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Sword of Zara

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“I think it’s wreckage of a ship. From the storm last night. It’s not strange to find ship wreckage on the Cefalu beach after a tempest like that.”

Two scouts, on their regular patrol along the Adrano coastline while the forces of the Prince of Madness sought to invade the island nation, had stopped on the beach, their attention arrested by shattered ship planking and tangles of shredded sailcloth washing up in the surf.

“Shall we hope that it is a ship of the Fonni, even perhaps the flag ship of the old mad prince himself?” said the second of the scouts, as they pulled up their horses on the cliff above the beach.

This particular beach had been scouted constantly over the past few weeks because twice the oracle at Noto had said the invasion would come here. If it spoke the same name the third time, this would be a certainty.

“What ho?” called out the first scout. “I see movement below, in the wreckage.”

The two spurred their horses along the cliff front until they came to the winding path that led down the beach.

As they approached, a figure was pulling his way out of a pile of splintered timbers. He was slight, but well formed, and brown as the earth in the fields of Riberia. No, he was browner, a rich chocolate brown. And he had black curly hair and was fair of face and limb. As he stumbled to stand and the two riders drew nearer, they could see that his clothes, typical in style and color of the hated Fonni ruling family, were in tatters.

The first rider unsheathed his short lance, ready to erase one more Fonni from the earth, but the other stayed his hand.

“Nay, brother, can you not see? He is one of the browns, one of those we call the Nubians. Not a real Fonni.”

“Yet he wears the vestments of the Fonni and no doubt is part of the invasion fleet. He should be dispatched.”

“No, hold,” the second scout called out again. “Have you not heard? Have you not heard that the browns are meant for the Sword of Zara? The Sword of Zara hungers for them, and this one appears to be well formed. We will take him back to Enna, to the Sword of Zara. The Sword of Zara will dispatch the lad. This too may be an omen, a favorable omen. We will be rewarded.”

The small Nubian youth had come to his senses enough to see the two horsemen bearing down on him, in the livery of Adrano. And in panic he turned from them and stumbled in confusion and exhaustion across the burning sands on naked feet.

It was a futile gesture. The two scouts bore down on him, and the first scout reached down and lifted the small young man easily and slung him, belly down in front of him, on the back of the horse.

They two were cantering back toward the capital of Enna when a large contingent of horseman approached from the central plains at a gallop.

The first scout, recognizing the horsemen of the king, raised himself up in the saddle and waved his lance back and forth, signaling that they had news, and by the time the larger force had drawn up before them, the two scouts were off their horses and on their knees, heads bowed.

From out of the pack of horseman emerged a man taller and bulkier and more majestic than all of the rest. He strode to where the two scouts were kneeling, their eyes cast to the ground, their shoulders trembling as all men in the kingdom trembled in the presence of their king.

“Why do you impede my progress?” the king growled. “Are you not supposed to be on coastal watch? What have you seen? And it better not be a trifle.”

“No, my lord, it is no trifling matter,” the first scout replied in a shaky voice. “We have seen wreckage, the wreckage of a ship, perhaps a Fonni war ship, on the beach at Cefalu. As the oracle said—”

“I know what the oracle said,” thundered the king. “I speak to the oracle. Only I. I do not expect my scouts to speculate on what they do not know. The storm of last night was mighty. It may have been one of our ships.”

“Beg your mercy, lord,” the second scout ventured, “But there is evidence.”

“Evidence? What evidence?”

“We have found a survivor. The tatters of his clothes are in Fonni style and color. And, you will be pleased to know—”

“Don’t tell me what will please me. Did you leave the body on the beach?”

“No, sire,” offered the first scout. “He is here, on my horse. We spared him because we understand the likes of him are for the Sword of Zara.”

“The Sword?” The king was suddenly interested. “Let me see this one?”

The first scout popped up and dragged the Nubian youth off his horse and set him on the ground, but so weak was the survivor of the ship wreck that he sank to the ground on his knees.

The eyes of the king lit up, and he smiled broadly and stood his full stature. The muscles on his chest seemed to expand, and he became a god of men, a man of huge and divinely sculpted countenance.

“A sign. Another sign that we are to look to the Cefalu beach for invasion,” the king announced in a voice that rung out over the gathered contingent.

“Yes, this is one for the Sword.” the king declared. “To be dispatched by the Sword of Zara. And on the altar. We are near the hill of the altar to the sea. Come bring him to me there.”

The scouts took up the trembling Nubian youth and slung him on the horse’s back once more, and then they merged their steeds in with those of the king’s contingent, and the force moved up to the top of a hill overlooking the sea. Here there was a small, low-lying altar of smooth stone, flat, with horns at the corners.

