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Two “Suite” Nights

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By the time our second meeting ended, I had decided two things. First, my Master was very, very good at what he did to me. And second, there was no way I could wait until Christmas for our next visit.

Almost a month had passed since our second “date.” I had been teased, pleased, fucked, and damn well tortured during our short time together. Even though he had to leave early, we kept in touch over the phone. His contact was addicting;

I would get lewd but arousing texts during the day that made me want to blush, or a phone call when I got off work that ended with me still in my car, following explicitly erotic orders as he listened to me describe each moment.

The teasing is amazing, don’t get me wrong. But there is no comparison to what he does to me in person. The bondage, the little mind games, the soft words and firm orders…all incredible and exciting. I wanted to find a way to amp up the excitement for him, so that he’d be wound up as much as me the next time we met. And then I found a way to do it.

This time, my story started with a dress. But not any dress…I knew the instant I saw it in the store that I was going to have my Master fuck me in it.

It was breathtaking. Creamy eggshell cotton made up a fitted bodice and daintily flared skirt, which accented the curves of my breasts and waist perfectly while also flowing off my hips. The hemline rose just above my knees, which I knew would tease my Master immensely. The whole dress was made out of a beautiful eyelet material, with a demure neckline and a revealing cutout in the back that would show off my smooth skin. It was, in short, the perfect “good girl” dress. And I wanted him to break it in.

I waited to play my cards just right. My story had pleased him, and I had my in. I messaged him a few days after getting the dress, ready to play. You said I’m getting rewarded for my story…May I choose my reward? 🙂

The rest was simply being patient. I did not have to wait long.

A soft buzz alerted me to his reply. Interesting…perhaps. You will have to be more specific. I had him intrigued at least.

I smiled, and offered my proposal. I want to wear a dress for you….And I explained my idea.

It had taken some convincing, and finally a picture of me modeling the dress, but I won my reward. Master’s only condition was that I had to write him a fantasy…what I wanted done to me if I was allowed to model the dress in person. I did my best to deliver, although it was very difficult. Writing what delicious things he did to me after the fact was one thing; having to explain my fantasy to him was another.

With some effort, I finally sent him a long Facebook message. I waited for a reply, but days passed without any sign he noticed.

It was a week later when I got a reply. Plans this weekend?

I smiled, letting the tingle I felt start to take over. Looks like I wouldn’t be waiting too long after all.


The next two days were crazy. My Master had teased me with mind games the last two days straight, and I’m surprised I was not dripping on my way to meet him. I was very ready to be at his mercy now as I pulled up to the hotel. Best of all, I was his to play with for the entire weekend.

I parked outside and quickly did a check in the mirror. My soft brown hair accented my face, with gold hooped earrings dangling and catching the light. I wore a long blue woolen jacket over my new dress and knee-high leather boots. Oh, he was going to like this.

I smiled and took care of one last detail. I hurriedly reached under my dress and hooked my thumbs in my “sun kissed” panties, sliding them quickly down my legs. One less item for him to have to deal with. The thought made me tingle as I jumped out of the car, ignoring the chill outside. I was too excited to care about anything else.

Every step I took on my way to the elevator made me bite my lip. I had already been here; Master gave me orders a few days ago to wear my vibrator all day and to drop off the remote in an envelope for him to retrieve when he checked in. All day I was tortured with texts hinting he might come to my work just to see if I did it. He did not come, both to my relief and disappointment, but as I rose to his floor I could feel how wet and ready I was as a result of the day’s teasing.

The friendly chirp of the elevator sounded, alerting me to my destination. A few corners later, I was standing outside Room 316…my fantasy world laying just beyond the door. I knocked three times and turned away…our standard “obedient slave has arrived” signal.

That is where my embarrassment began.

A door down the hall opened and a young man my age started towards me, just as the door behind me also opened. I blushed deeply and tried to ignore the newcomer. I could not turn around and warn my Master to stop; I would get punished. I could only look straight ahead and hope the stranger would walk right on past.

Master did not notice my discomfort, or did not care. Either way, my bag was removed from my shoulder and the symbol of my submission–my blindfold–was forced into my hand. I took it reluctantly, now scarlet as the other guest took out a key card and opened the room right across from me. Of course. I saw him glance at me and fix his gaze on the cloth in my hand. He looked up sharply in surprise, and I avoided his gaze as the door behind me slammed shut.

With a grin, the guest opened his room and went inside, revealing another man in his twenties. Both watched me, their door staying wide open, as I finally spun around and put on my blindfold. I never felt so embarrassed or so turned on, but I quickly knocked again, silently willing Master to let me in and end my torment quickly.

I heard the two men say something, but luckily my door was opened and I was dragged inside to my great relief. I wanted to thank him, but I kept quiet and followed his lead. My heels clicked loudly on the hard floor as I was led further inside and spun around, back shoved into a door.

My palms pressed against the surface, chest rising quickly as I waited for his next move. I had told him several things in my fantasy, and I had no idea if he was going off off that message or if he had his own plans in mind.

I jumped when fingers brushed against my stomach. I could only imagine what he was thinking as he moved slowly, methodically, to untie the soft belt and undo each button on my jacket. His hands reached up and pushed it off my shoulders, and I carefully helped shrug the form fitting material off to be thrown on the floor. This left me and my dress, finally modeled in person.

I wanted to hear him say something. Comment on the dress, or say something naughty. But all I got was silence. This troubled me…the man had a deliciously sinful voice, and I wanted to hear him tell me anything, everything he wanted to do to me.

Fingers circled my left wrist and I flinched, startled by the unexpected touch. Blushing, I let him guide my hand up above my head, and felt silky soft ropes circle around. I let him do the same to my right, and soon, I was helplessly displayed, unable to see or now move my hands down to interfere.

The thought had my nerves on edge, and every time I shifted my dress brushed against my bare skin, sending shivers up my spine.

Still, no sound from my tormentor. He had been so talkative during the last two days, priming me with words of what he would do to me. It was out of character, no reply from him now, and I was ready to comment when his fingers brushed against my cheek. I jumped again and blushed, surprised at how receptive I was to his touch right now as he secured something hard and plastic over my ears. I was confused by the muted hum that replaced the silent room…headphones?

I squirmed nervously. “Sir…” I started softly, then froze. Audio had begun, and my straining ears caught the sound of a door opening and a woman gasping. And a rich voice murmuring warnings. This…this was the video he had from last time!

My mouth dropped open. He had deleted it, I saw him! My face was hot as I heard the woman’s moaning–my moans–flow through the headphones. It was distracting, and I couldn’t help but get excited by the sounds.

The audio was so distracting, in fact, that I jumped again when I felt a soft brush against my thigh. It was light, and gone almost instantly, but I was trembling. A moment later, the action was repeated, making my dress skirt against my toy’s antennae. A little movement, but I moaned softly.

As if on cue, the toy buzzed to life. I gasped at the vibration and pulled against my ties. The feeling was intensified by how turned he had me…without knowing exactly when or where he would touch me, or being able to hear him approach, I was completely at his mercy.

My toy only lasted a few seconds, and I groaned softly, waiting for its return. The deprivation of my senses made my other senses on high alert, so every touch, internal or out, was killing me. It wasn’t fair…the other me was getting teased mercilessly now on the audio, and every moan was making me very jealous. When was it my turn?

The little vibrator answered, teasing me again, and I tilted my head thankfully. “Oh,” I gasped quietly, ignoring my blush. It felt so nice, and I urged the toy on. Again, it stopped much too early. What the hell?

