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Gadget Man

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I’ve always been a gadget guy. As a kid I was the one who took all his toys apart and put them back together. I built a bike with two frames and a long chain so I could ride around taller than the other kids. When I was old enough I bought two junk cars and made one good car from them. Building stuff and fixing stuff so it was better than when it was new has always been fun for me.

I was in college getting a degree in engineering when I met Becky. My social life up until that day had consisted of going out with the guys and getting drunk. I had never been on a date. I was too shy to ask anyone out. Becky changed that.

I was sitting in a lecture hall waiting for the English class to start. If it weren’t a required class I would have been in the engineering building. Reading Steinbeck just isn’t my thing.

Becky walked in with two other females. They were talking and laughing together. I can’t even tell you what it was about her, but something hit me. I watched her pick a seat and sit down. I looked at her a hundred times in the two hours of the class. After class I followed her and her friends to their next class. It was in the gym.

Anyone could have asked me about her and I had already memorized every visible detail about her. Becky (I heard one of her friends call her that) was about 5′ 8″ and weighed a perfect 120 (I was guessing then but I was right). A gray sweater hugged her chest tightly and two bumps at the strategic spots told me that she had good sized nipples. Her long legs and butt were encased in gray pants that held tight to the best parts. When she walked she bounced. The bounce inside her sweater was a joy to watch.

For most of the semester I followed the same pattern. Every Monday and Wednesday I watched her in class and followed her to the gym. I noticed she was a good student and participated in the class discussions of the books we were supposed to read. I wanted her to think I was smart and a good student too so I read the books and listened to the discussions much more than I would have if Becky weren’t there.

Two weeks before the final I followed her to the gym as usual. Her two friends went inside. Becky turned around and walked to the corner of the building where I usually stopped and watched.

“You have been following us for weeks. Are you stalking one of us?” Her hands were on her hips and she glared at me. My mouth wouldn’t work. I opened it and nothing came out. She waited. I couldn’t speak.

Becky grabbed my hand and dragged me to a bench nearby. She pushed me down and sat next to me.

“Well? Are you going to tell me what’s going on? Maybe I should just report you to the campus police.”

That untied my tongue. I closed my eyes and spoke. “Please don’t call the police. I don’t want to hurt anyone. I love watching you, hearing you, and I …”

“You’re following me? Why?”

“You’re the prettiest and smartest woman I’ve ever seen.” My eyes were still closed.

Suddenly her lips touched mine! My eyes flew open! She was so close! I could smell her perfume and see her face so clearly it was like being in heaven.

“You’re shy aren’t you?”

I nodded.

“I don’t know why I’m doing this but can you meet me here at this bench at four this afternoon?”

I nodded.

“By the way, what you said while your eyes were closed might just be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me.” She stood and walked toward her class. Just as she turned the corner she looked back at me, smiled, and said, “Four o’clock. Don’t be late.”

I waited right there. At two minutes before four she walked around the corner, smiled, and sat next to me.

“By the way, I’m Becky McMillan.”

“Robert Crowe.”

Becky took my hand and shook it. Her hand was soft but firm and warm. It was quite small in mine.

“Robert, huh? What do your friends call you?”


“Oh, you’re Gadget! I’ve heard of you. You are the guy who made the thing that surprised people at the concert last year aren’t you?”

“You mean the big urn out front that called for help whenever someone got close?”

Her head nodded. I noticed how much bounce there was in her hair. “Yup. That was me.”

“I hear that you have invented other things.”

“A few things.”

“Are you studying engineering?”





“I haven’t.”

“No, silly. I’m asking you if you’d like one.”

“With you?” My eyes widened.

“Yes, with me!”

I nodded. My ability to speak was gone again. We did go out. Eventually she helped me overcome my shyness enough that I could be socially appropriate in public. She graduated and went on to get a masters in library science. I graduated and got my masters in engineering at the same school where Becky went for library science. When we graduated with our bachelors degrees we married.

Our first apartment together became two years filled with studying, eating, sleeping and lots of sex. Becky was the only woman I had ever seen naked. She was the only woman I had ever kissed or touched. When we did IT the first time she had to help me. I was so overwhelmed by what we were doing and how it felt I think my brain froze! Gratefully, hers didn’t.

When we were close to graduating we started interviewing for jobs. I was offered a really good position with a research and development division of a big company. Beck received an offer from the county library system in the same area where my offer was from. We took the jobs. Three weeks later we were on the road to a new city and new careers.

The road from college to our new city was eight-hundred-forty-six miles. In between there were two hotels and nineteen rest stops. We stopped at each and every rest stop. We had sex at each and every rest stop and in each hotel. Not only in our room but in the hotel pool, in the hallway of each floor and in the parking structure! It was a great trip.

We both did well in our jobs. Within two years I was given the job of team leader for one of the three research teams. Becky was promoted to head librarian at a nice new branch library. We were making good money and living well.

OK. I know you want me to get to the story. I wanted you to get how wonderful our lives were. You got it? OK.

The week after our eighth anniversary I was at work and inhaled a chemical that did some terrible things to me. First, I passed out, fell and hit my head on the floor. Second, when I came to it hurt to breathe. The paramedics transported me to the nearby hospital and their opinion was that the damage was temporary and I would fully recover.

Someone at work had called Becky and she was at the hospital when the doctor gave his opinion. The doctor also told us that he wanted to keep me for at least one night to make sure I was OK. We agreed. Becky stayed until dinner time and then said she needed to go back to her library and make sure everything was alright. I was feeling much better and told her that rather than drive back to the hospital she should go home and get a good night sleep. She said that was a good idea. We kissed and she left. I ate my yellow Jell-O and mystery meat and watched something dumb on television. I made a vow that if I ever got rich from something I invented I would buy a good cable connection for the hospital.

The next morning the doctor came in, listened to my chest and released me. I didn’t call Becky. I knew she was at work and thought that I would catch a cab back to my work, pick up my car and go home. I would call her from there and let her know I was home for the day.

