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Taken By Passion

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She reaches up & turns the radio a little bit louder. Dipping her hands back into the soapy water she goes back to washing the dishes. Her body sways as she dances & sings along with the music. He stops in the doorway, silently watching her as she moves. Looking her over he smiles, completely nude save the silver collar around her neck & the leather ankle cuffs. She has grown accustomed to being naked, even come to like it.

Her long braid sways along her back, her hips rocking as she dances in place. Each time she reaches over to set a dish in the drain rack he can see the curve of her full breast.

He watches her for a moment longer, enjoying his stolen glimpse of this interlude. Her voice mixes with the music as she sings,”I’m a bitch, I’m a tease, I’m a goddess on my knees…” He adjusts the growing stiffness in his pants then crosses the kitchen silently & swiftly scoops her up in his arms. The glass she has her hand shatters in the sink where she drops it & she screams in surprise. Before she can react he throws her over his shoulder & heads through the house.

“Nooooooo.” she cries. She hits his back, kicking her legs & twisting her body trying to get free from him. He smacks her hard on her bared bottom as he carries her into the bedroom, leaving bright red handprints on her skin & tears in her eyes. He throws her roughly on the bed, she rolls over & scrambles for the other side. He catches her ankle, pulling her back toward him while dodging her other leg’s kicks.

He deftly snaps the clasp on her ankle cuff, hooking that leg to the footboard of the bed. Her kicks are wilder, trying to keep him far enough from her to get her ankle free. To her surprise he catches her foot in mid-kick & forces her leg down to the bed, securing it as well. With her unable to use her legs he kneels on the bed just out of reach of her swinging arms. He makes a calculated dive at her, hurling her hard onto her back. He pins her hands over her head & lays his whole body on the length of hers, both of them panting.

He looks into her eyes, she trembles excitedly under him, his piercing gaze seems to look into her soul. He kisses her, fiercely claiming her mouth with his & her desire to fight evaporates as she melts beneath him. He smiles knowingly as he lifts himself from her, admiring the light sheen of sweat glistening all over her body. She lays there looking up at him, struggling meekly as he attaches handcuffs to each wrist, then to the headboard.

His fingers tenderly trace her eyes, her lips, he caresses her cheek, then slides his hand down her neck. He smiles as he strokes her throat, gently pressing just enough to let her know that she breathes only because he allows it. Tears well up in her eyes, brought out by the fear of being so completely helpless. Keeping his light grip on her throat he reaches down & begins toying with a nipple. She arches her back up to meet his touch, a whispery moan falling from her lips. When that nipple hardens he turns his attention to the other, his thumb slowly stroking her neck. She purrs as he manipulates her nipples alternately until they are both aching little nubs.

Releasing her throat he takes a nipple between his finger & thumb of each hand, gradually squeezing tighter. This game is familiar, it is his favorite to start with. He lets the pressure mount, the pain increases as he begins to pull them as well. She gasps & winces, biting her lip, stubbornly trying to keep quiet. She arches her back in an attempt to relieve some of the strain, unable to move far enough with her tight bonds. Twisting them he watches her face, her eyes tearing up again, her jaw set determinedly. Little jerks, squeezing, twisting, constantly changing, never letting her get used to the feelings. He gives them a final vicious tweak & she yelps in pain.

A single tear rolls down her cheek as she lays there, craning her neck to watch his every move. He picks up a bottle of creme & sits on the bed beside her, setting the cool plastic container on her bare stomach. She shivers, not so much from the chilly bottle as from the intense shine in his eyes. He dabs some of the creme on his fingertip & smears it thickly around one nipple then the other. The cold is a shock to her tender nipples, making them tighten sharply. He trails the extra creme down the middle of her body, stopping above her smooth shaven mound. He smiles a strange smile & watches her for a moment, as if waiting for something.

She can feel her nipples warming, thinking her body has become accustomed to the cold creme. She fidgets a little as the heat grows in her nipples & along the line he traced down her body. He smiles wickedly & runs his finger along her lower lips, wiping the tiniest bits of creme on her labia. She whimpers as the heat continues to escalate, almost as if a flame is being held just below her nipples. She is squirming on the bed, her bonds still keeping her from getting anywhere. A smoldering trail down her body leads to the steadily rising heat on her lips. She is groaning, pleading with her eyes, still refusing to ask for anything.

He takes an ice cube from the glass on the nightstand & holds it over her nipple, just close enough she can feel the cold. She bites her lip again, struggling with her willful pride until finally she begs,”Please Master?” His chuckle sent chills up her spine, or maybe it was the ice cube he was circling her nipples with. She rocks her hips up, hoping he will move the cooling down to her lips. He keeps the ice on her nipples, letting the chill ease the burning ache of the creme.