My dress lifted slowly, and fingers began caressing my thighs. Forget the toy, this was much more exciting! I arched against the unseen hands, trying to get more pressure, but Master was having none of it. He avoided my efforts, taking his time to lightly explore my bare skin.

I bit back a groan when he withdrew. The toy buzzed back on and stayed on, mollifying me for a moment. “Oh please,” I whined, shifting my wrists when it cut off again. The ties had a dull ache in my wrists, forcing me to adjust. “Please, sir….”

The pattern continued. The toy would buzz on for a few seconds, then disappear, then leave me groaning until it came back on. Occasionally, my dress would skim across my thighs as it was lifted or hands would feel my progress under the skirt. The torture continued for several long minutes, making me pant and groan.

A hand suddenly dove under my dress, stealing away my vibrator before I could protest. I yelped as the item slid out, leaving me empty and unsatisfied. I wanted to complain, to beg for more, but instead I flinched as his fingers returned, taking the toy’s place.

“OH!” I tipped my head back against the door, basking in the feel of his fingers inside me. They filled me, pumping quickly to make my cries compete with the audio. “Oooh pleaase….”

I gasped, feeling myself tense up. I was so close, so ready as Master continued his assault. Right there….

And he pulled away. “No!” I couldn’t stop the cry from escaping. I pouted, trying to ignore my hot blush. That wasn’t fair! “Sir!”

The toy was pressed back inside, which I sullenly accepted, and it buzzed for another short burst. I didn’t know what I did to earn this punishment, but I didn’t like it. “Please!” I pleaded. I wanted his fingers back, or maybe his mouth, or even better, anything below the belt….

I jumped when warm breath tickled my neck. I strained to hear his words over my headphones. “Why does your toy not work?”

I shifted in the ropes, confused. “W-what?” I squeaked, then gasped when it turned on again. The toy only lasted a moment, but then came back strongly. I felt his breath tickle but couldn’t make out the words over my own cries and the audio’s. “I don’t…I can’t understand you…”

The headphones were adjusted, and his cool, firm voice repeated. “Your toy is not working unless the remote is right by you. Why?” He lifted my skirt again, pressing the little remote against my thigh right next to the toy’s antennae. I felt the vibrations again and I squirmed, moaning loudly.

“I…I don’t know…” I murmured. Master drew closer, grabbing my hair and tilting my head back. I gasped and arched my back, still on edge as the toy kept on.

“I told you to replace the batteries.” I mewled as he started rubbing his free hand against my clit. “I did…I promise!” The finger now fell away, now tugging at the toy. I gasped and arched against him further.

Over the audio, I heard him chuckle. “Then why does it not work?” He twisted the antennae, making the toy rotate slowly inside me.

“I don’t kno-ow!” I pleaded, need rising in my voice. “Please, sir!” Instead, the toy was again removed, and I was left alone.

My head fell back again with a long whimper. “Oh God!” My tormentor had disappeared between my legs, licking me slowly. I wanted to come so badly, but he was only teasing me again, because he left as quickly as he began.

I opened my mouth, ready to tell him off, and a finger quickly slid inside. Surprised, I tasted something warm and salty. Mmm….The finger left, then returned with some more of the tasty treat. I accepted it, hoping to please him, when I felt him rub against me. This was all him…no toy, I could feel the heat off him as he slid closer.

He rested outside, just rubbing slowly against my slit slowly, keeping me on edge. “Ohh,” I sighed, arching my hips against his. “Please, oh please….”

“Please what?”

I strained to hear, trying to move against him. My dress was bunched up between us, one hand on my hip and the other rubbing my clit quickly as his cock kept teasing me. “Please, sir, please get in!”

A chuckle rose over the audio. “Not good enough.” Both movements quickened, and I moaned louder.

“Please, please sir may I come!” I was getting desperate. This had been ten, fifteen minutes of teasing, and I was getting impatient. “Please!”

I jumped when his breath tickled my neck again, his lips close. “Not good enough. Who am I?” I thought for a moment, confused. “S-sir?” I answered finally. The lips met my neck and brushed back and forth, signaling no. I blushed. Another name popped into mind, and I groaned. I couldn’t actually say it…could I?

He probed me again, nearly in. I groaned again in submission. “Please…please Master.” I paused, flushing red. “Master, may I come now?” I was so embarrassed, but I needed release, and he would hold it from me until I gave him what he wanted.

“Yes, you may.” I moaned thankfully as he moved his fingers inside instead, helping me reach that intense feeling faster. I gasped and cried out louder, tumbling over the edge in no time. My head fell forward from the effort, and the headphones slid off.

As I caught my breath, Master fixed my headphones and turned off the video, allowing the soft hum resume instead. I was panting now, practically hanging from my ties with tingling fingers, but I didn’t care. I felt so good.

Soon, my hands were released, and I held myself up against the door as I waited for further orders. Instead, firm hands took me and guided me across the room to what I thought was a desk. His hand bent me properly and I rested on a soft pillow, trying to ignore my trembling legs. When he moved away, I explored cautiously. My fingers trailed down the wooden surface and forward until I hit the wall. Lifting myself higher, I felt around for more details as to my location.

“Did I tell you to move?”

I gasped and bent over again, blushing crimson. “Sorry sir!” Instead of commenting, Master readjusted my headphones and restarted the player. The time, music flowed through with a quick beat and pulsing energy that was making my heart race excitedly. This was a good mood setter, I thought as I relaxed into the pillow.

Fingers probed between my legs and I widened my stance so my little vibrator could be inserted again. I was confused as to why, if it wasn’t working correctly, but I didn’t question him. The remote was switched on and I gasped. He must have found a way to keep it close by, because there were no stops this time. “Oh yes….”

My tormentor stood behind me, raising the fabric of my dress up over my thighs, bunching up again to expose my rear and toy-filled pussy. I waited, excited, as he slowly touched me.

Suddenly, pain exploded on my rear. I yelped, jerking forward over the desk. I looked over my shoulder uselessly, blindly trying to identify what he hit me with. Another blow made me jump again, my cry sharp. What the hell??

The new object trailed over my sore bottom, and I felt soft leather strips caress the sensitive skin. A whip? Whatever it was, it made me blush appreciatively and moan when he used it again, softer this time. The hits were not hard, but they still stung when the frond hit me in new spots. I couldn’t help it…paired with the upbeat music, I was on fire.

Another blow was directed lower, and I cried out loudly as it hit my toy’s antennae. The sensation shot straight into me, and I nearly came right there. “Oh my God!” I whimpered, fingers closed tightly. Sooo good!

Master repeated the action, making me groan and squirm. “Do you like this, slave?” I could only cry out as he did it again and again, purposefully hitting my other toy and making me jump in shock.

“Yeeeeeeess,” I finally moaned, pressing my palm against the wall in front of me to brace myself for another hit. It didn’t come.

Instead, I arched my back as a tongue caressed me. My tormentor worked me thoroughly, making me gasp loudly. That talented mouth belonged to a man who definitely know how to use it.

Soon, he changed positions, moving his lips higher. I froze. “What…” I started, then cried out when he began licking my ass. “Oh God…”

He chuckled, making me squirm. His hands circled over my back, keeping me down as he repeated the earlier actions now with my rear. It was a strange feeling…not entirely unpleasant, but very different. “Do you like this?” I barely heard him over the music.

