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Camping Out

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From early in our marriage, my wife Tracey and I have shared our sexual fantasies with each other, and, whenever possible, we’ve tried to incorporate our fantasies into our sex life together. One of our favorite fantasies has to do with Group Sex — swinging, swapping, threesomes, orgies, and the like.

We never did any of those things, but we’ve had a lot of fun role-playing our fantasies, where one or the other of us will pretend to be a friend or neighbor that we’re swapping with, or imagining a roomful of people all having sex with other people’s spouses.

A few years ago, we came to an agreement that, if the right situation came along, we might actually try swinging or swapping. But we could never find the right couple to do it with, or the right set of circumstances, and besides, we just couldn’t figure out how to go about asking anyone. So we figured we would just continue on with our fantasies as we’d always done, and that would be that.


We have friends, Jack and Audrey, who we’ve occasionally done stuff with. Jack and I work for the same company, and we’ve occasionally gotten together on the weekends for dinner and a movie, or some such. We haven’t been close friends, exactly, but we’ve always enjoyed each other’s company.

A few months ago, Audrey called us and said that the two of them were going camping over the weekend, and would we like to join them? Tracey and I love to camp – trees, lakes and fresh air are all high on our list of pleasures — so we told them we’d love to join them.

Jack and I both took a half-day of vacation that Friday, so the two of us drove up together to set up the campsite. Our wives got together after work and drove up together to join us. By the time they arrived, Jack and I had set up both tents and unpacked all our gear. As Audrey and Tracey drove up, we had the steaks grilling, and a pitcher of gin-and-tonics mixed. The women were duly impressed by our industriousness, and greeted us with great enthusiasm, assuring us that our efforts had not gone unnoticed, and would surely be properly rewarded later that evening.

After dinner, we sat around the fire chatting and consuming gin-and-tonics, until the sky was dark, and we were very pleasantly buzzed. Tracey said that she was ready to turn in, but she wanted to shower before she did. “But why don’t you men shower first, then Audrey and I will go after you’re done.”

It seemed reasonable enough to Jack and me, so we grabbed our towels and robes and headed off to the showers. When we returned, the ladies went for their showers, while Jack and I headed to our respective tents, eagerly anticipating some passionate sex when our wives returned.

I stripped myself naked while I waited for Tracey to finish her shower. I wanted to ‘have it all hanging out’ when she walked through the opening of the tent, just to let her know, in a light-hearted but still direct way, how eager I was to make love with her, and how much I desired her. Even just the thought of what we’d be doing in a few minutes, had my cock erect with anticipation.

After a while, I could hear the women’s voices approaching, and my erection quivered with excitement, and I began to stroke it lightly, in preparation. I couldn’t really hear what they were saying until they were virtually at the campsite. Then I heard Audrey say, “See you in the morning.”

“Have fun!” Tracey chirped in reply.

I heard the zipper to Jack and Audrey’s tent being opened, and then our zipper drew down. I readied myself to greet Tracey, and to take her in my arms, and make carefree, passionate love to her. I positioned myself looking toward the opening, with my legs spread apart, displaying my aroused manhood for my wife’s benefit.

But when the zipper was all the way open, Audrey stepped through the opening, wearing her robe, with a towel wrapped on her head. She looked toward where I was laying, and, seeing my excited man-part so proudly displayed, she smiled.

I didn’t immediately move to cover myself, but a look of confusion crossed my face. “Ummmmm. . . are you in the right tent?” I asked her.

She smiled, as she set her shower-things down in the corner of the tent. “Well, just judging from the size and stiffness of that thing between your legs, I’d say I picked well. I was, um, given to understand that you would welcome the opportunity to share your bed with me.”

I was becoming flustered. “Who told you that? I mean, yes! I would most definitely welcome it! But how did you know?”

“We can talk later. Right now, how ’bout we get to know each other?”

“Um, you mean in the biblical sense?”

“Of course.”

