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Sweet Taste

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I remembered seeing her for the first time. So beautiful in her unique charm. Blue eyes and Dark hair that seemed to almost float along the wind. I could feel a warmth between my legs as soon as she looked my way. I had to taste her. I myself was not what you call beautiful. 5’5, long dirty blonde hair, more curves then I wanted.

But, I was happy. She was about my height, and almost the same curves. She sat in the cafe across from me. Her shapely legs showed wonderfully along her pants. I wiggled lightly in my seat as I looked up along her blouse. Full wonderful breast. I could hardly contain my excitement, then she looked at me. Calmly I motioned for her to come to my table. I myself could tell that she was looking over me. I had just finished school. Although being an adult student, I was still made to wear the plaid skirt, white dress shirt and black shoes.

She got up slowly from her table, her eyes glued upon mine as she sat down. The server came over and I ordered a Cafe Mocha, she in turn ordered a coffee. Our conversation was no more then looks and motions. Then we were both startled by the server coming back with our drinks. I slyly moved my chair closer and rubbed my bare leg along hers. Taking my finger and scooping some whip cream from my mocha I rubbed the cream along my full lips. Thinking to myself if she would taste this sweet. She smiled to herself and took a sip of her coffee, accidentally spilling some along her bottom lip. This was my cue, as I moved closer and whispered “ Let me get that for you”, then moved my lips over hers and licked up the remnants of her coffee. Tasting the sweet divine taste of her flesh. To my surprise, she responded. Moving her palm softly along my arm and looking deeply into my eyes as if to call me into her.

Standing up slowly, my eyes watching hers as my breasts inch past her lips. Taking her hand in mine and helping her stand. Putting money on the table. We began to walk out. I had plans for her, and as I was soon to find out, she had plans for me. We walked aimlessly along the street, our heads turning on occasion to look into each others minds. We stopped short of my apartment, I pulled her close and kissed her sweet lips. Her hands responding and wrapping softly around my waist. Breaking the kiss in a tender lick I reach into my purse and grab my keys. Unlocking the door and stepping inside holding my hand to her and inviting her in. Taking off my black shoes and feeling the peacefully feeling of my bare feet hit the floor as the door closes. I turn to look at my new lover. My heart racing with the thought of her legs wrapped around my head.

Grinning to her as I step closer, helping her coat off as I slide my palms along her arms. Her breath light and delicious along my neck. I pause to feel the exotic sensation. Then hanging her coat on the wall and looking into her eyes. She suddenly grabs me into her arms and rushes my lips to hers, parting my lips with her warm tongue. Gliding my fingertips along her sleeve to her shoulder and then clawing down softly. Feeling her shudder. I slide away from the kiss and move my hands to my white shirt. Gently and slowly undoing the buttons. Her eyes watch my every move. I back away and move to my bedroom. Throwing my shirt off and to the floor. My lace bra leaving nothing to the imagination. My pink nipples blushing along the fabric as she steps into the room. I walk to her, eyeing the shape of her hips, the soft curve of her breast. I reach out and pull my fingers along the hem of her blouse. Unbuttoning the soft fabric as my lips find there way to her neck. Brushing my lips over the light skin, breathing harder as I feel my nipples stress from the closed in area.

Feeling her eyes close as a slow moan escapes her lips. Slipping the shirt off her shoulders as my kisses follow my motions to her bra strap. Pulling on it lightly with my teeth, then watching it slip down her arm. Her hands following along the soft skin on my side and fingers fumbling along the buckle on my skirt. It unwraps and falls to the floor. Immediately her hand goes to glide around the soft lace on my panties, fingers teasing along my slit. I gasp along her flesh, nibbling softly over her chin and back to her lips as my hands move inside her pants. Smiling along her lips as I feel that she wears no panties. Then taking control and ripping her pants open. Eager to get my lips around her sweet clit. Nipples rubbing together as she parts her fingers from my swollen sit. I moan softly almost tempting her desires as I move her to the bed and sit her down. Helping her pants off as I stand over her watching her emotions.

