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Deepest, Darkest.

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Kate stared at the clock. This had been a monumentally bad idea. Watching as the hand crept closer and closer, her dread grew with ever minute strike.

That’s why she should never, ever decide things while in the shower, she concluded. All manner of unreasonable ideas seem possible to her in there. When else would she have thought inviting her psychotic ex to her home would be a good decision? She shook her head.

The doorbell rang just as the clock struck seven. Always on time. Just as well. Steeling herself, she went to the door and opened it, pasting a polite smile on her face.

And there was Jaden, lounging against her door frame, looking as sexy as all sin.

“Morning, Kitten” he drawled, a sly tilt to his lips. “Missed me, did you?”

Kate’s fake smile vanished and she turned away, rolling her eyes. Never mind the gracious act then.

His own smile widened to a grin in response.

Jaden was one of those men who were aware of their own appeal and had learned to use it to their advantage. People looked at Jaden, and saw the pretty face first. It took them a while to pick up on the cold intelligence underneath.

“Not likely.” She stepped aside to let him in.

“You will, and one day I might not be willing to take you back.”

“Oh sure. Call me when you get that personality transplant.” Obnoxious ass.

But she couldn’t resist stealing a look as he passed her to head toward her kitchen, striding before her like he owned the place. He was graced with a sculpted, tall frame and the face of an angel, albeit the fallen kind; a wide, full mouth and a head of thick bronze-colored hair that often fell in short waves over his forehead, tempering his masculinity with a hint of boyishness.

He was also a manipulative, emotionally sadistic jerk, she reminded herself. He loved to play mind games and had the sickest imagination Kate had ever come across. It was the reason she ultimately decided to break things off with him. Granted, they’d only been together for a year, but it was enough to see just how twisted his mind was. Kate shook her head as she followed him into the kitchen. She seemed to be doing that a lot around Jaden.

“Care for a cup of coffee?” she asked.

“You mean that foul brown sludge you drink? No thanks, I’d much rather get an adrenaline shot straight to my stomach.”

She made a face. “Hey, just because I like some actual caffeine in-”

She stopped herself; he was obviously baiting her. Good to know he hadn’t changed his slimy ways. Not that she was tempted to take him back, she amended, but damn, looking at him now, she realized she’d missed the arrogant bastard, just a tiny bit.

“I asked you here because I found some records of yours the other day. They’re vinyl? Pretty rare.”

“Oh, yeah.” Unconcerned, he stretched out on the chair like a lazy cat. “Yeah, they’re actually my father’s, not mine. I suppose I-” cue air quotes “-inherited them.”

“Oh.” Kate bit her lip. She’d have to play this out cool.

“Is that why you called me?” Jaden asked with a mock pout, but his eyes were sharp, belying his casual tone. He knew she wanted something. “And here I was hoping for some begging.”


He grinned. “Begging for me to take you back of course.”

Of course. Kate rolled her eyes. “Tell me, is there, like, a soundtrack playing in your head?”

“A soundtrack?” he frowned.

“Yeah, like some cheesy music playing in the background of your mind every time you deliver those lines.” She raised her brows at him and cocked her hip. ” Because there’s no other explanation for the shit you come up with.”

Jaden threw back his head and roared with laughter. Her lips twitched in response.

“I missed you too, Kitten,” he chuckled.

“Stop it with the pet names already. I’m not yours anymore,” she snapped, her amusement vanishing. If she wasn’t careful…

“Listen. About those records- since you’re not invested in them, I’d like to buy them, if you agree. You have no use for them after all. What do you think?”

“I think not,” he quipped.

Kate bit the inside of her cheek. “Don’t you want to hear my offer first?” she grated.

“Not unless it involves your luscious body under my command, no.”

“Dream on, you perverted freak.”

“Oh I do, Kitten. Frequently.” His brows lifted suggestively, leaving no doubt as to what he dreamed about.

Kate felt her cheeks burning and cursed herself. It was absurd how easily this man could get to her. This whole conversation could not have gone down any less smoother. As if in answer, her tummy chose that moment to make a dying-whale sound.

“What was that?” asked Jaden, amusement clear in his tone. “Was that your stomach?”

“Shut up.”