The ice is quickly melting & its soothing cold is being replaced by a heat even more intense than before. She writhes on the bed, moaning as her nipples seem to burn hotter, making her forget the heat on her pussy. Another ice cube slides down her body, the cool wet trail rapidly turning hotter. He sets the bottle of creme aside, picks up a nearby washcloth & smiles knowingly at her. Ignoring the strip of fire along her body’s center, he wipes around her nipple, the terrycloth slightly rough on her tender skin. He catches her nipple with the cloth, pinching & twisting lightly as he wipes off the creme. She closes her eyes & purrs softly while he repeats the process with the other one, leaving her trembling as he goes to put the cloth away. There is enough residue of the creme to leave her nipples still throbbing from the tingling heat.

He sits back on the bed & she looks up as he begins casually toying with her nipples. He pinches them causing her to wince & quickly fastens a clamp to one, then the other. He lifts the chain connecting them, tugging just a little bit so she whimpers, then lets it fall.

He begins tracing light circles on her stomach, his fingertips just barely touching her skin. Feathery caresses moving all over her body, alternating between his fingertips & his fingernails, just enough to have her aching, her skin tingling. Very soon she is arching up her body where ever she can to meet his touch, whimpering for more. He stops to pick up a make up brush & she looks at him, her eyes questioning, but he just smiles, not saying a word.

She closes her eyes as he strokes the brush across her lids, then over her cheeks, across her forehead & down her nose, the soft bristles against her skin. She gasps as he caresses her lips with the brush, the soft rough feeling of the bristles as they mold to her mouth’s contours. Her lips still tingle deliciously as he trails the brush down her neck, along her shoulder, following her arm. Over the soft crook of her elbow, up to her hand, tracing the lines of her palm before moving back down to her chest. She giggles when he drags it across her ribs, he knows that she is ticklish there. Like a silken tongue he glides the brush down her stomach, around her navel, down the crease of her leg & she moans. Caressing her inner thigh, letting the bristles just tickle the underside of her knee & she giggles again.

Down her leg to her foot, running the brush along the arch of her foot so she squirms & squeals. Moving to the other foot, still teasing her arch & just under her toes as she pulls against the bonds laughing helplessly. Then he continues up her other leg, lifting her knee to fully stroke the back of it & make her wiggle some more. Up her body, up under her arm & back down to follow her shoulder & collarbone. He gently brushes the hollow of her throat, following her body’s line down to the valley of cleavage & around her breast. Slowly he spirals up her breast, the bristles awakening every nerve as he traces around her areola. She sucks a breath in anticipating the brush on her nipple but he moves to her other breast.

He does a similar spiral around her other breast, finally stopping over her nipple, slowly he lowers the brush. The bristles pushing into her nipple like thousands of soft needles, almost stinging, but not quite. He begins teases her nipples with brush, dragging it across for a few strokes, then poking them with the bristles, he does this several times. He moves back to her throat as if to begin all over again. He strokes her skin with long sweeps, as if he is painting every muscle, every curve. Moving along her body, touching each crevice with the brush, sweeping down between her thighs.

Finally he drags the brush along her pussy lips & she cries out, her damp lips spreading slightly. He teases her lips a bit before moving back up her body, tracing up & around her navel, poking inside with the bristles. He leans very close & blows his warm breath across her stomach. Her flesh is so sensitive, immediately it comes up in gooseflesh & she whimpers for his touch. He gives tug on the chain, pulling on her clamped nipples with a smile & she squeals.

He picks up the suede flogger & she trembles eagerly as he lets the tails lay across her hip. He drags the ends along her legs, the soft leather caressing her lightly. He pulls back, watching her suck in a breath & tense for the first blow. He slowly lowers the flogger until the knotted tails are just tickling her pussy lips & she groans. Quickly he pulls back & swings, landing an easy blow across her vulnerable stomach. Her skin is so over sensitive that it feels like a tremendous blow on her body & she screams.

He lays a latticework of pink stripes over her torso whiles she moans, steadily moving down to her hips. The tails wrap around her hips nicely as he stripes them too, the pleasure & pain blurring as she writhes in her bonds. He works each thigh on it’s own, letting the biting tails land as close to her pussy as possible. She can feel the rush of wind on her pussy lips as the flogger slices through the air. Moving down her legs, raining lighter blows now since there is less tissue to absorb the punishment.