That’s just what I did. Well, most of it. I got a cab, got my car and went home. Inside what I found made me sicker than the chemicals. I walked into our bedroom and there were two condoms on the floor! Used condoms! The bed was a mess and the room smelled like an orgy had happened there.

I called one of my team at work. His brother is an investigator for the local police. He called his brother and half an hour later the brother was in our house. He took samples from the condoms without moving them. He took pictures of the room and then asked me lots of questions. At the end of the questions he called my doctor and had me readmitted to the hospital. The doctor told the reception desk that if anyone called for me I couldn’t be reached, I was having some tests done.

An hour later the police had installed a video system in my home and I was back in the hospital. A policeman drove my car back to my parking space at work. I called Becky at the library.

“Rebecca Crowe, may I help you?”

“Hi. The doc wants to keep me one more night. Nothing to really worry about, just as a precaution.”

“I’m sorry. Did you sleep well last night?”

“No. I like sleeping with you. I think this bed is just about big enough for both of us. Wanna give it a test?”

“You are feeling better! I like the offer but when we play like that it shouldn’t be so close to home. Want me to bring you anything, else?”

“How about some real food?”

“OK. When I leave here this afternoon I’ll get something and sneak it in to you.”

True to her word she brought me some dinner from a fast food place not far from the hospital. While she visited the doctor came in and told her that I would need a few tests tomorrow and wouldn’t be released until at least four in the afternoon. He told her he would call her at the library between three and four to let her know the test results.

By five thirty she was headed back to the library and then home. At six thirty Bob, the investigator, walked into my room. He had a small plastic case with him.

“Two weeks ago I took a special class in surveillance and got some new toys. Want a look?”

“Gadgets are my thing! Of course I want a look.”

He opened the case and I saw a new GPS Tracker. The map on the screen was tracking a moving car. It drove to the library and parked.

“It’s a GPS tracking system. I put a small transmitter on your wife’s car and wherever she goes in it you’ll know.”

“Thanks. You put cameras in my house?”

“Cameras and audio. Anything said or done will be recorded. You gave us an opportunity to test what we learned in the class. No charge.”

“So this could end up a training tape for the police department?”

“If what we saw at your house happens again the tape will not be a training tape. It will be shown only twice. Once to my team so we can perfect our skills with the equipment and then it’s yours. You can’t ever tell anyone where you got the tape. The DNA evidence will be yours as well. It is being done by a lab you could have hired. In fact, you did. All their paperwork has you as the client.”

“Thanks. I hate this but I’m glad you decided to help.”

“Cheating just isn’t right, you know?”

“Yeah. Thanks again.”

“I’ll come get my toy in the morning.” With that he was gone. I played with the system for a while and got a nurse to loan me a nail file. I opened the box and made a few changes to the tracker. When I closed the case I could zoom in on the tracking beacon and see the outlines of the other cars in the lot. There was only one. At five minutes after seven, the closing time of the library, the other car left. Ten minutes later another car parked next to Becky’s car. A minute or so later Becky’s car left the lot and drove to our home. We have an attached garage and Becky parked inside. I figured that the tracker wouldn’t show anything for the rest of the night and I was about to shut it off when another car pulled into the garage!

I watched for another few minutes and a car parked in my driveway just behind Becky’s car in the garage. I sat the tracker aside and attempted to interest myself in television. Every few minutes I looked and saw that all three cars were still in place. At almost midnight I shut the system off and went to sleep. I didn’t like the dreams I had and woke often.

In the morning Bob was back early.

“I hate to say this but there are three cars at your house.”

I showed him the modifications I had made to his system and he realized I had improved the system, so he wasn’t mad at me. While we watched, all three cars left my house.

“I ran the plates on the two other cars. One is owned by a Mike Stendahl and the other belongs to Henry Toombs. Mike runs a book store and Henry is a City Counsel person. Both are married. Both wives are on the library board.”


We watched until Becky got to work. Bob took his new toy and asked if I would modify the other system the city bought. I agreed and Bob left.

I sat around the hospital trying to think of some scenario that would have what I saw not be what it looked like. Three men spent the night in my house! Two used condoms full of spunk were in my house! Angry is too mild a word for what I was feeling. Why would Becky do this? I had no answers, but I wanted the truth. At three-thirty the doctor came in.

“I called your wife to tell her she could come get you. She wasn’t all excited about it. You want to know why I played along?”

“I can guess, but yeah.”

“Two years ago I married a beautiful woman and she convinced me to buy her a great house, a Jag, more clothes than any one woman could ever wear and she fucked every dick she could find. I got a call here at the hospital one day and the voice at the other end said, “Doc I just fucked your wife and I just have to thank you for sharing her.”

“What did you do?”

“I went home and confronted her. She said I just wasn’t enough for her and that while she loved me she wanted more men. My divorce cost me twenty-eight thousand dollars and a half million dollar house.”


“Oh, I also got the clap from her.”

“Double damn!”

“Just in case I tested you for everything we can test for in the STD world. You’re clean.”

“Thanks. For everything. I’ve got a lot to think about.”

An hour later Becky walked in carrying some clean clothes for me and a big smile. She kissed me and helped me get ready to go home. When I went in the hospital shower she locked the door and got in with me. She got me clean and shut off the water and then she sucked me off. From the first time Becky took my cock in her mouth I have loved being sucked. Looking at her naked wet body on her knees with my hard cock in her mouth is always a turn on.

“You like sucking me, don’t you?”

She nodded while she sucked. She gagged a little when she took all of me in and she always took all of me in. She let my swollen cock pop out of her mouth and she sucked on my balls. She usually hummed when she sucked my balls and in the hospital shower was one of those times. I kept thinking about her humming Henry and then Mike. In our past our sex was for fun and to show our love for each other. I realized, as I watched my cock sliding in and out of Becky’s mouth, that at that moment I wasn’t feeling the love I felt a week ago. I wanted to cum all over her and for my pleasure, not hers. I pumped my hips and fucked her mouth. Both hands on her head and my eyes closed. I felt her gag and I kept pumping.

