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Taken But Not Robbed

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I should have never cut through the park but I was in a hurry to get to my girls house. Just thinking about the pussy I was going to get caused my cock to start to get hard. So wrapped up in my thoughts of the fucking I was going to get I never realized anyone else was around until they grabbed me and stuck a gag in my mouth.

They pulled me off the path and into a spot surrounded by high bushes. I noticed there was some sort of old table setting in the middle of the place.

“Quit struggling or we’ll blow your fucking head off,” growled one of the men holding me. I realized then that to struggle was useless. I decided to just let them rob me and maybe they would let me go free. Wrong!

There were four of them. Two of them had hold of my arms and one man was behind me prodding me with what he said was a gun. I never tried to find out if he was telling the truth or not. “Get his fucking clothes off,” ordered the man with the gun. I started to resist but a prod from the ‘gun’ changed my mind. “Bad enough the fuckers were going to take my money, but the assholes were going to take my clothes too,” I thought to my self.

I was to find out they would take a whole lot more. In just a few minutes they had me completely naked. “The fucker has a pretty nice cock, must be about six to seven inches when its hard,” observed one of the men reaching out and taking hold of my cock.

I had never had another man touch my cock and I did not want him to. I tried to pull back but it was no use, there was a man close behind me and he made me stand still while the man in front fondled my cock and balls. “Nice ass too,” said the man behind me as he played with my ass. They both founded me like I was some piece of meat or something and I could do nothing to stop them. The fucker holding my cock was causing it to start to respond.

Now I am as straight 8 as they come but I am also highly sexed. When one of the men kneeled in front of me and put my cock in his mouth, I started, against my will, to get hard and again tried to pull back.

“Quit moving fucker,” groused the man rubbing my ass as he let me know he still had the gun.

How I was really embarrassed because try as I may I could not keep my cock from getting hard. “Please don’t get hard,” I begged in my mind as the man continued to suck me till I was completely hard.

“Looks like we caught us a closet fag. Man look at his cock drool,” laughed the man behind me.

The man sucking my cock then stood up and spoke, “We are going to take your gag off. But if you make one false sound, I’m going to cut your cock off…Understand?”

To make his point he pulled a knife from his pocket and held it in front of my face as he took hold of my cock. All I could do was nod my head yes.

But before he took my gag off he slipped out of his shirt and pants. He was not wearing any under clothes. Looking around I realized the other two men beside me had already striped. When the man behind me pushed up close to me I knew he was naked too because I could feel his hard cock pressed against my ass smearing pre-cum on me.

I tried to wiggle away from his cock and this only made him laugh and taunt me, “You don’t have to wiggle your hot little ass, you’ll soon get all the fucking you can handle.”

It was then I realized they were going to rape me. I guess the look of fear in my eyes must have showed because the man with the knife waved it again and warned, “Just remember – one peep out of you and one dick will be laying on the ground – UNDERSTAND?”

I nodded my head yes as the man behind me took my gag off. The man in front of me again went to his knees and started sucking on my cock which had started to go soft but immediately betrayed me by swiftly getting hard again. Boy he could really suck cock! In no time at all he had me on the edge of cumming. No matter how hard I tried I could not will my cock soft and inadvertently my hips of their own accord pushed my throbbing cock at his mouth.

“Like that don’t you Bitch,” growled the man behind me prodding me with his cock and gun at the same time.

Afraid to deny I liked having my cock sucked, I whispered, “Yesss,”

The man sucking my cock then pulled his mouth off my cock and look up at me, “Want me to finish sucking you?” he asked.

Flushed with shame because I really wanted him to, all I could do was nod my head yes. “Well I am going to,” he answered, “but first you have to do something for me” he stated as he stood up.

I could only look blankly at him afraid to ask what. I did not have to ask, he told me.

“I want you to suck my cock,” he said as he started pushing me to my knees.

“No…please,” I begged. “I am not gay please don’t make me do this. Please!”

“Oh he is not going to make you,” said the man behind me. You are going to want to” As he said this I felt the gun press against my back. I realized then I had no choice and went to my knees.

Again the man behind me spoke, “Not so fast faggot, tell Dave you want to suck his cock.”

I stared to protest but a prod from the gun made me whisper, “May I suck your cock?”

Again the prod, “Louder Bitch! Like you really want to?”

Racked with shame and fear, looking up at Dave, I begged, “Please let me suck your cock.”

When I looked back down his cock was just inches from my face. “Ok” said Dave. “Take hold of it and rub it all over your slut face.

I took hold of the first man’s cock beside mind that I had ever held and began to rub his cock over my face smearing it with his pre-cum. His cock was hot, hard and sort of soft all at the same time.

“Good boy,” Dave said rubbing my head. “Now kiss it!”

Again I hesitated, bringing another warning from the man behind me. I then kissed my first cock. This is the weird part, I found myself thinking, “This is not so bad – fuck sex is sex.”

My thoughts were broken by the command I knew was coming, “Now suck it!”

I took my first cock into my mouth but must have grazed him with my teeth because he slapped me hard upside my head making me see stars, “Watch the teeth! You bite my cock and I’ll sure as hell cut yours off. Now suck my cock like you like having your sucked.”

I then applied all the things I had ever had done to me.. I held my lips tight around his cock as I tongued the under side of it causing him to moan, “Take it alllll…”

Then little by little on each in stroke I worked more of his meat into my mouth till his cock hit the back of my throat. My head was back at such an angle that after after a few tries I took his whole cock in my mouth and throat.

“WOW! Exclaimed Dave. “This bitch is a natural!” He then began to really fuck my face bouncing his balls off my chin. “YEA! Whore…eat that cock…”he moaned and then rambling his cock into my mouth even harder he screamed, “Eat my cum…now OH BABY!”