At the king’s direction, the Nubian youth was pulled off the horse, and his tattered clothing was stripped completely away. He was laid on his back on the altar, and his wrists were tied with a leather thong and forced over his head and attached loosely to the horns at corners above his head.

His eyes were wide in fright, and he was mumbling his fear and begging for mercy in the universal language of the kingly classes. All the men gathered around him in awe. A Nubian knowing the universal language and one of such delicate but well-formed beauty. Taken for a child at first, he had the stubbling on his chin that revealed him to be older. His figure was trim, but he was well muscled and smooth skinned, with no callusing. He was no normal Nubian servant. He was someone special to someone of the Fonni. His cock and balls were those of a youth, but they were in excellent proportion to his body. He had the beauty of an ebony statue.

“You are not of low estate, are you?” The king demanded, as he walked through the circle of men and stood tall and mighty at the base of the altar. “Tell me who your master is.”

The Nubian did not answer. He went silent and just lay there, trembling.

“Right. You will talk while you live,” the king bellowed. “But now the Sword of Zara wants you. You will talk before the might of the Sword. Tell me what I want to hear and I will dispatch you quickly. Otherwise I will tear you to shreds from the inside.”

All grew silent on the sacred mound, all except for the panting and involuntary whimpering of the Nubian youth, no longer speaking, having already betrayed himself as an educated man.

The king held out his arms, which had the span of an oak. And when he did so, men pressed forward at the crouch and unlaced his armor and took it off him and did as well with his tunic and backed away, the one holding the kingly garment of linen shot through with threads of gold folding it reverently in his arms.

The king stood there in only his short skirt and his sandals that laced up his calves in ropes of gold. When the attendants had unlaced and taken away the strips of metal that had hung down from the golden belt at his waist, his only remaining adornments were gold bands on his biceps and high on his thighs, the one on his right thigh holding the sheath for a golden dirk knife.

The king himself reached to the small of his back and unlaced the waistband of his short skirt.

“I am King Zara,” he bellowed to the heavens, “and this,” he declared in a ring tone, “is the Sword of Zara.” At that he dropped his short skirt and all in attendance, not the least the Nubian youth lying on the altar, gasped at the revealing of the longest, thickest cock on the island nation of Adrano. Hanging down behind the huge cock was a set of matching balls the size of cannon balls.

“Prepare!” the king declared, and three attendants shot forward and took turns working the king’s cock with their mouths and rubbing it with ointment.

Two other attendants surged forward and grabbed the Nubian youth by his ankles, one on each side and pulled his body down to where his perfectly rounded buttocks were on the edge of the altar top. And then they lifted and spread his legs out, rolling his pelvis up to receive the Sword.

No one present, including the king, thought that the sheathing of the Sword was going to be possible; they all assumed that the Nubian youth would expire at the first thrust. Still, they knew that even in death the Sword would be thrust inside, and the sacrifice would be torn asunder and lose his lifeblood at the base of the altar. All took a step forward, licking lips, anxious for the rarely seen spectacle, wanting to see the expression on the Nubian’s face and hear his last strangled yowl as the thrust of the Sword transmitted him to the world of the dead.

Everyone looked at the king, now in full erection, and saw that his cock was as long and thick as the Nubian youth’s forearm.

But this was what the Adranoans did with any stray brown person finding themselves on the island. The customs were ancient and clear. The brown people—the Nubians—were a sign of good luck for the island. But only if they were dispatched with the sword of the ruling king. No king in history had had the sword that King Zara possessed. Thrice before Nubians had been brought to him during his reign. And each time good times had come to Adrano when he had dispatched the Nubian with his sword. Only one had survived the first thrust, and then only for a matter of moments.

This was the smallest Nubian sacrifice of all.

The king approached the Nubian between his spread legs. He unsheathed his golden dirk and placed the tip under the chin of the young lad. Looking down at the Nubian, the king was in full arousal. The Nubian was pure beauty, the height of sensuality to the king. He would not make this quick if he could help it. He did not relish dispatching the arousing youth as quickly as the others. But even in death, the king would have his sheathing and plant his seed at the center of the Nubian.

The king placed the huge bulb of his monstrous cock at the hole of the Nubian and leaned over and looked closely into the youth’s face.

“Tell me who you are and who you serve and how you came to be on the beach of my kingdom,” the king growled.

“I am Toma,” the youth murmured. “Beyond that I cannot say. Kill me if you wish. I cannot say.”

The king watched with relish as his bulb gained purchase in the youth’s hole, which caused the youth to shudder and his head to veer back and his howl of pain and stretching to be cried to the heavens. The king was pleased with the expression on the youth’s face; it made the king feel mighty and invincible.

