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The Afterparty

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She was awakened as she had been so very many times before… By the exquisite feeling of a talented tongue lapping relentlessly between her legs. She had almost come to expect the morning ritual that she loved so dearly.

Her husband Peter always managed to wake in the morning just a few minutes before she and very early in their relationship had taken to waking her by crawling under the bed covers and finding her well-rested pussy ready and waiting for him.

He’d most often start very gently so she’d wake slowly as if in a dream state and slowly realize that she would once again start her day with a mind numbing orgasm.

If time allowed, most often on the weekends, he would tease her with his talented mouth and tongue and slowly bring her to the edge of orgasm and then just as she was about to cum he’d ease off just a bit and allow her to retreat just slightly from the edge. When he was sure she wasn’t on the brink of exploding he’d resume more intense stimulation of her clit until she was once again mere seconds away from an incredible orgasm that he’d inevitably delay again by altering his attack just slightly.

This would sometimes go on for thirty or forty minutes and would always eventually make her beg aloud for the release she craved so much. This was her favorite way to start any day and he knew it. He knew it and loved it and also loved all of the amazing things she would often do in return once she was awake and had her fill of “ladies first” morning pleasure. But this time was different. Stephanie opened her eyes expecting the room to be flooded with the soft morning light that always filtered through the window curtains. She loved the way the soft light reminded her of the candlelight that would often illuminate their naked bodies long into the night. Something was wrong. Her eyes were open but she was enveloped in darkness.

Her attention was quickly diverted as that exquisite tongue started to focus all of it’s efforts directly on her clit. First little circles around it then an up and down rubbing and lapping motion that always drove her crazy and would inevitably lead to an orgasmic explosion like no other. She was breathing faster and felt a familiar tingling sensation as her nipples started to react to what was happening between her legs.

It was only when she felt the need to reach for her own breasts that she was jolted back into a clearer frame of mind. Her reaction started slowly and was all but unfamiliar to her but it was most definitely panic. Her arms instantly met resistance and she could feel the straps around her wrists. Her panic intensified as she became more awake and aware and started to assess her situation. She could feel air moving across her exposed skin and she was just realizing that all of her skin was exposed. She was completely naked and bound tightly.

She counted the straps she could feel. One on each wrist, one just above each elbow, one around her waist, one around her neck, and each ankle and knee was similarly bound. Bound to what?

She was definitely on her back and her thighs were spread wide with her knees bent a little. Her arms were away from her body and her wrists were above her head. She could feel a firm but slightly padded surface under her that seemed to conform to every curve of her body and supported her just where it seemed the restraints wanted her to be. She was bound very tightly to something that seemed to be intended for just that purpose. Maybe just for her and her alone because the fit was so good. It wasn’t a table by any means but more like some kind of apparatus designed to hold a person just so.

Why the darkness? “My GOD,” she thought to herself, “what’s in my mouth?!?!” Indeed there was something there in the darkness that was filling her mouth and holding it open. Then she felt how her head was encased by something. Wrapped? Molded? What was it? She suddenly became aware of the strong scent of leather filling her nose. She guessed it was like something she’d seen on the internet once when she was looking at some bondage pictures. A leather hood laced tightly around her whole head with only a couple small holes near her nose to breathe through.

She couldn’t see a thing and all sound except her own panicked breathing and the pounding of her heart in her ears was shut out completely. This hood was different than what she’d seen though. It was holding her mouth open somehow.

She ran her tongue over and around the oral intruder as much as she could. It left little room to do so as it was jammed in fully to the back of her throat. She could feel enough though. It was a large phallus shaped dildo locked in place by the hood. Her lips were wrapped around it and it kept her from much of any swallowing so she could feel her own saliva seeping out between her cheeks and the leather. Her panic in full swing she strained against all the restraints. She pulled with her legs and arms and strained to move her waist in any direction but nothing she did resulted in more than a few millimeters of movement. Even the hood must have had restraints on it. She tried to lift her head and move it back and forth but it was held fast and all of her strength wouldn’t be enough.