With that, she dropped the robe from her shoulders and stood utterly naked before me, as I drank in her beauty. Audrey was somewhat taller and heavier than Tracey, and her hair a lighter shade of brown than Tracey’s — almost sandy. Her breasts were full and round, with large, dark pink nipples; her tits might have been slightly bigger than Tracey’s, but Tracey’s were firmer, and stood out from her chest more. Audrey had full, voluptuous hips, and a lovely, heart-shaped ass. And her bush was thick and curly. Even just looking at Audrey, I was breathing heavily.

She stepped gracefully over to where I was laying, and laid down next to me. I reached out for her, and wrapped her in my arms, holding her close against my body. We turned to face each other, and I kissed her passionately, probing my tongue into the far corners of her mouth, to be met by her own probing tongue. The simple feel of her naked skin against mine was intoxicating, and soon we were rolling and writhing our bodies against each other, reveling in the sensations of each other’s new and unfamiliar bodies. I felt her breasts as she slid them sensuously against my chest, and with my hands, I felt the round contours of her ass.

I ran a finger along the cleft of her ass, and felt the muscles in her ass tighten and relax as she moved against me. Very tentatively, I poked my finger between her ass-cheeks, searching for her little puckered hole. When I found it, I gently poked my fingertip into it, which elicited a very excited response from Audrey. She began to groan and grind her hips against me.

I urgently wanted to fuck her, to feel my throbbing cock inside her, but first, I wanted to raise her even higher. Breaking our embrace, I rolled Audrey onto her back on the bed (which was really just a light mattress laid on the tent floor), and then I knelt between her spread legs. Slowly, deliberately, I leaned in and began to kiss and nibble in large circles around her pubis. Gradually, I made the circles smaller and smaller, homing in on her hungry pussy. I savored the rich aroma of her arousal, and breathed it in deeply. Finally, I covered her opening with my mouth, and parted her vaginal lips with my tongue.

I looked up to see her face while I ate her pussy, and I saw her returning my gaze lovingly. I covered her breasts with my hands, and she caressed the back of my head while I licked and sucked her. I ran my tongue all along her labia, savoring the rich sauce of her vagina, even running my tongue inside to taste her more deeply, while she groaned and writhed at my ministrations. At last, I moved my tongue onto her clit, and gently sucked on it. When I began to make broad, ice-cream licks on her clit, she began to buck up against my face and groan with pleasure.

“Oh, God, Joe, I’m gonna come!”

With that, she lifted her ass up off the bed. I placed my hands under her ass cheeks for support, while she quivered and shuddered through a tremendous orgasm. I continued to ravage her cunt with my mouth, and she came a couple more times before she pushed my head away and laid still, gasping for air.

“That was incredible!” she panted. “I don’t think I’ve ever come like that!”

I smiled with satisfaction. I was about to come back with some witty response, when suddenly we became aware of Tracey wailing and Jack grunting from the other tent, no more than a dozen feet away from us. Audrey and I looked at each other. I was aware of a whole complex swirl of emotions within myself, which included twinges of jealousy and anxiety, but mostly what I felt was extreme, raw, sexual excitement. And I saw the same in Audrey’s eyes.

She pulled me up on top of herself, and grabbing my throbbing cock in her hands, she inserted me into herself. “Fuck me,” she said, in a low, sultry voice.

Since I’d just eaten her out, she was very well-lubricated, and I instantly slid into her, burying my cock to the hilt in her depths. At first, I didn’t even pull my cock back out for the next stroke, but simply ground myself against her, creating a whole mixture of sensations — my pubic bone grinding against hers; my cock stirring around, exploring the deepest corners of her vagina; my pubic hair intertangling with hers; and our two sweaty bodies slidng against each other.

“My God!” Audrey cried. “Your cock feels so GOOD inside me!”

“And it feels so incredibly good to be inside you,” I groaned back.

