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At Work: The Next Visit

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If you read part 1 you know that I was tied up and sexually used by a shop foreman. This story relates what happened when I had to return the next month.

I clearly remembered my last sales call to this shop. The foreman had led me back to a storeroom on the pretext of ordering some additional items. Little did I realize, until we were back there that the items he was interested in were my mouth, tits and cunt.

And let me tell you that he was well versed in the uses of each of the areas in question. So needless to say, as I stood outside the shop for the next month’s call, I was nervous as hell. Would he try something again?

As soon as I walked in, the foreman’s eyes found me. He walked over to me casually and said “I am really glad you are here, we have a big order for you today.” He handed me a sheet of paper with all the part numbers and quantities of the items he needed neatly written out. This was a change, normally I inventoried his stock and wrote out the order. Did he want me out of the shop as quick as possible after last month’s visit?

“Come on, we will go in the break room and go over the list,” he said leading me towards the break room. I followed behind him, surely he wasn’t after a repeat performance if he was leading me towards a busy area like the break room. When we reached the door he opened it for me, and I walked in first. There were two other guys having coffee and chatting to the receptionist in the corner. As I entered the room they stopped talking and turned to look at me, each wearing a huge grin. I began to realize that the foreman actually intended on sharing his new conquest with these people. I turned and almost ran back to the door but he quickly locked it, and grabbed my shoulders, saying “Where do you think you are going, slut?”

“I, ah, forgot something in my truck. I need to go get it” I stammered, fear welling up in my belly. He smiled at the others then turned to me his face hardening “If you want to keep this account and keep what happened last month quiet, you will stay right here slut.” What was I to do, if he told my boss about last month I would not only lose the account but I would lose my job. Tears ran down my face as I asked him what he wanted and why he was doing this. “I have always wanted my own sex slave, my own personal slut. When I saw you, I knew I had to have you and I always share everything with my friends here,” and with that they all started laughing.

He pushed me to the center of the room and told me to start stripping and take my time. I was mortified, but new I had no choice. Button by button I undid my blouse, and pulled it out of my jeans. I slowly slid it off my shoulders and laid it on a nearby table. My black lace bra still encased my breasts, but even a bra doesn’t hide much when you wear a 40DDD. I reached back unhooking the clasp of the bra, and slowly slid it from my body, my breasts bouncing free.

The room was cool and almost instantly my nipples were hard and at attention. I stopped and looked at the foreman, my eyes begging for a reprieve, but he just ordered me to continue. I have never minded showing off my breasts, but have always avoided anyone seeing me naked from the waist down (the exception being my lovers of course.) And I had never stripped for a group of people in a well lit room before. My hands were shaking as I undid my belt and undid the button on my jeans. I slowly ran the zipper down and began sliding them off my hips. I took my time sliding them down my long legs and stepping out of them, being careful not to pull my panties down with them. When I laid my jeans with the rest of my clothing on the table, I looked around and each of them was staring lasciviously at my nearly nude body.

I froze in place. He ordered me to remove the panties too but I couldn’t move, I was just too scared and embarrassed. Ignoring his orders was one thing he wouldn’t stand for, in two quick strides he was at my side. He threw me against the table and pushed me down so I was bent over the table my ass in the air, the cold surface pressed hard against my tits. Without a word the other two guys jumped up and ran over. With hands on my shoulders and arms they held me tight to the table. The foreman than grabbed my panties, ripping them from my body. I was openly crying as he told me I would be punished for not obeying him.

With that he smacked my right cheek hard with his hand pounding my hips forward and into the hard table. I screamed but he kept right on, first the right cheek then the left cheek. My ass was on fire, and my hips hurt from the table edge, but on he went…smack, smack, smack. I don’t know how many times he hit me, but I was sobbing now, begging him to stop.

“Will you obey me now slut? Will you do everything I say?” he asked.

Sobbing I replied “Yes, yes I will do anything just please stop hitting me.” This brought laughter from the guys and the receptionist. Shit, I had forgotten she was even in the room. I felt a gentle hand on my ass, caressing the sore flesh and new it must be hers. “John, you sure reddened her ass good. She won’t be able to sit for a week.” This just brought more laughter.

They laid me on the table on my back with my head hanging over the edge. The cool surface felt good on my sore ass cheeks. John, the foreman, stepped around and dropped his pants, bringing his cock to my lips. I knew what was expected and began to lick and suck the head. Soon he was thrusting what must have been 8 inches of hard cock between my lips. I gagged on the first few strokes as he hit the back of my throat and pushed his way into my throat. It wasn’t long until I had a cock in both hands, stroking them, as John fucked my throat. We were getting into a rhythm and I was actually able to take all of John’s cock in my throat while jacking off the dicks in my hand. But I froze when I felt hands pressing my thighs open. A quick slap to my breast reminded me of what I was doing, but I was freaking out.

I couldn’t ask, but I wanted to beg John to stop her from touching me. I have never been with a woman and have no desire, but my desires didn’t seem to matter. She ran her finger between my lower lips “Look John, she is wet. She likes this.” I tried to shake my head no, but my throat was still full of John’s cock. She grabbed my lower lips between her fingers and thumbs and pulled them open and I could feel her gaze on my exposed cunt. She pulls them harder and it hurts, it is as if she is trying to pull them off. She holds the lips open with one hand, and shoves two fingers deep in my pussy. I buck my hips trying to pull away but keep sucking John and stroking the other two guys. Then she slides two fingers from the other hand into my cunt, fucking me with four fingers. It is about that time that John thrusts deeper into my throat, and he begins to cum. The first two shots go deep in my throat, but then he pulls back giving me the last shots in the mouth so I can taste his creamy load.

