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The Halloween Party

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“Hey honey… Have you seen this?” My husband asked, showing me an email he had received.

I barely glanced at it before answering. “Nope!”

“It’s from our group. They’re having a Halloween party… swinger style!” My hubby informed me.

“Really?” I asked with interest. “Hang on, let me see if I got an email from them too.”

Sure enough, a quick look at my inbox proved that I had gotten an email invite. Hmm… it’s been some time since the last group party…

“Sounds like it could be a lot of fun!” I remarked excitedly, but then my mood crashed. “But who would watch the kids? You can go if you want to, and I’ll stay home.” I offered because this was the simplest solution and I was almost always stuck home with the kids anyway. I was used to it…

“That’s not fair!” My husband protested. “I got to go to the last party. I think you should get a chance to go to this one… I’ll stay home with the kids.”

I felt tears sting my eyes. “Really?” I asked almost breathlessly, amazed that my husband could be so frickin’ sweet every once in a while.

“Yeah, besides, you know me; I end up standing next to a wall watching everyone else have fun because I’m too shy to get to know anyone.”

This was true. The only reason he’d gone to the last party is that friends of our had brought him and then spent the night introducing him to people and helping him make conversation. Once he gets to know someone, he’s a riot, so I wasn’t really surprised by what the email said as I read it more carefully.

I hope you can both make it to our party because we thought your Mr. was so funny last time but we want to meet you too. Also — and I didn’t add this to his email because I don’t want to make him nervous, but do you think you can talk him into sitting on the swing for a bit?

I bit my lip and then covered my mouth to prevent an excited squeal from coming out of my mouth! The term “swingers” is meant to describe partners switching back and forth between couples, but on occasion, someone owned an actual swing, heeheeheehee!

“What?” My husband asked suspiciously.

I sighed, knowing that I wouldn’t be able to keep it a secret from him anyway. “Apparently, they want you to spend a little bit of time on the swing…”

“The love swing?” My hubby asked with both interest and hesitation. He’d described to me in great detail what had happened to the woman on the swing at the last party, so he had a pretty good idea what could happen to him if he agreed.

He shook his head slowly. “No… Even if I was going, I don’t think I’d want to be on the swing…”

“Aww…” I purred in disappointment. “You’re telling me that you wouldn’t want to be freely available for any woman who wants to just come by and suck on you?”

“That wouldn’t be so bad, but I’m so out of shape and I just can’t see any women wanting to suck on me,” he stated a bit pessimistically.

I grinned as I heard our kids bouncing around in their room. They sounded busy and not likely to bother us for a few minutes. Still purring, I straddled my husband’s lap and stroked his shaft through his boxers. We were both in our underwear — as was our habit when no one was visiting.

“I would simply love to see you in that swing…”

He groaned in longing, his shaft perking up from the unexpected attention.

“I would stand next to you, watching as anyone who wanted to wrapped their lips around you and brought you to heaven…”

He moaned at the thought. “I know how much you love to watch…”

I pressed my womanly lips — covered by only my panties — to his boxer-clad groin, rocking my hips to create friction. I bent over to whisper in his ear, “If I can find a sitter for the kids, will you get in the swing?”

He groaned in frustration. “You tease!” Then he sighed. “Fine… If you can find a sitter, I’ll try sitting in the swing for a couple of minutes.”

“Woohoo!” I shouted joyously, which made our kids materialize out of nowhere to see what was going on. They sighed in disappointment when all they saw was mama and daddy hugging and kissing again, then slunk back to their room.

Hubby held me by the hips, holding onto me as he stood up from his chair. He carried me to our room, locking the door as he shut it. I giggled merrily in anticipation.

We fell onto our bed and he yanked my panties off before I had a chance to lift my hips and help him out. I was so wet and ready for him, so he slipped right on in and rode me hard enough to bang the bed into the wall. I held a pillow to my face to muffle my gasps of pleasure.

“Go away!” My hubby shouted when our kids demanded to know what was going on.

He managed to hit the right spot and I started moaning softly into the pillow, curling into my hubby as he gripped my hips and pumped me full. He bit my shoulder lightly to muffle his own grunts of satisfaction.

