Oooh, a perfect little baby-bottom pussy.” Selena cooed.

With her long and sexy fingers, Selena spread Britney’s fleshy folds wide and teased the glistening pink skin inside them with the tip of her tongue. Britney was so intensely stimulated that she gasped and jerked with each tease of Selena’s tongue; then it was Selena’s turn to frenzy feed. Without warning, Selena plunged into the teen’s sweet and swollen folds. It wasn’t long before the cunning young sexual hunter’s body was writhing and thrashing uncontrollably as her far more experienced prey delved her hungry mouth deeper and deeper into her sex. Selena Alvarez knew no equal when it came to devouring another woman’s sexual center and Britney’s body was being ravaged with illicit pleasures unlike any she’d ever known. Wrenching the satin sheets in her balling fists as every muscle in her young body strained gallantly against the immense orgasmic pressure building up inside her, Britney Wilcox gasped for air and her eyes leaked tears of unbridled ecstasy.

Suddenly, Britney felt Selena jam a finger deep into her asshole and the young teen felt herself literally about to explode. She had never experienced a sensation anywhere remotely close to the one that was building in her now. With her gorging clit and swollen folds being devoured gluttonously by Selena’s highly seasoned mouth and tongue, and now being finger fucked in the ass, Britney felt the inner walls of her pussy faltering under immense liquid pressure. With her back arching practically to the ceiling fan and on the verge of asphyxiation, Britney’s eyes spun wildly as her entire body convulsed. Seizing a handful of Selena’s dampening hair, Britney used all her strength to pull the older woman’s head up off her sex, and as Selena’s head came up, Britney witnessed a fountain like spray blasting out of her pussy and Selena was desperately trying to slurp it all up like water from a drinking fountain.

When the orgasm past, Britney’s body collapsed as it relaxed and she was panting uncontrollably. Selena’s face and hair were doused with Britney’s spraying juices and she was licking the considerable remnants of it off Britney’s stomach. The site of this set Britney afire again and she roughly jerked Selena up on top of her by the hair.

“Get up here! Let me taste it!” Britney demanded.

Selena pressed her body down firmly on top of Britney and the young vixen insatiably devoured the older woman’s mouth and tongue, reveling in the essence of her own sexual juices in and around Selena’s mouth.

“Get up!” Britney suddenly ordered. “I want you to grind your pussy on mine.”

Selena sat up, straddled Britney’s body and took hold of Britney’s right leg, then pressed her soaking wet sex directly against the teens. Selena grinded her pussy slowly, deep and firmly on Britney’s, sensually swaying her body and moaning tenderly with her passion-filled eyes intensely locked on Britney’s. With her hands massaging the supple flesh and firm muscles of Selena’s hip and torso as they grinded sensually into each other, Britney just couldn’t get over the fact that she had actually caught and conquered Selena Alvarez. Moreover, the Latin lust goddess that was fucking her now was so completely opposite of the plain and conservative educator that walked the halls of Scottsdale High; the transformation was incredibly erotic! How could it possibly be the same woman? But it is! Britney had never been more turned on.

“Get up here!” Britney suddenly commanded. “I wanna taste you again.”

Selena smiled seductively as she crawled up Britney’s body and straddled the teens’ head. Britney wrapped her arms around Selena’s thighs and greedily seized the soaking wet, pulsating pussy of Principal Alvarez into her ravenous mouth; at the same time probing her middle finger deeply in and out of Selena’s rosebud. Seized with unprecedented sexual drive and desire, Britney devoured the older woman’s sexual core in a merciless feeding frenzy until her tongue and jaw ached and the Latin woman’s body arched and wrenched wildly over backwards. Selena collapsed completely ravaged and exhausted on the mattress between Britney’s wide open legs and her now soaking wet, sweaty body twitched as the orgasm still pulsed through her veins. Britney crawled seductively up over Selena’s twitching body and the Latin woman seized her, wrapping her arms and legs snuggly around her neck and torso; they kissed deeply.

Britney pulled out of the kiss and roughly freed herself from Selena’s locking embrace.

“I’m not done with you yet!” Britney hissed. “Now roll over!”

Selena again smiled as she flipped over on to her stomach and waited breathlessly. Britney pressed her body firmly on the older woman’s back side and slowly slid down her, running both her sweat laden body and hot tongue down the line of the beautiful Latin woman’s back.

“Oh Britney, your skin is so soft.” Selena purred.

