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Auntie Lola

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I’m Brad, 27 years old, 6 ft 2 in, 190 lb, brown hair, and light blue eye. I exercise regularly and am in reasonable shape. Lola Monroe, my partner, is 48 years old, 5 ft 4 in, 115 lb, short and dense blonde hair, green eyes, short nose, and high cheek bones. She is a positive person with a bubbly personality. Lola is in good shape: a relatively flat tummy, plump-34C boobs, narrow 22-in waist; she also has a flawless complexion. Besides inherited good genes, couple of times during a week, she played doubles tennis and exercised on a treadmill at home.

She was an elementary school teacher and her husband, Herb Monroe, was a sales executive of a large company. He was a big man, a bit overweight, with a full head of grey hair and deep-blue eyes. He was a distant cousin of my dad, but Lola was not a relative. He had the two-story home built with three bedrooms and a Florida room on the top floor; the guest bedroom and Lola’s den were on the ground floor. They were members of a club that, in addition to a golf course, had indoor tennis courts.

My parents worked at the same club. I learned that that my dad had girlfriends and neglected my mom. My mom was not happy; she and my dad fought a lot and that situation made me uncomfortable to stay at home. After my mom died in an automobile accident when I was about 11 years old, my dad began to spend long hours at the club, and I turned to the Monroes for guidance. After my 18th birthday, Lola hired me to do chores. Besides paying for my work, she offered me caramel brownies she loved to bake. With Herb traveling during most weekdays, Lola appreciated my help with chores. I also helped when Lola and Herb hosted large groups of their friends. I loved to watch her all dressed up, especially her well-toned legs clad in black thigh highs and sexy cleavage in low-neck dresses.

During one party, I went to the large storage closet to pick up couple of beverage bottles. I picked up two bottles of wine and was about to leave when I heard whispers at the back. I saw a man humping a woman with a wide ass who had bent over; I could not see the woman’s face, but when the man turned his head, I saw it was Herb. When I returned to the kitchen, I saw Lola looking angrily at an older, drunk, man who was standing against the wall.

When I was about to leave, Lola grasped my hand, and said, “Stay with me; you are the only sober man here.”

She looked lovely in her red, low-neck, sleeve-less, dress that came to her knees; pearl necklace and ear rings, black thigh highs, and pink high-heel shoes; she also smelled nice of floral perfume.

Later, after the party ended, as I was helping Lola clean up, she explained, “Thank you for helping me. Herb has gone to bed. I need to unwind. Have a soda with me.”

I said, “Sure,” and fixed two glasses of caffeine-free ginger ale.

She said, “That was Herb’s boss, Sam, forcing himself on me. He was drunk. According to him, it’s a payment for Herb’s big bonus; I told him I didn’t know of such a deal. Just before you came in to the kitchen with the wine bottles, he said that Herb was banging his wife. I suspected Herb was having affairs, but it still hurts.”

I said, “I’m sorry. I wish I could help you. By the way, you look beautiful in the new dress.”

She smiled and said, “Thank you. I’m glad you like my new dress,” and added, “My feet are hurting. Be a dear and massage them.”

I slid to my knees in front of her, placed both of her nylon-covered feet on my thighs, and massaged them from toes to heels. As I slowly moved my hands to rub her legs, she did not object. She slowly moved her right foot to press against my cock lump. When I looked at her face, she had a smile and her eyes were closed.

Later, she said, “Thank you for all your help. It’s late. Stay here tonight; sleep on the sofa in my den,” and, after kissing me on my cheek, went to bed.

I could not sleep, so I looked in the photo albums and discovered Halloween photos of Lola dressed as a cheerleader: a gorgeous 21 year-old babe dressed in sleeveless blouses, dangling-white plastic- ear rings, and short plaid skirts. She looked very sexy when she held two pompons high over her head; I stared at those photos memorizing every little detail of her sexy curves. I jacked off imagining I was licking her crotch. She also looked very alluring in several photos of her on a swing. I also discovered several volumes of Lola’s journal in which she wrote details of her life; for instance, that Herb insisted she suck his cock frequently and they made love only in the missionary position.


I became a competent computer and electronics technician. I had an active social life and Lola was glad I was dating young women. Due to my carelessness, I got one young woman pregnant; she and I got married in Tampa, her hometown. I cared for her. But when our son, Todd, was a year old, my wife filed for divorce. I provide child support for Todd and visit him several times a month; I am glad he is with his mom and loving grandparents. While I long to love a woman and be loved, I do not want to have more children.

Several times, when I drove to see Todd, Lola went with me to visit her 60-year old aunt, Nell Hayes, who lived near Tampa, especially when her uncle was ill and after he passed away. Nell is an active and attractive lady; a few months after she became a widow, a number of potential suitors began to call her.


After I turned 21, Lola began to confide to me about the lipstick marks and traces of different perfumes she would find on Herb’s shirts; she also began to flirt with me when I was with her. One day, she invited me to play mixed doubles tennis with her. I agreed; while playing, surreptitiously, I ogled her tight ass, tapered thighs, and toned legs, and her jiggling boobs in her revealing tennis outfit.

On the way home, Lola said, “Herb was to return from a meeting on Thursday. He called to tell me he is not returning until Saturday evening. The annual dinner of the tennis group is at the club house on Friday evening. Please go to the banquet with me. You know many of the members.”

I agreed and on Friday, I put on my best clothes. Lola dressed in a low-neck-short-red dress that revealed her sexy cleavage; her well-toned legs were clad in black thigh highs, low-heel black shoes, and diamond ear rings and a gold-plated necklace. She also put on the familiar floral perfume.

As I drove, Lola said, “Some woman called wanting to talk to Herb. She told me that Herb promised to marry her.”

I became angry and said to her, “Dump that no-good husband. You’re a beautiful lady. You will meet a good man.”

Surprised at my reaction, she asked, “Do I look like a rich and beautiful star?”

I mumbled, “You’re lovely; you could have played Genie on TV.”

Lola said, “I’m glad you remembered my Halloween costume,” and, to tease me, said, “You’re too young for me.”

She was more surprised when I blurted out, “Age does not matter. There are several women who have younger male partners. Mona, the high school librarian, is dating a young guy after divorcing her philandering husband. I will take care of you.”

In a serious tone, Lola said, “I like you as a friend. I will not leave my husband.”

After a pause, I asked, “What if he contracts a disease from one of the women?”

As we entered the club parking lot, she said, “Yes, that’s my big concern.”

The dinner went well. Lola received a trophy for winning the women’s doubles final together with Mona. After the ceremonies ended, I hugged her and congratulated her.


As we were walking to her car, Lola listened to her phone messages, and muttered, “Great. Now, he is not coming home until Sunday. I bet he is with one of his bimbos,” and we rode in silence to her home; I knew Lola was hurt deeply.

At her home, Lola said, “Come in. Fix me a glass of Zinfandel. I want to check Herb’s email; he leaves his pass word on a post-it note on the monitor.”

When I returned with the glass of wine, Lola was reading email messages from various women to Herb and looking at some of their photos.

After looking at a few photos, with tears in her eyes, she said, “I guess he has been seeing other women for a long time. He does not want me. Now, I’ve to learn to be on my own again.”

She put on dance music, began to sway to the music, and after she beckoned me to join her, she said, “Thank you for being with me,” and blurted out, “I was afraid of contracting a disease from Herb. We have not been intimate for six months,” and I saw tears in her eyes.

She whispered, “Hug me,” and I hugged her in a protective embrace as we danced slowly. After nudging my head down, she French kissed me.

Later, with her back towards me and my arms around her waist, she swayed to the music. Feeling her firm buttocks against me and smelling her perfume, my cock got stiff; I was afraid Lola would pull away from me, but she continued to sway and rubbed her buttocks against my crotch.