I never had a chance to think about to swallow or not so forceful was his cum. The first shot hit the back of my throat and as I was trying to swallow that to keep from choking he rammed his cock deep in my throat ant released three or four more large loads. I had no choice except to swallow as fast as I could. But that was not fast enough some of his cum ran out of my mouth and down my chin. But what really surprised me was that the taste of his cum was not unpleasant, but had a salty sweetness to it.

“Yea man!” laughed the man called Ron, “We got us a real cock sucker and he loves it. Look at his cock!”

To my shame and embarrassment I looked down and realized for the first time that my cock was rock hard and oozing pre-cum. “Oh fuck what is wrong with me?” I wondered shocked at how my body was sexually reacting to me being forced to suck a man’s cock and swallow his cum.

When Dave moved aside Ron quickly took his place and shoved his cock into my mouth and said one word, “SUCK!”

I did not wait for the prod of the gun this time but began sucking the second cock of my life. When I finished with him the other two men took their turns at fucking my mouth. I hoped that when these two finished my ordeal would be over. Little did I know it would just be starting?

As soon as I finished sucking the fourth man’s cock and swallowing his cum Dave spoke, “Bring him over here.’ Dave was standing over by the old table.

They made me bend over the table. While two of the men held me down Dave began to smear some sort of slick stuff over my ass and around my hole. I realized then they wanted to fuck me in my ass. “No please! NO!” I screamed as Dave rammed a finger into my virgin ass. “OH NO! PLEASE!” I begged. All I got was the third man ramming his cock into my mouth again.

Soon Dave had two fingers in my ass and trying for three. “Just relax your ass and it will be over before you know it.”

I tried to scream but a mouth full of cock stopped that. All of a sudden Dave popped his fingers out and the head of his cock in. I almost fainted from the pain and the shame from having a man’s hard cock lodged in my ass and another cock fucking my mouth. But I will give Dave this, he was not a cruel lover(?). He held his cock still in my ass till my ass sort of become use to having something in it. Then little by little he eased more of his cock in my virgin ass till I felt his balls against me.

In the mean time the third man was really fucking my mouth. I guess this took my mind off my ass and let it relax a little. Dave began to slowly fuck in and out of my ass slowly letting me become accustom to having a man’s dick in me. The man fucking my face shot his load deep in me and pulled out.

I could breathe again and talk. But all I could do was moan from the pain of my ass being stretched. “Ohhh…please stop…it hurts…please…oh….ohhh…please…please don’t fuck me.”

“Oh what a hot hole…this ass was made for fucking…take it slut! Take my cock! Fuck me whore…fuck me hard,” Dave roared as he began to fuck my ass in earnest.

Surprisingly to me, the pain gradually began to lessen and a new feeling began to wash over me. I felt my dick, which had shriveled up from the pain, start to get hard from Dave’s cock rubbing my prostate. This was not lost on the men, “Look he likes it! Look at his cock getting hard.” What was so shameful was that I knew they were right. I was beginning to enjoy having my ass pounded by Dave’s cock.

“Damn! You are right this whore does love me fucking his ass. Turn him over I want to see his face as I fuck his cherry ass,’ Dave told the other men.

They quickly laid me on the table on my back as two of them held my legs back almost beside my head. Dave quickly shoved his cock back into my still open ass. It did not hurt much this time and soon his pounding my ass with his cock bumping my prostate had me rock hard and oozing pre-cum. My “Ohhhs” of pain were now beginning, to my embarrassment and shame, becoming “Ohhhhs” of pleasure.

“Fuck him hard Dave,” cried the other men. “He fucking well likes having a cock in his ass. Fuck that cocksucker! Make him beg for cock!”

“No please noo…ohhhh…please…ohhhhh yesss..I mean nooo,” I began to beg as Dave continued his assault on my now willing ass. “Oh what in the fuck has come over me…”I wondered and then it struck me I should say, ‘What the fuck is in me?'” I readily knew the answer to that – it was a man’s hard cock and I was starting to enjoy it.

“Ohhh Fuck YESSS!” screamed Dave. “I’m going to cum…Take it bitch…takeit allll.”

The feel of his hard cock spraying hot cum deep in my no longer virgin ass and over my extra sensitive prostate caused my own cock to shoot the largest load of it life. To my utter shame and embarrassment my cock shot its load without even being touched.

“Man Dave!” exclaimed Ron, “You have fucked the cum out of this bitch. What a fucking whore! He loves being fucked.”

Although I kept begging them not to fuck me, I knew Ron was sort of right. In some warped perverted way I was willingly yielding to being fucked in the ass and in my mouth. I even wrapped my legs around some of the men fucking me. With others I held my legs wide as they pounded their cocks into my ass. I also knew a couple of other ‘fuck’ buddies of theirs had showed up. For the next few hours I was fucked at both ends over and over. I don’t know how many times but I constantly had a cock in my ass or mouth and sometimes in both ends at the same time. I was also sucked off several times. All in all I knew I was one well-fucked person and I also knew my straight 8 days were over. Never would straight sex bring me to the erotic sexual heights I had reached having my face and ass fucked by hard cum spewing cocks.

When they were all sucked and fucked out they dressed and warned me, “Don’t ever come back here or we’ll fuck the shit out of you again.”

As I lay across the table with cum running down my legs from my over full ass and my mouth and face full of cum, I knew to my shame and embarrassment I would come back tomorrow and be used again as a fuck toy. Then looking on the ground I saw my pants with my billfold still in my pocket. Yes I had been raped but not robbed.

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