If only the kids were asleep and we could take a nap, but sadly, it just wasn’t meant to be…

My hubby grabbed a pair of shorts to pull on in an attempt to cover the residual hardness of our lovemaking, and then unlocked the door and rushed referee a fight that had broken out in the what? 5 minutes? That we were busy.

I rolled over to locate and grab my cell phone from the charger near the bed. I must know somebody that could babysit for us…


I can’t believe that you found a sitter!” My hubby exclaimed incredulously as we exited our car and walked to the house where the Halloween party was already in full swing.

The host was standing at the door to make sure that all the guests understood what kind of party this was and to make sure that no one uninvited tried to sneak in. He recognized my hubby with a smile. A moment later, he clasped my hand in his.

“So nice to finally meet you!” He greeted.

“Thank you. I’m pretty excited to be here!” It was true too. I hadn’t gotten to attend any parties of any kind in a couple of years. I would have been ecstatic if it had been a family friendly party full of screaming kids because it was still a chance to get out of the house. That this was a party featuring sex and alcohol simply made it all the better in my opinion!

Speaking of, I grinned in the direction of the various copulating couples as I made my way to the table where a ton of alcohol bottles were sitting. It was bring your own booze, so I added the bottle of Jose Cuervo Gold we’d brought to the collection, and then giggled as I realized that they had all the ingredients necessary to make Long Island Iced Teas.

“Did your husband agree to sit in the swing for a bit?” The hostess asked me, whispering in my ear conspiratorially.

“He actually did!” I gushed in excitement, wondering how she’d known which man I was married to. I’d gotten separated from him almost the moment we’d walked through the door. Then I remembered that she’d probably seen our profile pics from the group website.

“I’m so happy to hear you say that!” She purred huskily as she stroked my hair and back. I shivered in anticipation. Sure enough, she greeted me with a kiss to remember her by.

Taking me by the hand, she dragged me to find my hubby. I kept a firm grip on my drink so that I didn’t drop or spill it as we navigated the crowd. Several minutes later, we found my hubby watching the woman currently in the swing.

She was practically singing as a woman ate her like an expensive dessert. I took my first look at the love swing, sipping on my drink absently. It was a series of straps that held a person in place, suspended at a height that was comfortable for most people to take advantage of her no matter how much she might squirm. The swing also was a form of bondage because she couldn’t move her hands or legs to block anyone.

I knitted my brows together in concern. I can tell you right now that I would not like having my hands tied so that I couldn’t push a person away when I’d had enough. The hostess saw my look and laughed.

“Don’t worry, everything is optional. If you like the swing but not the bondage, you can always have your hands free,” she assured me.

“Me!” I gasped in protest. I both liked and didn’t like the idea.

The woman in the swing started begging for mercy, and a few people helped get her out of the swing. The hostess beckoned for my husband to come closer with just one finger. He chuckled nervously, but complied.

“I like your costume,” she informed him, her voice dripping with sexiness. “Do you wish to take it off completely, or just your pants and underwear?”

My hubby gulped and looked at me to see if I was actually going to make him go through with this. I nodded at him to let him know that he was not going to back out now! He took a steadying breath, and then nodded slowly.

“Just my pants…”

His costume was a rather plain pirate costume consisting of a sleeveless open-necked shirt and a pair of black old-style cargo pants. He had a bandana around his head but no hat to fall off. I obligingly helped the hostess remove his pants, chuckling when she discovered that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. She licked his smoothly shaved balls once ever so lightly with the tip of her tongue.

“I like what I see!” She praised him, her words making his shaft finish leaping to attention. I don’t think I’ve seen him get hard quite so quickly in a couple of years!

With her expert knowledge of the swing, and plenty of help from others that obviously came over to use it frequently, she soon had my husband securely occupying the swing.

She’d even bound his hands and made it impossible to close his legs! I rubbed my hands together and cackled gleefully, unable to wait for the fun to begin. Too bad there weren’t any cameras allowed here…

She took the very first turn, licking him and pressing kisses to his puffy mushroom-like head. Suddenly, she swallowed him as far as possible. I watched his eyes roll back as he groaned.

