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My Devil Son’s Innocent Girlfriend

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Kara and I walked side-by-side down the long stone stairs away from the Court House. We and done the same thing for quite a few weekdays; she had been staying with me in my big five bedroom house for two months since David’s bail was revoked for drugs and alcohol. His big, young, strong body did not swagger as much when the judge handed down seven and a half to twenty for Murder II. He had stolen my car, my deceased wife’s wedding rings and killed a woman while driving under the influence.

That was his forth DUII. Even in the overcrowded jails of Texas, he would have to do at least five in hard time, if he is an angel twenty-four, seven. He’ll probably continue to fight and have to do at least ten.

David is my second of three sons, a daughter followed as a surprise. He was the smartest, biggest and most handsome but he made me quit caring ten years ago when he was 18. He stole and scammed from a man who trusted him and gave him a job even with his bad juvenile record. I heard David boast one day, “The “idiot” should have known better.” The other three kids had their acts together and had also given up on David years ago when he stole from them or scammed them time after time. He was so charming and convincing; he could get you more than once, as long as, you cared about him.

Late that night I went by the room that Kara was staying in. I could hear her crying, so I knocked.

“Come in, Jason.”

“What’s wrong Kara?”

“I don’t want to unload on you. You have been through so much over the last year – your wife, David stealing her rings and your car and now him going to prison for a long time.”

“You’ve been with him almost two years; you have been through at least as much. We have barely gotten to know each other but you have brightened up this big house. I have strong shoulders for an older guy, unload, and tell me what is going on in that beautiful head of yours.”

“I did not quite finish high school when I ran away with David. My mom and dad disowned me; they are staunchly religious. I don’t have any skills, I’m four months pregnant and I don’t know what to do.”

I had not known she was pregnant.

“When is the baby due and what is it going to be?”

“I don’t know. We never went to a doctor; David just lifted one of those pregnancy tests at the drug store.”

“Stay a while with me. We’ll get you all checked out medically; you can talk to some counselors and you can take some time to decide what you want to do.”

Kara flung her arms around me and hugged me tight. From the day we met, her body and pheromones attracted me even though I am two and a-half-times her age. I could feel her tears on my neck along with her hot breath. Her breasts heaving against my chest were not helping me maintain control.

It had been over a year since I had been with a woman. Helen and I had been an active naughty pair for thirty years. I missed the touch, the companionship, having someone to talk to, work with, care and be naughty with. My body began to respond to this thin, pretty woman with the outrageous pheromones. I struggled to push her away and I was awkward when I did.

“Did I do something wrong?”

“No, Kara, you did not do anything wrong. I had better level with you before I become another problem for you.”

“Level about what?”

“I am a playful, naughty, oral, usually dominant and sexual man. It has been a while for me. Your body definitely attracts me. You are beautiful and desirable. Please don’t let that be a problem. I will behave very gentlemanly and won’t come on to you or anything like that. Just know that your body turns me on.”

“I’m not very experienced. Helen and I talked some. I really miss that. She told me about the things you two did and I read a lot of your porn stories. Compared to your stories and what Helen told me, David was a poor and selfish lover. He was drunk most of the time.”

“That drinking curse runs on both sides of the family. I wish we could have helped David.”

“He knew. He always did what he wanted. He wanted a lot but he did not want to work for it.”

“A sense of entitlement and laziness are difficult traits to overcome.”

Kara was dressed in a matching, pink shortie pajama set and was ready for bed. She seemed to be more relaxed now. I got up from sitting on her bedside and pulled her up with me. I turned down her covers and guided her to lie down. I still held the covers when I bent down and kissed her lightly on the lips. My right hand moved from beside her head, trailed between her breasts and cupped her rounding stomach.

“Are you going to keep the baby?”

“I haven’t thought about that.”

“There is plenty of time to decide. Relax now. Let yourself recover some. I’ll cook your breakfast at seven, if you are up.”

My hand rubbed her soft skin through her light panties. The touch was too friendly but she felt so very good. I covered her, went to the door, turned the light out and said, “Goodnight, sleep well and don’t worry, everything is going to work out fine.”

Kara did not answer but I hoped she felt safe and more secure.

