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Vacation in Hotel Room

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That day was crazy. I was on a two-week vacation, a road trip from San Marcos Texas to Jacksonville Florida. I was on my third day into the trip, and was taking my time enjoying the sights. I had decided to rest and take a break, so I stopped at a Motel Six in Georgia. Into the second night of my stay, while on my way back to my room from a wonderful dinner I noticed a party going on in the hotel I was staying at. The party was taking place just outside my room and as I made my way through the crowd that consisted mostly of young women, I was stopped by two of them who invited me to join in.

I was hesitant at first. They appeared much younger than I. I had planned on getting some sleep before heading out the next morning. However, it was obvious I was not going to get any sleep that night due to the noise from the party.

I said, “Sure, let me change into some shorts and I will be right out.” One of the girls smiled and said, “Great! The more the merrier.”

I quickly changed and headed back out into the early evening. I wandered through the party, taking notice that everyone there was much younger than I, and venture to guess between the ages of 18 and 22. The two girls who I had met earlier came up to me and introduced themselves as Judy and Lisa. Judy handed me a plastic cup full of beer. She pointed out the keg across the pool letting me know that I was welcomed and to help myself. I asked what was the occasion for the party and she clued me in that they had graduated last night and got the rooms strictly for the after graduation party.

We chatted some more and I continued to drink more beer. Before I knew it, the evening was getting late. I excused myself and headed back to my room. As I was leaving, Lisa chimed in, asking if they could come as well and watch a little TV with me before calling it a night. I thought the request a little strange but decided it was okay.

They followed me to my room. I sat at the head of the bed and clicked on the TV. Lisa and Judy sat down at the foot of the bed. I was flipping through the channels having a hard time keeping my eyes off these two young vixens in bikini suits. They both were beautiful and being the legman that I am I could not take my eyes off their gorgeous legs. Both girls were equipped with long shapely legs.

After staring for several long moments I looked up to find them both looking back at me smiling.

Judy spoke up first saying, “Do you like what you see?”

Having obviously been caught, I cleared my throat, swallowed hard and said, “Very much so. You both are quite attractive.”

Lisa laughed, “Thank you.”

They both appeared to enjoy the fact that they caught me staring and played upon it.

Lisa then turned to Judy and whispered something in her ear.

When Lisa was done whispering Judy turned her head and looked at me as if I were a cut of meat in a grocery store. After careful examination she turned back to her friend Lisa nodding her head approvingly.

With an air of seriousness, Lisa explained to me that she and Judy had been talking for weeks about the both of them wanting to get a guy off together, and they did not want it to be someone they knew. They saw me and wanted to feel me out and see if I would do. They agreed I was the one and asked if I wouldn’t mind.

I laughed assuming it was some kind of joke they were playing on me. I told them I had to be almost twice their age. I am 41 years old and have a daughter their age.

They assured me it was not a joke and that age did not having anything to with it. They humored me and told me I looked much younger.

After a long pause on my behalf I stared at them both. Lisa raised her eyebrows in question and Judy giggled, “Well, what do you say?”

I laughed again more so in disbelief saying, “What guy would not want this? I would have to be crazy to turn down such an opportunity.”

I think they were more excited about it than I, Judy clapped her hands together once and Lisa smiled giving me a serious look, “Good, you won’t regret it.”

Lisa scooted next to my right hip sitting with her legs crossed. She explained to me that the only condition is they would not engage in intercourse but they would do most anything else short of penetration. Clarifying that the two of them together just wanted to get me off.

Judy still sitting down at the foot of the bed asked, “So, you are sure about this?”

Slack jawed with disbelief I said, “Hell yes.”

They both smiled and Lisa turned to her friend saying, “Okay, lets get started.”

Lisa turned to me advising me to scoot back in the bed with my upper back against the headboard. I grabbed a pillow and propped my head and shoulders up against it. I did not want to miss a single moment of this. While I did this Lisa unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts and Judy began to pull them off, along with my briefs. I laid their completely naked as the two of them looked down upon me.

Lisa leaned over and grabbed my already hard cock in both her hands pulling it upright. She slowly began to stroke it, her hands felt soft and smooth wrapped around my member. I watched as Judy spread my legs wide and scooted in between them.

Seeing my rigid cock Judy smiled saying, “Well, he got hard quick.”

Lisa replied, “Yes he did. Don’t you think he has a very pretty cock?”

Judy agreed.