“Katie, are you having digestion issues again?” She looked up; he’d switched to doctor mode.

“No, just a little constipated. No big deal.”

“It is a big deal. How many days?” Jaden persisted, his face set.

“Ugh, that is none of your business.”

“Katie, please. I may be your ex, but I still care about your well-being, and I’m still a physician.”

She mulled it over. It was obvious he wasn’t letting this go; also, it couldn’t hurt asking for an opinion. She’d been wretched for days now.


“Six days, I- !” Jaden looked heavenward, as if asking for patience. She narrowed her eyes; he was the exasperating one here.

“Alright, bathroom.”

“What, like right now?”

“How am I supposed to help you if I can’t take a look first?” Annoyance had replaced the concern in his voice. “Don’t be a child, Kitten.”

“Don’t call me ‘Kitten’!” She turned and stomped to the bathroom. Kate realized she was being difficult; truth was, she was also anxious to find out what was wrong with her, but she wasn’t going to make this easy for him either.

Jaden stepped inside the tiny room, crowding her towards the sink. This close, she had to tilt her head up to meet his eyes; his height emphasizing how much bigger he was compared to her 5’3 frame.

Kate liked tall men for that exact reason. Now, it only served to put her in a disadvantage. He rested his hands on the marble surface, arms on each side of her. She had forgotten how good he smelled.

Damn. A tingle of interest warmed her body over.

“Strip.” Kate shot him a sharp glance. He seemed uninterested, so she complied. A naughty voice inside her head urged her to undress slowly, first slipping away her bright blue sundress, pulling it off so that her breasts swelled with the movement, and only then bending to unhook her bra. The fleshy globes swung, her nipples pink and a little swollen.

She risked a look at Jaden; he still had the bland face on.

“You didn’t need to strip your bra off,” he said, and Kate glared. Ticked and a bit chagrined at her lapse, she wiggled out of her panties.

Honestly, she couldn’t figure the man out. He flirted and leered at her on a daily basis, and now that she was standing naked in front of him, no reaction whatsoever.

“Grip the sink,” Jaden prompted in a cool voice, “and spread your legs.”

Kate did as instructed; the scent of unexpected arousal hit her as she widened her stance. Pressing her eyes shut she waited for a biting remark.

“Tried any laxatives?” he asked, fingering her opening.

She let out a silent breath. “Yeah.” The dry tip of his finger wormed in, and she danced away. “Didn’t work, and you know how I hate enemas. I drank tons of coffee too, no luck.”

“Stay still” he demanded, slapping her ass in reprimand. “Coffee won’t do you any good, silly kitten, as it has the opposite effect long-term, actually inflaming the digestive system and inducing constipation in some people.”

“What? For real?” She tried to turn around but his palm pressed on her spine, keeping her down.

“For real.”

The finger was joined by another one, making her grunt in discomfort. She was too tight and too sensitive back there, and even that small invasion felt intense. Kate couldn’t fathom how some people could fit an entire cock back there; even shitting was unpleasant to her.

Jaden withdrew his fingers.

“The problem is that your sphincter is forcing back up the stools. You need to loosen up to have a regular bowel movement,” she heard him declare in a thoughtful voice. “An enema would the best solution.”

“Hell to the no. Okay, let me up,” she said. “My boobs are being squashed into the sink.”

“Wouldn’t want that,” he murmured, but still kept his hand down. “Just one last thing.”

With a lurch, and before she could fathom the suddenness of movement, Jaden had plastered his body over her naked one, his heat burning the length of her back. He put his mouth to the sensitive area below her ear and his scent washed over her, his exhale tickling the tiny hairs on her nape.

It distracted her so much that she almost missed his words.

“Bet I can fuck it out of you.”

Goosebumps broke out all over her skin, and she arched away, her body flinching away in denial.

“The hell did you just say?” She turned to face him, horrified.

“I bet-” he whispered, his voice low and intimate in the tiny space between them, “-that I could ride your ass so hard, I’d literally fuck the shit out of you.”

Her head spun. She couldn’t think; he was too close now and the air she breathed felt scalding, as if she were sipping the breath straight from his lungs.