My balls tightened up and sent their load out. I pulled out of her mouth and shot stream after stream on her chest and her face. She turned her head when I was almost done and I put a final shot in her hair at the back. She giggled and stood up. Becky rubbed her ass against my shrinking cock as she adjusted the shower flow. She washed all my cum off her body and face, being careful not to get her hair wet. We toweled off with the little hospital towels and got dressed. She looked at herself in the mirror and liked what she saw. Not a hair out of place. She didn’t see the gob of cum on the back.

When we came out of the bathroom we found a wheelchair waiting. I sat down and held a bag with the clothes in it that I had been wearing. A nurse came in and pushed the wheelchair out to Becky’s car. As Becky got ahead of us to open the car door the nurse saw the cum gob. I couldn’t see her face but I heard the chuckle. When I got out of the chair the nurse winked at me. I smiled.

On the way home I thought I would probe Becky a little.

“Becky, something happened in the hospital and I want your thinking on it.”


“A nurse came on to me. She came in to take my vital signs and asked me if I wanted any more personal services.”

“Oh, my God! You didn’t fuck her did you?”

“No. I told her that the only woman I had ever been with was you and I didn’t want to cheat.”

“Was that the end of it?”

“No. She said everybody cheats. She said it was a terrible waste to go your whole life and only fuck one person. I told her I’d think about it and I’d talk to you.”

“You want permission to fuck someone else?” Her voice was loud and strained. She was behaving with outrage.

“I said I wanted your thinking on the matter. Does everybody cheat?”

“Heavens no. Payton Place was a fiction novel a long time ago. This is Erehwon not some fictional town! Do you think I have cheated?”

“No.” I knew she had cheated! I didn’t lie.

“Would you like me to fuck someone else? Do you want to watch?”

“I would love to go from the day I met you to the end of a very long and happy life knowing that from that day to the end you were only with me.”

“Then the subject is closed. Neither of us is going to start something new with anybody else.”

Oh, she was good with words. Neither of us is going to start something new. However, one of us intends to continue something old.

“OK. You promise?”

“Yes. Do you?”


The rest of the ride was quiet. We watched TV, had a nice dinner and at about ten we went to bed. I didn’t want to fuck her. I knew the odds were that between the time I was tested and now Becky hadn’t fucked anyone new, but I didn’t like the risk. While she was finishing up in the bathroom I went to sleep.

I left for work as usual but after Becky left I returned home. I called Bob and he brought me the tapes. We sat in my living room and Bob told me that no one had looked at the tape yet. We put it in and watched. After a few minutes Bob said he had to go and I could keep the tape. He left.

I watched Becky lead three men into our bedroom. One of them opened a box of a dozen condoms. Becky said, “Only use those in my cunt boys. I don’t want to be a mom. You can fuck my ass bareback.”

The man with the box put it on my nightstand. Becky undressed quickly and hung up her dress. She left the suspender nylons and high heels on. The tallest man unhooked her bra and threw it aside. Becky, my wife, paraded around our bedroom with her cunt and tits exposed. Hell, she was nude except for the nylons and they didn’t hide anything.

My wife walked up to the tallest man and said, “Mike, start by sucking my nipples please.”

He sat on the side of the bed and did just as she asked. She held his head to her breasts and said to the others, “Come on lets see those cocks. If we’re going to do this, let’s get to it!”

Both men stripped down. One stood behind Mike and Becky took his long skinny cock in hand and then in her mouth. His cock looked longer than mine and he wasn’t after a blow job, he wanted to fuck Becky’s mouth. Stroke after stroke he went in up to his hair. Becky looked at him as he fucked her face.

The other man found a jar of lube in Becky’s nightstand and stuck his cock in it. He moved behind Becky and spread her legs a little. He positioned his cock head at her asshole and slid into her ass in one long slow stroke. Becky moaned and stuck her ass back at him. He held her hips and stroked in and out of her ass.

I hit fast-forward and advanced the tape to where the men changed places. The man who had been in Becky’s ass went to the bathroom and Becky reminded him to use soap and get really clean. When he returned she didn’t examine him at all she just sucked him cock into her mouth. Mike was stroking in and out of her ass. On ever fifth or sixth stroke he slapped her ass.

Becky took the cock out of her mouth and looked at the man it belonged to.

“Barry, I want you to cum all over me. Please?”

He nodded. She sucked with enthusiasm and in short order he came all over her face and chest. Henry Toombs of the city counsel took Barry’s place and put his fat cock in Becky’s waiting mouth. It was so fat I was surprised it fit.

I hit fast-forward and hit play when the action changed again.

As the play action slowed I saw Henry help Becky to lie down with her legs open. He pushed into her pussy slowly and I saw Barry stand behind Henry. Henry continued to stroke in and out of my wife’s pussy and turned his head toward the camera and said, “Barry, shove your beautiful cock up my ass, please.”

Barry dipped his cock in the lube and did just that. Henry was fucking my wife and being ass fucked! I wondered how Henry would do in the next election. I also wondered if he was a Republican or a Democrat.

I wanted to throw up! Just how crazy were these people?

I was about to hit fast forward again when Becky said, “Oh how I love this! I wish I could be fucked in the ass and the pussy all day and all night long!”

Mike responded, “We’ll do our best!”

I fast-forwarded quite a ways and saw Becky sitting on Mike’s cock with it in her ass and Barry standing between her legs with his cock fucking her dripping cunt. Henry wasn’t in the picture.

Again I fast forwarded and Henry came back on screen. Beck asked, “Did you have a good nap?”

“I’m ready to fuck some more if you are!”

“Fuck away! I love being fucked by the government!”

Henry slid his hard cock into her again and after five or six strokes he said, “Oh God! I forgot to put on a condom!”

“Just fuck me damnit! If I have to I’ll get another abortion.”

I stopped the tape. Another abortion! Becky has had an abortion! I pulled the take from the machine and went to the garage. I hid the tape and sat in the garage thinking.

When I got up I retrieved the tape and drove to the bank. I rented a safe deposit box and put the tape in it. From the bank I went to a realtor and rented a small industrial shop at the far end of town. At three different building centers I bought things I would need for my project. I took all of it to my new shop.