She screamed but the dildo was a very effective gag and she knew that no one but she and the tongue master still between her legs would be able to hear her muffled cries for help. She was helpless and was feeling it completely. She was totally at the mercy of her assailant. She felt the tears between her cheeks and the leather and slowly stopped straining and fighting as reality started to sink in. Stephanie was now wide awake and fully aware but her awareness brought with it confusion beyond words. How did she come to be in this predicament? Where was she? Who was between her legs?

She knew Peter’s touch and had become accustomed to the way he wrapped his arms under her legs and up over her abdomen so his hands could roam her belly and wander up to her breasts as he feasted on his favorite of meals. This also allowed him a good grip and leverage when her orgasm would finally shake her being and her whole body would convulse almost violently. He always made an effort to stay in contact with her clit all through her orgasm and she loved the way it would lengthen and intensify her explosion.

This time she was feeling no hands or arms or touch of any kind other than a relentless mouth and tongue continuing it’s assault on her sex.

She searched back with her mind trying to piece together an explanation. Trying to understand what was happening to her. It was difficult to think clearly and reason because the pleasure between her legs was intense and difficult to ignore. It was a strange and foreign sensation to be afraid and panicked and simultaneously stimulated so perfectly. Yes, it was perfect. Could this even be Peter between her legs? He knew her so well and was a master at pleasing her this way but this… this was… perfect. Suddenly she remembered the party. YES! She remembered it clearly now. Sunday was her birthday and Saturday night Peter and some close friends had thrown her a party!

She remembered the day and looking forward to the party and seeing friends and family she hadn’t seen in a while. She remembered putting on the new dress she’d bought a week earlier specially for the party and how she’d matched it with a bra that pushed her breasts up and out just enough to show off one of her sexiest features. She also remembered Peter’s lustful smile when she walked down the stairs just before they headed out the door (he always loved how she could dress sexily and show off to him and the whole world without looking like a whore. She was absolutely beautiful to him in every way).

She remembered the short drive to the party house in town where they always reserved a room for events like birthdays and graduations and the like. She remembered pestering the DJ until he played an old favorite that she and Peter had slow danced to dozens of times since they’d met. She remembered how close they danced and how tight he held her and how hard his cock felt between them and how she could feel her own arousal building (there was never a lack of passion and fire between them).

She remembered the drinks going down rather quickly and easily and feeling a little light-headed as the evening progressed but that was nothing unusual on a night of celebration. She remembered sitting down on a padded bench along one wall of the room and resting her head on Peter’s shoulder as she closed her eyes and tried to recover from a bit of a dizzy spell that hit her as she walked across the room to refill her glass.

She thought about how good his cock was going to feel inside her in just a couple short hours after the party was over and then… and then… nothing. That was the last thing she could remember. Then she was here. In this place. Naked. Arms and legs spread wide. Bound by straps and hooded with a dildo jammed in her mouth. Completely immobile. Completely helpless. So here she was. Was it Saturday? Was it Sunday already? Had hours passed or perhaps days even? It was a huge blank that needed to be filled in but it seemed that wouldn’t happen any time soon.

Just as her attention was drawn back to the exquisite sensations between her legs all contact stopped. Even overcome with fear and panic as she was her heart dropped and a pang of frustration flowed through her inner being when the “assault” stopped. She was well on her way to an orgasm when all stimulation was taken away. A dildo-muffled whimper was her automatic response. Then nothing.

She felt nothing for what seemed like an eternity. She waited and wondered. As her panic grew she resumed straining against her bonds with all the strength she could muster. She pulled and tugged and twisted but every attempt at escape was futile. She was held fast and the restraints were more than up to the task of keeping her immobilized.

Internally she was frightened, terrified even, and felt completely helpless for the very first time in her life. She’d always been strong of will and in control of most situations but not this time. Her life, her very being, was being controlled by someone else. She was completely at the mercy of her captor.

Then there was a moment when she felt something. She felt something new and different. Just as her body began to relax and give up the hopeless struggle against her bonds her mind began to relax too. There was no mental relief from the fear or panic but her mind did relax. Somewhere deep inside she realized the true hopelessness of her struggle and part of her gave in. Part of her that had never given in to anything before suddenly submitted and yielded control to her assailant.

Just when she felt that part of her soul submit for the very first time she also felt a little twinge in the last place she would ever expect. As she accepted her situation and relinquished control she felt a sudden flood of arousal that seemed to start in her mind but flowed very quickly through her entire body and came to rest finally deep between her legs. She felt it there the most.

