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To Serve

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Anne was just approaching 30, she had struggled her way through a number of jobs before joining Fulcrum. She had trained as a nurse, worked in a hospital, then an old peoples home in her quest to find herself something which enabled her to work and help other people.

All had been a struggle and in the end she had given it all up, taken a secretarial course and, after several attempts, landed her current job in the support team.

Fulcrum had only been in business for seven years and had grown rapidly on the strength of their main database product which now powered many of the major corporate web sites. Most of their customers were major wholesalers using Fulcrum software to support on-line catalogues and ordering, but they also has won many contracts with porn sites where it was used to hold the files of pictures sent in by so-called amateurs. This part of Fulcrum’s business while profitable, was not mentioned in most of their publicity!

Much of their success had been largely down to Mike Andersen, a brash 35 year old sales and marketing director who worked hard long hours and traveled extensively. He had a support team of 10, four of which had been there from the start, the rest were all short timers. The reason for the high turn-over was simple, Mike was a hard guy to work for, he demanded that his staff worked similar hours to himself, seemed to care little for their home life and was in the habit of swearing and shouting at people who he believed were not pulling their weight. He had recently fired two of his team for being drunk on a Friday evening when he needed them to put together a proposal for a new client. The fact that they had already clocked up over 60 hours each that week mattered little.

Mike seemed to have no social life of his own. Everybody knew he was divorced (but everybody thought they knew why his wife had left him), nobody had heard him mention a girlfriend or seen him with a woman who was not a client, and several thought he must be gay!

So when, on a winter’s morning, David called Anne into his office to say that she was being temporarily transferred to Sales & marketing, her heart sank. She wanted to ask what she had done wrong to deserve this transfer but, as was her nature, she kept quiet and accepted the situation. She believed that she would not be able to cope and would be out of her job in a few days, especially if she had to do any work for Mr. Andersen!

She was relieved to find herself working with two others on a new account for one of the junior salesmen. She was amazed to find that the work was within her capabilities. She even enjoyed it and worked long hours because the time seemed to fly past. It also enabled her to observe the all powerful Mr Andersen from a safe distance. This tall blond haired man did not seem to her to be the ogre that everybody said he was. Yes he shouted a lot (but always with just cause), he was demanding and worked at least as hard as his team. She found the power and authority that he seemed to exude attractive and the fact that nobody knew anything about him outside work added that touch of mystery.

It was on one such day when she was musing over his qualities while collating several copies of the latest proposal that she was jerked back into reality but the sound of Mike’s booming voice right behind her.

“Anne. Come into my office” an instruction from the master. The rest of the team looked up to see what was going on and she felt their eyes on her as she followed Mr. Andersen into his office. What had she done wrong? What mistake had she made?

She felt the carpet under her feet as they entered the office. Andersen slammed the door shut behind her.

Anne” he began looking down at the papers on his desk “you have done well helping Angus.” He looked up briefly to see a nervous young woman looking back at him with downcast eyes. “It’s OK Anne I’m not going to eat you” he smiled (slightly but a smile nonetheless), the first one she could ever remember seeing on him. “But I have an important project coming up and want to know if you will stay with us longer and join the team?”

She did not know what to say at first, totally unprepared for this new turn of events. “well yes” she eventually managed to stutter, “but I have still to finish up on the other project for Angus.”

“Oh that” he went back to the papers on his desk “well they can do all that. I doubt we will win it anyway.” She wondered if Angus knew that four weeks of his work were likely to end a loss! “Report to Margaret my secretary tomorrow and she will sort out your tickets.” Tickets? What tickets?

He looked up and saw the question written large on her face “Oh sorry the client is in Sweden, we leave next week for Stockholm. Make sure you pack some warm things its cold and dark over there.” He gave another half smile and waved her out of the office. Two days later she found herself sitting in business class on a jumbo jet bound for Europe. Mike had apparently gone on ahead and there was just her and Margaret now jetting over to join him, weighed down with a combination of laptop computers and winter clothing.

Anne had never really spoken to Margaret before but during the nine hour flight they chatted amiably about Fulcrum, work (but not Mike himself), their backgrounds. Anne discovered that this smarty dressed red-head had worked for Mike for three years. He had always been aloof but fair and had made sure she always did well out of the annual bonus scheme. The extra money had bought her designer business suits and good holidays. Holidays she had shared with her girlfriend of several years. Yes Mike knew she was gay but seemed unconcerned as log as she did her work.

