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Taste So Good… Again

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It had been three months since the last semen reward I received from that beautiful 27 year old cock. My wife had seen the lust in my eyes for the cock and knew this would become a staple to my diet. That’s how I ended up here…on my knees with a cock in each hand.

My beautiful fitness instructor wife and I had attended a lifestyle party at a beautiful home in northern Massachusetts, all the while my wife had the intention of seeing her husband swallow multiple loads. I was game. We socialized for a while with a few of the single males, all the time my wife was recruiting feeders for me. At around midnight we went to room, just the two of us thinking we’d fuck like rabbits and leave. I was quite astonished when upon entering the room, there stood 2 middle twenty year old studs with their dripping cocks in their hands. From across the room I could see the pre cum glistening and small drops just waiting to be devoured.

My wife lead me by the hand, softly whispering in my ear, it’s feeding time for you dear, I hope your hungry. I felt her undo my pants and drop them to the floor while I fell to the ground in front of these 2 magnificent looking cum shooters. My wife whispers, you have a mouth, 2 hands and I want to see you eat 3 loads, theirs and yours. At first this caught me a bit off guard, but at this point my cock was hard as steel and so were the 2 in front of me.

I reached out with my right hand and grabbed hold of the soda can thick cock and felt the power of it. My left hand began to manipulate my own and lastly my mouth surged towards the other rigid tool. I engulfed this beauty all the way down to the stump, sucking so hard his balls were resting on my chin. I could have sat satiated with this youngsters tool in my mouth all night, nursing it, milking it and draining it repeatedly.

My wife instructed the young studs that my mouth was there to be fucked, so to proceed using it as such. The young stud withdrew his tool so that just the head was between my lips, then he began to give my face a vigorous face fucking. I was still concentrating as much as possible on the other cock as well as my own, but the face fucking had me completely whored out attention wise.

My wife asked that I service the other so as not to make them feel left out. I reluctantly took the piece of meat out of my mouth and turned towards the soda can. My wife and I knew my mouth would be stretched and she giggled with anticipation. As the 20 something offered his log to me, my wife pushed my mouth onto it with a forceful thrust. My mouth was completely filled and stretched beyond its limits. I could feel the tears welling in my eyes from the lack of oxygen getting into my lungs.

That being said, I wanted him to stuff it farther in and make me his suck semen slave. My wife grabbed both my hands and placed them on this young studs hips because she knew I would have to hold on for dear life. She whispered that she would work the other cock with her hand while I throated this one. I glanced out of the corner of my wife and saw my stunning wife was dutifully manually working the other tool that was just in my mouth, the sight of it made me burn with passion.

I was gagged back to reality as the soda can in my throat had now started to ooze pre cum into my mouth and it was scrumptious. I held fast to this young studs hips as he began to feed me his tool on a steady and faster basis. He was grunting and groaning and all I could focus on was his balls slapping off my chin and not spitting it out to get air. My wife was encouraging the young stud to go faster and feed me, and he obliged. He began to pound his cock into my throat and was holding onto the sides of my head for leverage.

This continued for a matter of minutes til I heard him groan. At the same time my wife pushed my head forward, he pulled my head all the way to his pubes and it was lodged in my throat. I felt him begin to spasm deep into my throat and the cum was rushing down my throat to its new home, my belly. It was warm and salty and I couldn’t get enough. After a moment he took his cock out and let me nibble the end and squeeze out the last few drops which I willingly licked off and swallowed.

Just then my wicked wife turned my head towards the other cock in the room. I had lost track that I had a second reward awaiting. She had been jerking this tool the entire time, by now it was completely covered in his pre cum and it was literally dripping so much it was puddling on the floor. I knew he wouldn’t last long and so did my wicked wife. She had a surprise for me, she wanted to see the load shoot into my mouth so she could see how much there was for me to drink.

She positioned me with my mouth open slightly and lower than his cock and she began to rub his slick cock faster and faster with her petite hand. There I was on my knees, my mouth looking like a urinal hole for this stud, just waiting to be filled. Faster my wife’s hand flew up and down this meat piece knowing that the load was going to be huge. All the time, my lovely wife complimented me on being a semen drinker and how sexy I looked drinking men’s rewards. Just as she was talking, the young stud groaned with lust and she pushed his hips forward so that his cockhead rested on my bottom lip. He rolled his head back and moaned as my wife jerked him off directly into my mouth. The semen was flying fast out of his cock and my wife held it right over my hole so I wouldn’t miss a drop.

This young stud was a heavy cummer and my mouth was flooded, his semen was going to be a half a cup full at this point and my wife smiled at me wickedly. After a few minutes this stud was finally done and My mouth was filled with cum.

Just then my wife leaned forward, kissed me on the forehead and told me to swallow my reward. I gulped down this chunky and salty cum and it landed in its new home, my belly. She rewarded me with pushing the half hard cock into my mouth to suck on its last few drips.

Just when I thought it was over, my wife instructed me to lie on my back. I did it as quickly as I could thinking she was going to ride my face or cock so I could cum, but she had other ideas. As I rolled onto my back, each stud grabbed a leg and threw my ankles over my head. It was clear to me know, she mentioned she wanted to see me eat three loads, the other was..mine.

As they forced my legs back over my head, my engorged cock was only a few inches from my mouth, my wicked wife got over my head and began to milk my dick. The pre cum was falling off the end hitting me in the face, all the while I was trying to grab it with my toungue. She began to whisper dirty things and cum eating stories to me and wanted to see me taste myself. I was in such a state that I was more than happy to oblige. I was staring at my own cock wanting it to shoot me in the face. All of the tension was building and I wouldn’t ladt much longer.

She sensed this, push my legs farther down so that my cock was only an inch from my mouth. She instructed me to open wide and her small but strong hand flew rapidly up and down my tool. It was just seconds before I needed to explore, she forced my mouth open, jerked fast. The semen flew out of my tool directly into my waiting cum hole, my mouth. The load I produced was gigantic and I was having a tough time breathing, she instructed me to swallow as quickly as possible. Once, twice and three swallows later, I was finished.

The taste of the three semens had given me the most interesting and powerful experience in my sexual history. I was completely satiated and had crossed over into a lover of semen and cock. My wife was stunning and beautiful and wickedly dirty, and I loved it. I’m sure there are a few more cocks to service before we leave tonight. As the young studs who filled me up left the room, my wife bent over and offered me her asshole to eat while she masturbated. I was more than happy to oblige.

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