Her pussy felt very much like it did every time Peter would start to work his morning magic on her. She could feel a slight spasm and knew without feeling it directly that she was a bit more moist than only moments before. She was turned on by her helpless situation. By the fear. By the panic. By her ultimate submission to another person. Something she had never even dreamed was possible. She was confused before but now she had even more distasteful food for thought. As she was wrestling with her newfound feelings she felt a gentle brush of something up the inside of her left thigh and her focus was brought back to her immediate physical situation. A lone touch and then nothing for a long time. She waited and wondered then suddenly again a gentle brush of something up the inside of her other thigh.

Again a little flutter of arousal deep inside knowing that she had no control over anything that was happening to her. Then what felt like fingers trailing ever so slowly and ever so lightly from just above her crotch up across her stomach toward her chest. Her stomach was always very sensitive when she was aroused and the almost non-existent gentle brush of fingers created a powerful sensation somewhere between a tickle and a painful scrape and her whole abdomen tightened and strained to escape but like everything else it was useless. She was held fast. Then nothing.

Then the fingers started again just above her pussy and trailed slowly and almost painfully all the way up to her breasts then stopped again. Over and over again the torture continued. A few moments of nothing and then a feather-like touch of fingers from her sex to her breasts that she thought would surely drive her mad if it continued much longer.

She could barely breathe from the time each new touch started until the fingers left her near her breasts. Then she was allowed a brief rest and the same torture resumed near her pussy. Her dildo-muffled screams eventually accompanied each touch and just when she knew she could bear no more it all stopped. Nothing again as her stomach began to relax and she fought to get air into her lungs while she could.

Then she felt it. Drops of her own wetness running down into the crack of her ass. With a few moments to think she wondered how it could even be possible. It wasn’t possible and yet it was undeniable. The simple touch of fingers on her stomach was arousing her beyond belief. But it wasn’t the fingers alone. It was fingers that she had absolutely no control over. It was her mind and body giving in to those fingers. It was submission that was taking her to places she’d never been before. Submission that was made complete when she found herself hoping that the journey was only beginning. Stephanie was left alone with her thoughts for what she felt was far too long. Something had been awakened deep within her and as much as she was afraid and knew she should be concentrating on finding a way to escape her bonds she instead found herself craving the stimulation that had stopped so suddenly.

If this had been a typical morning session with Peter and he stopped like this she’d be grabbing his head and forcing him back between her legs. She was a fan of teasing and edging and loved being aroused but there was a limit where deprivation seemed more like torture and she felt herself quickly passing that limit.

Then it resumed as suddenly as it stopped. She felt a delicious tongue make a long slow lick from just above her anus right up between her drenched lips and across her now engorged clit. Her muffled moan was long and deep and spoke of a gratitude she felt powerless to hide. An internal heat flooded her from head to toe and she felt her stuffed mouth trying to smile around the dildo.

She felt the tongue probing inside her and lips pulling on her own and an occasional soft hot breath just where she wanted it. The stimulation continued in a very slow and deliberate attack that soon began to focus directly on her clit.

The mouth opened wider and sucked her sensitive nub inside and a flattened tongue slid slowly up and down exactly where it needed to. It felt wonderful but she wanted more. She was beyond ready to cum but there just wasn’t enough stimulation to finish her off. She was being toyed with and could feel frustration growing with each passing second. Then there were hands. She could feel arms and hands wrapping under her legs and up around onto her stomach. Hands that began to slide slowly up and down and around her abdomen and then up and down her sides and eventually down onto her thighs.

Each time they made their way up near her chest her breath caught in anticipation of finally feeling what she wanted to feel on her tits but each time they fell just millimeters short and returned down her body. She could feel how hard her nipples were becoming and wanted so badly to reach for them herself and quench the fire that was burning there but knew she would not to be permitted that particular luxury. They ached badly for attention but were getting none.