Yep! He’s totally in heaven right now!

I decided to stand behind him and rake my nails along his thighs. He started shaking as the hostess bobbed her head vigorously. Just as abruptly as she’d taken him into her throat, she stopped completely.

“No so fast…” she commanded with a soft laugh.

A woman I didn’t even know kissed her for a few minutes while my husband watched them. After they figured enough time had passed, they both stroked my husband’s shaft with their tongues, tickling and teasing him for far longer than I have ever had the patience for.

Too bad they wouldn’t let me send him over here for a half hour or so every day! I bet my hubby would be the happiest man on the planet if he had a woman or two sucking him off on a daily basis. Ones who liked doing it I mean…

I continued to scratch him with my nails, kissing him as the mood struck. Another woman I didn’t know — which, incidentally, meant that my hubby didn’t know them either, unless he had met them at the previous party — joined us. She settled herself under him, using a bit of oil and a very thin and well sanitized — she assured me — vibrator to stimulate his tightly puckered anus.

Damn! I wish I had some popcorn and a comfy chair to sit in while I watched this! This was hands down the best show I have ever seen!

My hubby squirmed uncomfortably, but wasn’t able to break free of his bondage. I know he was trying to get his brain off the two women licking his rigidly hard shaft long enough to tell the other woman to leave his butt alone.

We never used any toys on him in the bedroom either…

His mild sounds of protest prompted the hostess to tug on my sleeve. “Use his bandana to gag him,” she suggested.

I couldn’t really see a problem with this, so I grinned in approval. Taking a moment to kiss him while I removed the bandana from his head, I could see his eyes widen a little and then give me this look like he was saying you would too!

I laughed softly, giving him one last kiss — and a couple sips of my iced tea — before putting the rolled up bandana in his mouth and tying it firmly.

He immediately tried to gasp through the gag. The three women had come up with a plan to drive him crazy! The one with the toy now had it rubbing his prostate — from what I could see and assume — and the other two were taking turns sucking on his shaft and balls.

If I knew him any where near as well as I think I do, then he was most likely thinking that it was just a matter of seconds before he was gushing into the hostess’ mouth. I felt a corresponding tug in my groin and pressed my legs together. It may sound weird to most people, but I could always feel when my husband was about to cum. It was almost like I felt a mild version of what he was feeling. I can’t really explain it.

I looked up in surprise a moment later when I realized that a man had come to stand behind the two women sucking on my husband. They had intuitively known he was very close to climax, and had sat back to give it a moment to pass.

“Shari,” the man greeted the hostess with a kiss on her cheek. “Allow me to suck on this delectable dick for a while.”

I laughed as Shari gestured towards me. “Ask his wife.”

My husband was shaking his head no almost frantically. He was not attracted to men. He wasn’t homophobic — we have gay friends — he just didn’t want to have any kind of sex with a man. Personally, I couldn’t understand how someone who liked getting blow jobs so much would even consider refusing just because the giver was a man.

I look at my hubby. “I’m going to say yes, but only to a blow job. I won’t let him do anything else to you.”

I figured that if he really didn’t like it, his shaft would deflate anyway. My hubby glared at me, but deep down he knew that I really wouldn’t let anyone go too far.

I studied the man closely as he got into position. He didn’t look gay, and I had a pretty good gaydar, so that was saying something. The way he stroked and examined my husband’s shaft — curiously, almost hesitantly — told me that he was probably bi-curious. He probably only had the courage to try this because my hubby was captive and obviously not gay either. This meant that my hubby wasn’t likely to want to bang this man when he was done giving head.

As I suspected, my hubby was too fond of being sucked on to go limp now that it was a man doing the sucking. Previously, the women had teased my poor hubby; stroking him lightly and only sucking on him a little at a time. This man was doing his best to imitate a porn star! His head bobbed up and down on my husband eagerly, like he knew exactly what felt good.

I watched my hubby’s eyes roll back into his head again and his hips twitch. He may object to who was doing it, but he definitely liked what was happening. It was sheer beauty to watch!

I think knowing that a man was giving him the best blow job of his life made my husband nervous. It took him much longer to get close to cumming that the previous two teases combined! The woman with the vibrator was still rubbing him, but now her strokes were small, circular, and rapid, much like I do with my finger when I masturbate.

