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Summer of the House Sitter

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Chapter One: Never heard of such a thing.

Some people have more money than brains, I figured, after listening to the explanation my pain-in-the-ass neighbor Bob Brennan gave me regarding his upcoming cruise. We were talking over the fence, as was our custom, and since he had handed me a frosty Sam Adams, it made the conversation more tolerable. I still thought the idea was goofy though.

Not necessarily the cruise itself, mind you. I suppose if you enjoyed sitting on a boat for three weeks getting sunburned and shitfaced everyday, that might be just the thing.

“You ought to go on one of these yourself, Red,” he suggested, calling me by a nickname long since made obsolete, since my hair had thinned and gone gray a long time ago. “You never can tell what could happen. They’ve got some hot babes on the cruises.”

“Maybe I’ll try it some time,” I lied, wanting to end the conversation, since my bottle of beer was empty and there seemed to be little hope of getting another one from Bob.

Frankly, I always figured that with my luck, I’d go on one of those cruises, find out I hated it right after it set sail, and feel miserable and trapped for the rest of the voyage. I can be miserable at home for a lot less money.

“Anyway, if you see somebody around the house, I just wanted you to know that it’s okay. We hired a student to house sit until we get back. You know, feed the kitty and look after things. Her name’s Amber.”

“House sit? Never heard of such a thing!” I said to Bob, waving my now empty bottle like a flag in hopes he would get the hint.

I started to tell him that he was a fool to pay somebody to feed the damn cat, and that I would have done it for him for nothing, but caught myself just in time. That would be a thankless task, and with my luck, the precious little shit would escape on me, or die.

I also bit my tongue before I told him he was an asshole for spending money on their in-ground pool a couple of years ago and then take off on a cruise. Better for me that they disappear for a few weeks than to have them hang around here and lounge around the pool half dressed, because Bob’s wife was nearly as unpleasant to look at, as she was to listen to. A nice enough woman, I suppose, but possessed with one of those flinty voices that act like fingernails on a blackboard for me.

As you can tell, I’ve got some issues of my own, and crankiness ranks right up near the top of the list. I’m 64 years old, and my hearing is going faster than my eyesight. Lucky for me they started out good so I can see and hear pretty much everything I want to, and manage to disregard the rest. The body’s in pretty good shape for a man my age – no major problems but a whole lot of minor ones.

Life would be pretty sweet, if things had worked out like we had planned. Unfortunately, three years ago, life as I knew it ended, when I came home and found Grace on the kitchen floor. Dead.

Thirty nine years married – wonderful years too, for the most part. Two grown children married and living good lives of their own. Everything a man could ask for, and the grand plans to retire and live out the golden years, ended for me on that day. They say that the worst thing that can happen to a man is to outlive their children, and while that’s probably true, this can’t be much better. How did that song go? One is the loneliest number? Hard to argue with that.


Chapter Two: Amber waves.

A few days later found me going out to the backyard to fill my various bird feeding stations. I had to replenish the hummingbird feeders with their liquid, replace the water in the bird bath, and fill the many various contraptions with seed.

Grace used to do this religiously, and for some reason I felt obligated to continue it. I figure that was the way she would have wanted it, so what the hell? They’re pretty to look at and their songs are cheerful.

Wheeling quietly along the path, I was startled to see someone in the Brennan yard, reclining in a lounge chair. Why I was startled, I don’t know, since Bob had warned me someone would be around. Senility on the march, I suppose.

I stopped and looked over at the girl, who was oblivious to my presence. Hidden behind sunglasses, all I could see from my angle was her light brown hair falling over the back of the chair and what appeared to be long slender legs.

What was her name? Amber! There – I haven’t lost it all yet. I was hoping she would turn and look over toward me, and when she didn’t, a wheeled the cart around a little more, trying to get the squeaky thing to make as much noise as it usually did.

Must be dozing off, I figured, so I went about my business with the birds, pausing to glance over toward the girl from time to time. To be more precise, I spent a great deal of time looking over toward the girl. That pool’s been there two years and the only female I’d seen in a bathing suit was Bob’s wife, so I have to take a mulligan for my staring.

“Oh, hi there!”

She had finally become aware of me, after I had managed to make enough noise to scare away half the birds in the county, and climbed out of the lounge chair and walked over toward the fence.

She was wearing a skimpy pink bikini that was covering very little of her slender body, and I made a point of looking as much as I could without making it obvious. I felt guilty because she looked very young; as cute as the dickens but skinny and not particularly well developed, but she was so outgoing and unassuming that I felt more comfortable the more we talked, despite her being nearly naked.

“You must be Amber,” I said, reaching over and offering my hand to the girl. “Bob warned me that someone would be around.”

“And you must be Red – I mean Mr. Jeffers,” Amber answered. “Mr. Brennan told me that if I needed help I should ask you.”

“Glad to help. I’m a man of many talents and master of none. Just do me one favor, and call me Herb.”

“Okay Herb,” Amber said, exposing a set of teeth that were as dazzling as the sunlight. “I’m supposed to do things to the pool, but I can’t get the darn filter to start up.”

I volunteered to help and went over to the low part of the fence, and gingerly vaulted over the three foot high section. It had been a few years since I had done that, and it was done about as awkwardly as you could possibly imagine, but I managed to stick the landing, so to speak.

This prompted applause from Amber, although it was probably more out of relief that this old bastard didn’t break his neck showing off, than anything else.

I managed to figure out the problem right away, but dragged it out for a time, because Amber was standing close by me and she smelled so nice. An enticing cocktail of suntan lotion, shampoo and perspiration filled my nostrils and brought back memories of long ago.

Still feeling like an pathetic old pervert for practically drooling on the poor kid, I explained to her that it was Bob’s directions that were the problem, not her. He had the process in the wrong order, so I corrected the sheet he had given the girl and gave it back to her and told her to try it now.

