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Sometimes It’s What You Don’t Say

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Sometimes it’s what you don’t say.

The phone call came in the middle of the afternoon on a Thursday. The day is extremely hectic as the full moon has the children going a little loony. My office is full of little ones who have in some way earned a trip to the detention room. I love my job but some days I am overwhelmed. Today is one of those days. When I answered my phone I am just a little bit rushed.

“Good Afternoon. This is Jane… may I help you?”

Breathing. All I hear is breathing. I know it is you and I swivel my chair away from the children. I can feel the blood rushing to my body and the shivers are taking over me.

“Sir?” I whisper into the phone.

“6 PM at the Hilton. Key and directions will be at the desk. DO NOT BE LATE!”

I hear the click of the phone before my brain has really registered all you have said. I hang up the phone and turn my chair back around. My brain is fuzzed as my body has taken over. I can feel the rush. I can feel the flooding of my pussy just knowing what will be happening this evening. I look at the clock. Two hours of school to go. Oh these will be the longest hours of my life. Well not really but I feel dramatic at this moment.

I begin a list of things I need to do:
1. Shower.
2. Enema.
3. Shave.
4. Pack toy bag, making sure I have enough KY.
5. Dress.

While I make my list I think back to our last time together. It seemed so long ago. Our times together are so few and far between. We met on the internet long ago and what started as a flirtation has grown to mutual love and respect. We each have a life. We each have a spouse. We each have a need to be together but not at the expense of hurting our families. It was agreed upon long ago. I do not regret my decision, as I am sure he also does not.

I arrive at the hotel and walk with confidence to the front desk. He hands me an envelope and I smile and head to the elevators. I open your note and read the room number and just simple directions.

“Good Evening Jane, Be naked. Be ready. I will give you 15 minutes. I Desire You!”

My heart melts when I read your last line. I know what to do now and my knees are shaking when I open the suite door. It is a beautiful room but I am oblivious to all except getting ready. I kick off my shoes and quickly undress. I check the AC and set it to a more comfortable setting. I lay the toys and KY out on the nightstand. I don’t know what you will want to use but I have hopes. I fold down the king size comforter and sheets. Ohhhh time is flying by. I quickly brush my teeth and fix my makeup. I check over everything and lay on the cool sheets. I can feel my nipples instantly harden which I know you will enjoy seeing.

I hear the door open. My breathing quickens. My eyes search for you and I love the way you look. All business like in your suit. You remove your jacket and loosen your tie as you move the chair closer to the bed. You sit; saying nothing. I know what you want. We spoke of this so often and today is the day. It is so hard to do with someone watching but it is even harder knowing that your disappointment will be swift if I stumble through it.


I close my eyes and take a deep breath. You watch as I touch my neck and let my fingers trail down to my nipples and they peak under my touch. I move my fingers down my stomach, down lower to feel the smoothness of my shaved mound. I can feel the heat already.

My eyes are still closed but I can still feel you nearby. Sitting in the chair watching me. I can hear the subtle changes in your breathing.

“Touch yourself.” Your voice floats over to me.

My legs spread open and you see my pussy is so wet for you already. Bringing my knees up and open my pussy lips. My finger slides into my wetness and because I know it would please you. I remove it and bring it to my lips. I suck on my finger removing all the juices that remain. My left hand begins to twist my own left nipple. My back arches. I feel something bounce on the bed next to me.

You have thrown the butt plug at me.

“Do you want me to put it in? I need the lube.” I ask

But you say, “Not yet. In your pussy first.”

I open my legs wider and you watch as I slide it in and out of my pussy. It is not long enough to do anything but stretch me….. but it is covered completely with my juices. I am so very wet already.

I get very bold and ask “Can I put it in my ass now?”

Your answer is “Yes.”

I am bold again and ask if you would like to do it for me? You ponder that question but you say, “No. Show me how you do it for me.”

I roll to my left side. My right leg crosses over my left. My ass is open to your view. I take the KY and apply it to the head and around the sides of the plug.

“Watch Me,” I whisper.

“I am,” is your reply.

I close my eyes and hear you saying, “That’s my good girl” when I bring the tip to my asshole. I begin to push it in, and then back out. My ass is tight. I think because you are watching… I slide it in a little more. Then back out… my breathing quickens and becomes more shallow…

“That’s it Jane, take more” you say.