Margaret complimented Anne on her work, not many had made such a quick impression, and said Mike had commented that she was probably the most accurate and diligent Admin. Assistant they had. Praise indeed!

Anne could not help compare herself to Margaret as they chatted. While Margaret had the sort of curves men drool over and dressed well to show off her figure, Anne usually dressed very conservatively. Nobody would call her beautiful or even pretty. Her dark hair framed an attractive enough face and she used some make-up to enhance her looks. However her slight, almost boyish figure, was usually clad, as today, in jeans and a loose fitting top which did nothing to enhance the few curves she had. Perhaps one day, she mused, if she did well and got a good bonus, she would buy some nice clothes, perhaps even some nice lingerie? Who for? Was the question that flashed through her mind. She had a number of boyfriends, but none had stayed around long. A doctor had taken her cherry during her first year of nursing school. It had been a quick painful experience and he had cared little for her satisfaction. One boyfriend had stayed longer than most and she had tried hard to keep him. He had taught her to give oral sex and she allowed him to penetrate her rear with his finger, but had baulked at anything larger. Looking back on it, she had never really had true happiness in her relationships, her desire to help and look after her partners had often sent them running as they accused her of trying to mother or even smother them.

Anne quickly found out that the job in Sweden would be Fulcrum’s biggest ever contract if they won it. The three of them worked hard, putting in 12 or more hour days throughout the first week. At the weekend Margaret went back to Head Office to work on one part of the proposal leaving the inexperienced Anne with Mike. She made mistakes, he fired her twice, she cried and ran out of the room on both occasions before pulling herself together and returning to carry on as if nothing had happened.

Another week went past and the shouting got less, she had not been “fired” for three days now and by Saturday they had virtually finished the proposal and presentation. Mike wanted to complete it before Saturday was out so, she found herself knocking on his hotel room door at 7 o’clock, laptop under her arm. He opened the door wearing a bathrobe, he smelled good to her – just from the shower – and she was glad she had also found time for a quick shower before returning to her work.

He ushered her into the room directing her to the desk in the corner where she put down the PC, fumbling under the desk to plug it in. As she was down on her knees she noticed that the TV was on in the corner of the room. Two naked figures were writhing around, a well hung stud, sliding his massive cock into the pussy of a well endowed (enhanced Anne thought) beauty. She was mesmerised, looking at the images, only come back to real-life when a rather flustered Mike mumbled a “sorry about that” and turned off the set. Perhaps he is not gay then she thought.

They worked into the evening, gradually refining the presentation until Mike seemed to be happy with the format, contents and style.

“A job well done” he beamed “thanks for all your help. I hate putting these things together.”

“I have enjoyed it Mr Ander… sorry Mike” she could not get used to calling him that. “I like doing this sort of thing.”

“Well you have done well lets toast to a job well done.” Mike went to the mini-bar and took out a bottle of champagne. He did not wait for a response from Anne. He poured two glasses and handed one to her.

“To success” He clinked her glass and took a mouthful. Anne sipped hers; it was only the second time she had tasted champagne and knew that it would go straight to her head.

Mike looked at her “Anne,” he started, “you have done well and say that you like the job. How would you like to join me as a special personal assistant?” The offer took Anne by surprise and she was lost for words. Not that it mattered, Mike continued, barely pausing for breath “You have done a great job, you put up with my moods and shouting and I think you would be a great asset to the team and to me personally.”

Anne stuttered “I don’t know what to say” she paused “why me?”

“Well you should say yes and as to the ‘Why me’ question, I know you need the money, I can depend on you to get the work done.”

“But you don’t know me, we have only worked together for a couple of weeks and ….” Mike cut her short.

“I know you well enough” he looked into her eyes, “I know you don’t have a regular boyfriend, that you have drifted from job to job, and I know you take orders well and without question.” How did he know about her personal life? The question did not linger long in Anne’s mind as she pondered the job offer itself. The personal part of the job description came to the forefront of her mind.

“Errrrr Mike you already have a PA, I am sure Margaret is very good at her job?” Anne said this more like a statement than a question. She looked back into these steely blue eyes for an answer.

Mike looked serious and after an unusually long pause said in quiet, measured tones “She is good, but I think you may have special qualities which Margaret does not enjoy.” Anne looked confused but did not say anything. Just as she was about to ask what these qualities may be Mike put up his hand to stop her.

“I think you have an inner need to serve somebody, to place yourself into their hands, to let them guide you and instruct you, in return for which you would be happy to submit to their needs.” He looked into her face, her eyes looked downwards. “Am I wrong?”