I could only tremble. “I…I don’t know.” He continued for a moment longer, then rose behind me. I didn’t think I could wait any longer, I was shaking so badly with want. “Please sir….”

My vibrator was removed, and I was forced to stand up. My dress was peeled off quickly, over my shoulders and thrown to the floor, leaving me in only my earrings and leather boots. Immediately I was bent over and without a word, he was inside me. “OH!” I gasped, bracing both hands against the wall. His cock was stretching me out, hitting every spot perfectly as he began thrusting forward quickly. “Ooh yes sir!”

I pushed back against him, and his hands went to me hips, helping. A new song was blazing in my ears, something about fucking, and I couldn’t help but meet the rhythm as my Master pounded into me. One of his hands moved up to grab a fistful of my long hair.

“Ah!” I cried out, head tilted back fully as he fucked me. “Yes, oh Master yes!” I was so close, the edge right there just waiting to be tipped over. “Please sir, oh may I please…”

My Master didn’t miss a beat. “Come,” he commanded, and I convulsed around him as he filled me over and over. I was seeing stars before he pulled out, gasping loudly from what he just did to me. I wanted to slide to the ground, take a break, but he had other plans.

Grasping my hand, he curled my fingers around something hard but flexible, like silicone. “You will put this in.” I lifted my head, startled.


He chuckled. “Put it in.” He guided my hand toward my ass, tapping carefully. “In here.” I tried to pull away, but he held me still. “I want to take your ass this weekend, and you need to be ready.” He coaxed me to get the first small bead inside, wincing softly as I did so. “Good girl…now keep going.”

I was finally released, and I gritted my teeth. I could do this. Ignoring the fact he was probably watching me, I pushed harder, trying to get the toy deeper inside me. The second bead, larger, slid inside, and with a little effort, so did the third. I hoped that was all there was, because I didn’t think I could do more.

I jumped when my headphones were ripped off and I was pulled back into a standing position. “I’m impressed. Now come here.” He guided me forward until I hit a mattress at my thigh level. “Get up there.”

I hurried to do so, feeling the bed dip as he followed. I could barely hold myself up, I was trembling so much. I jerked as fingers grabbed my wrist, then relaxed in the hold. “Come here slave.”

I moved forward slowly, trying to find him. My fingers trailed down his chest to where his thick cock stood ready. I heard his breath hitch, and I smiled. “Why don’t you take care of that for me?” he murmured, and I grinned.

Licking my lips, I leaned down, taking him eagerly into my mouth. A quiet moan made me giggle, and I doubled my efforts, bobbing up and down quickly, then pausing. His soft gasps made me feel better…I can tease just as well as he can! He tasted so rich, the smooth, thick texture like steel. I continued for a minute, enjoying Master’s fingers in my long locks, when he tugged me to a stop. “Get fucking on,” he growled, and I did so quickly, throwing one booted leg over to mount him. His hands helped me balance, as I still couldn’t see, and we both moaned when I sunk onto him.

My hips rocked quickly. “Oh shit,” I whimpered, palms flat on his chest as I took over. I felt him tense lightly under my touch before moving his own hands over me. My sensitive skin burned as he caressed and squeezed his fingers into me.

“God, baby…keep going,” he muttered, moving one hand to my chest as the other kept my hips moving. I replied with a long moan, my cries getting louder. No way was I going to stop!

A strong hand pulled me down to his chest, and I immediately locked lips with my unseen lover. His cock pounded into me and I groaned from the intensity. I pulled away, twisting my fingers in his soft hair. “Oh God yes…Oh sir, may I…” I bit my lip. “Please, Master I mean, please may I….”

He cut me off, dragging me down for another kiss. “Yes.” Suddenly he ripped off my blindfold and locked eyes with me. “Come!” I rocked my hips harder, gasping as I finally reached my limit. He reached down and grabbed the toy in my ass, ripping it out as well as I yelped. My Master’s gaze was focused and intense, and I came hard, trembling.

A moment later, he did the same with a long groan. I tried to push myself up, but he kept me lock to his chest. “Stay a moment,” he murmured. Smiling, I returned with a soft kiss.

“Thank you, sir.” I giggled as he lifted one eye and pretended to glare.

“Master,” he corrected, and I nodded with a soft blush. Tilting his head, he nodded, urging me to look at my surroundings. On a desk chair sat his laptop, starring us on the screen. I blushed harder but didn’t look away. I was mesmerized by the lithe young woman in only black leather boots, still firmly astride her conquest. It was hard to believe it was me. “Go say goodbye to our viewers and turn it off.”

I gaped and whirled back at him. “You didn’t…” He gazed at me with a leveled smirk. “Someone was watching?”

He shrugged. “Go say bye.” He smacked my rear quickly, and I got up uneasily. We both groaned when I slid off him. With a little smile, I bent over the laptop, waved, and clicked the stop recording icon.

As I stood, Master was standing behind me, grinning broadly. “Hey there.” I gazed back. His brown hair was tousled from our efforts, and I couldn’t help but smile. His matching eyes lit up. “That was a very sexy dress.” That made me laugh, and I looked over to the crumpled fabric on the floor. “I see you liked it a lot.” He shrugged with a smile. “Go get cleaned up.” He gestured to the bathroom, then my little dress. “We have a lot to do this weekend.”


Master treated me very well the rest of the night. After a very quick cleanup, we ventured out for pizza not too far away. This gave me another chance to show off my dress–of course, no longer panty-less. Our waitress complimented the outfit, much to my Master’s amusement. “She wants to fuck you out of it,” he translated when she left, and I just laughed.

There were many moments like that to make me blush…comments on what other patrons were thinking, an explicit phone call to a store about buying new batteries for our toy, and the like. By the time we left, I was bright red, but that delicious excitement had me ready for another round.

We stopped by the local Target for new batteries before returning to the hotel. I threw my coat on the chair and sat on the bed, waiting. “What do you want to do now?” Master started playing with my toy, testing out the new batteries. He seemed distracted. “Still not working.” He tossed it away with a frown, then turned to me with a shrug. “Doesn’t matter what I want, I can’t do it right now.”

I blushed. I wanted that too, but I agreed…I was so tired, I didn’t think I’d last very long without his help. “We can watch a movie,” I suggested, reaching across the bed for the remote. He suddenly brightened.

“Let’s watch our video.” Master grabbed his laptop and phone and pulled them both over to the bed. I lifted a brow, surprised. As if hearing my unasked question, the man smiled. “I wanted to see your reactions as well. Two views.” He started up the two videos, and I smiled. Curling against him, we sat and watched our scene.


I don’t know when we finally went to bed, but I was out almost instantly. I was so tired, and the vigorous activities Master had put me through had wiped me out. I remember the warm, thick quilt keeping me cozy as I curled up next to him, and in moments, I was asleep.

We woke up twice. The first time was still very dark outside, and, unable to sleep, I got up to make coffee. We talked and teased for a few minutes, but I was back in his arms asleep before I even took a sip of my drink. The second time was very bright. Light was streaming through the thin curtains, and I groaned when I finally opened my eyes. The clock said 9 a.m., and there was no way I would be able to fall back asleep.

I heard Master stir next to me. I rolled over to meet him, smiling sleepily. His face was scrunched up, like he was trying to fight the urge of waking up. I giggled and traced my fingers on his exposed chest. “Wake up, sunshine.”

A low growl settled in his throat, and I poked him. He opened an eye finally, pretending to glare. “Why are you so awake?”

