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That Was Some Party

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It was Saturday night, and I was looking for company. I didn’t have any particular prospects, but I did have a standing invitation to attend a party that an acquaintance of mine threw on the first weekend of every month; I had never attended one, but I had a hunch that it might be a good place to go looking for love, seeing as how Randall, the acquaintance, always seemed to be accompanied by a different, very attractive woman.

So, I arrived, greeted Randall, and began to prowl. There were plenty of unattached ladies there, and one, who introduced herself as Catherine, made it very clear, very soon, that she was interested. It put me off a bit; with that much aggression on her part, there wasn’t much room for romance. Not that she was unattractive — she had long, curly dark hair, green eyes, and was dressed in such a manner as to ensure that no one missed the fact that she had a very hot body: a short skirt made of some sort of shiny, flimsy material, high heeled sandals, and a tank top that hugged her breasts and hinted at her nipples. It was hard to take my eyes off her, but I wanted to relax and take it slow, and it seemed that she was a bit impatient.

So, I kept mingling, and after a while I found myself in conversation with a woman named Luisa, who had captivating, big, dark eyes, and a very wide and generous mouth. She showed her interest in subtle ways, laughing lightly, but keeping those big eyes riveted on me. She was dressed in a rather formal, floor-length gown, and she was drinking tequila. She was rather demure about it, but it dawned on me that she was putting it away very steadily, because I was drinking with her, and it was beginning to affect me.

We kept talking, and as time went by, the room emptied out, so it was just me sitting on a couch, and Luisa sitting opposite me in an armchair. She was telling me about Mexico, where she grew up. Her voice dropped a bit in volume, and I asked her to repeat herself. She grinned impishly, and spoke again, but I still couldn’t hear her and I said so. At this point, she gracefully arose, and sat next to me. Putting her big eyes and big mouth close to mine, she whispered, audibly this time, “…when I went to college, I discovered that what I really like about life is sex.” And she kissed me.

Boy, could she kiss. Her mouth was so wide, and wet, and soft, and slowly she merged it with mine, teasing my tongue with hers. I could feel the pressure of her breasts against me as we kissed, but we took our time; I was tremendously aroused, just from the feel of her mouth on mine. Then she pushed me down on the couch, and paused for an awkward moment to hike her gown up a bit, so that she could part her legs enough to straddle me. Then she advanced up my torso enough so that she could lean down and kiss me again.

Again, that luxurious wet kiss of hers. I reveled in it, needing more, but willing to wait. She had her weight on her hands and knees, so that I could not feel her body, although I could feel the abundant fabric of her gown accumulating on my belly. I reached up and began to slowly bring my hands down her back, heading for her ass, pulling on her to let her know my need, but she kept herself a bit elevated still, teasing me more voluptuously with her kiss. I let out a little groan of frustration, and it was then that she broke off this kiss, and smiled very broadly into my eyes.

Then she walked her knees up my armpits, and smiling, began to gather up the folds of her gown, until in one slow, fluid motion she climbed over my shoulders and brought her wet, delicious pussy into contact with my mouth.

I was shocked for just an instant, realizing, among other things, that she wore no panties, and that she did not fear discovery by the other guests. But I was so enchanted by the hot fragrance and the extraordinary wetness of her cunt, as she moved her hips to and fro, brushing herself against my lips and tickling my cheeks with her soft and abundant pubic hair.

I groaned again, and my hands struggled through the folds of her gown to find her hips, to that I might bring her down hard against my mouth. This time, she cooperated fully, grinding her pussy in little circles against my lips and tongue. Her hands found my head, holding me firm against her, as I deliriously ran my tongue up and down her opening, and then deep inside her, and then, as I could feel her orgasm approaching, I took all her vulva into my mouth and swirled my tongue around and around her clit. I heard her begin to laugh, low and guttural, a laugh that turned into a sort of howl of ecstasy, as I lapped away at the juices that gushed from her cunt.

After a minute she rose a few inches, so that I could see her smiling down at me, with a glazed look in her eyes that said that she was far from finished. But at that moment, another voice was heard, saying, “May I play, too?”

I looked up, and there was Catherine, grinning wickedly. I was a bit shocked to hear Luisa say, “Sure, why not?”

Catherine pulled the armchair close and sat down, a few feet away, and while continuing to grin, stripped off her tank top. There were her magnificent breasts, and I heard a sharp intake of breath from Luisa. Catherine’s nipples were big and erect, and with her eyes locked alternately to mine and Luisa’s, she began to pinch them, and then lifted each breast in turn to her mouth so that she could suck them.

Luisa began, almost imperceptibly, to shift her weight from one knee to the other, and her wonderful pussy, all engorged and wet and wide open, was tantalizingly close to my mouth, but I couldn’t take my eyes off Catherine. Catherine was scooting forward on her chair now, and parting her legs, making it very clear that underneath her short skirt she, too, was pantyless. And while keeping one hand on her left nipple, Catherine sent her other down below where her skirt was bunched up, dipping a finger deftly into the folds of her cunt.

She moved it tantalizingly around, parting her lips to give us an exciting view of her red hot pussy. Then abruptly she arose, saying “May I?” And Luisa, who seemed to know what she meant, let her breath out with a hiss: “Yessss.”