My husband’s legs literally shook. I was fascinated by this because I really can’t recall him ever having that happen before. He was moaning through his gag fairly loudly. I think he may have even been chanting oh God! in his mind.

His moans turned into a long roar as his hips jerked. The man sucking on him kept going until my husband’s shaft stopped pulsing, and then he let it go slowly, almost reluctantly.

“I think we should free my husband now and let him recover for a bit,” I suggested.

Shari the hostess stroked my back and whispered in my ear. “That was so erotic that I think I came just watching it!”

“I know what you mean!” I agreed, my own panties soaking wet.

We helped my hubby out of the swing, and then I let him lean on me as I led him towards a couch. His legs were still a bit shaky, so he was grateful for my support.

“I’m gonna kill you when we get home!” He threatened in my ear, completely not serious. I laughed, taking a moment to drink the last of my iced tea before I forgot all about it again.

“Oh come on! I’ve never seen you cum so hard before, so what’s the problem?”

He harrumphed, but decided not to say anything. To his relief, the man that had just swallowed his cum was nowhere to be seen. I sat next to my hubby for a few minutes before a new man came up to us.

“Now that you are no longer guarding your hubby’s virtue, would you mind a little fun in the corner?” He asked me, pointing towards a large cushion in the corner of the room.

“Um, well…” I wondered how to reply. I wasn’t adverse, but I wasn’t the type to just have sex in front of everyone either. I would prefer to find someplace a tiny bit more private. I opened my mouth to say so.

“Go on, take her,” my hubby stated, smacking me on the ass before lightly pushing me towards my would-be lover. “And do me a favor, fuck her in the ass!”

“Uh!” I gasped in protest. My hubby knew I only liked doing that on special occasions. Like only when I was in the mood for that…

“Sure thing,” my imminent lover agreed with a grin, pulling me towards the cushion.

I glared at my hubby like a petulant child, but he merely got comfortable as he prepared to watch. Turn about is fair play, or so they say…

Fine! If I must do anal in front of a crowd of people I don’t even know, then so be it!

The thought immediately made me hot and I secretly was glad that my husband had mentioned it. The alcohol combined with the abundant live porn had made me hornier than I can remember being in a long time!

Shari stood by to watch as my lover helped me gather my long skirt — I was dressed as a roman lady in a toga style dress — out of the way and then slid my panties completely off me. I whimpered as I felt moisture dribble down my leg.

He chuckled and forced my legs apart so that he could lick up the horny wetness. I immediately wished that I wasn’t standing as my legs wobbled. I clutched my skirt with one hand and his hair with the other.

“Oh God!” Something about getting eaten in front of a good half a dozen onlookers made me about 300 times more sensitive than usual. If I didn’t know better, I’d swear that someone had spiked the booze with drugs!

“I have to get a feel of this hot wet pussy!” My lover announced. I shrieked in surprise as he swept me off my feet and positioned me on my back in front of him.

He watched me as I watched him unzip his pants. He deliberately took his time, knowing that I was just a hair shy of begging him to hurry up and fuck me already! His shaft was a bit shorter than my husband’s but also a bit wider. It looked like it would be so much fun to have banging into me!

He entered me slowly, and then slid back and forth a couple of times to lubricate himself. “Yep,” he stated in confirmation. “You feel so good, but…”

He gestured to Shari, who handed him a strange foot stool or something. He placed it on the cushion and then insisted that I bend over it so that my ass was in the air for all to see. I was tempted to cover it with my skirt, but he wouldn’t let me.

Using my own natural lubrication, he worked his way into my ass. I buried my head from embarrassment even as I moaned in pleasure. I had hoped that he wouldn’t do anal after all, but now that he was…

The woman who had used a vibe on my hubby pushed me up a little so that I was no longer burying my face in my arms as I rested them on the floor. Instead, I used my hands to brace my body in a way that made my back feel like a table.

I gave her a curious look as gasps escaped me. She simply smiled and lay on her back in a way that allowed her to slide under my stool so that her head was close to my lap, and mine would be close to hers — if she wasn’t still wearing all her clothes. She used both her hands to explore me, locating both my clit and my opening.