If her captor’s goal was to push her desire beyond it’s normal limits it was definitely working. She wanted more. She wanted, she needed her breasts to be touched too. She wanted, she needed to cum badly. Her fires were smoldering but the only thing that would extinguish them at this point would be to fuel them further until she was a blazing inferno and finally a fiery sexual explosion. She had never been so hot but it was clear already that she was capable of so very much more. Then, finally, a gentle brush across her left nipple that made her whole chest try to surge up to meet it. Then another. Just the faintest touch and it was making her crazy. Then the same on her right nipple.

Then it hit her suddenly. The two hands were still roaming over her thighs when she felt what could be fingers on her nipples. MORE THAN TWO HANDS! She had assumed there was a single captor but now it was clear that they were not alone.

Then fingers began gently pinching and rubbing her nipples. Oh she needed that so badly but she was also trying to consider that she was tightly bound and now apparently being molested by a group. There were four hands on her simultaneously and a mouth still working between her legs.

Again muffled screams and straining muscles and a brief futile struggle eventually turned into acceptance and submission. The struggle was over a bit quicker this time. She had again accepted her situation and surrendered her soul and felt another wave of arousal wash over her. This time she tried less to understand why these things were effecting her this way and soon returned to focusing on the various stimuli that were fueling the fire. The hands on her breasts began cupping and massaging them and she could feel palms grazing her erect nipples. The position of the hands made it seem that this new person must be standing just beyond her head between where it felt like her wrists were restrained out to the sides. There were thumbs on the top of her tits and the hands were reaching in from above.

The mouth continued a painfully slow assault on her sex and the other hands continued their exploration of her abdomen and thighs. She wanted so badly to reach down with both hands and force that head hard into her pussy and ride that face to an orgasm that she knew was probably only seconds away with the proper stimulation. She had never been held so close to the edge for so long.

She and Peter would often play a game late at night and make love slowly and see how long they could hold out without cumming but even then she had the power to fuck him hard and make herself cum when she knew she could take no more. Now she knew this was beyond any reasonable limit and still she was forced to wait. “Will they ever let me cum?” she thought to herself. Her oral assailant slowly moved his violations from her clit down across her lips stopping briefly to tongue-fuck her hungry hole for a few moments then slowly began to focus on her now wet little rosebud. She was again frustrated as the center of her sex was left untouched and hungry for so much more.

That frustration would soon pass. She felt fingers gently spreading her lips. WAIT! MORE FINGERS! The mouth was working on her anus, two hands still massaged her breasts, two hands on her stomach and now more fingers on her pussy. At least three people were with her. Hands all over her body and she bound and forced to submit to anything they would do to her.

For a moment the term “gang bang” echoed through her mind and yet another wave of sexual heat washed over her but then she realized that thus far she hadn’t been “banged” at all. She thought too soon. She felt something all too familiar at her wet and swollen opening. Up and down it rubbed and she knew what was about to happen.

Again muffled screams and useless struggles signified that she still clung to some small hope of control or will. She screamed, she pulled, she felt hands and mouth and she knew it would happen. Then it did. The hard cock slowly slid into her starving pussy. Much slower than she truly would’ve liked. Slowly into her pussy in one long very slow stroke until she could feel it bottom out at her cervix.

This was DEFINITELY not Peter’s cock that was invading her body. This cock was slightly longer than Peter’s and a little fatter too. He never found the bottom of her cave quite so easily. The legs that came to rest against hers felt foreign too. It was hot. She was hot. No more struggling and no more screams. A long involuntary moan was her response to the cock head held tight against her cervix.

Now she wanted to be fucked good and hard. Hands all over her body. Tongue up her ass. A big hard cock buried in her pussy and new feelings of total submission taking her over. She couldn’t use words to beg so she whined around the dildo and clenched her pussy over and over again around that hard cock that refused to move.

It felt good. Better than good. That cock belonged inside her and it was meant to fuck her hard like the submissive slut she had suddenly become deserved to be fucked. “Please fuck me hard!!!” was the plea that echoed silently through her head. Then the tongue was gone. Her ass suddenly felt empty and cold without any stimulation. That cock was so good though. So hard and so deep but still not moving. God she wanted to be fucked so much!

Then another finger. A finger gently rubbing her anal orifice. Around and around. Slippery. Then the tip went inside. A cock buried in her pussy and a finger in her ass. A finger from where? A fourth person was there!