Amber bent down and turned the switches on, while I peeked down into the slightly bowed cups of her top and saw the pale white skin of the inner portions of her tiny breasts, duly noting that I was certainly going to hell for my lecherous ways.

Her bronzed skin contrasted greatly with the whiteness of what was under the fabric of her top, I observed with scholarly interest, while Amber turned on the other switch, which got the motor humming.

“There you go!” I said proudly, patting her forearm which rested on the top of the frame.

Her slender forearms were sprinkled with fine, downy hair so light in color it was almost invisible, and when my hand touched her, a shiver went down my spine.

“WE did it!” Amber said proudly, raising her arms in victory. “I could never have done it without you.”

I nodded while continuing my inventory, noting that the insides of her sinewy arms were more pale than the outsides, and smiled upon seeing just a hint of faint stubble in the deep hollows of her armpits. You know – like when a girl hasn’t shaved in a couple of days? For whatever reason, I had always found that was sexy as all hell, but to each his own.

“You hit the switches, so you deserve the credit,” I assured her.

I checked the rest of he things that Bob had listed for Amber to do, and didn’t see anything too screwed up, but reminded her her that I was only next door if she needed me.

“Bob said you were a student,” I said before leaving. “What grade are you going into?”

“Um – I’m going to be a junior next year,” Amber said bashfully. “At State.”

“Oh – college!” I said, now embarrassed for other reasons.

“I know, I don’t look it, but I’m almost 20,” she said with a shrug.

“Nothing wrong with looking young, especially when you’re beautiful!” I said with a grin before going back over to my own place, taking the long way home this time.

When I got home, I wet my face down with damp cloth while looking out the bathroom window at Amber, who was back in the lounge chair, now reading.

I felt less guilty now, having found out that she was older than she looked – much older in fact. I also felt something else, something that was making my shorts a bit cramped, and that was something that rarely happened to me any more. It felt good, no matter what the reason.


Chapter Three: Amber’s assistant.

Over the next several days, I made myself as available as I dared, and may have actually come in handy on a couple of occasions. I realized I was treading a fine line here between being the kindly old gentleman being helpful and the predatory old coot, and I did my best to stay on the proper side of the line, but it wasn’t easy.

Amber was just such a sweet and bubbly girl, that I found myself drawn to her much like a moth to a flame. The more I learned about her, the more attracted I was, and she was an attentive listener as well. Since I had been pretty much a recluse since Grace had passed on, talking to the opposite sex had become a thing of the past, but having Amber around made me rediscover my old verbose side.

She was doing well in school, but not as well as her folks had hoped, and was having second thoughts about her career goals as well. The more she stayed in school, the less she wanted to be a teacher.

I knew from my own experience that it was often better to stop and circle the wagons instead of blindly continuing in the same direction because you felt you had committed yourself, and so I tried to give her the benefit of my own experiences in that regard.

While I offered my pearls of wisdom, I took to memorizing the image of her lithe and lean body at every opportunity. The tiny group of freckles around her nose, and the larger sprinkling of them on her shoulders were so ingrained in my mind that I knew their patterns by heart.

The two bikinis she wore; the pink one that I had seen her in on the first day was more modestly cut on top than the yellow one, which barely covered her breasts. The pink bikini bottoms were much more revealing than the yellow ones, however, and I wanted to tell her that there were times when the outer and upper fringes of her pubic hair were visible depending on the way she stood or sat, but I didn’t. Instead, I just looked at the hairs that peeked out as casually as I could manage, and fantasized about the rest.

I realized that I had a bit of a problem about four days after we first met. As I recall, we had just climbed out of the pool, and were making mad and passionate love in the grass. Amber told me that I was an incredible virile lover and was the man of her dreams, and I was bringing her to orgasm after orgasm, when I suddenly came back to earth.

I woke up from that magnificent dream in my bed, drenched with sweat from head to toe. My boxer briefs were evidence of what had taken place in my sleep, as they were chock full of a rather copious load of semen, and once I had become awake enough to figure out what had happened, I had to laugh at myself.

“Coming full circle,” I mumbled to myself as I hopped into the shower. Having wet dreams at my age was absurd, and at this rate I’d probably regress into a feeble old coot wearing diapers by the end of the summer.

It felt nice though, that much I had to admit, and so did the cool spray that washed off the evidence of my most erotic experience in several years. An experience that I would not likely be sharing with Amber the next time we spoke.

Telling a young woman less than a third your age that you fantasized about making love with her the night before, and came like a freight train as you did, was not something that she would really want to hear.


Chapter Four: The fastest three weeks of my life.

As soon as Amber had arrived, it was almost time for her to go. Bob and his wife would be home in a couple of days, and when I thought of going back to life without my daily visits with Amber, it still felt a bit like a kick in the stomach.

Rain or shine, we always managed to spend some time talking. There were times when I thought to myself that she must be just humoring me, but she always seemed so glad to see me that I brushed those thoughts away.

“Gee Herb,” Amber said to me as I took her garbage can out to the curb for her. “Tomorrow will be my last full day here. Then Mr. and Mrs. Brennan will be back the day after that, and I’ll be done.”

“Bet you’re anxious to get back home, and then off to school again,” I told Amber as she walked alongside me up the driveway.

“I guess so, but this was a really neat job,” Amber replied, and my eyes followed her as she bent over to pick up the garbage can lid. As she did, the cups of the pink bikini top bowed outward, revealing most of her tiny conical breasts.

“You did a good job,” I offered in response. “Nobody stole the house, the cat is still alive, and you didn’t have any wild parties.”

“Plus I got to meet you,” Amber said, squeezing my arm and kissing me on the cheek. My reward for doing the garbage detail, a task she easily could have and would have done just fine without me.

