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Husband’s Plaything

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Sarah and John had a typical marriage. Both average in every way. Average household income, average three bedroom house in the average suburban neighborhood of the average American city. And now, done raising their average three children and putting them through college.

John, at six-two and two-hundred and ten pounds, still somewhat in shape at forty-seven, even with a bit of a belly, he works as an accountant at a large corporation. He’s slightly balding with a touch of gray hair, and shaves everyday, whether he needs to or not. His hobbies are watching sports, and playing golf, with a little bit of fishing thrown in.

Sarah, typical American wife at five-three, long curly blonde hair, which she keeps blonde faithfully with monthly visits to her hairdresser. At forty-six, she’s still looking young, although her 38c’s are just not as firm as they use to be. And, her butt has gotten a bit bigger over the years. Working in an office environment has taken its toll on her posterior as well as her middle, but she’s still not flabby. She enjoys gardening when she can, as well as reading. Both still enjoy the outdoors and camping.

But then there’s sex. Sarah has never been a big fan of it, as she has always considered it greatly over rated. Of course, she has a low sex drive, thanks to a very small clit that takes forever for her hubby to take care of. Not that he minds, he enjoys the challenge. Plus, when she does cum, it’s like the apocalypse. But Sarah, she isn’t satisfied with her orgasms. Yeah, she enjoys her orgasms, but the whole deal leading up to it is way too time consuming.

So, they’re celebrating twenty-six years of marriage in three months, as they tied the knot in his third year of college. Of course, the fact she put out one night and forgot to make him wear a rubber caused the marriage. But they got a healthy baby boy out of it, the first of three kids, the two girls born three and four years after the oldest.

The house seems so empty now. The youngest girl has been out of the house for a few months now after her own marriage. She’s rather lonely, it seems. John never was much of a conservationist. And their hobbies don’t really lend to mutual fun. She can’t stand golf, he found that out the one time he took her out. Promised to never try that again. They do go off camping more. But, that involves John wanting to fuck her ragged all night. Not exactly her cup of tea. The house is almost paid for, John has worked his ass off since the kids were little, and another year, it’ll be theirs.

John was watching football that cool Autumn Saturday evening, Sarah reading on the couch, some magazine about love and relationships. This one was on cheating, and what she read got her thinking. It talked about how women that don’t satisfy their mates, tend to have hubby’s that wander outside the marriage for some closer companionship. Everything she read in the article sounded like her. She started wondering, has her John ever cheated on her?

She put the ‘zine down, and looked at her hubby. Really, she thought, he still isn’t that bad looking. Sure he’s gotten a bit out of shape, the spare tire about his middle, and he’s starting to bald, but has he fooled around on her? Her stare was turning into a glare, and as he watched the game, something told him to look her way. He saw that look, and immediately, he didn’t like it. His smile disappeared, as he asked “What?”

Her face got a pouted look on it, and she picked her magazine up and started reading it again, saying coldly, “Nothing!”

He sighed, thinking yeah, right. He started watching the game again, wondering what the fuck he did now. All married men know about this, don’t know what the problem is, but sure as hell know they’ll be paying for it sooner or later. He was hoping later, as the Fighting Irish were down by four and driving late in the fourth. Then he heard it, “John?” Shit, there goes the game.

“Yeah Babe?” he responded.

“Have you ever cheated on me?”

He choked on his beer, as he looked over at his wife of so many years. “Like, when have I had time?” She lowered her head, and resumed reading, not answering him. Oh shit, he’s in trouble now. He got a serious look on his face, adding “No Honey, I’ve never been with another woman.”

There was silence, as he turned his attention to the game, but she wasn’t satisfied, and he knew it. Married couples always play this game, it seems. And John and Sarah are no exception. After about ten minutes of more reading, she asked “Have you wanted to?”

He laughed, quickly answering “What man hasn’t?” Ah shit, he knew that was the wrong answer, right after the words left his fucking big mouth. And now he hollers out “Ah shit!”


“The damn Irish just fumbled the ball away.”

Wrong thing to say, “I’m sure the football game is more important than our marriage!” She stood up and stormed out of the room, leaving John muttering to himself. He wanted to say ‘What’s the problem there!’, but held back. He sat, sighed heavily, and followed his wife to their room. She was on the bed, reading the same magazine.

He sat down and laid up behind her, looking over her shoulder. Immediately, he saw the article, and said “You know, you really got to stop reading such nonsense, it tends to make you think too much.”