Lola placed my arms around her waist, and said, “After all the years of being faithful to him, taking care of him, and making a home, I feel betrayed. I think I’m still attractive: I’ve a beautiful face, large boobs, narrow waist, and firm buttocks. You certainly seem to like me,” and pressed her buttocks against my still stiff cock.

I said, “You’re a beautiful lady. I care for you,” and planted several kisses on her neck.

Languidly, Lola lifted her arms and placed her hands behind my neck, and continued to rub her buttocks against my crotch. While kissing her neck, I grasped her covered boobs.

For several minutes, Lola allowed me to fondle her covered boobs and kiss her neck, and then said “You have been a faithful friend,” and led to me to a sofa.

She cuddled in my arms. Gently, I rubbed her forehead, ran my fingers through her hair, and kissed her soft lips, perfumed neck, and sexy cleavage. I held her hands and kissed her delicate fingers; I noted that she painted her fingernails bright red. I heard her breathing softly. I knew she had an emotional day.

As I rubbed her nylon-covered lower thighs and legs, she mumbled, “Rub my feet, love,” and moaned when I massaged her feet, toes, and legs.

As she continued to moan, I moved my hands and rubbed her lower thighs. I paused at the elastic of her thigh highs and looked at Lola’s face. As she was looking at me, I placed my right hand on her red panties-covered pussy; she smiled and spread her legs. Her panties around her pussy had become wet.

When I licked Lola’s wet panties couple of times, she mumbled, “It’s nasty. I am excited being with you.”

I said, “I love it,” and continued to lick.

Wanting better access to Lola’s pussy, I pulled off her panties. In the subdued lighting, I could not see her crotch, but by feeling with my lips, I knew her crotch was hairy; her labia were thick and became slick due to my licking. Her pussy smelled like a floral perfume mixed with honey and tasted almond-like.

When the wall phone in the kitchen began to ring, Lola said, “That’s Nell. Only she calls me this late on this phone,” and, after gently pushing my face away from her crotch, got up, went to the kitchen, and, after leaning over the L-shaped counter, began to talk on the phone.

I saw her inviting bare buttocks, quickly walked to the kitchen, and slid to my knees behind her. Slowly, I rubbed her thigh highs-covered legs and thighs, and her meaty buttocks. When I spooned her pussy with my tongue, she tilted her ass up to give me better access to her juicy cunt. After couple of minutes of fondling her buttocks and licking her pussy, I nudged her to turn to face me, lifted her to sit on the counter, and placed one leg on each section of the L-shapes. She blushed when she realized her pussy was exposed completely, but could not say any thing in to the phone. I resumed licking her slick clit and labia. Just about the time she ended her conversation on the phone, she pushed my head in to her pussy and, as I pressed her clit with my tongue, she had a long-lasting orgasm.

Later, after recovering from her orgasm, she whispered, “That was the first time a man brought me an orgasm orally. I know you care for me,” and, blushing added, “Making out is ok, but I’m not ready for intercourse,” and led me to the living room sofa.

She removed her dress and helped me undress; after I removed all my clothes, she sat on my right side, grasped my stiff cock, and examined the cock head and traced the veins on the cock. I put my right arm around her back and grasped her bra-covered right boob.

She said, “I should pump it. Right?”

I hissed, “Yes.”

As she slowly pumped my cock, she whispered in awe, “It’s so warm and throbbing, “and giggled when she first saw of drops of my cum ooze out of it; she giggled more when jets of cum flew out of it and landed on my chest and on my stomach.

After we cleaned up and got dressed, she said, “I’m really tired,” and fell asleep with her head in my lap.

Carefully, I carried her to the guest bedroom, laid her on the bed, kissed her on the lips, and covered her with a light blanket. As I drove home, I realized Lola was grieving for her shattered marriage.


I assumed Lola and Herb were working to iron out the problems in their marriage, but Lola called after a week, and said, “Would you play mixed doubles with me in the club tournament?”

“Yes,” I said.

Our first round match on a Friday evening was relatively easy. I managed to focus on playing tennis without getting distracted by Lola’s white, long-sleeve, low-neck, blouse, and a very short, pleated skirt, and tennis panties. Lola hardly perspired, a characteristic I noted a few years ago. After the match, we stopped at a popular sports bar for food and drinks.

While sipping wine, Lola said, “Herb left for a sales meeting in Atlanta. After the meeting he is going to watch a golf tournament in Augusta. He is not coming back till Sunday. I guess he decided to abandon me. He told me I’m free to do whatever I want.”

I held her hands and said, “I’m sorry. You’re a beautiful woman who deserves to be treated well. It’s a warm day, why are you wearing a long-sleeve blouse?”

“I have a bruise; I fell against the book case.”

I asked, “How did you fall?”

With tears in her eyes, she said, “It was my fault; I confronted Herb.”

I said, “I’m sorry. May I see the bruise?”

“Yes. Later.”

After Lola finished her second glass of wine and freshened up, I drove her home. At her home, she slipped the blouse over her left shoulder and showed me the large bruise near the top of her arm. I noted that she had put make up over it.

Gently, I kissed the bruise and said, “You deserve better than being shoved aside.”

She said, “Thanks. After I change clothes, I’ll bring caramel brownies I baked for you.”

I blurted out, “Don’t change. You look great.”

She stood still blushing and smiling. I grasped her hands and gently nudged her towards me; soon, I had my dream woman sitting in my lap with her left arm around my neck and her left boob pressed against my chest.

Looking in to my eyes, she smiled, kissed my lips, ran her fingers through my hair, and said, “Ok, baby. I won’t change my dress. Take off your shirt. I want to feel your muscular chest.”

As she rubbed my chest, my cock got stiff, and she whispered, “Something is poking my bottom.”

I mumbled, “I can’t help it. You’re a gorgeous woman,” and rubbed her smooth arms, and firm legs and lower thighs.

She French kissed me and said, “I’m flattered. I’ve to freshen up. Please make coffee for us,” and went upstairs.

I finished setting up the coffee maker when Lola entered the kitchen. She had applied a fresh coat of lipstick and smelled of fresh perfume. As she was transferring the baked caramel brownies on to plates, I hugged her from behind, and pressed my cock lump in to her buttocks. In response, Lola moaned softly, pressed her buttocks firmly in to me. Wanting to kiss her sexy buttocks, I got on my knees, lifted Lola’s short skirt up, and, as she squealed in surprise, kissed and fondled her panties-clad buttocks; I noticed she changed in to sheer, white, silk, panties.

After several minutes, Lola said, “The coffee is ready. Let’s eat the brownies. When did you begin to obsess about me in tennis outfits?”

I said, “It began when we played a mixed doubles match after my 18th birthday; you looked very sexy in the sleeve-less short tennis dress.”

Giggling, Lola said, “No wonder, we lost that match. Do you remember that?”

I grinned and said, “I did my best. I got excited.”

After we sat on the living room sofa, Lola said, “You played well today,” and, after taking a bite of a brownie, French kissed me.

I kissed her back passionately. As our kisses became very passionate, I slipped her dress off of her shoulders to her waist, and grasped her bra-encased boobs. In turn, she rubbed my cock lump.

As I rubbed her panties-covered pussy, Lola moaned softly. I got on my knees and suckled her bra-covered boobs and kissed her smooth thighs. I lifted her legs and kissed her panties-covered pussy; I was grateful she changed in to sheer panties. I focused on licking her covered clit and vagina; Lola held my head lovingly, and moaned softly.

She began to mumble, “Baby. Oh, baby. I love it. I’m close. Keep going, keep going,” and then her crotch convulsed wildly on my mouth signaling an intense orgasm.

Then she saw my passion-filled face, touched my right cheek, and said, “Poor baby, you need relief. It was selfish of me to not think of you. I need more time to sleep with you. You know what I mean?”

I mumbled, “Yes,” and continued to fondle Lola’s meaty buttocks.