When Becky came home I was there with dinner on the table.

“Wow! This is a treat! You made dinner?”

“No. I bought it and put it on our plates. I don’t cook this good. I hope you like it.”

She did. She told me all about her day. I asked good questions and learned that the annual Library fund raising event was two weeks away. This year the event was going to be a dinner dance. I told her that this year I wanted to go and that I would even rent a tux for the occasion. She was excited and seemed to be happy that I was going.

I told her that I had a special project that I was working on and that it needed to be done in just over a week. Because of the high priority of the project I would be coming home late each night until it was done. She acted sad and asked if I wanted her to bring me dinner at work some nights. I told her no, that I would get a sandwich from the cafeteria and eat while I worked.

After dinner I kissed her and went to work. At my new shop. I worked until midnight, came home, showered, and fell asleep within seconds of hitting the pillow. The next afternoon I called Becky at the library to remind her that I wouldn’t be home until late. She told me that she would be working late too, on the fund raising event.

I got home at a little after midnight and the hood of her car was still warm. When I got into bed I noticed she still smelled like sex. She must have just gotten home before me and didn’t have time to shower. Maybe she didn’t know she smelled like a cheap whore house, but she certainly did. I went to sleep.

She started getting home early enough to shower before I got home but the clothes hamper still told me what kind of meetings she was going to. My project was done on Thursday night at about eight. I left my shop and drove to the seediest part of town. As I pulled to a corner a woman approached my car.

“You looking for the party?”

“I’m looking for the all night party.”

“I can take you there if you like.”

She was about the same height and shape as Becky. Her hair was bleached white and her boobs looked too big to be real. She would do just fine.

“Actually, I think I know where the party is, I just don’t want to go alone.”

“OK. I can dig that party too. All night and everything? $500.”

“Get in.”

She needed to see the cash and when she did we were on our way. I realized that I did not want her to know where my shop was so I recommended she give me a little action while I drove. She unzipped my jeans and focused her attentions on getting me hard. By the time I was hard we were parked in front of my shop. I stuffed myself back in my jeans and took her inside.

I told her about the machine in front of her and told her that if she would test the machine for me I would give her the full $500 and she would be back on her corner in three hours. She started undressing.

When she was naked I gave her instructions on how to lie on the machine. The bench was inclined a little and split into a “Y” so her legs were spread and supported. She got comfortable and I put a wide strap across her waist. I told it was to hold her steady so the machine wouldn’t hurt her. With other straps I secured her thighs and then her ankles. There were still four straps but I didn’t need them for her. One was for each arm and one for across her forehead and one for her neck. Well, not hers.

I positioned a mirror so she could see her ass and pussy. When everything was in position I looked at the clock. Getting her into the machine had taken just under half an hour.

I talked with her about what the machine was going to do and how it was controlled. I showed her the two dildos mounted on shafts and how I could control the depth of thrust, the speed of thrust, twisting motion, and the automatic lube dispenser that would always keep her lubricated. She thought this might really be fun.

With a little effort the machine was in position with each dildo right against her openings. I hit the lube button and lube squirted against her pussy and her ass. I started the machine and ever so slowly she was penetrated. I set the penetration for five inches and when she told me it felt OK I increased the speed. After five minutes I stopped the machine at full insertion and clipped a small attachment on the dildo in her cunt so it just touched her clit.

The machine came back on and on the next stroke she said, “Damn honey! I don’t know what this machine costs but I want one. That feels great.”

I increased the speed of the strokes. In ten minutes she was squirming. I squirted a little more lube on her.

“Honey, please slow it down! That’s too intense. Oh God! I’m gonna cum!’

She was right. She came and the machine kept fucking her. She came again. She screamed and passed out. The machine kept fucking her. She came to and within a minute came again. She begged me to stop. I stopped the machine.

I gave her a drink of water. I asked her if she was calmed down.

“You want it to fuck me some more, don’t you?”

“Yes. But very slowly this time and only until you cum twice. Are you ready?”

“Oh shit! I may go insane. I’ve never had so many great orgasms in my life.”

“Are you ready?”

“Yes. Fuck me, fuck me better than anyone!”

My fingers touched the control and ever so slowly the dildos entered her. I took the clit stimulator off and adjusted the penetration of her pussy until she said it touched her cervix. I backed it off a little and then adjusted the slow penetration of her ass. The dildo I had going into her ass was eight and a half inches long, about the length of Barry’s cock but almost as fat as Henry’s. I watched as it went in deeper and deeper. When it was all inside her I asked how it felt.

“Honey, I want this machine. I love how this feels. It doesn’t hurt at all.”

I put a button control in her hand, each hand. I told her that when she wanted more lube all she needed to do was press the button. The button in her right hand would lube her ass and the left would lube her pussy. I had her test each button. I told her that the buttons were on a timer. She could get a squirt no more than once every ten minutes. I attached the clit stimulator again.

In a cabinet behind her I got the rest of the equipment I had prepared. Two cylinders about an inch and a quarter in diameter and two inches tall each with a hose out of the top. I put one on her right breast over the nipple and areola. I touched a button on the box where the hose went and she said she felt a gentle suck. I released it and the cup stayed on her breast. I repeated the action with the other cup and both stuck where I wanted them.

“Do you enjoy having your nipples sucked?” I asked.

“Sometimes. Especially just before I cum.”

I could see the digital count down clock on the box. When it said 00:00 the suction came on again for five seconds. I saw the nipples being pulled into the cups.

“Is it going to do that often?”

“Would you like it to?”


“How often?’

“Can it do it at random times, so I don’t expect it?”

That was done and about thirty seconds later the box sucked just her right nipple. Two minutes later it sucked both. I checked the clock. She had been on the machine in the slow mode almost twenty minutes and she wasn’t very close to her orgasm.

