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Tell Me About It

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To my amazement he took his dick out of his shorts and began stroking it, an enormous long thick snake capturing my attention. I tried to look away but had never imagined anything like it and my eyes kept returning.

Cupping his large hand loosely around his prick, he rubbed it casually, lying back on the sofa. Soon his prick was hard, the skin shiny when he pulled it taunt. His cock was nine inches and more.

He closed his hand tighter around his prick, squeezing it and said, “Come on Jack, take your cock out and let’s jackoff in unison.” He rubbed faster his hardening prick, looking toward my crotch, and nodding his head up and down. “Come on, Buddy. Do it!”


“Why not? Drop your drawers. I can see you’re excited by the bulge in your shorts. Fuck, your prick has got to be as hard as mine. Don’t worry, I’m not queer and neither are you.”

He continued stroking his hard cock, which swelled to a large purple knob at the head.

“Shit John. You know me. I have never done anything offbeat in my entire life.”

I was feeling very very strange and finding it difficult to breathe normally. My cock was hard and stiff, pressed tight against my belly, hidden within the underpants. Watching him jackoff, I wondered what it would be like to jack my cock, matching John’s hand action, stoke for stroke. I closed my eyes; picturing streams of white cum flying through the air, splashing on bellies and chests, while hearing groans and gasps.

I stood up and pulled off my tee shirt and undid the belt to my pants. I unzipped the fly and unsnapped the top and pulled my pants down.

“That’s it. Fuck Man, get naked. Let’s have fun. I need release after what I’ve seen.”

John was right. We had watched a tape he had borrowed from another guy at work. The first two movies were straight sex, usually with two women and a man (always with an well-endowed cock that could stay up and last forever) or two men and a woman (she would fuck the two cocks with every orifice in her body).

It was the preview of Cumming Attractions, that got our attention. It started with a close-up of two cocks, close to each other, being fisted, the hands and pricks glistening with a lubricant. The camera pulled back and it was two guys doing each other! The last shot was of cum flying through the air. That’s when John hit the stop button and pulled his cock from his pants.

I pulled my shorts down, and bending over, pulled them from my legs and tossed them on the floor. I turned around, my dick sticking straight out from my furry groin. John was pulling his shorts off. He looked at me, winked, and whistled as he threw them against the opposite wall.

“That’s better. Sit down and get comfortable.”

I sat down next to him, not too close, and looking into his eyes, I cupped my balls. Two married guys, in their late 30s, best friends and about to go on an adventure from which there was no turning back.

“Tell me what you like.” His breath quickened.

“I will go you one better,” I said. “I’ll show you.”

I leaned back and put my legs up on the coffee table and spread them apart. I moved my hands up my body from my crotch, feeling my skin tingle, as the palms slid across my skin. I stopped and caressed my nipples. I squeezed them and they started to harden.

I felt movement next to me. I opened my eyes and turned my head to see John twisting on the sofa so that he was facing me. He was gently squeezing his balls, which were, like his cock, quite large.

“Don’t stop. Show me.”

I pulled on each nipple, feeling a twinge of pain and I gasped.

“Hurts good,” I hissed. I stooped pinching and pulling and gently stroked each nipple with slow circular movements. I ran my fingers up and down the sides of my body, into my crotch area and up and down my upper legs. I stroked my body, up and down; down and up, exploring every inch of skin I could touch, including my face, neck ears, lips, and eyelids.

I heard a moan and looked back at John. He was mimicking my actions. I turned, aping his position on the sofa and leaned against the arm of the sofa. I pushed my right leg down, feeling a tingle on my leg as it touched his body. The last time I had touched another man’s body in such an intimate way was when I was wrestling in college.

“Fuck,” He said and pushed his leg down and over mine. We each dropped our outside leg to the floor. I looked into his eyes and he looked back.

“Now what?” He asked.

“Watch and learn Fuckface. You started this.”

I ran my hands up and down my belly, going lower each time. I used long slow motions, applying the palms of each hand to maximize the pleasure. I watched as John matched my motions and as his cock twitched.

I lowered my hands and using just the finger tips, caressed each nut. He moaned as he duplicated my ball-caressing motions. He closed his eyes and licked his lips.

“What the fuck!” I thought to myself. Yes we were both divorced and yes we were straight. Where was this going? It seemed harmless, but…

“I told you to watch Fuckface,” I hissed.

He opened his eyes and looked down at my crotch.

I moved the tips of my fingers up running them up the length of my shaft. I ran my left hand up my torso, stopping to play with my belly button, stroking my stomach, caressing each nipple, finally inserting a finger into my open mouth. I sucked on it, and than another and than another. His eyes widened and he copied my finger action, though at a much faster pace.

“Look and learn, ” I told him and lowered my dripping fingers to my breasts, first one and than the other.