Lola stood up, removed her tennis dress, and, as she walked in her bra and underwear to the dimly-lit powder room, beckoned me to follow her.

She stood in front of the vanity and the mirror above it, and said, “Take off your shorts and love me. Don’t go in.”

After Lola placed my hands around her waist, I nestled my raging hard-on between her buttocks. She then lifted my hands to her bra-covered breasts.

I mumbled, “I’ll soil your panties.”

She smiled and whispered, “They are already soiled,” referring to her oozing love juice.

She lifted her arms and placed her hands behind my neck to expose her underarms and armpits. As I kissed her neck, fondled her boobs, and rubbed her armpits, she trapped my cum-oozing cock between her thighs. As my stiff cock oozed cum between her thighs, I enjoyed every moment fondling Lola’s large boobs and exploring her voluptuous body with my hands and eyes, and kissing her neck.

After a while, as I began to moan, she placed a soft towel at the tip of my cock, and whispered, “Cum for me, Brad,” and I groaned loudly as multiple jets of cum erupted out of my cock on the towel and Lola’s panties.

Smiling, Lola said, “I’m glad we took care of that,” and, as I used a hand towel to clean up, she added, “I hate to be alone in this big house.”

Softly, I said, “I would love to sleep here overnight.”

She said, “Not in my bed; you can sleep in my den. Do you need pajamas?”

She blushed when I said, “No, I sleep in the nude.”

After we watched TV for a while, Lola said, “I’ve to get ready for bed. You know where my den and the powder room are,” and left after kissing me lightly on the lips.

It was about midnight. I was reading a magazine as I was not sleepy. I heard a knock and the door opened slowly. It was Lola in a pink, silk, night gown.

She sat on the bed and said, “I bought this night gown to entice Herb to love me,” and began to cry.

I pulled her in to my arms, kissed her eyes, and said, “I’m sorry. It’s not your fault.”

She mumbled, “Thanks,” and lay down on my right side with her right arm around my chest and her right thigh over my lower thighs.

After a few minutes I turned off the reading light; the room was dimly lit by an outside street light. With Lola pressing her boobs and well-toned thighs in to me, I could not sleep. Apparently, neither could Lola. She lifted her head and, while she gently grasped my stiff cock, she French kissed me. She removed her night gown over her head, revealing a pink push-up bra and pink panties, and sat on my tummy. Instinctively, I grasped her large boobs with my hands.

I whispered, “They are gorgeous.”

After a short while, wanting to eat her pussy, I said, “Scoot forward, please.”

It took a short while for Lola to grasp what I meant, but she scooted and positioned her pussy over my mouth.

I pulled her panties aside and lovingly began to eat her juicy pussy; she said, “That feels very good.”

I ate Lola’s pussy until she had a long orgasm and said, “Let me take care of you,” and grasped my stiff, cum-leaking, cock.

I thought she would give me another hand job, but I was delighted when she put her mouth around my cock and also gently fondled my balls. She stopped sucking couple of times when she sensed I was close to my climax.

She brought me to my climax by jerking me off and, after cleaning me up, said, “I need to get some sleep. So do you. Please go with me to the dance tomorrow evening at the club.”

I said, “Thanks for a great evening. See you tomorrow evening,” and went home.

I fell asleep thinking of Lola’s lovely face and body.

On Saturday evening, I put on a tie and jacket, and went to Lola’s home. She came to the living room dressed in a navy-blue, sheer blouse over a low-neck, sleeve-less, knee-length, dress; black, shiny, thigh-highs, and black, short-heel shoes. She put on a pearl necklace and tear drop ear rings.

I said, “You look gorgeous.”

“I’m glad you like me,” and as she pirouetted to show off her elegant clothing, floral perfume wafted in to the air.

As we entered the club, she said, “Remember, I’m a married woman.”

We sat at a table for eight; Lola knew the other three couples. Each couple brought a bottle of wine. After a while, I noticed Lola was drinking wine, and that gradually she became more daring; no one at our table seemed to care that Lola was practically sitting in my lap and slowly wiggling her ass in my lap surreptitiously. Each time I danced with Lola, I could not help notice how gorgeous she looked. When the lights were dimmed and the music was slow, Lola drew my hands around her waist and ground her meaty buttocks in to my crotch. She giggled when she felt my raging hard on against her ass. Before we left, she went to freshen up and returned after a long time.

After we returned to her home, Lola said, “Thank you for going to the dance with me. I have been abandoned by Herb. Fix me a glass of water.”

After I handed her the glass of water, I sat next to her and rubbed her bare arms, and said, “You look gorgeous tonight.”

“So you like my outfit.”

I slid to my knees and bowed at her feet, when she whispered, “You look pretty handsome. You turned me on, poking me with your baton during every dance. Take your clothes off and lie on your back, boy.”

Once I was on my back, she stood over me letting me view her covered thighs and sexy panties-covered crotch. Slowly, she lowered her crotch to my face and pressed her panties-covered pussy on my mouth. Her crotch was wet with her love nectars. Wanting to lick her juicy pussy, I helped her pull her panties off. She pressed her juicy pussy against my mouth; I grasped her slick, enlarged, clit between my lips and kept sucking it. Soon, I was rewarded with her orgasm as her pussy convulsed long on my mouth and my mouth was smeared with her love nectar.

After Lola grasped my stiff cock, she said, “Looks like it has been leaking,” and pulled a handful of tissues from a box on the end table.

With my head still surrounded by Lola’s nylon-covered thighs, I said, “I’m very excited,” and then groaned continuously with pleasure as I felt Lola blow warm breath on my cockhead; my cock erupted and released several jets of cum that landed on my tummy, crotch, and thighs.

As Lola gently cleaned up my cum, I said, “I’m embarrassed that I came so suddenly.”

“It’s a compliment that I turned you on so much,” she replied.

After Lola changed in to a pink night gown, she said, “You can sleep in the den, if you want to.”

Lola blushed when I said, “Only if you snuggle with me.”

We snuggled on the sofa in the den. Lovingly, I kissed Lola’s lips, neck, shoulders, large boobs, upper arms, and smooth armpits.

She grasped my hard, pulsing, cock, and said, “I don’t think he will go down,” and, as she licked it along the length and fondled my balls, her cell phone began to ring

After talking on the phone for a short while, she said, “Herb had a heart attack. I’ve to go to Augusta.”

I said, “I’m sorry.”

I helped her make airline reservations, early next morning drove her to the Orlando airport, and said, “If I can be of help, call me.”


Herb died in Augusta. Herb’s son came to the memorial service, stayed a few days, and returned to his oil-exploration job. In a depressed state of mind, Lola quit her job. To console her, I visited her daily and did chores for her. For a while, our conversations were about how much she loved Herb and missed him. Gradually, they changed to unhappy ones, mostly about Herb’s lack of respect for her. I held her hands, wiped her tears, and massaged her shoulders. I made sure she ate at least one full meal a day: tossed salad and either chicken or beef I grilled or brought from restaurants. Frequently, I reminded her that she is a beautiful and kind woman with a great future. On the weekends when Todd was with me, she was happy watching him play with his toys in her backyard.

One weekend, Lola said, “Todd is cute. He calls me ‘Auntie Lola.’ I like that. From now on, I’m Auntie Lola.”

Three months later, she agreed to go see a movie. She put on a short-sleeve white blouse, jeans, and sneakers; she had on light make up and costume jewelry. It was cool in the movie theater and; I was thrilled when she asked me to put my arm around her shoulders. There were not many people in the theater. Lola did not object, when I put my hand around her waist and moved it up to nuzzle her right boob; when she put her head against my shoulder, I grasped her covered boob. Gently, Lola brushed her left hand against my cock lump.

After the movie, while we were having coffee, she said, “Thank you for taking me to the movie. You have been good to me. Do you remember my 45th birthday party? You brought balloons and put up streamers.”

