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A Fantasy Becomes Reality

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His big meaty hands moved slowly from my wife’s full hips to her soft natural tits and my pulse quickened. It didn’t seem real but my heightened senses made everything too clear for it to be a dream.

‘Tell me what you want Baby Girl,” he asked playfully as a wry grin spread across his handsome face. His eyes flashed briefly at me and his hands left my wife’s tits and gripped the top of her tight revealing dress.

My eyes widened and I watched his thick powerful forearms flex. Sweat glistened off his bare chest and the fresh musky scent of his body mixed with the familiar aroma of my wife’s arousal filled the room. My mouth watered and my dick grew turgid inside the tight confinds of my jeans.

“I want you to ravage me,” my wife replied softly. Her sweet melodic voice shook subtly with tremolo betraying her excitement as her lower lips curled into her mouth nervously. Her pretty green eyes danced and glimmered and her chest rose as she inhaled sharply.

He smiled knowingly at me and his hands moved apart tearing my wife’s dress down the front exposing her red lace bra and matching panties as the shreds of fabric fell to the floor.

“Oh god,” my beautiful wife gasped. She glanced at me with uncertain eyes but she couldn’t hide the excitement on her trembling lips. Goosebumps covered her soft supple body and her nipples strained against her pretty bra.

He deftly unfastened her bra and she breathed deep and steady. Her big natural tits jiggled enticingly and she looked at him with a lust filled gaze as he slid his right hand into her panties and cupped her neatly trimmed pubic mound.

“You’re wet Baby Girl,” he teased. He had begun calling her that shortly after sitting beside her in the crowded bar. He had a powerful aura and a confident demeanor that was impossible to ignore and my wife had responded quickly to his advances while I had sat and watched from a nearby table.

We had gone to the small tavern to role play as we often did when we were away from home. We had never lived out a hotwife/cuckold experience but we had been fantasizing about them for years. She had arrived alone like usual and I had followed a few minutes later. I had planned on sitting down beside her at the bar but he was already there when I arrived so I had taken a table where I could see and hear everything. I wasn’t sure how she’d respond. She had tried to flirt with other men in front of me in the past but she’d never felt comfortable doing so.

“Mmm hmm,” she said excitedly as she chewed on her bottom lip and looked up at him with soft pleading eyes. She instinctively parted her legs wider giving him unfettered access to her molten core.

“Does this excite you Baby Girl? Do you like doing this in front of your husband?” He asked in a deep manly voice. He bent down and brushed his lips across hers and she shuddered noticeably. Her hands moved from her sides to his bare muscular back.

A jolt of jealousy ran through me and a pit formed in my stomach. I had often fantasized about watching my wife with another man and it never failed to make me rock hard but I hadn’t considered that I might get jealous. I was by nature not a jealous person and watching him woo her at the bar had done nothing to awaken those feelings but when they kissed I was shaken by the intimacy of it.

“Yes,” she hissed excitedly. She glanced at me for a brief moment and her eyes glimmered. Her painted red nails dug into his smooth hairless flesh and her hips subtly undulated as he worked his thick fingers inside the slippery wet folds of my wife’s pussy. Her mouth was slightly agape and when his lips touched hers I saw her tongue plunge aggressively into his hot eager mouth. He had a hard fit body without excessive muscularity and his tan toned flesh had been shaved smooth.

Sweat beaded on my brow and my breathing deepened. My head was spinning and I absentmindedly rubbed my painfully hard dick through my jeans. I felt conflicted. My jealousy rose but so did my excitement and I peeled off my tight shirt while watching them kiss like a pair of lust filled teenagers.

My wife’s fingers raked down his torso and she fumbled with his pants as she kissed him hard and deep. Soft mews spilled from her lips and I could hear the wetness between her legs as he expertly manipulated her needy cunt.

She gasped and my eyes widened as she freed his impressive cock from his tight jeans. I’d never seen a hard dick in person before but I had looked at plenty of them on the internet in the previous months. I was for the most part straight but in the years leading up to that moment I’d become curious about bisex. I had no desire to be intimate or have a relationship with a guy but I couldn’t deny the allure of a big hard dick and I had often fantasized about sucking a cock. My wife knew of my fantasies and given that she too fell into the bisexual region on the Kinsey Scale she fully accepted my curiosities.

Her small hand closed around his hard, veiny cock. She and I had been married for a few years and I was certain that she had been faithful during that time so I felt a wicked thrill knowing that I was witnessing the first time she’d touched another man in our time together.