“I’m going to miss our little talks,” Amber said, pouting a little bit and scrunching her face up. “You know so much about so many things that I enjoy picking your brain.”

“Glad that you think I’m a help, but you’re miles ahead of me in the smarts department,” I answered. “The one thing I know is that there’s no way you’ll miss me more than I’ll miss you.”

That was an absolute. Over the last couple weeks, I had been far more lively and upbeat than my usual self. More like the me that used to be. I shaved everyday, and put effort into looking as good as an old coot like me could manage.

“Would you mind if I wrote to you when I get back to school?” Amber asked shyly. “You know – about stuff? Teaching and all.”

“Heck, I’ll provide the stamps!” I told her.

She was in such a quandary over her career options that it was really stressing her out. She had always wanted to be a teacher, but over the last year had started to sour on the idea. I thought I knew the reason for that, and had offered my analysis.

“You get a few crummy professors – you know the kind. The ones that are burnt out and are just putting in their time? It’s as insidious as it is infectious, and you start to see yourself ending up like that. You won’t be though, Amber. You’re going to be a great teacher and a credit to the profession. You just need to get inspired again.”

Like you’ve inspired me, I thought to myself as I continued to memorize the pattern of freckles on her shoulders for future reference. How sweet that skin must taste. What I wouldn’t give for the chance to run my tongue over every pore of her body.

“Say, would you like to have dinner with me tonight?” I said, quite out of the blue. “At my place?”

Mrs. Bob had told her in no uncertain terms that she was not to have company at their house, and I had not so much as walked in the door myself during the time they were gone. There was no reason that Amber couldn’t come over to my house though. It wasn’t like she was imprisoned over there.

“Really? That would be really neat!” Amber replied with excitement. “I can cook if you want.”

“Are you a cook? I asked.

“Well, not really,” Amber admitted.

“Then in that case, just come over with your appetite and I’ll show you how it’s done.”


Chapter Five: My Dinner with Amber.

I had to hustle to the store and get supplies for our dinner, because all I had were frozen pizzas, burgers and hot dogs in the house. It had been a long time since I had cooked anything – really cooked anything, and I got more enthusiastic about it as I hustled through the store.

When Grace was alive, she would let me invade her kitchen on occasion, and I would try to impress her with my culinary skills. I wasn’t the cook that she was, but I could hold my own, and tonight I wanted to see if I could still do it.

Not knowing what she would like, I decided that something basic would be a good idea, so I settle on Italian chicken with white wine sauce over pasta. I felt a little clumsy around the stove at first, but by the time Amber was due to arrive, it had all come together.

“Oh God! It smells awesome in here!” Amber exclaimed as she came into my house for the first time.

I had felt silly getting dressed up a little for dinner, but after seeing how Amber looked, I was glad that I did.

Amber was stunning. This was the first time I had seen her in anything but a bikini, but she was gorgeous with clothes on too. She had a little make-up on that was tastefully applied, and her hair was done a bit differently, which combined to give her an older appearance.

She wore a peach camisole with a matching jacket over it that you could see through, and the short skirt looked perfect as well. Her slender legs had become so tanned over the summer that she didn’t need or wear stockings.

“You’re breathtaking,” I told Amber, and she blushed and giggled.

“Bet you though I didn’t have any clothes besides bikinis,” she said with a laugh.

“Only a fool would complain about that,” I said as I tried to pop the cork on a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc as gracefully as I had managed the other one used in the sauce for the chicken.

“Wine!” Amber said happily.

“You like wine?”

“Oui,” Amber said softly.

“I guess I took a bit of a liberty with this,” I admitted. “Legally, you’re not old enough to buy this, are you?”

“I’m not old enough for a lot of things I’ve done,” Amber said. “I don’t think you can corrupt me any more than I am already. At school we get these big boxes of wine for our dorm rooms.”

“Ah yes, I forgot about college life,” I said, handing Amber her glass and toasting her.

“Wow, you must have cooked up a storm!” Amber said, looking around the kitchen at the sink filled with dishes and the general clutter. “Can I help you set the table?”

“We’re all set and ready to go,” I said. “This way, my dear.”

I put my hand on Amber’s back, feeling the soft gauze of her jacket, and guided her around the corner to the dining room. As we turned the corner, Amber looked startled.

The table was set, and the lights were dimmed, with the two candles on the table providing most of the illumination. The places were set with our good china, and everything was in place and ready to go.

I thought it looked pretty impressive, if I did say so myself. The Vivaldi playing softly in the background might have been a bit much, but I was trying to impress. Standing behind Amber, I saw her shoulders shaking, and I figured that she must have been laughing. Heck, I deserved it, I suppose. Putting on this kind of show in an attempt to impress a teenager was a bit goofy.

As I guided Amber over to her chair, I was startled to see that she wasn’t laughing. She was crying. Tears were trickling down her cheeks as she looked at the table, almost in shock.

“What’s wrong, honey?” I said as I pulled the chair out for her to slide into.

“I can’t… I mean… nobody has ever done anything like this for me…”

“Oops! Forgot the bread,” I said, hurrying back to the kitchen to get the baguette out of the oven, where it had been warming.

It also gave Amber a chance to get herself together, as she seemed overwhelmed by the production I had put on. While I didn’t want to see her cry, the fact that she seemed so impressed by my efforts made me very happy.

“Sorry about that,” Amber said as we ate our salads. “I can’t believe how beautiful this all is, and how much work you went through.”

“I enjoyed every minute of it,” I assured her.

The candlelight flickering on her bronzed skin made her glow, and as I watching her eating with unbridled enthusiasm, her eyes sparkled. How many times had I looked at Grace just like this? Every once in a while we would eat in here, and afterward we’d have a brandy and cuddle on the couch, and then go into the bedroom and make love like we were still kids.