She sighed, like she was in pain, making him cringe. “Well, I know I’m not that great in the sack.”

“You’re fine.”

“It takes me too long to cum.”

“I enjoy the workout.”

“I’ve gotten a bit of a butt.”

“Some more butt to hold on to when I’m drilling that tight cunt of yours.”

“And I’ve never really enjoyed intercourse.”

“That’s why my face spends a lot of time in your shaved cunt.”

She rolled onto her back, and looked his way, “So, you’ve never cheated.”


“But you’ve thought about it from time to time.”

“Only if they met my standards.”

“Which are?”

He smiled, “Breathing.”

“You’re an ass.”

“You knew that when you married me.”

“I love you.”

“I love you too.” He kissed her on the cheek, adding “Are you happy now?” She nodded her head yes. “You want me to hold you a spell?”

“You’ll miss your game.”

He answered her by wrapping his arms about her, and pulling her close. She smiled, and cuddled up with him, satisfied, but still a bit apprehensive. As usual, no sex. And in the morning, she wondered why he didn’t. Maybe he is cheating after all. But she dismissed the thought, as even in this large metro area, she would have heard something by now.

As most Sundays, she met up with a group of friends, Carol, Alice, Beth and Eileen. She told them what had transpired, and they all said her husband was the most faithful one in the bunch. Seems they all had caught their husbands at least once fooling around, but none have ever heard of her John approaching another woman, even at his place of employment. Beth, who works in the same corporation as John, even pointed out that he’s even been hit upon, and he’s brushed it off like lint on a sweater. And then, Alice said the words that got her thinking, saying “Hell, most other men would think you should give him time off for good behavior.”

She asked “What do you mean?”

Alice said “Well, we all know how much you hate sex, most men that get as little as John find it elsewhere. So most men would think he deserves some extra stuff on the side.” The others laughed, as Sarah did too, eventually. The conversation haunted her the rest of the day and into the evening. She sat silently, thinking about that. Then a thought, if she allows him to have a girlfriend, maybe it could work to her benefit. But then she thought, where could I find a woman willing to be his sex toy? It wouldn’t be wise to advertise, she chuckled. Yeah, the ad in the paper could be interesting. Then she got to thinking, it would be nice to have someone else not to just have sex with John, but also to be friends with, someone to talk to. She dashed the thought, thinking that it’s all nonsense. There’s no way she could find a woman to fit the bill.

Three weeks went by, the thought of another woman becoming involved was still there, but not nearly as strong. Then, on a Wednesday night, she answered the phone with a “Hello?”

A feminine voice on the other end said, “Hi Sarah, it’s me, Naomi.”

“Naomi? My God, I haven’t talked to you in ten years! Where you at?”

“My brother’s house, over on Washington. Could you meet me for coffee?”

“Sure, sure thing, where?”

“How about the Bob Evans on the north side, say, thirty minutes?”

“Yeah, alright, I’ll get ready and drive out in a few, see you there.”

Sarah hung up the phone, a startled look on her face. John, sitting in his chair, looked at her, saying “That was Naomi Miller?” She shook her head yes. “God, we haven’t heard from them since they moved to Arizona what, ten years ago.” He chuckled, “You and her were something else back in school, weren’t you.”

“Yes, we were.” She stood up, and walked to the table, grabbing her purse, “She wants me to meet her for coffee.” Coming back she kissed her husbands forehead, as he watched a ballgame on television. “I shouldn’t be long.”

He smiled, knowing his wife, it could be hours. “Bye babe, later.” Yeah, he remembered Naomi. About five four even, and barely a hundred pounds. But a chest that could hurt you. She married that Miller asshole. Never liked him, he thought. Always a bit rough and crude. He was sure he had smacking little Naomi around some.

It took Sarah the full thirty minutes to drive across town to the restaurant. Stepping inside, she found Naomi sitting there waiting patiently. She stood, and the two embraced, as they greeted each other and checked each other out. Sarah was surprised to see that Naomi was still in somewhat good shape. Typical housewife though, as her butt had gotten a bit bigger just like her own, and a bit of a paunch. But really, unlike most big-chested women, she wasn’t grossly overweight for her age. And her long black hair was cut short, with streaks of gray.

After their embrace, the hostess showed them to a table, and after they got seated and ordered coffee, Sarah asked “So, what brings you back to town?”