“The heavens cannot help you, little one,” the king muttered. “The heavens favor me, and you have been sent as yet another favorable sign. Now, tell me, who do you serve and how do you come to be on my beach. It will go quickly with you if you do.”


The king, angry now, pushed his greased member in several inches in one thrust. The pupils rolled back into the eyes of the Nubian youth, and he screamed a scream that stopped in mid voicing and he had passed out.

All in attendance thought he was dead, indeed thought that the taking he had received was enough for him to be dead, but the king saw that the youth still breathed, in shallow breaths, and he signaled attendants, who stepped up and slapped the youth on the face until he was revived.

“Who do you serve and how do you come to be on my beach?”

The Nubian just looked the king steadily in the eye and was silent.

Angry again, the king started to thrust even further into the channel of the youth, but now it was he who gasped. The surprise was his now, as the Nubian’s channel expanded, and the undulating muscles of his canal seized the king’s cock and pulled him deep, deep, relentlessly deep into the center of the Nubian youth. And then the youth arched his back and raised his pelvis further. He jerked his ankles out of the grasp of the attendants and crossed his legs tightly above the king’s buttocks and started to fuck the king in a steady rhythm.

The shocked king was lost in ever greater waves of arousal. He dropped his dirk, and when the Nubian raised his lips to the king’s, they went into a deep sensual kiss.

The king was lost in full fuck now, forgetting tradition and custom and the sacrifice completely. And the flowing he experienced was the best he’d had in memory.

Afterward he collapsed on top of the breast of the Nubian youth, and Toma put his lips to the ear of the king and murmured, “I serve you, if you will have me, and I came to be on the beach because the gods sent me to endure the sheathing of the Sword of Zara for as long as you will have me.”

Recovered, the king bluffed that the gods had sent the Nubian Toma to answer to the arrogance of the Fonni and that he would be locked away in the castle to be sacrificed on the altar of the sun there, the altar of the sea not being worthy enough for this sacrifice. The altar of the sun was so sacred that only the king could approach it.

And so, Toma was locked away in the king’s chambers. The first time the king called for Toma, however, Toma straightaway gave the king the answers he had originally sought.

“I will keep no secrets from you, my lord, as long as you search my depths with the Sword of Zara. Only you have brought me satisfaction. Before coming to you, I served the Duke of Sorso, who was lost at sea that stormy night, he along with all of his forces. Only I survived, being sent to you by the gods to serve you. And I gladly tell you that it is more than the forces of the Duke of Sorso who are no longer with the prince who besieges you. The Duke of Jerzu has deserted him as well, with all of his contingent. And the puss sickness has taken away even some of the prince’s forces. But it is true, he is the Prince of Madness. He insists on attacking you and taking Adrano. He knows you do not have the forces to cover all of the approaches to your island kingdom. He believes he can find your unprotected underbelly.”

“He does not know what I know, little one,” King Zara said. He was laying on his bed of pillows, holding the small Toma to him and running his hands over the Nubian youth’s body. He was transported by the brown bodies of the Nubians. He had regretted the short play time he had had with the first three sent to him. He had no idea how the youth had managed him on the altar, although he had only been half sheathed when he had given up his seed in surprise. Toma was arousing him to the heights, but he did not want to kill the lad with his sword until he had learned more from him. In the meantime, he was toying with Toma’s hole with his thumb, which was larger in itself than the cocks of most Adranoans, and Adranoan men were famous for their cocking.

Toma was sighing and began to move his hips on King Zara’s thumb and, without thinking about it, the king had substituted first one and then two fingers.

“He does not know that we know precisely where he will land. The oracle at Noto has told us so. It has spoken twice. When it speaks the same name the third time, we will know for sure, and that is where we will position our defenses.”

“I fear for you, my king,” Toma said, as he reached down and held the wrist of the hand the king was slowly finger fucking him with. The king felt the pull of Toma’s channel upon his fingers, and he inserted another one.

“You are being led astray. I cannot remain silent. I must prove myself to you. I yearn for your sword, which reached further into me than any other man’s. Please I beseech you, sheath your sword in me once more, and then I will tell you secrets that will shake your very soul.”

“I do not want to dispatch you,” the king murmured. “I needs play with you further. I am too much for you. You cannot survive me.”

“Nay, sire,” Toma said. And then he laughed. “Look, sire, look for your hand.”

The king looked down at the hand he was using to play with Toma’s hole and gasped in shock. His whole hand up to his wrist was inside Toma now, and yet Toma’s channel muscles were working to pull his arm even deeper.

The king’s lust knew no bounds, and he rose and pulled his fist from out of the Nubian’s ass and lifted the youth up with broad hands more than encircling his waist and settled Toma’s hole over his fully erect sword.