“Oh my god,” she sighed. Her hand moved slowly up and down his thick shaft and she eagerly kissed him anew. Her cheeks flushed and she squirmed as he expertly fingered and kissed my beautiful wife.

He pushed her expensive red thong down past her full hips and they slid slowly down her thick, shapely runners thighs. She and I had met nearly a decade before when we were both married. We’d had a year long passionate affair but it had flamed out due to the stress of carrying on a long distance love affair while separating from our respective spouses. We’d kept in touch sporadically after the affair had ended and eventually we’d found our way back into each others arms.

I watched him guide my sexy wife onto the king sized hotel room bed and my breath caught in my chest. My heart was racing and it felt as though it would burst from my chest. My cock also felt like it was at its bursting point and I unfastened my jeans allowing it to breath.

My eyes were fixated on my wife. She looked radiant and beautiful. Her big firm tits flattened to the sides and her legs spread wide welcoming him between them as she looked up at him with a lust filled gaze.

He settled between her splayed thighs and I watched him pause with the drooling tip of his cock poised at the entrance to my wife’s needy sex. His strong glutes flexed and his broad back rippled. I had an overwhelming urge to join them on the bed and the draw was almost as much for him as for her. He was a physical specimen and his shaved hairless body was almost as sexy as my wife’s curves.

My hands trembled as I pushed my pants and underwear down and stepped out of them. My mind was reeling and I grabbed hold of my cock. A low, involuntary moan rose from my chest and they both glanced at me.

A bright, knowing smile spread quickly across my wife’s beautiful face and he looked at me with a similarly knowing grin. He’d said that he had been with a few married women while their husbands had watched and even joined in and while he had sounded truthful I’d wondered at the time if he was just trying to close the deal with my wife by quelling her fears.

“Come on over,” he said calmly. He reached out with one hand and beckoned me to the bed. I felt oddly drawn to him and I climbed gracefully onto the bed beside my wife.

He looked down into her eyes and rubbed the tip of his hard cock across the swollen lips of my wife’s cunt. A deep throaty moan poured from her lips and she clutched at his hips while staring into his steely blue eyes.

“Don’t tease,” my wife pleaded softly. She hooked her feet into the small of his back and tried to pull him inside of her but he resisted letting the smooth tip of his big dick rest against her engorged labia.

“Do you want my cock Baby Girl?” He teased mercilessly. He reached over and grabbed my taut rippled ass. I’d never been touched while naked by another man and his touch sent a jolt of electricity straight through to my dick making it twitch.

He guided me closer until my cock hovered over my wife’s pouty lips and his hips eased slightly forward pushing just the tip of his dick inside her. His hand remained on my ass making me wonder if he was bisexual or at least bicurious like me.

I pushed my cock down to my wife’s lips and she kissed the shaft and licked the tip. Her pretty eyes fluttered from him to me and and expression of pure bliss was plastered on her beautiful face. Her soft hands ran up my legs sending shivers through me as her mouth opened and she sucked the head of my dick inside it.

He rocked back on his haunches and lifted my wife’s legs onto his shoulders before sinking the length of his cock into her depths.

“Yes,” she hissed loudly. Her body shook and her voice trembled as her eyes rolled back in her head. She slurped hungrily on my throbbing dick and I moaned deep and low.

His hips thrust into her and his hand moved up my body from my ass to my chest.

“You’ve got a nice body,” he said in a deep masculine tone. His words sent shivers down my spine and his fingers toyed with my nipples sending electric pulses through my entire body. He looked at me with a quizzical expression and a strange urge shook me to my core.

“Thanks, so do you.” I reached over and ran my hand over his perfectly defined chest. His sharp, intelligent eyes held my gaze and he hooked his hand around the back of my neck.

“Wait,” I thought as he pulled me closer. “I’m not ready for this.” I wanted to pull back but I bent quickly to his insistent will.

His lips touched mine and I was surprised at how soft his were. My mouth instinctively opened slightly and his firm wet tongue slipped into it with passion and fury.

The room was spinning and my passion rose quickly to a fevered pitch. My hands clutched at his hard firm body and I returned his kiss with more gusto than I’d have ever imagined. My heart was racing and my body was on fire.

He kissed me hard and deep as he thrust his big dick into my wife like a jackhammer. I heard her cries, muffled by my cock, as she came hard soaking his dick with her copious juices. His hand released the back of my neck and he pulled away leaving me randy and wanton. My lips felt cold and alone and he looked at me with a playful smile.

