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Summer’s Struggle

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Summer was excited.

Today was the big day. The one she had been looking forward to for over a month now. She was finally meeting a man.

Of course, this wasn’t a regular arranged date, and Summer was no regular woman.

The sultry Redhead had arranged a little play date with an eager man she had been speaking to on the internet. It had been so long since she had done something as exciting as this. Danni, as usual, had accepted the situation with enthusiasm, eager to please her mistress.

Summer was surprised at how fond she had become of Danni. The day they had spent together had led to more and more meetings, before she knew it, she invited Danni to live with her as a full-time slave. Being the submissive she was, of course she accepted.

The next few months had been a whirlwind of sex and excitement. Every twisted thought that entered Summer’s head had been fulfilled, Danni denied her nothing. Danni didn’t dare deny her anything. Each morning began with her slave’s tongue deep in her pussy and each night ended with Summer collapsing exhausted on Danni’s face after riding it hard.

It had been amazing.

This little get together she had planned was a treat for both of them. A new challenge for Summer, and a man for Danni to pleasure. The girl enjoyed being fucked with toys so hopefully she’d enjoy a real cock. Especially a cock as thick as the one belonging to the man meeting them today.

The messages had been bandied back and forth regularly. At first it was tentative flirting every couple of days. It quickly progressed to photographs being exchanged. J, as his screen name displayed, sent a photo of a thick, uncut cock standing proudly out from a strong looking body. Summer replied with a tasteful shot of her red hair hanging down in front of her exposed breasts whilst a single hand covered her mound, another pulling at her nipple.

Mutually satisfied with how attracted they were to each other, their communication progressed to the next stage, their personalities in the bedroom. Summer had explained how she liked a challenge and was accustomed to getting her own way whilst J claimed he was quite dominant and could bend any woman to his will.

Summer remembered reading that message from J. She disagreed but it made her so wet she called Danni into the room and demanded she get under the desk and lick her pussy. She did not hesitate and was on her knees with her face between her mistresses thighs in seconds. Summer continued to imagine breaking J as she ground her clit into her slave’s face. It wasn’t long before she gushed pussy juice into Danni’s face as she came.

And so a bet had been made.

If J won, he got both her and Danni for a full week to do with as he pleased with no objections, but if Summer won, she was going to assert her dominance and be the first one to peg his ass.

The stakes were high and the day was here.

The blindfolded man cried out as he felt his nipple being twisted. The delicious pain had taken him by surprise.

He could hear the heavy breathing of at least two other people in the room. He was on his knees, arms tied behind his back with his manhood jutting out in front of him. He was scared, but he was aroused.

Summer liked what she saw. She could see his muscles rippling underneath his skin. He looked strong. Maybe he would be a challenge for her. This was exciting.

Hot breath on the tip of his member made him squirm, trying to push the bulbous head of his member towards whatever lips were just out of reach. This wasn’t fair. This was teasing.

A warm laugh rang out across the room. He had an idea that it may belong to the toned redhead who had invited him to the hotel room.

The internet was full of surprises. He never thought he would get to fuck two beautiful women in the same night. Well, he knew at least one of them was beautiful, as for the second, he trusted Red and believed that whilst she was twisted, she wasn’t dangerous. He liked that the redhead was bossy, although the other girl never said much and seemed to take her cues from the red. Maybe they had a master/slave thing going on. To him, that was one of the women taken care of already. Now all he had to do was make Summer submit.

Although, so far he wasn’t doing too well in gaining the upper hand. He had been ambushed.

He agreed to meet her at this hotel. He called the room from the reception and she had invited him up.

Summer had other plans once she put the phone down. Commanding Danni to hide behind the door and follow her lead, she stripped naked and waited patiently.

When J knocked on the door, Summer paused a moment, gathering herself. She needed to be cold and confident, that is how she would win. Checking a final time to make sure Danni was where she needed to be, she opened the door.

Smiling sexily, the redheaded siren leant against the door and asked innocently if he was here to fix the pipes.

They both laughed. Summer invited J in and told him to get comfortable.

As soon as the door was closed, Danni kicked the back of his legs and forced him to his knees. Wasting no time, she slipped the rope over his wrists and pulled tightly. Summer laughed in J’s face as she stood close enough that he could smell the arousal from her pussy.

His world then went dark as she placed the blindfold over his eyes and sat back on the bed.

She was wicked.

Back to the present and a stern voice broke the tense silence.

