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Minister’s Wife

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I always enjoyed my time at church as a young man, not for all the Stuff I was attempted to be taught, but for the girls. Who ever said Good girls don’t, did not go to the church I went too. I got more girls there than I ever did all during High School. Every Wednesday evening I would take a girl or two home after stopping for a malt or sex, whichever we felt like at the time.

Even thought I had Graduated last year, I still knew all the same people at church. And the girls didn’t change, we got some new ones now and then, but mainly I had the same girls for a couple of years, that is until the day I got stupid and got Becky Wilson to do me in the ministers office. I was just fixing to cum when the door opened and in came the Ministers Wife, Mrs. Nelson.

Shit, I knew I was in for it big time now. Here I was on top of Becky Wilson, her legs wide open and her crying out as I pumped her hard on the Ministers desk. I looked over my shoulder when I heard the door open, and barely slowed down. Mrs. Nelson’s eyes popped wide open and her jaw dropped as she took in the sight of my ass pumping in to the girl she had taught Sunday School to for years.

“What in the world!” Mrs. Nelson cried out.

I could do nothing but stop and yank my pants up, blushing at being caught. Becky immediately burst into tears and she pulled up her pretty pink frilly panties and dropped her dress back down. Becky could not look at Mrs. Nelsons face she was so ashamed. I was more interested in checking Mrs. Nelson out, just as I had seen her doing to my cock as it glistened with Becky’s pussy juice.

She was really was one hot lady, if you looked past the no make up and frumpy clothing she wore. And she had such a nice smile and pleasant sounding voice when she spoke to you. A hot phone sex type of voice, one that would melt a telephone line if you called her. Well, be that as it may she was not happy to have found us in such a position, and I was not happy being caught, since I was fixing to cum.

Becky ran out of the office and I was fixing to leave when Mrs. Nelson grabbed me by the arm. “I asked you what was going on in here William!” She looked at me with hard eyes.

“Well, uh Mrs. Nelson, I uh, I guess you could kind of tell what was going on.” I didn’t know what else to say, I wasn’t being a smart ass, but I didn’t think fast when I had been caught with my pants down, literally!

“I saw what was happening William, Wasn’t there any place a little more appropriate you could have taken Becky for that kind of thing? I mean really, in the house of the Lord William. What would your parents think? Or Becky’s parents? Did you ever stop to think that you might get caught? Or were you just thinking with your dick!”

My eyes sprang wide when I heard the prim and proper Mrs. Nelson say Dick. Her nostrils were flaring with anger, and her eyes burned holes though me as she stared at me while I tried to think of something to say.

“Well, Mrs Nelson, I guess it was the second thing you said.” I blushed.

“What if my Husband had entered his office and found you in that position? What do you think he would have said or done? William, what were you thinking?”

“I guess I wasn’t thinking Mrs. Nelson, The mood just hit us and we thought it would be fun to do it here. We never expected anyone to come in since they were only a few people here tonight. You aren’t going to tell on us are you Mrs. Nelson? I mean, think what it would do to Becky’s reputation if anyone found out! I don’t care what they say about me, but Becky is a nice girl. It could ruin her life in a small town like this one.” I used any thing towards sympathy to Becky I could to not get her to tell anyone about this.

“Yes William, you are right it would ruin her life, and I believe she deserves more than that from us both don’t you?”

“Yes Ma’am, She does.” I looked at the floor trying to avoid her searing eyes as she glared at me in anger and disappointment. I wasn’t sure what was going to happen next, but was certain it was not going to be good. I sat there silent waiting for her next response.

I waited a few minutes, squirming in the heated silence. Knowing that Mrs Nelson was a good God fearing woman, I could only expect it to get worse on me. She stared at me and suddenly her eyes changed as she looked at me, they got softer as she looked at me.

“William, I have known you all your life. I never would have thought that you could do something as thoughtless as this for your personal pleasures. I am truly disappointed in you young man.” Her eyes showed the sadness in them as she scolded me. “I feel as if your one of my own children and that you really let me and everyone else down by pulling this kind of stunt.” Tears were forming in her eyes as she calmed down. Her shoulders began to shake as she started to cry sitting at her husbands desk.