I sighed. “Work schedule. I’m usually up at six.” I rubbed his stomach absently. “Sleep well?”

He yawned, stretching an arm around my back to pull me closer. My chest pressed against his side, and I curled up against his body heat. So warm…

“Mmhmm. But he kept waking up.” He nodded down the bed and I followed his gaze. There was a bulge under the quilt, and I felt my cheeks warm up.

I fitted my head against his shoulder, continuing to run my fingers along his skin. “I like seeing him in the morning.” I moved my hand lower, running it over the quilt. I felt him stir under the fabric, and I suppressed a grin. “So…do you want me to do something about it?”

Master nearly groaned when I pushed the quilt aside, exposing him to me. He looked so appetizing, standing straight up for me. I leaned down and, without waiting for him to answer my question, took him into my mouth. He felt smooth, the bulge in the middle hard to get past. I’d have to work on that…

I didn’t get to play long. Master pushed me up too soon, leaving me with tingling lips and a pulsing new toy. I waited for him to tell me to get on, or for him to ravish me instead, but it didn’t come. “Let’s go get breakfast,” he said simply, and I was left with a gaping mouth as he jumped out of bed.


I curled up at his side, stroking the man’s stomach. It had been a great morning, with many new experiences. Master took me all over downtown, with some amazing food at the Farmer’s Market and previewing the little shops. We even stopped at a little El Salvadorian restaurant for lunch, and his little comments throughout the morning just made for a wonderful time. But now, we were back at the hotel, resting and watching TV. It was nice, just watching the players run around on the screen.

“I want you right now.” I jumped, surprised at Master’s sudden words. The TV kept blaring. “What?” He was staring at me, a determined look on his face.

“I want you. Naked, now.” I felt warmth flood over me and I nodded quickly. Immediately I began to strip, losing my lacy shirt and jeans. When I looked over, his own shirt was gone and he was standing by the bed. “Come stand right here.” I slipped my bra off and did as he ordered, standing at the edge of the bed. “Now what?” His hands caught me by surprise, falling to my hips and pulling down my panties slowly. I leaned against him, enjoying his hands on me. Too soon, he pulled away, bending me over the bed.

Before I could look up he was back, pushing my beaded toy against my ass. “Push,” he ordered, and I accepted it eagerly. “I want your ass, and I’m going to have it soon,” he promised, and I felt myself flush. I wanted that too. “But first…”

He lined himself up with my pussy, then pushed in quickly. I arched my back and groaned. “Aah!” The toy and my Master both filled me up, and feeling them both was more than I could handle. I came almost instantly, unable to ask for permission first…not that I cared right then. “Oooh my God, ri-ight there!” He pounded into me, grabbing my hair. “Fuck,” I heard him say, but I was too overwhelmed. Master grabbed the handle on my toy with his other hand and started to move it in and out, with his own thrusts. I whimpered, grabbing the sheets in front of me.

Without warning, the toy was pulled out and thrown on the bed, and Master filled up the gap. I bit my lip hard…oh it felt so good! He finally was there, in my ass, and I felt another orgasm rising. “K-keep going!” I moaned, meeting his thrusts. “Oh fuck sir, please!”

I let myself push against him, increasing our speed. His hands returned to my hips, pulling me solidly to him with each thrust, and I moaned in unison. “I’m there, please, don’t stop!” I chanted over and over. “Y-yes!” I hit the top again, moaning happily.

Finally, after I stopped trembling, Master pulled out of my ass. “Get on the bed,” he ordered, “And put the toy back in.” I did as he said as he went to the bathroom, and I heard him cleaning himself up. I wanted him so bad…he had already given me two amazing orgasms, but he hadn’t gotten there yet. I hoped this would do it.

When he returned, I was waiting. “You are getting on top,” he warned, and I smiled broadly as he climbed into bed beside me. “I know.” I was on him immediately, sinking onto his cock with a long sigh. “Your turn.”


I woke up groggily, ignoring the shining light from our window. I was tangled in blankets, naked, with our quilt on the floor. I was puzzled for a moment, then remembered what we had done just hours ago. I grinned. Oh yeah…totally worth it.

Smiling, I rolled over into Master. He had a pillow over his face, and when I curled against his chest, he groaned. “Mmm, afternoon to you too,” I teased. I moved the pillow and gave him a soft kiss. “Ready to get up?” Another groan.

I rolled onto my stomach, pulling the thin sheet with me. “Fine. Then I’ll watch TV, you sleep like a grump.” I flipped on the screen and started shifting through channels as I heard him stir. A hand landed a blow on my ass, making me squeal, and he was up, walking to the bathroom.

I grinned. He was still naked too, and his impressive cock was ready to go. “When he gets back,” I chided myself, and I returned my attention to the cooking show I found.

When he returned, I smiled at him. “Better?”

Master smiled, but said nothing. This usually meant he was tired, but I couldn’t help but focus on the awake part of him. “What do you want to do now?” I sat up slowly, stretching in front of him before cuddling up against his arm. My nipples were alert, which I know he noticed, but again no words.

His arm rose up around my shoulder, and I felt his fingers trail down my neck and the middle of my chest. I sighed softly, enjoying the touch, and started playing with his thighs and upper legs. This was soft, sensual teasing, and I was really getting into it. “What’s on your mind,” I finally asked, moving my hand to his lap, hoping to prompt him in the same direction I was thinking.

He chuckled, and in a flash had his arm pulled up and around my neck, like a wrestler’s hold. Woah. Caught off guard, my hands flew up to his arm, ready to pull him away. He didn’t have me in a tight hold, however, so I relaxed a little.

“I just want to fuck you when you’re out like a light…” he murmured in my ear, and my eyes widened. It was an exciting thought, but not one I really wanted to test. His arm around my throat tightened, and I pulled against it harder, trying to shake my head. “Just squeeze a few seconds, and then take you while you sleep….”

I giggled uneasily. “You can have me when I’m asleep. But don’t knock me out…” I pulled against his arm again, and he relented. I sat up, my heart racing, and looked back at him. His eyes were burning into me, with a look that said, “You’re going to get it.” I loved this look…it usually came after he gave me an impossible order, knowing I’d have to take punishment instead of complying. It was the same idea now, I realized.

“Lay down.”

I didn’t hesitate. In no time I was on my back on the soft mattress, legs quickly spread for him to join me. I gasped when he thrust into me, but that turned to moans as he moved faster.

My hands snaked around his shoulders, holding tight. “A-ah!” I stole a kiss and let his mouth hide my sounds as best as I could. It didn’t matter, I couldn’t keep still enough to hide them for long. I squeezed my eyes shut and moaned again. “Ooh yes!”

Fingers brushed over my face, then clamped down over my mouth. Startled, I blinked and met my Master’s gaze. He stared back, a small grin tugging at the corners of his mouth as he kept pounding into me. He was hitting just right, and my appreciation came back jumbled under his fingers.

His grin widened as I stared with wide eyes at him. No comment, to explanation, just a small squeeze over my cheeks. He moved his other arm by my head to prop himself up, and to allow his free hand access to my long hair.

Master moved faster, fucking me with my mouth forced shut and fingers twisted in my hair…and I loved it. I groaned and lifted my hips to meet his, my hands squeezing his arms as he pumped deeper and faster. It was hard to breathe with his hand in the way, but it was exhilarating, and I couldn’t help but enjoy the extra roughness. Oh my God….