At seven, Kara did come down for breakfast. The light matching robe to her sleep set did not hide much more than her pajamas did. Mornings are always difficult for me; men’s hormones are the highest then. I often awoke to Helen’s lips on my cock or her mounting my morning piss hard. After thirty years of practice, “He” just naturally responds in the morning.

Kara was bent over the kitchen table pouring her glass of juice when I set her breakfast in front of her. I caught the scent of her pussy and my dick quickly filled out my loose slacks. She was sitting when I put my breakfast on the table next to hers. She looked straight at the bulge in my pants but did not say anything.


The next month was a flurry of activity. Kara was healthy and going to have a daughter. She was talking about putting the baby up for adoption and we had discussed her getting her GED and going to some kind of trade school. She was a delight around the house. She pitched right in on every task. We cooked together, cleaned together, worked in the yard together and painted a room together. We had not talked about her staying a long time but I let her chose the paint colors, purchase furniture and decorating items for what was becoming her room. David must not have allowed her much freedom and they had not had much money for anything except his drugs and booze. Kara blossomed and was happy, having her own little car, some spending money and never being told what she had to do, where she had to go or when she had to be home. When she left, she always said things like, “I’ll be home by six for dinner.” – or, “Can I bring Chinese tonight?” – or, “How does Taco Salad sound tonight? I’ll bring all the ingredients and we’ll eat about seven.”

Neither of us were heavy drinkers but we started drinking a glass or two of cheap white wine with our meal or later in my den by the fire. One night, we were running very late, she was very tired; she had been to the OBGYN doctor. She was in the tub. I called through the bathroom door and I asked her to tell me all about her appointment over a cheese, cracker and fruit plate in the den.

The light, finger food dinner was a hit with our usual wine. Kara was clearly pregnant now. Her bed clothes did not fit well and she had not purchased much to accommodate her changing body. The evening was cool. I enjoyed seeing her hard nipples but stoked the fire to heat the room more anyway. She had a lot to talk about. I fed her in between her bouncing ideas of putting the baby up for adoption, keeping it and being told about her appointment. I spread some soft cheese on a cracker, put a little cube of ham on it and fed it to her. Some of the cheese got on my fingers when she took the small cracker into her mouth. Without thinking I just offered her my fingers and she sucked them clean. Our eyes met when our bodies both felt what had happened. We both stayed quiet for a while.

Her first words had been well thought, “It really is true, what they say about when a woman is pregnant.”

“What really is true?”

“The hormones and the constant inputs from your body make you think about sex all the time.”

“I’ve heard that. Around you I am often treated to the delightful glow of your body, the rounding of your belly, visual flashes of your body when your clothes don’t fit perfectly and scents that make my mouth water.”

My writer’s phrases made her blush and turn her face away. Still I could see her neck redden.

I tried to defuse things by talking about my deceased wife. “Helen used to say she was more aroused and interested in sex when she was pregnant than when she was not pregnant. She was a hot handful in her thirties; I had hoped that when she started menopause, she would be one of those women who was horny all the time.”

Kara chewed on my words for a while. I refilled our glasses. Two were her limit while pregnant. “David was not playful or like the men in your stories.”

“How so?”

She got embarrassed now.

“Come on now, Kara, just you and me here. You cannot embarrass me by what you think or say. Relax, enjoy our conversation times together – even if we talk about the most deviant fetishes, your back hurting, your worries about giving birth for the first time or what to do about the baby. We’re all grown-up; we can talk about anything we want to.”

“I love to talk; David didn’t. If I go too far will you just tell me not to talk so much?”

“I cannot imagine that happening. Yes, I’ll tell you, as long as, you tell me if I embarrass you or get too playful.”

“I don’t understand the playful comment you make every once in a while.”

“Tonight, when I teased you about enjoying looking at your body and sensing that your body was aroused, you blushed, so I did not tease any more. To me that kind of teasing is playful. I do not have great expectations that such conversation is going to lead to anything. I’m just being naughty; I can and will stop with the slightest input from you.”

“Well you are right about me being aroused all the time. I need to wear a pad to soak up all the wetness.”

“Now is when David should be around to help clean you up.”

“David definitely was not into anything like that.”

“Maybe Helen messed around on me some. I cannot imagine a son of mine not being driven wild by a woman’s wetness.”

“You’re serious?”


“I thought all that oral stuff in the stories was just exaggeration to excite the teenage boys.”