At last, I slowly withdrew my throbbing penis from Audrey’s warm, moist channel, until just the head remained inside her. Audrey made a small mewling sound, as if she was desperate to keep me inside herself, and she raised her hips off the bed to maintain our erotic connection.

“Come on, baby,” she wailed, “Fuck me. Hard.”

With that encouragement, I gave up trying to prolong our ecstasy. Looking into her eyes, I began to pound my cock into her furiously, and she met each of my thrusts with an upward lunge of her own. I was grunting with every stroke as I drove my cock hard into her. And she matched my grunts with feminine grunts of her own as she drove herself back against me.

At such a furious pace, it wasn’t long before we were both on the edge of orgasm. Audrey lifted her hands and cupped them on my ass cheeks, using her hands to drive me even more firmly into herself. I wanted to hold off my climax to wait for her, but I simply couldn’t. “Audrey, honey,” I gasped, “I’m gonna — ”

And with that, my dam burst, and torrents of my cum gushed out of me, into Audrey’s womb. When she felt me coming inside herself, it sent Audrey over her own orgasmic edge, and she announced her climax with a loud cry. Wave after wave of orgasm washed over us, and we continued grinding on each other, almost on an unconscious level, for several minutes afterward. When our orgasms had finally subsided, I laid gently on top of Audrey, while she wrapped her legs around my waist. Slowly, she slid her feet down the backs of my legs, locking her knees with mine, and then her ankles with mine, sensuously touching every inch of my body as she did.

In our post-orgasmic quiet, we could also hear contented-sounding low voices from the tent next door, where Tracey and Jack were. I found myself wondering what they were thinking, what they had done, whether they were thinking about us, their respective spouses. But before long, both Audrey and I had drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, the four of us all awakened at about the same time, and joined each other for coffee around the picnic table. I was anxious to get a look a Tracey, to try to get a read on how she was doing. But I didn’t have to wait long.

“So. . .” chirped Tracey, “How’s everybody this morning? Jack and I had a great time. How about you two?”

Audrey took on a dreamy look, which caused Tracey to shoot a wink and a grin in my direction. “We had a wonderful time,” she purred.

“Well, I had a lot of fun,” I chimed in. “And I’m glad it happened.”

“Me too,” added Jack.

“So everyone’s fine with how it went last night?” Tracey probed. “‘Cuz we can only keep doing this if we’re all on board.”

We discussed it for a while, but we all agreed that, while it had been a fairly momentous step for us to take, we’d enjoyed it immensely, and we were willing, even eager, to do it again. Even so, we agreed to set aside some ‘couple time’ for each married couple to discuss together, just to be absolutely sure that we were all OK with it.

“I’ve only got one question,” I said, once the ‘heavier’ part of the discussion was over. “I mean, I’m grateful to you ladies for pulling off the set-up like you did, and well-played! But how did you know that Jack and I would be OK with it?

Tracey and Audrey laughed uproariously. “It’s a girl thing,” chuckled Tracey. “You wouldn’t understand.”

Then the two of them explained how, on the drive up to the campsite together, their conversation had taken a sexual turn, as it often will when two women have time to talk intimately together. And in the course of the conversation, both women admitted that they and their husbands had been open to swapping, if they could only find someone to do it with, and the right situation. Realizing that both couples would be interested in a swap, it seemed that there was a ‘cosmic convergence’ surrounding the camping trip. And their two husbands were totally unaware of it, but about to get swept up in the vortex.

Jack and I looked at each other and laughed. “We’ve been had!” Jack guffawed.

“Yeah, we sure have been had!” I added. “And these two ladies can have me any time they want!”


That afternoon, Jack and Audrey spent their ‘couple time’ going for a nature walk. Tracey and I just retreated to our tent to talk.

Tracey began. “First things first,” she said. “Are you really as OK with it as what you said this morning?”

“I really am.”

“You were never jealous or anxious?”