She could feel the lube and feel the finger working it deep into her ass. Whoever it was they sure knew what they were doing and knew how to take it slow and let her relax to accommodate the intrusion. It felt good. Too good. She had never been much of a fan of anal sex but this was different. This felt great.

Having a hard cock for her pussy to keep clenching on didn’t hurt either. After two fingers had opened her up and lubed her back door for what seemed like an eternity she again felt something very familiar and knew what was soon to come. This time there would be no screaming and no struggling against her bonds and the moaning started long before any intrusion this time. The hands that had been massaging her breasts moved to her shoulders and arms and the hands that had been working over her abdomen took over on her breasts. She knew why. She knew everyone had shifted to make room for the man that was beneath her and attached to the hard cock brushing her anus. She knew what was coming and relaxed her ass hole in preparation for the penetration that she knew was imminent.

She wanted it and wanted them to know. Her moans changed to her begging little whine and soon she felt the pressure on her sphincter start to increase. She relaxed even more and soon felt herself opening to this newest intruder. Lubed up and ready as she was it didn’t take much effort on anyone’s part and soon a second hard cock was deep inside her.

This feeling was new and different and she felt more full that she had ever been. She WAS more full than ever before. She could feel the cock that filled her pussy pushing against the cock that filled her rectum and the feeling was amazing. She wanted both to fuck her hard. She was so ready. Bound and gagged and hot as Hell with both her holes stuffed completely. “Please fuck me hard!!!” the plea again echoed through her head. Why were they waiting? Surely these were men who were also hot and wanted to cum badly. Two cocks in a helpless woman and still neither were fucking her like they should. Why? Then she felt the dildo move slightly in her mouth. A slight twist and then it was retreating. She felt it slide out completely and then she could breathe through her mouth. Something still held her mouth open. She could feel it now. The hood had an open tube that the dildo had been sticking in through. The tube was just long enough to hold her mouth open when the dildo was removed.

She still couldn’t swallow well and her jaw was aching from being held open so far for so long but the intruder was gone. Or so she thought. Only a few moments passed before she felt the dildo being reinserted into the tube. NO! This was no dildo. This was a real cock she felt on her tongue!

She felt it slowly fill her mouth and touch the back of her throat replacing the dildo almost perfectly. She could taste it and loved it. She had three hard cocks filling her in all ways possible and she loved it. She was now completely subservient to these wonderful hard cocks penetrating all of her orifices. She wanted this. She needed it.

She was still afraid but that was where some of the intense arousal she was feeling came from and she knew it. She was being used completely and that terrified her but it also turned her on more than anything ever had. She was a wanton little bondage slut and was quickly learning that she wanted nothing more. “Please fuck me hard in all my holes!!!” She whined around the hard cock in her mouth. Then she felt it. All three cocks at once began to retreat and for a brief moment she feared that they would all pull completely out and leave her empty. That fear was unfounded and just as she was almost empty all three cocks slowly pushed back in fully. The pleasure coursing through the very fiber of her being was indescribable.

Slowly and deliberately all three members continued to pull out until barely touching her at all then just as slowly and deliberately they penetrated her fully again. Very slowly and exquisitely in and out, in and out, in and out, and she was loving being so full and so fucked. Then all three reached their deepest point together and stopped completely.

“NOOOOOO!!!” was what she wanted to scream but only another muffled noise made it out of her cock-stuffed mouth. She was in agony. Teased to the point of tears. Three cocks inside her and hands all over her. She’d lost count of people touching her and couldn’t even think clearly enough to offer a guess at this point. She was a caged animal in heat and needed to cum. Plain and simple. She needed to cum more than ever before. They made her wait for what seemed like forever. These men had patience. Far too much patience. She could feel and taste pre-cum in her mouth and ran her tongue over any cock flesh she could reach and kept squeezing cocks over and over again with her pussy and ass.

She kept squeezing and licking and realized that with these actions alone, stuffed like she was, she could probably achieve orgasm. She kept licking and squeezing and soon her breath was ragged and she was moaning and sweating and getting very close. Then the hands stopped.