I snapped out of my trance and cleared the salad dishes away before I plated the linguini and placed the chicken and wine sauce over the pasta as artfully as I could manage.

“This is the best dinner I’ve ever had!” Amber gushed as she devoured the meal. “Even better than my Mom, and she’s a really good cook. This chicken is awesome, Herb, and I love the sauce.”

“It was made with the same wine we’re having,” I said, refilling our glasses with the chilled Sauvignon Blanc. “Hope you don’t think I’m trying to get you tipsy or anything with all the wine. You’re safe with me.”

“I’m not worried about that,” Amber said, twirling the pasta onto her fork before looking back up at me and winking, adding, “Besides, I don’t think I want to be too safe.”

I chuckled at that, the devilish little grin that flashed across Amber’s face sending a shiver down my spine. How I wished I could be that age again, and be fortunate enough to be sharing a dinner with such a sweet and innocent creature.


Chapter Six: After dinner.

“To think I’ve been eating Bagel Bites and burritos for weeks, when I could have been eating like this!” Amber said, exhaling and setting her napkin on her plate. “I wish I could just keep eating all night, but I’m stuffed.”

That was just as well, because she had just about eaten everything I had prepared. Bread, pasta, chicken were all wiped out. Amber had been ravenous, and I shook my head in wonder as I tried to figure out where this skinny girl was putting it. Watching her eat was an experience in itself, and I enjoyed her more than the food.

“Well, you still have one more night here, so maybe I can make you something even better tomorrow night, if you would like,” I offered.

“No, tomorrow night will be my turn, if you’ll have me over.”

“My door is always open, and so is the kitchen,” I said, as we brought the dishes over to the sink, where they would stay for the night.

“Tomorrow for that,” I said, not letting Amber load the dishwasher, and she shrugged her shoulders and let me lead her into the living room.

“Wow, look at all the pictures,” Amber said, as I turned on the light so she could see better.

“The place is sort of a Grace and me museum,” I said, following Amber around as she walked along the perimeter of the room, looking with interest at all the photos of us through the years.

“She’s so pretty,” Amber said, looking at a photo of Grace with me and our kids at Disney World.

“She was that,” I replied. “That’s from about 25 – no 30 years ago.”

I provided commentary for each photo, trailing just behind Amber as she walked. Her scent was intoxicating to me. The soft floral aroma filled my nostrils as I breathed in as much of her as I could. My hand grazed against hers as I pointed, which made my heart skip, and I was grateful for the chance to sit down when we had at last made the entire circuit of the room.

We sat on the love seat and talked, and when Amber caught sight of a photo album she reached over and grabbed it. Her skirt was so short as it was, and when she moved it slid up even further. Her tanned legs were inches from me, and I gazed longingly at the faint down that graced the outside of her thighs, stopping just over the knee. What I wouldn’t give to run my hand over that soft thigh just one time, I thought.

“Oh, I was just putting some photos in that one the other day,” I said, responding to a question Amber had asked while I had been busy staring, and handed her what would be our last album.

“I feel silly,” I said as we looked through the photos in the book. The last photos of Grace that I had taken. Still lovely even then.


“This must be boring for you,” I said with a shrug. “Looking at all these pictures of us old fogies.”

“I love these photos,” Amber said, her hand coming down on my arm after closing the book. “I think that Grace Jeffers must have been the luckiest woman in the world, and I’m sorry that I didn’t get to meet her.”

“I don’t know about that,” I said. “I think I was the lucky one.”

“You both were lucky, then,” Amber said, her hand sliding up and down the grey hair that covered my forearm, and I don’t know if she realized how much I enjoyed that simple touch.

“See the way you two always looked at each other,” Amber continued. “It was if no one else existed except for you two and your kids. You both seemed to worship each other.”

“I guess you’re right,” I said, starting to feel a little misty while listening to Amber.

“I’ve had sex with a lot of guys.”


Chapter Seven: Oh.

I think I made a choking sound when Amber came out with that revelation, and I guess the shock was evident on my face, as I tried in vain to keep from getting visibly flustered.

“That bothers you, doesn’t it?” Amber asked.

“Well no,” I lied, trying to explain the feelings that overwhelmed me when she said that. “Maybe, a little, but it’s your life, and you should live it as you see fit. Besides, things have changed since I was your age. Not as much as you might think, but they have.”

“Probably not as promiscuous as some of my friends are, but I’ve still done it with a bunch of jerks,” Amber confessed, her hand still sliding over my arm. “It’s always so cold and distant. Like we’re doing it out of force of habit. No love and no passion. Just sex. That’s why I’m so envious of Grace. She had someone that loved her.”

“You will too, honey,” I assured her. “Someday you’ll run into the right guy and you’ll see.”

“I want to be on someone’s wall forty years from now,” Amber said. “I want to share my life with someone special – somebody who will be sitting and talking about how wonderful I was, just like you still do with Grace.”

“I wish it was the other way around,” I confessed. “I wish it was me on the kitchen floor that day instead of her. She was so much a better person than I am. Thankfully, I’ll likely never have the experience of outliving my kids, but it’s no picnic outliving your wife either.”

“But you go on, and now you’re helping me figure out stuff. Passing on your knowledge to me, and maybe someday I’ll have a chance to do the same for somebody else, so there’s defintely a reason for you living.”

“I guess,” I sniffed.

“Do you still – you know – have feelings about stuff like that?”

“Like what?” I asked.

“Sex. Girls. Women.”

“Me?” I said, taken aback for a second. “Well, sure. Especially for the last few weeks,” I said with a wink and a chuckle, so she knew I was kidding.

“I know you like to look,” Amber said, her hand now holding my forearm. “I’ve seen the way you look at me.”