She cringes when he pauses at her feet & smiles up at her. The first lash hits her tender sole & she yelps, thrashing against the restraints. He alternates from one foot to the other, the flogger’s tails curling around to abuse the tops as well. He runs his fingers over her foot & she whimpers trying to pull away, the tears flowing freely from her eyes. He lets the flogger trail up her body, deliberately dragging the tails across her pussy. He stands just above her head & she wonders what is next.

She doesn’t register the first sting of her palm, when the second hits she clenches her hand closed. He hooks his fingers under the chain between her nipples & raises it high, lifting her breasts with it. “Open your hand.” he insists. She keeps her hand in a tight fist, shaking her head defiantly. He tugs the chain up harder & she squeals, opening her hand quickly. He whips her hands & arms, bringing bright pink stripes across them too. The blows are not that hard, but seem to hurt much more as she struggles trying to get away. Somewhere through her pain & tears she rationalizes that her arms are not accustomed to the whippings that the rest of her body is. The thought drifts away as quickly as it had come to her & once again she is nothing more than a mass of pleasurable pain.

He leaves her arms tingling, her palms on fire from the lashes. He lands a couple swings across her shoulders, light ones, simply to get her to flinch. He shows her that cruel smile of his & she shudders. He lifts the chain again, until her nipples are straining against the clamps, as if they could almost slip free. She cries out as the first lash hits the tender underside of her breasts. He lashes the top then back to the underside, watching the tails curl around her supple breasts. With each swing the flogger finds new flesh to mark, leaving her trembling, yet arching up to meet every stroke. He lets go of the chain at last, watching her breasts quiver as they fall back onto themselves.

He lays the flogger on the bed beside her & reaches for something above her head. He swings a few licks of the new flogger across her breasts, the horsehair is like lines of fire on her abused skin. She gasps sharply as he drags the it across her mons, like strands of silk gliding over her. He swings the flogger & she squeals as a hundred stinging points erupt on her pussy lips. He lays five light blows, she quivers under each lash, rolling her hips trying to get away. He then drags the tails over her labia, their cool touch soothing & tickling the sting. She whimpers & moans as he switches back & forth, until her lips are a very tender.

He lays his hand against her wet lips, his warm palm feels cool on her burning sex. She groans even as she pushes her hips up, pressing against his hand. Moving it, he traces her lips with just a finger. She lifts her hips, trying to get his finger inside of her. He shoves three of his fingers in suddenly, & rubs her clit with his thumb. She whimpers as he pumps his fingers in her sweet hole, thrusting her hips up to meet him. Just as she begins to feel the first sparks of her orgasm growing he pulls his hand away. “Ohhhh,” she cries at the sudden emptiness.

He gets up on the bed, kneels between her legs & begins running his hands over her body. His touch is gentle, but it makes her fiery skin smart & tingle. He tugs on the nipple chain before kneading her breasts in his large hands. She whimpers & twists beneath him as he drags his nails down her ribs, over her hips & to her knees. Then he begins to slide slowly up her inner thighs, massaging her muscles firmly. He lowers his face to her pussy & inhales deeply, breathing in her lusty scent. She tries to raise her hips, but his hands on her thighs keep her pressed to the bed.

He looks up, his eyes sliding over the landscape of her body. She looks down at him, over the length of her trembling body, their eyes lock. He blows lightly on her lust swollen lips & she moans, tugging on her bonds. She can see the devilish gleam in his eyes & she knows he wants her to beg as certainly if he’d told her from his own lips. She tears her gaze from his as he blows another breath on her exposed sex & she tries in vain to buck her hips. She turns her head, hiding her face in her arm, trying to block out his teasing.

He stays there, his breath warm on her quivering lips, not moving any closer, not touching her. His breath falling steadily on her pussy like an invisible tongue relentlessly caressing her. Hearing her whimpers & moans he knows that he is torturing her, but she is resisting. Unwilling to wait any longer he plunges his tongue between her slick lips & she moans. She knows that she has won this battle of wills, but also that she will pay for it later. He buries his face in her pussy, his tongue & teeth teasing her as she writhes under him. He sucks on her clit lightly as he flicks his tongue across it rapidly.

Pushing her hips to the mattress he pulls back & laps at her glistening lips, his tongue barely slips between them. She bucks & thrusts with desire, unable to move far with his weight holding her down. She whimpers & he looks up at her, his mouth covered with her sweet nectar. Keeping eye contact with her he licks slowly along her lips & she shudders. Now she is unwilling to wait as she pleads, “Please Master, lick my pussy. Pleaasee.” The last word stretches into a moan of pleasure as he begins to devour her.

