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The Forbidden Wish

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Valerie Templeton was a beautiful woman. Every time Tommy went to his friend Mike’s house he loved to watch her. The way she moved, the open way she talked, and of course, the wonderful way she smelled as she walked passed him. Mike and Tommy were on the front porch just making plans for the weekend when Mrs. T pulled in the driveway. Mike kept talking about where they would go and who they would meet, but Tommy was no longer listening.

His attention was on the white T bird as the driver’s door opened. The sun was in his eyes so he placed his hand over them like a visor and watched as Mrs. T as she stepped out of the car. She wore a powder blue sundress, the straps looked great as they criss-crossed on her tanned shoulders. The skirt of her dress climbed but as it was a calf length dress it did not climb nearly enough in Tommy’s opinion, but he did catch a glimpse of her tanned legs. He noticed that she wore flat sandals with bare feet and her toes were painted a pretty pink, the same colour he had noticed on her long manicured fingernails.

The sun was at her back so she could see the boys more clearly than they could see her, and she could not help but notice the look of desire in Tommy’s face, even from that distance. She waved at them both and called for some help. Tommy raced off the porch to help as Mike just sauntered over slowly to the car. Mrs. T was at the trunk and as she lifted the hood, Tommy was already there, eager to help.

Once the groceries were taken to the kitchen and Mrs. T had put them all away, she turned to the two boys sitting on stools at the counter and asked if they wanted a piece of pie and milk. Of course they did, when did you ever see nineteen year old boys NOT hungry. Mrs. T cut their pie and placed it in front of them. She went to get the milk, bending over to grab a new bag from the bottom of the fridge, Tommy expelled an audible sigh and Mike turned to look at his friend. Tommy coughed to cover his indiscretion and went back to eating his pie.

Mrs. T came over between the stools that the two boys were sitting on, placing a glass of milk in front of Mike as Tommy breathed in deeply to catch the scent of her hair. Turning she placed Tommy’s glass in front of him, her breast grazing Tommy’s arm as she did. Tommy looked up quickly to look into Mrs. T’s face and her brown eyes looked him straight in the eye as if she knew exactly what he was thinking. She smiled at him and asked if he would like anything else?

Mike piped up, “No, thanks mom. This is great!”

Tommy could not answer and looked quickly down at his pie again and finished eating it. How? He will never know as each bite threatened to stick in his throat. He felt a stirring in his groin and was sure glad he was sitting down.

Mrs. T said, “Okay, boys seems you are all set here. I think I will go up and take a nice hot bubble bath and read for a bit. Thanks for your help, guys.”

Groan, just what Tommy needed to be picturing in his mind, Mrs. T naked luxuriated in a tub of scented bubbles. As soon as he finished he told Mike he had to get home and he left.

Mike put the dishes in the dishwasher and grabbed the keys to the car, yelling up to his mom, “Going out, taking the car. I will be back in a few hours.”

His mom yelled back, “Ok, drive carefully.”

About twenty minutes later, the doorbell rang. Valerie, climbed out of the tub and tossed on her thirsty terry robe, and slipped on her slippers and went to the door. Opening it she saw Tommy, standing there with a surprised look on his face.

“Sorry to bother you Mrs. T but I forgot to tell Mike something, is he here?”

“No bother at all Tommy, come in.” she smiled her gorgeous smile at him, showing off perfect teeth.

“Mike went out for a bit, not sure when he will be back, why don’t you wait?”

Tommy felt bad he knew he dragged her out of her bath, he really thought Mike was still home. “It is okay, Mrs. T. I don’t want to keep you.”

“You are not keeping me at all, hon. Come on into the living-room.”

Tommy led the way, walking a bit too fast and he sat on the couch at the far end.

“Can I get you anything, Tommy?”

“No, thanks Mrs. T, I am still full from the pie and milk. Thanks by the way it was really good.”

“It is Valerie.” she said.

“Pardon me?” Tommy asked.

Mrs. T, Valerie, slipped off her slippers and sat on the opposite end of the couch, she sat up on the arm with her bare feet and pretty painted toes resting on the seat cushion.

“My name, it is Valerie. You are long passed the age to call me Mrs. T. Besides it makes me feel old and I am only 38.

“Ohh, ahh, Mrs. T, I am not sure I would feel comfortable calling you that.” he replied keeping his eyes on her sitting and looking so lovely on the arm of the couch, her tanned legs were close together and rocking too and fro.

“Try it.” she said, “Say my name for me, Valerie.”

Tommy felt uncomfortable but felt he would walk on hot coals for this woman so he said, “Valerie” and smiled.

Valerie smiled back, “See that was not so hard, was it?”