“Oh gee,” I said, embarrassed at being exposed as the pervert I was, and feeling my neck gets warm as I felt myself blush. “I didn’t mean anything by it. It’s just that the only woman I’ve seen in a bathing suit for the last few years is Bob’s wife, and so when a beautiful young woman like you shows up, it got my interest.”

“I’m not beautiful, Herb,” Amber said. “I’ve got an overbite, I’m too skinny and I’m kinda flat-chested. My roommates at college named me the President of our Itty Bitty Titty Committee, because mine are even smaller than theirs.”

“Things like that don’t matter,” I said, feeling the sweat rolling down my back and sides. “I do apologize for staring though.”

“I liked it, Herb,” Amber said. “You did it in such a sweet way that I really enjoyed the attention. So, you say that you still have desires even though you’re – what? 60?”


“You don’t look it.”

“Well yes, I still have desires,” I finally answered, and for some reason, I decided to share my story. “A couple of nights ago, I had a dream about you.”

“Me?” Amber said, giggling.

“Yes. See, that’s why wine can be dangerous, because I can’t believe I’m actually telling you this.”

“Don’t stop now Herb!” Amber insisted, her thigh now against my leg. “This sounds naughty.”

“Well, there’s not much to tell,” I said. “In my dream, we were in the pool, and then we climbed out and went over to the grass and made love.”

“Wow! Was it good?”

“Of course, but it ended rather abruptly. I had kind of – an accident.”

“You mean you had an orgasm? Like a wet dream?”

“How do you know about something like that?” I asked.

“I’ve got brothers, and Mom used to say that Teddy must have had them every night,” Amber said. “That’s so awesome.”

“Embarrassing is much more like it,” I muttered, feeling dumb for babbling like this.

“You should have come over and said, Hey – let’s get into the pool and then come out and make love on the lawn, Amber!” she said, leaning into me as she spoke, her smile wide and her teeth sparkling.

“Can you imagine?” I said, sharing a laugh at my expense. “You would have had me locked up for sure!”

“No, I would have said that I didn’t want to mess up the lawn, and then you could have said – why don’t you come over to my place and make love with me there?” Amber said.

I laughed, but when I looked at Amber she wasn’t laughing any more, or even smiling. Instead she just stared at me, melting me with those big hazel eyes, and she took my hand and placed it on that silky thigh.

“I could never say…”

“You don’t have to, Herb. I did. Make love to me.”


Chapter Eight: Another dream.

My lips might have been moving, but nothing was coming out, mainly because I couldn’t think of anything to say. What do you say when a girl tells you something like that? It’s one thing to fantasize about something like this, but when it actually happens?

“You okay, Herb?”

Apparently, Amber must have thought I was having an episode of some kind, but her voice snapped me out of it.

“Oh – yes. I’m fine,” I assured her. “It’s just that I wasn’t expecting to hear you suggest something like that.”

“Kinda slutty sounding, I guess,” Amber said, looking a bit flustered now herself.

“No honey, that wasn’t what I was thinking at all,” I told her, suddenly remembering that my hand was still on that soft and creamy thigh. “It’s just that I can’t imagine why you be interested in a fossil like me, when there’s any number of boys your age that would love to be with you.”

“I don’t want boys, Herb. I want you. I really like you. It’s not pity or boredom or anything like that. I want you, and I know that you would never make a move on me, because you’re too sweet a guy and a gentleman.”

I was having difficulty following her reasoning, and could only keep thinking that when I was still a teenager, I don’t remember having the hots for women who were cashing Social Security checks.

“I don’t know what to say,” I confessed.

“Tell me to follow you, and bring me into your bedroom,” Amber suggested. “That would be a perfect start. From there, we can just see what happens. If you can’t – you know – if it doesn’t – that’s okay too. I understand.”

“It’s not that,” I said, and up until Amber said that, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind, because I was thinking about so many other things.

“Well then?”

I stood up slowly and held out my hand to Amber, who took it as she rose with me. She rose far more gracefully than I had, and I suspect her back didn’t protest like mine had, and her knees didn’t creak either.

“Maybe this is another dream,” I mumbled as I led Amber down the hall, past the room that Grace and I had shared for so many years and down to the spare bedroom where I spent almost all of my nights, save for Grace’s birthday and our anniversary.


Chapter Nine: Making love.

I turned on the light as we entered my bedroom, providing enough illumination so that we could see where we were going and what we were doing. Hopefully, it wouldn’t be bright enough so she could really see what a 64 year old man’s body looked like, but still bright enough so that I could see Amber’s beauty, and especially the tiny parts that I hadn’t already seen.

“Didn’t make the bed,” I said with a shrug, and was grateful that I kept a pretty neat home otherwise, and she sheets were clean. “Wasn’t expecting this kind of company.”

“We’d just mess it up anyway, right?” Amber replied.

We stood facing each other, a step away from the bed. Amber, the gorgeous 19 year old, who was eager to learn from Herb, the suave and sophisticated 64 year old mentor. Quite the scenario, except for the fact that there were only one pair of knees shaking, and only one stomach doing flips in the room. Some mentor.

After a moment, Amber’s hands came up to the neck of my shirt and undid the tie, and proceeded to smoothly go down the row of buttons, undoing them with steady fingers.

My shirt got tugged out from my pants, and I tried to suck my stomach in as I let Amber pull it off of me. I resisted looking in the mirror, for fear that I would see what she was seeing, instead of the way I usually looked at myself.

Amber made a soft cooing sound as she raked her fingers through the silver pelt that covered my chest, and when she found my nipples, she tweaked them lightly, making me shiver.

Those twinkling hazel eyes of Amber’s were locked on mine as I felt her undoing my belt. Eyes that must not be able to tell how I felt, because she was looking at me like I was really something special, instead of the way I was.