“I always knew you were insane, Jaden- I just had no idea how much,” she spat at him, still dizzy.



“If you agree to this, I’ll never bother you again.” She opened her mouth to remind him that it was her idea to invite him here, but then she thought better of it.

“I’m not letting you sodomize me so I can…ugh. Just no, alright?”

“You know manual stimulation is an actual thing, right? It’s your only option since you hate enemas.”

“Get bent and die, pervert.”

He laughed softly, his eyes sparkling with suppressed mirth. “You want me, though. That I can see.”

“Time to visit the optometrist then. Your eyesight needs fixing.”

A flash of teeth. Their faces were millimeters apart; that feral smile filled her vision.

“Yes?” He took a step closer; her nipples brushed his chest. Two steps; they stood pressed together from head to toe. One of Jaden’ s thighs hooked between her legs and lifted up, pressing her naked pussy against him. He was stiff and eager, and arousal pulsed unbidden between her legs.

Kate couldn’t help it; she moaned.

“Breathing deepened, pupils dilated, nipples and clit distended-” a torturous rub of denim against her folds, “-and heartbeat-” he palmed a breast, pinching the nipple and pulling it away as if trying to pluck it off, “-that’s increased too. You’re obvious, Kitten.”

She pushed at him. He pushed back. Her pussy smashed against his throbbing cock, the coarse fabric of his slacks irritating her clit. Feeling vindictive, she decided to sink her nails into his scalp.

“Aaaaah,” he exhaled, his head tipping back, as if enjoying the pain. Knowing Jaden, he probably did.

“You want it, love, admit it. You want to see what’s it like to take a big fat cock up your ass.”

“I didn’t. I don’t. I’m- ”

“You always did,” he continued, his voice silky and dangerous, his cock pulsing through the soaked fabric of his clothes. Kate couldn’t stand it any longer.

“Do you you honestly expect me to let you fuck me after all you’ve done?” she shouted in his face.

“Yes!” he screamed right back. “You’re such a fucking hypocrite, Kate. You wanted me, and you still want me, and you’re still deciding things about us by yourself!”

“What are you even talking about?!” They both fell silent, panting and furious, glaring at each other.

“Fine,” she whispered, half-hoping he wouldn’t hear. But he did.

And needed no further encouragement. Jaden spun her back to grip the sink, her fingers automatically closing on the marble. She looked up at the mirror; huge, fathomless eyes greeted her, the pupils dilated beyond belief. Her skin, by contrast, seemed ghostly white, except for the twin flushes of her cheeks and her red, red mouth.

Jaden was a black shadow over her pale expanse of flesh, his hair obscuring his face, completing the demonic look.

Oh shit, she wasn’t sure about this. She should’ve kicked him in the balls and thrown him out, not invite him to pop her anal cherry!

Fuuuck, she silently cursed, then composed herself. Well, there was no way she was bailing out now; that would be admitting defeat. And this was a war of wills.

Something cold and oily dribbled between her ass cheeks and she flinched away. Her dread grew when Jaden’ s cock pressed on her tiny pucker.

“Take a deep breath, Kitten,” his voice sounded over her internal ramblings. “This will hurt.”

The head twisted and pushed, trying to burrow inside the clenched opening, until the sphincter gave way.


Kate gripped the edges of the sink and dropped her head, trying to calm her hammering pulse.

It was fucking painful. And weird, really weird. She felt herself opening wider and wider, the lube -where the hell had he found lube?- slicking the ring of flesh and easing the way.

The cock-head finally slipped inside, her asshole gobbling up the hard flesh now that the biggest part was in. She could feel Jaden straining to feed his dick in her ass, but she couldn’t bring herself to help him, instead clamping harder and harder on his length.

It hurt so much. Yet the sensation of Jaden’ s rigid cock inside her was too familiar to be simple pain. It made her breasts heavy and her pussy ache just as bad.

Fuck my cunt, she wanted to say. It burns. Fuck me. I don’t care.

“…just fuck me.”

A husky chuckle answered her. “I will, love. I’ll fuck you…. any way you want me to.”

