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My First Obsession

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The white cotton fabric of her panties made a scratching sound as it rubbed hard against her pubic hair. Wet heat was penetrating the only barrier to the pussy I had dreamed about since I was sixteen. The situation had deemed it necessary for hard, rough kissing. Our tongues were battling, roughing the other up, our mouths had become instruments for something other than verbal communication; instead it was a primal and taboo language we were speaking.

The reasonable part of my mind knew the room was quiet, only filled with our gasps, but the raging attraction and lust filled my ears as if a turbine engine had been placed beside the bed. Her breath and mouth had the hint of a cigarette, something I hadn’t been particularly attracted to in other women, but something I then loved. Her long brown hair, crumbled against a pillow, smelled of a scent I can’t rid my nostrils of to this day.

I’ve literally had hundreds of situations exactly like this, but for who it was, this one was exhilarating. My hand was jammed down her sweatpants, furiously rubbing her wet pussy. Her hips squirmed to force even more pressure from my arms. We hadn’t even started fucking yet, but I already knew this was the sexiest fuck I had ever experienced.

The woman below me was Diana, in her forties, but still looked twenty; she had been a long time friend of my mother, and a long time masturbatory fantasy of mine. I had known her for a long time; she first entered the family as a girlfriend of my hard-to-settle-down Uncle. She had always been beautiful. When my Uncle grew tired of the “routine”, she had stayed close friends with my mother, which gave me even more access to be close to her.

Or so I though. I only saw her sporadically, and, to my irrational disappointment, it was never a situation that would give me the opportunity to seduce her. In hindsight, it’s ridiculous to assume a sixteen year old kid could possibly seduce a woman of such beauty, but what are irrational thoughts for; I was a horny teenager.

I joined the military at eighteen, just before September 11th. I joined, mostly out of laziness, and apathy toward college. But I made it through okay, and started my job as a medic. I had fun and partied it up something proper with frequent wild nights in a coed dorm with other young military females resulting in many sexual relationships, orgies and threesomes. My life back home quickly faded into a distant memory, and I wasn’t sure that any sense of normalcy would be possible when I would go home; but I went anyway.

Of course, any fresh recruit makes a big announcement before taking leave the first time to go back to his hometown. You gain a sense of celebrity, especially after a war had just started. Everyone was excited, girls were waiting, and my old friends reserved the keg.

My mother had the greatest excitement, and threw a typical mom party for my arrival. All the family showed and while it was good to see them all, I felt bad that I was happiest to see that Diana had attended. She stirred in me an urge that had remained bottled up since I was young; no matter the situation, I saw her as a benchmark of sexiness. Sex and sultry seeped from her pores. As I walked into the room and laid eyes on her, she came to me and gave me a platonic hug. But I felt an electric surge through every muscle of my body. Her ample tits mashed into my chest, her delicate arms wrapped around my neck, her body tight against mine. The warmth from her, her scent, her face and eyes, they all made my core melt. A hardened soldier completely melted.

“I’m so glad to see you!” she said.

Holding back an hour long confession in which I proclaim my passion for her, I returned the pleasantry.

“It’s been a while.”

“I just had to come when your mom told me you had leave. You’ve grown so much! I hardly recognize you!”

I had never crossed the line, never given hint of my attraction, but I let it slip this time. Perhaps it was the knowledge that if I screwed anything up, I could leave and go back to the military, guarded from the embarrassment of gushing over an unhealthy adolescent obsession that never died; whatever it was I said,

“I’ll always recognize you. I’ve never stopped thinking about you.”

I wasn’t even concerned that I had vocalized this hint of my obsession in a room with virtually my entire family present. I was in a sound proof room, guarded from rationality and reality.

She was taken off guard at first, she just looked at me. Her face still had the expression that she came to hug me with. As my words sunk in, so too did her expression, it sunk to a sudden realization I think. Then she spoke.

“We’ll I’m glad to hear it. It would be horrible if you forgot about your Aunt Diana.”

Had she brushed it off as small talk gone awry? I considered for a moment it would be a good thing if she hadn’t perceived the truth behind my words. But deep down, I wanted her to take them for what her gut told her they meant. I wanted her to understand that I desired her, and had so for such a long time.