I sat there like an idiot, not knowing what to do as she cried. I remembered all the Summers at Vacation Bible School and the trips we had taken to different places in the Church Bus and how I slept with my head in her lap or on her side when I was too tired to stay awake any longer. All the pleasant memories rushed through my mind and how now I had been such a large disappointment to her. I got up and walked around the desk and put my arm around her shoulder.

“I’m so sorry Mrs. Nelson, I never thought about it before doing it. I didn’t know you would catch us. I’m just so sorry!” And I was.

She laid her head on my stomach as she cried and I felt her hot tears as they soaked in to my shirt, her warm breath on my belly, the warmth of her face as she sobbed on me. Her soft breast lay on my hip and I felt myself getting a hard on again. Shit not now, I thought to myself, it’s right in front of her face if she opened her eyes and glanced downwards. I put my hand under her chin to aim her face up just in case she did look down and saw a river of tears rolling down her cheek, I wiped it off with my thumb and she actually looked at me and smiled.

“It’s not that you did this with Becky that I am so sad about William. My husband and I have had a hard time lately, I just don’t think he finds me attractive anymore. He never, uh, well, he never wants to do that with me anymore it seems. I do try to be attractive for him to attract his attentions. I have started to wonder if he is seeing another woman.” She stared at me with her eyes brimming with fresh tears. “I shouldn’t be telling you these things I guess William, but I have no one else I can tell. If anyone knew about this it could kill the Church. Please swear you won’t ever repeat it to anyone, Swear it to me William!”

“I swear Mrs. Nelson, You are so beautiful, he would have to be nuts not to want you.” I said the first thing I could think of to appease her and hopefully make her stop crying. “You are the nicest woman I know, and any man would be lucky to have married you.”

“Ahhhh! Now I see how you get all the girls William, you know just what to say don’t you.” She smiled at me. She did have a beautiful smile and the corners of her eyes crinkled in a sexy way when she did. I didn’t care if she was 20 years older than I was, I still thought she was fucking hot.

She sat back in the chair and I let her shoulder go and dropped my arms to my sides. Then it happened, she looked at my crotch, and sure enough my boner was sticking out in my dress pants. A tent formed along the zipper right at her face level, she didn’t move her eyes from it as she sat there. I just knew I was in more trouble again.

“William, why have you gotten another erection?” she asked as she looked in my face.

“I don’t know Mrs. Nelson, I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to do it!”

“No I’m not upset with you, I was just wondering how come you happened to get hard again. You can tell me, I promise I won’t get upset William.” She sounded sincere when she told me that.

“Well, OK Mrs. Nelson. But you promise you won’t get mad at me?” I questioned.

“I Promise!” she swore to me.

“It was just, well, I don’t know how to tell you this. It’s embarrassing Mrs. Nelson!” I explained to her.

“More embarrassing than getting caught having sex in my husbands office William?”

She had me there, I guess I should just tell her the truth and hope she didn’t kill me or something.

“OK, it’s just that, uh I, uh I didn’t get to finish up with Becky. And when I held you close to me and felt the heat and tears from you, I felt so sorry for you from what you told me it just got me excited again.” I looked down at the floor almost ashamed I had told her she had turned me on. “You felt so good on me and my mind just went to how beautiful you are and how you said you aren’t getting along with Brother Nelson. I don’t know ma’am, It just happened, I’m sorry.”

She looked at me with questions in her eyes then a slight smile crossed her lips. “William, that is the nicest thing I have been told in years by anyone! Thank You!’

Now I was really confused, here I was telling my Preachers wife how sexy I thought she was and she was thanking me, will wonders never cease? I was thinking she would slap me or something and instead she thanked me. She stood up and hugged me, tight! I could feel her breasts pressing on my chest and smelled her perfume. I put my arms around her and hugged her back and inhaled the sweet smell of her, my hard on only got harder as I held her to me.

She looked up at me and suddenly she kissed me, not like a friend, but a hot yearning kiss. Her tongue slid into my mouth and her hands pulled my face to hers as I tasted her wet mouth as it attacked mine. My head was spinning as we stood there kissing and I felt her hands drop down and pull my hips to hers. I knew I wasn’t going to get in anymore trouble, so I put my hands on her ass and felt how firm her ass cheeks were. I heard her moan under her breath as I pulled her to my cock and she moved her hips to feel it against her body.