I said, “Ladies I was hard the minute you guys started talking about getting me off.”

While she slowly stroked me Lisa asked me, “So what would you like us to do to get you off?”

I said, “What your doing now is fine. Keep jerking me.”

Lisa said, “Oh c’mon this is too simple. Tell us what excites you. What turns you on the most? What excites you in a woman?”

I said, “Well since you ask, I have a thing for women with beautiful feet and legs.”

Judy chimed in, “Kinky! I like that.”

Lisa smiled, “So, do you think we have pretty legs and feet.”

I said, “Oh yes. Both of you have beautiful legs and feet. Your legs are shapely and tanned.”

Lisa said, “They should be shapely, we both keep in good shape. Judy and I have been on the track team and swim team throughout H.S.”

As we spoke Lisa continued to stroke me. Judy got up and pulled out a bottle of baby oil from her bag and squirted some oil on Lisa’s stroking hands and my cock. I felt it drip down on my balls. The oil caused a slight smacking sound as Lisa stroked me. I released a long groan and sigh feeling the slick sensation as my cock slid more smoothly in her grasp. Lisa heard this and said, “mmmmm, that’s nice isn’t it?”

I moaned.

Lisa giggled and uncrossed her legs. I watched as she pulled her left leg out to rest it across my lower abdomen saying, “Now about the kinky fetish of yours.”

I got a good look at the beauty of her richly tanned leg. The feel of its weight across my stomach and the oily slick strokes of her hot hand caused me to thrust my hips upward. I could not help it, and reached out grabbing her smooth shapely calf in my hands. I began to rub her leg and move my hips up in response to her rhythmic strokes.

Seeing my response Lisa laughed, “He is beginning to get into it now Judy. He really is getting excited by my legs.”

I felt Judy spread my legs wider as she positioned herself further in between them, “I am going to have me a ball…or two. I love playing with balls.” She smiled and winked at me. I watched as she scooted in feet first. She moved in seated tightly between my legs spreading them wider. She was seated in such a way as her knees were up against her chest. She also had incredibly long shapely legs. She was able to rest her chin on top of her knees. I felt her fingers wrap around my nuts as she began to fondle them. Then she asked, “So you like feet. How about toes? Do you like my toes?”

I said, “Yes, you have gorgeous toes.”

She smiled at me and said, “Good, then I think you will like what I am about to do with them.”

I felt her grab my nuts between each set of her fingers and slowly pull them up and towards her. She pulled just enough but not to the point where it hurt. Still, I raised my hips in anticipation of the pain I thought would come. She then moved her feet in, placing her toes underneath my nuts. She slowly released my nuts and I felt them rest gently on top of her toes. She then began to wriggle her toes up and down. I looked back up at her smiling face above her knees as she asked, “How’s that feel? Do you like it?”

I moaned, “Oh God yes, your toes are magnificent.”

Judy giggled, “I thought you might say that,” and looked down at her toes as she continued to wiggle them into the underside of my nuts. While she did this she began to stroke the top of my nuts with her fingertips occasionally pressing into them pushing them against the tops of her wriggly toes. The sensation of feeling them move across her toes was incredible and caused me to thrust my hips up and down even more.

Seeing me react to what Judy had done, Lisa laughed as she began to quicken her hand strokes. My breathing was intensifying as I felt the urge to cum. Lisa looked at me and smiled saying to Judy, “It won’t be long now. Keep wiggling them toes into his nuts his cock is throbbing.”

Judy began to wriggle her toes even faster saying, “Yeah, I can feel his nuts swell and tighten against my toes.”

I continued to rub Lisa’s beautiful leg and decided to make a request before it was too late. “I want to feel my dick between your beautiful legs?” I asked.

Lisa smiled, “Oh, so you want me to jerk you off that way? Mmmmmm, that sounds interesting.”

Lisa brought up her other leg and sandwiched the head of my cock between her smooth calves. She slowly began to stroke the head up and down using her calves. She then reached underneath her legs and grabbed my shaft, stroking it between her fingers. Her calf muscles swayed loosely and were well shaped. I watched the muscles go taught as she clamped them against the head of my cock. I could not help but gasp at the sight and feel of what she was doing to me. Jerking me off into her beautiful calves.

