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I Always Wondered

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I admit it. I always wondered. Even before my first experience I thought about it more than once. Even though I thought about it I still tried to deny my desires, especially publicly. All guys have thought about it at one point or another. Many guys desire it but won’t admit it. Only a few are strong enough to admit it and pursue it.

I had no idea how much my life would change when I came home from work that day. My wife and I had talked about expanding our horizons many times. We had talked about all the normal things open minded couples discuss. Threesomes with men and women and swapping with other couples. We agreed that if the opportunity came up that we would go for it.

As I walked through the door that night I knew something was up. There were clothes strewn all across the living room. I recognized some as my wife’s, but others I hadn’t seen before. I had a feeling I knew what was going on, and I sure hoped I was right. As I walked towards our bedroom my suspicions were confirmed when I heard the unmistakable sound of Kristy, my wife, having a huge orgasm.

Now most guys would be finding the nearest blunt object to go beat the living shit out of the guy that was fucking his wife. But, we had discussed this possibility many times. We agreed that if she found a guy she wanted, that was open minded and was ok with a threesome, that she could bring him home and get started without me. Finally, I was thinking, I had waited a long time for this to happen.

I made it to the end of the hall and leaned against the door jamb, wanting to take in the sight in front of me before I joined in. There was my absolutely gorgeous wife riding a very large, very hard cock reverse cowgirl. She was facing me with her legs spread wide. I could clearly see her shaved, dripping wet pussy being stretched wide open by her new friend. Her stomach and thighs were still quivering from the after effects of the climax I had heard a short time before. Her eyes were closed and her breath was coming in short quick gasps. There is not a sight on this planet that is more beautiful than a sexy woman in ecstasy.

Let me describe her: She was 19 at the time, 5’1″, maybe 100lbs soaking wet and fully clothed, her tits a perfect B cup with nipples the size of pencil erasers. Her body was slim, trim, and toned in all the right places.

I slowly undressed right there where I was standing, not taking my eyes off of the incredibly hot action on the bed. Kristy was slowly rocking back and forth, her new friends cock deep in her tight little pussy. She was so wet I could see her juices running down over his shaved balls. Neither of them noticed I was there until I was all the way undressed and had climbed onto the foot of the bed.

Kristy opened her eyes, startled for a moment before her face lit up with a huge smile.

“Welcome home honey.” She said.

I smiled back, “Hi baby.” I replied.

“This is Dave. Dave meet Brian, my husband. Brian this is Dave.” She said in a mockingly formal manner.

It was a bit surreal as Dave and I shook hands.

“So, Dave, you like my wife’s pussy?” I asked, smiling.

“Oh, Fuck yes!” was all he could manage. Kristy hadn’t missed a beat and was still rocking back and forth on his cock. I could see her stomach muscles clenching and relaxing and knew from experience how awesome that felt. I didn’t blame him for being almost incoherent.

I crawled up the bed a bit and straddled Dave’s thighs, taking Kristy in my arms. I pulled her close, my hard throbbing cock pushing into her belly, and kissed her deep and hard. I finally broke our kiss and moved down, nibbling on her neck as I palmed both of her perfect tits. I took both of her nipples in my fingers and pinched lightly as I was kissing and biting her neck.

She pushed my head down, so I took the hint and sucked one nipple and then the other deep into my mouth, biting gently. This set her off again, screaming “Oh Fuck!” as she came. I could feel her entire body trembling uncontrollably in my arms. Dave’s breathing was coming hard and fast, he was making little grunting, groaning sounds, his head moving from side to side as he enjoyed feeling her pussy clamp down around his cock.

Still sucking and biting her nipples I reached down with one hand and started slowly circling her engorged clit with my fingers. She gasped, tensed, and came again quick and hard. I decided right then that I was going to make her cum more and harder than she ever had before.

Again, I felt gentle downward pressure on my head. I looked up into her beautiful blue eyes with a questioning look on my face.

“Lick my clit, baby.” she whispered.

I was a little surprised, and to tell the truth a little concerned. There was another mans cock down there after all. I moved down slowly, sucking, kissing, and licking my way to her sweet pussy. The closer I got the more turned on she became, if that was possible. I finally made it, flattening my tongue and pushing on her clit. I started slowly and gently, it was mostly her moving against me as she rode up and down Dave’s cock.

