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Pet In Heat

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She sat at her desk in her home office with her glasses perched on her nose as she thoughtfully studied the screen of her laptop. Her fingers were linked together and resting under her chin, except her index fingers which were pressed to her lips. Her brow was crinkled and she released a frustrated sigh, picking up her pen and jotting some notes on the paper at her side.

“Fucking Tom Jackson,” Rose grumbled under her breath, slamming the pen down. She took off her glasses, laid them on the keyboard, and rubbed her temple between her fingers.

Something soft brushed against her leg and she put her hand down, combing her fingers through the hair of her pet. She lowered her hazel eyes, forcing a smile on her lips. The woman at her feet was naked save the fine leather collar around her neck. A gold tag lay against her breast bone. Allie was rubbing her cheek back and forth against Rose’s thigh, either offering comfort or begging for attention. Rose rested her hand against Allie’s cheek, allowing herself to feel a little guilty. She knew she’d been neglecting her pet lately, but things at the office had been hectic. She’d been preparing for the case that she would present tomorrow for six weeks. Tom Jackson was nipping at her heels for the promotion that was being dangled before both of them. She knew she was the more talented lawyer and the more qualified candidate, but she couldn’t compete with the good ole boy network. She had to do more than make a good showing tomorrow. She had to win.

Her fingers slid under Allie’s chin, a loving caress. Allie lifted her chin and almost purred. Rose smile softened more, becoming more genuine. Allie really had a beautiful body. Her skin was tan all over thanks to the pool and fence in their backyard. She had long blonde that flared wildly in loose kinky curls around her round face. Her green eyes had been the first thing that Rose had noticed.

The second thing, Rose amended, her smile slipping somewhat as she remembered the first time she had seen Allie. She didn’t allow herself to dwell, though. Allie was pushing into her caress, obviously wanting more. Rose smile grew warmer as her hand left Allie’s face and made its way to the pert small breast, massaging the firm globe lightly, the nipple resting in the center of her palm. Allie smiled, arching her back and pressing her apple into Rose’s hand. “Has my baby been feeling neglected?” Rose cooed, now making circles around Allie’s breasts, working her way up the orb without touching the straining nipple. “Have I not been giving you enough attention?”

Rose’s eyes continued down Allie’s lithe body. Allie swam daily during the summer. Rose made it a point to spoil her pet, and Allie got any possession she wanted. They had converted the basement into a workout room and Allie enjoyed the room while Rose was at work. Rose often enjoyed watching Allie work out. Allie would use the equipment, and then Rose would use Allie. Rose’s smile returned at the thought. Rose loved Allie’s muscular body. She was the perfect pet. Her waist was trim and her pussy smooth.

Rose turned in her big leather chair and patted her lap in invitation. Allie’s eyes sparkled in happiness as she climbed onto Rose’s lap. She curled close, laying her cheek on Rose’s shoulder. Rose curled her left arm around Allie and turned back to her computer, studying the freshly loaded screen. She made new notes on the legal pad at her side, adjusting Allie on her lap. Allie lightly kissed Rose’s cheek, her lips trailing lightly along her jaw bone and neck. Her hand sought and found Rose’s breast. Rose grinned. “I have been neglecting you, haven’t I? I’ve left my pet to fend for herself while I’ve been working late hours.”

Rose’s hand slipped to Allie’s thigh and slid upward slowly, moving her fingers to the inside and closer to the juncture of Allie’s legs. Automatically, Allie parted her legs. Rose chuckled softly, tilting her head to find Allie’s lips. Rose’s firm lips didn’t have to tease to get Allie to open for her. Allie’s lips parted, seeking her lover’s tongue. They kissed warmly as Rose’s fingers brushed Allie’s smooth mound. Allie moaned and automatically thrust her hips forward. Rose laughed again, the tip of her finger moving up and down the slit. “Please,” Allie whispered.

