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Ellie Gives Out

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I can’t believe I’m the only guy who loves his wife, fancies his wife and desires his wife so much, he wants someone else to fuck her. Some guys might understand what I’m saying and others might think I’m making excuses for the fact that I can’t possibly love her if I have thoughts such as these.

The thoughts would have remained fantasies as my wife, Ellie, would never have entertained the thought of going with another man.

Trust me, I had tried as carefully as I could to talk to her about it but I was blocked even before I reached half way to the fantasy stage, let alone actually doing it. My fantasy began to overwhelm me though. When I had the house to myself I trawled the net looking for women who looked like Ellie so I could watch them having sex and imagine it was her.

If we went out for a drink I would watch her go to the toilet and see if any guys looked at her sexually. If one did I would tell her and get turned on when she blushed at the thought of a guy wanting to fuck her. I would even send her for drinks under the pretext of going to the toilet and then would stand out of sight to see if she chatted to guys at the bar. I had even talked her into going to a slightly rougher bar than we would normally frequent where the guys were a little more straight forward in their approach. More than once some guy would kiss her on the cheek, or grip her hand or even touch her bum when she was at the bar. Jane wasn’t fazed by this as she could hold her own but the chance of it going anywhere was nil.

Ellie was short and slim with blonde, dyed, very short hair. Her skin was dark, almost Mediterranean and she had a larger than life personality so spoke to anyone and everyone at the bar. All this while I drooled in my seat. I was older by one year but thankfully still had a decent body even if the grey hair was creeping into my head. The kids were older and away from home at university and at this stage in my life I would have loved Ellie and I to be swingers, having a wonderful sex life with other couples. She was having none of that though.

I remember once on holiday I persuaded her to go topless on the beach and when a couple of young lads started to chat to us, I could see them ogling her ample breasts. My cock was brick hard and I caught one of the lads looking at my erection pressing against my shorts. The thought that he could see me hard and was fancying Ellie almost made me cum in my pants. Ellie brought it to a halt by putting her top on and going off get a drink. One of the young lads commented on my cock and asked if I wanted her shagged. I told him I did but sadly my wife didn’t share my fantasy.

When I thought about it later, I realised that my fantasy had developed and I now craved, not only seeing a cock going into her, but actually holding it, maybe sucking it and, dare I think it, even taking it too. My wank that evening in the toilets by the pool bar in the hotel was one of the most exciting I had ever had.

As for Ellie all she said was, “You know Kevin, I think you actually liked that little kid ogling my tits. You should be ashamed of yourself.”

Trust me, I wasn’t ashamed.

So now you have the background and the impossibility of my predicament. They say that all things come to those who wait (and wank), and it did but in a weird way.

My obsession had developed so far than I even had a list in my head of likely candidates and you may think ill of me but I carried a couple of nude pictures of Ellie around with me with the thought of showing them to a likely candidate to get him super hot. I never did though. The oddest candidate in my imaginary list were a group of four guys in their late twenties and thirties, who came into the pub both with their partners and sometimes just the four of them. They were young but not the prettiest guys I had ever seen. One in particular had tattoos on his arms, shaved hair, a broken nose and was muscularly stocky. His three mates were leaner and a little taller than him but all equally looked like ex-boxers. The girls were common but surprisingly good looking and I did note that the guys were never shy about kissing or even fondling each other’s girlfriends. The stocky one was appropriately called Arnie and when they were in as four lads he watched and commented on every girl who passed him, including Ellie. It was obvious from his sign language that he appreciated her larger breasts.

From overheard conversation I figured that these guys were scaffolders by day but their reason for being in the bar was, perhaps more to do with a sideline in drugs and pills. To that end they were dangerous people for us to acquaint.

One Friday when Ellie and I walked in, we went to the bar for a drink and, seeing a seat become available, I sent Ellie over to it. Arnie came up for a drink too and passed the time of day.

“That your bird then?” he asked.

“My wife, actually,” I replied.

“She’s really good looking for her age and these knockers are corkers. Bet she’s a good shag.”