I said, “I remember that party very well. You danced with me after Herb drank too much and passed out. You looked gorgeous in a pink dress and your favorite pearl jewelry. I have a photo of you in my wallet,” and showed it to her.

Lola smiled said, “It’s very sweet of you to carry my photo,” and blushing added, “That dress shows lot of my cleavage.”

I said, “You look gorgeous.”

“You’re a handsome guy. I wanted to rub your muscular chest.”

“You can rub my chest anytime.”

Smiling, Lola held my hand, and said, “I know. It would be fun to rub a 25 year old guy’s chest.”

I said, “On another subject, we should practice for next month’s tennis tournament.”

Smiling, she said, “Great idea. Let’s play after Thanksgiving.”


Lola noted in her journal that she had a long conversation with her friend, Mona, “Brad, has been a tremendous source of support. I went to a movie with him. It was cold in the theater. When he put his arm around my shoulders, I snuggled close to him; I could feel his heart beating fast with excitement. For the first time in a long while, my nipples stiffened and my pussy tingled. He’s younger than me; I’m not sure he will continue to like my mature body.”

Mona told me, “I’m sure Brad has been smitten by you for a long time. May be after you watch a clip of Bobby, my boyfriend, loving me you will be convinced a young guy, Brad, could love you, an older woman, passionately.”

Lola noted, “I agreed to watch the movie clip. I was in bed nude, when I started watching the movie. In brief, I was impressed that Mona, who could have passed for Bobby’s old mom, was enjoying being loved by young Bobby. Obviously, Bobby was attracted to Mona because she was voluptuous a passionate woman with a full-head of blonde hair, brown eyes, large boobs, and wide hips. I recalled Mona confiding to me that her first date with Bobby was when he was 19 years old and he was still a virgin. Also, she kept her muff shaved because he loved it like that.

“Bobby knelt in front of Mona and, after fondling and kissing her boobs, licked her pussy for a long time until Mona grasped his head and pushed it firmly against her crotch, signaling she had an orgasm. A short time later, Mona got up, nudged Bobby to sit on the couch, straddled his lap, grasped his stiff cock, and impaled herself on it.

“With his cock buried in Mona’s pussy, Bobby kissed her neck, boobs, and mouth passionately. After couple of minutes, Mona got off Bobby’s cock, sucked his cock, got on her knees on the carpeted floor and, while she grasped the couch for support, Bobby fucked her doggy style for several minutes. He grasped her hanging boobs firmly and climaxed inside her pussy.”

I recalled, Mona’s words, “Bobby’s cock gets hard with minimum stimulation; he’s like a rabbit.”

“What impressed me was how much Mona enjoyed young Bobby’s attack on her mature pussy. I became very horny watching Mona being loved by a young man. I got out of bed, walked to the mirror on the closet door; while looking at my reflection, I fondled my boobs, pinched my nipples, rubbed my crotch, and gently squeezed my engorged, slick, clit until I had a deep orgasm. Lying in bed, I recalled Herb never licked my pussy; he only got on top of me and fucked until he had a climax. Fondly, I recalled Brad licked and sucked my pussy. I realized that, because I had a philandering husband, I missed out on good loving for many years. After I decided that I would go after my young lover, I fell asleep. Next morning, I went to a lingerie boutique and bought several sexy outfits; I also got rid of Herb’s clothing.”


Lola called and said, “It has been six months since I became a widow. I just gave away Herb’s suits, shirts, belts, and shoes, to a local charity. I feel liberated. I have a part time job at the city library beginning in the new year. Let’s go out for Thanksgiving brunch; we will go in my Cadillac. The following weekend, you and I are playing mixed doubles in the club’s tennis league. I want to have fun.”

I said, “I’m glad you are ready to resume some of your activities. I’m ok this week; I have a big job to do in Tampa next week.”

Lola said, “Before I got married, I enjoyed going to drive-in-theaters. I have fond memories of the one year I was a 19-year old cheer leader. Sadly, there are not that many of them now.”

I said, “There is a drive-in-theater several miles away. It is one of the few that is still open.”

“I don’t mind seeing a drive-in movie, whatever it may be.”

I was delighted that Lola would go to see a drive-in-movie with me. My hope was that I could again kiss her and fondle her boobs.

I mumbled, “May be I’ll get to see you in a cheerleader uniform.”

Lola giggled and hung up the phone.


On Thanksgiving day, I put on a light blue shirt, grey slacks, a light blazer, and dress shoes. Lola dressed in a black, long-sleeve, low-neck, knee-length dress, that was translucent to highlight her cleavage; black thigh highs, and high-heel shoes. She put on a two-strand pearl necklace to adorn her neck and prominent cleavage, and liquid drop pearl ear rings. She looked very sexy and smelled of a soft floral perfume. We had wine with our meals; because I was driving, I limited my wine consumption to one glass, but Lola had at least two glasses of wine. After she drank the second glass of wine, she became very touchy and feely; I realized that she got rid of a large amount of emotional baggage.

A band was playing dance music and several couples were dancing; Lola suggested we dance. We danced several slow dances with Lola hugging me tightly with her arms around my neck, pressing her large boobs in to me; several times, when she was not hugging me, she groped my crotch surreptitiously. During the last dance with the lights dimmed, Lola kissed me passionately and I kissed her back.


When we returned to her home, she invited me in. I fixed two glasses of water. She served caramel brownies in the living room. While I took the soiled dishes to the kitchen to place them in the dishwasher, she went to her bedroom. When she returned, I saw she was dressed in an old red and navy plaid skirt, white sleeve-less blouse, dangling ear rings, white thigh highs, white high-heel sandals, and her hair was tied in two pig tails. Holding two pompoms, she showed me several cheerleader poses.

Lola looked gorgeous and I blurted out, ‘You look gorgeous. I’m sure you broke many guys’ hearts in high school.”

Lola blushed, curtsied, and said, “Thank you, kind sir. I would like to try another outfit I have altered,” and left for her bedroom upstairs.

A short time later, I heard her call me. I went to her bedroom door; I saw her in front of the closet mirror; she had changed in to a short black and white plaid skirt, and a blouse that was too tight.

Lola giggled when I said, “The blouse is too tight. You’re boobs must have grown,” and quickly added, “I love them.”

Blushing and looking intently at me in the mirror, she removed her blouse, to reveal her luscious boobs barely contained in a lacy, white, push-up bra. My eyes became glued to her magnificent cleavage and the surrounding pale tit flesh, slender upper arms, freckles-covered back and shoulders, and delicate neck.

She looked at me with a smile for several seconds, stuck her chest out, and whispered, “You can fondle them, like you used to.”

As I walked towards her, I tried to say, ‘I would love to,’ but only gurgling sounds came out of my mouth. I stood behind her, quickly grasped her covered boobs, and kissed her neck and back. Through my passion-filled eyes, I saw Lola closed her eyes, tilted her head back, and held my hands. Boldly and eagerly, I lifted her bra cups and grasped her eraser-hard nipples between my thumbs and index fingers.

Lola moaned and pushed her covered buttocks in to my crotch and when she realized that my cock had grown big and rock hard, she said, “I’m glad you still love them,” and pressed her right hand on my crotch, squeezed my cock a few times, and left her hand on it as if to lay claim to her property.

I was content to just fondle her lovely boobs and kiss her neck, but Lola removed the plaid skirt, took my right hand, and placed it on her lacy panties-covered crotch. After rubbing her panties-covered crotch for a while, boldly, I pushed my hand past the elastic of the panties and cupped her pussy; I felt the familiar heavy growth of pubic hair, and her wet and slick slit. When I rubbed her wet, engorged, clit, Lola moaned softly. In response, I inserted my middle finger in to her love channel, scooped her love nectar, licked my glistening finger, and returned it to her slit.

I murmured, “Please, let me eat you,” and removed her lacy panties.