“Please what, baby?” Rose prompted, continuing her teasing caress.

“I want you to touch me,” Allie pleaded, pushing her hips again. Rose responded, pulling her fingers back. Allie whimpered and Rose grinned.

“Where do you want me to touch?” Rose demanded her voice gentle.

“Touch my pussy,” Allie begged.

“Who’s pussy?”

Allie whimpered again, pushing against Rose’s hand. “Your pussy. I’m your pussy. Touch me.”

Rose’s fingers danced over Allie’s mound, sliding along the slit, but not penetrating. She loved to watch Allie respond. Her pet was beautiful when she was horny. Her breasts became two darts and her face would flush. She would push against Rose in yearning, pushing the boundaries of their defined relationship. Their relationship had changed over time and Allie knew exactly how far she could go. After three years, she didn’t think Rose would ever turn her out, but she wasn’t willing to run that risk.

Rose’s finger finally slid between Allie’s yearning lips, not even having to search for Allie’s button. Her finger went straight to it. Allie opened herself wider and began rocking her hips. Rose held her finger steady, allowing Allie to do the work, shifting her eyes back to the computer screen. She read while Allie rode her hand, pushing herself toward climax.

When Rose pulled her hand away, Allie almost cried out, but she bit her lip. Rose sucked her finger into her mouth, smiling seductively at Allie as she tasted the result of her play. “I have work to do, baby,” Rose said simply. She turned the chair again and indicated with slight pressure that Allie should dismount. Allie’s lower lip extended, but she quietly slipped into the floor. She sat on her bottom instead of her knees, leaning against the leg of the desk, and pulled her thighs to her chest. She stayed within Rose’s reach, focusing pouting eyes on her mistress. Rose did not pay her any attention at first, making notes again. Occasionally, her hand would dip down to touch Allie’s hair, face, shoulder, knee, or breast. Allie tried not to respond but Rose’s touch was intoxicating. Soon, she was pressing against Rose again, begging for more attention.

Allie crawled between Rose’s legs and Rose parted them for her pet. Rose was just wearing an oversized t-shirt and panties. Allie leaned up and sniffed Rose’s pussy, pleased to find that Rose was already a little wet. Allie growled low in her throat, a sound she knew gave Rose chills. She stretched forward, baring her teeth, and grabbed a mouthful of Rose’s panties. Rose groaned and dropped one of her hands to Allie’s head, sliding her hips to the edge of the chair. Allie gripped the material in her teeth, jerking and pulling as she continued her low growl. “Mmm,” Rose muttered. “Feisty little bitch today.”

Allie finally pulled Rose’s panties free. She held them in her mouth and her eyes grinned up at Rose. Rose took them and looked, seeing that Allie had torn the material. “That’s the fourth pair you’ve ruined in a month. You’re going to have to pay for them.”

“I intend to,” Allie answered, pushing her face between Rose’s thighs. She glided her tongue along Rose’s slit, tasting the sweetness and feeling the heat before pushing her tongue into the depths. She glided up to find Rose’s clit, rubbing against it. Her tongue moved up and down, licking and lapping at her lover’s red pussy.

Rose’s grandmother had taken one look at her only son’s newborn baby, seen her fine sheen of red hair, and declared that the child’s name must be Rose. Allie thought the name described her mistress perfectly. Rose’s hair was more auburn on top, but it was still fiery red between her legs. Allie loved the feel of the rough hairs brushing her face as much as Rose loved rubbing her pet’s smooth pussy. Her tongue teased Rose’s now swollen clit, enjoying the soft sound of Rose’s pleasure. She was already moaning, holding Allie’s head in place, her fingers twined in the thick curls.

Allie brought her fingers up and opened Rose farther, pushing her face in closer. She stiffened her tongue before plunging into Rose’s tight tunnel. Rose moaned louder and bucked up into Allie’s face, grinding harder. Allie’s finger probed, dipping deep as her tongue went back to Rose’s bud. She added a second finger and began moving quicker as she wrapped her lips around Rose’s clit and nursed.