How was I? Terrified. I remembered feeling the same way one other time. Behind the bleachers at the ball field with Laura Sager, while we undressed each other just before making love. I was scared then too, and couldn’t decide whether to run home or not, but I stayed and was glad I did. But that was almost 50 years ago! Why was I so frightened at this point of my life?

Now my belt was open and my pants were falling down to my ankles under Amber’s guidance, and I almost fell as I awkwardly lifted each leg to let her get them off of me. Amber looked up and me and smiled, biting her lower lip as she often seemed to do, before bringing her hands up to the elastic of my boxer shorts and tugging them down slowly.

“Oh, wow!” Amber whispered as my shorts came down, and her hand reached up and took my penis in her hand.

I was going to tell her that she shouldn’t be shook up about the size of my member; the fact was that although it looked very impressive as it hung down in a flaccid state, when fully erect it hardly got any bigger than it was limp. So while it got a lot of raised eyebrows in locker rooms over the years, they would never know that what it was, pretty much was it.

I soon realized that Amber hadn’t been referring to the size of my instrument, but about the fact that I was uncircumsized, something which had become more rare over the years. She looked at it wide-eyed while she slid the hood up and down a number of times, before leaving the purplish head exposed while her mouth enveloped it.

Now it was my turn to make a sound, as Amber’s mouth slid slowly down the length of my member. I reached down and ran my hands through her silky hair while watching her face disappear into my pubes, with my cock vanishing into her mouth and throat.

My knees buckled a little as Amber sucked hard, seemingly almost trying to swallow my cock clean down her throat, before sliding her mouth back up to the crown. Our eyes met, and I smiled as she winked and went back down my tool, which was now fully erect. Her hand had found my balls, and she was working over my dangling sack vigorously while going up and down my member.

So much for worrying about that part of me working, I thought to myself as I felt my cock turn into the blue steel version of my younger days. Now I had to worry about losing it under one of the most incredible oral assualts I had ever enjoyed.

Besides, I remembered. I was the one that was supposed to be running this show. Surging with confidence, I helped Amber up to her feet before I ended this night way too early.

I brushed the stray hair from her face as I leaned over and kissed her. I heard Amber make a soft grunting sound before wrapping her arms around my neck and returning the kiss. The warmth of her body against mine, and the feel of her titties against my chest and my cock against her stomach, made us both get frenzied as our tongues met.

After we broke apart, my unsteady fingers undid her silky jacket and removed it. The flimsy peach camasole was next, and Amber lifted her arms as I pulled it up over her head as delicately as I could.

So much to look at. Amber was naked to the waist now, and her hands came up a little bit, almost as if to shield her breasts from my eyes. Her modesty was as erotic as it was unnecessary, and I shook my head while putting my hands on her arms and bringing them down.

The willowy golden hairs on her forearms stood up straight as my hands slid down over them, exposing her breasts to my eyes for the first time. And what breasts they were.

I had never before seen such amazing looking breasts. They were even smaller than I had imagined during my mental flights of fancy. I had envisioned them being pert hand-fulls, but in reality it seemed quite possible to be able to take the entire thing in your mouth.

They were perky cone-shaped titties; her breasts jutted out proudly, and her aureolas were like little crimson volcanoes that dramatically sprouted out from the tips of the cones. The erotic appearance of her breasts was accentuated by their stark paleness against the surrounding bronze skin.

“Don’t you dare,” I whispered, my hands coming up blindly and cupping the perky buds in my palms. “They’re so beautiful.”

Amber whimpered a little, closing her eyes and letting her head fall fall onto her shoulders while thrusting her chest out. My hands gently kneaded the tender buds that were her nipples, which got a little firmer but remained plump and rubbery to the touch.

Amber’s chest heaved as her breath grew quite rapid, and I noticed that I was starting to pant as well, so I knelt down and undid Amber’s skirt. As it came off, I was momentarily stunned when I saw she was not wearing panties, and my face was inches away from her fully exposed sex.

What a delicate flower, I thought while inhaling deeply. Amber’s bush was a very modest tuft of light brown hair, and it was so sparse that I could see the rise of her mound very clearly through the fur. I leaned forward and kissed her opening, reveling in the glory of the slightly musky and distinctively female aroma that wafted up with my kiss.

Coaxing Amber backwards a half step, she gently let herself fall back onto the bed, and I parted her thighs while moving between them. My lips found her wet opening, and I slid my tongue inside of Amber while my cheeks were buffeted by the softest hair imaginable. Her bush was so soft that it didn’t feel like hair at all. It was almost like feeling a breeze against my face while my tongue explored her pearl, and her hip movement signaled that I was doing well.

Amber’s hands were in my scalp; her fingers clutching my hair as I lapped at her sex hungrily. As much as I felt like I could drink her sweet nectar all night, I was hard and I was greedy. I wanted Amber, and from her reaction when I climbed up from between her legs, the feeling was mutual.

“So tight,” I whispered under my breath, as the head of my cock entered Amber. It was almost like taking a virgin, and if we hadn’t talked so intimately earlier, I might have even thought that was what I was doing. As my cock slid deeper and deeper inside of her, Amber let out a little cry, and clutched at my arms while I full penetrated her.

“Herb – so good,” Amber whimpered as I began to move in and out of her.

“Yes,” I gasped, the wet pussy feeling like a vise around my stiff cock.

I began moving at a fairly vigorous pace, sliding in and out while Amber started to grind up to meet my thrusts. Unable to look at her for fear I would lose the precarious control I had over my own orgasm, I was not able to drown out her cries when she came a couple of minutes later, and the contractions around my member almost made me lose it myself.

Amber looked a little dishelved when I glanced down at her, and her smile grew wide when she felt me resume my movements inside of her.