“Permanence, I hope.”

“Excuse me?”

Naomi’s eyes got wide, and Sarah saw some moisture, “Our only child graduated from college three years ago, he’s now on the East Coast making very good money in finance. I had enough of Brad smacking me around, so I left him right after Mark’s graduation. The divorce was final last month. The whole thing was long and messy, so I decided to move back here to live, and find a job.”

Sarah’s mouth dropped. “Wow! You’ve been busy then. How long you been in town?”

“About two weeks.”

“Any offers for jobs?”

She sighed, “No, that’s why I contacted you. Was hoping you might know something.”

Sarah thought for a second. “Well, I might be of some help. You do know clerical, right?” Naomi nodded her head yes. “Let me check some things out. I can call you at your brother’s?”

“Yes, at the moment. I would really like to get out and find my own place.” She sipped her coffee, “I’m sorry, Sarah. I probably shouldn’t even be bothering you with this.”

“Nonsense,” she said, reaching over and squeezing her hand, “I’ll gladly do what I can.”

“So, you and John?”

It struck her, the thought came back. “John? He’s very well. We celebrate our twenty-sixth shortly. The kids are all married and out of the house.” She thought, could it be this easy? She wants a job, maybe at her own company. They are shorthanded. “Um Naomi, what are you doing tomorrow?”

“Hitting the streets looking for work.”

“Okay, I’ll call you when I get home from work, maybe we’ll do dinner. I’ll bring John of course.”

Her face lit up in a smile. It’s always good to come home and find a long lost friend, she thought. “Sure, I would like that.”

For the next two hours, they talked about what had transpired the previous ten years. By the time they were done, and Sarah picking up the bill, Sarah was smiling happily. Now, how to get things rolling. She got home and found John in bed, and she crawled in with him. He just murmured something, and she smiled, as the wheels in her hed started to turn.

The next day, she got the ball rolling. Once at work, Sarah went to her boss, and told him the story about her friend. Her boss just said “Bring her in tomorrow, and I’ll interview her.” Sarah was elated, although she knew that was the easy part. After work, she dialed Naomi’s brother’s house, and got a hold of Naomi, and told her she would make dinner herself and for her to come on over.

Sarah decided she wanted to go slowly with this, and didn’t want to scare off her friend, and definitely not rattle her husband. At least not just yet, she thought with a devilish smile. When Naomi arrived, Sarah told her the good news. Naomi was ecstatic with joy, and thanked her friend profusely. When John got home from work, Sarah and Naomi told him the whole story. He smiled, thinking it might be nice for Sarah’s old friend to be back in town. He had no idea about Sarah’s developing plans, nor did he suspect.

So, the next day, Naomi showed up at Sarah’s office and had a successful interview, getting offered a job to start the next day. After work, Sarah and Naomi celebrated by going out that evening and having a drink to celebrate. Sarah had a good time, enjoying the company of her long-time friend. That Sunday, she even invited Naomi for her Sunday get-together with her friends. Sarah was happy to see that Naomi fit right in.

After another week, Naomi and Sarah were finding they worked together well, as did their boss. On Friday, Sarah was driving Naomi home, as Naomi had been borrowing her sister-in-laws car. As they rode, Naomi said “Well, next week is pay week, looks like I had better get out and find an apartment, and a car to drive to work.”

Sarah smiled, “An apartment, huh?”

Naomi sighed, “Yeah, you’ve any ideas where I should look?”

She put on a good face, “Um, no. But let me think about it.”

They went on talking about work, until Sarah dropped her off, and headed on home. She smiled as she pulled into her garage, and parked the car. Entering the house, she worked on making dinner. John arrived home about twenty minutes later, and kissed her hello, before going on into the living room, and taking a seat in front of the TV.

Once dinner was ready, they sat at the table in silence, the usual thing for them at dinner time. Finally, for some reason, John asked “How’s Naomi working out at work?”

She smiled, thinking that this is time to start the next phase. “Oh, very well. She seems to enjoy it there.”

“Well good. Hope you two don’t get bored with each other.”

“Oh, I don’t think we will.” She put down her fork, “Um, John?”


“Well, she’s hunting for a place to live, and I thought that since we’ve plenty of room, maybe she cold move in here for a while.” John looked at her, with a look of you got to be kidding. But she went on, saying, “Yeah, I know, you’re probably thinking that I’m crazy for even asking.” She got a pouting look on her face.