The typical tame party continued on, slowly as if in phases people began to go home, until only my Mom, Diana and myself were left. I filled the air with stories about my experiences, funny stories about my training, but it was just fluff to deaden the absolute furious tension between Diana and I.

A group of my friends soon stopped by unannounced, along with them they brought a liquor store, I guess hoping to lubricate any awkwardness in my being back and possibly being different than when I had left. The night continued on, my Mom retired early, soon after Diana, having a couple of drinks herself went to the guestroom, which had over the years become her home away from home.

The trip had worn on me, and after a short time I announced that I was exhausted. Reluctantly understanding, my friends went home, and I sat in the living room thinking about her. Thinking about what I had said, and my old irrational thoughts began to cloud my mind. I went for my room in the basement, totally prepared to just go to bed and rest, but the alcohol would let me as I passed the guest room door. I stopped, I imagined her in the room, and I stood there hoping she was on the other side thinking about me. I wanted her; I wanted her to want me back.

I turned the knob. A million things were flying through my head. What ifs that couldn’t be answered in such short notice. This was unplanned, improved, bordering crazy. What would I do? Stand there? I couldn’t answer the questions quick enough, and soon I was in the room. It was dark; the only light came from the green glow of the alarm clock. I stood silent in the doorway, slowly I closed the door.

I moved quietly to the bed. I could hear her breathing, the object of my fantasy was here before me, and the minute details were being filled in. Like how she sounds when she sleeps, how she moves, it was all a stimulus I couldn’t control. I knelt down. The buzz I had from the alcohol disabled my ability to rationally think. One second I would consider touching her body, the other to leave.

Instead, she spoke.


“Yeah,” I said.

“What’s wrong?”

“Oh. Nothing.”

I hadn’t planned on conversation, how was I to explain myself?

“Are you sure honey?”


“Do you want to talk?”

I saw the opportunity. I knew that she wanted to listen to stories about how I was having trouble coping with being away, or my bad experiences in the military, but I wanted to talk about other things.

“Sure.” “What do you want to talk about?”

“I have an admission to make. And it’s going to be a hard one. Something that I normally wouldn’t say.”

“What is it baby?”

My heart skipped. She meant it platonically, but her voice uttering baby to me did something to me.

“What is it?” She prodded.

“You. Diana, it’s wrong. And it will probably ruin our friendship, but I haven’t been able to get you out of my head for years. I’ve been around you, talked to you, touched you for so long, but secretly I’ve wanted you, desired you.”

My eyes had adjusted, and the green light that illuminated her face gave me enough ambience to see any reactions she may have.

She remained silent.

“I’ve tried so hard to forget this. Forget my idiotic fantasy. But…”

I took a risk. I slowly found her beautiful face with my hand. I gently touched her cheek. Subconsciously, I guess I wanted to discover how she was reacting. If I touched her, and she drew back, I knew I had blown it. If she didn’t, I knew that there was hope. I caressed the corner of her lips with my thumb ever so lightly. She gently kissed it.

I moved my other hand to her other cheek, she slowly covered it with her hand. Softly she rubbed my fingers as I touched her face. The faint glint of her eyes was intoxicating.

She whispered, “Come here baby.”

It was a validation, long in the making. I climbed onto the bed just beside her. The sheets were warm. Her body was pressed to mine. We stared into each others eyes. I brushed my finger through her hair, relishing every element of her body. My cock instantly became a steel rod, jammed into the thigh of my long time crush. Her smell overwhelmed me, I moved a bit closer and kissed her soft lips. She kissed back. Her tongue invaded my mouth as I caressed it with mine. My hand slipped from her face to her neck, trickling my fingers against her skin on the way down. Her perfect tits, covered only with a thin t-shirt were firm, her hard nipple protruding into my palm, I worked her tit. She moaned.

I moved my thigh between her legs, until it was stopped by her hot pussy. I pressed a little harder and moved it from side-to-side. Her hips worked with my movements. She broke the kiss and spoke seductively in my ear.