I came hard, clamping my eyes shut as I did, my cries muffled under his hand. My Master groaned as I convulsed around him, and I felt him thrust harder. “Ooh baby…” he muttered, and I whimpered as he let go inside me.

We rested for a moment, both trying to catch our breath. I dared to tug on his arm lightly, and after a few seconds his hand peeled off my mouth. I sucked in a long breath and started giggling uncontrollably. “That…was awesome,” I murmured, unable to stop smiling. My toes were tingling.

My Master only grinned back and gave me a long kiss. “Hmm.” He sounded content, and I nuzzled him sleepily. I was ready for another nap, my head buzzing lightly.

After a minute, he got up, clearly with other plans in mind. “Quick shower and we’re going,” he called over his shoulder, and I dragged myself reluctantly out of the warm bed. The hot water did feel good, and so did his wandering hands as I tried to clean up. In no time, we were dressed and out the door, on the road again to another adventure.


Master had several more surprises for me that night. Once we were in the car, he took me to Cirilla’s to replace my little vibrator. It was embarrassing and exhilarating, as I had never been in a sex shop with someone I was sleeping with before. Only friends, and never to buy anything. Master had obviously had fun with me in there, teasing me about other toys and outfits he pictured me wearing. He nearly bought me a red thong, but gave up when I couldn’t model it there in the store. I made a mental note to wear one next time.

By the time we left, I was bright red, and my Master was shaking with laughter. “Was it really that bad?” he asked after he finally calmed down.

I shook my head slowly. “No…just, different.” I smiled over at him, and after a quick kiss he started the car and drove back onto the busy downtown streets. We decided to find a place nearby for dinner, already being downtown, and started looking around for a good restaurant.

About five blocks later, Master started talking. He used that quiet, rich tone like when we play, and I was instantly focused. “You should wear your toy now.”

I let out my breath slowly. “Right now?” He glanced over quickly, eyes scanning me before turning again to the road. “Right now.”

The order was there now, and I couldn’t help but grin. It was still very bright outside, and although his vehicle was higher up, there were still many passing us that would be able to see what I was doing. But that just added to the excitement…

Slowly, I pulled out the Cirilla’s box and opened it, eyeing the contents. I ripped open the package of batteries and inserted them carefully, twisting the toy’s bullet top back on. I did not dare look over at my Master, but I felt my face burn as I finally had the toy put together. Only one thing left to do….

My fingers slowly undid the button of my jeans, and I slid my hand into my pants. Out of the corner of my eye I saw my Master look over, but I just focused on my task. Pushing my panties aside, I touched myself, already wet from his exciting order. I let myself play for a moment, knowing soon I wouldn’t have a say. Finally, I took the little vibrator and carefully pushed it in, moaning softly. It wasn’t as good as him, but it was still very nice to have something filling me.

“Give it to me.” I looked over, blushing. Master had a hand waiting, and I slowly placed the remote in his hand. I was at his mercy now, just like last time, and I couldn’t wait to see what he would do to me.

Master did not make me wait long. The first time my toy buzzed on, I jumped in my seat and moaned. It was much stronger than I remembered, a far cry from the toy back at the hotel. My head fell forward, unashamed as I enjoyed the sensations. It felt soo good.

It switched off, and I bit my lip, looking up. The man beside me kept driving, a wide grin plastered across his face. “Not very nice,” I muttered. He only grinned wider.

“Who said I was nice?” he admonished, turning the wheel and taking us down another busy street. I shook my head wearily and gasped as the vibrator turned back on.


I squirmed in my seat, much to his delight. I could tell he was pleased with my reaction, as he kept stealing glances my way and laughing. “Are you enjoying this?” He murmured, his smooth voice making me shiver. His voice gets lower when he talks to me like that, and that combined with the toy was sending me close to the edge.

My breath hitched, and I nodded. “Yes, sir.” I moaned again as the toy danced off and on, a random pattern that I couldn’t quite match. It was driving me crazy, leading me to the edge that I couldn’t quite topple over. “Please sir….”

Master just turned up the radio, looking around as we drove. “Look for a place to park,” he instructed, and the toy turned back on again, solid buzzing this time. I willed my eyes to stay open and do as he asked, but it was very difficult.

“Um, over there!” I finally pointed. We approached the side of the street, but the car in front of us took the little spot I had found. My toy switched off instantly, and I groaned.

“You were wrong, slave. You will be punished for that.”

I blinked in surprise. “What?” That’s not fair! I couldn’t have known that the car was going to take it. I bit my lip and looked back out my window. I shifted my legs together, trying to rub my toy into me better, but no luck. I was getting frustrated.

Master kept driving, finally pulling into a parking garage. “Here’s your second chance,” he warned me, and I could hear the amusement in his sexy voice. Hopefully, I sat up in my seat, and the vibrator buzzed alive once more. Shit.

I fought the distracting toy. I wanted to focus only on it, to come and finally feel that amazing feeling, but I had a job to do. Maybe after we parked he’d let me finish. I looked out the front and side windows, trying to find a spot. “Over there! By that pillar.” I pointed to the left, and he drove over slowly. Almost there…both driving and my toy….

“Wrong again.” The toy snapped off and I protested. Master cut me off, pointing. The spot I had picked out was just yellow lines to indicate a handicap accessible spot.

“But I thought…” I began, then faded away. I just wanted to come. Master shook his head and drove up another level.

“You’ll have to do better than that.”

I nodded obediently, pouting out my window. I tried to look carefully, but each gap in the lot that I saw was either yellow marked or blocked by a pillar. It was damn confusing trying to see, and nearly impossible as Master’s remote kept breaking my concentration.

As we left the garage, I couldn’t wait. “Master, may I please come?” I asked. I was rocking my hips with the buzzing toy, but he kept turning it off just in time. I couldn’t handle any more teasing; I needed release, either from the toy or from him. “Please?”

He laughed and shook his head. “Let’s try that Vietnamese place,” he replied, ignoring my question. I slumped back in my chair as he drove down another street. He continued his torture as we followed detours, and I did everything I could save for reach into my pants and take matters into my own hands. Which I would have done, if he wouldn’t have punished me for trying.

After about ten minutes of driving around, we finally made it to the restaurant. My panties were soaked by his teasing, but my body was still throbbing as I lingered at the edge of my climax.

Master pulled into a spot far from the other cars and shifted into park. He turned to me, a smile on his handsome face. “Do you deserve any more punishment?”

I shook my head slowly. “I’ve been good. May I please come?” I asked again. He answered with a smile and the flip of the remote. My bad mood lifted immediately as I started gasping. My little vibrator buzzed longer than he had allowed the entire time we drove, and now I was ready to fall. “Ooh God!”

I crashed hard, letting my head fall back against the seat. My hand squeezed his lap, and I just let the buzzing continue to wash over me. “Oh fuuuck,” I ended breathlessly, and the toy stopped.

I heard the car door open and my Master slid out. “Better?” he called inside, and I nodded. “Then let’s eat.” Slowly, I exited the vehicle and followed him inside. “You have to sit across the restaurant,” I muttered as we went in. “So you can’t tease me anymore.” He grinned.

“I could give it to someone else.”

I shook my head quickly, and he laughed. We were ushered up a few stairs and sat at a small booth, where we could see the whole restaurant. Throwing our jackets and my purse on the opposite seat, we both sat down on the other side to see the other patrons.

