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Swimming Surprise

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My wife and I both grew up in very conservative homes and ended up marrying at the tender ages of 19 years old. We were both virgins and had very little experience with the opposite sex until our wedding night. This story is not about that night but it is about something that happened a couple of years later before we started to have children.

My wife’s sister Lisa is 8 years older than her and tended to not be as naïve and innocent about life as my wife was. When Lisa turned 26 her boyfriend at the time asked her to marry him. The next year before their marriage was a whirlwind year with a lot of changes for everyone. One major change was that Lisa’s fiancée Mike began to spend a lot more time around my wife and his future in law’s house. My wife Cari was 18 at this time and we were dating. Because I was also around their house a lot Mike and I developed a little bit of a friendship.

Mike was a lot more experienced than any of us at that time. He had been in university over the last number of years and certainly bedded his fair share of girls during this time. Although he wasn’t necessarily a person who was heavily involved in the party scene he was in good shape and certainly attracted the women.

I think that my wife first noticed Mike when one morning after he finished his shower he walked out of the bathroom with way too small of a towel wrapped around him. I just happened to be talking with Cari in the hallway beside the bathroom when Mike came out. Cari looked at him and I watched her eyes do a once over of his body. I laughed a little and asked Mike if he could have found anything smaller to wrap around himself. The towel he had on was so small that he could barely keep it together on one side. His entire left leg up to his hip was basically there to be seen and when he turned around half of his ass was on display as well.

When Mike turned around to answer me the towel actually came undone and fell to the floor before he could catch it. He must have known that Cari was watching him because he looked at her when it fell and when he realized that she wasn’t going to run away screaming he took his time bending over to pick it up and then just flipped the towel over his shoulder. He stood in front of us in all his glory and asked Cari what time lunch was going to be at. Cari didn’t answer him and just stood dumbfounded staring at him.

I nudged her shoulder and then Mike asked her again. She mumbled something about it being ready shortly and Mike smiled and walked back into the rec room to finally get dressed. As we ate lunch a little later Mike and I told Lisa what happened and we all laughed about it together.

Nothing else happened over the next few years as first Mike and Lisa were married and then Cari and I were married. We all remained close friends over this time. We regularly got together for barbecues and family functions. Cari and Lisa continued their regular workout routines that they started before Lisa’s wedding and Mike and I would regularly comment to each other how good both sisters were looking but also how different their body types were.

My wife Cari, has long blond hair and is a few inches shorter than her sister. She has slightly wider hips and larger breasts that are around a 36 C. Lisa has short brown hair and a much thinner build with hardly any hips and fairly small breasts that she says are just slightly a B cup size. When you looked at the two sisters side by side you might almost think that they came from different parents with the exception of similar facial features.

Mike and Lisa finally were able to purchase a small two bedroom home a few years after they were married. The nice part about the home was the pool that it had in the back yard. They moved into the house during the winter so we were never able to use the pool until they had lived there for almost 4 months.

It was a very warm late spring day when Mike called and asked if we wanted to come over. We quickly agreed to bring some beverages and desserts and we headed to their house for a barbecue. When we got there I noticed that pool had been filled up and cleaned but Lisa said that it was still too cold to go in. They were hoping that the water would be warm enough in a few days.

We enjoyed our dinner together with a few refreshments and dessert before finally deciding on watching a movie. Mike and Cari went to the video store to pick up a movie while Lisa and I cleaned up after dinner. They were only gone a few minutes and when they came back in they said that there wasn’t much of a choice as all the new releases were taken but they had picked up what looked to be a good Western. I wasn’t too fond of Westerns but I knew that my wife liked them so I sat down with Cari on one couch and Mike and Lisa sat down on the other one.

By about 15 minutes into the movie Lisa asked Cari and Mike what area of the store they got the movie from. The movie was nothing more than a soft core porn. My wife was very embarrassed and insisted that they got the movie from a normal rack in the store. We laughed a little about the movie and my wife’s embarrassment. My wife and I had never rented or watched any type of porn together and this was her first time seeing anything like this. Mike asked if we wanted to turn it off and I was surprised when my wife just said that since we had spend the money on the rental we should watch the rest of it. Everyone seemed okay with her answer and we continued to watch the movie.

As the movie progressed I was getting a little horny and I wanted to find out how my wife was feeling. I already had my arm around her and she was lying a little on her side against me. I looked down and noticed immediately how her nipples were erect underneath her t-shirt. I knew that when she was excited her nipples grew to almost an inch and I was thinking that they were at least that big right now. The scenes in the movie were exciting her!

I lightly rubbed her arm and as I rubbed I would briefly also glide my hand over her breast. By about the third time I very faintly heard my wife moan. I took this as a positive sign and decided to see how far I could take this.