He was in, at last. She expected him to start pounding away, but instead he just stayed still, grinding his cock against her bowels. A continuous groan issued from the back of his throat, so soft that Kate didn’t think he was aware of it. Her hand slipped from the sink and she rubbed her pussy, the juices drenching her fingers. Subtly, she rocked back.

The man behind her shivered all over at the tiny motion. “You’re killing me,” he whispered, then stood stock still, his features turning to granite.

“Alright. Now…push out my cock with your asshole.”

Kate obeyed, eager to be through with this. Her face scrunched up and her teeth gritted as she fought to expel the intruder from her rectum. Cold sweat broke over her body; she was trembling all over with the effort but the huge monster in her bowels refused to budge.

“You’re supposed to help too!” she complained, turning to glare at the impassive face of the man behind her. He seemed remarkably calm for a man who had his cock up a girl’s ass, except from a hint of smugness glittering in his tawny eyes.

“That would be rather counter-productive.”

Kate bit her lip until she tasted blood. What in the ever-loving fuck had possessed her to agree to this? Squeezing her eyes shut, she pushed even harder. Her gut rolled as the pole lodged in her rectum crept infinitesimally outwards.

“You’re doing well, Kitten.”

“Hnnnng! Fuuuuck!” she grunted. She pushed out another two inches. Her arms and legs were shaking violently, rivers of sweat dripping from her forehead, matting her hair, trailing across her spine and between her breasts.

“Shit! I can’t do this!” she sobbed. “Help me!”


Slam! The three inches she had agonizingly dislodged smashed back inside.

“Oh GOD, are you DOING?!” The maniac behind her grinned like a shark. He slipped out his cock in a whoosh, a torrent of dirty slime hanging from it.

Slam! He hammered back in, his ball-sack slapping wetly against her pussy. The potent scent of sex mixed with the foul odor of her insides turning themselves out with each thrust.

“Talk to me,” Jaden panted, arousal thick in his voice. “Tell me how it feels.”

“It feels like you’re ripping me apart!” she shouted through the veil of tears and sweat stinging her face.

“Good. Aaaaah. Good little kitten, taking it up in the ass.”

She looked down. Her belly swelled with each violent thrust, a distinct bulge appearing and disappearing in time with Jaden’ s pounding.

“Yes, watch yourself. You’re so sexy, Kitten. It makes me want to fuck up that cute, tiny asshole of yours. And I’ll make it hurt so good, so good. You’ll be shitting yourself for the rest of your life.”

“Oooooh fuuuuck!” she keened as he started jack-hammering into her even faster. Her hold on the sink slipped, and she flopped onto the bathroom floor, Jaden’ s hands keeping her hips almost vertical.

“Anything?” Jaden asked with false concern. “Your little shitter is packed full with crap, you know. It’s disgusting.”

She moaned, tears overflowing her eyes from the strain of the fucking and the inexplicable arousal that followed it.

People couldn’t cum like that, could they? Not women, not without any other stimulation. Then why did it feel like she was going to explode any second now?

“Oh, don’t cry, Kitten. I’ll have you loosened up in no time. In fact” -a fierce thrust that propelled her body forward, her clammy tits squeaking across the floor- “maybe it’ll relax that uptight hole of yours permanently.”

Kate didn’t deign to answer, instead concentrating on breathing through the frantic pounding.

“Remember that time when we were fucking in that park and you came so hard, you pissed all over my cock?”

“That was cum, you jerk! I squirted!” she protested, remembering the embarrassing incident. She had, in fact, lost bladder control that night but wasn’t about to admit as much to this sicko. He’d probably use it as leverage against her.

Jaden stopped thrusting. “You loved it” he whispered silkily into her dripping hair. “Denying your instincts isn’t healthy, Kitten. We bind ourselves with rules and renounce our urges, but that doesn’t make them go away.” He smashed his pelvis on her cheeks, his cock stabbing itself deeper as if to punctuate his statement.

“Do you ever shut up?!”

“It twists them. Shame and darkness only feed the vices.” Abruptly he gasped, his cock burrowing in the resistance of her stuffed colon. “Fuck!”

Kate couldn’t make out what he was saying anymore, a continuous strangled whimper issuing from the back of her throat. It felt as if he was trying to reach her stomach through her bowels. Spittle leaked from her mouth in thick strings. Her pussy clenched on itself, its juices bathing Jaden’ s ball-sack when it smashed the folds together.

