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The Priestess

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It began in silence. She was the Priestess and she was in charge. Her four young, male acolytes stood around her at the quarters of the circle watching and waiting. She was covered in a long, dark robe whist they were naked.

With her eyes closed she began to turn, slowly, staying at the centre of the circle. She raised her arms, the robe flowing out about her. She experienced a slight sense of dizziness even though she was turning very slowly.

This was expected and welcomed. The Goddess was descending upon her and she danced to a rhythm that only she could hear. Although she could see nothing physically, she felt the faint glow about her body that witnessed the emergence of the divinity. She abandoned her everyday consciousness to become enfolded in the rapture of the infinite.

With little more than a slight shrug of her shoulders the robe dropped to the floor. Still she turned, naked now, as the goddess within her moved with the dance of life. She was young and beautiful and the sight of her evoked the present of her divine lover into each of the waiting men.

Her dance became faster now, moving to rhythms that she understood. Still turning she left the centre of the circle and spiralled out towards her men. She moved so gracefully that she barely touched the first of her lovers that she encountered. But even the slight touch of her hand upon his arm raised him to an erection. She never stopped, moving on to touch each of the other three men in turn, each responding with a quickening of breath and a hardening of the phallus. And still she turned, dancing about the circle, a gentle, passing stroke rewarding each man for their success in invoking the God.

The men remained still. Watching as her dance became more languid, more consciously erotic. She paused to stand closely in fount of the Lord of the East. She stepped even closer, her body now pressed against his, and kissed him fully upon the mouth. As they joined in this simple manner he raised his arms and parted his legs to stand as a blazing star in the East. She moved on to the South and then to the West and North, wordlessly calling into full manifestation the Lords of the quarters. Each man now stood with arms outstretched, apparently protecting her from all directions as she continued her dance.

Her dance slowed but never stopped. She turned herself around the circle of arms, allowing the men to support her. The dance became more intimate as her body pressed against theirs. Both the Priestess and the Goddess within her revelling in their hard flesh as they controlled themselves, holding their position.

When she was ready she returned to the centre of the circle, facing East, and said simply, “Come to me.” The men stepped forward, arms still outstretched until they were within the feel of her breath. Then they wrapped their arms around her, embracing both the Lady and their comrades.

“You may touch me.” It was both a request and a demand. The men complied, each gently placing their hands upon her body. Her skin was like the finest velvet covering the firm, yet yielding body of the Lady. Time lost all meaning as they softly explored her. She neither knew nor cared whose hands were where. Each of them was her lover.

The stirrings that had begun with the dance became waves of passion that engulfed. Her body was alight with the intimate touch of her Lords. Hands were now upon her buttocks, her breasts and exploring within the soft hair between her legs. Even though she was both expecting and desiring it, she still reacted to the finger that slid across her clitoris. She pushed herself forward, encouraging it to go further.

Lips were now kissing their way down her back, and from each side, tongues working their way across her breasts, towards her nipples. The hand that now cupped her mound of Venus was continuing to rub her clitoris whilst the fingers sought and found the sacred entrance into her body.

Her men were now kneeling about her. She felt her buttock cheeks parted slightly as a tongue began to caress the sensitive skin at the base of her back. There seemed to be more hands upon her than could be accounted for, touching her so intimately, arousing her, taking her further in to that state of love that demands satisfaction.

Thus it was that she began to lower herself backwards, into willing hands that supported her as she lay down upon the floor. Allowing the men to arrange themselves as they please, she took up the position of the star. Arms and legs outstretched, inviting and waiting. She was briefly aware of movement and of a body positioning itself above her, without touching her. She had only to raise her hips slightly to make contact.

The tip of the man’s penis slid gently over her clitoris as it sought the exact position from which it could enter her. He was so gentle, pushing forward into her slowly, ensuring that she was truly ready for him. Having assured himself that she was quite ready he thrust forward more forcibly and the two became one. Once he had fully immersed himself within her he relaxed and lay down upon her, their bodies joining both within and without. Her command was given by no more than a gentle sigh, but he knew exactly what she wanted. He withdrew a little out of her. She pushed her hips up to match his movement and then withdrew back onto the floor so quickly that he nearly came out of her. With one long hard push he buried himself into as far as he could get, pinning her to the floor.

With him moving again within her, she relaxed her body to let it seem as if he were in control. As his tempo increased she began to feel the conjunction start to happen, her highest self descending to meet the animal passions that were arising from the depths of her soul. As her lover pounded into her body, the twin aspects of her soul meet in an orgasmic celebration. The animal took flight whilst the Goddess enjoyed the pleasures of the flesh. An exchange to the benefit of both.

The part of her that stood guard over her body felt the man ram himself into her and go rigid as he offered up the loving sacrifice, pumping his life force into her. She took little heed, knowing that he would quickly be replaced. As indeed he was. Another man was in her. Larger, filling her more completely as her soul took up its dance amongst the stars. She had no idea of who was in her, or for how long, only that with each thrust she was elevated higher into that divine consciousness that she sought.