With that, Luisa scooted back, making way for Catherine to take her place. I could hardly wait for her to get into position, I was so hungry for her taste, after feasting on her wetness with my eyes. I wasted no time in devouring her cunt, plunging my tongue in as far as it would go. But only after what seemed to be a few seconds, Catherine got up, stripped off her skirt, and mounted my mouth again while facing the other direction, and then I could feel what seemed to be two pairs of hands unbuckling my pants and pulling them off, and then, as I pulled Catherine’s cunt against my mouth with renewed urgency, I could feel her big nipples rubbing against my belly as she took my cock deep into her mouth.

There is something about the 69 position that is especially heavenly, especially when you can feel from the way a woman is sucking you that she badly, badly wants you to come in her mouth, and you are hoping against hope that she will come in yours. That’s just the way it felt with Catherine. And it felt so good that I knew that we would both come, and very soon, and I just surrendered to the beautiful taste and texture of her pussy, sucking it for all I was worth, as I felt the pressure of my orgasm building and erupting. I heard Catherine moaning in joy as she swallowed spasm and after spam of my come, and drenched me with hers.

And as our climax subsided I heard someone else’s moaning; Catherine rolled partially off me, toward the head of the couch, and I saw, a few feet away, Luisa in the armchair, naked, her knees up over the arms of the chair, and both hands slowly but fiercely kneading her pussy. Within a few seconds she threw her head back, smiling ecstatically, and shouted something in Spanish as she came, and then she leaned forward breathlessly and plunged the fingers of one hand, then the other, into my mouth, as I sucked them desperately.

Luisa withdrew her fingers from my mouth, and then joined Catherine and I on the couch, so that we were all snuggled up with myself comfortably in the middle, content for the moment, but hardly satiated. The ladies were both naked, and I was wearing only a polo shirt. We seemed to be completely alone, the other guests having gone home or upstairs. At length Catherine said, “Well… Who tastes the best?”

I was momentarily taken aback, but then replied, “I couldn’t say. You both taste delicious.”

“We’re not going to let you off the hook so easy,” said Catherine. “Here — try me.” Whereupon she leaned back luxuriously and rubbed her right hand in a circular motion over her puffy, rose-colored pussy lips, after which she dipped her fingers generously inside and then offered them to my lips.

“Mmmm… that is good,” I gasped.

“Let me try,” she said with a wicked grin, and dipped her fingers inside again, after which she sucked them dry with ostentatious gusto. “Damn, I’m good,” she said.

“Luisa, I need another taste to compare,” I said.

It was Luisa’s turn to lean back and explore her pussy with both hands. She closed her eyes and smiled as she slowly worked her right hand’s fingers in and out, while massaging her clit with her left. She opened her eyes and smiled at Catherine and myself, saying, “Don’t rush me.” Finally she brought her right hand, glistening with nectar, to my lips, and I sucked her fingers noisily.

“It’s too close to call,” I said.

“Let me see for myself,” said Catherine with a lascivious chuckle, and leaned across me to placed her hand on Luisa’s cunt. She began to stroke and explore it, while meanwhile her large and arousing breasts brushed against my chest. I felt my cock begin to stir again.

“Ooooh,” cooed Luisa, “Keep that up. I want to taste my best for you.”

Suddenly there was a soft sound of someone’s throat clearing. We looked up to see a very tall woman with a complexion the color of dark toffee, her hair died a honey-blond and done up in braids, and who wore a rather modest dress of green satin. She was carrying two unopened bottles of champagne.

“No one else seems to be here,” she said in a lilting accent, probably west African. “I’d like to share these with someone.”

“Fine, join us,” purred Catherine, without removing her hand from Luisa’s cunt.

“Why, thank you so much,” replied our new guest. “My name is Sauda. I’ll get some glasses.”

With that she disappeared for a moment into the next room, and returned with four champagne glasses. As she returned, Catherine withdrew her hand and tasted it with obvious approval.

Sauda expertly opened a bottle of champagne and poured us each a glass. We introduced ourselves; I suddenly felt a little awkward, speaking to a gracious and somewhat reserved lady who had just come upon a tableaux that reeked of sex. However, the bubbly seemed to loosen everyone up again quickly, there was some light, flirtatious conversation, and then Sauda said to me shyly, “Colin, your shirt is still on. Let me help you out of it.”

She stood up, so I did as well. With both of us barefoot, she was as tall as I, six feet and one inch high. She seized the bottom hem of my shirt and raised it, while I put my arms up straight to assist her. As she brought it up over my face she stopped momentarily, so that my arms were trapped in the shirt above my head, and leaned in to kiss me, slowly and sensuously. She broke away, allowing me to take the shirt off, and then kissed me again, with a look of dreamy excitement in her eyes. She stepped closer to me, and I felt my cock spring to life, brushing against her thighs. She felt it, too. Her mouth opened wider and her kiss became more passionate.

I was completely aroused now. I fell to my knees in front of her and began to unbutton the buttons that went up the front of her dress. She stepped closer to me, shifting her weight from foot to foot. She was slender, but looked strong and athletic. I got the dress unbuttoned to the point where I could see her panties, a turquoise colored cotton bikini. She parted her legs a bit, and put her hands tentatively on my head, playing with my hair. I began to nuzzle her thighs, where the pubic hair was spilling out from inside her panties, and then I began to teasingly run the very tip of my tongue along the growing wet spot on her panties’ crotch.