I increased the speed to one stroke every twenty seconds. The reaction was immediate. I glanced over and saw that she was watching the dildos stroking in and out of her. I sat on a chair and watched. At this speed she came the first time in just eight minutes. It was a huge orgasm. She screamed. Fluids squirted from her pussy. The machine kept fucking her. The stimulator kept hitting her clit with every stroke. Her nipples were extended into the cups over an inch.

She spoke to me.

“Oh, Mister. I can’t tell you how this feels. Every nerve in my body is on fire. I want it to stop. I never want it to stop. I may never fuck anyone again!”

The count down on the box said 00:00 and the left nipple was pulled farther into the cup. That was enough. She screamed, shook, and passed out.

I shut off the box. Her nipples stayed distended as the cups released but they did begin to shrink. I backed the dildos out of her and moved that part of the machine out of the way. I took the lube control buttons out of her hands.

She came to. Her eyes opened and she looked at me.

“I feel empty.”

“Weak or strong?”

“Like I’ve been in the gym all day! I could fall asleep right here and sleep all night.”

“Not tonight. I’m going to release you from all this and you can go in there (I pointed) and shower before you get dressed. I’ll clean all this up and I’ll take you back to your corner.”

As I spoke I unstrapped her legs and waist. I helped her to stand. She went to the shower. When we left she had five one-hundred dollar bills in her pocket and I had a plan for finding the truth from Becky. The machine was clean and ready for use.

I was home by a little after midnight. Becky was showered and in bed when I arrived. While I was in the shower she came in the bathroom. She sat on the toilet and talked.

She told me how great the fund raiser would be. I told her I would pick up my tux at lunch tomorrow. She even helped me dry after I got out of the shower. As we walked back to the bed she said, “It’s been almost two weeks since we made love. Want to?”

“Honey, if I could, I would. I just worked nine days of sixteen hour days. If you want to work your magic mouth on me I’d love it but I don’t have the energy to make love or even fuck tonight.”

Becky took my soft cock in her hand as I lay on my back and she worked hard at getting me hard. It wasn’t that hard a job. When I showed signs of life my wife sucked me into her mouth and sucked for all she was worth. Her tongue probed the hole at the end of my cock and her hands played with my balls. I wet my fingers and since I could reach her cunt I did. I slid two fingers in and then three. As she sucked me I pumped her.

In my head I could here her voice from the video as she fucked the government, and as the government fucked her. I heard her say she would get another abortion.

I pulled my fingers out of her cunt and grabbed her head. I fucked her face and she made gagging noises. When I came I was all the way in her face. She swallowed all of it.

After I let go she licked me clean and snuggled against me.

“Are you mad at me?”


“You usually back off when I gag.”

“I’m sorry. I was so focused on getting off I guess I didn’t hear you.”

“It’s OK. You came a lot. I almost drown.”

“I promise I’ll make it up to you.”

I closed my eyes and in seconds I was asleep.

After Becky left in the morning I picked up my tux and I did go to the fund raiser. While there I quietly invited the wives of the three men who were fucking my wife to a little party. The party was a secret and no one should tell my wife. The afternoon of the second day they should meet us at our home at three pm. When asked what the event was I said I had a big surprise for my wife and wanted all of them to share in the surprise. I cleared with my wife’s boss for her to have the next two days off.

As the fundraiser wound down people were leaving and I stayed close to Becky, assuring that no one would tip her off. Her staff told us to go ahead and go they would take care of the clean up. As we walked to the car I told her she threw a great party. She smiled and said she was glad I was there.

In the car I reached behind the seat and got a chilled small bottle of Becky’s favorite champagne and opened it. I had crushed a pill into her glass before I went into the fund raiser and it dissolved the instant the champagne touched it. I gave her the glass and I took a drink from the bottle after I made the toast, “To great sex and great parties.”

She laughed and drank the whole glass. In two minutes she was sound asleep. I drove to my shop. I carried her inside and undressed her. Once I had her on the bench I secured her legs with the straps. I belted across her middle and strapped down her head and neck. As I secured her hands she started to wake up.

I positioned the machine at her pussy and ass. I made the adjustments so it was ready to start. I draped a sheet over her body and obscuring her vision of what fate was awaiting her. She woke up enough that her eyes opened and half a second later she realized she couldn’t move.

“Robert! What the hell is going on? Let me loose!”

“I will let you loose after we have a little talk. I want you to promise me you will tell me the truth. Do you promise?”

Becky’s eyes were wide with fear. She tied to move anything and couldn’t do more than barely squirm.

“Well? Are you going to tell me the truth?”

“Ask your questions!”

“Are you going to tell me the truth?”

“OK. No matter what you ask I won’t lie.”

“How many men have you fucked since we have been married?” Her eyes flashed.

“One. You.”

“Very good. Not a lie. How many men, other than me, have you fucked since we got married?”

“None! Now let me go.”

“That was a lie. There are consequences to lying. This is one.”

I touched a button and Becky felt a squirt of lube on her ass. Then she felt the dildo touch her ass and press forward. I could see her clench her ass to stop it from entering.

“Becky. That is a machine it will keep going in that direction until it is eight inches up your ass. The more you fight it the more it will hurt you. Relax. It is clean and it is lubed.”

She held tight, glaring at me. I touched another button. She felt another squirt of lube at her open pussy and then the touch of the dildo.

“Stop. I’ll tell you anything.” I stopped both dildos. I did not back them off, just stopped them. The one against her ass hole had to hurt, at least a little.

“Becky, How many men, other than me, have you fucked since we got married?”

“Three.” Tears slid from her eyes and down the sides of her face to her ears.

“Robert, I love you. It wasn’t my fault. Please believe me.”

“Tell me their names.”


I touched the buttons and she yelped as the assault on both ass and pussy resumed. Time passed and the pressure on her ass got too strong and the dildo entered her.

“Oh my God! You sadist! I’ve never been fucked there! How could you?”

“Actually that is another lie. You have been ass fucked, just not by me. That brings us to the next consequence for not telling me the truth.”

I uncovered her breasts and attached the cups.

“Hah! That doesn’t hurt!”

“Yet! Tell me their names.”

“What difference does knowing their names make? I cheated on you! I’m the slut. They’ll ruin us if I tell!””