The sensation was incredible as I closed my eyes and released a monstrous groan. I threw my hips up and down fucking her legs. Judy kept her toes buried into my nut sack as I felt my nuts being pulled taught with each of my thrusts. I tossed my head from side to side in ecstasy. Lisa was relentless as she kept the head of my cock trapped between her flexing calves. I could feel her toned calf muscles tighten against my sensitive head. Lisa and Judy both laughed enjoying the sensations they were giving me and watching me jerk and thrust as I slowly lost control. Lisa leaned over looking between her clenched calves and with her index finger ran it across the tip of my throbbing head saying, “Oh, It looks so cute in there trapped between my legs. Oooops, it is starting to leak now.”

I felt her finger run across the sensitive hole of my cock and it caused me to twitch involuntarily. She withdrew her finger from between her legs and showed it to Judy. I saw there was a clear drop of my precum on the tip of her finger. Lisa then rubbed it into the side of her calf closest to me, ensuring I would see it.

Judy said, “I think he is ready to cum any minute now.”

Lisa said, “Yep, he looks ready.”

Lisa stopped jerking my shaft with her fingers and reached up placing both of her hands along the outside of her calves pushing them in tighter squeezing the head of my cock. She began to jerk them up and down at a faster pace. As she did this she said, “Come on baby! Cum into my legs, cum all over my legs.

I felt Judy flex her ankles up and out pulling my balls away as she continued to wriggle her toes. She then began to squeeze my tight balls gently between her fingertips as well.

The amount of pleasure I was experiencing was incredible as my breathing was turned into desperate gasps. I felt my heart racing. I jerked my body out of control, up and down and side to side. Lisa and Judy were relentless in their efforts never releasing me. They concentrated all their efforts on what they were doing to me. My attempts to keep up with Lisa’s jerking calves were in vain as I threw my body up and down on the bed causing the headboard to pound loudly against the wall. It was obvious the girls were enjoying themselves as they smiled and continued to comment back and forth as to what they were doing to me.

I watched as Lisa and Judy continued to work over my groin. Judy kept squeezing my balls with her fingers, and wriggling toes beneath my nuts. Her actions brought about the first sensation of rising cum inside of me. Each time her toes pressed into the area beneath my nuts I could feel the cum rise into my throbbing shaft. My body shook and quivered each time I felt her toes do this.

They both smiled at me as Lisa said, “Tell us when you cum.”

Lisa began to jiggle her calf muscles against my throbbing head saying, “I can feel his cock twitching.”

She slid her right calf up against the sensitive underside of the head of my cock, pressing and rubbing it hard up and down holding my cock upright with her other leg. Her calf felt incredibly smooth against the swollen head of my cock.

Lisa smiled down at what she was doing commenting on how tiny spurts of cum shot into her leg as she stroked me.

That was all it took as I felt Judy’s fingers gently squeeze slowly and deep into my balls rolling them against her toes.

I threw my hips up in orgasmic rush shouting, “Oh my God!! I’m cumming, I’m cumming.”

Lisa said, “Yessssss, cum, cum into my legs now.”

Judy shouted, “Here he cums!” as I felt her fingers perform another firm squeeze causing my first load to explode from me. I groaned long and loud.

Lisa squeezed her calves tightly around the head, covering it completely just as I released my load. She said, “Wow! I felt that hit hard into my legs. It feels so hot and thick!”

She released the tension of her calves and stroked the head up and down some more as I felt the second load rise inside me. Judy flexed her ankles up even further, her toes pulling up on my balls causing me to arch my hips up from the bed. Every muscle in my body tensed and I shook uncontrollably. The wave of excitement overtook me as I watched the stream of my cum shoot out above Lisa’s legs and land onto her smooth shins. My third load shot out and did the same. After a while I saw small rivulets of my cum slowly run down the side of Lisa’s calves. The sharp contrast of my white cum against her dark tanned legs looked magnificent.

Slowly the shuddering of my body began to subside as Lisa soothingly milked the remainder of cum from me with her smooth legs. Judy removed her toes from my nut sack and began to gently fondle my aching balls between her fingers, she cooed looking down from above her knees, “That’s it sweetie, your nuts are all spent and tired now, nice and lose in their sack.”

Lisa smiled, “His cock is all shriveled between my calves.” I watched as she reached over and rubbed my spent cum into her legs. The inside of her calves were covered with my seed as well from my first load. She made sure I saw the results as she sensually rubbed it in.

My entire body was covered in sweat as I felt my muscles relax. I released a long sigh of contentment. Lisa smiled down at me and ran her fingers through my hair saying, “That was fun, but it was too quick. Can you go again?”

I said, “Oh God no! You both finished me.”