Our waitress came quickly, and I was relieved that Master kept the remote off. We ordered drinks, spring rolls and fried octopus, and soon we were alone.

I glanced over at my Master. “Thanks for everything. Today’s really been fun.” I gazed at his hands in his pockets. “Except for that remote,” I added quickly, sticking my tongue out at him.

Master lifted a brow, amused. “I think that’s your favorite part.” I blushed but didn’t answer. I like the end result…my orgasms after constantly being denied were always much better, but I hated the waiting game. He leaned closer. “Deep down, you really get off on all this dirty girl stuff. Don’t you, slave?”

Luckily, our drinks arrived so I didn’t have to answer. Bubble tea was completely new to me, so I was surprised to be given what looked like a dreamsicle colored milkshake. I took a sip and lit up. Yum! “Want to try?” I offered him, and Master took a small taste. He seemed surprised by the taste as well.

“Different.” He waved over at the waitress and began asking questions about the tea, and my toy buzzed on. I just took a deep breath and focused, ignoring the looks he kept giving me. Before I could protest, he got up and followed the waitress down the steps to see their boba selection, and I just gritted my teeth. The chef in him was intrigued by new foods, and I was left with a distracting toy while he investigated.

After he was done, the toy switched off and I glanced over. He motioned toward the back of the restaurant, and was gone. Bathrooms? I wasn’t sure, but I was relieved that I had some peace. I wanted him next, not the toy.

I was alone when our food arrived, and still alone when several other guests started filing in. A large family entered, mostly men, and started chatting wildly. I couldn’t help but smile at their laughter and enthusiasm as they were seated. Several of them went the same direction as my Master had, confirming that bathrooms were down that hall.

After what seemed like forever, Master came back. He had a mischievous grin on his face, and I felt my heart jump. Something was up. The man scooted next to me and rubbed his hands together. “Looks good, doesn’t it?” I nodded. “What’s got you in such a good mood?”

His eyes sparkled. “I’ve got delicious food to fill me, and a gorgeous twenty-two year old next to me that I plan to fuck later. Why wouldn’t I be in a good mood?” I laughed, fighting to keep a smile off my lips. Damn, he was charming sometimes…in his own funny way.

Master handed me a pair of chopsticks and we began eating. The food really was good, and I was finally relaxing. This was nice.

I took a bite of octopus when my toy buzzed on. I glared at my Master, but his hands were both on the table. What? He noticed my confusion, and continued eating. “Oh, there’s something else I should mention. You might be mad at me.”

I frowned. “Mad for what?” The toy kept going, and I tried hard to ignore it. “Turn that off and tell me.”

His grin widened, and I got a sinking feeling in my stomach. “I don’t have it.”


My Master ran a hand through his brown hair, grinning. “I started talking to this guy in the bathroom…and he agreed to help me out with something.” He glanced at me, eyes glittering merrily. “So he’s going to keep you busy tonight.”

My mouth dropped open. “You’re lying!” I dove a hand into his pocket, and found nothing. Master only laughed, turning to me fully. “You can check both pockets, but I don’t have the remote.” He gestured behind me, and I looked down on the main restaurant floor. “He does.” He pointed quickly at one of the men from the large family party, sporting a white T-shirt and thin, black hair.

The toy buzzed off, and I groaned softly. No way. He wouldn’t do that…how could he? I glanced across the room and tried to think. They were close enough to our table, so the remote would have worked…I frowned. Why would he do that to me?!

I felt my shoulders sag, and I sat quietly for a minute. “Why?” I finally murmured. Master looked at me questionably. “Am I being punished? What did I do?”

He just laughed. “You didn’t do anything this time. I just wanted to see your reaction.” He rubbed his hand on my shoulders, helping me relax. “I told him to just use it from time to time. Never for a long time. I will collect it when it’s time to go.” Reaching past me, he grabbed another piece of octopus and popped it into his mouth. “Plus, you’ll enjoy this a lot.”

I fidgeted. He was right about that part…as mad as I was, I could feel my heart pounding faster and my nerves on edge. I was ready to play. But I was still mortified that he did this…so many things could go wrong! “I am going to kill you,” I muttered, but he chuckled and nudged my shoulder.

“It won’t be long. Enjoy the food before it gets cold.” He resumed eating and I followed, allowing one quick glance at the man across the restaurant. He was looking over, and I blushed harder. Oh shit…did he really do it?

My vibrator buzzed, as if saying yes. I jumped, and instantly it was back off. I was so turned on, and so scared all at the same time. Oh my God…what was I going to do? I wanted to leave, to sink under the table and just hide. Not be at some stranger’s mercy. It had been bad enough with Master teasing me…now someone else?

Master chuckled and patted my leg. “It’s going to be fine. Enjoy yourself.” I nodded slowly, eating some more of the delicious food. He was right. There wasn’t much I could do about it, save for go over and demand the remote back…which I didn’t think I could do. Besides, I would have been teased by it either way…might as well just get it back at the end of the evening.

I ate a spring roll and sighed. It would be a long dinner.

The man beside me rubbed my leg slowly, getting me to relax. We talked about school for a while, and his plans when he left again. I was in the middle of listening when the toy buzzed again. “Oh…” I gasped, then bit my lip.

Master watched my face, then grinned. “He turned it on?” I nodded slowly, looking over for a second. The man across the restaurant was laughing with his party. “How’s it feel?”

I blushed. “It feels really good,” I admitted. I squeezed my legs together, trying not to moan. “It’s still going.” I actually wanted it to stay on, to get me over the edge again. But it switched off, making me pout.

My partner leaned on his elbows, grinning. “You’re liking this, aren’t you?” I blushed.

“You did it to me last time. Of course I like it.”

He shook his head. “I mean, someone else driving you over the edge. Someone else being in charge, of whether you get off or not.” I frowned and kept eating. Master leaned close and whispered in my ear, “You should go over and thank him when we leave.”

I stared at him, wide eyed. “No way!” I was ready to protest some more when the toy buzzed again, making me gasp a little too loud. I wanted to be mad at my Master for doing this without asking, and make him get the remote back, but oh it felt good!

I moaned under my breath, and my Master heard. “He’s really got you going, hasn’t he?” I ignored him and tried to take another bite of food. I didn’t want to stick out, I felt much more exposed at this restaurant than I had at the bar from last time.

The vibrator stopped, and I relaxed. I was torn between liking it and being absolutely pissed…but there was nothing I could do about it regardless. So, I might as well like it.

Our waitress came back soon and took our orders, and my Master kept talking about his plans over the next few weeks. My toy buzzed a few times, but never long enough to be driven to the edge. I forced myself to not jump each time, but still my Master knew.

It was when our food was brought over that I really started to have trouble. My tormentor had turned on the remote again, and this time it was left on. I placed both palms on the leather seat, trying to focus. “Oh God,” I muttered, praying it would stop soon. It didn’t.

Master rubbed my leg. “Just let go,” he murmured, warm breath tickling my neck. I shook my head, my blush increasing tenfold. The restaurant had many more people than the bar had.

“I can’t!”

His hand moved up, almost resting between my thighs. “You can.” I was sure he could feel the toy vibrating inside me, and I turned my face into his shoulder, blushing harder. I knew he was right, I couldn’t hold it, and I came with a small jolt. When I looked up, I saw my Master shaking his head across the room, and the toy stopped. “Don’t let him do it again,” I groaned. The teasing in the car had me wired enough; now I was ready to jump him in the restaurant. Another climax like that and I would be uncontrollable.