“I want you to do whatever you want to me.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yes baby. Fuck me, eat me, ram me, whatever you want, it’s your night, and I want it.”

I had the affirmation I needed.

My hand began to travel further down her body, I moved my thigh from between her legs in preparation of my next destination. Slowly her hand traveled down my back and found my tightened ass, she squeezed it hard which shot another pulse into my already pulsating cock. I felt her hand tremble as it slowly made it’s way from my ass to my inner thigh, she moved her open palm up until she had my balls, she gently rubbed them, the base of her palm met the base of my hardened cock as she steadily moved to hold my cock. Meanwhile my hand had come to the elastic band of her sweatpants, while her hand moved to the button of my shorts. She moved expertly at undoing them and slowly working them down. I moved my hand past the tight band of her pants and lifted it open with the back of my hand, a sudden rush of hot damp air filled the area, a strong scent of her hot wet pussy filled my nostrils, and I could almost taste her. I worked the pants over her ass, and down to her thigh and then off altogether. I moved my hand up her smooth legs, past her knee moving to her inner thigh, and an involuntary reflex in her slowly forced her to spread her legs the higher my hand went. Soon, her legs were spread wide, my entire palm covering her wide, white cotton covered pussy. I pressed my middle finger into her gash, feeling the dampness on the cloth. She began to moan. Her hand quickly found my cock, covered only with my boxers. She began to jerk it, up and down, firmly squeezing it.

Her hairy pussy scratched against the cotton as I rubbed her clit from side to side. Her breathing became heavier, her jerking became faster.

“Yes!” She gustily got out.

I had to have more of her, I wanted every one of my senses overloaded with her, I wanted to taste every part of her pussy, her ass, everything. I worked the elastic of her panties down, she moved her legs to accommodate. Still on her side, I knelt on the bed, pulled my boxers down, and leaned toward her legs, moving her panties completely off. I once again got on my side, except now I was staring her brown hairy pussy in the face. My cock was hovering in front of her mouth. The hot breath surrounded my cock as she took my boxers all the way off. I spread her legs once again and her aroma, her musk hit my nose. I loved her pussy. I moved my arms around her legs, holding onto the union between her thighs and I spread her pussy open. The faint aroma of her ass became known. And suddenly a timid flick of a tongue hit the tip of my cock, soon a hand wrapped around it, jerking it toward her face. She moved it closer to her mouth and then engulfed it, sliding it in and out, all the while jacking it back and forth, hard yet tenderly. Her nose would touch my balls and then slide away.

I moved closer to her pussy, her musky smelling hair tickled my nose, I inhaled.

“You are amazing.” I said.

She only acknowledged with a muffled “MMMph.”

I protruded my tongue for my first taste, I tipped her clitoral hood and steadily licked down, touching the sides of her pussy folds until I reached the salty rim of her pussy hole. I went back to her clit and made wet circles around it, sporadically flicking her clit with my tongue. I licked both sides of her labia, I could taste the sweat and wet from her juicy pussy. Her hips thrust forward shoving her beautiful cunt into my face, saturating it with her juice. Her mouth moved like an expert on my cock, fast yet carefully, her tongue sweeping from side to side, soaking up all the pre-cum I no-doubt was generating. I pulled her ass cheeks apart, her puckered asshole exposed; I began an assault from the tip of her clit, through her salty folds, to her asshole. I tongued it hard, spread it open more with my hands, and dug my tongue into it.

She released my cock from her mouth.


“You like your asshole being licked?”

“Yes baby, do it more.”

I obliged. I licked from her pussy to her asshole, back and forth; fingering her tight brown hole between licks. A torrent of pussy juice began to flow. Her pussy hair was scratching against my face, and I noticed her thighs were tightening around my head. My cock was being engulfed harder and harder, I resisted the urge to cum and dump a bucket of sperm into her waiting mouth. Her thighs tightened more. I forced my tongue into her pussy, fucking it as far as it would go, quickly moving up to tongue her pink clit, then back to tongue-fuck her asshole. It was too much for her. Her hips went into auto-drive and bucked against my face, fucking my face back, her thighs were like a constrictor snake around my head, her pussy contracted around my tongue all the while a river of her cum traveled all over my face and into my awaiting mouth.