“Lay down,” he ordered confidently. I had often asked my wife to take control sexually and while she did do so on occasion she, like me, preferred to take a more submissive role. His naturally authoritative demeanor made me quickly comply with his command and I watched as he guided my wife on top of me with her dripping pussy above my face.

I watched with wide eager eyes from just a few inches away as his big hard dick split my wife’s neatly trimmed fury lips and he sank balls deep inside her. His balls brushed against my lips and the musky scent of his body filled my lungs. I had, theretofore never found the smell of a man appealing but I’d be lying if I said that at that moment it didn’t get my motor running.

My lips parted of their own accord and his big smooth balls dropped inside my mouth. I couldn’t believe what I was doing but when my wife’s talented lips closed around my throbbing cock I lost my ability to reason. My tongue swirled around his soft orbs and I ran my hands up his powerful legs.

He backed out and his balls slipped from my lips. I moved lower and attached my mouth to my wife’s needy clit making her release a deep guttural moan. My tongue flicked repeatedly across her engorged nub and I felt her legs quiver and quake.

Her big hanging tits rubbed against my stomach and her hungry mouth engulfed my cock. Her small mouth was stretched wide around my cock and saliva spilled from her lips coating my shaft and running down the crack in my ass leaving it slippery and wet.

I felt her fingertip tease my sensitive sphincter and I moaned into her grotto. She had fingered and licked my asshole before and I loved when she did it then. I loved it even more with his cock sliding across my lips. A myriad of images and desires filled my head as I conjured up new things to try. I’d never had anything larger than my wife’s finger inside my ass but I suddenly wanted to feel his cock inside me.

My wife let out a long low growl and her body convulsed. A string of profanity spilled out around my dick and she thrashed around like a fish out of water as she came for a second time with his big fat cock deep in her womb.

He fucked her hard, his big balls slapping against my head, until the waves of her climax subsided. He pulled his dick from my wife’s frothy hole and shoved it into my mouth. I felt a ravenous wave wash over me as the familiar taste of my wife’s succulent juices mixed with the tangy taste of his precum filled my mouth.

I sucked hard on his cock, my cheeks bowed inward from the suction, and I swirled my tongue around his cock head making him moan wantonly. His hips jogged slowly fore and aft pushing his dick into my mouth and I savored the sensation of him fucking my mouth like he had just done to my wife’s pussy.

I felt my wife hoist my legs onto her shoulders and she plunged her long talented tongue deep inside me. A low groan rose from my chest and I sucked harder on his cock.

We continued like that for several long moments until he pulled his cock from my mouth. He instructed my wife to lay beneath me and she guided my hard prick into her womb as he knelt behind me and eased his throbbing manhood into my ass.

Intense pain tore through me and I cried out loudly as he forced the length of his huge dick into my bowels. It hurt like hell but he moved slowly allowing my sphincter to stretch to accommodate his significant girth.

I groaned like a wounded animal as he backed out of my ass. My cock was rock hard and he shoved it deep inside my wife when he thrust his dick back inside my ass.

The pain lessened with each thrust of his magnificent cock and in minutes I was craving every powerful thrust. His balls slapped my ass and mine slapped against my wife’s cunt.

I felt the early stages of my climax and I began to pant like a hot, tired dog. The smell of sex hung heavy in the room and our raw animalistic grunts and groans filled the air.

“I’m gonna cum,” I warned as I sped towards the point of no return. I cried out as ribbons of thick cum painted my wife’s womb.

He continued to fuck me hard and fast as intense waves of pleasure and pain washed over my body. I slumped forward and my lips met my wife’s. She kissed me hard as her own climax rocked her world and our tongued danced a tango in the warm enclave of our joined mouths.

He thrust deep and his big dick grew even bigger. I felt his sperm pump wildly into my depths and I moaned into my wife’s mouth as I savored the nasty wicked feeling of his seed draining from my ass. He rolled off of me and a flood of cum soaked my balls as well as the bed beneath us.

“I’m gonna take a shower,” he announced. He climbed off the bed and my wife and I both watched with keen interest as his big spent cock swayed with each step. I’d felt a pang of regret and remorse in the moments after I came but it quickly faded as I looked lustily at his hard body and his big beautiful cock.

“Let’s go suck him together in the shower,” my wife purred with a familiar glimmer in her pretty green eyes. She pulled me to my feet and a low groan spilled from my lips as his seed oozed from my well fucked asshole.