Here I was only 19 years old, and was making out with my Preachers wife in his office after she had just caught me fucking a girl in there. I stopped thinking and just started trying to keep up with her as we began to pull each others clothes off. Her hands were like a fire as they touched me under my shirt, I unzipped the back of her dress and she stepped out of it. Standing there like a young girl as I looked at her, Her skin was snow white and unblemished, and she wore a girdle and garters with her hose. Her cotton panties were showing how excited she was as a wet spot was forming where they bunched up in between her legs, and her white bra strained as it held her breasts in, pushing them up to form a beautiful valley down her chest. I could see the dark patch between her legs as my eyes held a steady gaze on her body.

“My goodness Mrs. Nelson you are fucking beautiful!” I told her.

She actually blushed when I told her that, I leaned over and kissed her soft warm lips again, then I kissed her face and neck, taking in her warmth and the smell of her body as I sucked on her neck.

“Wait.” she said as she went to the door and locked it, “We don’t need anyone coming in on us do we William.”

“No ma’am we don’t!” I grinned at her.

She came back over to me and took my hand and then led me to the couch in her husbands office, before I sat down she undid my pants and pulled them down. She was sitting on her heels as her fingers went under the elastic band of my underwear and pulled them down off me. My erection stood out proudly in front of her face, and I looked at it and saw Becky’s pussy juice had dried on it as was flaking around my pubes. Mrs. Nelson never hesitated, she wrapped her soft hand around it and took it in her hot mouth. My knees almost gave way as she inhaled it, I heard her moan as she tasted Becky’s pussy on my cock and my hands instinctively went to her hair as she sucked me, with her on the floor of the office.

I watched as the highlights in her hair changed when her head moved back and forth on me, from reddish to brownish and back again. I was amazed at how nasty she got as she sucked me off, I mean, you never think of a preachers wife on her knees sucking cock like a wanton woman, At least I never had before.

“Oh Yeah, suck it good Mrs. Nelson, suck my cock good.” I told her, and it seemed as if it turned her on me saying that to her because her suction got stronger and her hard moved faster on my cock. “You know if you keep doing that I will come soon.” It never fazed her as she sucked me.

I closed my eyes and enjoyed the feeling of her tongue as it slid under my cock and tickled the slit in the head as she go to the end of it. Her hands worked along my balls and cock, pulling it deeper in her hot sucking mouth as she jacked me off in her face.

“OH Fuck Yes, suck it hard now. Make me come Mrs. Nelson, oh yes make me come in you mouth.”

She went crazy on my cock when I told her I was coming and she looked up at me, I saw her eyes filled with a lust I had never seen in any girls I had ever fucked before. I felt my come as it hit the back of her hot mouth, my balls pulling up to my crotch as they pumped her mouth full of my young spunk. She swallowed it all down and wanted more as it slowly quit pumping, but she didn’t stop sucking me. She kept me hard as her hand worked my cock and she rubbed it along her soft face, leaving a small stream of her spit and the excess leakage of my sperm.

I sat down and she fell on me kissing me and feeling me all over where ever she could touch bare skin on me. She climbed up and sat on my lap, her crotch rubbing along my hard on. I reached around her back and unsnapped her Bra, It fell away exposing her round breasts and the dark nipples that topped them like small buttons, standing out like eraser tips.

I put my lips to one and sucked it in my mouth, I felt her hand as it pulled my face on her breast. I nibbled her nipple with my teeth, lightly pulling on it and her not pulling away. I could feel how hot her crotch was as she humped on me, her panties rubbing on my cock, the friction felt so good as we dry humped each other.

I put my hands on her panties and tried to remove them as she sat on me, Mrs. Nelson raised her hips, allowing them to slid off her shapely ass and down her legs as far as I could reach. She stood up quickly and I was afraid she had come to her senses, but instead she kicked her panties off and stood there in her girdle and stockings with her hands on her hips in front of me, her eyes on my cock as it bounced with my heartbeat.