“Danni, my pet, don’t tease the man. Pull your tongue away from his cock. He’ll get his dues soon enough. He has such a pretty cock, all veins and muscle. You want it inside you don’t you, Danielle? Soon enough, slut. For now, get over here and please me.”

Summer felt good. She was doing what she was born to do. Control.

The Redheaded mistress had decided that she and Danni needed to spice things up a bit. It wasn’t that she wasn’t satisfied with her slave. The feeling of waking up every morning with a tongue buried deep in her pussy was delicious. To be serviced in every twisted way she could imagine was heavenly.

Sex wasn’t the issue, it was dominance.

Simply put, Danni was lovely but she had been broken. Summer had seen to that very quickly.

No, she needed somebody new to play with. Danni was here to weaken her newest plaything. After all, her mouth and tongue could do wonderful things. Her wet pussy wrapped around his thick cock would go a long way towards him submitting to Summer.

J was a handsome man. He stood about 5″10 with a stocky frame and broad shoulders. The type of shoulders that a woman could run her hands along sensually, feeling corded muscle under her fingertips. Summer would find out how they felt soon enough. His face was covered with a light stubble with deep brown eyes and a sharp jaw line. Danni had gotten quite excited when she had seen his photo on Summer’s laptop. She wanted to play with him badly. She hoped her mistress would let her.

J had also agreed to stay the night with Summer and Danni.

The poor bastard, she thought with a smile.

“You should have let her suck me, Summer. I don’t know what Danni looks like, but I know that I want her lips wrapped around my cock. If I wasn’t tied up I could just take her. You’ve only got me in rope because you’re afraid of someone else taking charge. Admit it, Red.”

J’s voice was deep and rough, yet somewhat playful and teasing. Summer liked him already. She would break him, but first they would play.

Summer cleared her throat. She needed to sound authoritative for this to work. Any sign of weakness and she would lose.

“Danni,” Summer said sternly, “make our guest feel comfortable. Suck his cock, my pet. Don’t be gentle with him. I’m sure J can take it.”

The young slave was only too happy to oblige.

Leaning down, she opened her lips wide and took him in her mouth. Her eyes lit up with happiness as she felt him slide along her tongue. She loved pleasing Summer, but it had been too long since she last had a cock.

J grunted heavily. Danni was good at this. He tensed involuntarily as he felt a stir somewhere deep in his groin. If he wasn’t careful, he would lose control of himself.

The blonde worshipped the cock in front of her. Nobody really thought to wonder how Danni felt about this situation. Summer had simply informed her she was going to be pleasing two people instead of one, and J hadn’t even seen her yet.

She loved it though.

The day she met Summer six months ago had been the start of her new life. Submitting was now second nature. Not many people knew that true freedom came from relieving all control of herself to another. She was a slave. There was no guilt, no sadness, no shame. There was only happiness, fulfilment and her mistress.

Grasping J’s cock firmly by the base, Danni began to jack him slowly as she slid her tongue around the head. J grunted and bucked his hips as he tried to free his hands, but the rope held. Summer looked on silently. Her sub was good at what she did, perhaps too good. Danni had been instructed that under no circumstance was she to make J come. Drive him to the edge, yes. Make him crazy, yes. Make him beg, yes, but to make him come would not do at all.

This is exciting, Summer thought. Her plan was to tease her competitor to such a point that he would do anything in order to come. Then, when she denied him, she would win.

That’s all that mattered really.

Summer hated the stories and movies that were so abundant. A woman falls in love with the man and makes a fool of herself trying to get him to like her. It was pathetic.

Seeing J tied up on his knees, being brought to the brink of orgasm, and then denied, by her command, was one of the biggest thrills Summer had ever experienced. He was hers, but he didn’t know it yet.

“That’s it my pet, use your tongue, get his cock nice and wet. Do you want to come, J? Just say the word and you’ll be allowed to come. You know the price you have to pay after, but that’s just small potatoes, isn’t it? You like having Danni’s mouth sucking so hard at your cock, don’t you? She wants to swallow your come. Just tell me I’ve won and you can give it to her, I promise.”