She was sitting there on the arm of the couch still swinging her legs to and fro. Her silky chestnut coloured hair was hanging down to her shoulders. Tommy had not seen it this way too often, Mrs. T always wore it up in a french roll or a ponytail when she was swimming in her pool. Watching her legs swing back and forth was mesmerizing. Then abruptly they separated and swung in and out, and her robe opened just a little. Tommy could not take his eyes away, even when Valerie spoke to him again.

“I like hearing my name on your lips, Tommy.” she smiled. “Tell me do you have a girlfriend?” Her legs were swinging wider and wider and Tommy’s mouth dropped open as her robe opened enough for him to catch a glimpse of her pussy. Shocked, he could see enough to notice that she was completely shaven.

“What?” he asked as he did not hear a word she said.

Laughing at the affect she was having on this young handsome boy, she replied, “Never mind, sweetie, it doesn’t matter. I am going to go upstairs to change, will you be alright until I return?”

“, I will be fine.” Tommy answered not being able to take his eyes off her cunt.

As Valerie got off the couch, she did it in such a way that her robe opened even more providing Tommy with the clearest view of the woman in which he was so in lust. She moved slowly with her legs opening wide knowing Tommy could even see the inner lips of her secret spot. Since she was clean shaven, all of it was so easy to see.

“I won’t be long.” she said as she left the room leaving behind her the fragrance of the bubble bath she had used and the aroused young man she intends to use.

In just a few short minutes, Tommy heard his name being called. He got up and went to the bottom of the stairs and called up.

“Yes, Mrs. T..err I mean Valerie?”

“Come on up, please I need your help.” Valerie shouted down.

Tommy’s feet could not run any faster on the lushly carpeted stairs. He had been friends with Mike most of his life, he knew exactly which room was his parents. At a party when Mr. and Mrs. T were away, some of the kids went up to their room and slipped a couple of porno movies into the VCR that they had found hidden in a drawer. Tommy got hard, not so much from the movie; he had seen it with Mike a million times before, but with the fantasy of picturing Mrs.T watching it and getting aroused. Tommy never told a soul but once he was in her room when Mike was in the can and Tommy had opened the drawer he assumed would be her panty drawer and he lifted out the silky garments and squeezed them in his hand and between his fingers. He held them to his nose and inhaled, imagining he could smell her scent. Instead of putting the panties back into the drawer, he slipped them into his pocket and he quickly left the room hoping he would not be discovered.

Tommy was remembering all this as he walked into the opened bedroom door. Gasping out loud, Tommy stared incredulously at the big king-sized bed with Mrs. T, err Valerie laying naked in the centre.

“Come in, Tommy and close the door.” she said in a very sexy voice, husky from her desire.

Tommy, walked into the room slowly as if under a spell. His hand reached out and swung the door closed. It slammed and he jumped from the sound but did not take his eyes off of the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. There was a long low dresser at the end of the bed, Tommy walked over to it and he leaned on it with his hands at either side of his hips holding it to keep himself standing. He felt weak. His eyes looked from her pretty face and those smoldering eyes to her naked breasts with their nicely puckered nipples and down her soft tummy to her center. Cleanly shaven as he had already known, he saw the shiny wetness between her legs. Valerie opened her legs even more and showed him everything there was to see.

Silently, she reached over to the night-table and flipped open the bottle of oil and she squirted it into her hand, spilling some but she did not notice, nor did she seem to care. Looking up into his tender eyes, she saw the they were glued between her legs. Her glistening fingers slipped down to the hairless pubic bone as she spilled the oil. Tommy watched as a little river of oil ran over her labia and down to her ass. Totally, enthralled Tommy watched this river flow as if it were the most important thing in the world, which at this moment, it was.

Her fingers rubbed the soft smooth pubic bone, rubbing in the oil. Her fingers, with their pretty painted nails, pulled upward causing the little protective hood to rise so he could see the swollen nub of her clit and her lips open slightly. Tommy’s cock was ready to burst in his pants. His eyes watched as this woman, his best friends mother, slid her silky fingers around and around on that little pink bud. He could see her legs come up and go down on the bed, as if they did not know where they wanted to go. He glanced up to her face and saw that her mouth had opened, her eyes had closed, and soft little sighs were released into the room.

She opened her eyes to look directly at Tommy and whispered, “Ohhhhh Tommy, I am going to cum!”

And she did. Tommy heard her sighs turn into guttural moans, her ass cheeks trembled and her nipples looked like plump overripe strawberries. OH, how he wanted to kiss them, to touch her.

Valerie told Tommy to get out of his clothes and come to her. He was far too aroused to feel shy. Off they came with the speed of light and he stood at the edge of the bed where this wanton woman laid. He was about to climb up onto the bed, when she stopped him. Her fingers reached out to grasp his erection.