I looked at her thick hairy bush and saw she was so wet that the hairs were stuck together along the slit on her pussy lips. She sat down beside me and looked into my eyes longingly then she asked me in a timid voice.

“William, would you do that to me? Would you kiss me down there?” and she looked away as if she was ashamed to have asked such a thing of any man.

I never answered her, I just lay my face between her legs and began to kiss her inner thighs as I spread her legs wider. I could smell her pussy before I got to it, the musky smell only made me want to taste her more. I took my fingers and held her outer lips open and then ran my tongue from the bottom to the top of her hairy gash. I took her clitoris in my mouth and sucked it softly, her hips pressed on my face as she held my face to her pussy.

“Oh yes William, lick my pussy. Oh Sweet you young man, suck my pussy, make me feel like a woman again. I oh, oh, I had forgotten how wonderful this felt until now. Oh Yes, lick my fucking hot pussy, Make me come for you William.” She cried out as I kept sucking her wet, sweet juices down my throat. My tongue worked her pussy like a mad man, and I must have been mad to be doing this with the Preachers Wife!

She raised her legs up and held them with her hands by her sides, I looked up and saw her breasts over the girdle and it excited me to no end as I kept licking the sloppy wet pussy in front of me. I felt her hips shaking as she started to have an Orgasm, and she took her hands and put them behind my head, pulling my face to her hairy pussy, guiding it where she wanted to feel the best. I stuck my middle finger inside her pussy and felt how hot she was, and so very wet that my finger slid in without any trouble at all.

I turned my finger so it aimed up and felt around until I knew when she took a deep intake of breath when I hit her G-Spot. She flushed my face with wetness when she came, her hips bounced off the couch almost bruising my lips against her pussy as she pounded my face with her open eager pussy.

I jumped up and held my cock towards her pussy, rubbed the thick head of it along the wet slit before she told me.

“Fuck me you little Bastard, put your cock in me and fuck me now.” Her eyes were glazed with lust as she pulled my hips to her.

I was still in shock from her saying dick before when she told me that, now I knew she was one hot woman who knew what she wanted with a man.

“Tell me what you want Mrs. Nelson.” I said as I teased her pussy with my cock, rubbing the slit without letting her get it inside her.

“I want you to fuck me right now. Fuck me with that beautiful cock of yours. Fill me up with your hot young come, take me anyway you want me William. Just please fuck me now!” she said sexily as I felt my cock enter the hot wet passage of her pussy.

I could not believe how fucking tight she is as her pussy wrapped around my dick. Or how hot her pussy felt as I slid my entire length slowly until I felt it hit her cervix. Then I ground my hips in small circles, making sure I made full contact with her clit. Her legs went around my waist and her heels dug in my ass cheeks as her breath came in gasps. The clips on her garters dug into my sides as she pulled me to her and the nylons felt so smooth against me as we began to fuck with a wild abandon, me wanting to make her come, wanting to hear her as she cried out in her passion as I filled her with my spunk. And her wanting to come with my cock inside her as I shot my load in her waiting pussy.

“Fuck me harder Mrs. Nelson, come for me. Come on my cock like the nasty whore you are, you always wanted to be nasty didn’t you. You always wanted to fuck a man without regret haven’t you. You like the way my cock feels while we fuck don’t you.” I didn’t know what I was saying, I just said it.

“OH Fuck Yes, treat me like the nasty fucking whore I always wanted to be William. Fuck me hard, come in my pussy, call me names I don’t care anymore, just please fuck me baby.”

I felt her come again as my own come shot out of my cock, her voice crying out as she held me tightly against her breasts and her pussy gripped my cock like a vise as the sweat rolled down the crack of my ass for the physical exertion I had expended as I fucked this wild woman. I could only wonder how a man with a wife who fucked like she did would not want to fuck her anymore. And to tell the truth I was happy he didn’t if I could do it again.

I sat up and looked at her gaping gash as it pulsed and closed up, her eyes closed and a smile on her pretty face as she lay on her back. Her legs still open, not a shy bone in her body as she lay there recuperating and catching her breath. I just stared at her body, Never having had a real woman before, only girls my age. I was falling in love with her as we caught our breath. I couldn’t help myself as I lowered my face to her freshly fucked pussy and licked her again. I had never ever wanted to do that before, it seemed like you would be sucking your own dick or something. But the look of her hairy slit as it dripped her juice and mine out was to much for me.