“No, I was, just a little, when I could hear you and Jack going at it hot and heavy. But I realized that I was with Audrey, too, so we were all in it together. And the excitement WAY outweighed the anxiety. How many really exciting things have you done, where you just have to deal with the anxiety?”

“Mmmmm. . . good point,” my wife replied.

“I mean, we’re married to each other. At the end of the weekend, we’ll be going home together, and Jack and Audrey will be going home together. I’m committed to you, and you’re committed to me.”


“So, we’ve always said that we’d like to try swapping, and we tried swapping. It seems we liked it. So let’s just go with it, shall we? Or do you have some reservations?”

“No; no reservations,” Tracey confirmed. “Even if we never do it again, I’m glad we did it.”

“But do want to ever do it again?”

She nodded firmly. “I do. I really like Jack and Audrey, and I really had a lot of fun with Jack.”

“OK!” I said. “Now we’re getting somewhere! What kind of fun did you have with Jack?”

Tracey grinned broadly. “You should’ve seen his face when I walked into the tent! He was laying there, absolutely butt-naked, playing with his cock, expecting to see Audrey. But when he saw it was me, his eyes got as big as saucers, and his jaw dropped onto the floor!”

I laughed. “I was doing the same thing when Audrey came in! Then what?”

“Well, he just sat there, saying, ‘I can’t believe it! I can’t believe it!’ So I figured I’d better get things started. I crawled over to him and grabbed hold of his cock. . .”

“How big is his cock? Is it bigger than mine?”

Tracey laughed again. “Now, don’t you get all worried that I’m gonna like his cock better than yours! He has a very nice cock, and I can imagine that Audrey likes it a lot. It’s really about the same size as yours anyway. . .”

“So did you suck his cock?”

She giggled. “I did. And the whole time, he just kept saying over and over, ‘I can’t believe this is really happening!'”

“Did he come in your mouth?”

Tracey could barely contain her mirth now, as we ‘dished the details’ to each other. She nodded, “Mm-hm!” Then she looked at me. “How about you and Audrey? How did you guys get started?”

“Well, at first, I asked if she was in the right tent, and she said that she heard I wouldn’t mind her being there, and of course I didn’t mind at all. We mostly just started off hugging and kissing, except with the wrong spouse, if you know what I mean.”

Tracey giggled again, as she imagined Audrey and me rolling nakedly on the bed. “Then what?”

“Well, before long, I ate her pussy, and she seemed to like that a lot.”

“You ate her pussy?”


“Like, right here, on this bed?”


“That is so cool! You ate her pussy right here!” She patted the bed beneath herself. “Did you fuck her?”

I looked warily at my wife. This next answer had the potential to be very risky. Finally, I just went straight ahead. “I’d have thought you might have heard us. But yeah, I fucked her.”

“Is she a good fuck?”

I paused again, considering just how I should answer. “We had a wonderful time. But I’m sure a big part of it was that it was new, and dangerous and exciting.”

“Oh, yeah,” Tracey agreed. “I’m sure.”

“So, tell me about how Jack fucked you.”

“Oh, it was really nice! At first, he was just kinda nervous. And I had to wait a while, since he’d just come in my mouth. Bad planning on my part, I guess.” She giggled. “Anyway, once I got him hard again, I just rolled him on top of me, and put him in myself. He got that stunned–puppy look again, but before long, he figured out what he should be doing. I put my hands on his ass, like I do with you sometimes, and pulled him into me, and he kinda took it from there. You probably heard us, right?”

“Oh, yeah; we heard you.”

Tracey giggled again. “Well, don’t get all upset that I think he’s a better fuck than you; he’s not. Just different. You know how different dance partners move in different ways? It’s kinda like that — Jack’s body just moves in some different ways than yours does, and both of you are wonderful.”

We paused, and looked at each other. I’d been a little worried that this ‘couple time’ would go badly, but it hadn’t gone badly at all. I smiled with relief at that thought.

“So. . .” Tracey began. “Are you really OK with me fucking Jack?”