But that elevated plain is not the natural dwelling place for a human and she could not stay there. Reluctantly she bid the stars farewell, offering up to them the pleasures of the flesh that she had enjoyed thus far. She began to descend back towards the little body that was still upon the floor. It is said that when the Goddess is satisfied, the Priestess may have her fill. And having experienced the rapture of the infinite, she made the adjustment that would allow her to sate her animal soul.

Glancing around she noted three shinny but flaccid penises, while the one that was still inside her twitched and shot the man’s passion deep within her. All four men had pleasured her whilst her soul had danced in the stars. But that was not enough, and she determined that now she would have them for herself.

She addressed them all “You may now take the sacrament.” They all knew what she meant, that they could take back into themselves the mixture of their combined sexual fluids. The man still between her legs backed up a little, lowered his head to between her thighs and began to lap at the sacrament that was now re-emerging from inside of her. The feeling of his tongue sent ripples of delight throughout her body.

But she wanted more. “Come closer.” This to the three others. As they came to kneel about her she reached out to the two men at either side, gently taking their penis’s in her hands. Very slowly she rubbed them, the remaining fluids from her body made them slippery. The man behind her shifted his position a little and presented his re-hardening manhood to her lips. She took him into her mouth and began to suck him gently. Within a few minutes all of the men were hard again, seeming ready to continue.

Popping the cock out of her mouth she instructed the man between her legs, “You’ve had enough, change round.” Dutifully he moved, changing place with on of the men at her side. Once the change had taken place she reapplied herself to the three cocks about her. Rubbing and sucking for her own pleasure and that of her more than willing acolytes. The tongue that was working between her legs brought her to orgasm. As she shuddered her pleasure she increased the tempo of her hands and mouth. Without her urging, the men changed position again, and again, until all four of them had taken of the sacred sacrament.

Having thus fulfilled her duty she abandoned herself to pleasure. The need for a cock inside her was intense. And so she sat up, commanded one of her men to lie at the centre of the circle and positioned herself over him. As she lowered herself, engulfing him, waves of ecstasy overtook her body. She sat upon her man and rocked herself gently back and forth. The three others reformed the circle about her. Once again she took one in each hand and one in her lovely mouth. She rubbed and sucked and fucked the four men, abandoning herself to lust. The man on her left came first, pumping his seed out over her breasts. This seemed to push the man in her mouth over the edge. As he too erupted his pleasure she took him as far into her mouth as she could and greedily swallowed his juice. She lost count of the orgasms that she enjoyed as she pleasured and was pleasured by her men.

But the man to her right was not to be so easily won. Still rubbing his cock with one hand she grasped his balls with the other, squeezing gently. He hung on, and so she took him into her mouth, relishing the contrast of the taunt, velvety skin and the hardness of his shaft. Despite the tactile and oral administrations of the Priestess he managed to hold back, although the effort of doing so was clearly visible on his face. It seemed to become a contest between the woman and the man. She determined to have his seed, while he held back as long as he could. Ultimately, she knew it would be no contest, but she decided to reassert her control. Looking into the face of the man she was riding she ordered “you, up.” And to the man in her hands she added, “you, down.”

Thus her challenger was sent into a subordinate posture, and as she once again climbed upon her man, reasserted her dominance. The man who had been receiving her most intimate attentions was clearly displeased by this turn of events. To have been most unceremoniously ejected from the warm comfort of her vagina seemed to him to be most unfair. Although he did not dare say as much, she read his body language accurately and took pity on him. “You may work as an eleventh.” She purred. He understood this code and knew exactly what she meant.

He positioned himself behind her, kneeling over the man legs. His rampant cock lost no time in fulfilling her command. She lent forward, over her would be competitor, and as her buttocks spread wide she felt the man find and enter the rosebud opening of her anus. By an act of will she relaxed her muscles and permitted the man to bury himself deep within her arse.

To both of the men inside her she commanded “Now do it, give it to me.” And with that she began to move most vigorously. Within a few moments they established a rhythm, hard and fast. She knew that neither of the men would be able to hold out for long. The animal triumphed and she was overcome by her orgasm, writhing and screaming as the two men pounded into her. From below she felt the familiar throb and spasms as her subordinate succumbed to her. And moments later, the delightfully different sensations of the man pumping his seed into her beautiful arse.

Time seem to stand still as the three of them hung in space. Three bodies become one in passion. But it could not last and finally she collapsed, exhausted on to the man below her. She felt the cock slip from her anus as she forced herself to her feet. She stood for a moment, towering over the defeated man upon the floor. With an imperious “Get up, return to your stations.” She took back total control. She gathered up and re-donned her discarded robe and the rite ended as it had begun. In silence.

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