As I got more turned on I licked harder and faster, my tongue traveling further each time. Suddenly I noticed a distinctly different taste and texture. Opening my eyes I realized with a shock that I had just accidentally licked Dave’s cock where it was sliding in and out of Kristy. I quickly moved back up to her clit and shortened my licks. We continued this for awhile, with Kristy cumming hard several more times.

Between my licking and Dave’s cock, Kristy was reduced to her base sexual instinct. She was nothing more than a sexual animal craving fulfillment by this time. I licked harder and faster, wanting to give her more and more pleasure. I tasted that distinct difference again, and again moved up a bit. “That really wasn’t that bad” I thought to myself, “I wouldn’t mind trying that more” but I didn’t want to freak either Dave or Kristy out by being blatant about it. Little did I know that is exactly what they both wanted.

I finally let myself go, licking up and down her dripping pussy, every few licks I’d let myself go a little lower to get a little different taste, feeling and tasting Dave’s hard cock with my tongue. Every time I did that I could hear him moan a little louder and feel him push his hips up off the bed a little farther. I guessed by now he had to know it wasn’t a slip, that I was doing it on purpose. By his reaction I hoped that it was ok.

This was confirmed the next time I went lower and felt a hand on the back of my head, gently pushing my mouth down. “What the hell” I thought, as I licked the full length of his exposed cock for the first time. I tasted the familiar sweetness of Kristy’s pussy, and something else. A masculine musk, raw flesh, testosterone, it was delicious. I felt Kristy shift, and opened my eyes and looked up to see her looking down at me. I was relieved as I saw her smile and saw her eyes glaze over with lust as she watched me licking Dave’s cock up and down. She tensed and came hard once again, this time collapsing back onto his chest, losing all control.

I crawled up and laid down beside them, pulling Kristy off of Dave, her back to me. I held her close as she trembled and shuddered, her orgasm still coursing through her lithe body. After a few minutes her eyes slowly opened and her breathing began to return to some semblance of normal.

“Oh, My God.” she whispered.

“Welcome back love,” I replied, “You ok?”

“Fuck yes, that was amazing!” she said, as she pressed her ass back into my now aching, very hard and throbbing cock. “Now fuck me!”.

I reached down and placed my cock at the opening of her drenched pussy, sliding my cock deep into her in one long stroke. I saw her reach over and take Dave into her hand, for the first time I saw his entire cock, up until now it had been buried inside her. He was at least 9 inches long and so thick she couldn’t wrap her hand all the way around him. I laid behind her and fucked her with long slow strokes as I enjoyed the sight of her small hand sliding up and down his engorged cock.

She let go of his cock and pointed to the bed beside her head.

“Kneel up here Dave, I want to suck you.” she said.

He didn’t waste any time complying with her wish, no man in his right mind would. I propped myself up on one elbow so I could get a better look. I had always wanted to see what she looked like with another mans cock in her cute little mouth. I was not disappointed at all, it was one of the sexiest things I have ever seen.

I continued to slowly fuck her, wanting this to last as long as I could. I watched as her little tongue darted out, licking him all over. Her hand moving his cock around so she could get everywhere she wanted to be. Her mouth opening and his cock disappearing inside a little at a time. I could hear her struggling to breathe through her nose as she took more and more of him into her mouth. Every once in awhile she would slowly slide him back out, then I could see her cheeks collapse as she sucked hard and took him into her mouth again.

Each time she took him a little deeper. I was amazed at how much of him she was sucking. She had deep throated me before, several times, I am no slouch at 8 inches but I wasn’t anywhere near as thick as he was. She seemed determined to take it all, and after working at it she did. The sight of all that cock disappearing into her little mouth was the hottest thing I’d seen. She held him deep for a few seconds, then slowly pulled off. After gasping for air she sucking him in again, this time all the way down without a pause.

Dave was moaning uncontrollably by this point, I don’t know how he was holding himself back from filling her mouth. Kristy was whimpering around his cock, her body trembling and her pussy contracting around my cock, having one long continuous orgasm. Each time she would hold his cock deep in her throat for a few seconds before slowly drawing him out, then back down again.