“Oh, you bitch,” Rose groaned, bucking again with a violent lurch. She fisted her hand, tightening her hold on Allie’s hair and tugging. The tugging was not intentionally painful and Allie felt a rush between her legs. It fueled her desire to please Rose and her tongue began working faster, joining her fingers in their pumping motion.

Rose felt her climax building. Her hips were now lifting off the chair and she was no longer working at the computer. She held Allie’s head captive as she humped against her pet’s face. A string of curses spilled from her mouth but it made Allie hotter.

Rose screamed, jerking her body stiff. She flooded onto Allie, the spasms starting at the point of her pet’s tongue and spiraling outward. Rose was panting and riding the waves as Allie continued to lick. She brought her lover down, circling, easing her caress. Rose’s grip eased in Allie’s hair. Her stomach was rising and falling as she regained herself. Allie’s tongue was still busy, cleaning up her lover. Rose grinned in pleasure, massaging Allie’s scalp. “Good girl,” she muttered.

“I love you,” Allie responded. Rose smiled down, her unspoken love burning in her eyes. Allie rose up, straddling Rose’s shin. She put her hands on her floor and lowered herself, watching Rose as she settled herself down.

“You’re a wet bitch,” Rose growled, feeling Allie’s damp heat on the bare skin of her leg. She went back to work as Allie slowly started humping against her leg. Rose felt Allie’s lips part around her strong leg as Allie’s clit sought Rose’s shin bone. Allie moaned as she rode up and down Rose’s leg, once again doing the work to bring herself off. She was closer now, wetter after her meal and it didn’t take her long to begin the soft barking sound that had led her to being Rose’s bitch.

Allie had been submissive to Rose from the start. Rose had saved Allie from another relationship. Allie had been his sub, too. One night, Rose had sat across the room from them at a party. Her former master had belittled Allie all night and physically abused her. When he kicked Allie in the ribs with his boot, Rose had interfered. Allie could still remember Rose’s words. “Being dominant doesn’t mean being an ass. Being submissive does not mean being a rug. If I ever see you hit her again, I’ll have you arrested.”

Of course, he had been so angry when he left the party that he had put Allie in the hospital. Allie still did not know how Rose had found out, but he never came to see her in the hospital. She was unconscious for three days, and when the doctors had released her, Rose had driven the small woman to her house. All of Allie’s stuff was there.

Rose had not taken Allie to bed until six months later. The arrangement had not been meant to be paramagnet. Allie had not wanted to leave the strong woman’s protection. It was natural for Allie to sit at Rose’s feet in the evening. Eventually, heavy petting had led to a desire of more. Rose had carried Allie to her bed, used ribbon to secure her to the headboard and posts, and made agonizingly slow love to her.

When her master came to try to reclaim her, Rose quietly sat on the couch, allowing Allie to do the talking. Until that moment, Allie had not been aware of the strength that Rose had given her. Allie had told him where to go and Rose had not responded until he had raised his hand. She had calmly turned the page of her magazine and said, “If you hit my girl, I’ll have your balls cut off.” His face had turned red and he had struggled with words before Allie had slammed the door shut.

He had bothered her one other time. She was at the market for groceries and he had been waiting for her in the parking lot. She had gotten away and ran to Rose’s office. A week later, Allie had seen his picture in the paper along with a headline that he was missing. Rose placed the collar around her neck soon after, but the glistening gold dog tag was not added until a little later.

They had been making love every night for weeks when Rose had chuckled softly and told Allie that she sounded like a bitch in heat. Rose had then put Allie on her knees, rigged a strap on, and ridden Allie from behind.