She grabbed my face between her hands and pulled my up to where I could see her eyes, “You don’t have to do that William.”

“I know, I want too. Now Shhhh! Lay back and let me make love to you Mrs. Nelson.” And with that I ate her out again, this time I even bit her pussy lips and inner thighs some. She must have liked it because she cried out whenever I did bite her. And it sure didn’t sound like it was from pain. I picked her feet up and sat them on the edge of the couch so I had full access to her willing pussy as I licked and bit her. It was not long before she came again, and then again as I kept on sucking down our combined fluids.

“Oh William, please stop, I can’t take anymore baby. I can’t breath, your driving me insane, I can’t stop fucking coming.” She gasped as another Orgasm hit her hard and fast.

I had to get some more of her sweet pussy, so I scooted back from her pussy and pulled her to the floor with me. Then I got her on her hands and knees and slid up behind her fine ass, Lines from her garters and hose showing on her legs as I inserted my cock back in her hot wet pussy. She was as tight as the first time we had fucked just moments ago as I gave it to her roughly this time, watching as her ass cheeks bounced when my hips slammed against her ass. Her pussy gripping my hard cock and held on to it as I pulled it back, her inner pussy lips clinging to me as I watched it. My cock glistening from her pussy juice when I pulled back before I slammed it back in her forcefully. I was listening to her as she caught her breath when I the bottom of her slick pussy. My balls sticky from our juices as I felt them bounce off her clit. I grabbed the top of her girdle and pulled her to me with each thrust I made,

“Yes, fuck me hard. Ugh, Ugh, Oh yes do it to me William. Give it to me hard. Fuck my pussy harder.” She cried out.

The sight of my hands inside the upper portion of her girdle and her ass bouncing when I fucked her, the words she spoke as we did made me come again without warning. I fell on her back, our body heat sticking us together and the smell of our sex permeating the Preachers office as she fell forward on her chest. Her arms and legs flattened on the floor under my weight, her body exhausted along with mine as we lay there, I felt her heartbeat as it pounded on my chest from within her chest, and mine pounded on her back.

I felt her pussy give my softening cock a squeeze before it popped out, sticky from the sex. I rolled off her back letting the cool air hit our bodies, my nipples stood out from the cool air and she took one in her hot mouth and sucked it lightly. I could not stand it, I always get ticklish after I come and had to make her stop as she laughed at me. She looked in my eyes then kissed me once more.

“William, what we did is so wrong, but I don’t want you to feel bad about it. I made this happen, it wasn’t your fault. And I can only hope and pray that you won’t think I do this with anyone. I have never done this with anyone but my husband in my life, and I can tell you this much William, He NEVER made me come like you just did.” And she kissed again then hugged me tightly.

I looked up at the clock and saw it was nearing 9 P.M. and I should have been home an hour ago. We got up and dressed, I watched her as she covered herself back up with her clothing, wishing we had more time. But we had to go now.

“Mrs. Nelson, I would never think badly of you.” I said as I reached for the doorknob. “And I can’t wait until next Sunday nights revival of this.” I winked at her.

Not knowing if we would ever get a chance to do this again or if she would even want to.

“Yes William, I can see where you may need some special services to keep your heart aimed in the right direction.” She gave me that beautiful smile of hers as we walked to lock up the Church so we could go home.

I drove by the Hamburger Stand to get me a malt before going home, Becky was there biting her fingernails as I drove up.

“William I have been so scared. What did she do to you? Is she going to tell on us? What are we going to do William?” She hit me with all those questions before I had even put my car into park.

“Well, she sat me down and told me how irresponsible I had been, and about how you could get pregnant and everything.” I lied. “But she said she would not tell if we would not do this anymore.”

“Oh William I’m so relieved. I was so worried about you. And I just ran out leaving you there to take all the heat for everything, I’m so sorry. How can I make it up to you?”

An evil grin crossed my lips as I thought of how she could do just that.

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