Jack sighed, knowing where this will lead, probably a long, drawn out argument. Now, does he stand his ground, or let her have her way. “Okay Sarah, if you really want this, go ahead and invite her to stay.” He paused, as he saw her smile, “But how long do you think this will be?” For some reason, he wanted to say no way. Then again, watching Naomi’s big breasts bouncing around the house would be nice. He smiled to himself at the thought, thinking on, that at least it would give him something to think about while in the shower.

Sarah was smiling as well, thinking that this was so easy so far. After dinner, while John was working on a woodworking project in the garage, Sarah called Naomi, and asked right away, “Naomi, would you consider moving in with us?”

There was silence, Naomi was in shock. “Well, uh, gee!” She giggled, “Are you sure? I mean, what about John?”

Sarah did her best to keep from snickering, “Oh, I asked, he doesn’t seem to mind. And besides, this way you can pitch in for gas as well.”

Her friend smiled, “Well, if it’s okay with your John, I guess it’s okay with me.”

“Great!” Squealed Sarah with joy, “We can move you in tomorrow then, okay?”

Naomi agreed, and they picked a time, they deciding since she doesn’t have much, that Sarah should come over about nine and pick her up.

Later that evening, John finally finished for the night in the garage, unknowing about the arrangements that had been made. He went to his room, and saw his wife laying there, under the covers. A big smile on her face, as she read a magazine. He didn’t say a word, nor she, as he stripped down, and went into the master bath to shower.

After getting all cleaned up, he came out and saw Sarah tilt her head up, and smile at him, as he came to bed. She said “Naomi’s moving in tomorrow, John.”

He shrugged her comment off, “Really? Well that’s nice.” He replied. He reached to his light on his side of the bed, and flicked it off.

She grinned, as she turned off hers as well, and rolled over next to him, wrapping an arm over his body, “You don’t mind do you?”

He felt a bit uncomfortable, she hasn’t rolled over and held him like this in years, “No, not at all.” His cock twitched, as she caressed his side, her hand ending up covering his limp manhood.

“I mean, after all,” She grasped his cock, making him moan slightly, “Another woman in the house and all, it might be a bit distracting.” She suddenly realized what her hand was doing, thinking that she couldn’t believe the feeling she was feeling. A warmth in her loins she hadn’t had in years. She smiled, as she pulled his rapidly expanding cock.

He chuckled, wondering when the last time she even started a sexual act. It’s been years, and if she’s acting like this now, what she going to be like once Naomi moves in? He rolled onto his back towards her, and she came back and laid on his chest, still gripping his manhood. “No, don’t think she’ll be distracting at all.” He kissed her lips, feeling the heat and moisture from her hot, damp twat pressing against his hip. “Guess I’ll have to wear more clothes about the house. Was getting use to going around in just my boxers.” He giggled, “Or less.”

She giggled, “Oh, I don’t see that as a problem. I’m sure she’ll understand.”

He looked at her a bit funny, but just shrugged it off. But then he was really amazed, as she swung her leg over and straddled his groin, and guided his cock into her slippery wet cunt. She moaned as she slid down the length of it, smiling down at his face. All the while, he’s thinking, she rarely has initiated sex before, what gives!?

But he soon wasn’t thinking why she was doing this, just glad she was, as his hands reached up and grabbed the soft globes of her breasts and sighed a contented sigh, as he balled her as she gently rocked on his cock. He felt his balls tense, knowing that he was about to send a torrent of fresh cum to dampen her cunt.

His groan signaled it, and his ears were surprised to hear the shriek of his wife, as his pulsating cock triggered an orgasm like she hadn’t had in a very long time. Her pussy milked his cock, and he savored the feeling, thinking back, damn, this is the hottest she’s ever been in bed in a very long time.

Her cunt was still humping his relaxing meat, as she laid down on his chest, wrapped her arms about his head, and deeply kissed him, her tongue searching out his. His hands were on her ass, fondling her round cheeks, as he was really wondering what came over his normally frigid wife.

She pulled off his meat, and went down his body, kissing his chest, then his belly, before she grabbed his spent cock, and pulling it into her mouth, tasting the combined juices of their love making. He thought, ‘Shit, she hadn’t taken him in her mouth in years!’, as he looked down and smiled, feeling his cock twitch as her tongue ran races around the head of his meat. She was surprised as well, as she felt a hunger inside, wanting to taste his schlong, and wanting it in her tight cunt again.