She began to grip my hair a little tighter, but I continued to tease her, until she moaned, pulled away, and struggled out of the panties. Then she stepped toward me again, bunching her dress around her waist with her hands, and thrust herself toward me, knees spread and slightly bend, a pose that was involuntarily and urgently lewd.

Her pussy was displayed for me now in all its glory, jet black and with glistening pussy juice spilling out along the line where her engorged cunt lips met. I put my hands on her ass and began drawing my tongue gently along her crack, savoring the enticing sweetness. She bent her legs more, exposing her folds to my mouth as much as she could, and I could no longer restrain my self from plunging my tongue slowly into the depths of her cunt.

I began to ravish her pussy with my mouth, and suddenly I was dimly aware of the padding of feet around us. I felt a pair of breasts against my back, and a hand confidently seizing my cock from behind me, a cock that was rock hard and aching for attention. For an instant I tore myself away from Sauda’s cunt, and saw another pair of hands, from behind her, removing her dress and brassiere. I didn’t know who these hands belonged to, but then Luisa’s head appeared, leaning over my hip to somewhat awkwardly take my cock in its mouth, and I knew then that it must be Catherine’s fingers that were pinching Sauda’s nipples. I thought to myself, this is so hot, and then I abandoned myself to the ecstatic thrill of sucking Sauda’s cunt for all I was worth.

Sauda was grinding her pussy fiercely against my tongue now, and her fingers had a formidable grip on my hair. She was cumming, too — explosively, with gushers of juice all over my face. And despite the difficulty of access, Luisa’s lovely mouth, swallowing my cock, was seconds away from enjoying my orgasm as well, but I had other ideas.

I stood up and looked Sauda in the eyes. I found it very exciting that her eyes were level with my own, and I drew her close, kissing her passionately. Then abruptly I seized her ass and lifted her off the ground.

Instinctively, she swung her legs to the outside of mine, and locked her calves behind my knees, as I lowered her pussy onto my cock. It slid in perfectly, and she gave me an involuntary squeeze with her cunt muscles that almost made me cum right then. I held back and began to move her up and down, feeling her clit and vulva drag deliciously along the top of my cock.

Catherine and Luisa clung to us as well, with Luisa caressing my ass and Catherine’s fingers still busy on Sauda’s nipples. Then Catherine began lifting Sauda’s breasts to my mouth, encouraging me to suck them. Sauda had lost all of her reserve and was moaning up a storm. Then Luisa was saying in my ear, “I want to eat Catherine’s pussy. Tell me to eat her pussy.” I was a bit distracted, but Luisa continued to insist, “Tell me to eat her.” As I felt the sudden imminent pressure of my orgasm, I gasped to her, “Eat Catherine’s pussy,” and then I began to shoot deep into Sauda’s cunt as it spasmed tightly around my cock.

Now, let’s pause for a moment here and talk about Luisa. Luisa was what you would call bi-curious, although she had never specifically acknowledged it to herself. She discovered sex at the giant university in Mexico City, where there were thousands of boys to choose from, and she did choose quite a few, enough to keep herself busy. She also had access to the internet, and the wide variety of sexual material available there.

And, of course, there was masturbation. Luisa liked to make a production of it, like taking herself out for a date. She’d wear something slinky, have a bit of tequila to get in the mood, and then browse Literotica, looking for something new, something that just perfectly suited her fancy. Then some more tequila, and then reading her stories, followed by the touching; sometimes naked, sometimes not — sometimes it was more exciting to be partially clothed, pretending to be in a public place where she might get caught. And she made sure to try masturbating in every corner of her apartment. It seemed new and different and exciting every time.

When she first moved to Portland, the only sex she had was solo. The language difference was a bit awkward. She could read English fluently, but speaking it was not the same in the U.S. as it was in a classroom back home. However, she was a bright girl and she caught on quickly. And it wasn’t too long before she met Randall; she wasn’t attracted to him, but she understood that he hung out with people who liked to have sex, and it was high time that she met some of them, so she accepted an invitation to his party.

She wore the long gown and no undergarments, just like women in the Literotica stories. She was a bit shy; she met Catherine, who came on to her pretty brazenly, and Luisa was both shocked and intrigued. She had never known a woman to be so aggressive. She flirted shyly with her, but was really hoping for something just a bit more conventional after going for some months without a partner.

Finally she met Colin, and felt immediately at ease with him. He was nice, and seemed attracted to her, and Luisa was soon convinced that this man was just the ticket. And after she had drunk a fair amount of courage, she made her move. She kissed him, and it felt like her pussy was on fire, and then she did what she had fantasized about, she pushed him down on the couch and straddled his face, while they both were still fully clothed. The abruptness of it stirred her; she felt very audacious and naughty — and the way he responded! She could tell how much he craved the taste of her cunt; it made her feel powerful, and it was so arousing that her orgasm was unusually strong. And it was in a public place, more or less; a party with a lot of people she had never met (although most of them had gone upstairs, presumably to do more or less what she was doing.)