“Mmmm, so is yours.” Britney replied.

As Britney continued down her backside, Selena reflexively spread her legs and Britney’s body slid in between them on to the mattress. Spreading the older woman’s ass cheeks wide, Britney plunged deeply into and devoured Selena’s beautiful rosebud ass, all the while pumping two fingers in and out of her dripping wet pussy. Selena felt the orgasms building once again deep inside her and she seized fistfuls of the satin sheets as her body began to tense. Suddenly, everything ceased as Britney pulled away.

“Hey, why’d you stop?” Selena asked.

Britney suddenly wrapped a blindfold over Selena’s eyes and secured it tightly around her head.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Selena asked.

“Just wait.” Britney whispered. “Now up on all fours, Doctor.”

Selena couldn’t help but giggle as she complied and lifted herself up onto all fours. She heard and felt Britney leave the bed.

“Where are you going? Don’t let me cool down!” Selena begged.

“Oh, you don’t have to worry about that.” Britney replied.

Selena waited for what seemed like an eternity to her for Britney to return and when she felt Britney climb back on the bed, her body flooded with heat and her heart accelerated. If only she could see what Britney had in store for her.

“You ready, baby?” Britney asked.

“Ready for what?” Selena replied.

Selena gasped and moaned deeply while her body convulsed and her head tilted back as she was violated. Britney had armed herself with a strap-on and had just plunged it deep into the pulsating pussy of her sizzling hot high school principal.

“For me!” Britney snarled.

Britney seized handfuls of Selena’s quivering and sweaty hips as she pumped the rubber cock with the ferocity of a tri-athlete on steroids in and out of the gorgeous Latin woman’s body. Selena was soon rocking in rhythm with Britney’s mighty pelvic thrusts with Selena’s deep and howling moans bouncing off the walls and ceiling. Britney worked herself up into a fierce frenzy of pelvic thrusts while droves of sweat raced down the front of her body and dripped on Selena’s back and ass. Nearing utter exhaustion and fearing that Selena might climax, Britney undid the blindfold and pulled out.

“Lie down flat!” Britney panted. “I wanna look in your eyes while I fuck you!”

Selena complied immediately, spread her legs wide and arched her back up slightly to allow Britney access. Plunging the strap-on deep inside the Latin woman again, Britney continued to stab away until Selena’s body was writhing and convulsing to the point of throwing her off. Britney held tight to the sheets as Selena’s body was ravaged by another orgasm; screaming in wails of agony and digging her fingernails deep into the skin of Britney’s sweaty back, Selena’s seething body finally collapsed in a literal puddle of sweat and cum underneath the powerful young vixen and began twitching. Equally exhausted, Britney pulled the strap-on out of Selena, wrestled it off, tossed it to the floor and let her own seething and steaming body collapse on top of the older woman. The hunter and hunted lie in a pile of post-orgasmic mush, their naked bodies sticky and wet with each other’s fluids and their hair soaked in sweat.

After several minutes of soft and gentle body caressing and fondling, Britney suddenly had a revelation.

It was over! The hunt was over! Lying on top of her conquered prey, the young sexual huntress realized that it would soon be time to search out another target. But who? Where and how could she possibly find a more divine lover than this now freed Latin goddess? What could possibly top the thrill of this forbidden affair?

Running her fingers through Britney’s sweat drenched hair, Selena’s hungry mouth opened and Britney slid her tongue in deeply. As the heat of passion began to slip into their midst again, Britney slowly raised her head up out of their kiss and with her eyes closed, reveled in Selena’s warm mouth sucking and nibbling on her neck.

As she slowly swayed her head from side to side to allow Selena ultimate access to every nook and cranny, Britney heard her bedroom door creak ever so slightly. Slowly opening her eyes, Britney glanced in that direction and saw her mother Elaine peering in with a proud mentor smile on her face. With Selena still kissing and sucking on her neck, she obviously was oblivious to the fact that they were being watched. Britney flung her eyes wildly to the side in their sockets, signaling her mother to close the door. Elaine winked at her apprentice daughter, gave her thumbs up and quietly pulled the door shut again. Lowering her head and shutting her eyes, Britney felt the sweet tongue of her high school principal slide deep into her mouth.

And as they kissed, gently grinding their bodies together, another revelation came to Britney’s mind:

“No apprentice can truly advance until they have first conquered their own master.”

Britney Wilcox, the most avid sexual hunter at Scottsdale High School had just sighted and tagged her next quarry!


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