She hadn’t felt like this in years, never had she came while during intercourse, although she thought back to times when she made a lot of noise to make him think she had. But why now? At the moment, she didn’t care, she just wanted to get his meat hard again, and have him plow her cunt once more this evening.

And get him up, she did. In ten minutes, she was on her back, John on his knees, his heavy cock sawing her cunt with wild abandon. He hadn’t felt this good in years, and she was on the brink again, as his finger was rubbing her sensitive, over-charged clit. When she came, she saw stars, and when he came, dumping what felt to both to be a gallon of cum in her hot twat, she saw stars again. But the night wasn’t done, as he pulled out, and went to work licking her well-fucked cunt and pink clit, sending her off onto the biggest orgasm yet.

As he fell asleep, with her in his arms, she first thought that maybe she wouldn’t share her hubby. But then, she has neglected him for so long, a second woman might be needed to catch up for all these years. She drifted off to sleep, a smile of contentment on her face, and a thought of fun times ahead in her mind.

The morning came, and John woke to find him alone in bed. Looking at the clock, he saw it read almost ten. Damn, he thought, that sex last night was out of sight. He got out of bed, and made for the bathroom, and jumped in the shower. Once cleaned up, he dried off, and dropped the towel, heading for the kitchen.

The previous nights activities were on his mind, and the smile on his face wasn’t the only thing big on his body, as his semi-stiff cock was pointing the way. He stepped out of the bedroom and into the hall, and right into the shocked Naomi. Oh yeah, he thought, she’s moving in today. He was embarrassed, as was she, as he said “Oh, sorry!” He turned, beating a hasty retreat for his bedroom door, saying “I didn’t think you had moved in already.”

As he closed the door, muttering to himself, he heard Naomi giggle, followed by the sound of Sarah’s voice holler out from the bottom of the stairs, “What’s so funny?”

Naomi walked on down the hall, towards her new bedroom, saying “Oh, John’s out of the shower.”

At the bottom of the stairs, Sarah smiled, knowing how John on Saturday mornings heads to the kitchen after his morning shower stark naked. She returned to the kitchen, and made him breakfast, which he arrived fully dressed in a few minutes. He kissed her on the cheek, and she smiled, saying “I see you found Naomi is here.”

He chuckled, and took his seat, as Naomi arrived shortly after him. “I didn’t even wake when you left this morning, didn’t know when you were going to get home.”

“Sorry, guess I should have left a note,” replied Sarah.

Naomi smirked, as the two women talked while John ate. Once finished, John told Sarah he was going golfing, and he took off after giving her a quick kiss on the top of her head.

Once he was gone, Sarah said “So, I take it you saw John in all his glory.”

Naomi blushed, “Yes, I did. Boy he’s got a big piece of equipment.”

Sarah’s turn to blush, “Really? I never had anything to compare him too.”

Naomi smiled, saying “Well, soft he’s bigger than my ex.”

Sarah was shocked, “You’re kidding?” Naomi smiled and shook her head no, as Sarah went on, adding “Well, hope he didn’t embarrass you, I’ll have to tell him to be more careful.”

Naomi protested, “Oh, don’t tell him that. After all, I want him to feel comfortable. This is his and your house after all. I’m just a lodger.”

Sarah smiled, this might be easier than she thought. She then said “Guess we both don’t have to worry about what state of dress we’re in then, okay? I mean, we want you to be comfortable as well.”

Naomi said “I’ll probably be discreet at first, let John get use to my presence for the first little bit.”

That got Sarah’s attention, and she replied, “Oh yeah, by all means. After all, once he’s use to your presence, he would probably think you as a second wife.”

Sarah realized her words could be misconstrued, but she grinned, as her friend said “Not a bad idea, when you think about it.”

Both friends laughed, as they went on to other topics. Sarah helped Naomi get her clothes and personal items put away, before heading out for some shopping. By the time they got home, John was sitting in the living room, watching some sporting event, and the two ladies went on by, ignoring him.

Evening dinner was of no special interest for John, as the girls were chattering away as they ate. Naomi lent a hand in cooking, and afterwards in cleaning up as well. Sarah thought this was great. If her friend is going to help like this all the time, she might as well share John too. Once Sarah was in bed for the evening, after spending hours talking with Naomi over a few cold wine coolers, she started thinking how she would get her friend involved with John.