So, when her orgasm had subsided a bit and she was still feeling very hot, she was actually a bit pleased when Catherine came on the scene. Luisa had succeeded in finding a man and having her way with him, and flushed with her success, she was feeling very adventurous. Somehow she knew that Catherine wanted what Luisa had just had, and she had never watched someone else have sex (other than on the computer, of course) and she was excited to see Catherine take the position on Colin’s face where she had just been. She watched Catherine smile and gasp as Colin probed her with his tongue. She saw the expression of naked arousal on Catherine’s face, as she pinched her own nipples and gyrated her cunt against Colin’s desperately hungry lips.

And then she saw Catherine swing around into the 69 position, and that was even hotter, so she rushed to help Catherine take of Colin’s pants. She got a quick look at Colin’s cock before it disappeared down Catherine’s throat; it looked like a beautiful cock, very smooth and hard.

Then she stripped off her gown and got into the chair, right beside them as they sucked each other passionately, and she just loved it all. She hung her legs lewdly over the arms of the chair, and fingered her pussy like she loved to do, taking her time, waiting until her new-found friends came in each others’ mouths, before she brought herself to her second climax. And then, in an impulsive moment, she dipped her cunt-coated fingers in Colin’s mouth, and felt again that sensation of power as he sucked so hungrily at them.

She was high as a kite from tequila and sex, so when Catherine put her hand on Luisa’s pussy, Luisa welcomed it. She had read many stories where this happened, and Catherine’s hand felt as good as her own, only different. Maybe Catherine was going to eat her pussy, too! And… maybe she might eat Catherine’s pussy. Anything could happen tonight.

And then, when Sauda came into the room, that was fine, too. Drinking a bit of champagne obliterated whatever inhibitions she may of had left, and when she saw Colin and Sauda begin to go at it, she enjoyed watching for a minute or two, but then it began to dawn on her that she had yet to experience Colin’s cock, and suddenly she craved it.

She crouched on the floor behind him as he licked Sauda’s pussy, touching his cock, running her hands over it, gratified by his obvious response. She knew she would have to taste it soon, and she managed to lean down and take it in her mouth. She loved the taste and smell and feel of it in her throat, but just when she thought she could make him come, he got up, and she felt the sting of frustration.

She stepped back and watched as Colin and Sauda fucked standing up. That looked really exciting — Luisa had never done that before. And she saw Catherine playing with Sauda’s nipples and feeding them to Colin. Catherine must be a bi-sexual, Luisa thought to herself. That’s exciting, too, she thought, as her hand once again sought the folds of her pussy.

Then it came to her: why just be a spectator? Maybe she should taste Catherine’s cunt, like she had watched Colin do earlier. He certainly seemed to enjoy it. But for some reason, she couldn’t bring herself to initiate it, as she watched Sauda riding up and down on Colin’s cock with Catherine busy behind her.

Luisa was in a crisis. She felt so hungry for sex, and even though she had cum twice herself, she wanted to make someone else cum. Right now. So she asked Colin to tell her to eat Catherine’s pussy. It seemed a bit silly, but she wanted it so badly, and having Colin tell her to do it seemed to liberate her from her inexplicable shyness. And when he told her to do it, it was so arousing and liberating, and it seemed to make Colin cum inside Sauda.

So Luisa took Catherine’s hand and led her to the couch.

Now, what about Sauda? Sauda had come to Portland a few years ago, with her boyfriend, to attend school. He was her first boyfriend, and she had given him her virginity, and the two of them lived together and enjoyed an active sex life. But then he had been called back to Cameroon on urgent family business; she was committed to her studies and so remained in Portland, and after a year she was beginning to despair of seeing him again. And, she was increasingly conscious of the fact that she was very, very horny.

Sauda didn’t masturbate. Maybe it was a cultural thing, or just her own quirk, but she didn’t see the point of sex without a partner. The question was, how to find a partner? She was keenly aware of the cultural difference between herself and the Americans, and plus, she was taller than most of them, which seemed to make the men uncomfortable. Sauda tried, without much success, to keep her mind on her studies.

Then one afternoon she was sitting in the quad, reading a physics text, when a young man approached her and asked her if she wanted to smoke a joint. She was not at all sure that she wanted to smoke the joint, but she was absolutely convinced that she wanted to spend time with the young man, so she agreed.

He was nice to look at, Caucasian, with glasses and curly black hair that came down around his ears. He was tall, but not quite as tall as she. He suggested that they go sit under the trees so as to be less conspicuous, and he fired up the joint. He had to coach her a bit as to how to inhale the smoke properly, and she followed his instructions to the best of her ability.

She had read about marijuana, but never tried it, and she didn’t quite know what to expect. As they smoked they chatted about this and that, and rather suddenly she became aware of the fact that she was high. Almost simultaneously she realized that she was quite aroused.

As she attempted to carry on the conversation, she had an overwhelming sensation of the maleness of her companion. In her mind’s eye came a flood of images, mainly cocks, black ones, pink ones, all erect and desirable. She was keenly aware of the sensations in her pussy, which was becoming wet, but in a way that seemed amplified, so strong that she wondered whether her companion was aware of it too. She thought that she could smell herself.

At this point she surrendered to it, and reached over to place her hand on the boy’s trousers, directly over his cock. He seemed surprised, but not displeased, and his cock stiffened immediately. He took her hand off his cock, and holding it in his own, led her to a little thicketed area behind a building, after which he placed her hand back on his cock.