Anne felt the words sting her. Here was her new boss, somebody who she barely knew, summing her up, speaking her innermost feelings. Was she transparent or was he merely very perceptive?

“I know people in the office wonder about me” Mike continued ” they probably think I’m gay” the small change in Anne’s expression told him he was correct. “But I believe in keeping my private life, just that, private. I am not like most men, I enjoy using my power, such as it is, and my authority to get what I want in both my business and private life. If you take this job, I want you to share both with me.”

There was a long pause. Anne’s thoughts rushed through her head. There was no doubt about his meaning. She was not a whore, but she was attracted to this man. She respected him, respected his power and authority. There was also the job which she wanted, no needed. Could she live up to his expectations? What were his expectations?

Mike sensed the inner turmoil as she sat, head bowed before him, fidgeting slightly, gripping her glass. “Look at me” he said softly but firmly. She hesitated “Anne look at me now” she raised her head, again those deep blue eyes.

“I don’t like repeating myself, but you are new, you will learn. We will start now.”

Anne did not know where the words came from but from her mouth she simply said “Yes Mike, I would like to learn.”

“Come over here and kneel by me” she looked at him, put down her glass and moved to kneel on the carpet by his feet. She knew that in that short move, she had already crossed a chasm. She looked forward, staring at his robe, avoiding his eyes, awaiting her next instruction.

It was a question “Have you ever performed oral sex on a boyfriend?”

“Yes Mike” her barely audible reply.

“That is how we will start Anne, I need to feel your lips around my cock. I want you to show me how well you can suck my cock.”

Her first challenge, one she would surely fail, given her limited experience. As if on some form of autopilot she saw her hands rise and undo Mike’s robe and open it up. He was naked underneath his semi-rigid cock rising from his groin. Even in this state Anne could tell it was bigger than anything in her previous experience. Her small hand could barely closed around the shaft as she lifted it to her lips. It had to be six inches long already and it was not fully hard.

She took the tip between her lips, for the first time tasting him, the sweet droplet of pre-cum washed over her lips as she bent her head to envelop the whole head. Her mind raced, what had she heard others say about giving a good blow-job? Yes, use your tongue; and hers snaked around the head, caressing his purple dome. She continued to lavish attention on his cockhead, taking a little more of him into her mouth, taking comfort that she was doing well from the increasing size and hardness of his cock.

Mike looked down at the slight figure trying to please him. She was not the best, but she would learn and she had not been frightened by his size like some in the past. He reached down and touched her hair, smoothing it down with his palm, running his hand through the fine strands, resisting the urge to take her hair in his fist and force himself deep in her throat. Another time; he was content to let take things slowly. He placed his hand on the top of her head and pressed down lightly. Anne swallowed more of him until his cock hit the top her throat. She felt herself gag, but forced herself to continue to use her tongue to coat his organ with her saliva.

Mike released the pressure and he let an inch of him escape. Breathing more heavily she swallowed him again, wanting to take him deeper but knowing his size would not allow it. “Use your fingers to stroke me” he said simply. She complied, her hand stretching around his hard flesh, moving slowly up and down while she continued to lick the engorged head which now nudged the top of her throat again. Mike held her head in his hands, helping her increase the tempo as he started to move in and out of her mouth. Inexperienced she may be, but the sight of her moving over his shaft was erotic enough for Mike to feel the tell-tale signs of his imminent cum. He quickened the pace now banging his cock against the roof of her mouth as he directed her head to bob faster.

Anne could sense the change. His hands were becoming more insistent and she could feel the hard veins in his cock pumping. She knew he must be close but was totally unprepared when his hands pushed down on her head and his cock spewed what seemed to be a large quantity of cum into her mouth. She felt him spasm again and had barely time to swallow his first load when a second, bigger quantity jetted into her mouth. His hands kept her head down over his cock; she tried to swallow but choked on the large quantity in her mouth. She managed to swallow again at the second attempt and was rewarded, if that was the right term, with a third gush of cum into her mouth.

He released the pressure and let his cock slip back so that only the head remained in her mouth, A fourth much smaller jet of cum sprayed the roof of her mouth. Again she swallowed, allowing her tongue to taste him; a viscous salty taste, even sweet, not unpleasant, just different.

Mike looked down at her, his wet cock barely inside her mouth, traces of his cum seeping around onto her lips. For an inexperienced girl she had taken all he had and swallowed, perhaps she did not need so much training after all? He pulled his weakening cock from her mouth, letting it rest against his thigh.

