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Taking Advantage

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“Oooo… don’t you feel like the big strong man, tying me up,” Vicky laughed a little as her boyfriend tightened the scarves around her wrists. She’d been looking forward to this, as one of her fantasies, being tied up and helpless while her gorgeous boyfriend Doug ravished her.

“I might have to put something in your mouth to keep you quiet too,” he mock-growled at her, pretending to get angry.

Her wrists were securely tied together and then attached to the post on the bed above her head. Damn, she really did look pretty hot like that… he hadn’t expected to like it quite this much but it really did give him a feeling of power. Just for fun, he reached down and twisted her nipple rather hard… but instead of protesting Vicky just arched her back as if asking for more. That was quite a surprise, because usually she didn’t like it when he was rough with her breasts.

Blood surged to his dick as he realized that she really was turned on by being vulnerable in front of him… and a thought tickled the back of his mind.

“Come on big boy…” she laughed at him since he was just sitting between her legs staring at her, “Aren’t you gonna do something about the girl that you’ve got all tied up?”

“Yes,” he said, eyes glinting, and he stuffed one of the extra scarves in her mouth, tying another around her head to keep it secure, “I’m going to shut you up so I can enjoy this!”

Contrary to his expectations, Vicky didn’t look mad at all… instead she looked more turned on than ever as he began to roughly maul her breasts. Little moans and sounds of pleasure came from behind the gag as he was as rough with her breasts as he pleased, actually biting her nipples and pulling them away from her body with his teeth… squeezing the heavy mounds until his fingers made red impressions on her skin. He could feel how wet she was as his dick kept nudging against her pussy, her legs wrapping around his waist as she tried to pull him into her.

Finally, taking her legs and sweeping them over his shoulders, Doug placed his dick at the entrance of her pussy and pushed in. She was so tight and wet, her pussy rippling around him in her extreme arousal… possibly the wettest she’d ever been when they fucked. It made him wild, wanting to ravage her, take her, use her…

Fucking her hard, he leaned forward so that his dick could fully bury itself inside her; he could practically feel the heat of the friction from his quick, hard thrusting in and out of her pussy. Vicky writhed underneath him, stretched out and beautiful, her breasts bouncing and jiggling with every hard thrust.

“Oh fuck… you little slut…” he groaned as her pussy clamped down on him, Vicky moaned through her gag, shuddering beneath him.

Letting her legs fall, he arranged himself so that his body was pretty much holding hers down completely, his legs somewhat over hers. It changed his thrusting so that his groin kept slamming against her clit, grinding and rubbing the sensitive organ every time he slammed home. All stretched out like that, it was so easy to grab her breasts and just work them over with his fingers as he fucked her raw…

He could tell when she started to cum, her pussy clutching at his dick, trying to hold it inside, her hips lifting up and pressing her clit even more firmly against his body. Still he kept thrusting, definitely not ready to cum yet… in fact, he was rather shocked that she’d cum so quickly. Obviously the situation was turning her on so much that she was cumming very easily.

Fucking her hard, he could feel as her body relaxed and then started building up to another orgasm, this one even more intense than before.

Quickly pulling out, he turned her over before she’d even realized what was happening and plunged into her that way. Her pussy was even tighter now, because she was up on her knees. Without ceasing his fucking, he grabbed a pillow and pushed it under her body so that she was somewhat supported. Holding onto her hips he rode her from behind like a stallion, his fingers rubbing against her already engorged clit.

Vicky started cumming again, her wrists pulling on their bindings as the pleasure washed over her… everything so sensitive. It felt like it would never stop, because Doug was fucking her still… pumping and thrusting, his fingers still rubbing.

As his girlfriend writhed on the bed before him, Doug looked down to see his dick thrusting in and out of her swollen pink pussy.. with her sweet little starfish blinking at him. Vicky had never been one for anal sex… saying that it was gross and hurt too much… but Doug had always had a kind of fascination with it. And here he was, with Vicky’s beautiful ass up in the air, she was bound and gagged… really no way of stopping him… and wasn’t he fulfilling one of her fantasies for her by tying her up in the first place?