After several minutes of this Dave finally cried out that he was going to cum, but Kristy had other ideas. She pulled her mouth off and squeezed the base of his cock firmly, stopping his impending climax. Kristy laid her head down to catch her breath as she continued to hold his cock, stroking him ever so slowly to keep him close to the edge.

I had sped up and was fucking her harder and faster than before, but still slowly compared to what I really wanted to do. I wanted to see exactly where this was going, what it was she had in mind. I leaned my head down a bit and was sucking, kissing, and nibbling on her neck when I found out. She had pulled Dave forward a bit so that when I raised my head his cock was just a few inches away. She was holding him, pointing his cock directly at my mouth.

I looked down at her, she smiled and didn’t say anything. She motioned with her eyes and made clear with her facial expression what she wanted me to do. She was so damned cute laying there, a look of unbridled ecstasy, her eyes glazed over with lust, looking up at me longingly, biting her lip sexily. I knew exactly what she was hoping for and once again thought “what the hell”.

I leaned forward slightly, my tongue flicking out and licking the head of Dave’s cock. The taste was different yet again. No hint of Kristy’s pussy this time, just pure man, pure cock. After that taste I couldn’t resist more. I licked in earnest, all over, everywhere I could get to. Kristy was moving his cock around so I didn’t miss a spot. I opened my mouth and slowly sucked his head in, reveling in the taste and texture of his cock.

I slid his cock in my mouth a bit further, sucking hard and working all around with my tongue. I could hear him moaning loudly, and could feel Kristy cumming even harder now.

“That is so fucking sexy.” I heard her whimper.

I started to move my head back and forth, sucking hard, fucking his beautiful cock with my mouth. Each time I took a little more into my mouth, I wanted to see how deep I could suck him. I was lost in lust, my aching, throbbing cock buried deep in my wife’s perfect pussy. Sliding a hard cock in and out of my mouth, wanting more and more, loving every second of it. I kept taking him deeper and deeper. I learned quickly how to swallow and control my gag reflex. I did to him everything that I knew I enjoyed. I kept sucking, deeper and harder, taking more and more. I was surprised as I felt my lips bump her hand. Kristy was still holding the base of his cock, directing it into my mouth. I couldn’t believe I had taken all of him, I was amazed, shocked, proud.

“Oh Fuck, here it comes!” I barely heard Dave yell out.

Kristy leaned back into me, forcing my mouth off of his cock right as he started to cum. She directed his cock at her face, then mine. His hot cum splashing us both, drenching our faces. She took him into her mouth, then placed him in my mouth, both of us getting a spurt or two. The taste was amazing. So good, thick and creamy, I wanted more. He had held off cumming for so long his orgasm was huge. I couldn’t believe how much cum he had for us. Our faces were dripping by the time he collapsed on the bed beside us.

I suddenly couldn’t hold back anymore and shot my load deep into Kristy’s tight, hot, incredibly wet pussy. After catching my breath I slowly pulled out, letting her lay on her back. I looked lovingly down into her eyes, smiling back at her. She reached up and grabbed my head, pulling it down, kissing me deep and sharing Dave’s cum. She proceeded to lick his juice off of my face, kissing me again to share, and I did the same for her.

We looked over at Dave, who was slowly recovering beside us.

“Dave, my pussy is full.” she said with a smile.

He got a huge grin on his face as he scooted down and buried his face between her thighs. He cleaned out her dripping pussy with his tongue, making her cum again in the process. He crawled back up beside her, kissing her deeply, sharing what he had found. She then kissed me, sharing our combined juices.

I was in Heaven.

So, I tried it. It was amazing, wonderful, delightful, delicious. It was something I would want to do (and do) again, and again. My suppressed desire had been set free and ignited, burning hot and fierce. Never to be snuffed out again.

This is a true story, no embellishments. Kristy and I got together with Dave many more times. More was explored, in depth. There was never any jealousy or shame with anything we did and no regret is felt even today, 15 years later.

I will write down some of these other experiences, if there is a desire to read about them.

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Dee Wick wrote

Great story and I would love to hear more!