“Yes baby, yes baby, yes baby, YES!” She screamed quickly before sucking my cock back into her mouth.

She bucked her hips more, continuing on her orgasm.

“Cum for me baby,” I demanded.

I continued my assault, her arms wrapped around my hips, shoving whatever cock was exposed still into her dirty mouth. She wanted me to cum and any objections that I had about cumming too early left me. The exhilaration was heightening, and the shear taboo of what was taking place medicated my mind with lust and desire.

Her tongue was working wonders on the head of my cock, it felt she had it shoved halfway down her throat. My tongue was buried in her juicy hot hole, as more of her cum would seep from her pussy walls, I would lick it up and drink it. She picked up pace on my rod, her hands that were wrapped around my hips, slowly found their way to my ass. She separated my cheeks and began to rub a finger on my asshole, it was stimulating. The other hand rubbed up and down on my perineum, right behind my balls. The vacuum in her mouth increased, and she began to hum, deep resonating hums stimulated every nerve ending in my cock.

Cum began to boil within my balls, they tightened.

I pulled away from her hot, dripping pussy. The air was cold compared to the steam I had just had my face in. I had to warn her.

“I’m going to fucking cum baby. I’m gonna fucking cum all in your mouth.”

If she had any objections to taking my load in her mouth, I had given fair warning. Instead she shoved my hips into her face even harder, she scooped my balls into her hand and pulled them as close to her forehead as possible. It was sending me over the edge.

The cum had began its ascent. My cock quickly engorged. I could feel the stream of sperm rise through my cock. I blurted out, “Oh fuck baby. OH FUCK!”

Jet after milky jet spewed into her hot, wet mouth. She didn’t miss a stroke, still bobbing up and down, encouraging every last drop of my hot jizz into its new home. Streams poured out, white cords dumped into her mouth, as she swallowed every drop. She grabbed my cock once the drenching subsided and pulled it from her mouth, she held it right before her mouth firmly and licked the tip, and then rubbed it on her chin. The sensitivity made me quiver as much as her pussy was quivering after I finally released my tongue.

I got up, and turned my body, and came face to face with the woman I had obsessed about for so long, and the woman who had just blown my cock and swallowed my cum. I loved her, her movements, her face, her being. I held her face, and gently brushed my fingers on her cheeks as I kissed her. The faint taste of my cum was in her mouth, but I didn’t care; I didn’t care about anything at that moment except her.

She broke the kiss and moved on top of me, I laid flat on my back, her slender frame rested on my hips as she removed her t-shirt. She bent down and continued to kiss me. I grabbed her supple tits and used them to move her forward more and I began to lick each of her hard nipples. I kissed every square inch of her breasts, and then licked the sweat from her sternum all the way to her neck where I began to kiss her. I continued up to her left ear, around her jaw line and back to her waiting mouth. She reached down, and took my cock, which was partially hard and positioned it toward my naval. I felt her hand as she rubbed her wet pussy and separated the lips and sat down on my shaft. She worked her parted pussy lips up and down my shaft. The red-hot heat coming from her steamy wet pussy felt good against my hardening cock. She held her face and inch from mine and we stared into each others eyes, she bit her lower lip.

“You want to fuck me?”

I replied quickly, “Yes. For the longest time.”

“Your cock feels so good. I want you inside me. I want to feel that hard cock filling me up. God, that feels so good.”

My cock was rigid, her wet pussy had brought it back to life. I reached down to grab her ass, and when she moved up, I moved her a little further, giving my cock space to spring up to meet her pussy. She realized what I was doing, and relinquished control.

The heat of her open pussy hole hit the head of my cock. She had drenched my entire crotch in her juice, I could only imagine what it looked like. I grabbed hold of her ass cheeks and moved her back, as I adjusted the height of my cock. It reached the opening to her pussy, I hesitated a moment, whetting the tip with her elixir and sliding up and down her gash. She gasped. Then I plunged it forward, deep into her pussy.