Before he even really knew what he was doing, Doug had pulled out of her pussy and was pressing his dick into her tight ass.

Vicky’s crashing orgasm flowed around her, covering her senses until a sharp stabbing pain pressed into her asshole, stretching her open in a most uncomfortable way. Even though Doug heard her cries of protest, muffled by the gag, it was like he couldn’t stop himself. After all, he’d already gotten halfway there before she’d even noticed…

Carefully, trying to be gentle, he pressed deeper. In an attempt to get away from him, Vicky dropped her weight, no longer holding herself up by her elbows or knees… but the pillow still held her up part way, and now she had no where else to go. Doug bore down, more and more of his swollen dick sinking into her ass. A few tears leaked from Vicky’s eyes as her tender ass cramped, and she wriggled a little, trying to get away.

It felt fantastic as her ass clenched, muscles rippling tightly over his dick. Doug groaned with lust as he buried himself fully in her ass, his hands holding her breasts tightly with passion. Vicky also let out a moan, almost of relief… when he held himself still inside her ass it didn’t hurt as much.

Unfortunately, he didn’t hold still for long, Doug started to pull himself about halfway out and then pushed home again. Vicky moaned and squirmed beneath him as he started slowly but firmly fucking her ass… it practically took her breath away in the amount of discomfort, although the sharp pain was slowly fading at least. In fact… it almost felt kind of good to be stretched…

Cautiously Vicky pushed back against him, and then moaned as Doug took this for assent and started fucking her ass harder. Moaning and squirming beneath him, she slowly started to adjust to her ass being plundered as he fingered her nipples.

Doug couldn’t believe how hot and tight it was… a completely different experience to the soft warm cavern of her pussy. It was decadent and felt deliciously wrong… almost as though he was a naughty child, caught stealing candy and yet not caring because he was devouring it before the adults could stop him. Gripping her breasts tightly he started fucking her harder and harder, his eyes trained where her wrists were bound to the bed.

She was helpless in front of him and he was fucking her ass… and not only that, but Vicky seemed to be fucking him back. Slowing his pace a little, Doug reached one hand between her legs and started rubbing her clit as he began to speed up again.

Vicky whimpered as Doug began pleasuring her, making the discomfort of having her ass invaded flee even further… it was all starting to feel rather good. Surprisingly good in fact… the way his swollen dick plunged slickly in and out of her ass, the fullness of the sensation, the way his fingers were working her clit… and after two orgasms it was very sensitive.

To her surprise, she felt the burning tingling sparks of yet another orgasm, fluttering inside her… managing to prop herself back up onto her elbows, she began shoving back against him hard.

With one hand, Doug pulled the end of the gag around her mouth and pulled it over her head… the balled up scarf fell from her lips as she began to shriek in orgasm.

“OH YOU FUCKER! YOU’RE MAKING ME CUM!!!!!!!! YOU’RE FUCKING MY ASS BUT YOU’RE MAKING ME CUUUU-UUUUUUUUMMM!!!” Vicky howled as Doug’s hand returned to her breast and pinched her nipple.

As her ass began to convulse around him, Doug gasped and plunged forward, driving her back down against the pillow. Inside her ass his dick swelled even larger, digging deeper than ever, and then began to pulse inside her, filling her deflowered ass with his victory.

Panting, they both lay there, Doug still buried in her ass as he slowly softened. His hands ran up and down her arms, touching the bindings on her wrists every time.

Finally Vicky asked, “Do you think you could untie me?”

“I don’t know,” Doug chuckled, “Is it safe to?”

Vicky sighed and her ass twitched around Doug’s dick, “Well, I can’t exactly say I was happy about it at first, but it turned out not to be too bad.”

“Not too bad, is that all?” Doug asked as he untied her wrists, still not moving from on top of her, or pulling out of her ass. It was cozy and snug in there.

“No, not bad at all,” Vicky murmured, and her ass wiggled a little under Doug’s groin, the rippling inside of it making him swell again… just a little.

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