“Didn’t David have you do oral things for him?”

“Sure, he liked that.”

“But he did not reciprocate?”

“Definitely not.”

“Did he ever go down on you and give you a good oral orgasm, play with you with his fingers, tease you all day?”

“He wasn’t much like that. He was rough with his hands, often drunk and quick. He always complained that I took too long. I don’t know; I believed him; he’s probably right; he’s the only man I have ever been with.”

“That explains a lot. Thank you for telling me. I have assumed way too much with you.”

“What do you mean?”

“I will answer anything you ever ask me but if I get carried away, promise to hold a hand up or something to tell me to stop for a while.”


“First let me admit, as a male, I want all the women in the world. Now more sensibly, there is something chemical that goes on between certain men and matching women that is just a step or two beyond our current understanding. I can be around lots of women and see them as beautiful but not be greatly attracted to them. Once in a while, I might meet one that really draws me like a moth to a flame. My thoughts are about how her skin will taste, how sweet her kisses might be, how much I would like to savor every inch of her body with my lips and tongue. I can fantasize about licking and kissing her, pushing my fingers to her g-spot and having her cum into my mouth and drinking from her body. Your body attracts me that way.”

Kara probably would need a week or so to think about my words. It was late, sure she was tired, but her eyes were now as wide open as silver dollars and her chest visibly rose and fell as she tried to pull in enough air.

I could feel the tension in her. “I should stop. I sense I have gone too far already.”

“No, don’t stop. I am having trouble understanding all that you are telling me but I am really enjoying hearing it.”

“Is your pussy getting wetter?”

Intentionally I had given her two shocks – the word “pussy” and the very personal question.

She stayed quiet – thinking a mile a minute. I watched the fire, her and drank my wine while I sat in a chair across from her. The coffee table with our food was in between us and she was sitting on the couch.

Finally she risked it, “I think I am wetter than I have ever been.”

I did not move. In an even tone, I challenged her, “Show me.”

Her eyes flashed onto mine. There was shock, fear and lust.

I waited, drank and did not lean toward her.

She turned to face directly at me, spread her legs and pulled up her robe and the top to her pajamas to expose her panties with their transparent wet spot.

“How lovely. You are soaked. I can see your wetness even on the leather. More than anything, I would like to taste you, lick you and kiss you to feel the heat from you on my lips.”

She did not cover herself and yet she was frozen in place, unable to speak or get her mind out of the loop of desire and guilt it was in.

“Pull your top higher for me.”

Both her breasts were pulled higher and plopped free at the same time, falling heavily with their rigid nipples pointing directly at me.

“They are full and beautiful, Kara. When you nurse your daughter, would you let your man suck the other one?”

That did not shock her. It must have fallen into some fantasy that she had imagined before. Her eyes closed slightly, her hands went to her nipples and she moaned very quietly.

“I love to watch you. I am going to fantasize about this moment. Imagine you touching yourself and imagine watching you make yourself cum. I will steal your wet panties from the wash and smell you and I will play with myself and mix my wetness with yours.”

She was struggling not to touch herself and struggling not to have her eyes close.

“Would you stop, if I told you to?”


“I have never had my pussy kissed.”

I moved the coffee table out of the way. Knelt before her and reached for the tops of her panties. When I pulled she helped lifting her hips and pregnant belly. I pulled slowly and spoke to her. “If you were mine, I would kiss you and worship your body for hours. I would suck your toes, kiss your closed eyes, lick under your arms, suck your neck and hold your nipples between my lips. For now, trust me; let your body take over. Let it enjoy being touched, tasted and appreciated.”

The coffee table was just close enough for me to put her naked foot on it, opening her wide. She watched my every move as I parted her lips and lowered my face to kiss all around her opening – in her trimmed pubic hair, on the crease where her legs started, down the insides of her thighs and then up to hover over her glistening lips. She tilted her hips and I sucked at one lip and then the other. I watched her. I parted her with my thumbs and licked from her pucker right up the center of her slit and then flicked once across her barely protruding pearl. Her body tightened, the breath escaped from her and her hips pushed harder, sliding to hang off the edge of the cushion.

For a minute or two I teased her, kissing up to lick over each ovary and then back down to flick her clit. She had had enough and her hands closed around my head and held it in place, knowing where but not how she wanted my mouth.