I kneel down in front of her. Running my fingers softly up her legs, circling them around her knees. Then moving my lips closer and licking up along her inner thigh. Reaching up with my hands and grabbing hers, holding them tightly to her side as I teasingly lick slowly up to her slit. Look up into her eyes as the flat of my tongue licks it over. Tasting the wetness on the tip of my desires. Feeling her struggle lightly along my hands as I move in closer and open her slit with my tongue. Zig zaging my tongue across her lips, avoiding her clit until the last possible moment. Letting go of her hands for a moment and raising her legs over my shoulders. Then holding the underside of her ass as I pull her to my face. Licking up and around her anus, tasting the sweetness from our erotic kiss. Slowly I lick up further, then dive my tongue inside her delicious hole. Swirling my tongue around her soft inner walls as her moans of pleasure fill my ears. The tip of my nose teasing softly around her clit.

Rocking my hands under her lightly, dancing my tongue inside as I lift it out. Then sliding my hands from her and holding her pussy lips open with my thumbs, and gliding my tongue inside her slit. Licking up each side, slowly tasting and devouring her. Slowly reaching under my bed and grabbing something. Turning the dial aimlessly with my thumb as she sits up a bit, her moans louder as I continue on her clit. Raising my hand and placing the surprise along her hole. She moans out loud in delight as the vibe buzzes softly around her opening. Looking up into her eyes as I curl her clit around my tongue and suck it between my lips, moaning softly as my hand pushes the vibe in a little, feeling her legs tighten around my head. Wiggling it into her, feeling her pussy tighten around it, then sucking harder at her little clit as I push it all the way in and turn up the power. Her body wiggling along the bed as her hands reach out and grab my hair, pulling me to her pussy.

I pull free from her grip and look up at her, pumping the vibe slowly in and out of her. I get up slowly so I am standing, then remove the device from her aching pussy. She sits up to quickly for me to think and lays me along the bed. Her fingers tracing over my stomach, teasing the lace on my panties. She sits up and glides her body towards my legs, lifting me softly and taking off my panties, slowly I shiver as her fingers glide over my flesh. Feeling the lace fall from my silk legs as she nibbles back up to my bra, slipping my breasts from the cups and rubbing her lips along my nipples. Gasping in sheer pleasure as I feel her warm mouth along my nipples, wanting more. She slips her finger past my belly button and glides across my slit, I take the moment and reach into her bra, slipping my fingers around her nipple. Both of us moaning in passion as we feel the delight of our flesh.

Pulling softly on her nipple as she slips her finger between my slit and into me. I cum instantly, my pussy longing for her touch. My breath becoming heavy and in gasps as I reach forward and spin her around. Placing her legs around my head and her pussy at my face. She places her hands on the underside of my knees and raises them. Licking my lips in a moment of temptation as I feel her mouth lower upon my pussy. I wrap my arms around her hips and press her down upon me, my lips pressed along her slit as I hum softly. Then parting my lips and tonguing softly up and around her clit. Her hair brushes along my thighs causing me to jump to her, my pussy wet and sweet, I feel her lips brush along my clit. Then I part my lips and suck her clit into my mouth, moaning softly as I feel her tongue dive along my sit and tease my clit.

Our bodies in a number of passion as our moans and whimpers fill the room. Lust burning into a deep flame of sexual desire that our minds drift off into each others. Moving a hand from her soft hip and gliding the flat of my palm over her hole, feeling it beckon my fingers inside, I shake my head from side to side lightly as I feel my lips suck in her slit, my tongue flicking over the tight bud. I hear her scream in delight as I dip two fingers into her, she in turn holds my thighs open and dives into my pussy, tongue first. Her pussy so wet, as is mine. I begin to fuck her, long hard strokes with my fingers, feeling her innerwalls grip my fingers. My hips grinding softly into her face, wanting all the wonderful attention that I am receiving. She then moves my legs further and moves her face to my hole, I scream out. Her soft chin rubbing into my clit as she fucks me with her tongue.

Our bodies seem to tighten all at once, my tongue wild and attentive along her now red sit, as my hips buck towards her mouth. My body shaking as I scream, my pussy shaking and cumming hard. My mouth arching to her sweet wetness as I pump my fingers faster, then feel her body lower on mine and her hips pump as she cums. I quickly move my mouth to her hole to swallow her juices. Both our bodies exhausted. Small sweet beads of sweat along her back as I move her off of me gently. Laying beside her as I brush the hair from her blushed face. Then move in closer as I smell the sweet sent of cum over her lips. We kiss deeply, wrapped in each others arms along the soft bed. Our hearts racing as one as we fall asleep.

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