“OH FUCK!” She screamed, “Yes! Fuck me deep baby, fuck me deep.”

I hadn’t retracted my cock yet, I was still relishing the heat that encapsulated it. The velvety smooth walls and what seemed to be her cervix, I had gone deep. I pulled out and thrust forward again, she screamed in pleasure.

She leaned back and began to grind her hairy pussy onto my cock, the ridge at the head of my cock was sending a torrent of pressure on the wall of her pussy, driving her crazy. She rocked back and forth, I moved my hand down and began to play with her clit.

“Yes, baby, yes! Fuck my pussy, fuck my pussy.”

She leaned further back and propped herself on her hand, and then put her feet flat on the bed to each side of my chest. She moved up and down as fast as she could. Her pussy was so tight, she was going wild, she groaned and moaned, increasing volume.

“Baby your cock is gonna make me cum again! Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!”

It was amazing watching her get off on my cock.

She began panting hard. Much harder than last time. She said, “Fuck,” so rapidly it began to become hard to understand what she was saying. Her pussy tightened on my shaft like a vice. “I’M CUMMING!” She squealed.

Suddenly she pulled her pussy from around my cock, which sprung forward, and quickly leaned forward and shoved her hips to my head and pushed her beautiful cumming pussy on my face. I licked, deep into her cunt. She rubbed it up and down my face as she screamed. She began to squirt into my open mouth, as I swallowed and continued licking.

“Baby. Baby. Fuck. Ahhhhh,” she began to settle.

She moved her straddling hips down to mine, as my cock incidentally entered her pussy again. She leaned forward and began to kiss me, and lap up the wetness that remained on my face.

“You are amazing. That was the most amazing orgasm, I’ve never…” she began to trail off.

I looked at her face, so exposed and open, like the authority figure status she had over me had been erased and we were now lovers.

She spoke again, “I want your cum inside me, I want you to cum again, deep, deep in my pussy.”

I got up from my back, she laid down on her belly. I moved between her legs and grabbed her hips and brought them toward my hard cock. I reached up to her shoulders and firmly squeezed the muscles of her back, working my way down to her ass. I spread her cheeks apart. I bent down and could help myself from licking her asshole.

“Mmmmph.” She cried.

I grabbed my cock and rubbed up and down her slit. Most women I had been with were usually dry at this point, but she was still soaking wet. I shoved my cock deep and fucked her furiously. Bang. Bang. BANG. She moaned loudly with each thrust.

“Diana, your pussy is so tight. I’ve wanted you for so long.”

“You have me now baby, I’m yours. Fuck me hard baby. I’m yours, do whatever you want to that pussy, whatever you want.”

I picked up pace. Soon, I was fucking her so hard I lost rhythm and leaned forward, my chest to her back, I smelled her hair, kissed the back of her neck. She thrust back into my cock, fucking me. She turned her head to lick my tongue. Then she whispered to me.

“Do you want my ass? I want your cock in my ass baby. Fuck me in my ass.”

“Do you like it in the ass?” I asked. “I’m so horny right now, only when I’m this worked up do I like a hot cock up my asshole. Shove it in there baby. I know you want it.”

I leaned back, and licked my thumb and rubbed it all over her asshole. Then I slowly worked it into her ass. She moaned, and asked for more.

“Yes baby, finger that ass.”

I couldn’t take it, I needed to feel the inside of her hot asshole. I pulled my cock out of her sopping pussy and moved it in front of her ass. I put the head of it against her rim and pushed forward. She gasped in pain.

“Are you okay?”

“Yeah baby, it hurts good, put it in baby, I want it.”

I moved forward more. I had the head in, and it pushed more in. She shoved her body back, taking my whole cock. It was amazing, I was deep into her ass and she loved it. She moved forward and I let her set the pace of how she wanted my cock in her tight asshole. Then I began fucking her. She began to moan, and I felt her hand began to rub her pussy.

“Baby, your ass feels so good. Do you like my cock in your ass?”

“Yes baby, fuck it, fuck it deep. I love your cock, I love you, fuck me.”

