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Playing For Master

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I’m starting to shut down the office when I hear the “blip” on my computer that signals Yahoo! just received a message for me.


I put the office phone on night ring, close the blinds and turn off the lights. I sit down at my desk and get ready to log my computer off when I remember that I have to check emails. Damn!


I skim the emails, deleting some and spamming others, when I find the one I’m looking for. It’s from you and it’s labeled simply: Tonight’s Instructions.

My legs immediately start to quiver and I feel the familiar spasm in my pussy that only happens when I get a private message or email from you. I open the email and read: “Nala, my naughty little slut. Tonight’s instructions are simple and will give you much satisfaction- Cum for me, Pet. I want you to pleasure yourself as you see fit. You may use your toys or your fingers, I do not care which. I only care that you cum for me. There is a catch though: You may only cum after slapping your wet cunt HARD, 10 times. You must also write about it for me in detail. Leave nothing out. When you please me by doing this, I will reward you. If you don’t…”


Trembling in anticipation of the “if”, I clean my desk, shut down my computer and leave the office. I’m a good whore. You’ve told me this many times so why is it the “if” that my body responds to? I shake the thought from my mind and get into the car to pick my husband up from work. No matter, “if”, I’m your good whore- your instructions will be obeyed.


We have arrived home and are relaxing after dinner. Hubby is on his computer playing a game, I’m on my laptop writing and chatting with friends. The conversations in the chat room are about bondage and submission, and I’m getting wetter with each passing moment. I touch myself to sample my wetness and can’t resist playing while my husband sits less than 10 feet away.

I dip one finger into my moist folds, then two, then three. I use my thumb to cares my clit as I finger fuck myself slowly, rhythmically. I start to moan deep in my throat; my breathing gets ragged and I start to move my fingers in and out of my pussy, harder, faster. My moans are getting loud enough that hubby might start to hear, so I stop playing and go back to writing my story and chatting.


I decided it was time to go to bed and follow the instructions that you gave me. After spending time in the bathroom freshening up, I go into my bedroom and remove all of my clothes.

I grab my warming oil and my jelly vibrator and lay on my bed with my knees up and legs spread wide. I start by drizzling warming oil on my freshly shaven cunt, letting it drip onto my pussy and down the crack of my ass. I use one hand to rub my oiled lips, teasing myself by lightly touching my clit. My other hand tweaks my nipples, preparing them for me to suck on them.

After massaging the oil around my now moist cunt, I use my vibrator by turning it on low at first and rubbing it up and down my clit, pussy and ass. When both nipples are hard, I use my free hand to hold one breast to my mouth so that I can suck on my nipple, all the while using my vibrator in, on and around my pussy.

The sensation feels so good that I have to stop sucking my nipple so that I can use my free hand to further expose my clit and let the hum of the vibrator work its magic on my tender nub. I tease myself some more by rubbing the head of my vibrator up and down my slit, then lightly slap my cunt with it. You want me to do it hard but with hubby walking around the house, it’s next to impossible.

Plan B: I want so bad to have you in me, fucking me, that I put my jelly cock deep inside of me, pressing it as deep as it will go, pumping it in and out of me faster and harder as I turn the vibration up higher and higher. Just before I reach the point of cumming, I take the vibrator out of my trembling pussy and begin using it to rub my juices around my ass.

I let the vibrations of my jelly cock guide just the head in, while I use my fingers to finger fuck my pussy and play with my clit. When I can’t stand it anymore, I let my vibrator strum a rhythm on my ass while my fingers fuck my pussy faster and faster.

Per your directive though, I can’t cum. I can’t do the 10 slaps that you want and I feel like I have disappointed you.

I, however, still need to cum so bad that I silently beg you to let me. You of course never answer, as you are not here. Frustrated, I roll over, press my quivering thighs together, and pray for the call that will say “Cum for me whore. Cum now.” It never comes and neither do I. Guess I should wonder about the “if…”

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