Anne looked up at him “I am sorry Mike, I have not had much practice I…..” his hand went to her lips, silencing her. “You did well Anne, you suck cock well.” He wanted to reassure but not sound too convincing. It was important to leave an element of doubt in this girl’s mind. He knew she would try harder next time. And the next!

“Now Anne, I want you to please me more.” She looked at him, The authority was still in his voice. What must she do to please this man more? She had taken his seed. She had done what was asked.

“Please stand and go to the window.” She knew better than to question, but the request seemed strange to her. She went to the large picture window and looked out over the night sky of downtown Stockholm. Although modern buildings, the scene looked strangely beautiful, the cold air made the lights in the street, six floors, below sparkle.

“Undress Anne. I would like to see your body.” His request snapped her back to the reality of the room. Now she was worried, he would see her unattractive body for what it was worth; he would not like her slim form, she knew it. She hesitated. “Now Anne.”

She had no desire to disobey; she started to move back into the room, away from the window. “No Anne. By the window.” Anne was close to tears, not only must she show Mike her poor little body, but he wanted her to show it to the whole world. With a nervous hand she moved her fingers to the buttons of her shirt. She fumbled with them but eventually the front fell open, offering Mike his first view of her. A wave of his hand showed that he was getting impatient and she quickly took the shirt off her shoulders, letting it fall to the floor. Her fingers fumbled at the stud on her jeans before gripping the zip and loosing them enough for her to slide them over her slim hips. She stepped out of them.

Mike looked at her- in his eyes she was beautiful, he much preferred the slim almost boyish figure and hated the over endowed form so often seen in the porno movies. Even in the cheap cotton bra and panties that she wore she was alluring. He had chosen well. He made a mental note to get her to Victoria Secrets when they got back.

Anne was now trapped between Mike’s eyes and any in the street which may be watching the scene being played out in the room. If she turned her back on him, he would be displeased and she would show herself to the street. If she looked at him she would see the look of displeasure as she revealed her meagre breasts. She decided that Mike was only slightly the better of the two and reached behind her for the clasp. Unhooked, the bra dropped forward, the cups falling away from her chest. Her 34b (just) breasts now displayed to Mike; the nipples hard against the small brown aureoles.

“And the panties” Mike tried desperately to remain impassive although his heart wanted to tell her that he thought she was a perfect specimen of womanhood. Her fingers hooked into the waistband and she pushed them down her legs, her small breasts barely moving as she lent forward to ease them down over her knees.

She straightened up but did not look at him. She trembled at what might come next, His scathing comment about her inadequacies. She sensed him move to stand in front of her.

She was surprised by his gentle touch, his hands moving lightly over her body. Drifting up her sides, over her shoulders down the valley of her breasts. They spread out over her abdomen, over her flat tummy, the tips of his fingers just touching the top of her bush. They returned to her breasts, gently cupping them in the palms of his hands, his thumbs grazing over the nipples which stood firm from the dark centres.

“Perfect” he said, “you are everything I thought you would be.” If his gentle hands had surprised her, the comment, when it came, rocked her; he actually liked her, found her attractive.

“I am too small” she said “I was not blessed with nice breasts.”

“I said they were perfect and I say what I mean” again that note of authority. He rolled her nipples between his fingers and thumb, putting pressure of the hard flesh, seeing if they would enlarge further, get harder still. Anne kept her head bowed, avoiding his gaze, submitting to him, enjoying the attention to her breasts, She felt herself getting wet. That could not be right, she had never reacted this way before, the simple touch of his hands was causing her to react in a way she had seldom done in the past, even when in the throes of intercourse.

Anne noticed a change in the caress to her breasts, Mike was using more pressure now, gripping her little nubs harder, pulling them outwards so that the flesh of her breasts was pulled taught like two white cones. It was painful, causing her to bite her lower lip, but it was enjoyable; no erotic. She was so lost in the sensations now sweeping her body that when Mike gave one last pull and let go, the sudden release made her feel deprived, alone.

After several long minutes she felt Mike’s fingers cup her pussy. A gentle but firm touch, his digits slowly moving along her outer lips which she knew must be damp and already partially open. Again she felt ashamed; ashamed that Mike would now know how much she was enjoying his hands; ashamed that she lacked the self control to stop herself reacting this way. She felt a finger slowly move between her moist folds, easing the two wet outer lips apart, seeking the inner ones. The finger moved to the top of her slit, stroking the tiny piece of skin covering her clitoris; teasing it until she knew that it had become exposed to his touch.