Suddenly her nipples felt like they were in a vise and the pain shot through her chest. Her nipples were pinched and squeezed savagely until she stopped trying to get off. The pinching stopped and she started working all three cocks again. This time her punishment was almost immediate and the pain shot from her nipples all through her chest. She understood. She wasn’t to cum. She was theirs and her ultimate pleasure wasn’t what they had in mind. Not at the moment. She tried to relax and stay still but it was killing her. She wanted these three amazing cocks to use her and get her off in the process but they would have none of that. Everyone was still. Stephanie had to fight the urge to move. It was the most difficult thing she’d ever had to do. As she pulled back from the edge slightly her mind’s eye was wandering around this place. She was imagining what the scene must look like.

She, strapped to some kind of apparatus made for just such a purpose, hooded, deprived of her senses of sight and sound, the man with his cock in her mouth presumably straddling her somehow, a man standing between her legs impaling her pussy, a man underneath her somehow impaling her ass but touching her in no other way, a man standing just beyond her head with his hands on her shoulders and the man that started it all by licking her pussy was now somewhere below her with his hands on her tits. “It must be an incredible sight,” she thought to herself. This sight was beyond anything she’d ever imagined. It was hotter than any porn video she’d ever watched. It was real and happening and was hotter and more extreme than anything she’d ever heard of. Then it began. A slow fucking of her mouth. The oral intruder began fucking his cock in and out of her mouth. It started slowly but not like all the deliberate penetrations she’d experienced so far. This cock was fucking her mouth for pleasure. He was going deep and hard and was picking up the pace a little at a time as he went.

He was really going too deep and the cock head jamming into her throat was making her start to gag and cough but it was relentless and she knew he would take her as he wanted with no concern for her comfort. He was trying to stuff his cock down her throat but wouldn’t slow down and allow her to try to accommodate him (she wanted to deep throat that wonderful hard cock badly) so she kept gagging and did her best to keep breathing. It was hot and nasty and dirty being used this way and she loved it.

Hands started to roam all over her body again as her mouth was fucked violently but the other two cocks impaling her refused to move. They just stayed planted deep inside her as cock number three fucked her mouth good. Faster and faster. Harder and harder. She could hardly breathe and she felt him swell even bigger and knew what was coming.

Just as she started to wonder if this man would ever cum he pulled out halfway and what she assumed was his hand stroked the base of his cock as several jets of white-hot cum shot into her waiting mouth. She felt complete somehow to finally have his cum in her mouth. He kept the tip of his cock in her mouth and she could feel hands outside the hood on her cheeks and on her throat rubbing and urging her to swallow. She didn’t need encouragement there. She just needed a few moments because swallowing wasn’t very easy with her mouth held open the way it was. Soon her mouth was empty and the man’s full load was in her stomach. Then her worst fear was realized. All three cocks pulled out simultaneously and she was empty. She yelled, “NOOOO!!!” as best she could with the tube in her mouth and knew this time they heard her well.

She was empty and hungry for more and driven almost to the point of tears again when suddenly all three of her holes were quickly filled once again. Three cocks in three holes again as it should be. As it should be? She had become something she might never fully understand and was loving it. Yes, three cocks in her three holes just as it should be!

Then she tasted it. Something she had only tasted briefly a couple times before and then only with Peter. This was a different cock in her mouth and this was most definitely the one that had just been in her ass! She tasted a combination of her ass and the lubricant and knew that the three men had switched positions.

She guessed that the cock that had just cum in her mouth was now in her pussy and the cock that had moments before filled her pussy so perfectly was now deep in her ass. Sucking a cock that had just been up her ass was normally disgusting and distasteful to her but in this situation where she had no choice she quickly accepted it and found it hot and nasty and immediately started looking forward to another hot load of cum in her stomach. She pictured the scene again with the three men having swapped positions and two others exploring with their hands while she remained bound and helpless. Then that dirty cock in her mouth started fucking her just like the first had. The other two were moving this time too but only slowly. A gentle shallow fucking of her cunt and ass to accentuate and compliment the brutal fucking her mouth was taking.

It was extreme and intense and a complete mind fuck to be used in such a way but her inner primal sexual being was loving it. She loved the helplessness, the brutality, the pain, the submission… Everything about it was everything that had been missing from her life. Being used and abused was filling a hole in her soul that she never knew was there. She felt truly complete for the first time ever.