She could feel it throbbing now. She was fascinated and enthralled by it. She wondered if it smelled good. Then she wondered if it tasted good. She had read about oral sex, but never tried it. The combination of going for a year without sex, and the strangely wanton feelings induced by the marijuana, emboldened her. She fumbled with his zipper, which seemed to have become a rather complex technology, and then he came to her assistance, and between the two of them they managed to get his pants down to his knees as he sprawled backwards against a tree.

Sauda crouched on the ground before him, at first just admiring the sight of his cock, then running her hands along it, palms together with the cock between them, up and down, feeling the velvety hardness. Then, tentatively, she lowered her mouth to it.

Ooooh, it tasted good. It tasted like sex should taste, and there was a smell too, so arousing. She like the feel of how big it was in her mouth and throat, and soon she became conscious of the fact that the boy liked the feel of her mouth; he was moving his hips and making the sounds of excitement that she remembered, seemingly from so long ago.

She intensified her efforts, thrilling in the sensations, and then she began to realize that she could make the boy cum. That thought seemed to double her arousal. She was feeling more and more uninhibited in the way she sucked him, moving her tongue, taking him in deeper and deeper, and she could tell that his motions and cries were becoming more urgent. He was seizing her hair and thrusting into her throat. She was going to make him cum. What could be more exciting!

Then he began to cum, and the taste and the spurting transported her. She swallowed greedily, savoring it, hoping for more.

Gradually his cock lost its erection, although she continued to suck hopefully. Then she heard his voice: “Omigod, I’ve got to go to work. Could I meet you later?”

Yes, she said. He gave her the address of a party that would be going on later that evening. She took it and said goodbye to him.

She became aware that her panties were sopping with arousal, and she yearned for release, but, she told herself, she would have to wait for later. She went home, showered, and ate some food, which she found very interesting in her intoxicated state, but mainly she thought about how she wanted to cum. She wondered whether the boy would do to her what she had done to him. But at least he would fuck her, she hoped.

So, she went to the party. She was shy and a bit groggy from the marijuana, and felt a bit like a wallflower, waiting for the boy to show up. He didn’t.

She continued to wait patiently, and she discovered that the champagne that they were serving made her feel a bit revived. She attempted to talk to people, but mainly she wanted sex, and she noticed that many people were pairing off and going upstairs, which made her feel all the more frustrated.

Finally, when most people had gone, she picked up two bottles and champagne and began looking for stragglers, and that’s when she struck it rich.

She heard sounds from a room in the back, and peeped in. There were a man and woman on a couch, facing opposite directions; the man was on the bottom, and they were both simultaneously performing oral sex on each other. Suddenly her excitement returned full force. There was a naked woman on a chair, facing them, with her back to Sauda. Suddenly the people on the couch cried out in orgasm, followed by the lady on the chair.

Sauda continued to peer into the room, intensely interested, as the three people then sat on the couch, fondling each other and talking about sex. She knew this was her opportunity, so clearing her throat, she entered the room, offering the champagne and asking if she could stay.

Once she had crossed that threshold, she poured the champagne and sat in the chair facing them, stealing furtive glances at the man’s cock. It was limp now, but she had her heart set on making it hard again. The man was wearing a shirt and no pants, which seemed comical, so she offered to help him off with his shirt. As they both stood up, she saw that he was as tall as she was.

As she lifted the shirt over his head, she playfully trapped his arms in the shirt, and kissed him. His response made her hopes soar; he passionately returned her kiss, and she felt his cock get hard against her. She kissed him again, seducing him with her kiss, wanting him to want what she wanted.

He fell to his knees, and began to unbutton her dress. Then he licked her panties! She felt the arousal come welling up in her pussy. He could feel it on his tongue, too, through the cotton of the panties. Why didn’t he take them off? He was teasing her. She couldn’t stand it. She pulled away, and yanked her panties down, and gathering her skirt around her waist, thrust her pussy toward his face. It was an awkward position, an embarrassingly lewd position, but she didn’t care, she wanted him to touch her with his mouth.

He stared at her black pussy, and admired how wet she was, and then slowly, deliberately, he ate her pussy. The thrill was indescribable. She rocked back and forth against his lips and tongue, moving faster, feeling him suck her towards a climax for which she had waited an eternity. There were hands on her, one of the women, freeing her from her dress and brassiere, touching her breasts. This was strange, but she surrendered to it, her orgasm was upon her.

Then he was standing up, kissing her, lifting her into the air, and impaling her on his cock. She held on to him for dear life, helping him as he moved her ass up and down with his hands. And then there were more hands, the woman again, pinching her nipples, exciting her! This was all so new, but she was in the throes of another orgasm, she accepted it, welcomed it.

The man, Colin, was cumming now, she could feel him shooting inside her. She clung to him, and kissed him deeply. Then, gradually, she became aware of what was happening on the couch.

Perhaps you are wondering about Catherine. Catherine had just turned 30, and, she thought to herself, she had been having sex half her life. Her mother was a swinger, and had encouraged Catherine to be sexually precocious, putting her on the pill and letting her bring boys home. So Catherine experimented, and became quite knowledgeable in the ways of love. She had dabbled in a little of everything, and she was beginning to know what she liked. She liked variety, but her standards were high — she wanted to have sex, a lot of it, with many different men and women who were smart, funny, attractive; it was a lot of work to find them.