The dildo in her ass was all the way in. The one in her pussy was in five inches. I watched until it was in seven inches and she winced as it hit her cervix. I stopped it and backed off just a bit. I set the stroke at one stroke every twenty-five seconds and the countdown on the breast cups at every thirty seconds.

As the dildos started moving again I stood up near her and said, calmly, “We can and will stay right here until you are honest with me. How long this takes is up to you.”

“Well, so far what you’re doing to me feels good. If this is punishment give me more. I can’t tell you who they were.”

“OK. I stopped the cunt dildo at fully inserted and attached the clit stimulator. I restarted it. Now when the dildo in her ass was all the way in, the pussy dildo was all the way out. I pulled a chair over and sat down.

Becky began a rant.

“Why do you want to know who they are? They forced me but I only gave in to protect us both. Please let me go! Oh!”

I looked up and saw that the cups were filling with her nipples. The wonderful pink nipples and areolas that I had loved to touch and suck for years were now longer and puffier that I had ever seen them. I changed the penetration on her ass. Now it would vary the stroke; one stroke at eight inches another at two, then five. Random depths. I gave her another squirt of lube on both holes.

Becky realized that her pleas were not going to get me to stop.

I saw that the skin on her chest was changing color. Her legs quivered a little.

“Robert, you aren’t good enough to be my husband. Other men want me. They fuck me better than you! Other men will take better care of me than you do. Just let me go!”

I adjusted the speed of the stroke into her dripping pussy. Now the clit stim happened every five seconds.

Just as she was about to climax I stopped the machine. Her eyes flew open and she glared at me.

“Fuck me you bastard! I’m so close. I want to cum!”

“No. I’ll make a deal with you one stroke for each name.”

“Mike Stendahl!”

I hit the control and the ass dildo slid in and out once.

“No! Fuck my pussy! Please!”

“Another name.”

“Henry Toombs!”

“Didn’t I meet his wife at your fund raiser last night?”

“Yes. She’s on the board.”

I hit the button and her pussy got one stroke. It wasn’t enough.

“Barry Schwartz!”

I hit the button and her pussy got one stroke. It wasn’t enough.

“Thank you. You can cum anytime you want now.”

I turned the machine on at the settings my “assistant” had helped me discover. In less than a minute Becky was screaming in the most powerful orgasm of her life. She dripped so much that I tossed a towel on the floor to catch it.

“Oh God! That was incredible! Stop the machine! I can’t take it anymore!”

“No. You once said, and I quote, “I wish I could be fucked in the ass and the pussy all day and all night long!” Now you can have your wish.”

I released her nipples from the suction and rubbed them with ice. I knew it hurt but I didn’t want to leave any marks on Becky. I slowed down the machine and set the lube to squirt her ever ten minutes. I left her there and went to an all night diner and had breakfast. I was gone an hour.

When I reentered the shop she was passed out. I stopped the machine and checked her ass and pussy. They were both still well lubed. She came to.

“Oh Robert. Thank you for stopping it. I was having one long orgasm and then I guess I passed out. I’ve never felt anything like it!”

I tossed a blanket over her and told her to rest. In seconds she was asleep. I let her sleep two hours and then I woke her. I gave her some water and I unstrapped one of her hands. I handed her a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. She didn’t grumble or complain. She ate it. I gave her another drink and she didn’t fight me when I restrapped her hand in place.

“I am going to give you two controls. One will control the speed of the dildo in your ass. The other controls the speed of the one in your cunt. Your job is to cum three times in the next hour. Any time you ask I will give you more lube. The lube is also on a timer so there is no way you will ever be dry. Do you understand?”


I handed her the controls. She played with them for a minute and then I said, “You have fifty-nine minutes left.”

At first she concentrated on the dildo in her pussy. It touched her clit with each stroke. I sat and watched. Without her noticing I touched my control for the dildo in her ass and it very slowly began moving in.

“Forty-five minutes left.” I said.

“I’m close,” she said. It was almost a whisper.

The juices flowed from her and I replaced the towel. Her breathing became shallow and she began to shake.

“You ready to cum?” I asked.

“Yes! I want to cum!”

“Want me to help?”

“Help me please!”

I grabbed both breasts and twisted her nipples hard. Her orgasm swallowed her. She passed out.

When she opened her eyes I said, “You have twenty-two minutes left. You have only had one orgasm.”

Sweat covered her body. Juices dripped from her ass and her pussy onto the towel on the floor. She twisted the controls and her ass and pussy were getting the pounding they deserved. She was fucking herself hard and fast. Twelve minutes passed and she screamed, “I’m so close! Help me cum again, please!”

When the dildo in her pussy pulled back almost leaving her pussy I slapped her clit with my open hand. She screamed and her orgasm took her. This time she didn’t pass out.

The dildos still fucked her and she was fast approaching her third orgasm in an hour.

She heard me announce, “You have nine minutes left.” Her eyes went wide and she twisted the controls attempting to have that third orgasm. I watched the second hand on the clock and announced, “Eight minutes.”

“Seven minutes.”

“Six minutes.”

The dildo in her pussy was at full speed. The one in her ass was at full speed. Somehow she had adjusted them so they were both penetrating her at the same time.

“Five minutes.”

“Four Minutes.”

Becky was moaning and straining in her restraints.

“Three minutes.”

“Two minutes.”

“One minute.”

“Oh Robert. Please help me! I can’t make it without you! I need you. Robert please.”

Becky wasn’t looking at me. Her eyes were unfocused. Every muscle strained to achieve the orgasm she wanted so badly. I lubed my thumb and first finger and pinched her clit hard. She passed out.

While she was out I stopped the machine and pulled it away from her. I unstrapped her arms and legs. As I released the straps from her head and neck she opened her eyes.

“Did I make it?”

“Yes. By two seconds.”

“What now?”

“First I want you to tell me what you think of my fucking machine.”

“At first it scared me to death. I thought you were somehow going to torture me to death. But when I had my first orgasm and it was so strong I started really liking it. I don’t want to now, but sometime soon I’d like another session with it.”