I glanced quickly over at Mike and Lisa and noticed that they must have been feeling the same way as I was. They had a blanket over them but you could tell that Mike was rubbing Lisa’s small breast over her shirt and Lisa had her right hand near Mike’s lap. I used my left hand that was over Cari’s shoulder and moved it down her stomach over her shirt. I lifted her shirt up a little bit and began to rub her bare skin. Every few minutes I would move a little higher until my hand was now briefly rubbing the underside of her left breast over her bra.

Cari felt that and moved my hand down a bit. Not to be discouraged I once again moved my hand back up until this time I fully cupped her left breast in my hand over her bra. She moved my hand back down again and said that we couldn’t get frisky with her sister and Mike there. I told her to look over at them. Cari gasped slightly when she saw that they were obviously becoming very physical. They were still covered by the blanket and although you couldn’t see anything you could certainly tell by the hand movements that there was a lot of groping happening. I told Cari that if we were subtle they would not even realize that we were doing anything. Cari didn’t say anything and continued to watch the movie.

It just so happened that a very intense sex scene came up next in the movie so I moved my hand back under her shirt again. This time she didn’t stop me when I cupped her breast again. She gasped a little when I gently squeezed her nipple through her bra but she still did not ask me to stop. As I felt her breast over her bra I quickly realized that she was wearing the bra with the clasps in the front and I deftly unhooked them freeing her breasts. When she felt her bra open Cari grabbed my hand and held it but did not pull it away.

The scene on the movie continued as Cari held my hand on her chest. She slowly let go of my hand and I took this as a go ahead to continue. Without even thinking I lifted her shirt even higher so that I could have an easier time touching her. After I had lifted her shirt up to her neck I cupped her left bare breast in my hand and squeezed the nipple soliciting a groan of appreciation from her lips.

I continued this for a few minutes before we heard Mike say, “wow Ryan, you are right. They are spectacular.” Mike’s interruption broke my wife out of her lust induced mindset and she quickly pushed my hand away and pulled down her shirt and sat up. She looked over towards her sister and Mike who were now lying down on the couch in a spoon position with Mike behind her sister. Although they were still covered by a blanket you could tell that they had been fooling around as well.

Cari told her sister that she thought that we should be going to give them a little privacy. Lisa said that we didn’t have to leave and then asked if maybe we wanted to go swimming so that all of us could cool off a little bit. I told her that I thought the pool was still too cold but she said that she checked the temperature just before we came in and it was surprisingly fairly warm.

I mentioned that we didn’t think that we would be swimming so we didn’t bring our swim suits with us. Lisa said that she might have something that Cari could wear and Mike said that he had a swim suit that I could wear. We agreed to go swimming, so Mike and Lisa stood up and adjusted their clothing that was partially undone and then got out the swim suits for all of us.

Mike and I changed and went out to the pool area and waited for the girls. When our wives came out they were both wearing bath robes. I told them that the water was fairly warm and to come on in. Cari said that before she would take off her robe Mike had to turn around as the swimsuit was very tight since she was so much bigger than her sister. Lisa took off her robe and did a quick turn showing off her bikini too us and then jumped into the pool and Mike finally relented and turned around as Cari took off her robe. My wife was not joking when she said the suit was a little tight and small. Her breasts were overflowing the cups of the suit almost to the point that her nipples were showing and the suit had almost pulled completely into her crotch. I could see one of her lips coming out of one side of the suit. When she turned around to get into the pool her ass was almost completely on display as well.

My wife was a little red faced when she finally dipped down into the water and quietly asked me if she looked okay. I told her that I thought she looked very sexy but it was very revealing but since it was just Mike and Lisa I was okay with the suit. She kissed me and said thank you and then next thing I knew she was dunking me under the water. The next few minutes became an all out dunking and splashing contest with Mike and me finally getting the upper hand on our wives.

I had just finished dunking Lisa when I looked over to see Mike wrestling with my wife and then he picked her up and threw her into the water. When my wife came out of the water she refused to stand up. I asked her what was wrong and the next thing I knew she was throwing her bathing suit or what was left of it in Mike’s direction. I asked her why she did that and she said that when Mike had thrown her the last time she felt the suit rip right down the middle and it was now useless anyway.

My wife then surprised me and asked all of us if we all wanted to join her in a little skinny dipping. Mike and I quickly agreed and Lisa wasn’t too far behind us as we each took our bathing suits off under the water and threw them on to the deck. Cari and I were on one side of the pool and Mike and Lisa were on the opposite side. Lisa and Cari both seemed to have the same idea at the same time as they both leaped on their husbands and tried to dunk us again.

I swam away from my wife towards the middle of the pool as she quickly pursued me. I was looking behind me and didn’t notice Lisa who was just coming up out of the water in front of me and I bumped right into her. Lisa joked around that I was trying to knock her over now and then jumped on me. It felt a little strange feeling my sister in laws small breasts against my back as she dunked me but it felt even stranger when she wrapped her legs around me from the back and I could feel her pubic hair and lips rubbing against my ass.