“We want more,” my wife pleaded in a lust filled melodic tone. She swung the shower door open and we both joined him under the hot stream of steaming water.

My wife leaned against him and kissed him deeply as I dropped to my knees and soaped his long flaccid dick. He was more of a show-er than a grow-er and I marveled at how big he was in his current state. I stroked his long soapy dick and let my soapy hands roam over his magnificent body as hot water cascaded over me.

His dick began to swell anew, helped by his youth and he was semi erect by the time I rinsed the last of the soap from below his waist.

My wife joined me at his feet and we kissed tenderly. Her soft supple lips conveyed her love and adoration for me and she smiled playfully before taking his semi erect dick into her mouth. Her eyes held my gaze and her head bobbed with slow methodical precision drawing blood to his stiffening cock.

“Play with his ass,” she purred between wet slurps of his fat circumcised dick. She pushed me around back and I reached up letting the tips of my fingers tease his tight rubbery sphincter.

He relaxed and moaned when my digits penetrated his ass and I slid them deeper until I felt his prostate with the pads of my finger.

“Oh fuck yes,” he groaned. For a top he was enjoying getting fingered in the ass so I surmised that he was probably versatile and I wondered if he might be receptive to turning things around.

I pulled my finger from his tight asshole and pushed the tip of my tongue against his tight sphincter. His moans became louder and more insistent so I simultaneously fingered and licked his asshole while my wife continued to suck on his big delicious cock.

We stumbled out of the shower and quickly toweled off as we kissed and each other with gender indifference. I grabbed his hard dick and thrust my tongue into his searing hot mouth while he thrust several fingers into my wife’s sloppy, cum filled hole.

“I need you inside me now,” my wife hissed. She dragged us both back to the big bed and pushed him onto the bed. She threw her leg over his hard body and impaled herself on his huge pulsating dick. She sighed deep and low and looked back at me over her shoulder with a sultry gaze. I knew exactly what she wanted. We had often toyed with the idea of a double penetration and I had used a dildo in her ass while I fucked her on dozens of occasions.

I lowered my lips to my pretty wife’s beautiful round ass and pulled her cheeks wide apart. I pushed my tongue inside her and drooled copious amounts of saliva into her crack making sure she was gaping and well lubricated before spitting into my hand and liberally coating my dick with the bubbly viscous liquid.

“Oh Baby,” my wife moaned as I rubbed the smooth spongy tip of my cock across her sensitive asshole. Her eyes widened and her lips quivered. A big smile danced in her eyes and on her lips.

I slowly pushed my cock balls deep in her ass. It was far from the first time I’d been deep in her rectum but it was the first time that I could feel another man’s dick against mine separated only by a thin membrane.

“How does it feel?” I asked as I fell into a smooth, steady rhythm. My balls brushed against his and my wife started to quiver and quake.

“I feel stuffed but in a good way,” she answered. She looked back at me an smiled.

We fucked my wife hard and fast and she climaxed several times before we decided to switch it up.

I positioned her on her back and asked him to fuck her missionary. His strong muscular ass looked amazing as he pounded his big cock into her making her squeal with delight. I knelt behind him and spread his cheeks wide.

My tongue slithered up the crack of his ass and I pushed it inside him just as I had done to my wife.

“Do it,” he hissed impatiently. “Fuck my ass.”

I rose up behind him and guided my cock into his tight warm orifice. His sphincter was strong and it gripped my shaft hard but I was sure because of his reaction that he’d been fucked before.

I thrust hard into him several times before he erupted inside my pretty wife and I continued to pound him hard, forcing his still hard dick into her depths until she climaxed again. I wanted to cum in his ass but I felt like I could have fucked him forever without finishing so I pulled out and laid back on the bed.

My wife knew exactly what to do and she straddled my face, lowering her cum soaked snatch onto my eager lips as he went to the bathroom for a wet towel and soap. He cleaned my hard dick before sliding his lips to the root and giving me the best blowjob I’d ever had.

I grunted into my wife’s grotto and erupted down his throat moments before she came. Her juices mixed with his cum. They soaked my face and left a salty sweet taste in my mouth that I knew I’d never forget.

We lay in bed with my wife sandwiched between us. I felt no remorse after my second climax. My balls were empty and my wife was happy and sated. We had a new appreciation for the unknown and I knew it wouldn’t be the last time we fucked another guy together but first I wanted to share a woman with her. After all turnabout is fair play.

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