At first, I used the flat of my tongue to tease over her magic button. Then I licked at it; her legs widened. I licked more and she got even wetter. She tensed only a second when I pushed two fingers in smoothly to rest on her g-spot and have them motion inside for her to come to me. She was so close, liquids, flowed around my fingers and into the palm of my hand. That is when I finally sucked at her clit, pulling it tenderly out of its sheath and flicked at it with my tongue while it was totally exposed. She moaned and pulled my head tight. For this time, I would not tease her, frustrate her or give her anything else to think about.

My fingers thrust firmly but gently into her. Each time, they pressed and rubbed at her spongy, now swollen spot. The fingers inside her pushed her clit out and I nursed it. Each thrust brought a gasp from her but her mind was still in the game. I slowed and she pulled my head tight again.

I pulled up and inch. “Kara, I love your taste. Trust me. Trust your body. Let it go where it wants to go. I will protect you.”

The last concerned tension in her body began to slip away, only to be replaced by her tightening muscles. Her hips rose off the couch and she ground her cunt into my face. Her legs began to tremble. I was rewarded by a steady trickle from her womb. I guessed right. I pushed my fingers hard into her g-spot and sucked at her clit. She cried out and squirted into my welcoming mouth. It was not a geyser but I did drink from her for the first time.

Kara continued to thrust more gently. Her mind had gotten into the act again, wondering if it were ok to continue on. I grabbed her hips and began to work her against me. Her pussy raced again and pushed her thoughts away. This time was a struggle. She wanted it but was tiring – the long day, the extra weight, the newness of it all was interfering. I put her legs over my back so her thighs could press into my ears. She clamped tight and recognized my permission. She could hump forward by pulling her heels into me. She pulled, my fingers thrust and I sucked. She directed the rhythm. I followed orders. I could not have heard if she spoke to me but I did her the trembling scream that raced from her belly, through her lungs and echoed off the walls. My reward was a tiny squirt and then a steady slow stream as her body relaxed under me. Her breathing returned to normal quickly. I’m sure she was awake but she was like a rag doll and her eyes were closed. I worked out from under her. Took off my shirt and wiped away as much of the wetness as I could from the leather and her body. I stretched her out on the couch, put a pillow under her head and covered her with a throw.

After I spoke, I felt foolish and hoped she was asleep, “You are so beautiful and your body is so wonderful. I wish I were younger and could claim you for myself. It would be so easy to fall in love with you.”

I slipped a hand under the throw and rubbed her naked pregnant belly and talked to her unborn daughter, “As you get older, I’ll make your mom mad at me by teaching you to kick at my hand. Tonight, I’ll dream of being inside your mom, pleasing her and having you complain.”

Strangely, my cock softened and I had a lot of wetness in my pants. I did not want to pull him out and jack him off. I did think of pushing him into the sleeping angel’s lips and seeing if she would nurse. For over a year, I had not felt anything, since Helen’s unexpected death. Through David’s trial, through his sentencing, through Kara’s arrival, through learning about her pregnancy, I had been numb. Now I looked at David’s girlfriend and thought of my forever lost youth. Feelings welled up and tears rolled freely down my cheeks.

I tried to write but only sentimental dribble flowed from my fingers. Definitely, nothing the wisecracking, street wise private eye in my mystery would say. Finally, I retrieved a blanket from the guest room and slept in the big chair, so I would watch over the beauty on the couch.

I was making coffee and breakfast when I heard the downstairs shower turn on. In thirty minutes, Kara reached eagerly for the cup of caffeine, I offered when she came into the kitchen. She sat quietly, wrapped in a thick robe, while I got breakfast ready. She showed some interest in the fruit bowl but the scrambled eggs, bacon and English muffin did not brighten her eyes.

“Did you and the baby sleep well last night?”

She wasn’t being rude but did not answer.

“Mad at me this morning for what we did last night?”

“No, just very confused. I felt a lot of things last night.”

“Good or bad things?”

“Fantastic, satisfying, unusual and new things.”

“When you are ready, I would love for you to talk to me about what you felt.”

About noon, still in her robe, Kara, came into my den and sat were the wet spot had been. “I had climaxes last night.”

“You’ve had them before.”

“Not really. I enjoyed sex with David, the closeness, seeing his pleasure and feeling his release. I liked the power I felt over his body sometimes.”