She was thinking of lots of different scenarios, from getting them both drunk, to just flat out telling them to go at it. She drifted off to sleep, still wondering what the best way is to go about to getting John to nail Naomi.

Another week went by, and they were well into a regular routine. Sunday was the weekly get-together with Sarah’s, and now Naomi’s friends. The work week went by quickly, and Naomi was helping Sarah around the house with the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. Sarah was enjoying the help, and John noticed a change in her. She was much more happy, and he even got some on two different nights. He was more than satisfied when he ate her to a mind-blowing orgasm. Her vocalness caused him some concern, hoping she didn’t embarrass her friend and new housemate.

And he found drilling her tight cunt was fantastic. As she was rather intense, telling him to fuck her harder. That he did, enjoying the feeling of her gripping twat, as he fed her hungry cunt his rod. Then later in the week, there was a repeat performance.

Naomi did hear Sarah, on both nights. She sighed at hearing her best friends moans, wishing she could get some as well. Her fingers worked her clit to an orgasm of her own, but to her it just didn’t feel the same without a good hard cock in her cunt. And she kept thinking about John’s prime specimen of a male organ. After the first incident the Saturday she moved in, she also caught a glimpse on Tuesday evening. She had gotten up to go pee. She passed John and Sarah’s room, just as John was returning from the master-bathroom to relieve his own bladder.

John had the light on the nightstand, and as Naomi passed the doorway, he looked up and smiled as she walked by, with his tool dangling down between his legs. She smiled back, and went on to the other bathroom at the end of the hall, thinking that she would love to have a evening with him alone. But she was thinking that that would never happen, as she didn’t want to ruin her best friends marriage.

And later on Friday, John caught sight of her in the hall, walking back to her room after taking a shower, wearing just a towel about her waist, her bare tits hanging free and proud. John thought all evening about her chest, as he went into the garage and worked on some projects.

Saturday saw John and Sarah’s kids arrive for the day, with a large dinner at the end. Sarah made sure that Naomi was made to feel like part of the family, as she would have her involved in conversation with her children during their visit. The kids left after dinner, and the three older adults ended up in the living room watching a college football game.

Sarah and John were on the couch, and Naomi on a recliner. John was nursing about his third beer of the evening, while the girls were sipping their fourth wine coolers each. John was also stealing glances at Naomi’s chest every chance he could get, and Sarah was catching him, without him knowing it. She smiled, thinking that maybe tonight is the night.

By ten, all had finished at least four drinks, as Sarah stood, saying to Naomi, “I’m going to get into something a bit more comfortable, how about you?”

Her friend smiled, saying “Yeah, that’s not a bad idea.”

Both walked to their respective bedrooms to change. Naomi had a hard time deciding what to wear. Most of her nightwear was rather provocative, but she finally decided on a nightshirt that came down to her knees. Stepping out into the hall, she saw Sarah and her mouth dropped. Sarah was wearing a black negligee that was almost transparent. And she wasn’t wearing any undergarments. Sarah smiled at her friend, saying “Well, you like this outfit?” She spun around, adding “I bought it a long time ago. Surprised I still fit into it.”

Naomi was tongue tied, “Wow, um, yeah, it’s nice.”

Sarah lowered her voice, “You got anything similar? I’m sure John would love to see you in something a bit racy.”

Naomi giggled, “Yeah a few things. But didn’t think I should wear anything like that.”

“Oh go on, John would love it.” She said, as she gently pushed Naomi back into her bedroom.

Naomi sighed, and pulled the nightshirt off her body, revealing to Sarah her big, 42dd chest, which looked even bigger with her twenty-seven inch waist and thirty-six inch hips. Sarah was surprised when she realized her own pussy was getting wet, as she watched Naomi go to her dresser, and rummage through it. Soon she had on a pair of black panties with matching bra and stockings, and a thin negligee that barely came down to cover her covered boobs. The bra pushed her massive tits up and out, giving a great deal of cleavage on display.

They giggled as they returned to the living room, finding John still sitting on the couch, his feet propped up, watching the idiot box. He did a double take when the two women walked back into the room, and Sarah laughed, saying “Close your mouth, big boy. You might swallow a fly.”

Laughing, he said “Well, very nice outfits, ladies.”

As his wife joined him on the couch, she asked “You like what you see?”

He grinned as he looked first at his wife, then at Naomi, as she sat on the recliner, saying “Oh yeah.”