I watched him suck on his fingers as his eyes again fell to my crotch.

His wet fingers stroked and caressed his nipples and I watched them harden.

I ran just the tip of my first finger up and down the length of my cock, using the slowest motion and lightest touch. I know I grimaced with the pure pleasure I was giving myself, coupled with somebody watching me.

I added another finger to the first and my cock jumped at the new sensation. I continued stroking my hard prick with just the fingertips. My nipples tingled as my spit dried in the cool air. John’s hips jerked involuntarily as he caressed his prick.

“Easy,’ I said. “I have made this last more than two hours. When you finally jackoff, you will come almost immediately and like you never have before.”

“What… the… fuck… is… this…?” He asked.

“Pet the Dog.”

“You named it?”

“Yup. I’ve got others. You’ll see. ” We both were moving our fingertips up and down our respective cocks, exploring the top, bottom, and sides with just the lightest of touches.

“Haven’t you ever explored your cock?” I asked him.

“Not like this,” He gasped. “I just yank it out and whack off.”

“Okay. Here’s another.”

I lowered my left hand down and cupped my balls. I gently pulled on the hairs, watching the skin on my sac tighten as I pulled. Using just the side of my thumb on my right hand, I found the magic area just below the head of my dick. I pushed down and moved my thumb up and down my cock about one inch. I varied the motion on my prick from up and down to circular while continuing to pull on the hairs of my sac.

He gasped. “Oh fuck!”

“Great. Isn’t it?”

“God yes!”

“I call it Circle the Wagons.”

“Now for some real fun. Combine the two,” I ordered.


“Simple. Watch.”

I continued the magic on the top of the shaft with my right thumb while stroking the sides of my prick with the fingertips of my left hand. As usual, the multiple pleasure was intense, and I moaned for real.

I opened my eyes and had to smile. John’s eyes were closed and his mouth was open as he slid the fingertips of his right hand up and down his cock while rubbing the top of his shaft with the thumb of his left hand.

We both continued to manipulate our cocks in the same way for several minutes. I didn’t know about him, but I knew from past sessions that I could last a long time.

I had leaned back and closed my eyes and was reviewing my favorite fantasy when I felt John’s body shift on the sofa. His leg moved against mine and I opened my eyes. He had moved closer and was staring at me, his hands at his sides.



“Can I touch your cock?”

I sat frozen, my magic fingers and hands inert on my prick. I looked at my new best friend and knew that our friendship was about to enter a new level.


“Good. I was afraid you would say no. I want to return some of the pleasure you have taught me.”

John moved closer until our cocks were almost touching. His leg felt warm against my right side, as did his left leg on mine.

“What do you want?” He asked.

“I want to come.”

“Lay back and relax.”

I did as he instructed and closed my eyes, moving my arms up and back. I new fantasy appeared before my eyes and it was of hands stroking my cock while it spit white streams of cum into the air.

I jerked as I felt him lightly stroke the length of my prick from the bottom to the top. He was using just the tip of one finger and yet it felt huge. He added another fingertip on the downward stroke and another as he reversed directions. I gasped as he continued to lightly stroke my cock while adding his fingertip and thumb to the side of my cock.

I opened my eyes and watched as John looked down at his fingers stroking my cock. My cock was so hard it almost hurt and I moaned again.

“Fuck you learn fast,” I moaned.

“How am I doing?” He asked.

“You don’t have to ask, Fuckface. Don’t stop!”

And he didn’t. I groaned and my body twisted as he continued to stroke me. It was strange. I didn’t feel like I was going to come. It was everything I had told him earlier. What was new was that it was another hand on my cock and that it was a man’s hand. I knew I wasn’t gay and I also knew the same thing about him. What he didn’t know, and that I was just realizing, was that I wanted this and more.

“You’ve never done this before, have you?” I asked.


“Wait until it is my turn,” I hissed as another wave of pleasure coursed through my body.

I moaned as he dropped his right hand down and massaged my cum-laden balls. I moaned again as the fingers of his left hand were wrapped around the base of my prick. I gasped as he squeezed.

“Oh fuck John. Make me come,” I yelled.

He wrapped both of his hands around my cock, one above the other, and jacked. As he fisted me I tried fucking his hands.

“I’m going to come!”

I fucked his fists as I felt the sweet joy of release start deep in my groin. I swear I could trace the cum as it raced from my balls, mixing with the semen from my prostate, jamming and jiving up the canal, until it shot from the end of my cock.

The first stream was long and continuous. I had never exploded with such force.

“Oh my God,” I screamed.

I fucked his hand, shooting bursts of cum into the air. I could hear them splash onto his chest. I opened my eyes to see cum dripping down his nose, past his lips, down his chin and onto his chest. My first shot had blasted John in the face. He continued to jack me off as I fucked his hands, my cock spewing hot cum onto his belly as the force lessened.