She was gagging and taking everything this cock could give her. She felt good as he started to fuck her face harder and faster and knew once again what was coming and knew he wouldn’t deprive her of another snack. Hands everywhere and two cocks slowly fucking her pussy and ass and another about to blow in her mouth. Could this be Heaven?

Faster and harder until finally this one too pulled out halfway and jerked off into her hungry waiting mouth. Hands on her cheeks and throat again but no need. She willingly swallowed as soon as she could manage. Two loads in her stomach and now she knew there was at least one more to come. Again they pulled out but this time Stephanie had no fear. She knew it was just a quick change and she’d be full again in just a few seconds. And so it was. Moments later all three cocks were back inside her and she once again had the fresh taste of her own ass in her mouth.

This time hands moved away from her tits and were replaced by a mouth on each nipple. The hands that were on her tits moved down and approached her clit from each side. Just as they came to rest on their swollen little target her mouth started to take it’s third hard fucking of the day.

More hands on her legs and feet and then FINALLY she felt her pussy and ass start to get properly drilled. It was incredible! She didn’t know what sensation to focus on. It was really too much but she knew if there was more she’d gladly accept it. Two mouths on her nipples, a cock attacking her throat, a cock now properly fucking her pussy and one doing the same to her ass, hands on her arms and legs and feet and hands, and just when she thought the pleasure was surely maxed out the fingers of those last two hands started to rub the sides of her clit.

“MY GOD YES!!! FUCK ME HARD!!!” was what she would’ve screamed if her mouth hadn’t been stuffed full of hard cock. This was it. This had to be Heaven. Her mouth and throat were being brutally pummeled and the cocks in her other holes were starting to pick up the pace. She let herself start squeezing and working those cocks like she wanted to not even caring if she’d be punished at this point. She knew the fucking wouldn’t stop now until three cocks came again and if her nipples were pinched hard now she’d welcome it anyway.

Her tongue was working the head of this third cock as best as it could as it slammed in and out of her mouth. She wanted to milk it of everything it had. She wanted cum in her other holes too. She want all of them to cum. This was so much about submission and serving and she knew how to serve them best. Her body would pull the orgasms from theirs. She’d milk their cocks and eat their cum and be ready to give anything more they wanted to take and take anything more they wanted to give.

She was beyond insane with need and desire and was hotter than she ever thought possible. Her pussy and ass were really getting fucked hard and her mouth was sore but wanting more. She again tried to imagine the scene as they were now doing exactly what she wanted. They were all FUCKING HER HARD. She almost wished it could last forever but knew if she didn’t cum soon she’d surely die and knew that her men wanted to cum too. She felt number three change to an even more frantic pace and could feel the telltale dribbles of pre-cum he was leaving behind. It wouldn’t be long now.

His head got bigger and harder and she knew he was really close. The attack on her clit intensified and she knew she was close too. Closer and closer they all climbed toward an impending explosion. None of them would dare stop now and none did. Her clit, her pussy, her ass, her tits, her throat. Mere seconds now were all that stood between her and total ecstasy.

Yes. Yes! Yes!!! YES!!! YES!!! She felt him go first. The one in her ass. She felt him stiffen and slam deep into her one last time and then she felt the spasms as his cock spewed delicious cum deep into her bowels. Then number three shot several nice thick ropes of man sauce to the back of her throat.

She was just starting to try to swallow it when she felt the undeniable waves of a mind-numbing orgasm build deep in her pussy. This was like no other she’d ever felt. It was deeper. Stronger from the beginning and immediately took her breath away. As it started to rock her being completely her pussy clamped down hard on number two and he slammed hard into her finding the bottom of her cave.

She felt his spasms and could feel the jets of jism painting her insides. Then her own orgasm went full tilt and launched her into an orbit she’d never even dreamed of. This was it. This was why she wanted to be fucked hard. She knew this was coming. It was a fulfilling orgasm unlike any other. Her pussy and ass clenched and reclenched. She had to fight to keep from biting number three.