“Perhaps, that can be arranged. I am about to release the belt that holds you here. Before I do I want you to understand some things. One, there are none of your clothes in this building and we are no where near home. If you run outside you will never see me or the machine again. Do you understand?”


“Two, the men you have been fucking here in town are going to pay for fucking my wife. I need to know how and why it began.”

“Are you sure? I don’t think you will believe me. Henry said he would fix it so your life would be ruined if you found out.”


“OK. About a year and a half after I started at the library I was alone in the store room of the main library cataloging the new book arrivals. Henry came in and said he was looking for his wife. I had met her twice because she is on the board for the library. I told him that I hadn’t seen her in days. He said that he liked my work and could see a real future for me with the libraries. Then he told me that he could either make my life better or ruin us. It all depended on me.”


“He showed me his dick and said that if I wanted a better life I had to keep the city counsel happy. I asked him what exactly I had to do. He said that he would be around and when he was I would take care of him with any hole he wanted.”

“Did you ask what would happen if you said no?”

“He said there would be a reported theft and I would be found guilty. He said he could arrange it. He said the police chief was his really good friend.”

“Then what happened?”

“I sucked him off. He thanked me and left. The next day someone at city hall decided that a librarian should go to the state education conference. Henry showed up at the conference and we spent the afternoon fucking.”

“And the other two?”

“Mike walked into my office one day and said, “Henry tells me you give great head. I want to find out.” I tried to toss him out but the phone rang and it was Henry. He said I’d better take care of Mike if I wanted to keep being a librarian in this city. I took care of Mike.”


“Barry is married to Mike’s sister. Mike brought Barry in on the deal. Honey, I really do feel bad for lying to you and cheating. I didn’t know what to do. Can you forgive me?”

“You could have come to me. You could have called a cop!”

“Henry said the chief is his friend and he could send me to jail. I couldn’t tell anyone!”

I unbuckled the belt at her waist and helped her sit up. As she started to stand I asked, “When was the abortion?”

She almost collapsed. I held her up and she looked at my face. She was crying.

“Last year.”

I pointed to the bathroom and said, “Go shower. We aren’t through talking.”

She went. I cleaned up and made us both another sandwich. The party I had arranged was in three hours. When she came out she looked clean and tired. Her hair was still a mess.

I wrapped her in a large dry towel and sat her on a chair.

“Do you want to be married to me?”


“Earlier you yelled some things at me. I want you to think about what you said and I want to know what you want to do about what you said.”

“I don’t remember.”

“Other men are men. Other men are better lovers than you. I should have left you years ago.”

“I didn’t mean those things! I was scared!

“You have had lots of lovers. Do you want to leave me for one or all of them?”

“NO! I didn’t mean those things. You are a great lover.”

“You also said, Robert, you aren’t good enough to be my husband. Other men want me. Other men will take better care of me than you do.”

“If you want other men to take care of you, why have you stayed?”

“Because it isn’t true! I fucked up. I didn’t trust you enough and now I’m afraid I’ve fucked up your life as well as mine. I want to be married to you and I’ll understand if you toss me out. I’ll do anything if you’ll let me stay your wife. No one could take better care of me than you have. I love you.”

She cried and sobbed and slid off the bench and curled up at my feet. I told her I had to go to my car and I wanted her to wait right where she was. She nodded but otherwise didn’t move. At my car I got the clothes she was going to wear to the party and mine.

Inside, I gave them to her along with her traveling make-up and hair kit. I told her to get dressed and do her face so she looked good. I gave her the bathroom. I dressed out by the chair. When she came out she looked tired but good. I went in and shaved. Brushed my hair too.

I walked her out to the car and held the door open for her. As she started to get in she asked, “Am I ever going to get a kiss from you again?”

“In about two hours I will be willing and able to answer your questions. Get in, please.”

I drove home. The party was scheduled for three. At two forty five I told Becky to go to our bedroom and stay there until I called her. I could see she wanted to ask why, but she didn’t. As she went I said, “Stay dressed.”

By three-ten everyone invited was sitting in my living room. They all had asked where Betsy was and I explained that Betsy would be along soon but that I wanted to talk with them first. I explained that I had discovered that Betsy had been having sex with men she wasn’t married to and that I wanted answers. Henry’s wife stood up and blustered, “This is nonsense! I don’t need to listen to this!”

I yelled, “Sit down!” She did.

“I have all the proof anyone could ever want. I’m going to get the answers I want or else! Henry, let’s start with you. How long have you been fucking my wife?”

“How can you accuse me of such a thing? I have never touched your wife.”

I picked up the remote and turned on the TV. I looked at Henry and said, “Do you want me to push the play button or do you want to tell me the truth?”

“Push it! You have nothing.”

I did. The screen blinked and the scene was Henry smiling at the camera as he slid his fat cock into Betsy’s ass. It played for ten seconds and I stopped it.

“Henry, you are a nasty old bastard. You promised me no more of that when we moved here! You and I are through!” She started to get up. I motioned her back into her seat.

“Henry, I am only asking you once to tell me how it started. If you lie to me I will know and your life, as you know it, is completely over.”

“She started it. She groped me in her office and she sucked me off.”

“Henry, I want you to think like an honest man. You just lied to me. You know it and I know it. I can prove it in court if I need to. I already showed you a tape you didn’t know existed. Tell me the truth.”

“I told her that if she wanted to keep her job she needed to keep me happy.”

I turned to Mike. The instant I faced him his wife slapped him, hard.

“Mike, why did you fuck my wife?”

“She asked me to.”

“Is that the truth? Be sure. If you lie to me you will regret it even more than you do now. I picked up the remote.”

Mike put his hand up and spoke. “Henry told me that the librarian gave great head and that she would do me if I told her he sent me. He called her and I don’t know what he said but she sucked me off in her office that day.”

“Have you fucked her?” His wife asked.

I hit fast forward and stopped when the numbers on the front of the VCR read 2860. Play. The screen flashed and Mike was pulling on Betsy’s nipples as he had her legs up and we could see his cock going in and out of her.