Finally with one last spurt, my climax abated and I fell back onto the sofa arm.

I watched as John smeared my cum into his chest and belly while stroking my softening cock with his other hand. He cleaned it from his face, just barely tasting it.

“How did I do?” He asked, smiling and knowing the answer.

“Shit man. That was the best ever.”

“Wow.” He leaned back, letting my flaccid cock fall between my thighs to lie on my body-tight balls.

I looked at him. His face, chest and belly were wet and slimy from my cum. We just lay there studying each other, resting and catching our breath.

“Well? It’s my turn, isn’t it?”

I nodded and leaned forward, pulling my legs under me, squatting in the classic lotus position.

“Close your eyes,” I ordered.

I moved closer, and reaching out, I massaged his large balls. They felt spongy as I squeezed them, feeling them slip from side to side.

“Ahh. That’s nice.”

His breathing became louder, deeper and faster.

I was fascinated. Experimenting with light caresses, I separated his testicles slightly and played with them.

I ran my thumbs up to his cock and ran them part way up his prick pulling his balls along.

His nine and one half inch monster spasmed at the sudden sensation and I reversed direction. I stroked his cock with my thumbs while massaging his balls several more times. John moaned and he pushed his hips up and out.

“You want to come bad don’t you?”


“How bad?”

“Make me come, God Dammit!”

I let go of his balls and stroked each side of his cock with my fingertips. He gasped at the pleasure and his cock twitched from my fingers and slapped his belly.

“Ted make me come, please.”

I wrapped my fingers around his cock and stroked up and down. I watched his face and his breathing, knowing that it wouldn’t take long. As I had promised him, once you have switched from Petting the Dog to fisting it is quick.

“Mmmmm. Here it comes!!!”

“Oh fuck!”


I felt his cock get harder and larger and it seemed to pulse. The first jet of cum flew from the slit at the end of his dick right into my open mouth. I swallowed and lowered my head as another jet burst forth from his cock and splashed against the top of my mouth. I titled forward and felt the head of his spurting cock slide between my lips into my mouth.

I continued to jack him off as shot after shot of hot cum spewed from his cock.

“Oh fuck. Oh fuck. Oh fuck.”

I couldn’t swallow fast enough and I could feel the hot juicy cum drip from my mouth onto my hands and still he climaxed. I had heard about men that could come like John was, but had never believed it until now.

The flow lessened and I could swallow. The taste was slightly bitter and salty, but not at all unpleasant. I knew right than and there that I could do this again. Whether it was with John or not, I knew I wanted to suck cock and swallow cum again.

I squeezed with my hand while stroking his cock and was rewarded with more of his hot delicious cum.

“What the fuck?” He asked.

I let his softening cock slip from my mouth, gulped, licked my lips and found my voice.

“Jesus John. That was awesome! Nobody can come that much.”

“Well, well you cock-sucker. Calling me Fuckface while you’re the closet gay.”

“Nope,” I said. “I’ve never done that before. I guess I’m bi, ’cause I realized when you shot the first time into my mouth that I wanted it.”

“What was it like?”

“Nice and tasty.”

“No I didn’t mean that. I’ve tasted my own cum. I meant what was it like sucking on my cock?”

“Can’t tell you that. I was too busy swallowing cum to really suck your cock. It wasn’t a blow-job, remember?”

“Shit. I don’t think I’ve ever come that much. Petting the Dog is one trick I’m going to practice. Doing it with my best friend is another.”

“So you don’t always come that much?”

“Nah. It had to be the flicks and the tricks and ’cause it was with you and all. I mean I do come a lot, just never like that one.”

I looked down and his cock was hard again, as was mine.

“Do you mind?” I asked and I reached forward grasping his cock.

“No I don’t mind. Do you?” John said and clasped my seven inches.

“No,” I gasped, my cock twitching to his touch.

I felt his huge rod pulsing as it lay heavily in my hand. His large balls were once again nestled in the loose sac below.

We slowly stroked each other’s hard cocks while watching each other. I looked down and saw a drop of clear liquid ooze from his cock’s slit.

“I want to suck you. May I?” I asked.

John could only nod and he let go of my cock and leaned back.

I rolled forward onto my knees holding his cock straight up. I leaned forward, sipped on the drop of pre-cum and took the big circumcised head into my mouth. I swirled my tongue around the head of his prick and lapped at the lip. I licked all around the head of his cock, enjoying the velvety-smooth skin.

I lowered his cock and licked the entire length starting at the top and going down to the root buried between his hairy sac. I licked the sac and sucked in each testicle, rolling it around my mouth. I spit the last nut from my mouth and licked the base of his cock.