Quickly, I pulled a cushioned chair in front of the mirror and nudged her to sit on it. I slid to my knees on the carpeted floor; her hairy pussy looked inviting. I lifter her legs on to my shoulders and began to lick my dream woman’s pussy. Again, she tasted delicious. When I licked and sucked on her engorged clit, Lola held my head tightly with both hands; after just a few minutes, she had an orgasm on my mouth while moaning incoherently, “Cumming. Ohhhhhh. Ahhhhh. Braaaaaaaad. Cumming.”

After her orgasm subsided, Lola leaned forward, kissed me on my mouth, and asked, “Why do you like to eat me?”

“You smell and taste great, sort of like almonds.”

“I do eat almonds. You can eat me anytime.”

At that moment, her phone rang. Lola covered the mouth piece and mouthed to me that it was her son calling from Texas; I assumed he was calling to inquire how she was doing.

After she hung up the phone, Lola looked at her disheveled state of clothing, shook her head, smiled at me, and asked, “How much time do we have before we leave to get dinner and get to the theater on time?”

I said, “Not much. We should go in a few minutes.”

While Lola got dressed, I watched a sports channel. Just as she hinted, Lola put on a cheerleader outfit: red and navy plaid skirt, a red tank top, white thigh highs, and white high-heel sandals; she also had her hair arranged in two pigtails. As we walked to her car, impulsively, I fondled her panties-clad buttocks and crotch.

She giggled and said, “Somebody likes my outfit!”

Teasingly, I asked her, “Are you old enough to go out on a date? Does your mommy know where you are going?”

Lola smiled and replied, “I’m old enough to make out with a handsome young guy,” and added, “You seem to love making out with a mature woman.”

I mumbled, “A mature, gorgeous, woman.”


We did not have time to eat dinner and, at the drive-in-theater, Lola suggested, “Please get popcorn, coke, and anything else you like.”

I bought two large tubs of popcorn and two large diet cokes. I learned that the first movie was a recent release.

After I got comfortable, Lola snuggled up to me, and whispered, “You gave me an awesome orgasm, but we did not have time to take care of your dick.”

“You have a sweet pussy I would love to eat any time.”

Lola took my right hand, placed it on her tank top-covered boobs and said, “I removed my bra while you were getting popcorn.”

I said, “Great,” and quickly I helped Lola to sit in my lap facing the movie screen, put my hands under her tank top, grasped her large boobs, and gently pinched her nipples.

With Lola’s soft buttocks pressing on my cock, it became very hard, prompting her to say, “Squeezing my boobs seems to make your cock hard.”

“You’re right petite lady. I love your big boobs.”

After a few moments, Lola said, “Be gentle. I have not had one in me for over a year.”

“I promise it will not hurt. Anyway, I did not bring any protection.”

Lola asked, “Do you have a STD?”

I said, “No, never contracted one.”

Lola said, “I’m past child-bearing age; my last period was two years ago. I did not wear panties for tonight’s date. Now, get your baton out,” and got off my lap.

When I lowered my shorts and underwear, my stiff cock reared up; immediately, Lola grasped it, and said in awe, “It’s more impressive than I remember,” and licked the head and coated it with a generous amount of saliva.

I helped Lola position her crotch over my crotch and, as I held my stiff cock firmly, she guided it to her pussy. She took a deep breath and then slowly pushed it in to her love channel. The farther my cock slid in, the warmer and tighter was her channel. Once my cock was embedded deeply in to Lola’s tight vagina, I placed my hands underneath her tank top and grasped her boobs.

Lola leaned against my chest and said, “Thank you for making me feel like a desirable woman. I have not made love in a car since I was in high school.”

I said, “Lady, my cock loves your tight, juicy, pussy.”

After a few minutes Lola whispered, “I feel fully stuffed. Pinch my nipples.”

I pinched her nipples with one hand and her engorged clit with the other. Lola pushed her face in to the side of my neck and, as her pussy convulsed rhythmically around my cock, she squealed softly.

I grasped Lola’s waist and said, “My cock had been leaking cum continuously, but I need a bit more stimulation for my climax. Just fuck me,” and helped her to raise and lower her pussy on my cock.

After Lola’s tight pussy slid up and down on my cock a few times, as I groaned and grasped her large boobs, I had a long climax with my cock spurting cum deep in her pussy. I kissed her neck as my climax ebbed. Lola raised herself up and my softened cock dislodged from her pussy.

She pulled a few tissues from her bag and, as we used them, said, “It must have been good because you sure unloaded a ton of sperm-laden cum. Good thing, I cannot get pregnant.”

I said, “You’re awesome, petite lady. Finally, my dream came true. Can we do it again?”

Smiling, Lola whispered, “You’re a horny young man. Lucky me! Let’s go home.”

“I’m a lucky guy.”


At Lola’s home, after freshening up, I put on a robe she gave me, sat on a sofa, and watched TV. I heard her footsteps; when I looked at the door, I saw Lola had on a black, sheer, baby doll, black high-heel sandals; her lips were covered with bright red lipstick and she had on light makeup.

I mumbled, “You’re gorgeous.”

Blushing, she pirouetted twice in front of me, knelt between my legs, grasped my semi hard cock, and slowly sucked on it to make it very hard. She stood up, sat in my lap facing me, and impaled herself on it.

She French kissed me and said, “You waited a long time to make love to me. I have not been loved for a long time. I would like to make up for that; fuck me good. Let’s go to my bedroom.”

At the top of the stairs, I kissed her lips, and said, “Let me carry you to the bedroom. Just hold on to my neck with your hands and my waist with your legs.”

As I walked slowly towards her bedroom carrying Lola, she squealed, “Oh my God, your cock is pushing against my cervix.”

At the entrance to her dimly-lit bedroom, I stopped, put her back firmly against the door jam, and whispered, “I see us in the dresser mirror.”

Lola looked in the mirror, tightened her hold on my neck and waist, placed her head on my shoulder, and said, “It’s exciting to see my boobs flattened against your chest and my crotch pressed against yours.”

I said, “Lola love, hold on, I’ll try humping. I’m close to a climax,” and, in rapid strokes, I pistoned my cock in and out of her tight pussy and, with my cock deep inside her pussy, several jets of cum spurted out of my cock.

Lola’s face reddened and she moaned, “I love it.”

After my climax, slowly I turned towards the mirror, and saw her freckles-covered shoulders and my large hands pressed in to her fleshy buttocks, and said, “I find you clinging to me and your pigtails exciting.”

Lola giggled, “Is there anything about me that does not excite you?”

“No. I’m glad my long-time dreams have come true today.”

Lola kissed me and said, “Poor baby. You must have been frustrated.”

I said, “It was difficult knowing there was no way I could love you.”

I was perspiring heavily and after gently placing Lola on top of the bed, I went to freshen up and drink a glass of water.

After I got on the bed, Lola licked my cock head, and said, “You got me excited carrying me. I want to do it again; cum on your cock,” and sucked my cock expertly for a few minutes until it became very stiff.

I said, “I want you on top. I like seeing us in the mirror, please.”

Lola smiled and said, “I like to see us in the mirror too,” and we settled on the carpeted floor in front of the closet mirror.

After Lola impaled herself on my stiff cock and I grasped her boobs, she said, “I’m getting used to its size,” and, as we both watched our act of love making, she began to move up and down on my cock.

It was very stimulating to watch my glistening cock slide in and out of her hairy, thick-lipped, pussy.

After a while, she said, “I’ll try a squat fuck,” and, I helped her to transfer her weight on to her feet and open her thighs wide as she fucked.

Lola whispered, “I see my pussy stuffed with your big cock,” and fucked my cock in long, rapid, strokes until she had a long orgasm.

After her orgasm subsided, Lola got off of me, grasped my still stiff cock, and said, “I’m glad you are young and strong, and I can make your cock get stiff.”