Master only chuckled. “We’ll see.” He resumed eating, and I risked another glance across the floor. My tormentor was talking with a neighbor, and both laughed loudly. I knew it wasn’t likely, but I really hoped he would leave me alone for a while, now that I had finished once.

Actually, there were two more. My toy vibrated on and off for random bursts over the next half hour, and I didn’t know if I could handle much more. I was positive everyone in the restaurant knew what was happening, even thought it was absurd. But I was past the point for rational thought. All I could think about was sex, and the man next to me, and the little remote in a stranger’s hands.

Master finally raised his hand for the check when the vibrator buzzed again. “Nooo,” I moaned, on the brink. My dining partner watched my face as I flushed and squirmed. “It’s too much,” I whispered, squeezing his leg. “Please, make him stop.”

I wanted to wipe the grin off his face. “Are you almost there?” I nodded frantically, nearly rocking in my seat. “Finish, and we’ll go,” he stated casually, and I whimpered. I wanted it, badly. Master put a hand on my leg and I came undone, trembling under his touch.

“Holy shit,” I whispered, slumping against the booth. Master laughed and scooted away.

“Go say thank you.”

I snapped my eyes open warily. “I don’t want to.”

He clucked his tongue. “Don’t be rude,” he admonished. I shook my head again, and he sighed. “Then go to the car. I’ll pay and get the remote myself.”

Finally, an order I could follow. I slid out of the booth gingerly and hurriedly buttoned my jacket. Without a second glance at the other party, I hurried out the door and nearly ran to the car. I wanted to get inside and get to the hotel, pronto. If only Master would hurry….

“OH!” I gasped as the toy buzzed one last time. My Master came outside soon after its last debut, and I nearly sank to the ground. “Please, turn it off!”

Smiling, he agreed, and I was left alone. Thank God. We got into the car and I buckled myself in slowly. I didn’t know what to say. I was mortified about what he had done, but it was so…adrenaline inducing. My heart felt like it was going to burst from my chest from the excitement, and I didn’t know how to deal with this feeling.

“Hey.” I looked over, pouting. Master was smiling apologetically. “I have a secret,” he offered, like a consolation. I just crossed my arms. Even if it had been incredibly arousing, I was not very happy.

“What’s that?”

He grinned, and held out the remote. I gazed at it warily. “No one had it. It was under my leg the whole time.”

It took a moment to sink in. Relief flooded over me, and after the shock wore off, I started laughing. I laughed and sank into the passenger’s seat, clapping my hands to my face. “Oh my God I don’t know if I should hit you or kiss you,” I finally moaned, peeking at him. He seemed relieved also with my reaction.

When we finally got back, I was too tired to even suggest another round. I had been fucked and teased enough that day. Instead, we watched movies together for a few hours and just talked…with my toy far away from me. I lost track of time, but when I finally looked over I saw Master with his eyes closed. “We can turn off the TV,” I suggested softly, and he nodded. I got up to find the remote, flipping off the Jim Carey movie and leaving the room in darkness.

“Get your toy,” I heard Master call, and I did so without argument. I placed the little remote on his table and slid the little vibrator inside me. “You’re mine to play with, got it?” he muttered, and I nodded sleepily.

“Yes, Master.”

He pulled me close and gave me a long kiss. “Go to sleep. You’ll need it.” And with that, I was out.


It was still dark when he woke me up. My vibrator buzzed wildly, jolting me awake with a gasp, like a loud alarm. My Master was sitting up beside me, and I tried to make out his face as he played with the remote. “Good morning, slave.” I just moaned. Through my sleepy fog, the toy felt amazing, and I could feel myself get wetter instantly. “Please….” I answered groggily, not even trying to get up. I felt too good to move.

Master rolled over by me, reaching between me and the covers. “These,” he grabbed the hem of my pajama pants in emphasis, “…should be gone.” He pushed them down my legs and helped me kick them off, throwing them to the floor. “Turn over.” My toy kept me burning as I complied, instantly on my hands and knees. I felt his hand push between my shoulders, sinking me to the bed. I followed his silent direction, trying not to gasp as the vibrator pushed me closer. “Sir, I’m very close…”

A hand reached between my bare legs, finding the toy’s antennae and slowly easing it out. I moaned at the touch, arching my back. “Sir!” I did not have to wait, for in a second he took the little toy’s place, filling me much fuller than it had.

I groaned. Master stretched me out, rubbing slowly inside me, and I loved it. “More,” I begged, and he started moving faster. I looked up over my shoulder, trying to see him in the dark, but it was no use. “Yes, Master there!”

This bliss went on for several long minutes, with me trying to keep my voice down and him slamming into me. This was by far the best way I’ve ever been woken up.

Master was groaning, holding me tightly and fucking me hard. It was hard to focus on him when my head was spinning with the sensation. “Right there baby,” he muttered, and I cried out when he thrust harder. His movements were frantic, erratic almost, and he came inside me, filling me up.

Without pulling out, he rolled us both onto our sides, both trying to catch our breath. “Wow,” I whispered after a long moment. Master only chuckled.

“Clean up and back to bed. I’m ready for a nap.”

I nodded in agreement, suddenly feeling very tired. Only a few hours to go…but what a way to start the morning.


We had an hour left before it was time to check out. We needed to pack, but instead we were strung out on the bed, flipping through the channels on TV. My Master had been quiet for a long time now, and it was time to change that. All his teasing earlier rose up in one last urge to play, and I was going to get him to make some noise.

Master was on his back, an arm thrown over his face. I straddled him, hovering, and leaned close. “Hey mister.” I planted a soft kiss on his neck, then another leading up. When I reached his face, the arm was gone and he pulled me into a little kiss. He got into it, letting my hands run up his arms and lacing with his own fingers, so he didn’t notice the little ties I slipped over his wrists. I sat up suddenly, victorious, with his hands bound above him. “Ha!”

Master gave me an amused smile. “Now what are you going to do, slave?” I leaned down and gave him a little peck.

“Your turn to be the slave,” I giggled. I rolled my hips against his, kissing him again.

He just smirked at me, shrugging. “Then do it. I don’t have much in me anymore.” I frowned for a moment, then smiled.

“I’ll see what I can find.” Slowly, I moved down his body and to his jeans. I unbuttoned the heavy material and tugged them without much luck. “Um…” My Master lifted his hips and they came off easier, much to my embarrassment. I was not much of a dominant.

Done, I climbed back on the bed and ran my hand over his boxers. The black material was framing what I wanted nicely, but I wanted more. “These off too,” I tapped, and he lifted his hips again, just watching me.

His cock lay against his stomach, only half mast. I grinned…this was one of my favorite things. Slowly, I took him into my mouth, moving all the way to his hips. His whole cock in my mouth, I began sucking lightly, letting my tongue move around him and explore. The effect was immediate; I felt him stirring and getting lazily thicker in my mouth. So I sucked harder, my hands playing with his balls as I moved.

I heard him take a deep breath, and I kept working. It was easier to keep him deep in my throat as he started to get larger, allowing my throat to adjust with his growing size instead of try to get past the larger middle later. I swallowed lightly, and I heard my Master groan.

I popped up with a smile. “You like that?” He opened his eyes, almost impassive, but I wouldn’t let that deter me. I went down again, licking and sucking him back between my lips. He was at full mast now, and I was loving the result.