I looked him full in the face and said, “She is, trust me,” and took the drinks over to Ellie.

“What did he want?” asked Ellie.

“To know how good you were in bed,” I replied.

“Oh! What did you say?”

“What would you expect me to say?”

“That I was good?”

“You got it!”

She smiled and sipped her vodka and tonic.

About an hour later, I went to the toilet and was in mid-stream when one of Arnie’s mates came and stood beside me, whipping out a sizeable piece of meat as he started to pee noisily.

“Hi there,” I’m Louis,” he said. “Arnie’s going on about your wife’s tits. He doesn’t half fancy giving her a length.”

I mustered my courage and said, “I wouldn’t mind him giving her a length either but sadly she’s a one man woman so it looks like it’s not going to happen.”

“We can make anything happen if you really want it to,” he replied, as he tucked his cock back in his jeans and walked out without washing his hands!

As I walked back to my seat, I wandered just what he meant and was just a little scared that he might have meant pouncing on her and raping her.

Within about fifteen minutes Arnie and Louis found an excuse to make limited small talk and, rough though these guys were, they were surprisingly likeable and well mannered in front on Ellie. Soon we were swapping jokes and the other two had joined us. We left at around midnight and took a taxi home.

“These guys are a lot nicer than you had them painted,” said Ellie as she prepared for bed.

“I didn’t paint anything, I just said they fancied you and since they are over ten years younger than you, that’s quite a compliment. These days I wander if your staying power would be up to a couple of studs anyway.”

“Sweetheart I could still give them a run for their money. I just what part you would play – the cuckolded husband?”

My cock was rigid as this is the first time she had even broached the subject of another man, or men, no matter how tentative.

I snuggled up to her and pressed my hard cock against her thigh, “Would you…..?”

I was cut off immediately, “No I wouldn’t now get to sleep!”

Another week went by of wanking and thinking and I felt more frustrated than ever. This was the closest ever to my dream. I had not one guy but three guys, all hot for Ellie and she wasn’t remotely interested.

Friday came again and it was a struggle but I persuaded her to come out for a drink. Actually it cost a meal as dinner was the bait to going out and I then suggested a drink afterwards on the “spur of the moment.” She was a little merry anyway after a vodka and tonic and a shared bottle of wine. We didn’t reach the pub until ten o’clock and it was busy. I clocked Arnie and Louis with one more of the foursome in a booth up in the corner, drinking pints. Arnie stood and waved us over.

“Do you want to join them or do you find it too intimidating?” I asked Ellie.

“It would take a lot more than three spotty immature males to scare me,” she said. “Let’s go over!”

I followed her meekly and we slid into the booth.

“This is Danny,” said Arnie nodding towards the youngest member of the group. “Steve’s out with his bird tonight so isn’t here.”

I assumed he was referring to the fourth guy who was missing. Certainly Danny had a certain attractiveness to him. He was a bit like a young David Beckham right down to the well trimmed unshaven look. Ellie was flirting like mad with him and she willingly took the offer of a glass of white wine. The guys were very cagey about what they did for a living apart from the fact that they all worked as scaffolders during the day and were happy to talk about the job they were on at a church nearby.

When I went off to the toilet I was quickly followed by Louis again. The toilet was empty and as I again stood pissing, he whipped out his long thin cock and made no attempt to cover himself as he pissed alongside.

“Did you get anywhere with her on the subject of a good fucking from us?” he asked in a matter of fact way.

“I tried but she refused,” I said.

“She seems quite flirty tonight mind you,” he replied, still holding his slightly erect cock in his right hand as the last few drips were shaken from the foreskin.

“She’s had a few drinks,” I said.

“I’m right in that you really want to see her with another guy, right?”

I said nothing, looking down at my rigid cock.

He leaned across and gripped it with his left hand.

“No need to answer that,” he said as he pulled back my foreskin. “There might even be something in it for you too if you help.”

“How though?”

“Leave that to us. I just need to know you’re happy to take us back to you place and join in.”

My heart was thumping, my tongue was dry, my cock was hard and I was scared.