His wife was slapping him and I stopped her. “You can kick his ass all the way to Texas but first I want some answers. Please sit down.”

She sat and folded her arms. I looked at Mike and asked, “How long have you been fucking my wife?”

“Three or four years.” He was looking at the floor.

“Did she ever contact you and ask you to fuck her or was it always one of you who told her to get ready?”

“She never started it. Usually it was Henry. I went into the library once in a while for a blow but she never called me, or offered.”

I turned to Barry. His wife was already in tears. She had moved away from him on the couch. I hit fast forward again and stopped when the numbers read 5642. Barry started to speak. I held up my hand and he stopped. His wife dropped her hands from her eyes and I hit Play.

The sound was high enough to hear Henry ask Barry to fuck him in the ass. The camera got all the action. I stopped the tape.

“You know that I have tape of you sticking that same cock in Henry’s ass and my wife’s vagina. I want you to tell me what makes that OK in your mind.”

“Nothing. I know it’s wrong! Henry and Mike have been good to me. I have a good job because Henry got it for me. He said that either I took care of him or I would lose everything.”

“No one moves! I am going to another room and I am coming back with Becky. No one talks while I am gone and no one says anything when we get back until I ask you to. Is that clear?” Everyone nodded.

I opened the bedroom door and Becky was sitting on the bed, crying. I helped her stand and I kissed her. I didn’t say anything. With her hand held tightly I led her into the living room and sat her in the chair where I had been sitting. She didn’t want to sit. She was afraid. I helped her sit.

I turned to Barry. “I want you to talk to Becky about the last few years of your behavior.”

For ten minutes he apologized to Becky, to me, to his wife and to God. Becky looked him in the face and tears poured down her cheeks, and she never said a word.

I pointed at Mike. He looked at the floor and spoke softly. He begged for forgiveness for treating Becky like a cheap slut. He apologized to her, to me and to his wife. He broke down twice during his time.

When he stopped Henry spoke. He blamed the whole thing on feeling the power of his position go to his head. He said he did it for the same reason Bill Clinton messed with Monica, because he could. When he stopped he had not taken responsibility for anything and he had not apologized.

“Henry, did you force my wife to have sex with you repeatedly over the last few years?”

“She had a choice! She could have quit her job.”

“So the sex was her fault?”

“She is a sexy woman! I couldn’t resist.”

“Did she ask you to have sex with her?”

“With words?”

“With words.”


I paused.

“Henry, would you like to buy the evidence I have?”





Barry’s wife spoke first. “I want it! I’ll buy it!”

Henry’s wife said, “I have more money than Henry does. I’ll buy it!”

“Here’s my deal. If one or all the men buy the evidence it gets destroyed. If, on the other hand, one or all you ladies want it, I will produce it in court three times and then it will be destroyed. I will give you just three minutes to give me your bids.”

Henry spoke first. “I’ll bid one hundred thousand.”

Mrs. Toombs said, “One hundred sixty thousand.” The others just sat there. They had already been out bid.

Henry spoke again, “Mike, Barry, help me out here. We can out bid her if we pool together. If she gets the evidence we’re all fucked!”

“I might be able to get together twenty thou.” Mike said.

I watched the clock. When the three minutes were up I told Mrs. Toombs she had three calendar days to deposit one hundred sixty thousand in our account. If it wasn’t there in three days the evidence was mine to do anything I wanted with.

“I am done. I want all of you out of our home in the next five minutes. Becky and I have much to discuss.”

No one spoke as they went out the door. Becky hadn’t moved since I helped her sit down. I watched the couples walk to their cars. Barry’s wife waited until they were at their car and then slapped him hard enough that I was sure she broke his nose. She got in the car as he was attempting to stop the bleeding and drove away.

Mike’s wife didn’t hit him, but she drove away without him.

Henry was left standing on the curb as well. His wife squealed the tires as she drove away. I watched as the three stopped the bleeding of Barry’s nose and walked off together.

Becky was still sitting where I left her. I pulled a chair next to her and sat.

“I’m sorry you had to go through all that.”

“I’m sorry I cheated on you. I’m sorry those men fucked me. I want you to love me. I want you to forgive me. Please forgive me.”

“I already have. I was ready to toss you out when I thought I didn’t even know you. I wanted to fly into a rage and break things and kill people! I didn’t. I found a way to have gadgets help me find out the truth. You made only one mistake. You didn’t tell me a long time ago what was going on.”

Becky was in my arms and on my lap, kissing, and hugging, and crying all at the same time. Somehow over the next few hours we made our way to the bedroom and made a mess of the bed. Sometime about medium dark that night we got dressed again and went out to dinner.

Sunday we spent at a hotel a hundred and twenty miles from home. The original tape was still in the safe deposit box and the evidence they didn’t know about was hidden in my garage. The other evidence? The tape of the confessions made in my living room. Bob hadn’t removed the system and I, being the gadget man, had turned it on.


There were three closed divorce sessions in our town within six months. All three men lost everything. In no case did I show more than ten minutes of the tape.

The library board voted to promote Becky and she was given a better office at the main library.

A deposit of one hundred sixty thousand was made to our account the Monday morning after our meeting/party. On the day after Henry was divorced another deposit was made in the amount of one hundred thousand dollars. The bank president couldn’t or wouldn’t tell us who made the deposit.

On a whim I loaded the machine in a trailer and took it to a national convention for adult products. I let fifty women use the machine (minus a couple of the restraints). Their screams and testimonials were the talk of the convention. A company at the convention offered us three-hundred-thousand for the rights to manufacture and sell it, I kept the prototype (Becky wouldn’t let me sell it).

We moved from town. A week after we moved I mailed the tape from the meeting/party to Bob, the new chief of police.

It took a while for Becky and I to work things out. My attitude is that she was raped, repeatedly, and spent years living in fear. My job is to love her and put all that behind us. If I didn’t think that Henry was headed for prison and lots of butt fucking he won’t like I’d be tempted to take him into a dark alley and beat him … let’s just say hurt him forever.

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