“Tell me about your body and its pleasure.”

“Only last night. I did not worry about doing the wrong things; you gave me permission and seemed to enjoy me. I got frightened a few times.”

“Sometimes it is difficult to keep your mind from messing up your body’s pleasure.”

She was quiet for a long time and then reached out for me and had me sit in the big chair again. She climbed into my lap, took my hand and slipped it into her robe and onto her naked body.

“What does this mean, Kara?”

“I don’t know. I just like you touching me and being with you. I even dreamed last night that you talked to my daughter in my belly. It was so very beautiful. My body is so relaxed today and I feel so content and wanted.”

“I did talk to your belly last night when I covered you. I touched your belly and slept in this chair to guard you all night.”

Little tears rolled down her cheeks, she stood, opened her robe, flipped it back and sat her nude bottom into my lap.

“Kara, you do not have to do anything for me. Last night was very beautiful for both of us.”

“Please, be quiet and hold me.”

I held her. My cock grew under her. She nestled into it and shifted her position until it was under her pussy. I held her long enough for my right leg to go to sleep and my cock to hurt from its twisted position. I adjusted my cock and then pulled her back into my lap.

“Take him out.”

I unzipped my pants and then pushed them down far enough for her to be sitting on my bare thighs. She snaked a hand down and held my shaft. It throbbed in her hand. When it finally settled down, I pushed her knees apart and slipped my right index finger between her pussy’s lips. We sat quietly for a while longer and then I pushed the envelope beyond anything sensible. I pulled my very wet finger from her and touched it to her lips so she could smell and taste herself. When she hesitated I pulled her head to mine trapping my finger between our lips and I licked at my finger. She licked. When the finger was clean I removed it and we kissed, open mouthed, with tongues and with the taste of her pussy on our lips.

Kara pulled away rather forcibly. My first thought was that I had gone too far but she lifted just a little and sat back down guiding my cock into her body for the first time. Only about half was in her when her lips returned to mine. She sucked my tongue hard and my cock slipped the rest of the way into her. I moaned into her mouth. For many minutes she sat still with me inside her. Every so often my cock would twitch on its own and she would giggle almost silently. She was sitting sidesaddle but found some angle where the slight upward bend of my cock angled the head to push at her g-spot. There were no strong movements. She just rocked and pushed down to torture herself. I felt her wetness flow around my cock and onto my balls and thighs but I held her and we learned to kiss with me buried in her pregnant belly.

Once she got the angle perfect, she locked her arms around my neck and pushed hard and panted into my mouth in time with her thrusts. Her body tightened and her hands gripped around my head. Her body trembled and she came, wetting us both even more.

I talked to her. Told her how her cunt was sucking me and driving me wild. She liked the dirty words and answered.

“Yes, tell me what your cock feels sliding inside me. Tell me you want to cum; tell me you want to cum in me; tell me you want to fill me up so much you can watch you sperm run out of me and down my legs when I walk.”

As she talked my cock lurched and I tried to urge her on. “Your pussy is going to suck me dry; you are driving me crazy and making me lose control. I want to put so much cum in your belly that you can taste it in your throat. So much that you will begin cuming and cannot stop until you pass out.”

“Promise when I am not pregnant that you will take me and fuck me as hard as you have to, until I can’t quit cuming and I pass out. Promise to take me in every hole and make me feel everything.”

“I’ll promise you that, if you also promise to sometimes reach out and grab me and take what you want from my body. Demand that I please you, use my cock and ride it until you are finished with it and then make it cum any way you want. Jack me off, suck me off, use your feet or just tell me to masturbate on your body.”

That line set her off. Her fantasy was in full flight; she had left me. She started cuming grinding the head of my cock into her sponge.

“Put your fingers on your clit and make her cum too.”

She was wild; she pushed down; she rubbed her clit so fast I could not see her fingers. She was hanging near the edge when I whispered, “Now, Kara. Now I am cuming in you, filling your belly with semen.”

Her belly clamped down so hard it hurt. She rocked two and fro, saying a loud, breathless “Yes” each time her body sat almost straight before she leaned forward again. She rocked and I announced each pulse of cum I sent into her. She was still wild, so I lied and made my cock jump even though my balls were empty. She had run out of air and was still trying to rock and cry, “Yes.” Finally, my young lover went limp in my arms.