I was tired and fell asleep on the floor. Later, I crawled in to bed next to her, and gratefully hugged her. In the middle of the night, when my cock became stiff, I pressed it in to her buttocks, and grasped her large boobs with my right hand; lovingly, Lola held my cock firmly in her hand. When I woke up next morning, I smelled coffee. After showering and putting on a robe, I went to the kitchen. Lola was reading a newspaper and having a cup of coffee. She had on a pink, low-neck tank top, white shorts, and high-heel sandals; it looked like she had showered and her shoulder-length hair looked fluffy and styled, and had no pigtails.

I said, “Good morning. Thank you for a great evening,” and, after kissing her, poured myself a cup of coffee.

She said, “I had a great time too. You better eat well; you did not eat much last night. We have to play tennis later today,” and, mischievously, added, “Of course, we have other interesting activities too.”

After she served a hearty breakfast: eggs, toast, sausage, and a fruit salad, Lola and I looked at the photos in an album; the photos were of her family and friends around the small pool in her backyard. We both laughed at my early photos about the time I was in elementary school, a chubby kid, eating caramel brownies and ice cream. Lola, who was in her mid twenties, looked beautiful.

I said, “I would like to see photos of the party you had after my graduation from the community college. I was about 21 years old and just started drinking.”

“I remember it was a hot day and I had on a low-neck tank top. You were sneaking peeks at my cleavage and I was teasing you; fortunately, Herb did not notice us flirting. That album is on the top shelf of the storage closet. I can’t reach it, but you can, come with me,” said Lola.

The storage closet was warm, the album was at the far end, and Lola suggested, “You will be comfortable if you take off your robe,” and I did.

When I got up on the step ladder, I felt Lola fondling first my buttocks and then my sack of balls. After I found the album, I turned to hand it to Lola, but she was staring at my semi rigid cock that was at her chest level.

She took the album and said, “Stay right there,” and put her mouth around my cock.

I held on to the ladder until she stopped sucking my cock and said, “I love him.”

In that album, indeed there were several photos in which I was practically drooling over Lola’s cleavage and legs, and I said, “I was obsessed with your loveliness. I dreamed of loving you in many ways.”

Slyly, Lola said, “I did not know you had such a great body and a nice cock. Now, we both are free. We can play out our desires for each other. Last night, my dreams of making love to you in a car and sleeping with you all night came true.”

I said, “One of my dreams was to make love while carrying you came true last night. Another dream of you riding me to a climax also was realized. They turned out to be better than in my dreams. I would love to see your sexy body.”

Blushing, she said, “May be later. Let’s go play tennis.”


Lola put on a familiar tennis outfit: white, short-sleeve, low-neck, blouse, and a very short, pleat, skirt, and tennis panties. We played a friendly mixed doubles match with another couple. Again, she hardly perspired.

On the way home, I told her, “You look sexy.”

Smiling, she said, “I assume you want me to keep my tennis clothes on. I’ve to freshen up,” and went upstairs.

When she returned, I noticed she had applied a fresh coat of lipstick and smelled of fresh perfume. In the middle of the bedroom, we hugged and kissed passionately. As our kisses became very passionate, I nudged her to hold on to the back of the cushioned chair, slipped her tennis panties off, and fondled her bra-encased boobs. In turn, she rubbed my cock lump and helped me remove my clothes.

As I rubbed her bare pussy, Lola grasped my stiff cock and moaned softly. I got on my knees, nudged her to spread her legs apart, lifted the pleated skirt, and kissed her meaty buttocks. Then, I scooted forward and began to lick her pussy; even with the diffused sweat from playing tennis, it tasted sweet. I focused on licking her clit and vagina; Lola held my head lovingly, and moaned softly.

She began to mumble, “Baby. Oh, baby. I love it. I’m close. Keep going, keep going,” and then her crotch convulsed wildly and a generous amount of pussy juice oozed to cover my mouth signaling an intense orgasm.

I got up, stood behind her, lifted her skirt, and began to hump her buttocks; soon, my cock was at the opening of her pussy and I pushed it in as far as it would go. I lifted her blouse, removed her bra, and grasped her soft, large, boobs. My cock oozed cum as I savored Lola’s voluptuous body.

Lola giggled and said, “You sure like me dressed in tennis outfit.”

I said, “Yes. Thanks for humoring me.”

We stayed coupled doggy style for a long time, savoring every second, until I had my climax and my cock let out multiple jets of cum.

Later, she said, “I’ll take a shower and fix lunch. Be a dear and do load of laundry; especially the sheets need to be washed after last night.”

I said, “I’ll go to my condo and check my mail, and then do the laundry.”


After I returned to Lola’s home and started the laundry, I saw she had on a short robe. As we ate lunch, I noticed she had on light make up and her favorite pearl jewelry.

I whispered, “I would love to see your sexy body,” and, after helping her take off her clothes, I nudged her to sit on the cushioned chair in front of the closet mirror.

Lola looked gorgeous in only the pearl jewelry. I knew she was watching our reflections in the mirror as I kissed her small feet, delicate ankles, smooth and well-toned legs, and meaty thighs. I spent several minutes probing her hairy crotch: her pubes were one inch-long and straight; I spread and kissed her slick labia; the thick lips had become puffed due to excitement, and her clit was soft, well-sculptured, and was enlarged due to excitement. When I grasped her clit with my lips, Lola moaned with pleasure and tenderly held my head with both hands. I reached up and grasped her large, soft, boobs with both hands. Her pussy released love nectar continuously as I made love to it; eventually, she had an intense orgasm as her entire pussy convulsed uncontrollably on my mouth.

Afterwards, Lola nudged me up, kissed my pussy juice-covered mouth, and said, “Baby, now I know how much you wanted me. You’re talented and patient. From now on, I’m not letting you out of my sight,” and, after grasping my stiff throbbing cock, added, “I know you’re horny, but I’m thirsty.”

When I saw Lola’s undulating buttocks, I followed her to the kitchen. As she drank a glass of water, I grasped her by the waist, pressed my stiff cock in to her buttocks, and said, “Baby, I love your buttocks,” and began to hump her buttocks.

When my slick cock head slipped in to her love channel, she giggled. Smiling, Lola raised her arms and circled my neck.

She whispered, “Ok, take me,” and shuffled to the kitchen table, but my cock slipped out of her love channel.

Quickly, I nudged her to lean over the table, slid to my knees, kissed her bare buttocks, and licked her grey hair-covered pussy. I stood up, and slid my stiff cock in to her juicy pussy. I fucked slowly while watching my cock, coated with her love juice, go in and out of the valley between her buttocks. I also watched her buttocks jiggle every time my crotch collided with them. Wanting to prolong my pleasure, I sat in a chair, pulled her to sit in my lap, and grasped her unfettered boobs.

Lola leaned against my chest, placed her right arm around my neck, and said, “My buttocks got you going?”


Shyly, Lola asked, “Anything else of me that turns you on?”

I said, “Your smooth upper arms and armpits when you wear tank tops.”

Lola said, “Ok, I want to be your complete lover. Let me sit facing you and you can see them,” and sat facing me in my lap after pushing my cock in to her stretched pussy.

After she raised both her arms and placed her palms behind her neck, I hugged her tightly, and kissed both upper arms and the armpits several times.

Lola smiled and said, “I’m glad I shaved my armpits yesterday.”

I said, “I love the smooth, sloped, hollows of your armpits.”

“What about my crotch? Do you like it hairy?”

“I love the heavy growth of pubic hair, at least for now.”

Blushing, Lola said, “I don’t recall anyone wanting to kiss my armpits. Now, being loved in a kitchen is fun, but it’s more comfortable in my bedroom. Carry me there, stud.”