A guttural growl like she’d never heard was coming from her own throat. All her muscles strained against the bonds but not to escape. Simply to flex and let the orgasm consume every fiber and every nerve she could surrender to it. This was pleasure. Redefining, life altering, complete and utter pleasure. How had she even lived without it? How would she make sure she’d never be without it again? She felt three cocks start to soften within her. Heads and hands came to rest on her everywhere. She felt bodies cuddle up to her and soft lips kiss her everywhere. She felt a kind of contentment she never knew existed. She had given in and given up and in the process expanded her sexual horizons immeasurably. She was happy in a way she couldn’t explain or understand. She decided immediately not to try to understand right away. It didn’t even matter. She just wanted to bask in a glow like no other. Enjoy a newfound place within her that she now dearly hoped she would visit many more times. At first Stephanie barely noticed the small droplets hit her tongue. Then a strange taste as she tried to no avail to push the liquid from her mouth. Then a slight numbness on her tongue that slowly spread to her mouth and face. Once again she tried her best to talk but the hood tube and numbness kept her from any kind of real communicating. She was trying desperately to say, “NO! NOT YET! I’M NOT READY!” but her words were just nonsense falling on deaf ears. Slowly her whole body became numb and she felt her eyes close under the hood and then… Nothing… She was awakened as she had been so very many times before… By the exquisite feeling of a talented tongue lapping relentlessly between her legs. This time was different. She awoke suddenly with a start and threw the covers off and looked down not knowing whether to hope for or fear what she might find there.

Her eyes met his. Peter’s mouth was happily at work arousing her sex and getting her started on a morning journey toward what was sure to be a wonderful orgasm.

She smiled and laid her head back on her pillow and relaxed and started to settle in to enjoy their morning ritual. Her mind was a bit foggy and clouded but as her pussy started to come to life she began to see strange visions in her mind. She was imagining things she’d never thought about before. Strange things like being bound and gagged. Being the centerpiece in a group sex scene. Fucked against her will. It was making her very hot.

She started to reach for her nipples but then something inside her made her stop. Instead she reached up to the spindles on the headboard and grabbed on tight and held her hands there. Her nipples were aching for attention but she kept her hands over her head. Then she spread her legs a bit wider and bent her knees just like one of the visions she had in her head of a woman being triple penetrated. She closed her eyes and held herself there. Held herself still and let Peter do what he would do as he pushed her toward her morning orgasm.

He looked up and laughed into her pussy without stopping for even a second. She thought his laugh seemed out of place but was too into what his talented mouth was doing to pay it much attention. He wasted no time this day to take her all the way. Sometimes he would tease her but not today. He focused on her clit and was relentless until she exploded in ultimate release. Her back arched and she bucked and twisted but he stayed in place using his arms and hands wrapped under her legs and up around her stomach to stay locked to her sex his tongue busy until she came down and could take no more. She absolutely loved starting her days this way. He moved up her body and came face to face with the love of his life her legs still spread wide. He kissed her passionately and sank his aching cock deep into her pussy. She shook from the sensation. She was always very sensitive after she came.

Their naked bodies always worked so well together. Neither ever wanted for anything sexually. They were good together. As he started to fuck her in earnest their eyes met and she wrapped her arms and legs tightly around him. In and out, in and out, in and out… Harder and faster as their arousal increased. It would take her a while to work up to another orgasm but he didn’t mind. He loved touching her. Fucking her. Pleasuring her. It was a pleasure to him.

Then came the words that would change their lives forever. He looked deeply into her eyes as his cock continued plunging into her and said, “It’s not fair you know.” She didn’t speak but he could see the confused look on her face. “Not everyone came.”

He continued to fuck her and just as she was about to speak he continued, “Not everyone came and some of the guys aren’t very happy about it.” It all came flooding back. The party, the straps, the hood, the pain and pleasure, three cocks at once, multiple loads in her stomach, and most of all the complete submission. “We probably won’t be able to wait until your next birthday to make that right.”

Stephanie clamped her open mouth to his and immediately exploded into a mind-numbing orgasm. She screamed and thrashed and eventually settled into a blissful afterglow with a huge smile on her face. Moments later Peter came hard too. He went stiff and pumped several large jets of cum deep inside his wife’s body and could feel a grin spread across his own face as he started to come down to Earth.

They both tried to catch their breath and take in all that had happened, that was happening. Stephanie needed few words to express what she was feeling. She said simply with a smile, “Happy birthday to me!” and pulled her man tightly to her…

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