I would have held her for hours, not to disturb her. In her sleep, with her face against my neck, her saliva trickled down my chest. My cock jumped almost finding life again. In my twenties and thirties, it would not be softening now. I raised her head and kissed her dripping lips, drinking from her another way. This time my cock did respond and it stayed stretching her while I tasted her wetness.

She came back slowly to be gently and quietly with me. When I saw her eyes blink open and then slowly close again, I talked to her.

“To me, you are the most lovely woman I have ever known. Your body drives me wild but best of all you have let me watch you discover your sexual beauty and how to have pleasure. If you will let me, I will show you a thousand things and your body will show us a thousand more.”

She let me know she had heard me by tightening her cunt’s muscles. I groaned and she laughed.

“If you learn to sneeze over and over with me inside you this way, you can have everything I own and I’ll be yours forever.”

Kara lifted her head and her eyes questioned.

“Your wonderful pussy is tightening around me so beautifully right now, I would not change a thing. But should you sneeze, those same muscles tighten and suck ten times harder, so your body could suck my brains right out of my head through my dick.”

“You are so silly.”

“Yes, and you are so very wonderful.”

She lifted off me. My cock was rock hard and cold. She knelt in front of me. Her belly rested against my shins and her hands grasped my knees and pushed them apart. Her lovely soft small hands reached out and cupped my balls and grasped my cock.

“Kara, you don’t………”

“Hush, I want to do this.”

Her lips were only slightly open when she lowered her head and pushed the helmet of my cock into her mouth. She stopped there and licked, tasting me, her own juices and how we tasted mixed together. She pulled the last drop of cum from my shaft that was hiding from before . She showed it to me on her tongue and then she swallowed it and went back to sucking me and squeezing my balls lightly. She had to feel the tension in my body, how I wanted to drive into her, possess her and fill her. Her lips were gentle, too gentle.

“Harder Kara; please; use your hand if you have to but harder. Don’t tease me; you have made me want to cum again. You have me crazy wanting you.”

Her hand tightened on my shaft making a ring to squeeze around my most sensitive ridge before her lips sucked the same spot. I gripped the edge of the chair and held my ass an inch off the cushion struggling for control. She pushed my cock to the back of her throat and pulled it back before she gagged. I groaned, so she did it again and my legs trembled. My eyes were almost shut but I could see hers filled with the joy of controlling me, pleasing me and being good for me. Again she sucked and let my cock slip through her fingers, her lips and over her tongue. My shaft lurched and spurted its first offering. She pulled slightly back and swallowed. Again, I pumped; she held it and I pumped again. She wallowed the head of my cock around in its own semen and licked at it with her tongue. I was about to become painfully sensitive but my dick decided to endure what she wanted to do.

Kara swallowed some but continued to play with my cum, her lips, her mouth and my dick. She liked to see my body winch in painful pleasure and feel my cock lurch trying to give her more even though it was dry. I softened some and she pulled the last drops from my shaft as she had done before. Somehow she knew and I did not feel less manly when she slipped up onto my lap and held me. I needed to be held by her. I needed to tell her, I was falling in love with her. I needed to apologize for being so much older. I needed for my mind to shut-up and for my body to fill every inch of her warm, soft, pregnant body.


Over the next few weeks, Kara learned to be sexually playful for the first time and I remembered how wonderful it was to please and be silly with a woman. Sure she was pregnant. Sure she had been with David for two years. But she did not understand that sex was the ultimate adult play thing to bring joy and closeness to a couple. Her body welcomed every touch and never said “No.”

One evening she was leaning over the sink washing the dinner dishes. I came up behind her, lifted her robe and wet my fingers in her lovely cunt. She was pushing back at me enjoying what she knew would bring her to climax, when I removed my fingers and pressed my middle finger against her tight puckered rosebud. Her legs went rigid and her ass clamped tight. I rubbed her in light, teasing circles and pressed against her opening, waiting. Her mind said this was wrong but her body said it felt good, so she relaxed and my finger slipped into her about two inches. She grasped it, but relaxed again and I began to finger fuck into her ass for the first time.

“Rub your clit while I play with you.”

Instinctively, she matched my movements. In only a couple of minutes she had relaxed, opened and pushed back, taking my finger to the hilt. She did not resist when I pulled out, added a second finger and started to rub, tease and push again.