In her bedroom, I nudged her to lean while holding on to the back of the chair and tilt her buttocks up in front of the mirror; I pushed my stiff cock back in to her pussy, grasped her unfettered boobs, and began to fuck. I watched her large boobs jiggle in the mirror, and my cock go in and out of her tight love channel directly. As my climax built up slowly, I fucked faster. I lifted Lola off of her feet and pressed my crotch against her buttocks as my cock spurted several jets of cum in the depths of her pussy.

With my cock still in Lola’s pussy, I rested my head on her back, and mumbled, “You’re gorgeous, my love.”

After my cock plopped out, Lola smiled and said, “Wow! That was quite a performance.”

I said, “I confess that was one of my fantasies,” and then blurted out, “I want to see you on a love swing.”

Giggling, she said, “I’m afraid we can’t use the one hanging from the locust tree to make love; the bugs will eat you and me alive.”

I said, “I can install a love swing.”

Blushing, Lola said, “I think Mona had one installed in her home.”


Lola reminded me, “We are going to Tampa. You have to see Todd and I have to see Nell and meet her new beau. Nell invited me to go on a three-day cruise with her; I will be back in Tampa Thursday night. Nell is celebrating her 60th birthday a few days early on Friday.”

I dropped Lola off at Nell’s home and went to see Todd for the rest of the weekend. Throughout the week, I was busy with work during the day time and connecting with Todd in the evenings. I also saw Todd all day Saturday. Before I dropped him off in the evening at his mom’s condo, he asked me to come see him in a holiday play at his school on Wednesday; I told him that I would.

When I called Lola, she said, “Nell invited you to her birthday party at her club. She also wants us to meet Al, her beau. She also invited several of her friends. I told her we are going home after lunch to get ready for a costume party on Saturday at Mona’s. I’ll have my bag packed.”

It was a warm day. I put on tan shorts and a white tee shirt. I drove to Nell’s home about lunch time. I saw Lola and Nell lounging under umbrellas by the pool. Lola had on a low-neck, white, sun dress, and looked gorgeous with tanned face, shoulders, arms, and sun-bleached hair. Nell looked good in a strap-less, pink, dress; she could have passed for Lola’s sister, but had a bigger bust and hips. After I hugged Nell, I noticed she was looking at me approvingly and guessed that Lola confided to her that I was her lover. Nell went inside her home.

Lola said, “Nell’s gone to freshen up before Al gets here. Yesterday, I helped her buy sexy lingerie. She and I had a long talk last night as we drank wine; she needed assurance that she would hold her own in a relationship with a man 15 years younger than her. After their fourth date, Al told Nell that she’s a beautiful woman with a voluptuous body and that he would like to kiss her all over. Al also confided he wants her to sit on his face. She got very excited because she loves oral sex and, after feeling his stiff cock, she knows Al is eager to make love to her.”

I said, “I would like you to press your crotch on my face.”

Blushing, Lola said, “Ok.”

I said, “Before I forget, I have to see Todd in a school play on Wednesday. Also, I want to check on the progress on a job on Thursday and Friday.”

“That should work out fine, as I have to work on the holiday book sale at the library; don’t forget Mona’s costume party is on Saturday evening.”

A short time later we heard a motorbike; Nell went to meet the rider on the driveway. Later, a smiling Nell walked hand-in-hand with a chunky man about 45 years old. It was Al, Nell’s beau. Al had a shaved head and blue eyes. He spoke softly and had a gentle hand shake.

Soon, Nell and Al left for the club on the motorbike. After Lola placed her bag in the trunk, she and I left in my car.

I said to Lola, “Baby, I missed you. You look gorgeous.”

She replied, “I missed you too,” and put her delicate left hand on my thigh.

In the party room at the club, there were several people, most of them about Nell’s age, who milled around the food buffet and a bar. After picking up our food and drinks, Lola and I sat at a corner table with two ladies; after a while, they left us to visit their friends at other tables.

Lola whispered, “I’m oozing just being with you.”

I whispered, “I would like a taste.”

Lola said, “I’ve to freshen up,” and left the table.

When she returned, the lights were dimmed and a number of couples were dancing to music being played by a DJ.

Lola and I danced to slow music, when she whispered, “Your cock is poking me.”

When we returned to our table, the two ladies were not there; Lola dropped her napkin on the carpeted floor and, smiling, said, “I dropped my napkin. Please find it.”

When I got on my knees on the floor, she whispered, “Look, baby, I’m not wearing panties.”

I looked past her parted thighs and saw that indeed she was not wearing her panties; I could see her puffed pussy lips surrounded by her hairy bush. I didn’t care if any one saw us. My mouth was drawn to Lola’s succulent pussy like a moth to a flame; I began to lick and suck it like it was piece of juicy fruit. Her pussy lips were thicker and her clit was larger than I expected, and her nectar was thick. She slid forward in her chair and, after I spread her labia, I covered her inner lips and clit with my mouth. After a few minutes, Lola grasped my head tightly with her thighs and hands to hold it against her pussy as it convulsed on my mouth and more nectar flowed in to my mouth. After she released my head, I wiped my mouth with the napkin, and sat in my chair.

Lola whispered, “Thank you, baby. Please be patient until we reach home.”

We found Nell dancing with Al; she was having a good time. We said good bye to them and left for home.


As we entered Lola’s home, she said, “You have been patient. I’m sure you are very horny. I have a present for you, follow me,” and led me upstairs to the sun-lit Florida room.

When I saw the black leather love swing dangling from the ceiling, I exclaimed, “This looks perfect. Thank you, baby.”

“I’m glad Bobby did a good job of installing it. While I freshen up, please make adjustments to the swing and take off your clothes.”

After Lola returned with two towels and wearing a red, open-cup, baby doll, and black, fence-net, thigh highs with elastic bands, and red-high-heel sandals, I hugged her passionately, French kissed her, and said, “You look sexy. Thank you for the wall mirrors too, baby.”

Lola grasped my stiff cock, fondled my balls, and whispered, “I had a selfish interest, baby.”

She placed one folded towel on the swing and, to my surprise, said, “Lie flat, I’ll straddle your face.”

I understood what she was aiming to do and adjusted my body accordingly. When I tilted my head back, I saw Lola’s hairy crotch was very close.

Giggling, Lola said, “I could sit facing either your face or your cock. I’ll try both,” and slowly swung her right leg over my chest and, as she watched my face, brought her pussy close to my mouth; she squealed when I lifted my head and clamped my mouth around her juicy pussy. I reached up and grasped her succulent boobs with my hands. Slowly she rocked her crotch; periodically her pussy released her love nectar.

After a while, Lola said, “I want to see your cock,” and got off of my face.

After she spread her thighs and straddled my face, I reached back with my hands and grasped her meaty buttocks. I felt her soft buttocks against my forehead and eyes, and her puffy pussy pressing against my mouth. I kept my eyes closed. I knew my cock was throbbing and cum was dribbling out periodically. Then I felt my cock being grasped firmly by Lola’s small hand, followed by her warm mouth around my cock head. She sucked my cock head and swirled her tongue around it; in response, more cum flowed out of my cock. I kept licking her pussy lips and clit. Sensing I was close to my climax, Lola stopped sucking my cock for a short time. She resumed sucking my cock head and also began to pump my cock slowly. Soon, I felt my cock was held firmly with a soft towel as cum flowed in jets out of my cock head.

I heard Lola giggle and say, “I’m glad all that cum came out.”

After she stepped back and saw my love-juice covered face, she giggled some more.

After we both freshened up, Lola saw my cock was still stiff, and said, “There must be more cum, but let’s have a light meal. I’ve been eating out a lot.”

Later as she loaded the dishwasher, I saw her sexy buttocks, and hugged her; she pressed back her buttocks in to my crotch and whispered, “I’m glad you want me.”

I said, “Here is how much I want you,” and began to hump her naked buttocks.