Sarah smiled, and grabbed the bulge in John’s shorts, saying “You know Naomi, there’s room enough on this couch for the three of us.”

Naomi was shocked at first. She couldn’t believe what her friend was asking. But she smiled, and stood and walked over to her friend and her husband. John scooted over closer to Sarah, and Naomi sat down next to him.

John was staring down the front of her chest, and Sarah giggled, saying “I think he likes your boobs, Naomi.”

John grimaced, as he turned to his wife, and kissed her, saying “Yeah, but yours are just as nice, babe.”

Sarah grinned, “Just as nice?” She loved the look on his face, one of pain for not saying the correct thing. She leaned into his body, and kissed him. She then looked past him to her friend, and said “Hey Naomi, you saw him naked once, you want a closer look at his best feature?”

Naomi blushed, saying “Well, if it’s alright with you. I mean, he’s your husband.”

Sarah grabbed the top of John’s shorts, and started pushing them down, revealing the swollen head of his manhood, as she said “Oh well, if you look closely, there’s plenty here to share.”

Naomi’s mouth fell open, as Sarah slowly pushed more of John’s shorts down, exposing more of his stiff organ. He raised his hips, letting her to take his shorts down even more easily, his thick pole laying up against his belly. Sarah smiled, as Naomi reached for her husband’s pecker, and wrapped her fingers about it. John looked at her hand encircling his manhood, then at his wife, who smiled broadly, saying “Go ahead, I’m sure she wouldn’t mind showing more.”

He grinned, and reached over and pushed Naomi’s negligee up, and pulled the top of the left cup of the bra down. Her massive mammary popped free, and she smiled, as his big hand worked the flesh. Sarah got up, as Naomi lowered her face to his prick, and breathed in the scent of his masculinity, before flicking her tongue across the head.

John watched as his wife got on her knees and pulled Naomi’s legs effortlessly apart. She pushed the thin material of the black panties to the side of her puffy pussy lips, and was greeted with the sight of a very pink pussy, void of all hair. She snaked her tongue into her friends slit, making Naomi moan, as Naomi’s own mouth now was slowly coating Johns tool with her saliva.

John closed his eyes, leaned his head back against the back of the couch, and smiled, wondering if he had died and gone to heaven, as he felt Naomi’s talented mouth twisting and bobbing on his hungry meat. He reached underneath Naomi and grabbed a handful of tit, and kneading it, as he felt his nuts getting ready to tighten. He still was in a state of shock, as he groaned and his cock exploded, filling Naomi’s mouth, just as the hot tongue from her best friend had done the trick, sending her into an orgasm of her own. She felt incredibly good, as the waves of cum filled her mouth, while waves of joy rippled through her body.

John’s body relaxed, enjoying the feeling of having just received a great blowjob. He still had his eyes closed, as he felt Naomi’s warm mouth leave his wilting pecker. He sighed, hoping he could try the rest of her talents. He then heard her giggle, as she told his wife “Gee, we haven’t done this since high school.”

The remark took awhile to sink into his head, before he wondered what she meant by that. The muffled moans he soon heard made him smile, as he quickly figured it out. He raised his head and opened his eyes, to see Naomi on all fours, her face buried in Sarah’s bush, as Sarah was doing the same to Naomi. Naomi’s big tits were hanging down, as John crawled down to the floor, his head at the same end as Sarah’s, as he watched her tongue work Naomi’s wet slit.

He reached his hand between the two women, and alternated between playing with the breasts of both. It wasn’t long before he had serviceable wood, and he kissed the cheek of his wife and got up, moving behind Naomi’s upturned ass. He was hesitant at first, wondering if his wife would get pissed if he entered her best friends cunt. He was soon smiling, as Sarah reached up with one hand and grabbed his meat, guiding it to Naomi’s slick opening.

She winked at him, and he chuckled, as he sank his tool into the warm cunt. Naomi moaned. She hadn’t felt a man in her in quite a while, and his was by far the biggest she had ever had. Her ex was no where near the size of this cock. She felt her pussy spasm as a minor orgasm shook her, thinking he had to be at least three inches bigger than her ex.

Sarah watched her hubby’s big, thick cock stretch out Naomi’s vaginal cavity, and soon she was crying out, as her first orgasm hit her hard and fast. The cum was the hardest she had ever experienced, even more than the one she had with John a few weeks back. John was feeling great. A nice tight pussy enveloping his meat, and his wife’s tongue dancing on his balls and shaft as he plied her best friends horny twat with it. What could be better?