She moved slightly, opening her thighs the better to accommodate him and his wonderful fingers. His thumb was now rubbing her clit as the fingers sought entry into her inner self. No previous lover had been this slow and deliberate. A quick grope, perhaps a minute’s oral attention, then her lover’s cock had been pushed in for a crude coupling. This was different, she felt warm, and she could feel the slow build up towards sexual release. Mike was the sort of lover that she had dreamed about.

Mike was content to let her enjoy herself for the moment, he knew that he had to take things slowly but he also had the urge to exploit Anne’s submissive character that lay deep inside her waiting to be brought to life. Still he loved the site of this girl enjoying his fingers which now opened her inner lips to his fingers, her pussy leaking juice over his robbing, caressing hand.

He changed the tempo slightly, pushing a finger inside her, into the hot wet interior of her pussy. It slide in easily, but he was amazed how tight she felt. He knew that she had not had a man inside her for a long time. His insistent finger pushed higher, his thumb still working her clit to provide her with the stimulus to accept him. He continued until one finger was fully inside her. He heard the merest gasp from her lips as his finger moved inside her, stroking the inner walls, sliding over the slick interior of her tight pussy.

Anne was now having trouble standing still. His finger felt so good inside her, her clit was on fire and she could feel herself respond to him. Just as she was on the verge of cumming his finger was withdrawn and the thumb removed. She suddenly felt empty, she wanted release but it was being denied. Why? Couldn’t Mike sense her need?

She eased down from her high, her breathing slowed again. Then the thumb was back on her clit, caressing, but more firmly this time. The finger was back, prodding to be inside her. It felt fatter, then she realised that there were two fingers now, firmly pushing past her inner lips and into her hot insides. She wanted to tell him that it was too much; too big, but she suppressed the urge, sensing that he would expect her to accommodate him. She felt that deep desire to do whatever pleased Mike.

The fingers were now deep inside her, spreading out to touch and feel her inner walls again, stretching her pussy like it had never been stretched before. She moved her legs apart further to ease the tightness, but simply enabling Mike to stretch further; to probe deeper.

She could feel herself coming to a peak again. Then the voice “Anne, do you need to cum?” The simple question shocked her. She needed release, he must know that, feel it.

“Yes Mike” she said in a soft whisper “I am so close, please.” Then that strange voice in her head told her to add “If that’s what you want.”

“Anne you will learn to cum when I tell you. When I want you to do. Is that clear”

His fingers still played in her pussy. Testing her. “Yes Mike” she said looking for the first time into his eyes, “I understand.”

Her eyes lowered as he said simply “Good, Anne.” She looked down to his waist where his cock, now fully hard jutted up again from his groin. Anne thought it looked beautiful, and marvelled at its size. She reached out for it and held it in her hand. He must be at least three inches around and now, fully erect nine or ten inches long. Her mind blanked out the thought that she must soon take this monster into her body. A body which had previously only accepted thin cocks half that length.

He withdrew his fingers and lifted them to her mouth. She accepted the digits between her lips, tasting herself. He pushed upwards, raising her head so that she looked into his deep blue eyes.

“I need to fuck you now Anne” he said simply with that measured, authoritative tone that she was coming to love, a tone which sent tingles through her flesh. He led her to the bed and laid her down, her legs hanging slightly over the edge. He took her legs into his hands and spread them, looking down at her, the puffy lips of her pussy open to his gaze.

He took his cock into his hand and rubbed it over her pussy, stroking up and down between her distended lips, grazing her clit on each stroke. Then he stopped and lodged the fat dome against her opening. To Anne it felt huge, just the tip felt enough to fill her, but then he started to press forward. She bit her lower lips again as the fat head stretched her wide. The pressure continued, the head slowly forcing its way past her lips until it was inside her. It hurt, oh how it hurt, but it was the nicest hurt that Anne had experienced. She wanted so much to please this man to accept him inside her body, to let him get pleasure from her.

Still Mike pressed on slowly burying himself in that incredibly tight hole. It was becoming painful for him, he had only once experienced any woman this tight and that had made him cum far too quickly, he had lost control. This was not going to happen this time. He stopped to allow her to relax her muscles; relax her grip on his cock. Then he slowly pushed in further, deeper until he felt the head of his cock touch the back walls of her pussy.