“At least I feel I must lap you,” the king said, “lest I crush your body. That at least is too delicate for my frame.”

The king pulled Toma half way down on his cock and began to lift him and bring him down, beginning the rhythm of the fuck.

After the initial cry and groan, Toma began to pant and moan. “Nay, my king. Sheath your sword in its entirety. I must have it all.”

To the king’s amazement, Toma did take it all. The king had never fully sheathed his sword; he had killed many a wife and concubine trying to do so. And after the king had given over his seed, Toma refused to release him, clamping down his channel muscles tight and demanding a second ride and then a third—until the king, virile as he was, had no more kingly seed to give, no more power in his pelvis and thigh and buttocks muscles, and just lay back, exhausted and sighing the satisfaction of total fulfillment.

Toma slithered up to where his lips were at the ear of the king now.

But the king spoke first. “You are no innocent young lad, you are a king’s catamite, are you not?”

“Yes, lord, Toma answered in a whisper. I was the Duke of Sorso’s catamite, but he did not satisfy me, and then the Duke of Jerzu’s, and he did not satisfy me. And then both dukes at once, and still they did not satisfy me. Three men have I taken at once, and still I was not touched to the quick. I went to the prince, and he did not satisfy me. But I satisfied him, and he confided in me. And I had heard about you and that you had the most magnificent member in all the world. And so I came to you. And you satisfy me, my lord. You, today, have reached me to the very center—not once but three times. You are an elephant of men.”

They kissed, the king’s vanity stroked to the limit, lost in love, blind to love and his Nubian lover from this point forward.

“And in your satisfying of me, I must tell you all. I must whisper it in your ear as even the walls of your palace have ears and tongues that speak to the Prince of Madness. You must not believe in your oracle. The Prince of Madness has suborned your oracle. It is not the beach at Cefalu where the attack will occur. It is the beach of Gela, on the other side of the island. You must gather your forces there.”

“But the oracle—”

“Bought and paid for by the Prince of Madness, who is not really that. He is really the Prince of Darkness. I know as no other man does. His cock is as long as yours, but it is not as thick. It is not an honest sword. It is a serpent’s tongue, hissing and slithering inside me. I cannot let this prince prevail over you. That is why I have come to you.”

“But I go to the oracle tomorrow.”

“No matter what it says, you must announce the truth and prepare for war in the right place. But now you must sheath your sword inside me once again. The very quick of me wants to feel the prick of your blade tip.”

The cries and sighs and moans emitted by Toma during this fourth cocking assured the king that he satisfied his Nubian lover in each sheathing more than the previous one.

The next day King Zara made the last of three ceremonial visits to the oracle. And, sure enough, the word that was whispered and echoed all around the smoky cave walls was “Cefalu.”

“What can I do?” the king asked his new catamite when he returned. “I certainly cannot tell my people that my Nubian lover has told me the oracle of Noto lies. They would pull me apart limb from limb and feed me to the Galotes. I am not mighty enough to withstand all of the men who would align against me. And they think you are dead, anyway, sacrificed on the altar of the sun.”

“There is no problem, King,” Toma whispered in the king’s ear as he pushed the king on his back and straddled his hips and began his own soothing ritual once more. “You go alone to the cave. Merely say that you went in and the name whispered was ‘Gela.’ And that as you were leaving, the cave in confusion, the oracle called you back—twice—and the name ‘Gela’ echoed each time, providing the three declarations that told you the truth.”

“I don’t know. I . . . Oh . . . my ancestors!” Toma had descended full way on the Sword of Zara and was sheathing and unsheathing it and melting away all of the king’s concerns and reason.

On the day of his departure, as the king was putting on his armament before leaving the palace at Enna, Toma came to him. “Let me go with you, King Zara. Let me show my loyalty and pledge of truth by riding with you.”

“No, little one,” the king replied. “You ride with me as far as the village of Favara, in heavy disguise, but no further than that. You are unknown in my world, having already been thought to have been sacrificed to the Sword of Zara on the altar of the sun. I cannot give you up, but neither can I display you. And I cannot trust those I am leaving here to protect you. It’s a simple village, but they are my kinsmen, and they will give you sanctuary. There will be no guards, no sign that the king’s most precious treasure resides there.”

On the day of the invasion of the island of Adrano, in the month that Adrano came under the sway of the country of Fonni, Toma was standing tall on the cliff overlooking the beach at Cefalu to welcome the arrival of his sovereign and lover, the Prince of Madness, and a mighty force that included the contingents of the Dukes of Sorso and Jerzu. The allied forces were already inside the walls of the capital of Enna before the army of King Zara, standing patiently and looking out to sea at Gela, even realized that they had been duped by a small Nubian spy with a talent fit for a king.

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