Lisa swung her legs around and stood up next to the bed. “Awww, well I think you have another go in you.” She turned to Judy who was still sitting between my legs and said, “I am going to get us some drinks. Judy, see if you can’t get him to change his mind” Lisa turned and walked out but not before smiling in my direction. I watched as Lisa walked out my door back into the party that was still going strong.

Judy positioned herself on her knees between my legs. Her beautiful young face positioned above my flaccid cock. She smiled and said, “I have this oral fixation. I am going to take you all the way into my mouth and I want you to feel how warm it is and think about what it feels like. I love to feel it grow inside my mouth.” I watched as she slowly lowered her face to my cock and swallowed me whole. Her lips locked tightly around the base.

Judy stared up at me the whole time my flaccid member was in her mouth. She was correct about how warm it felt. Slowly she moved her tongue along the sides of my cock. I felt the tip of her tongue flick across the sensitive area of the head and her warm breath from her nose against my lower abdomen. Softly her tongue swished my cock around in her warm mouth.

“Oh God that feels fantastic.” I said.

She kept me in her mouth for several minutes and before I knew it signs of life returned to my cock and I felt it beginning to grow. Judy recognized this as well as she softly moaned and I felt her fingers grope tenderly into my balls, occasionally pressing them against her chin. Before long my cock had grown hard enough to where I could feel the head moving down into her throat. Judy swallowed and I felt her throat muscles constrict around it. This sensation was incredible causing me to jerk my hips up into her beautiful face. Sensing my arousal Judy smiled and let out a muffled laugh. Several more times I felt her throat muscles tighten around the head of my cock causing me to groan each time. Not once did her face pump my cock as she kept her lips wrapped tightly around the base. Her tongue played along my shaft as her throat muscles continued to manipulate the head as she continued to swallow. I thought to myself God this girl is deep throating me. I had to be almost fully erect inside her sweet mouth.

Then she slowly withdrew me from her mouth and taking my cock in her hand guided my sensitive head across her full lips the side of her face and across her chin. As she continued to do this she smiled and said, “You felt so good growing hard in my mouth. I love that feeling. Knowing I can have that affect on a guy.” As I watched her guide my swollen head against the smooth soft skin of her angelic face I felt my cock swell into complete hardness. I begged her to take me back into the warm safe confines of her sweet mouth but she would not, saying, ” That would not be fare to Lisa if you were to blow you load down my throat before she had a chance to play.” I groaned in frustration.

Judy laughed just as Lisa returned with the beers. Lisa stared at my hard on in Judy’s hand and said, “Damn girl! You are good.”

Judy smacked her lips smiling, “He started getting hard the instant I had him in my mouth.”

Lisa handed Judy and I our beers. I downed mine completely in record time. Judy drank half of hers and set the remains onto the nightstand. Lisa set hers down as well and took a seat next to me on the bed. They both began to gently fondle my cock by stroking it with their fingers. Lisa then asked, “So what should me do now, any ideas.”

Judy said, “How about we jerk him off using our feet.”

Lisa paused and then turned to me asking, “What do you think about that?”

I said, “Why not. You both have sexy feet. But instead of your feet how about between you toes.”

Judy immediately took position between my legs and brought up you toes. I noticed how incredibly long they were. She grabbed my shaft with the fingers of her right hand and wedged it comfortably between the big toe and second toe of both feet, placing one directly above the other. I commented on how very nicely it fit. Lisa scooted in next to me with her back against the headboard and raised her left foot up locking the head of my cock between her same two toes just as Judy had done. She reached over to the nightstand and grabbed the bottle of baby oil squeezing a healthy amount all over their toes, feet and my cock. They began to jerk me with their toes. Feeling and seeing this was incredible as I groaned loudly with each stroke. Up and down their toes squeezed my shaft in full measure and before long I was throwing my hips up into their feet.

I moaned, “Oh God this feels great!”

Lisa kept a firm grip just below the head as I watched her jerk it up and down is short strokes while Judy’s toes tightly stroked the shaft. It was inevitable and before long I began to leak precum. Upon seeing this Lisa commented, “Oooops there we go he is leaking again.”

Judy giggled, “Yep, it won’t be long now.”

Seeing the muscles flex in Lisa’s long sexy leg was too much as I leaned forward and began to rub her calf and thigh. Feeling her muscles move beneath my hands excited me even further. She turned to me and smiled running her fingers through my hair saying, “You like that I can tell.”