The heat was incredible, Mike felt as if his rod was buried in an oven; a hot all enveloping oven with liquid walls. He waited, savouring the experience before pulling back until only his cockhead remained inside her. Then he thrust back in and started a rhythmic fucking of this wonderful woman.

Anne had never experienced this type of sex before, she had felt pain from his initial entry; could still feel him stretching her touching the deepest part of her quim. His massive cock grazed her clit on each stroke and she could feel a tension building inside. She concentrated hard, bit her lip to stop herself falling headlong into orgasm. He had told her to wait and she would try all she could to stop that happening. Try to please him.

Mike increased his tempo, working hard looking down at Anne fighting for control. He reached forward and took the nipple of her left breast between his fingers, pinching it , squeezing it, pulling it outward. He saw her wince in pain, a pain which was both pleasurable to Anne and helped her delay orgasm. He released her breast and used both hands to raise her from the bed, his fingers digging into the flesh of her tender ass as he altered the angle, seeking deeper penetration. He was now pushing against her cervix on every stroke and he could feel her juice being pumped from her pussy as his cock acted like a piston on a pump, drawing her flow out to dribble down into the crack between her ass cheeks.

His fingers dipped into that dark crevice, seeking her rosebud, anointing it with her own love oil; pressing against it until it gave way to his digit. Only one other had done this to Anne before, that had been painful and unpleasant. Mike’s finger she found heightened her arousal; Little Anne was getting fucked by a huge cock and a finger was being pressed into her rear hole. She would have felt depraved, a slut, but she was enjoying this, enjoying the fact that she was giving Mike pleasure.

Mike knew that he was near; he would soon cum inside this woman who was still fighting to stop her emotions overwhelming her. He put on more speed.

“Give me your cunt Anne” he almost spat the words out “tell me that its mine.”

“Oh Mike its yours ” Anne was nearly frantic, hoping that he would grant her release. “What is mine?

She hesitated just a second before replying. “My pussy, is yours Mike, if you want it, it is yours” She could not say the word.

“What is mine Anne? Is your cunt mine?” Mike wanted to hear her say the word, teach her that she must use the words he chose.

A pause then, “Yes Mike my …….. my cunt is yours” She had said it.

“Yes Anne it is mine,” he waited a moment, then added “Now you may come.”

It was like a dam had burst inside her. As Mike lunged forward to deposit what seemed like a huge quantity of his seed high in her womb, she felt herself crash into her first true orgasm. Every nerve was electric, all her muscles went taut and then into spasm. Mike fought to stay inside her as he shot another load into her. Sweat poured off of him and down onto her heaving body.

“Yes Mike give me your cum, I am yours.” Her words rang in his ears as he thrust into her again. He knew that she would be his, that she would submit to his every desire. Her pussy clutched at him one last time, drawing one more creamy deposit from his organ before she fell backwards, spent from the magnitude of her cumming. Mike let her down onto the bed, withdrawing his cock from her moist folds before rolling to one side.

He looked at her, glowing beside him, flushed. Slowly she turned to face him. He put his hand to the side of her face, smoothing her hair.

“Anne. Tonight you have given part of your body to me.” He saw her nod slightly, he knew she remembered her own words; knew she meant what she had said. “You have started on a journey during which you will give your whole body to me.” Her look turned to one of knowing. “You will submit to my desires, you will wear what I tell you to, do what I tell you to, and give yourself to me totally and without question.”

“You will make mistakes as you learn and will be punished to help you educate yourself to your new life. In return, I promise that I will care for you, and never hurt you beyond what I know you can accommodate.” “Is that clear? Do you understand? Do you accept your new role?”

The offer seemed to Anne at that moment to be the most wonderful thing she had been offered in her life. She knew that she would only be happy now with Mike, serving him, pleasing him. “Yes Mike I understand, I accept. I only want to please you, to make you happy.” She paused, then added “Mike, did I please you tonight?”

Mike smiled, “Yes my little Anne, your first day of your new life went well,. Are you ready to begin your second lesson?”

Anne nodded. She felt his strong hand guide her head to his groin once again. She knew instinctively what he needed and her tongue started to bath his cock, tasting the mixture of their juices as she ran her tongue along each side.

Mike settled back against the pillow, stroking her head as her mouth washed over him. There was so much for her to learn, but for now he would just sit back and watch his little Anne try her utmost to get him hard again. He had searched long, now he was sure that he had found the perfect woman to serve him.

The End (of the Beginning).

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