It was inevitable that she would make Randall’s acquaintance. She even slept with him a few times, but then they both wanted to move on. His parties, however, were essential to Catherine’s quest for quality mates. Even though she often went home alone, she still found them to be an ideal environment for the hunt.

Catherine had no difficulty attracting partners. She had a dark, curly mane of hair that complemented her green eyes, and ample breasts that never failed to produce that magical, attention-getting cleavage. Her nipples were not small and dainty, but rather, large and coarse, and would always signal her arousal to watchful eyes. She enjoyed watching and gauging the reactions to her expressive nipples. She also liked to lift them to her lips and suck them.

It was the day after her birthday, and time to celebrate. She put on a tank-top that displayed her assets, but the material was thick enough so that the nipples wouldn’t be visible until they were good and hard. She wore a slinky short skirt, casual, comfortable, but alluring. Underwear was out of the question tonight. She might want to playfully flash someone– Randall’s parties were like that. Catherine kept her pussy hair trimmed, but not shaved. She had the idea that shaved pussies looked girlish, and she was a grown up woman.

At the party, she assessed the guests, and noted with satisfaction that tonight there were some genuine prospects. The best was the Mexican girl. She had the most beautiful shiny hair, blacker than black, and a big wide promising mouth. She was a bit plump, in just the right way, plump and juicy. And when Catherine flirted, she flirted back, but from a distance. She wasn’t taking the bait, probably looking for a man. But Catherine was confident that if she could spend a little time with her, she would have her way with her.

And there was Colin, a friend of Randall’s. He was good looking, and tall, and in good shape. She liked him, and let him know it, but he seemed a bit aloof. And as the party progressed, he seemed to be hitting it off with the Mexican girl.

And, there was an African girl. She was very exotic, tall and slender, her hair dyed blonde and braided. But she was very shy and there didn’t seem to be any bi-curiosity there; she was definitely looking for a man.

So Catherine circulated, biding her time, hoping that she could have another shot at the Mexicana, or maybe with Colin. Then she spied the both of them, off in a room alone, necking, and then boom! The girl was sitting on his face.

That was hot. She caught him completely by surprise, Catherine thought to herself, moving as close as she dared in order to get a better view. The Mexican girl looked gorgeously slutty, with her gown bunched up around her waist, her nipples jutting out through the thin fabric, her face glazed with lust, riding his face with her cunt. She was rubbing her crotch all over his mouth, and he seemed to be loving every minute of it, moaning and arching his back as he ate her. I’d like a taste of that, Catherine thought to herself. And then, before long, the girl was cumming loudly. This was just too good. Catherine felt the wetness welling up in her cunt. The girl must have selected this downstairs room deliberately, where someone might walk in on them at any moment. They say that three’s a crowd, she thought to herself, but maybe tonight’s the night for a crowd scene.

She waited until the girl stopped grinding against Colin’s lips, and then stepped up, putting on her brightest, most radiant smile. “May I play too?” she asked.

Her hopes about the girl were justified. “Sure, why not,” she replied. Catherine felt a flash of triumph. Before the night was over, the Mexicana would be hers.

Catherine pulled up a chair. She was a practiced exhibitionist, and she knew how to please an audience. First, they needed to see her breasts. They were always the best calling card. She freed them slowly and deliberately from her tank top, and keeping her bright smile, measured the Mexican girl’s reaction. Oh, Yes. Her eyes were wide with desire. So Catherine showed her, and Colin, how her nipples stood out when she pinched them — and it felt so good — and then she showed them how she could suck them. She knew that they were loving it. The room was heating up. They needed to see her pussy soon. Just a little bit more sucking… Catherine was working herself up into that highly aroused state that she so enjoyed. She abandoned herself for just a moment to the sensation of her own lips and teeth on her nipples… but now her cunt cried out for attention. And she knew that her new friends were on edge, dying to see it.

Catherine opened her eyes, and stared into the eyes of the couple on the couch. Yes, she had their full attention. And she began to move her hips slowly forward on the chair, spreading her thighs as she did so. She watched them react as her pussy came into view. They were electrified. Catherine knew what they were seeing because she had let someone film her once, masturbating. Her pussy lips were big and fat, and rosy red. Her ass was sliding easily now over the seat of the chair, that was already slick with pussy juice.

Keeping one hand on her nipple, she sent the other one down, delving into herself, showing off her secrets. Whenever one of the beholders on the couch caught her eye, she flashed a lascivious smile and rubbed herself more, opening herself wider for their inspection. She was getting terribly hot, but still strategizing. She thought of how arousing it had been for her to see the Mexicana sit on Colin’s face. She wanted the Mexicana to feel aroused in just that way.

Catherine stood up and said to the girl, “May I?” As if she were reading Catherine’s mind, she gasped out the word “Yes,” and moved aside, making room for Catherine to take her place, straddling Colin’s face. Colin’s eyes were wild with excitement as he strained his head upward to draw her vulva into his mouth. Catherine hoped the girl was getting a good look, because at this point Catherine was losing herself in the sensation. Colin was eating her ravenously. At this point Catherine was no longer the huntress, just a woman aroused to the boiling point, and she needed Colin’s cock. She got up suddenly, tore off her skirt, and mounted Colin’s mouth again, facing the other direction, fumbling with his belt buckle.