Hands came to play with my hair, and I snapped up quickly. “No,” I barked, moving the tied hands back above his head. My Master smiled at that. I brushed my hair back and tried to focus on what I was doing.

“I’d take advantage of that before it goes down,” he said from under me. I frowned.

“I’ll take it when I want it,” I answered. He smirked up at me, and I ignored him, taking him instead into my mouth again. It was my turn, not his, to call the shots. After a minute, I sat up and straddled him, teasing him lightly. “I suppose you’ve been good…”

I sank onto him slowly, not breaking eye contact. “Mmm,” I breathed, resting both hands on his chest. Master stayed still, obedient as I moved agonizingly slow, watching me. It was a little nerve-wrecking.

Leaning over, I ran my fingers in his hair and took a long, deep kiss. He tasted so good, and I repeated the action. Arms went up around me, and I pulled away. “Back down,” I warned, and my Master slowly removed them, his mouth turning up at the corners. He was amused!

I sat back up, pulling off. His hard cock stood ready, and I took him back into my mouth. I heard his moan this time, and I grinned around him. I switched again, mounting him quickly and this time, I meant business. I was there for my pleasure, not his.

I rocked my hips forward, increasing my tempo. “Oooh,” I finally breathed, closing my eyes. Master was flexing his hips, hitting all the right spots inside me, and I was losing my control. Hands came up again, helping me, and I started to snap but I met his gaze.

His brown eyes bore into me. “Let me.” I resisted at first, but finally gave in to his hands moving up my waist and to my chest. His fingers pinched and played with my nipples, making me gasp and groan pleasurably. I tugged on the rope between his wrists, redirecting his hands to my hips.

“Help here,” I directed, panting as I was ready to reach my end. “Please!” He nodded and worked with me, hands reaching around to my rear as best as he could to pull me forward. His cock surged deeper in me, and I knew it was over. “Ooh sir, please! Right there…may I please come!” He pulled me down to his chest, pounding into me as I cried out. “Come,” he murmured in my ear, and I did, hard. I was shaking when it was over, and we slowed to a halt, keeping him still inside.

Master nuzzled my neck. “Untie me.” I reached up and loosened the little ropes, and immediately his arms went around my back, holding me in place. My pussy still jerked around him randomly, aftershocks of what we had done still wracking me.

I played with his soft hair, breathing hard. “I think you can stay in charge.” He laughed and pulled me in for a kiss.


After several long minutes, he finally loosened his arms so I could get up. I did so gingerly, finally feeling the soreness from a whole weekend of fucking. Battle wounds, I thought with a small giggle.

I went to clean up, and when I returned, Master was already dressed again. “I thought I got a turn to be tied up again,” I pouted, pretending to be upset. He smirked but kept watching TV.

“I thought you were exhausted,” he said, and I nodded. I picked my panties off the floor and slid them on. Hm, what else to wear….

I grabbed a little wrap off the counter and tied it into a tube top. “There!” I said triumphantly, showing off. He smiled.

“That is the best use I’ve ever seen for an Afghanistan wrap,” he chuckled. I jumped on the bed beside him, rolling onto my back. We watched TV for a while longer, interrupted by my wandering hands, and soon Master got up to start packing.

This was the part I hated. I really liked our visits…packing to leave is always the worst, because I have to wait another month. I stayed on the bed and kept quiet, thinking to myself. It was time to go back to reality, but…I wish it wasn’t so soon.

A hand grabbed my arm, and I snapped to attention. “Get up, slave.” Master watched me intently as I scrambled to my feet, surprised. It was time to leave…did he have another plan for me?

Master spun me around and bent me over, quickly removing the wrap from around my chest. “Hands behind your back,” he ordered, and I obeyed, eyes wide with excitement. I looked over my shoulder to see him rolling the wrap into a long, thick rope. “Turn around!”

I put my face back into the mattress, my heart racing. I felt him jerk my arms back, binding them tightly with the makeshift rope. Once secured, he pulled me to my feet and across the room, bending me again over the built-in desk. “You are a dirty girl, aren’t you?” he muttered, and I felt myself react immediately.

“Yes, sir.”

His fingers teased me, then sank inside my pussy. “Ah!” I cried out, but he kept going. I panted and squirmed, but he kept his free hand holding me down. “Sir, yes, there!” Suddenly the fingers left me, and my ass was smacked hard. “Shit!” I tried to buck him away, but he smacked me again.

“You wanted this, you’re going to get it.” His hand left me and my little vibrator was shoved into me, sliding easily into my pussy. I moaned as it turned on, my legs shaking so bad I wanted to fall to the floor. “You are just a little cock whore, aren’t you?”

I opened my eyes, shocked. Master grabbed my hair and pulled, making me yelp. “Aren’t you?” he repeated, and I tried to nod.

“Yes, Master!”

He released me and stepped away, letting me hang off the edge of the desk. “Say it.” I groaned as the toy buzzed deep inside me, already close to the edge. His little whip hit my ass, making me nearly scream in delight.

“I-I’m your little cock whore.”

The toy hit me again, and I jerked. “Again.” Master changed directions, aiming the toy for my pussy and the little vibrator’s antennae. I moaned louder and squirmed on the desk.

“I’m your little cock whore!” I chanted this, my hands balled tightly in their bindings as he kept hitting me with the toy. It stung much worse than the first time, and I wanted to cry out. “I’m your cock whore Master!”

My orgasm erupted through me, and my legs couldn’t support me. I nearly fell to the floor, guided by my Master. The toy in me kept buzzing, and I groaned. “Siiir please!” I was panting, my nerves on end as one orgasm ended and another began. “Oh God please!”

He watched, amusement on his face. “What do you want?” He stood over me as I rolled onto my back, closing my eyes and trying to fight another round. It was a losing battle.

My face was red from the teasing. “Pleeeease sir,” I whimpered, arching my back again. The buzzing never ceased, and I was approaching another climax. “I want to come, pleeease!”

He crossed his arms and leaned against the wall. “You already came. Why should I let you come again?” I moaned and tried to sit up. Master was not going to help this time.

“I’ve been–oh shit–good Master! Please, I want-I need it!” I squeezed my eyes shut again, twisting in my bonds. “Oh sir, right there!” I felt degraded, rolling on the floor and nearly coming again as he watched, but I couldn’t think of anything but what that little vibrator was doing to me.

“Then come,” he allowed, and I cried out in appreciation. I fell over the edge, falling to pieces as he watched me, and all I could do was moan. The toy stopped buzzing, but my body kept going, twitching as little shocks took over. I was in heaven, it felt so very good!

My chest rose and fell hard, trying to control my breathing, as he knelt down beside me. “Roll over,” he ordered, and I did so with his help. The little wrap was untied and I moved my arms back in front of me, rubbing my wrists. “You are something, you know that?”

I smiled. “I have a good Master.”

The last ten minutes were a blur. We packed, dressed, cleaned, and checked out in record time. I threw my bag into my passenger seat and walked over to his car, where he was loading all his bags. When he was done, he turned back to me. “This is your treat,” he added. A small tootsie roll rested in his hand, and I grinned. “And you had so many tricks too.” I accepted the candy and stretched up for a kiss. We stayed like that for several long moments, before reluctantly pulling away. “Until next time?”

He nodded, brown eyes locked with my green ones. “Yup. Christmas?” I nodded and we kissed again. When I finally pulled away, walking back to my car, all I could think was how far Christmas really was.

And what I could do to really surprise my Master next time….

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