One of her fingers — or probably her thumb — rubbed my clit while several fingers pushed inside me. I gasped, tempted to cover my mouth with my hands. In general, I was not a screamer; not even when my kids were asleep or gone for the night. I liked being quiet during sex, but at this moment, it was literally impossible!

I screamed! The combination of both holes being played with along with my clit being stimulated was more than enough to reduce me to a quivering mass of jelly. I desperately wanted to crawl away, but at the same time I held completely still.

“OH GOD!!!!” I screeched “Help me!”

My lovers laughed. Both of them could feel that I was getting tighter and tighter.

“Ah! Ah! Ah!” I chanted loudly, unable to stop myself. My screaming must have attracted a bigger audience, because suddenly a man that hadn’t been there before knelt in front of me. This was strange to the very tiny part of my brain that could think of anything other than the mind-blowing pleasure, but in order to kneel before me, he had to literally straddle the women under me.

He had his shaft in his hand and had apparently been stroking it as he watched us because it was already oozing from the need to cum. He gripped my head, using my hair to guide my head as he thrust his shaft into my mouth. I may well have refused him, but I had absolutely no ability to shut my mouth at the moment.

My resounding cries of pleasure were instantly muffled and turned into moans. I couldn’t really move much — aside from being rocked back and forth by the lover fucking me in the ass. Therefore, he had to work with my swaying to effectively fuck my mouth.

To be honest, I was utterly astonished by how much I liked having something to suck on and keep my mouth moist. All that gasping had dried it out, and now I was almost eager for him to come in my mouth. I knew it wouldn’t be long…

Sure enough, his soft breathy groans got louder as he buried himself as far inside my mouth as possible. He squirted again and again, not giving me any choice but to swallow it.

Inexplicably — to my utter shock and amazement — this set me off! I started shaking almost violently as my whole body exploded! Had my mouth been empty, I definitely would have been screaming. As it was, I was moaning as loudly as possible with my mouth full.

The man riding my ass sped up considerably for a few moments and then cried out “UH!” as he pumped me full of his hot cum. I was relieved and strangely disappointed that it was over now.

Or so I thought!

The moment I was free of dicks, I flopped onto my back, only to be attacked by the woman who had played with me. She buried her face in between my legs and licked my clit as I saw stars!

I didn’t realize it, but she had also taken a moment to uncover her wet and luscious pussy. She now pushed it over my face as she ate me. I’ve never done this before, but I was eager to try it.

The challenge gave me something else to think about as she sent jolts of electricity through my body from my clit to my toes, up to my head, and then back down to my clit again. She stuck her fingers inside me, which made me smile and stick my fingers inside her.

I wish I could say that she was so sweet that I could think of nothing but eating her for the next few hours, but sadly, she was much better at this than I was. I had no stamina!

I hereby thank every God who ever lived that my hubby came to my rescue! He somehow knew that I was overstimulated and — now that he had recovered a bit — was more than ready to wear my lady lover out! He had the talent, patience, and the practice to give her a screaming orgasm. I watched — panting in an attempt to catch my breath — as he made her squirt a couple of times before she begged him to fuck her.

I chuckled, stroking her cheek. “Can my hubby take you in the ass?”

She nodded eagerly, and then kissed me as we fingered each other while my hubby worked his way inside her. I was able to keep one eye on him, mentally smiling as he thoroughly enjoyed himself. Having already come a while ago — I’d honestly lost track of time — he had stamina to spare!

I felt her gush a couple more times before she tugged my hand away from her clit. She kissed me insistently as her body seemed to get tighter and tighter.

My hubby confirmed my suspicions by announcing, “So tight!” and then groaning with climax. They collapsed on top of me, making me giggle. We were all more than content to rest and recuperate.

Shari had apparently wandered away for a bit, but she returned now with her husband. They chuckled softly.

“Congratulations on your first time having sex at one of our parties! Just think… there’s still plenty of time to have more…” Shari purred suggestively.

I swear I felt my heart stop. More! Oh god! I’m not sure I can survive more…

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