The image had stuck for both of them. Allie had become a bitch, but it was in no way degrading. Rose had bought the dog tag for the collar and a leash, but she never humiliated Allie in front of others. Their friends knew that Rose owned Allie, but they also knew that Rose worshiped her pet. Rose doted on Allie. Allie didn’t have to lift a finger except to pleasure Rose. She cooked and cleaned and toned her body for her lover, but Rose had insisted she not work. She just had to look at something with longing and Rose bought it. Rose never hit her and never hurt her. Others might find their relationship wrong, but they didn’t understand the deep commitment that came with their roles. They couldn’t comprehend a love an owner had for a pet and the devotion a pet felt for her owner.

They also didn’t understand that if Allie wanted to leave, Rose would help her pack. It was clear to both of them that Allie held the real power.

Allie was getting close. Her body was moving rapidly, rubbing against her lover in fast strokes. The barking sound was getting louder. She was pushing herself harder, dragging her clit up and down Rose’s leg. Rose had stopped working again and was watching her pet. Allie had her head thrown back and was making little yelps that were becoming higher pitched as she pushed herself.

This time, she did scream in frustration when Ruse pulled her leg away. Her fingers almost went between her legs to finish the job, but a sharp look from Rose stopped her. Rose would never strike her, but she had other ways to punish. She would deny her. She would make Allie sleep beside the bed, or worse, in the big dog house in the exercise room.

Rose stood, crooked her finger, and left the room. Shakily, Allie followed, barely trusting her legs under her. She could feel herself throbbing. Her clit screamed as blood pumped to it. Rose was in the bedroom. She had removed her shirt. Allie grinned, going back to her knees. She loved to see Rose without a shirt. Rose’s breasts were large and heavy and she had huge areolas. She especially loved to suckle at them. When Rose was in the mood, she would let Allie lie at her breasts and love them for hours.

Tonight was not one of those nights. When Rose turned, she had fastened a harness and was adjusting a large thick dildo. She had lubricated it, but Allie knew the foreign substance wasn’t necessary. “My little bitch in heat is going to get the fucking she has been begging for tonight,” Rose growled, settling onto her own knees behind Allie. Allie moved to all fours, opening her legs. Rose also got on all fours, braced over Allie. She positioned the head of the latex dildo at Allie’s pussy and slid it in smoothly. Allie moaned in pleasure and spasmed. Rose began thrusting, gliding in and out. Her nipples brushed up and down Allie’s back. Allie became lost in the sensation as Rose reached underneath and began pulling one of her nipples.

Allie held off for as long as she could. She concentrated on everything but the sensations that Rose created until she could think of nothing but. The ridges scraped in and out and the slight curve touched her g spot. She was yelping louder now, focusing on Rose’s voice in her ear, listening for the magic word. All Rose had to do was give the command and Allie would explode, but she could not without permission.

“Cum bitch,” Rose growled, slapping harder, panting herself as the base slapping against her pushed her to the top again. Allie opened her mouth, threw her head back, and howled. Rose kept pushing, finishing herself and sending a second orgasm through Allie before the first ended. Rose eased out and bent to kiss Allie on the back, between her shoulders. “Good girl,” she repeated.

“Thank you,” Allie panted.

“I love you,” Rose promised. She stood and unsnapped the harness. She trailed her fingers lightly over Allie’s back. She picked up her t-shirt and slipped it on. “I’ve almost got everything finished and ready for tomorrow, baby. You go on to sleep. I’ll be in shortly.”

Rose left Allie to recover. Allie settled onto her bottom, still trying to catch her breath. When Rose was in the mood, she was incredible. It had been so long, Allie had almost forgotten why it made her weak in the knees. She had no problem being Rose’s bitch.

Rose was settled in her chair, one leg tucked under her, her glasses back on her eyes and a smile on her face. The work came easier now, and her thoughts were clearer. Perhaps she had needed Allie as much as Allie had wanted her.

It wasn’t long before she felt a gentle nudging at her leg again. She reached down and put a hand in her pet’s hair. Her pet leaned against her leg and closed her eyes.

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