His tongue circles her clit, then he slides his fingers inside of her & licks vigorously. She begins to cum quickly, her body tensing, her mind exploding as the waves of ecstasy pulse through her. He keeps licking her pussy, driving his fingers in deeply, his face pressed tightly to her honeyed hole. Unable to rest she trembles continuously, sparks of pleasure shooting through her as he persists teasing her clit. She pulls at her bonds, her body shakes violently as another orgasm sweeps over her. Her reaction spurs him on, he feasts on her clenching pussy, sucking & licking ruthlessly. Her clit seems to burn every time he licks it, her body aflame, aching with torturous delight. Her senses overloading as he keeps pushing her over that rapturous cliff again & again. Gasping for breath, her body convulsing with yet another climax, she chokes out an agonizing groan.

He pulls his fingers from her velvet sex, pausing to lick her taste from them as she deeply sucks in air, trying to catch her breath. Not giving her any time to recover he moves up her body & positions his head at her lips. She whimpers weakly as he kisses her hard & shoves inside of her with one quick thrust. She can feel the thick ring in his cock rubbing inside of her pussy, the steel hard against her over-sensitive womb. She twists under him, trying to get away & get closer to him at the same time. He moves his cock in & out of her as he alternately kisses, licks, & bites her.

Abruptly he stops, still buried to the hilt inside of her velvet tunnel he sits up & repositions himself. He begins to slowly slide his cock again, letting her catch her breath only briefly before he speeds up. She groans & closes her eyes as she tries to regain some control of her senses. Vaguely she hears a hissing, then hundreds of lines of fire burst on her chest & she screams. Her eyes fly open in time to see him swinging another lash down on her stomach. Angry red lines appear on her tender flesh as he pulls the horsehair flogger back for another blow. Tears flow from her eyes as he rains several strokes on her body, all the while still sliding his cock in & out of her clenching pussy.

She whimpers, every nerve in her body screaming with conflicting pleasure & pain as he takes her. He tugs on the nipple chain, eliciting a sharper squeal as he tosses the flogger aside. She hisses as his body presses against hers, her freshly whipped skin stinging from his touch. He lays a hand on her neck as he kisses her starvingly. He grips her throat, not enough to block her breathing, just letting her feel his power over her.

“Your tears are sweet my pretty petal,”He whispers & licks a tear rolling down her cheek, “Even sweeter when I’ve brought them to your eyes.” She moans unable to even speak. He bites her ear, his teeth marking her as he rides her harder, slamming deeper in her pussy. She arches her back & bucks under him, her hips thrust up to receive even more of his cock. He reaches up & unbuckles first one then her other wrist. She clings to him, her nails digging into his back, shuddering uncontrollably.

“Oh my little bitch, how I love to feel your body tremble under me.”, he whispers breathlessly. He crushes her to him, kissing her viciously & driving his cock deeper inside of her. He groans, moving his hands to her waist as he drives into her urgently. She sinks her teeth into his shoulder, her pussy squeezing hard as he thrusts forcefully into her. She can feel him as he cums inside of her, holding her tight, his fingers gripping her hips painfully. Clutching his back she moans deliriously, lost in the over loading rapture of her senses. He collapses on her still trembling body, nuzzling his face in her neck, biting her softly.

She lays under his weight trying to catch her breath, her grip on him begins to relax as her orgasmic tremors lessen. She can feel his heart pounding through her chest, both of their pulses still racing, gradually slowing toward a normal pace. He moves his hips, stirring his cock inside her & she pleads, “Please don’t move Master.” He grins evilly & rotates his hips, slowly grinding into her. She whimpers as he slides his hand down between them & begins to rub her clit vigorously. “Nooo,” she begs, trying to push him off of her & she begins to cum yet again. He tugs on the chain between her nipples, sending sharp jolts of pain through her breasts as the pleasure bursts from her sex. He kisses her deeply, taking her breath away as she moans helplessly into his mouth. Biting her lips as he breaks the kiss, he smiles looking into her eyes. She lays panting & exhausted, her skin still criss-crossed with pink stripes, a sheen of sweat covering her body.

Gingerly he removes one of the clamps, bending to softly kiss & lick her sore nipple. She sighs as he does the same with her other nipple, then lays his body along side of hers. The air is cool on her burning skin, her body aching deliciously she looks over at him & smiles weakly. She takes his hand, kisses each fingertip, then kisses his palm & breathes, “My beloved Master.” He cups her cheek & kisses her tenderly, trailing his hand down, stroking her throat. “My precious petal,” he whispers toying with the collar around her neck. His eyes gleam impishly as he says, “You know I shall have to punish your for the glass you broke.” The indignant look on her face makes him chuckle & he pulls her close, kissing her deeply. “Not to worry lover, I won’t punish you too severely.” he teases & she giggles. “Anything you say Master.” she purrs cuddling closer in his arms.

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