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Symmetrical Petals

Category: Incest
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She was gorgeous. Oceanic gaze peered from behind thin silver frames of which she wore only because she was afraid of contacts. She stood at the height of five foot five, long raven hair pulled back away from her pale smooth face in a pair of red chopsticks. Finally her voluptuous frame was wrapped in all kinds of fabrics of flow yet B-cup breasts were pulled tightly together just above a silk ivory sash. Her colors today were of deep reds and blues with bare minimum skin exposed…and I got to see it all.

She walked into my room gracefully, pausing at my dresser to pick up a handful of petals from a jar before proceeding to my bed. I watched her silently; we didn’t speak much during these times together. Gracing my bed with so much of a glance she’d climb aboard and spread the red life across the black velvet piece I had laid out for her, fingers trailing just barely over the petals in touch.

Mesmerized by her moment alone with the small life forms my hand tightened around the side of my camera. I raised it on par with my vision and began to snap pictures.

She looked up and smiled. “But I’m not in position,” she spoke with such a smooth tone it made my skin tingle a bit. Such confidence made me crave her; I could not help such feelings.

“Alright. Are you going to get me afterwards?” Business first. She smiled and only nodded slightly in confirmation, my sudden gulp of nervousness making her grin all the more. She knew how to work me.

Rolling onto her stomach then she’d prop her pretty little head into her palms, those eyes looking to me with reassurance, “But of course.”

The room felt much hotter after this, our business continuing as pictures were snapped, the removal of clothing taking place until she was bare in a pile of petals.

“You know,” she said gently, hand trailing down her flat stomach gently, “There has been requests on our website for the two of us to be in a shot.”

“Oh really?” I asked, a bit embarrassed as I zoomed into her chest for the more responsive shots…but when her thumb and index took hold of the bud as her hand arched for the position I shook my head and pressed heavily onto the shutter button. Laughter was heard and I straightened my posture.

We had done this for years. Ourselves were three years apart, her older then I, and we were well bred with much to offer the world. Putting our traits to use we began to take pictures of each other which were instantly popular among the online public…and as we matured matured in our art, we were considered celebrities.

We determined ourselves to be stars in both male and female’s fantasies across the states and became consistent with our work through subscribers. It was good money and we were filled of exciting ideas.

The problem was, however, was that it was not accepted by both our parents and friends. Mother found father was one of our many subscribers and booted us from the house and the family; our friends could not look at us. It was a conserved town who shouldn’t be looking up such things anyway.

So we’ve been on our own and grownups since we were about eighteen and twenty one, living in our own small fortune.

Compared to my sister Sara, I was not anything too special but we were both equally adored. My own hair was of deep red due to the magic of dye and my form was a bit more fuller than hers, weight-wise. Skin was of a tanner tint due to my activities outside but we both had our own personal beauties and attributes that kept the subscribers guessing what relationship we had with one another. Surely not sisters. Only the first month’s viewers knew this bit of information for we changed our names when girlfriends of the playground became upset of our bodies on their male’s computer files. Least we could deny it with a bit of photo altering and no names.

So for the next few years of our lives we ravished in our duties to the public, using their donations and each other as photographers to submit our form of art into the world for exchange of money. Business, right?

The next morning I found Sara sitting at our only computer of the two room apartment, a coffee cup faithfully at her side as she watched the loading screen of a paint program. She was wearing the cotton robe I had given her for Christmas, and just by the way she was sitting I knew she had only bare form to offer beneath. Picking up the cup she’d turn towards me with a smile, obviously pleased. “We have a few more each day meaning we might be able to get that second computer we’ve been talking about.”

“That would be neat,” I responded, moving to the kitchen to pour myself a cup. I felt her gaze heavily pressed on me. I looked up, “Are you okay?”

Suddenly she removed herself from her chair, form quickly winding around the counter as she approached me rather closely. I couldn’t help but blush but when she rose my face at her fingertip’s whims and attached her lips to my own. Instantly I fell deep into it, and instantly I pushed away when the flash occurred.

There was my camera sitting on the counter, apparently on a timer of some sort. I looked back and forth, steamed. “Did I not say no last night to your weird little offer?” I asked, angered.

She just looked at me, a brow raised with knowing-question. “You’re telling me you don’t want this? We could have the computer within a few weeks,” she spoke, hand quickly sweeping up to cup one of my breasts as another flash occurred.

“What setting do you have it on anyway?” I growled, quickly moving out of her grip as I snatched up the device to look at its status.

“Oh come on Haley I know you want me,” Sara said suddenly, elbows connected to the low countertop as she was leaning in forward to expose the nice line of thin chain running down the canyon between her breasts. I quickly caught the moment and shoved the camera to the side, shaking my head.

“No one knows we’re sisters, you know that. People are practically begging us to do this and promising donations if such demands are made,” she said. Business, right.

“And you just don’t want me?” I asked, attempting to switch to a playful mode.

“Of course not. You’re my sister. It’ll just get things done around here a lot faster,” she said, rising to move around our separation just to wrap her arms loosely about my neck. Looking up to me she’d puff out her lower lip and widen her sad eyes, “Why not?”

This made me frown. I sighed and pushed her off of me. I couldn’t keep cool when she only wanted it for business, I had feelings too. Locking myself into my own little world the rest of the day of reading and drawing I could only imagine what she was doing and putting in for responses to requests. It irritated me, but it was quickly forgiven and forgotten in a few day’s time.

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