I smiled, and looked down at my shorts, where my freshly-excited cock was making a tent in the front. “Yeah,” I allowed, with a leering smile, “I’m really OK. But I think I’d like it if you’d fuck me right now.”

Tracey giggled again, and launched herself across the tent, knocking me onto my back. Instantly, she pulled my t-shirt over my head, and untied the drawstring on my shorts. In scant seconds, I was naked. So I went after my wife the same way, and in just a few more seconds, she too was naked.

I pulled Tracey on top of myself, in a 69 position. Her pussy was spread open in front of my face. I felt her wrap her lips around my cockhead as I inhaled deeply of her sex-scent, and then I began ravishing her cunt with my tongue. I couldn’t help comparing my wife’s scent with Audrey’s — similar in some ways, different in others. But, as she’d said of fucking Jack and me, both wonderful.

We relaxedly 69ed for a good long while, just enjoying each other in a calm, unhurried way, unlike we’d been with our ‘new partners’ the night before.

In the fullness of time, my cock was fully erect, straining against its own skin, and I tugged on Tracey to turn her around, so she was facing me. Ever–so-subtly, she raised her hips and took me into herself.

“Mmmmm,” she purred as she nestled onto my pulsing rod. “You feel really nice inside me.” Slowly, sensually, she ground her pelvis against mine.

I could feel every deep corner of her vagina as we mated. Tracey’s body was well familiar to me, and yet sex with her was always new, always rich, always amazing.

She sat up, and I cupped my hands over her breasts, softly kneading them, savoring their soft firmness, while she continued to grind herself soulfully on my cock, her eyes closed, and a dreamy look on her face.

“Is this how you fucked Jack?” I asked, with a mischievous smirk.

“Uh-uh,” she answered. Still wandering off on her erotic plane, she didn’t even open her eyes. “He was on top. I had my legs in the air.” The memory of the previous night with her ‘other lover’ seemed to please her, and she moaned softly as she increased the urgency of her grinding.

Her free and willing openness to talk about fucking Jack, even while she was fucking me, had a similar effect on me, and my cock strained even harder to probe her depths, if that was possible.

I don’t know if it was the added excitement from the previous night’s swap, or just that it was good for us to come back together after ‘being apart’, or just relief mixed with reassurance, in knowing that we were going to be OK, but Tracey and I had more deep, intense passion in our lovemaking that afternoon than we’d had in a long time. Every once in a while in the years we’ve been married, our lovemaking has hit a truly transcendent level, where time seems to become irrelevant, and the only dimension is sex, and our two bodies joining together. This was becoming one of those. We became lost in each other, and all our senses were only aware of our mating. On and on, our bodies undulated in their erotic union, while the rest of the universe faded away. My cock took on a warm, buzzing glow as it continued stroking in and out of my wife.

At last, after what felt like hours, but might as well have been days or months, Tracey rolled her head back, which I knew meant that her orgasm was close at hand. Her mouth dropped open, and she said, almost absent-mindedly, “Joe, I’m gonna come.”

“I know, babe. I’m coming with you.”

She increased both the tempo and the pressure of her grinding, and I thrust up into her in response. Soon Tracey was shuddering and writhing as the waves of orgasm crashed over her. She was gasping and groaning, and I could feel her cunt-muscles rhythmically clenching on my shaft. With a loud groan, I pressed my cock deep into her, and released my seed. Great spurts of my cum shot into her, and soon we were both laughing uncontrollably, for the sheer joy of our union.

Once our orgasms had subsided, Tracey laid down on top of me, my softening cock still inside her as I languidly stroked her back and sides. I savored the smoothness of her skin and the curves of her ass, the bulge of her breasts as they pressed against my chest, caught up in our post-coital rapture.

“Tracey, you’re amazing,” I murmured. “You know me like nobody else ever could.”

“Mmmmm. . .” she purred. “In the biblical sense.”

“Of course.”