“Take this,” he said offering me a pill.

“What is it?”

“It’s a kind of Viagra and will help keep you as horny as I need you to be tonight. We’ve all taken one.”

I took it.

As we walked back, Ellie’s voice could be heard across the bar. She was laughing out loud and Arnie’s shovel size hand were along the back of the bench and on her shoulder. She seemed quite relaxed.

Ellie was on another glass of wine and was high as a kite when Arnie suddenly suggested coming back to our place as the pub would be shutting in 30 minutes or so.

“Get some booze and crisps,” said Ellie. “The party’s at ours!”

The guys willingly flashed some money around and collected a brown bag with beer and wine and we all went out to call a cab. I was shaking with excitement and fear in equal measure but could not, for the life of me, understand how they had persuaded Ellie to go along with this mini-party at our place. She was chatting, laughing, flirting and generally having a great time.

When we climbed in the taxi, she sat in the back seat with Louis on one side and me on the other and Louis’s hand was along her back and stroking her shoulder, just above her right breast. She showed no interest in knocking his hand off but turned to me and kissed me fully on the lips as we bounced through the streets, the other two guys facing us and smiling. The pill I had taken back in the pub had done something to me and I was as horny as a 15 year old. My heart was pounding and my cock was semi-erect for the full trip home.

When we arrived, the guys unpacked supplies and found glasses. I opened some potato crisps and Ellie went off to have a shower “to waken herself up.”

“I thought you said she wasn’t amenable to guys coming on to her?” said Arnie.

“She isn’t,” I replied. “I’ve never seen her so flirty.”

“I think it’s our charm,” he said and she’s keen to see what she’s been missing all these years. If she’s game are you still willing to let us have a pop at her?”

I nodded like a naughty schoolboy.

“Your cock’s saying yes anyway,” said Louis looking at the obscene erection pushing at the fabric of my jeans.

Ellie bounced back in wearing some loose fitting cream shorts and a red vest-like top which only enhanced her breasts further.

“Where’s my drink?” she asked.

“Arnie’s preparing it for you,” said Danny who had remained very quiet.

Danny was by far the best looking of the trio though Louis had a certain rugged, “man next door look” whereas Arnie looked more like the “thug next door.”

She quaffed half the wine in one go and started to dance with Arnie whose hand were immediately on her buttocks. The other two guys watched and I caught Danny adjusting his cock. Louis came over and sat beside me whispering.

“We’re all going to fuck her tonight and she’s going to love it.”

He turned to look and me and continued.

“And you are going to be the horny voyeur who’ll be sucking our cocks after we’ve done it.”

I started to claim my heterosexuality but he just added,” And you know you want to.”

I went quiet. He had seen through me.

I could not for the life of me understand why after all these months of trying to get her to loosen up, she was acting like a slut for these guys. As this thought was passing through my head, all three started to dance with her, the guys in a circle around her and all six hands roaming over her body. Ellie was swaying like a bar dancer, even if she was a little out of time to the music. Her arms waved in the air and the guys hands roamed over her body. Someone unclipped her shorts and they fell to the floor. She simply stepped out of them. Now she was dancing in just the red vest top, her white panties slipping in and out of view as she did so. Danny hooked a thumb over each side and let the panties drop to the floor.

“Oops,” said Ellie, stepping out of them as though she dropped her panties in front of strangers on a daily basis.

Now their hands were free. Danny pulled Ellie towards him and he kissed her on the lips, his hand finding her cunt and his finger clearly sliding inside.

“God she’s wet,” he said.

Still she danced, clearly enjoying the attention and oblivious to me sitting like a spectator on the couch. Arnie and Louis started to strip and were soon naked. Louis was a hunk of a man with a cock the same length as my 6.5 inches but as thick as my wrist. Arnie had a cut cock, probably the same length but slightly thinner. His hairy body stretched as a mass from his pubic area to his chest but Louis had shaved balls and cock with just a small patch on his chest. I started to strip too and soon was back on the couch naked and wanking.