She raised her other foot up and with her big toe began to rub the opening of my cock smearing it with my precum, which was now oozing out more freely. As she did this my body spasmed uncontrollably.

At the same time she did this I felt Judy reach in between my legs with her fingers and grab each of my nuts and began to gently roll them between her fingertips. Feeling all this took me to another level of excitement as I began to thrust my hips up frantically. The girls increased their pace of strokes, my cock sliding between their toes like a heated piston. Lisa kept her toes position above the head running the soft underside of her toes across the opening. I could see tiny strings of my precum stuck between them.

Judy commented on how my balls were completely swollen. Then she said she was really enjoying this.

Lisa added how she never made a guy cum between her toes before. Judy continued to squeezed my balls methodically and like before I could feel with each squeeze of her fingers, the cum being forced into my shaft between her gripping toes.

I moaned, “Oh keep squeezing my balls I can feel it cumming.”

Judy giggled, “That’s it, I won’t stop just let it cum.”

She pulled my nuts out slightly as I felt her press her thumbs into them rolling my nuts with constant pressure. “How’s that?” She asked.

That was all it too as I responded with a heavy groan and threw my hips up. I leaned forward and clenched Lisa’s beautiful leg announcing that I was cumming. I closed my eyes pounding my hips up and down erratically as I felt my orgasm approaching.

Lisa laughed excitedly, “Whoooweee! He is gonna blow hard!” Judy exclaimed, “I can feel his cock throbbing between my toes.” It was then I watched as Judy released her grip with her right toes and dug the tip of her big toe into the very base of my cock where the nut sack connected and began to press it up and down against my throbbing vein. I looked up into her smiling face as she did this as I felt my whole body quiver and go lax. She saw my eyes roll back in total submission as I heard her say, “I think that’s it Lisa he just lost it.”

Judy was absolutely correct as I released a long-winded sigh and felt her big toe push up the cum into the head of my cock as I opened my eyes to watch it spew out of me.

I grunted hard as it left my hole and splattered against the underside of Lisa’s soft toes.

The white creamy glob covered most of her toes as she lowered her foot and rubbed it up and down along the shin of her left leg.

Judy responded, “Oh yes very nice.”

Again I felt the tip of Judy’s big toe press into the vein running along the underside of my shaft as she slowly pushed up another load. My body shook with the onset of another uncontrollable orgasm. I watched the head of my cock being squeezed and jerked between Lisa’s big toe and second toe. I tried to hold back and enjoy this moment as I leaned forward pulling Lisa’s strong thigh into my chest. I gritted my teeth and grunted gasping rapidly. Lisa laughed, ” Let it cum now I want to feel your heat between my toes. Just let it cum.”

I could not hold it back as Judy’s big toe was relentless and continued to press in even harder forcing up what cum I had left. I watched as the head of my cock swelled between Lisa’s toes and as if upon command Lisa said, “That’s it cum on baby let it go.” I grunted loudly, “Oh God!!!” as I watched my second load jettison from my head as it shot between her toes and land on the high arch of her tanned foot. Lisa felt it hit her foot and said, “Mmmmmm, so hot. I love it.”

I threw myself back onto the bed as the girls continued to work my cock and balls. Judy jiggled my nuts in her fingertips as if to coax out any remaining cum they might hold. All the while they both kept my cock locked between their toes massaging and stroking out the remaining cum. As my breathing slowly returned to normal and my heart stopped racing I watched what was left of my seed eek out of its hole, and dribble down onto their toes and across their soft feet. After several minutes my cock shriveled between their toes and once completely flaccid they continued to nonchalantly flop it from side to side prodding it with their toes. While they did this we talked as they finished their beers. Occasionally, while they played with it using their toes, a small amount of cum dribbled out only to be caught up onto one of their toes. I told them they were magnificent and that they made one of my greatest fantasies come true. They both smiled. Lisa said, “You are very welcomed, it was our pleasure also, knowing you will think about us often in such a way.”

Judy laughed as she rubbed the last bit of my cum into the tops of her toes saying, “You were awesome. I never knew my toes could be so sexy.”

They both got up from the bed and grabbed their bags and left saying goodnight. Lisa turned at the door and smiled at me saying, “I am sure you will sleep well tonight and have a safe trip in the morning.”

I said, “Oh yes, I will sleep like a baby tonight thanks to you two. Good night.”

The door closed, my head hit the pillow and that was the last thing I remember before waking the next morning.

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