When Jack and Audrey returned from their nature walk, they both wore happy, contented grins.

“Did you guys have a good talk?” Tracey asked.

Audrey smiled. “We had a VERY good talk. And some very, VERY good other things, too!”

“Ah, yes,” I replied. “I love those ‘other things’.”

“So, what do you guys think?” Tracey asked. “Who’s sleeping with who tonight?”

Jack cleared his throat. “Well, actually. . .” he began. Tracey and I shot worried glances at each other.

“Actually. . .” Jack continued, “we were thinking that it would be fun for the four of us to sleep together in one tent. Our tent is a little bigger than yours. . . What do you think?”

“You mean, we’d all be in the same tent?” Tracey asked. “Would we be fucking our own spouses, or cross over again, like last night?”

Audrey chimed in, “I’m imagining that there will be plenty of opportunity for each of us to fuck whoever we want, by the time the night is done. But this way, we won’t have to wonder what our spouse is up to in the other tent.”

“Sounds cool! Count me in!” I enthused.

“Me too!” agreed Tracey.


The rest of the afternoon seemed to drag on interminably, as the four of us waited in eager anticipation of the evening’s festivities.

Finally, Jack and I just built the campfire, even though it was barely late afternoon, and started grilling the burgers for dinner. Tracey and Audrey mixed another pitcher of gin-and-tonics, and the four of us sat around the picnic table, chattering like kids waiting for Christmas morning.

The drinks were getting us all nicely buzzed, and finally, with burgers still on the table (but no more G&Ts), Jack stood up and stretched exaggeratedly. “Well,” he said with a chuckle, “I’m ready for bed. How about the rest of you?”

We all laughed. “You’re not fooling anybody with that line!” Tracey shouted. “You’re just ready to get fucked!”

“Well you know,” I added, mock-thoughtfully, “I’m feeling a little tired myself. I like Jack’s idea.”

Audrey just smiled. “I’m not really tired at all,” she said. “But I’m really, REALLY horny.”

We all laughed, and stored the food away, so at least the critters wouldn’t get it while we were playing. Then we all headed into Jack and Tracy’s tent.

When the four of us were all inside the tent, no-one was sure at first how to get started, or who they should be with. We all sort-of stood there for a second, looking at each other, until Tracey and I kissed each other; breaking our kiss, Tracey said, “See you soon, lover” and turned toward Jack, leaving Audrey and me for each other. (I had no problem with Tracey’s choice; she and I had made passionate love only a couple hours earlier, and we hadn’t ‘seen’ our friends since the previous night; besides, we might as well get any awkwardness at seeing each other with the opposite spouse out of the way early.)

I took Audrey in my arms, and instantly, our hands were running freely over each other’s bodies, and under each other’s clothes. “Did you miss me?” I asked, with a wink.

“Mm-hm,” grinned Audrey, as she kissed me passionately, pressing her tongue between my lips.

In short order, I stripped Audrey’s shirt off her, and she did likewise to me. While we savored the sensation of skin-to-skin contact again, I reached behind her to unclasp her bra, setting her beautiful breasts free from their confinement. That seemed to excite her even more, and she stroked and caressed me even more urgently than before.

Out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of Jack and Tracey. They were both naked to the waist, as well, and as I watched, Jack slid his hands inside the waistband of Tracey’s shorts, caressing the cheeks of her ass, and then stripping her shorts off entirely, leaving her standing there completely naked. Tracey’s hands went directly to the bulge in Jack’s crotch, causing him to groan with arousal. In short order, Tracey had stripped Jack’s shorts off, as well, so the two of them were both naked.

While I was watching our spouses, Audrey brought me back to the business at hand, stroking my cock as it stretched the fabric of my shorts. She fumbled with the drawstring until she managed to strip my shorts off me altogether, freeing my throbbing erection into the open air. In her excitement, Audrey was breathing heavily, and she helped me strip her own shorts off herself, the last remaining article of clothing on any of our four bodies.