The girl was instantly there, helping her pull down his pants, and after taking all of two seconds to admire his big, hard cock, Catherine devoured it. She and Colin were locked in the 69 position, hands on each other’s asses, straining to force as much cock and pussy into their mouths as they could. Catherine could feel her orgasm building, and she put all of her passion and expertise into sucking that big cock — she was dying to taste Colin’s cum. And she was not disappointed when he began to erupt, over and over, into her mouth.

Catherine may have blacked out for just a moment, but then she was aware of the sounds of the Mexicana about to have another orgasm. She looked up, and the girl was in the chair, as close to the couch as she could get, her legs over the arms, working her pussy, shouting as her climax overtook her. Then, after pausing to take a breath, she offered her fingers to Colin for sucking. Catherine felt a momentary twinge of envy, but then she assured herself that her time would come soon enough.

Now they would get to know one another. The girl’s name was Luisa. They sat on the couch together with Colin in the middle, and Catherine started the little game about who’s pussy tasted the best. She gave generous fingerfuls of pussy juice to Colin to taste, and then she tasted herself, making sure to catch Luisa’s eye. Than Luisa offered Colin a taste, and seeing the opportunity, Catherine leaned across Colin and cupped Luisa’s mound, massaging her pussy expertly and letting her know just how she felt. And Luisa was ready, surrendering herself to Catherine’s touch with a smile that was full of promise.

It was at this moment that the other girl, the African, arrived, and introduced herself as Sauda. Suddenly a whole new set of possibilities opened up in Catherine’s mind. She kept Luisa’s cunt nice and hot while Sauda poured champagne. Finally Catherine withdrew her hand and tasted Luisa’s ambrosia, moaning just audibly, and making sure to catch Luisa’s eye again.

They began drinking their champagne, feeling its well-known restorative powers and chatting, and then suddenly Sauda was putting the moves on Colin. Catherine felt herself boiling up again as she watched Colin fall to his knees before Sauda, like he was begging for it. Then he was opening her dress and licking her panties. Sauda wanted it bad – she let him tease her for a minute or so, and then she was stripping off the panties, hoisting up her dress, and thrusting her glistening cunt toward his face, with a look almost of desperation on her face.

As Colin began to lick and suck Sauda’s pussy, Catherine was too aroused to remain a spectator. She came up behind Sauda, swiftly unbuttoning her dress and casting it aside. Sauda’s hands, freed from the task of holding the dress, went to Colin’s head, pulling his face against her cunt. Meanwhile, Catherine had the brassiere off and seized Sauda’s nipples with greedy fingers, pinching, coaxing, arousing her, as she began to cry out with the onset of orgasm.

Then Colin got up, embraced Sauda, and lifted her skyward, bringing her down to impale her pussy on his cock. She had her legs wrapped around his, and he began to bring her ass up and down, as she writhed and bucked her hips to meet him. Catherine went for the nipples again, and then took Sauda’s breasts in her hands, offering them by turns to Colin’s mouth, and meanwhile trying to position herself so that Sauda’s leg would rub against Catherine’s crotch.

Then, she became aware of voices, Colin’s and Luisa’s. Luisa was murmuring something, and then Colin gasped something incoherent in response — then, more clearly, the welcome words, “Eat Catherine’s pussy!” It was music to Catherine’s ears.

I thought back for an instant, over the events of the evening, the party, meeting Luisa, Catherine, and Sauda, and the subsequent chemistry, leading up to Luisa’s urgently barked request; it was sort of peculiar, kinky in an awkward sort of way, but heartfelt, and it certainly sent me over the edge.

I was standing in the center of the room, feet slightly apart, knees slightly bent; I was keenly aware of the subtle piquancy of Sauda’s perfume, mixed with her own womanly scent, the delicious sensation of her tongue gliding over mine, the pressure of her calves braced against my own, the supple strength of her body cantilevered from mine, the provocative touch of her nipples against my chest, and the exquisite sensation of her cunt muscles, milking the last spurts of my orgasm from my cock, deep up inside her. I kissed her with renewed passion.

Wow, this is some party, I thought.

After a long, lingering kiss, I lowered her to the ground. Over to the side, Catherine had removed a cushion from the couch, so that she might lay out flat, her legs dangling over the edge. She was smiling up at Luisa, spreading her legs wantonly and allowing the fingers of one hand to roam lazily over her clit. Luisa stood above her, gently pinching her own nipples and licking her lips with anticipation.

I took Sauda by the hand and led her to the couch. She sat down near Catherine, and I sat in the armchair. I opened the remaining bottle of champagne and poured glasses for Sauda and myself.

Now Catherine was sort of purring and groaning and touching herself all over, as Luisa sucked Catherine’s toes. It looked like Luisa was really preparing to give her the treatment. As Catherine’s voice grew louder, Luisa approached her splayed thighs, and bent to press one of her nipples into Catherine’s wet and swollen pussy; then she moved up on the couch, offering the nipple to Catherine’s mouth. Catherine moaned and sucked it. Then Luisa repeated the process with her other nipple.

I caught Sauda’s eye. She was sitting on the couch, with her knees up against her breasts. Looking at me, she smiled and parted them, offering me a tantalizing view of her cunt. I smiled approvingly, and reached my champagne glass over and clinked it against hers.

Catherine was playfully rubbing her foot against Luisa’s pussy. Luisa bent her legs to allow Catherine to push two toes inside, and then closed her eyes to enjoy the sensation. Catherine then withdrew them and offered them to Luisa to be sucked.