I push a little harder and my hole stretches… “Tell me” I hear.

“I am yours. I will always be yours.” The plug finds its way in, the last of my words are a moan.

“Good girl” you say as I roll to my back. I bring my legs up again and you see the base of the plug sticking from my ass.

“How does it feel?”

“Full! Full and feels good. It stretches me.”

“Continue” you say.

Now that the plug is in my ass I know that my orgasm will be fast.

“Feel it in you,” you direct. I slide my finger in my pussy and trace the outline of it in me. I think you love to watch me fingering my cunt as much as I am enjoying doing it.

“Finish Slut” I hear.

I notice the controlled change in your demeanor. I know now how things will progress. And it brings another flood to my pussy. I bring my opposite hand to my clit. I rub across the tip of it. Over and over. My hips rotating. The plug in my ass is forced deeper as I rub the base on the bed. The climax is building. I cannot stop it. My breath is fast and I cry out for you…

“Don’t stop”

My finger slides in and out of me. Not stopping… reaching deeper… I feel it rebuilding and continue finger fucking myself…

“Cum again you cunt!” you say and I flood my hand. The waves of the orgasm crest over me. I remove my fingers as I want to feel you so badly now.

“Oh my god! Please Sir. I need your fingers in me. Please feel what I feel when I wear my plug for you.”

My hips are still rotating as the feelings are still intense. I watch you rise up and come to the edge of the bed. Your cock so visually straining at your slacks. But all that is forgotten with you next movement.

Your finger slides deep in my pussy in one fast movement… then back out slowly tracing the edge of the plug with your finger. You push against it and I moan.

“Cum for me with my fingers in you”

You push two more into me. Then another. Your three fingers are magic in me. Pushing against the plug and going deeper. I feel my pussy getting wetter… and I touch my clit at the same time…

“Oh my god. I feel it… ohhhhhhh” as the climax hits and your fingers go deeper and harder. Oh you are so hard on me. I beg you to stop and my legs clamp together to make you stop. You slap my ass with your free hand. And now I am stretched to feel 4 fingers in me. My moans and wetness grow.

“Do not deny me”

Oh god I know that, but it is too much. I am wild, bucking on your fingers.

“I love it, you slut!” I hear you say as my body bucks and twists. My pussy tightens on your fingers as you attempt to put the 5th finger in.


“Don’t tell me no. You don’t ever tell me no”

I realize my mistake immediately and the slaps on my ass are fast and hard. Punishing slaps. My ass is hot and hurting and my pussy is straining on that fist. I take deep breaths, I know what is coming. My pussy being forced open to accept your fist. I remember all you said about breathing and relaxing to relax the muscles. I feel the pressure and hear your breathing. Suddenly the pressure doesn’t seem so bad. Did you stop?

My body is suddenly racked with orgasms as you wiggle the 5 fingers in my cunt. You twist your arm and hand and it hits just the right spot I begin to scream. Not in pain but against the idea of it. The idea of the fisting.

So many emotions run through me. Your hand covers my mouth, as I am a little too loud. That startles me and I begin to struggle. Every part of me is fighting and wild. A tiger fighting for release. But it is a sexual release I really seek. It is coming as I am cumming. The waves gripping your fingers. My breath gasping under your hand. The tears in my eyes that haven’t fallen yet. You stop pushing and just hold them there as the waves continue. I cannot move from exhaustion.

I moan softly as you slide your fingers from my body and mouth. I watch you lick the cum from your fingers. You hold me close and stroke my hair. My body still struggling. Trying to get back under control. Your voice is so very tender as you whisper, “You did it Jane. You had my whole hand in your cunt. I am so proud of you. I knew you could do it. Later I will want you to tell me what you felt.”

Your hand still stoking. Still very loving to me. I feel your hand caress my hip and begin to push me to roll me on my side. You grip the base of the plug and in one pull remove it. It makes me gasp with the suddenness of the pain and the sense of emptiness.

I remain curled for a few minutes and you allow me that moment of rest. My hand reaches down to begin rubbing the hand prints you left on my ass. Damn I loved those slaps. You stand and watch me for those moments. Silent, powerful, so in control.