I laid Audrey down on the bed, and attended to her lovely breasts, which I had sadly neglected in the excitement of our first night together. Her breasts were utterly delightful — full, round C-cups with dark pink nipples. With one hand, I fondled her left breast, while I suckled her right, causing her to writhe and squirm on the bed, groaning with pleasure.

Audrey reached for my stiff cock and took hold of it, stroking it lightly. I moved my free hand from her breast to her pussy, and ran my fingers through her pubic hair. Finding her slit, I slowly ran my finger along her opening, feeling how her labia were engorged with her arousal. Gently, I probed with my finger inside her, finding her already moist and lubricated; she groaned again when I found her clit and began diddling it.

On the other side of the bed, Jack and Tracey were in a 69 position, with Jack on top. I paused as I watched my friend ravish my wife’s pussy with his tongue, and her suck his cock. I rolled Audrey over on top of me, and we had our own 69 session. I reveled in the sensations of Audrey’s lips on my cock, while just a few feet away, my wife and her husband were doing the same thing to each other.

From the other side of the bed, Tracey stopped sucking Jack’s cock just long enough to groan, “I want you inside me.” Jack didn’t have to be told twice; immediately he spun around from licking my wife’s pussy, and took his place between her legs. He looked up briefly, to make sure that Audrey and I were watching, then with his hand, he positioned his cock directly against Tracey’s pussy lips and slowly pressed into her. It was just incredibly exciting to watch his cock slowly disappearing into my wife, an inch at a time, until his entire shaft was inside her, and his pubic hair mixed with hers.

For obvious reasons, I had never been able to watch my wife fucking, except from the perspective of the one fucking her. It was indescribably, intoxicatingly erotic, to see her from an ‘independent’ angle, as she ground her cunt against Jack’s thrusts.

I was well familiar with Tracey’s cunt, and I wondered if Jack was feeling her the same way I do, or differently. And I wondered how different his cock felt to her.

Audrey, too, seemed to get momentarily lost in watching her husband and my wife. I motioned for her to swing around so she could ride me. She raised herself up slightly, so her cunt-lips were pressed lightly against my cockhead. Then, getting the attention of our spouses, she said, “Jack, Tracey — watch; Joe and I are fucking, too!”

“I see it, Sweetheart,” said Jack. “And I’m loving it!”

For my part, I was loving the sensations of the inside of Audrey’s vagina, warm and moist and snug as she bounced up and down on my length. I couldn’t help comparing Audrey’s vagina with my wife’s — I really couldn’t say it was better or worse, but Audrey’s movements on my cock were different from Tracey’s, and just the simple variety was delicious.

For a long while, Audrey rode my cock, while Jack pounded Tracey’s pussy right next to us. At one point, Tracey and I realized that we were laying side-by-side while our new friends bounced on top of us. I reached out and took her hand in mine, and we held hands, even while I was thrusting up into Audrey, and Tracey was lifting her hips to Jack. “Thank you,” I whispered to my wife. “I’m glad we could finally do this.”

Silently, she mouthed back to me, “Me too; I love you.”

I don’t even remember which of us was the first one to start coming. It really didn’t matter, because once one of us started to come, it pretty well took all of us over the edge, and the tent was filled with a symphony of orgasmic cries and grunts and groans. I shot my load into Audrey, then watched as my cum slowly oozed out of her down my shaft. I watched as Jack gave a grunt, sending his sperm into my wife. And then the four of us laid gasping and panting, as we tried to regain our breath.

“My God, that was incredible!” Tracey exclaimed. “I didn’t know if I’d like having Joe watch me, and watching him with Audrey, but it was just incredibly cool! Is that what you look like when you’re fucking me?”

“I know!” agreed Audrey. “It was weird and exciting at the same time, watching the two of you together, and knowing you were watching us.”