“Oh god, you’re still hard!” Amber said, and I rolled a bit on my side to give her a different feel of it, as well as giving my back and knees a rest. “So big and hard.”

Anything from here on would be a bonus, I figured, as our bodies twisted to make this new position more comfortable. At least I had made Amber have an orgasm, and that was what I had hoped for. Now I was free to play around with her.

I pulled my cock out and positioned her on all fours, and slid my cock right into that sweet pussy from behind, running my hands up and down her back. Her back was bronze except for her cute pale butt and a tiny white stripe where her bikini top string was, and her skin was smooth and warm to the touch.

I enjoyed that position, especially since it gave my back a rest, but when my knees started to bother me, I decided to roll Amber over on the bed, and slid alongside of her on the already damp bed sheet.

Amber was on her back, with me on my side alongside of her, while I slowly slid my cock in and out of her all the way. She made a sound that was one of pleasure, leaning over toward me as I probed her from a different angle, and the penetration seemed even deeper than before.

With me at Amber’s hip, this gave me easy access to her incredible little titty, and I leaned over and took the plump bud in my mouth, sucking on it roughly as I got pretty much all of it in my mouth, much like I had suspected. Amber writhed in response, her arms reaching back for the headboard as her body wiggled around.

My mouth slid upward, exploring the damp hollow of her armpit, and Amber let out a moan as my tongue slid through the faint patch of fuzz under her arm on my way up to her bicep, and she shuddered when I retraced the path a second later.

The faint floral scent, combined with the sweet perfume of her pheromones, drove me way more than a little wild in my own right, and that was compounded my the realization that Amber was crazy about what I was doing.

“Harder,” Amber whimpered, trying to thrust herself into my cock. “Please.”

I responded by continuing the same long and deep movements, almost pulling completely out of her before sliding all the way back in. This was giving me a little break, while allowing me to continue to nibble and lick Amber from behind her ear to down her side. What I wasn’t expecting was the effect it was having on Amber.

Her breathing had become rapid as her chest rose and fell quickly. Her face and neck had become quite flushed in appearance, and her eyes were bulging as she tore at the bedsheet.

“Please…” Amber pleaded, with a look on her face that suggested she was half out of her mind, and that she was teetering on the brink of an orgasm that was tantalizingly close.

I’d like to be able to say that I had done this intentionally, but to be truthful it was more a stroke of luck rather than genius. Whatever the reason, while I was tempted to mount her and get us both off, I decided to keep doing the same thing that had got us to this point, and I was glad I did.

Amber was blindly clutching and clawing, at the bedsheets and at me, while thrashing around wildly. I held her down as best I could, running my hand roughly over her chest while trying to maintain the same deliberate rhythm.

Her face was beet red now, veins and muscles throbbing in her neck, when she suddenly let out a sound that made me glad my neighbors weren’t home. It sent a shiver down my spine as Amber’s upper torso raised up off the bed, her rib cage fully exposed and threatening to rip through her skin. Skin glistening with her sweat – our sweat.

I was deep inside of Amber when she came, and as she did, her pussy contracted around my cock so savagely, it felt like it was being slammed under a window. She screamed out, looking at me like she was on a roller coaster, before her body flew back into the bedding, her arm sending my clock radio flying from the nightstand.

Somewhere in the middle of Amber’s orgasm, I lost any semblance of control, and while Amber’s body went limp, my cock was just starting to spurt my seed deep inside of her. She smiled at me as my ejaculation made my tool twitch inside of her, holding my arm until my spasms became a dribble before finally ending.

From beside the bed, the clock radio was playing softly, activated somehow by the fall it had experienced courtesy of Amber’s flailing arm. I suspected that it had broken when it crashed, and I figured it was a small price to pay for what was easily the most incredible moment of my widowed life. Instead, as the car dealer’s commercial jingle provided unneeded background music, I wished it had, as a bunch of brats singing “Everybody likes Jack Byrne” did not remotely fit what we were sharing.

We stayed joined together until my flaccid member slid out of her, and I put my arm around her while we basked in the afterglow of the moment, while the radio thoughtfully replaced the ad with an old Turtles tune. Happy together indeed.


Chapter Nine: Waking up.

I had not dreamed this evening. That was my first reaction upon waking up beside the warm and soft body of Amber, and I climbed out of the bed as gently as I could manage, pausing to pick up the clock radio and turn it off before putting it back on the night stand.

Definitely not a dream, because my body was telling me something that it had mercifully refrained from reminding me of earlier. I was not 24, or even 44. I was 64.

I didn’t feel 64 though. I felt much older. You name it, it ached. My knees and shoulders were screaming at me, and my back refused to allow me to stand up straight until I was straddling the toilet.

“Thanks, pal,” I said to my flaccid friend, who was taking his time to do his thing, as was his custom in the middle of the night these days.

A few tugs and stretches finally got the desired effect, and as I relieved myself, I knew that I was a pretty lucky guy. If you can still go and still cum at my age, life was good.

How much better could my life get, I thought to myself, as I crawled in next to Amber and spooned my body against hers. Her breathing was shallow and her body was warm, and I pulled her hair away from her neck and kissed that buttery skin of her shoulder, which still smelled great despite everything.

Unlike most nights, I found myself falling back to sleep right away, despite the obvious and beautiful distraction beside me, or maybe because of it.


Chapter Ten: Morning has broken.

“This is so awesome, Herb!” Amber gushed, while pulling at my penis.

This was how I had been awakened for good the next morning; Amber kneeling on the bed at my hip, her hands playing with my member as she explored the wonders of a foreskin. I was as limp as a dishrag, and it didn’t matter how much she played with it, there wasn’t going to be much of anything happening down there for a while.

“If I have ever have a boy, I’m not going to have him circumsized,” Amber said while sliding my foreskin up and down with a gleeful expression on her face. “This looks so cool.”