“Fucking hell, you’re wet.” Two strong hands griped her hips and pulled up, turning her onto her back. His cock slipped out.

Jaden grasped her knees, hooking them over his shoulders as he pounded back in, fucking her ass with brutal relish. “I want to see your face as you cum with my cock in your shitty hole,” he confessed, his eyes gleaming almost inhumanly with arousal.

A finger brushed her clit, which had doubled in size, and scraped a nail around the hood.

“Fuck!” Kate screamed, arching her spine towards the ceiling and flinching away when that impaled her ass even harder on Jaden’ s cock.

“You are sick.”

“So are you, Kitten.”

Katie moaned. From this angle, the penetration seemed deeper, bruising her insides. Each push produced a liquid sound as it jostled and rearranged the load in her bowels.

“Talk to me. Tell me how you love this. Your cunt is sopping, Kitten. I want to bury my face in it and lick you dry.”

Fuck, that was hot! Her attention focused on reaching that finger, the memories of all the depraved things his tongue had done to her short-circuiting her mind.

“You taste so good down there, darling. Do you remember how you used to sit on my face and beg me to suck on your little clit until you melted in my mouth?”

“Oh God! YES!”

His fingers never left her pussy, rubbing and rolling in a way that would have sent Kate over the edge, if not for the urge to soil herself. As it was, she teetered between crushing pleasure and disgust at what he was doing.

“Jaden. Jaden!” she shouted between thrusts. “Hey, asshole! I need to go to the bathroom!”

He kept pounding away. Kate watched, mortified, as viscous slime coated his pole, thicker with each entry.

“Heeey!” she wailed. “I need to take a dump, okay? Mission accomplished!” With a sloshing noise, Jaden’ s cock pulled from her.

She barely had time to gather her self on all fours before a torrent of shit and murky lube exploded from her.


She felt Jaden’ s hands grasp her ass cheeks and pull them apart until the orbs faced away from each other.

The force of voiding her bowels had her curling her body into a fetal position; the whole thing seemed never ending. Kate groaned in relief. Despite the circumstances, it felt so good to finally empty herself. She didn’t even care about the mess she was making, or Jaden watching.

A sharp cramp ripped through her belly right then, making her scream. Her eyes were ringing from all the blood rushing to her head from the effort, but she though she heard the distinct ‘click’ of a camera shutter. What the fuck? Was the bastard taking pictures of her?

She looked up. Jaden was fisting his cock now, his legs spread on either side of her hips. His muscles strained as he worked himself up, eyes glued on her squirming body on the floor.

Another spasm rippled through her gut and her intestines almost turned themselves out trying to expel the last of the runny muck.

To top it all off, the sheer force of the movement made her lose control of her bladder, urine shooting out in a rush between her thighs. Hot piss saturated her thighs and frothed on the tiles.

A harsh groan sounded above her, and she glanced up just in time to watch Jaden shudder with his climax, fat drops of cum landing and splattering over her skin. She arched to get them all, not caring that she was still pissing herself.

“Oh my, my. This is quite spectacular, Kitten,” she heard Jaden taunt after a moment, breathless. “It’s always like that with you, going all the way out or not at all.”

“Bite me,” Kate snapped.

“Later” he promised, laughter in his voice.

Finally empty, Kate lay motionless, blinking up at the ceiling, unable to do so much as lift a finger.

When their panting had died down to steady, even breaths Jaden lifted her up from the floor and mutely deposited her in the shower.

She wanted to ask, ‘what now?’ but all that she managed was a reedy mumble as Jaden soaped her up.

He starting washing her in a calm and methodical manner, taking care to avoid her genitals and her breasts, letting the jets of water clean her there. It felt wonderful. Slowly, each muscle relaxed and loosened.

Just as she was shaking off the last of the tension, two soapy fingers wormed their way into her anus. Her ass was on fire, but the penetration still managed to feel good. Beaten, Kate hung her head and pushed back on Jaden’ s fingers.