Over the next few minutes Lisa and I continued to wrestle. I have to be honest when I say that I was more than a little turned on while wrestling with my sister in law. My cock was fully erect and as we wrestled I tried to keep from getting to close to Lisa but while I was trying to put her under the water my erection rubbed against crack of her ass. Lisa stopped immediately and just smiled over her shoulder at me. She reached behind herself and gave my cock a quick squeeze and as I stood there shocked she jumped up and dunked me again.

As I came up for air I realized that I had forgotten all about my wife chasing me and looked for her in the pool. I saw that Mike had her cornered on the other side of the pool. He was standing behind her and was holding her arms down on either side of her. Her upper body was completely out of the water. She no longer seemed shy about showing off her breasts to another man. As Mike was holding her he was asking her what she was going to do now to get free before he dunked her again. Lisa and I were surprised by Cari’s next action. She backed up quickly and leaned into him now allowing his erection to settle into the crack of her ass as well.

Unlike Lisa, Cari did not stop there as Mike was still holding her arms. She tried to squirm free but in the process pressed herself even harder into Mike’s lap causing his erection to move a little lower than it was before. Lisa and I watched as Cari looked like she was trying to break free from Mike’s grasp but was really moving her hips more than she was any other part of her body. All of a sudden both Mike and Cari gasped in unison and stopped moving. I think that Lisa and I both knew what just happened but neither of us moved or said anything. We just watched our spouses curious as to what would happen next.

My wife was the first to start moving a little again as she grinded herself back into Mike. Mike let go of her arms and reached around with both hands and lightly squeezed the nipples that he had seen for the first time only about an hour before. Cari continued to grind herself into Mike for a few seconds and allowed him to feel her breasts and then she suddenly pulled away from him. Mike looked surprised and confused as he stood there with his cock sticking straight out in front of him. My wife smiled at him and said that she told him that she could get away from him! Lisa, Cari and I all started to laugh and Mike also began to laugh a few seconds later.

Mike then looked down at himself and asked us what he was supposed to do now! Lisa swam over to him and told him that she would help him with that right after the husbands took care of their wives.

Cari and Lisa both sat up on the edge of the pool with their legs spread. Mike and I both stood in front of our wives. I leaned down and kissed Cari’s inner thighs up until I reached her already engorged lips. As I sucked one lip into my mouth I heard my wife groan with pleasure. She tasted slightly different than she normally did but I figured it was probably because she had already had another cock in her before I started.

Within a matter of minutes both of our wives were moaning and almost came in unison. After they finished their orgasm Mike and I both said that it was our turns now, got out of the pool and quickly laid our wives down on the wood patio beside each other. We both moved in between our wives legs as they spread them for us.

I heard Lisa gasp as Mike entered her and Cari moan as I entered her. It was a completely new experience lying beside another couple who just happen to be family members while having sex with my wife. As we were fucking my wife pulled my head down and kissed me and then whispered in my ear to ask if I was okay with what she did with Mike earlier. I told her that it shocked me but I also found it intensely arousing. She smiled and kissed me again as we continued to make love.

My wife asked a minute later if we could change positions and told me to lie down as she got on top of me. I could see Mike and Lisa watch her as she sat down on me and my hard cock made its way back between her wet lips again. Lisa thought that a change of position was a good idea and also had Mike lie down. It was now my turn to watch them as Lisa sat down on Mike and his hard cock entered her.

Cari was quickly developing a rhythm on me and was moving up and down at a faster pace. Her movements were causing her tits to bounce beautifully on her chest. Obviously I was not the only one watching her tits as Mike asked me if he could touch them one more time. I looked at Cari who nodded yes and I told Mike to go ahead. My brother in law reached up and my wife leaned down towards him as he placed his hand around her breast and gently squeezed her firm nipple. My wife groaned with approval and began to grind faster on me. It didn’t take long before she began to cum again and I wasn’t far behind.

After we both finished cumming my wife moved Mike’s hand off her breast and told him that it was time for him to take care of his wife and she asked if I would help. I gladly accepted and sat up and leaned over towards Lisa and sucked her left breast into my mouth. It felt so different than Cari’s because it was so much smaller. Lisa cried out loudly as she began to cum almost immediately.

Mike still had not cum when Lisa was done so she slowly got up off of him and then moved down his body and took his erection into her mouth. It wasn’t much longer before Mike said he was about to cum. Lisa took her mouth off of him and continued to stroke him as he exploded. When he came he sat up suddenly. The movement caused his cum to fly everywhere. It landed on Lisa’s face and her shoulders and some of it even landed on my wife who was sitting right next to Lisa.

I handed Mike and our wives towels so that they could clean themselves off as we all laughed about how much Mike had cum. We sat for a few minutes talking with each other while we snuggled with our spouses before Cari said that now it was really time for us to go home. We all went back inside the house and got dressed and kissed each others spouses good night before we left to go home.

It’s interesting how some things just happen sometimes when you least expect them. Mike and Lisa and my wife and I are all still married and are all good friends but we have never had another experience like that happen again since that night.

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