Lola giggled, wiggled out of my grasp, grasped my stiff cock, and said, “I’ve to freshen up.”

As she walked away, her swaying buttocks looked tempting. I followed her to the powder room and, as she applied lipstick, I hugged her, and began to hump her buttocks. When my slick cock head slipped in to her love channel, she giggled, leaned over the vanity, allowing me to snake my cock deep in to her pussy. Gently, I grasped her boobs. I was in no hurry to climax and happy to feel my cock buried deep in Lola’s tight channel and fondling her boobs. That’s when we both heard her phone ringing in the living room. Reluctantly, I pulled my cock out of her snug love channel.

After Lola listened to the caller, silently, she mouthed to me, “It’s Nell,” and leaned over the back of the cushioned chair and wiggled her ass sexily; quickly, I snaked my cock in to her love channel. Signaling me to be quiet, she turned on the speaker phone so that I could listen to the conversation.

After the phone call, I said, “Baby, you turn me on; let me love you on the love swing.”

After she got comfortable, I placed her ankles in the stirrups and her glistening pussy opened up like a dew-covered flower. I could also see her underarms as she held on to the straps. I could not resist the temptation and sucked the succulent, engorged, slick, clit. By now, my cock head was slick with cum that had oozed out. I slipped my stiffened cock in to her slick love channel. She was in a reclining position and we both could see our coupling. Slowly, I turned the swing and, as I moved in unison, I watched the sexy body of Lola and our coupling in the mirrors.

We French kissed and, as I felt more of my cum oozing in to her tight channel, Lola whispered, “Fuck me, lover.”

Spurred by Lola’s words, I fucked her exposed pussy vigorously; I could not delay my climax, and my cock released several jets of cum deep in her pussy. When my cock remained stiff, I resumed fucking, but without the urgency to climax. For a few minutes, I savored the physical sensation of my cock pistoning in and out of Lola’s slick love channel and the visual stimulation of seeing her voluptuous body in the mirrors.

While having a light dinner, Lola reminded me about Todd’s holiday play and Mona’s costume party the following week. Being tired, we went to bed early.


I drove to Tampa on Wednesday morning and, after working most of the day, I went to see Todd in the role of a wise man in his school play. He waved to me from the stage. After the play, Todd was very happy that I watched him and that I thought he was very good in the play. I saw him again on Saturday, and left Tampa in time to get dressed and go to Mona’s costume party.

At Lola’s home, I saw her in a robe and her hair was arranged in a pile of swirling mass. When I got amorous, Lola reminded me, “We need to put on our costumes and go to Mona’s costume party. Wait for me downstairs.”

I put on the army officer’s uniform Lola gave me. I learned that Herb had put it on for Halloween several years ago; it was a bit large for me at the hips. Lola came down the stairs to the living room dressed as, I learned later, a belly dancer; her blonde hair, undoubtedly with extensions, was piled high on her head, a gold sequin-trimmed red halter bra top with attached red chiffon drape, harem pants, with opened sides from the hip to the ankle, sequin-trimmed chiffon sleevelettes, and a sheer veil over her hair; I also found her wide bare midriff, with her belly button in the middle, sexy.

I mumbled, “Wow. You’re gorgeous. Let’s stay home.”

Blushing, Lola said, “I’m glad you like my costume, but we got to go to Mona’s party. It’s not completely a Genie costume. I’ll wear this sleeveless blouse over the bra to the party.”

I noticed it had a low cut neck to accentuate her cleavage and said, “I will not leave you alone at the party,” and hugged her tightly.

“Baby, we need to get going to the party,” said Lola and slithered out of my arms.

The party room was decorated with buntings and flags, and the lighting was subdued. There were several couples in colorful costumes. Bobby and Mona dressed in Greek costumes; they had the name tags: Oedipus and Jacosta, respectively. Lola and I sat with them at a table. We danced a few times to romantic music, with lot of groping with our hands and grinding our crotches. Lola did a sexy belly dance for me: she pushed her crotch forward, and shook her covered boobs and buttocks. I found her swaying to the music with her arms held high in the air to be also sexy.

She steered me to a dark corner of the floor and, as we danced slowly, pulled her blouse away from her chest to let me peek at her lovely globes, and whispered, “These puppies need your loving.”

I pushed my hard cock in to Lola’s covered crotch and said, “I promise to fondle and suck on them many a time.”

Lola said, “Looks like Bobby and Mona are doing it on the dance floor.”

I saw they were dancing in a dark corner, with him standing behind her and, as she held her dress up, his crotch was pressed firmly against her buttocks; they were grinding. I was not sure Bobby penetrated Mona’s pussy, but it gave me the idea to press my cock against Lola’s buttocks. I moved to stand behind Lola, and quickly found an opening in the harem pants and pulled my stiff cock out of my clothing.

As Lola giggled and said, “I’m glad everyone is too busy to notice what you are up to,” I pressed my cock in to her nearly bare buttocks and, as my cock leaked cum, continued to grind.

Lola reached behind, grasped my pulsing cock and whispered, “It feels good.”

She then fondled my balls and said, seriously, “I think your balls are full of sperm-filled cum. What are you going to do about it?”

I whispered, “I’m going to empty them in my gorgeous, mature, lover. She told me she cannot get pregnant.”

“You happy with her?”

“Very happy, indeed.”

After a while, Mona said to us, “We have to go to another event. You two have a good time,” and left with Bobby.

A short time later, after Lola freshened up, we too left the party. As soon as we reached home, I gathered Lola in my arms, and French kissed her. I undressed quickly. In front of the closet mirror, after I kissed and fondled her naked luscious boobs, I lowered her harem pants, got on my knees, and, as she held on to my head with both hands for extra support, I ate her love nectar-sopped pussy.

After Lola reached an intense orgasm and I was rewarded with a generous amount of love nectar, she said, “Let’s go to my bedroom,” and started to walk towards the stairs.

Lola still had her red blouse and halter bra on; her bare bottom looked gorgeous. I chased her and, as she squealed happily, I caught her by her waist on the first landing. Gently, I pushed her against the wall, lifted her right thigh, and snaked my cum-covered cock in to her juicy pussy.

She grasped my balls and whispered, “I think they are full of spunk,” and giggled.

I stopped fucking and pulled out my cock, and walked behind Lola as she climbed up the stairs. She squealed when I grasped her by her waist at the top landing and, after lifting her left leg, again snaked my cock in to her juicy pussy.

Smiling, Lola said, “I still think you need to empty your balls. I’ve an idea,” and slowly slithered out of my grasp.

Lola led me to the love swing, placed a towel on the seat and sat on it, lay on her back, and said, “Get my legs up in the air and wide,” and I adjusted the stirrups and straps accordingly.

When I saw her succulent pussy, I buried my stiff cock deep in it, as I knew she wanted me to. Being afraid that I would cum, I stood still, but my cock was twitching inside her pussy.

Lola placed her slender arms around my neck, looked in to my eyes, and said, “My pussy is stuffed, master.”

I said, “You are getting me all excited, Genie”

Lola tightened her vaginal tunnel all along the length of my engorged cock and whispered, “Cum deep inside of me, master,” and, while hugging Lola tightly against my chest, I let my cock release several jets of cum.

After letting me savor my climax, Lola said, “I need to freshen up. I’ll be back in a minute,” and got off of the swing.

A short time later, she returned with a plate of caramel brownies, and a warm wash cloth. As I ate a brownie, Lola got on her knees, cleaned my stiff cock, held it firmly, and licked the head; my cock got stiff.

She said, “I guess you want me again, master,” and kept pumping my cock.

I replied, “I sure do, Genie. The physical attraction between us is very strong; it seems it is due to a combination of pheromones and other chemicals. But our attraction to each other is more than physical and very deep. I don’t think I can stay away from you.”

Looking intently in to my eyes, my Genie said, “You don’t have to, master, and began to suck my cock.”

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