While we recovered, Tracey crawled over to be with me, and Audrey returned to her husband. Tracey sat between my legs, facing Jack and Audrey, and they sat likewise. Jack and I lazily fondled our wives’ tits, while they reached behind themselves to play with our spent cocks, trying to bring them back to life. We talked about what we’d just done, and what we wanted to do next, once Jack and I could get erections again. We all agreed that watching each other fucking the opposite spouse, even with its twinges of jealousy or anxiety, had been about the most exciting thing any of us had ever done.

After a frustrating recovery time for Jack and me, at last we both started to get hard again.

“I’ve got an idea,” said Tracey. And rather than explain, she just had Jack and me lie on our backs side-by-side, with our cocks sticking straight up at the roof of the tent. Then Tracey mounted me, and Audrey mounted Jack, and they rode us. Which was very cool, feeling Tracey grinding herself on my cock, while watching Audrey impale herself on Jack at the same time. Then, after a few minutes of that, one of the women called out, “Switch!” and the two of them traded places, so that Audrey was riding me and Tracey was with Jack again. One or the other of the women would call for a switch every few minutes, so Jack and I got to experience both women’s vaginas in quick succession, over and over again. We kept that up for quite a long time; I don’t even remember which of the women was riding me when I came.

As we grew tired, and the night’s festivities were winding down, both couples returned to ‘their own’ for a Last Fuck of the Night. Tracey and I were together, and Jack and Audrey were together. By that time, it wasn’t earth-shattering sex, it was just grateful, appreciative ‘this-has-been-really-good’ sex, and when we’d all climaxed, we drifted off to sleep.


In the morning, I was awakened by the sensation of fingers playing with my cock, which was already significantly hard by the time I gained consciousness. As I groggily looked around, I discovered that it was Audrey playing with my cock. She and I had the ‘middle spots’ on the bed, with Tracey and Jack on the ‘outside spots’.

“Morning, lover,” she said, in an early-morning drawl. “You wanna fuck? Once more, before we leave? You know, we might never get to do this again. . .”

“Mm-hm,” I answered. “I see your point.”

We were still naked from the night before, so we quickly fell on each other, kissing and sucking and nibbling and fondling and caressing and stroking and probing, until Audrey pulled me on top of herself and, taking my cock in her hand, fed me into herself. I slid into her easily, since her pussy was still full of a thick soup of Jack’s cum mixed with mine, and soon I was happily sliding in and out of her.

The sounds of our fucking soon awakened Tracey and Jack, and in short order, the two of them were having their own Last Fuck for the Road.

As we all laid on the bed afterwards, we smiled to think that, even as Jack and I were leaving to set up the campsite ahead of time, none of us expected anything like the erotic festival that we’d had together. All of us had wanted to try swinging and/or swapping, but none of us could think of how to ever make it happen, and we never really expected to actually do it. But because Tracey and Audrey had gotten a little randy in their conversation, we’d discovered each other, and it had been wonderful. Funny how that goes, sometimes. . .


When Tracey and I got home that evening, we headed straight to bed. Not because we were tired, but because we wanted to relive and recount all our experiences from the weekend. Even as much as we’d fucked over the weekend, we had raw, passionate sex again and again into the wee hours of the night. We simply couldn’t exhaust all the excitement from the weekend, for days, even weeks afterward.

Since that weekend, we’ve gotten together with Jack and Audrey a few more times, every couple weeks or so, and we always have an amazing time. We’ll get together for dinner, and afterward, either the ‘cross-couples’ go to the separate houses, or all four of us go to one house or the other. Audrey and I are starting to understand how each other ‘tick’ sexually, and so are Jack and Tracey. It only adds to the richness, as we all truly become more versatile lovers – not just doing the same things with a different person, but learning how to do different things to please a different partner. Neither Tracey nor I are remotely tempted to leave our marriage for our ‘other partner’, and as far as I can tell, neither are Audrey or Jack. But it is fun, every so often, to have sex with somebody else. . .

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Very erotic sexual encounter the four people were sexy and horney.