“That’s right, love” Jaden crooned as she followed his movements. “Take it in. Open yourself. There’s no-one here to see. Let go.” A kiss pressed on the nape of her neck, surprising her with its tenderness. Oh God, what was happening? She was so confused. He was so confusing.

Reaching for her waist, he turned her to face him, and she was able to look into his eyes. For once, no mocking expression animated that too-perfect face. Instead he stood curiously still and… intense. But his fingers never stopped working, widening her even further.

She rode his hand, desperate to reach her peak. She was close when all of a sudden the fingers left her.

“Hey! What are you doing?” she demanded, frustration making her voice ring out in the small bathroom.

The fingers returned, along with what was definitely his cock. It was semi-erect, and Jaden closed his eyes like he was concentrating on something. He inched deeper, but it was difficult as his cock was spent and too soft to manage.

“What are you doing!” Kate screamed in his face, fresh tears blurring her vision. Dammit was he going to torment her all afternoon? Teasing but never giving back? As reason returned, shame at both her display and the manipulation she had so easily accepted churned her stomach.

Oh God, had she really shat and pissed in front of him like an animal? Had she really let the man who had broken her heart fuck her up the ass with that ridiculous excuse? Kate beat her fists on his chest, angry and humiliated beyond belief.

His cock softened further as he looked into her livid face. Good, he should feel bad, Kate thought, though her embarrassment wasn’t appeased in the least. Suddenly, Jaden’ s expression changed into one of relief, and Kate felt heated liquid rush inside her rectum. Horror replaced the anger.

She raised her hand to smack him away, but Jaden grasped her wrists with one hand and held her body still as he filled her ass with his urine.

“Shhh, love. Take it, take it, take-” he whispered. His face came closer, nuzzled her own. Katie felt desperate. Desperate and heartbroken and longing.

Where the fuck was all this coming from? She didn’t love the bastard, hell no, no-

But, inexplicably, she opened her mouth and welcomed his kiss, sucking on his hot tongue and licking him, savoring the taste that was uniquely Jaden. The stream spurted and died but he remained inside her. A moan vibrated against her lips. Jaden fucked him semi-hard cock gently against her walls, dragging out her suffering.

He rubbed her growling tummy as he kissed her, and piss trickled out, her asshole releasing it in short jets. The water washed all away.

And once again, Kate found that she didn’t care. Jaden’ s tongue twining with her own felt too good, too familiar and somehow…right. Kissing like this, wrapped around each other, a rain of steam and hot water cocooning them together…it was surreal and intimate and made her realize…

“Jaden,” she sighed between kisses and opened her eyes. He had his eyes open as well, wide open as he was kissing her against the wall. She couldn’t take this. Stroking down from his shoulder, his belly, his hips she grasped his cock and guided him to her slit. Jaden went, eyes shuttering in bliss at the feel of her water-slick hand caressing him.

Her folds parted with a gushing sound, his hardness sinking in whole with that one thrust. Jaden threw his head back and cried out, his hips pumping in and out of her mindlessly, faster and faster, his fingers digging in her buttocks and his mouth returning to claim her own.

Kate had a moment to gasp in a breath before he stole it again, his tongue licking and thrusting in time with his hips below. Pleasure built and snapped like firecrackers across her spine, pooling to burn in the place between her thighs.

They were both screaming now, Jaden crushing her and Kate pushing back, rubbing their nipples together, grinding her clit against his bush.

Her vision narrowed until everything went white, then dark and the orgasm short-circuited her system, her body spasming as if she’d been shocked.

Jaden came with a hoarse cry, seconds after her, his hips almost a blur and his mouth biting down hard on her shoulder to stifle his yell. She felt his climax bathe her walls and her body shivered all over again. It was the first time anyone had cum inside her, and the sensation was perversely erotic.

Minutes trickled by. Slow as honey, Jaden’ s cock slipped out, dragging against over-sensitized walls. His forehead still rested on her shoulder. Kate had no urge to shake him off. He was warm and big and a perfect fit against her and it was only for a while longer. Yes, just for a bit, she told herself.

Then he spoke.

“I love you.” It was a heavy exhalation of words, said resignedly, like he wished them not true but at the same time couldn’t help but speak out loud.

Kate lifted her head to the water spray as she held him tighter. Just for a while longer then.

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