After only about five minutes, Naomi stiffened, as her second cum ripped through her, a cum that almost knocked her unconscious. John kept on sliding his tool in and out of her, as she went from one hard orgasm on into another. Sarah stopped licking, as she suddenly had another one as well, her moan’s echoing off the walls of the living room. And with a final hard thrust, John buried his shaft hard into Naomi’s spasming pussy, and his cock erupted, washing her vaginal walls with his hot load. Sarah was licking up what was leaking out, as she felt Naomi’s tongue going wild on her clit again.

John pulled his wilting penis out, and Sarah grabbed it and pulled it to her mouth. He smiled down at her, as he watched her clean his cock, before going back to Naomi’s cunt and shoving her tongue up her hole, licking out his load from her hot tunnel.

Naomi enjoyed the feeling of Sarah’s talented tongue, and was soon having minor tremblers, enjoying another set of orgasms, grinding her wet cunt into Sarah’s face, as her own face was suckling on Sarah’s red-haired snatch.

Sarah spun around, and both laid on their sides, facing each other, their arms wrapped around the other, smashing their boobs together as they kissed. John sat down on the chair, as he watched the two hot women kiss away. He was tugging on his meat, surprised it was refilling with blood to make him hard again. And so soon after such a great fuck, too. Sarah looked his way, and smiled at the sight, then whispered into Naomi’s ear, “He’s almost hard again. Let’s take him into the bedroom and continue the fun.”

Naomi giggled, and both women climbed to their feet and came to John. Each grabbing a hand, they pulled him up, and dragged him towards the bedroom. All three were playfully caressing each other, as they made their way to the bedroom. Once there, Sarah pushed John down on to the bed, and got on above him, and started sucking away. Naomi got at the other end, and straddled his face, his hands guiding her slick pussy lips to his hungry lips and tongue.

As soon as Sarah was happy with the firmness of John’s prized meat, she climbed onboard, facing Naomi. She started riding his post, grunting as she fell down, feeling her cunt expand to accommodate his prick. Naomi was lost in lust, as she leaned forward and hugged her friend, sucking on Sarah’s hard, pink nipples, as she felt another orgasm building, her hot body ready to explode into another powerful cum.

Just as John sensed she was almost there, he took her clit between his lips and sucked hard, pushing her over the brink, as her scream was muffled by Sarah’s small tit in her mouth. Her juices flowed like a river, drenching John’s already glazed face. Sarah, upon hearing Naomi’s muffled cries, shook uncontrollably, as her own pleasure pangs rushed through her, as she also felt Johns pecker spasm deep within her. He was grunting and thrusting up into his wife, splattering his load deep inside of her.

All three new lovers collapsed in a heap. The combination of the earlier booze and the hot sex finally taking their toll. They were a mass of arms and legs, and no one knows how all three ended up under the sticky sheets. In the morning, John woke and looked on each side of him. Finding Naomi on his right, and Sarah on his left. Each woman had a hand covering parts of his half-erect manhood, and he laid there for a few moments, letting it all sink in that the nights activities were not a dream.

He moved slowly to get up to go to the bathroom, doing his best not to wake up the women. And wondering what his wife would say once she woke and assessed what had transpired the night before. His movements did wake Sarah, and once he was in the bathroom, she moved next to Naomi, and hugged her, snuggling her face into her hair. Naomi murmured something, not quite awake, and like John she was suddenly realizing it all wasn’t a dream. Her best friend kissed her cheek, Sarah’s hand running down the curves of the side of Naomi’s body, and to stop and rest on the side of her thigh.

Their lips locked in a good-morning kiss as the two women then heard the toilet flush, and John returned to the room. John took in the scene, his wife now snuggled up against Naomi. At first he wasn’t sure what to do, until Sarah raised her head and looked at him smiling, saying “Come on, get back in bed. It’s too early.”

John snickered, and got in along side of Sarah, wrapping an arm about her. He kissed her neck, as he fondled her breast. His pecker was limp, but it twitched as it was wedged between them. He looked at his wife’s face, her eyes were open, and she had a serious look on it. He was worried that now shit was about to hit the fan, when he asked “You okay?”

She sighed, “Yeah, but.”

“But what?”

Naomi giggled when she heard Sarah say “I think we’re going to need a bigger bed.

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