Luisa sucked at them greedily, and the taste seemed to overwhelm her. She dropped again to her knees, seized Catherine’s thighs, and buried her face in Catherine’s pussy.

Catherine began cumming almost immediately, very noisily. Luisa continued to eat her voraciously, her face bathed by Catherine’s eruption. Catherine then gasped and seized Sauda’s hand, whispering her name.

Sauda bent shyly to kiss Catherine. Catherine returned her kiss urgently, then broke off to gasp, “No! Sauda! No, I need your pussy on my mouth!”

Awkwardly, Sauda straddled Catherine’s face, facing Luisa. But when she lowered her cunt to Catherine’s mouth, Sauda seemed galvanized as her most intimate parts came into contact with Catherine’s lips and tongue. Her eyes rolled up for an instant, and her face broke into an ecstatic, breathless smile, as she began to rub herself against Catherine’s face.

This was quite a sight. My cock was completely hard again. I drained my champagne glass, listening to Catherine cry out in another orgasm. Then I positioned myself behind Luisa.

I began to rub the head of my cock along her drenched pussy slit, nuzzling her clit with it. She thrust her ass upwards to offer me better access, pushing against me, try to capture my cock with her cunt. I teased her, rubbing myself over her slick opening, tickling her clit.

Suddenly Luisa spun around, taking my head in her hands and pulling it to her breast. I took her nipple in my mouth, sucking it, nibbling it, tasting Catherine’s juices on it, while rubbing her other nipple between my thumb and fingers. She groaned in pleasure. Then she lowered herself once again and began rubbing her face on my cock and balls.

As she did this, I glanced up to see that Sauda had taken advantage of Luisa’s distraction, and had buried her face between Catherine’s thighs. Catherine and Sauda were consumed with pleasure from that most exciting position, the 69.

And then I felt Luisa’s mouth on my cock. That wide, hungry mouth, so exciting to kiss, was now devouring me; she took all of my cock, effortlessly, and sucked it so wetly and passionately that I felt another orgasm approaching. Thrusting my hips, I cried, “I’m going to cum!”

In her thick and enchanting Spanish accent, Luisa said, “Fock me, darling,” and turned around once again, lifting her ass skyward. I found her pussy opening, and slipped my cock slowly, slowly inside her, as she cried out in excitement. I pushed it in to the hilt, and began to move; she came before I had thrust 4 times, and before I could cum myself, she had spun around again and sucked me deep into her mouth. That was it. I exploded, shooting spurt after spurt of semen into her throat as she swallowed hungrily.

I looked up and saw the eyes of Catherine and Sauda upon me; they were sitting on the couch together, watching and smiling. I caught my breath for a moment, sitting once again in the armchair. Then Catherine, who seemed never to slow down, approached me, saying, “I want to make you cum again.”

Three times was a lot for me; I was skeptical about going for four. But I kept my skepticism to myself. Kneeling before me, Catherine was rubbing her big tits with those big, rough nipples, all over my crotch, and sure enough, my cock sprang to life. Grinning wickedly, she took it into her mouth, soon making it very hard and wet, and then rubbed her tits against it some more. She had my full attention now. She told me to lie on the floor. I obeyed.

She paused for a moment, squatting above my face, and then lowered her pussy to my mouth. God, she tasted good. She had cum lord knows how many times, her pussy was very swollen, and the juice was overflowing. Then she pulled away as I cried out in disappointment, only to swiftly mount my cock.

Her pussy was paradise. She moved it expertly as I thrust my hips up to meet her, and her big breasts rubbed against my chest. Then she sat upright, continuing to fuck me, smiling down at me, knowing what she was doing to me. I saw Sauda take up a position behind her, her hands on Catherine’s breasts.

Then I lost sight of them, because Luisa was leaning down and kissing me deeply, her tongue invading every corner of my mouth. Then she broke off her kiss, smiling and speaking to me in intimate tones, “Do you want to comb, darling?” I knew what she meant to say. “Yes, I want to cum! Help me, Luisa!”

I was in fact very close to cumming, but not there yet. I said urgently to Luisa, “Let me taste your pussy!”

Teasingly, she replied, “Do you like my poossy?”

“Yes, I love your pussy!” I gasped. “Put it on my face!”

She grinned wickedly. “Do you want to leek my poossy?”

“Yes, please!” I said desperately. I was right on the edge of orgasm. I could feel Catherine’s cunt contracting powerfully around my cock as she rode me up and down.

Luisa squatted above my face, just out of reach, rubbing her cunt voluptuously. Loudly, she said, “Do you want to SOCK my poossy?”

“Oh, god, let me suck it!” I cried. She dipped her hand inside, and offered it to me, allowing me to suck her juice from her fingers.

“Does my poossy taste goood?” Before I could answer, she lowered her cunt to my mouth. I opened wide, taking in all of her vulva, shoving my tongue deep inside her before whirling it around and around her clit. She immediately began cumming copiously into my mouth, sending me over the edge; I thrust my cock upward, deep into the wet heaven of Catherine’s cunt, and erupted.

I went home with Sauda that night, and we spent all of the next morning making love, getting to know each other very, very well. I think that Catherine and Luisa may have done the same. There will be another party soon.

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