Danny, not to be left behind, pulled Ellie’s top off and left her naked and, as the other two took position behind and in front of her, he stripped completely. Considering he was the youngest his long cock was impressive. Not as thick at Louis but at least eight inches in length. He looked at me as he pulled his underwear down and proudly gripped and flashed it.

“She’ll love this,” he said nodding in the direction of his nether regions.

The two men gently led Ellie, still gyrating, to the bedroom and I followed, grabbing my cell phone as I went. I needed some proof for my future wanking. Danny followed behind me, patting my bum as he entered the room. Ellie was already lying back on the bed and the two guys lay down either side, a breast apiece. Danny knelt between her legs.

“I love the taste of wet pussy,” he said as he delved between her vagina lips.

Ellie was panting loudly with little squeals that only I thought I could do for her. Louis and Arnie were stretching her cunt to allow Danny’s tongue to enter her fully. I walked over, wanking and watching closely. I took a discreet picture without flash as I didn’t know what they would think of me photographing the act. I then thought and turned on the video and started to take some movies.

“Oh that’s amazing. Please more do it more,” panted Ellie as her back arched off the bed pushing her pussy into Danny’s invading tongue.

Arnie rolled on to his back on the bed and Louis lifted Ellie on to all fours across him, her mouth at his cock and his at her cunt. Danny climbed around and started to rim her arse as Arnie licked her cunt. She hungrily gripped Arnie’s cock and started sucking like a starving child gripping it’s bottle. Louis walked over to me and stood naked in front of me his erect cock just inches away.

“Suck it!” he commanded.

I looked up at him.

“You heard me. You want to so suck it!”

I leaned forward and gripped my first cock in many years I pulled his foreskin back slightly and the glans popped out as this beautiful cock pulsed in my hand. I enveloped it with my mouth and started to suck. The feeling of this rigid piece of flesh sliding right to the back of my throat, the slightly salty taste of pre-cum mixing and being swallowed with my saliva, was wonderful. I felt at one with Louis, as though part of his body was part of mine.

Danny looked over and smiled saying to Arnie, “Looks like we’ve got two pussy cats for the price of one.”

Arnie was keeping Ellie very busy as he licked and had her whimpering like a bitch on heat, which I suppose she was. Louis, meantime surprised me. He lifted my legs up on the small sofa in our room and turned to suck my cock at the same time. If I said sucking a man’s cock was an amazing experience, having a man suck yours was twice as good. I had to stop him before I filled his mouth with cum. I wasn’t sure how he would react to that.

“Fuck me Danny,” said Ellie.

Danny smiled that wicked smile again and I threw him a box of Durex from our bedside table. I don’t know how many husbands will share my feelings but that stage of watching a good looking young stud, open a condom box and unwrap a condom to put on his cock, knowing you are going to witness your wife being fucked in front of you, put me on a high I had never experienced. My only fear was that I might cum without even touching my cock. The other two guys stood either side idly stroking their own cocks and I stood doing the same as I watched this debauched spectacle unfold in front of me.

“Now Kevin, watch closely as we are going to take your wife somewhere you couldn’t even dream of. She’s going to beg us to keep fucking her,” Arnie said.

Danny laid her on her back and opened her legs. Her shave cunt gaped open waiting and wet. He aimed his big cock at her entrance and gently pushed into her. Ellie exhaled air as he did so and Danny, pulled her feet apart and in the air as he started to fuck her. I went over and placed my hand between them feeling his cock and it’s stiffness as he fucked my wife. I allowed my fingers to push gently inside her along with his cock feeling the hard flesh brush against me as he screwed her. The other two were taking it in turns to kiss her tits and her mouth. Once they were fully occupied, I stood back looking down on the scene and, once more, took a movie of it while they were preoccupied.

Danny fucked her hard and she was loving every minute. Suddenly he pulled out and Arnie took his place plunging his smaller cock into her and fucking hard while Danny replaced him in kissing her breasts. Louis was alongside me.

“Nice to see isn’t it?”

“Awesome, I never thought she would have allowed this.”