“You might want to think about that,” I suggested while watching Amber playing with her toy. “There are apparently some health considerations, and many was the time that I wished I was like most of the other guys.”

Of course, that would mean that Amber wouldn’t be playing with my foreskin right then, so I had to take that into consideration. Even if nothing was going to happen, this was still one heck of a way to start the day.

“I suppose,” Amber mused, looking at the purplish crown she had exposed before looking back up at me. “All I know is that last night was so awesome I can’t describe it.”

“I’m glad,” I said. “It was the most incredible night I’ll ever have.”

“There’s always tonight,” Amber said, looking at me with that devilsh grin.

“Hard to match last night,” I answered, and I knew that even if we were able to do something tonight – a rather big if, considering how I was feeling now – it would be impossible to match something like last night. Last night was special. A gift from above, or something.

“I never came like that before,” Amber said. “I swear to you, Herb. You were scary good.”

“I’m not going to argue with you about that, because I like the sound of that praise way too much” I said. “Watching you was beyond description, and I loved how uninhibited you were. It’s so special watching a woman having an orgasm.”

“You do like to watch, don’t you Herb?” Amber said with a grin.

“Watching you has become an obsession for me.”

“Well then, watch this,” Amber said, and as she spoke she bent down and took my cock in her mouth.

“Argh!” I groaned while watching Amber swallow my cock in one fell swoop. Up and down her head bobbed, and as she gave me head, she crawled around to get between my legs. This gave her better access to my balls, which she sucked on intermittently between deep-throating my cock, as well as allowing me an unobstructed view of her in action.

“Feels so good,” I muttered, moving her hair away so I could see better. “Hope you’re not expecting anything to happen, though.”

“You’re going to cum,” Amber said. “That’s what’s going to happen.

“Can’t see that, honey,” I said.

“You aren’t going to see it,” Amber informed me, her teeth lightly scraping the tip of my glans. “I’m going to get you hard – you’re already halfway there – and then I’m going to make you shoot you load right down my throat. I want to taste what you filled me with last night.”

With that statement, Amber went back to work. No matter how much she wanted it to happen, I knew that it wasn’t going to. No matter how erotic Amber looked as her lips slid up and down my shaft, and no matter how sexy she was when she looked up at me with the tip of my cock rubbing against her throat, I knew it wasn’t to be.

I even continued to think that when she actually got me hard, and even when her fingers were squeezing the base of my tool while her mouth worked and her tongue danced all over it. It wasn’t until I felt my entire groin tingle a few minutes later that I had to rethink my position.

Looking down as I felt my orgasm arrive, I saw Amber blink with each spurt of my cock, and the sight of my milky white seed oozing down around the corners of her mouth while she milked me dry, only made the sensation even more incredible.

When she was finished, Amber reluctantly lifted her head off of my spent member and propped herself up on her hands, looking at me with that impish look on her face.

“Told ya!” Amber said triumphantly.

The vision of Amber just then, eyes sparkling and shyly biting her lower lip as my seed trickled out the sides of her mouth and down her chin, would be a memory that I knew I would keep with me for as long as I lived.


Chapter Eleven: Life after Amber.

Amber came back that night, as promised, and took care of dinner just like she said she would.

“Knew I couldn’t match your dinner of last night,” Amber said as she brought the pizza box into the kitchen, but the pie turned out to be pretty good.

The conversation was even better, and despite my misgivings, we ended up back in bed. It was good, but as I expected, it was anti-climatic after the night before. There was a touch of sadness attached to it, as Bob and Mrs. Bob would be returning the next day, and Amber who be heading home, and then back to school.

They did get back the next day, and after Amber came over and gave me a tearful goodbye, promising to stop back on her way to college, Bob came over and filled me in on his cruise, as well as trying to find out how Amber had been while house sitting.

“She was fine,” I told him. “She was quiet as a mouse and I never saw anybody else over there – except for me going over one time when I had to decipher your screwed-up directions for getting the pool filter running.”

“Oh… thanks,” he said sheepishly before going back to gloating about his cruise. “You should have seen all the pussy on that boat! Man, if I was in your shoes I’d hop on one of them ships and chase all that tail. Hell, you might even catch one!”

“Too old for that stuff,” I said, already missing Amber as I watched Mrs. Bob waddling around their pool.

“Hell, that Amber didn’t look half bad either,” he mused as her car pulled away, returning my wave with a toot of her horn. “Not much on top but she looked cute. You should have made a move on her, Red.”

Amber’s car would catch Bob’s attention once more that summer, when it was parked in my driveway all night. She was headed back to college, and she said that it was on her way. I was gentleman enough not to mention that I knew it was out of her way to stop at my house, and she was woman enough for me to get every muscle in my body sore again by the next morning.

True to her word, Amber kept in contact with me. By the second semester, her attitude had become much more upbeat, and eventually she told me that she had found a guy that she was seeing a lot of. The guy in question turned out to be a professor of hers, who had inspired her to stay on course with her career, and was now being rewarded with her affections, or so it seemed.

“Wouldn’t have stuck with it without him, and especially you,” Amber wrote. “I’m very lucky to had been blessed with two people who have kept me going despite myself. I’ll always remember you Herb, and hopefully someday I’ll be able to pass on what you gave me to somebody else.”

That pretty much dashed any hopes of Amber returning and spending the next summer house sitting, but that was probably just as well. I don’t know if I could have survived another summer like that one anyhow, but I figure that I can bask in the memory of those precious nights with Amber for a long, long time.

If Bob does hire another girl to house sit in future, I have to confess that I will probably end up taking a peek over the fence – just to make sure she’s okay and offer my assistance if needed. After all, I guess it’s the least a good neighbor can do.

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