I swallow every drop and lick his cock clean as I feel the cocks in my hand begin to jerk. Soon I am hit with shot after shot of creamy jizz, on my face, my breasts and my belly. Strong hands slide me up on the table so my head is supported as the woman I have come to think of as “The Bitch” uses her fingers in my cunt to pull me open and stretch me. The men make quick work of tying my hands to the table legs ensuring I can’t get away. She is stretching me enough for it to hurt and I beg John to make her stop. He looks at her and nods his head, slowly she removes her fingers. I am happy until I feel her finger pressing against my asshole. “Please stop, don’t let her do this to me John” I beg. He just laughs, “Stop her, no way, we are enjoying the show.” With that he and the other two pull up chairs and sit around us, watching every move.

Oh god no, she is taking off her clothes now and crawling up on the table. She straddles my head with her knees and I close my eyes to avoid looking straight up at her cunt. I know what they want and am determined not to do it. She plays with my nipples getting them hard, then places a clamp on one. The pain is unbelievable. Then she puts the second one on. I am arching my back begging John to take them off. You see I hae figured out that he is controlling all the action. Then I hear John’s voice “Slut you will lick and suck her to orgasm or I will tighten those nipple clamps and put one on your clit. As soon as you both cum I will take the clamps off.” I couldn’t believe that not only did they expect me to eat the bitch out, they wanted me to cum. He had to be nuts.

She lowers her lips, pressing her wet cunt to my face. Tentatively I flick my tongue across her lower lips. She tastes kind of sweet, not salty like a man’s cum. I run my tongue between my lips as I feel her tongue invade my pussy. I decide the best thing to do is mimic her actions since I know nothing about eating pussy. I feel her tongue flick across my clit then flatten, licking the entire area.

Unexpected pleasure courses through me, and I do my best to mimic her touch. I hear her gasp and she shakes a little so I know I am doing something right. Her tongue licks up and down the sides of my clit, and I run my tongue along the same path. Both of us are starting to breathe harder now, and this cool breath across wet skin only increases our arousal. She slipped two fingers into my cunt and it felt so good, I was sorry that I couldn’t do the same. Soon her tongue zeroed in on my sensitive clit, licking and sucking it, I think she even bit it gently a few times. Again and again I mimicked her actions until we were both screaming and trembling in orgasm. We laid there for a few minutes composing ourselves before the guys lifted her from my body.

One look and I new this day was not over, each of the guys was supporting a massive hard on. The youngest of the crew, maybe nineteen had about seven inches of hard cock making him the shortest, but it was incredibly thick. John was about 8 inches and also nice and thick. But what took me by surprise was the young (maybe 20) black guy, sporting what had to be 10 inches. They untied my wrists and lifted me from the table. The young black stud laid back on the table his ebony sword pointing straight to the ceiling. John told me to climb on top and ride him.

So I slowly lowered my pussy onto his cock, pausing when the head penetrated me. He was huge, and I was sure he wouldn’t fit inside me. Hands pressed on my shoulders, pushing me further down on his shaft. When all of it was in, I could feel him against my cervix and I was so stretched it felt like I was going to be torn apart. He reached up pulling me down against his chest, and began lifting and lowering his hips, thrusting that monster inside me. Pleasure soon dominated and I was trying to meet each thrust, but still he held me against him. Soon I knew why!

John was behind me, and I felt his cock pressing against my virgin asshole. I started to scream at him, begging him to stop, but I was silenced by the youngest of the bunch stuffing my mouth full of cock. He pressed his cock in slowly, obviously trying to be gently, but it felt as if he ripping me open as he pushed past the tight ring of muscle. Soon he was half-way in and buried the rest inside my ass in one thrust. Now I was stuffed full of hard cock, my ass, pussy and mouth full. They all began thrusting at the same time. I could feel the two cocks moving against each other through the thin layer of flesh separating my pussy and asshole. Pain was giving way to pleasure and I was bucking my hips, encouraging their thrusts. The bitch was in the corner finger fucking herself, obviously jealous. She had three fingers buried in her snatch and the other hand rubbing the hell out of her clit.

The guys soon found a rhythm and were pounding me hard. The sensation of a cock fucking every whole was unimaginable. Each thrust being met with animalistic moans and the sound of flesh meeting flesh. John was fucking me so hard, the other two guys barely had to move. His thrusts forcing me forward and pulling me back. “I am cumming, you bastards I am cumming all over your cocks” I screamed. The muscles in my ass and pussy contracting must have sent the guys over the edge because it wasn’t long before John shot his load deep up my ass. This started me orgasming again, milking the black stud’s cock and soon he was shooting his load up my well fucked pussy. The young one couldn’t hold out watching all of this and he came next shooting his hot load down my throat. We were lying there still joined together when we heard the bitch scream out she was cumming and we all started laughing.

Just between you and me, I can’t wait until next month.

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