“Ahhhhhh” he uttered from the shock of her touch and he was so afraid he was going to cum too soon. Crawling over closer to the edge, Valerie bent her head and slipped out her tongue to lick his balls. Tommy moaned again. Her mouth came up to take his hardness deep into her throat. Tommy was so aroused, to the point he could not stand it. He gripped her head and he fucked her face, fast and without finesse. Finding release was the only thing on his mind at this point. Yelling loudly, Tommy threw back his head, thrusting his hips forward as he rammed his cock deeply into her mouth as he came. Valerie took her fingers and cupped his balls milking him dry. Collapsing on the bed next to her, Tommy laid down panting and apologizing.

Valerie, grinned and said, “Hon, don’t you worry, I know you are not going to have any trouble at all seeing that I am totally satisfied.”

With that, Valerie picked up the remote and clicked it on. The TV screen glowed to life. There were two women laying next to each other, head to toe. Both women were fingering and licking each other and moaning. Tommy felt a twitch in his cock already. Grinning, Valerie laid back down on the bed and watched Tommy watching the screen. He turned to her and looked at her swollen nipples.

“Kiss them Tommy, suck them into your mouth. Suck them hard, I want to feel you tug them.”

Tommy took first her right nipple into his mouth, sucking it hard just as she demanded. Then he took his fill of the other one. Valerie lifted her legs and bent them at the knees, dropping them open as she lay on her back.

“Taste me Tommy. I have cum, you will taste the juices I spilled. The oil is an edible substance and it is mostly me now anyway.”

Unable to wait, Tommy crawled naked to the bottom of the bed before he climbed back up to place his lips hungerly on her cunt lips. He could smell her and it caused his cock to twitch again. His tongue slipped out and licked her. She moaned. Tommy looked up at her and saw her eyes were looking at the porno. A man had entered in the movie and one of the girls took him in her mouth. Tommy left her to watch the movie, thinking of his fantasy of watching her watch this porn and getting aroused, and there he was in his fantasy! If he had not been so horny, he would have taken the time to be thrilled. His face buried deep into her lapping and tasting. His cock began to ache, he knew he wanted her again.

Pulling her knees up to her chest, and holding them there with her own arms, Tommy saw her ass lift from the bed, and her cunt lips open just a bit. It was an invitation he could not decline! Crawling up her body, Tommy kneeled in front of her cunt, gripping his cock in his hand, he guided it between her soft folds.

“Fuck me, Tommy! Fuck me, hard! I want you. I have wanted you for so long. Give it to me, baby. Fuck meeee!

Tommy’s ass pumped piston style fucking this woman hard and fast, just like she wanted. Moaning from the two of them mingled with the moaning from the movie. He pounded and pounded deep inside her, but in one of his thrusts, his cock slipped out. Before Tommy could grab it himself he felt her hand clasp around his erection and guide him to her entrance. Once there, where it was hot and wet, he thrust his hips forward, ramming her as hard as he could. She screamed not in pain but in passion. He knew something was different. It was so much tighter. He looked down to see that Valerie had placed his cock at the puckered entrance of her ass and he just thrusted himself into that dark hole.

This aroused him more than he imagined anything could. He looked into Valerie’s face and saw pure lust and desire all over her face. Sweat glistened on her breasts, one small drop trickled between her breasts as he pumped into her faster and harder than before! He pumped himself into her and watched her head flailing back and forth on the pillows, her silky hair flying about. Her luscious mouth that had sucked his cock was open as she began to moan louder and louder. He rammed himself into her more and more, he watched as her breasts bounced and he enjoyed all the erotic sounds and smells enveloping him. The tightness around his cock, a feeling that he will never forget drives him further into his passion. Looking down at Valerie, he sees her little pink clit standing up and begging for attention. His finger reaches out to touch it. Valerie screams as she cums.

“Ohhhh Tommy, Tommy, Tommy! TOOOMMMMYYYYY!”

Hearing his name on her lips at such a moment undoes him. He cums with her. Ramming his cock deep inside that tight little hole. Feeling his seed boil up his shaft and spurt into her most private part. Fucking scenes flick across the television screen beside them, but Tommy and Valerie are not aware. When the last load of cum is shot from his body, Tommy pulls himself out right away. Valerie’s legs drop down slowly as she laid prone upon the bed. Tommy crawled up to lay next to her and she reached over to kiss him softly on his nose.

“Tommy, you were wonderful. I have imagined that forever.”

Shocked that this mature woman would say such a thing to him, he answered, “Mrs. T , me too!”

Laughing at his cute answer, Valerie slapped his adorable butt. “Come on, Romeo, we have to get cleaned up before Mike gets home.”

Remembering his friend, brought him out of his reverie and he dashed over to put on his clothes. Once dressed, he looked at her again and asked, “Will this ever happen again, Mrs. T?”

Valerie smiled and said, ” You bet your sweet ass it will, hon but only if you remember one thing.

“What’s that, Mrs. T? he asked.

“My name is Valerie!” she laughed as she skipped off to the bathroom.

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