I am so pleased you took that control and opened me to a new experience. How we argued about your fisting me. I knew I couldn’t do it. You knew I could. I just know it will not be the last time we ever do that just as I also know someday you will fist my ass. Someday!

I look at you. “May I undress you?”

A simple and clear “Yes” is all I need to have me rise from the bed. I walk over to you and unbutton your shirt. Watching it as it falls from your body. My lips find yours and the passion of lost time flows through us into our kiss. We have no need for the words telling of how much we have missed each other. The kiss tells it all. We hold each other for a moment as your tongue slides into my mouth. I love the feel of your tongue in my mouth. I suck gently on it and we playfully tease each other. My fingers touch your face and then trace your jaw outline. A face I remember from my dreams but so real now.

My mouth kisses where my fingers trail. Kissing down your jaw on to your neck. (No marks. I remember) but I do bite gently. Your hands are in my hair and I love them there.

My hands are pushing your slacks down with your shorts. I want you naked so badly now. You have already kicked off your shoes and I am at your feet removing the remainder of your clothing. You are standing naked before me. Your cock is rock hard and glorious.

“May I take your cock in my hand and mouth?”


I take your cock that will give my body so much pleasure and my only thought is to give you the pleasure I can give with my mouth. I lick the head of you squeezing so hard that a drop of pre cum is released. I lick it from you drawing it to my mouth. My eyes lock on yours as I take my tongue and draw it from the base of your cock to the head. I twirl around the head and bring it to my mouth. I suck gently on it. Then remove it.

Sucking it back in sucking harder and harder. How hard you are getting in my hand and mouth. I pop you from my mouth and lead you to the bed. I turn you and gently push you on the bed.

“Lay on your back for me.”

I crawl between your legs dragging my breasts up along your legs. The roughness of the hair making my nipples tingles and get hard. I brush them against your balls and cock. Again I kiss your lips. Savoring your tongue. I squeeze your cock between my breasts as I slide back down your between your legs. No playing now. I want you! And I take you! Your cock slides so easy between my lips.

I suck you in deep. Sucking hard and soft. Sucking deep and then slowly back to the head. Each thrust up of your hips brings it deeper. Hitting the back of my throat. I try not to gag but I do. That scares me but I am realizing that my total trust in you is the reason each thrust lasts a little longer.

No longer scared of doing but of not doing.

When I hold you deep in my throat my tongue sneaks out and licks your balls. “Suck them baby.” I slide off your cock and take one in my mouth. Sucking it gently as not to hurt. I love the moan you give when I suck a little harder.

My mouth licks that tender spot between balls and ass. I know what my lover wants and I am ready to give it. My tongue gently licks the tender area and moves down. Moving slowly to your asshole. Teasing it with the hard tip I have made. Gently I push in then back out. I know you are not ready yet for my fingers in your ass. But you do love my tongue. So I fuck your ass with my tongue while my hand is stroking your cock. I love how hard you are. How ready you are. I love the way your hips move.

I stop for a second to ask, “Where would you like to cum?”

“Your choice!”

I take you back into my mouth and I finish what I started. My mouth begins moving hard and fast. My hand stroking what my mouth cannot reach. In and out you slide. My head starts bobbing faster and deeper. Your hands are now guiding. Helping. Loving.

I hear you say, “Cum when I do baby.” Your fingers move down to my nipples and begin to roll them. You know how sensitive they are. You know how I can cum with your fingers. I feel the wave begin and at the same time your balls begin to swell under my hand. I know you are close. I begin to shake from my orgasm.

“Are you ready for my love baby girl?”

My eyes meet yours as you cum in my mouth. Thrusting in and out as I suck all of your cum from you. I swallow the love you have given me. I lick and suck you clean. I want to continue but you pull me from you. You lift my chin and I see the smile and the tenderness in your eyes.

My eyes lock on yours as you kiss me. No words needed but I want say them anyway. Your finger rests on my lips. You won’t let me say them. But I see it in your eyes. I understand and smile. You pull me close and hold me. Your breath tickles my ear as you whisper.

“Rest for a bit. I want to get into that ass!”

My eyes open with shock as you fill my ass with two fingers. But that is another story…

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