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Thalia’s Night Alone

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Once again reading over the instructions her Master left for her while he went on vacation, Thalia physically trembles with anticipation. Thirty minutes of restrained teasing at his direction. Her small frame shivers with the thought of what he has in store for her. He has ordered his girl to bring herself to edge of climax every 5 minutes for 30 minutes before being allowed to cum.

He has also graciously allowed her three orgasms, a reward for her good behavior in a previous assignment.

Closing and locking the bedroom door, she thinks of him, of how it would be if he were here with her. She moves about getting her bed ready for the night, tying yarn at the four corners as her blonde hair sweeps over her shoulders, checking to make sure the tethers are not too long, yet not too short, placing 2 pillows atop each other where her hips will lay. She lays a towel across the mid section of the bed, covering the pillows and draping it over the edges. On the towel, Thalia puts her vibrator and a bottle of lubricant to aid in the process. She smiles softly as she thinks about the night that awaits her. She double checks the lock on the door then moves quickly to the bed. Standing by the side of the bed, she drops her nightie seductively to the floor before crawling onto the bed. Positioning herself on the edge of the pillows, she ties both ankles in place.

Her petite legs spread wide, she can imagine her Master watching her, making sure she does this right. As she lubes her lips, she can feel Him touch her and moans softly as the vibrator slides into her. It meets some resistance, as it is a bit larger than her regular dildo. She turns it on and works it around a bit, letting the vibrations loosen her muscles. She sighs with pleasure as it slides fully into her and lies back to tie her left wrist, wrapping the other yarn around her right index finger, so she can freely remove it at the designated times.

She glances at the clock noting that it is 12:42 am and tries to relax into her next five minutes. As she lies there, she can feel him caressing her, touching her, blowing hot air across her skin. She can feel the vibrations coursing through her steadily, her muscles softly pushing and pulling at the toy on their own, making barely any movement at all. Thalia’s amazed at this, as this is the first time she’s noticed the vibrator moving on it’s own and imagines it is Him, slowly, gently pushing into her. She glances at the clock and sees but two minutes have passed and realizes if she follows this thought, she’ll never make it to five, let alone 30 minutes.

She tries to ignore how her muscles pull and concentrates on the vibrations, feeling them push through her. She can feel also that the pillow have slipped and are causing a bit of discomfort in her back, but ignores that for the time being as she drifts with the vibrations. Before she realizes it, her 5 minutes have passed. She unwinds her right hand and reaches low to where she feels the need the most. Rubbing her clit, she feels the vibrator pushing and pulling again, taking her closer to the edge. When it is almost more than she can bear, she pulls her hand away, holding her breath and counting slowly as she rides the wave back down. As her body settles a bit, she raises her hips up and readjusts the pillows, raising herself in a higher position for him.

Wrapping her right hand back up, she melts into the waves of vibrations again, alternating between thinking of him as her muscles pull, the sweep of the vibrations and feeling the new sensations this higher position gives her. Before she knows it, a bit more than 5 minutes have passed. She once again flicks across her clit, rubbing it hard, then soft. She tries not to cum as the peak hits suddenly, she moves her hand to pulling and twisting gently at her nipples instead, taking her mind away from the increasing pleasure, yet not playing intensely enough to push her over the edge. Her hips rock as she moans with need, twisting ever so slightly with restrained passion.

As she falls from the crest again, she lowers her fingers to her clit once again, but risks failure as she barely even touches herself, too worked up for even a breeze. She resorts to her nipples once again and quickly tethers herself as her time for play ends and grips empty fists as she tries to hang on for the full 30 minutes, knowing it’s only 10 minutes away. She breathes into the pulses of her muscles, trying to relax and push away from the edge.

Gritting her teeth, she pulls her mind away from the mounting urge. Thalia tries to not think about her Master’s touch, the caress of his lips on her, moaning softly as she fights it. Five sweet, agonizing minutes later, she practically throws the restraint from her right hand and tugs at her nipples again, watching the clock through half closed eyes, trying to get to her 30 minute mark. Squeezing her muscles tight to keep them from their spontaneous spasms. Finally, it’s time! Just barely pressing into her clit, she explodes, but keeps rubbing, feeling the fire burn through out her, exploding once again before the first orgasm even fades. Her free hand grips the pillow below her as a third climax rocks her body, throwing all of her senses into a whirlwind. The world fades to nothing but pure pleasure as her muscles spasm and grip the vibrator lodged inside her. Crying out, her juices flow freely, unrestrained and plentiful. Slowly, the pulsing of her orgasms subsides and her breathing becomes less ragged. Left nearly breathless and totally drained, Thalia’s body collapses from her exertion.

Knowing her time and allowed orgasm are over, she slips the vibrator from her and takes a few deep breaths. She finally returns to near normal as she thinks about her Master and hopes that she has pleased Him.

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