“She isn’t,” he said.

“Eh,” was my vacant response.

“You don’t think she turned into a slut in one night did you?”

I still must have looked stupid.

“He smiled his smile and said, “She’s had a little medical help and she won’t remember too much of this in the morning, except perhaps a sore cunt.”

They had drugged her! Of course they had. They had drugged me I suppose as I had never been so horny.

As I looked on, Louis again put his arm around me and drew my face to him kissing me fully on the lips. I let him. It was a limp kiss but I let him. He gripped my cock and started to stroke it.

“Arnie’s the smallest cock, why don’t you let him fuck you. Just think, out of your wife and into you.”

“I could never take a cock,” I said.

Louis was rubbing my KY jelly into my hole as he spoke.

“Try it!”

Arnie had just pulled out and Louis went over to Ellie ready to take his place in the fuck queue. He whispered something to Arnie and he came over to me and bent me over the arm of the sofa, fingering my hole as he did so. His cock still had the condom on it and he eased it into me. I let him. I watched as Louis fucked Ellie. She was noisy now and building for her big climax. This would be noisy and as I watched and stroked my cock Arnie pushed into my arse. There was a moment of sharp pain but he pulled slightly back and it eased. Then he pushed again. It still hurt but less so. When he went in for the fourth time I was waiting for it and he started to hump me quite hard.

“God you’re fucking tight,” he said breathlessly as he hammered my arse. “I’m not going to last long with this hole gripping my cock.

Ellie howled as Louis’s thick cock brought her to an orgasm. Her nails dug into his back and held her firmly as he fucked, his movements suggesting that he was about to dump his load into her at the same time. Danny wanked as he watched and, just as Ellie’s mouth was stretched open to allow the wail from her orgasm to escape, he fired a wad of cum over her face and in her mouth.

Arnie, watching this, started to hammer harder and his climax followed, pumping into my hole. I could feel the muscle stretch as his cum entered my widened anus. I had been stroking my own cock and came off almost within seconds of this wonderful experience.

Arnie pulled his sagging condom out of me and we all stretched and stood up as Louis headed for the final climax of the evening. He pulled his cock out, stripped off the condom and fired a wad of cum which looked like a world record. Streams of white, hot semen ejected, firing up Ellie’s entire length. The first went straight over her head but each of the following eight of nine spurts landed at assorted places on her body as the strength of his orgasm subsided. He successfully covered her quite literally from head to cunt in cum.

I quickly got my phone and rattled off some photos of her ravaged body drenched in cum for my future wanking delight as I had no idea if, or when I might ever get this chance again.

As the guys dressed and mopped up, Ellie lay sound asleep on the bed. I mopped her with a damp towel, the strong smell of semen rising from her abused body.

“Thanks for that Kevin. She might be in her forties but she’s a hot bitch when she gets going. You’re a lucky man,” said Arnie. “Here’s a present for you just in case we’re not around the next time you want her used.”

Arnie handed me a little bottle of clear liquid.

“Four drops in her drink should give you a good night. You should get about ten or so sessions out of this little lot and when you need more, or when you want some help, just call me.”

He took my phone and entered his details into it.

When they had left I felt horribly guilty. I had misused the woman I loved for my own pleasure. I tidied everything up and removed all the evidence, then put a little nightie on Ellie and tucked her into bed. I had a troubled start to my sleep but soon dropped off.

In the morning, I woke to the smell or bacon. Ellie trotted into the room with a tray on which there were two mugs of coffee, two glasses of orange juice and two bacon rolls.

“Good morning lover boy,” she said breezily. “Wasn’t last night fun?”

Not sure what to say I responded with a slightly lack lustre,” Yes it was.”

“Great night out in company, a few drinks and then home for wild sex with my husband. What more could a girl want. I might be a bit sore today but it’s a nice sore. You must have been really horny last night love. I can’t wait until next time.”

“Neither can I,” I said, the guilt lifting ever so slightly as I gazed on my beautiful wife and wandered if any more men might find her attractive and if so, how many.

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