I knew her body’s reactions much better now. Her own fingers were getting her close. Her ass clamped on my fingers and I could hear her breathing become more ragged.

While I undid my pants and pushed them down, I talked to her, “Yes, my beauty, don’t think. Just keep doing what you are doing. Let your body enjoy all it can and let me enjoy watching you.”

When I pulled my fingers out of her, she pushed wanting them back. The hole gaped, contracted and began to close. She was pleased to feel me begin to fill her again but realized this was not a finger. She expected, stretching pain and was very still, holding her breath. My cock stopped pushing into her when my helmet was an inch inside her. My pleasure was making my head spin. The tightness was wonderful and my cock jumped. Kara pushed back taking another inch. The widest part of my cock was stretching her. Her moan recognized the discomfort but another push said it was not enough for her to want to stop.

I gathered wetness from her and coated my shaft and her. “Remember to rub your clit for us.”

She held her ground and I applied a steady pressure. Slowly her body opened to me and I slipped deeper into her bowels. I could feel her body contract and her fingers moving, pulling the skin tight around my shaft. Her body whimpered and shivered when all but two inches of me was inside her. Her body resisted for a moment but her insides moved around so the rest of me would slide on in. I spread the cheeks of her ass and paused. She knew I had opened her so I could get the tip of my dick as deep into her as possible. She was getting close. Still she signaled her approval, “Yes.”

I pushed hard. The hair above my cock pressed flat into the stretched ring. I felt her slippery fingers glide down from her clit, first grasp my balls and then touch, verifying that she had indeed stretched and taken all of me this new way into her body. Her fingers retreated and her legs began to tremble as she went back to work on her magic pearl.

I thrust and pushed from side to side and up and down to stretch her. She gasped and struggled. Her muscles tightened even more making it harder for me to pull out and push in. I felt her fingers slip into her sheath and feel my cock on the other side of her thin membranes. They drug across her g-spot and used the wetness to let her fingers fly on her clit. It was not a word, just a gasp, then another gasp, then another. Over and over, Kara struggled to decide whether to breathe, gasp or cum. Finally her body decided with a scream. Her cunt poured wetness onto my balls and thighs. Her ass sucked and I began to fill her with my cum. She felt and understood my why my cock was jerking and throbbing; she wanted to feel more, “God, yes, cum in my ass.”

For the next minute or so, I could not tell if it were her body or mine that convulsed and rippled in tenderness. I wrapped my arms around her, pulled her tight and she lay more forward. My arms were pushed into the dish water and her head was kept out of the sink by her free hand. She was afraid to move the fingers that still rested on her now too tender clit.

I took one of the dish drying towels and pulled my cock out of her and wiped us both clean. Then I turned my angel, supported her weight and kissed her. She was barely awake. At first, too weak to kiss back. When she began to respond, I picked her up, carried her to bed and we slept soundly, to late the next morning.

Kara was sitting on the edge of the bed when I came out of the shower totally nude the next morning. Her eyes were not really open, but her legs were spread wide and her pussy’s lips were too much to resist when I sat down on her make-up bench to put on my socks. I put my right foot between her legs pushing my big toe between her pussy’s lips. I took her left foot and began to suck on her middle toe while I pulled at her leg making her rock, fucking my toe. She was learning to let her body lead. Her head never lifted but her hips thrust, helping me. As she got close, she laid back, grasped the sheet on both sides of her body and pulled as hard as she could just as her climax flowed through her body. Her toes curled in my mouth and I could feel her body suck at my foot.

I let her doze a few minutes and then led her to the shower. I got back in with her and bathed every inch of her and kissed every inch before and after I bathed it. Kara was totally pliable. She let me dry her, put her robe on her and guide her to the kitchen for coffee and breakfast. Her mind was not engaged yet. She ate and enjoyed the afterglow and the wonderful soreness in her body.

There was still food on her plate when I poured her second cup of coffee. When I sat back down I was surprised that she got up and came to sit on my lap. Her arms went around my neck and she whispered in my ear, “I have never been more satisfied, or felt more like a woman than I do this morning. Thank you. Please, don’t say anything. I am in love with you.”

I held her and two tears from my eyes wet her neck. I guess I said something anyway.

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