“Suck me. I want you to suck my cock.”

“I will. This is my first time. I want to enjoy it.”

I too was eager for the taste of his rigid shaft, but in my own time at my own pace. I truly wanted to enjoy and experience sucking cock for the first time.

I licked around the base of his cock and lapped at the sides. I slowly raised my head, licking and lapping at his organ. The large veins bumped my tongue and I sucked on them an inch at a time. I licked his cock just below the ridge and leaned back slightly. I lowered my hand to the base of his cock and pulled his cock down.

I could lick, kiss, and lap at the “front” of his cock with abandon and must have been doing something right. John gasped and his body spasmed. I continued to lick up and down his shaft, kissing and gently nibbling on the hard skin.

I raised my head and lowered his cock back towards his stomach. I jacked him slowly and raised his cock back towards my face. I rubbed the tip across my forehead, down my eyes, flicked it across my nose, and caressed it with each cheek. He was leaking pre-cum and I could feel the snail trail drying on my face.

“Suck me!”

I licked the tip again and opened my mouth. I lowered my head and the head of his cock glided past my lips and across my broad flat wet tongue. His cock slid deeper as I lowered my head even slower. I wanted to suck his cock. I wanted to swallow all him. I wanted him!

I forced him deeper and deeper into my throat until I gagged. After a few tries, I was able to take his entire length without choking.

His cock was long and smooth. I bobbed on his cock, sucking him, satisfied that I was giving head as best I could.

“Shit, man, I’m gonna cum,” he screamed as I continued to blow his rod.

His first jet of cum filled my mouth to capacity. Swallowing eagerly,

I kept my lips firmly glued around his cock, not wanting to miss a drop. Burst after burst of his cum filled my mouth. I stroked his cock as before, milking him of every drop of hot slimy jism. I swallowed his entire load, savoring the creamy nut-juice. I wanted all he could give and he gave it.

As suddenly as he had started he stopped. I sucked on his cock, feeling it soften in my mouth. I let it slid out and kissed the tip. I licked the spit-covered length and than I collapsed back against the armrest.

“Fuck. Nobody has ever blown me like that: no girl, high school, or college and especially my ex. You can blow me anytime.”

“And I will. Fuck man that was great. I can’t believe I have been missing this all my life. Shit. I still want pussy, but sucking cock and swallowing cum is way cool.”

“What about you? I can’t suck cock. Not interested. I mean its okay if you do it, but not me.”

“Give me a hand-job, Asshole.”

“Wait, I’ve got an idea. You’re right. Playing with you was okay,” and John untangled out bodies and got up. He came back from the bathroom with a bottle of oil in his hands.

“Now we’re cooking. I can at least do this for you.”

He knelt next to the sofa, gazing at my hard cock. I watched as he opened the bottle, and while holding my cock vertical, poured oil over my cock. We both watched in fascination as the oil dripped down my prick, glimmering in the light from the TV. He poured some more oil onto my prick and than set the bottle down.

John rubbed each hand in the oil that had spread down my cock and onto my belly. Satisfied that his hands were lubricated, he ran a fingertip from the base of my cock to the tip and back again. I groaned. He quietly laughed and did it again and again.

My cock was super-hard and I wanted to climax, but I also wanted this to last and last and last…

He stroked my cock using first one finger and than another and than another in a modified form of Pet the Dog. I closed my eyes and sighed, relishing the warm feeling spreading outward from my cock and balls.

He lifted my cock and wrapped his oily fingers around and stroked. My cock spasmed and my eyes flew open. I watched his hands as he started at the top of my cock with first one hand and than the next.

He was stroking my prick continuously using only his hands.

I moaned and started to fuck his hands. We had started slowly at first, but the pace was starting to pick up. I was controlling it now.

John was following my lead, my need readily apparent as I fucked his fists. He moved them, wrapped around my prick, up and down in time to my thrusting hips.

I cried out, feeling the cum starting. Release wasn’t far. I fucked his hands and added mine, closing them around his hands, squeezing and jacking my cock.

With a final lunge I thrust hard and screamed.

A jet of cum shot straight up and landed on my chest with a loud splat. It was followed by another jet of cum, which splattered on our hands and arms. Together we fist-fucked my spurting cock, causing cum to splatter all over the sofa, the carpet and us. What a mess we would have to cleanup later. Neither one of us cared as we continued to stroke my spurting cock. My cum was coming less and less until it was oozing from the tip, spreading onto the clenched fists.

I slowly lowered my hips, my fist-enclosed softening cock spurting one last time.

“Fuck man. What a mess.”

“It cleans up.”

“Now what?”

“We talk.”

“And than?”

“We do it again.”

And we did. All of that and more, that night and in the nights that followed. He also found he was quite wrong. He learned he loved to suck cock and swallow cum.

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