Her voice sounded so tempting. The Redhead was good at what she did. J could barely hold on. His thoughts were beginning to race as he tried to hold back his orgasm. Even worse, he was trying to stop himself admitting to Summer that she was close to winning. A deep, twisted part of J wanted Summer to fuck him in the ass. It couldn’t be so bad, after all, he’d done it to plenty of girls and they seemed to enjoy it. Maybe it was worth giving in. Maybe. The blonde sub currently worshipping his cock definitely helped persuade him. He cleared his thoughts as much as was possible and began to speak;

“You know, Red, for a second you almost had me. I bet by now you thought that I would have began to weaken. Maybe you thought I would have started to moan and groan before I eventually gave in and told me you could fuck me in my ass as long as I could come. Well, sorry to disappoint you, but it’s not happening. This little blonde slut can keep sucking me, though. It’s obvious that she enjoys it. Let her have a treat, but you won’t break me so easily.”

Summer was almost angry. Never before had somebody resisted for so long.

This was frustrating.

She wasn’t used to not getting her own way.

Pausing to think, the dominant redhead thought of ways to goad her captive into giving up. Well, there was one way. It had worked before, when she fucked that guy from the gym.

Padding softly towards J, Summer knelt behind him and began to caress his ass cheeks with both hands. The only sounds in the room at that point was J’s heavy breathing and Danni’s enthusiastic slurping. The Blonde sub was such a willing partner. Summer almost loved her for it.

As soon as her palms made contact with the muscular backside of the handsome man, he tensed involuntarily.

He piped up quickly, “Whoa, Red. What’re you doing? I’m not really into tha- oh!”

Summer giggled softly in J’s ear as her middle finger caressed his rosebud. It was surprising the amount of men that liked this. Why shouldn’t they? Summer would never tell anybody, but she enjoyed playing with a man’s asshole, by the sounds of it, J liked it as well. There was something so taboo about this. Feeling him squirm as she probed deep into his asshole sent a throb through her pussy. She was fucking him with her finger.

And he was loving it.

Curling her finger slightly, Summer began to stroke the top of his asshole, causing a deep, guttural moan to emit from J’s throat.

At the same time, Danni felt the cock in her mouth expand slightly. She was struggling to accommodate the steel-like shaft and could sense he was about to come soon. This caused her to panic. She wasn’t sure if she should let him come, mistress may be angry. The thought of that alone brought tears to Danni’s eyes, she did not want to make mistress Summer angry, or even to disappoint her.

Sensing a conflict within her slave, Summer glanced down at the blonde submissive and found her eyes full of tears looking back up at her.

Summer kept her voice low and husky as she spoke, she was going to make J come. There was no way she wanted Danni to be upset either.

“Don’t fret, Danielle. Let him come. Keep going, sweet. I’ve got my finger deep in his asshole and he’s loving it. He wants to come, don’t you, J? You want to come into her tight little mouth. She’ll swallow the lot, if I instruct her to. Come for me. Come for us. We want you to come, and you want me to fuck you in the ass, don’t you? Just give in, J. Danni wants to eat your come. She craves the taste. Don’t you, Danni? Tell J you want his come.”

Danni withdrew her mouth from the end of J’s cock with a wet slurping sound. Her hand grasped his member and jerked frantically as she moaned;

“Please, J. Please come. I want to taste it. I love the taste of come and mistress said I could have it. If mistress said I could, then it must be true. I want to feel it filling up my mouth.”

Three things happened simultaneously; Danni’s mouth latched back onto J’s throbbing cock and sucked the head as hard as she could whilst jacking the bottom half of his cock, Summer shoved her finger hard into J’s asshole and pressed her breasts up against his back. She nibbled and licked his ear as he bucked hard against her hand. He was fucking her finger. Finally, J half roared-half screamed with relief as his asshole contracted on Summer’s finger and his thick cock began to shoot spurt after spurt of hot thick come into the blonde submissive’s mouth. He tensed so hard as the orgasm continued, it was one of the strongest he had ever felt.

Danni moaned around him, the vibrations causing J’s hips to buck wildly. Her mouth was so full, it felt amazing. So thick and creamy. The blonde had forgotten how much she loved the taste of come.

The Redheaded Mistress slowly withdrew her finger from her defeated plaything. He was hers now and she had plans. clearing her throat, she snapped at Danni;

“Pet, don’t swallow that come. J is going have a taste. After all. He’s going to be fucked by my cock so to make it more authentic, he should know what come tastes like. Give him a kiss, my sweet. A sloppy, wet kiss with lots of tongue. Open up, J.”

Her captive groaned. It was half lust, half reluctance. Nevertheless, he opened his mouth meekly and stuck his tongue out. The Redhead looked down and saw that his cock was already starting to get hard again.

Summer giggled gleefully.

She had him.

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