She just said that she loved me. What did that mean? Was that something that was constructed in the heat of the moment, and would later be thought out more and dismissed? Or was it an accidental admission in a time of lowered guard?

I fucked her even harder. Her pace quickened on her pussy, then she began to move to my swinging balls. She rubbed them hard before returning to her cunt.

I was getting close to cumming again. I leaned forward to her ear, still pumping in and out of her tight ass.

“Do you like the way I fuck you?”

“Yes baby. Don’t stop, you’re going to make me cum again.”

“You’re tight asshole is going to make me cum.”

“Yes baby, I want you to cum.”


“Yeah baby, I do, I want you to cum, I want you to cum in my pussy baby.”

“You want it in your pussy.”

“Yeah baby, put it in my pussy and then shoot your cum inside me, I want to feel you shoot your cum inside me.”

I leaned back pulling my cock out of her ass. The aroma of our ass fucking was wonderful. I spit in my hand and wiped my cock quickly and then shoved it in her quivering pussy.

“YES! Oh fuck me baby, fuck me hard and deep!”

I reached down around her chest and grabbed her tits and moved her body upright toward mine. I held her chest tight as I hammered my cock in and out of her tight wet pussy like a piston. I rested my chin on her shoulder, she leaned her head back on my shoulder and I kissed her. She was in a state of pleasure I couldn’t possibly gauge. She was beautiful. She reached her arms around my back, and kissed my face, kissed anything on my face that she could. My hips continued to shove my cock into her.

I whispered, “You love me?”

“I do.”

“You want me?”

“Yes baby. Completely.”

I moved my left hand down from her chest to her hairy pussy and began to rub her clit.

“You feel so good,” I said.

“Ummmm.” Was all she could muster.

“I’m gonna cum baby.”

“Yes. Give it to me baby. Shoot it in my cunt. I want it so bad baby.”


“Yes, shoot that cum in my pussy. I want to feel it in my pussy. I need your cum, baby, cum!”

I couldn’t take it. Once again, my balls tightened, I felt a jet rise. A load that seemed to big to escape my cock, that scratched the inside as it moved up. I shoved deep. Then my cock exploded. “AWWW! FUCK! I’m cum…ming, baby.”

“Yes! Give it all to me baby, give me that cum. I want it. I want you. I want you forever. OH!”

Sperm was spewing from my balls and splashing against the inside of her pussy. Her pussy was contracting, squeezing, pulling more and more cum from my body into hers. She fell to her elbows as I grabbed her ass and thrust deeper into her pussy, still squirting stream after stream of cum into her.

“Oh god, your cum feels so good inside me.”

I fell onto her back, her knees gave away and fell flat.

I rolled to the side of her. And she turned to her back, legs spread, and hand covering her pussy.

She looked over to me with a smile. I moved to her mouth and began to kiss her.

I moved back.

“Diana, you’re amazing.”

I touched her face, and traced the outline of her lips with my fingers. I reached to the nightstand and turned on the lamp. I had no reason other than I wanted to confirm that it wasn’t a dream, I wanted to see her, see her naked body laying beside me.

The light stung my eyes, and as the adjusted I saw her. As beautiful as the silhouette had suggested. Her flesh was red, her face had a look of desire as she stared at me. Her hand was working up and down on her pussy, which was dripping with my cum.

The fluid sounds from her fingers inside her pussy stopped and then she brought her hand to her mouth. Her fingers were covered with my sperm as she slowly swirled her tongue over them cleaning them.

She turned away from me and moved back until our naked bodies touched. My softening cock resting between her ass cheeks. I wrapped my arm around her and pulled the sheet up. I softly kissed her neck, brushing away her hair.

I leaned back quickly to turn the lamp off. And I rested my head on her pillow. It felt right.


“So.” She repeated.

“I want to know if you thought this was wrong at the risk of ruining a moment.” I laughed quickly. She shared the amusement.

“I never want you to let me go Jesse. And I meant everything I said.”

A warmth overcame me.


I kissed her neck once more.

“I love you.” I finally said.

“I love you too.”

We both drifted into sleep, and into dreams that had no possibility of being more amazing that the reality we had just shared.

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